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Whinery: The Death of Privacy, Warrantless Mobil Phone Tracking Epidemic

The Right of the People to be Secure in their Persons, Houses, Papers and Effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon PROBABLE CAUSE by Oath
or Affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons to be seized…

The Fourth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America.

A report released by the major mobile phone networks in the USA – a Country that still pretends to protect its citizen/subjects from unreasonable search and seizure – shows a shocking uptick in requests by law enforcement agencies for mobile phone data.

And not so surprisingly, most law enforcement agencies do not provide a proper warrant.

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As Americans all over this great nation celebrate Independence Day
are we really that independent any more?

Headlines shout that record number of citizens are “disabled”, on food stamps, or receiving some sort of government assistance. Government is now involved in one way or another in over half of the gross national product and is the nation’s largest employer…

And Government doesn’t even do great things anymore.

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Whinery: The Winners & Losers on Health Care, Mostly the Losers

In one of the most shocking decisions to come down ever, “The Affordable Care Act” was found Constitutional by the Supreme Court of the United States…

Chief Justice John Roberts had to rewrite the law and convert the mandate to a tax in order come up with
the majority opinion. That’s something I don’t think the court has ever done before.

But who cares right?

Millions are uninsured and this law is gonna provide universal coverage and reduce costs.


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Whinery: Obama’s Truth Squad Whack-A-Moles Website

In one of the more chilling incidents perpetrated by our “Dear Leader,” an obscure website- homelandsecurityus.com – was given 48 to relocate from GoDaddy.com, the popular web hosting site.


The website’s owner, Douglas Hagmann, the CEO of Hagmann Investigative Services whose clients include Fortune 500 companies, was flabbergasted when given the news. An investigator with the “GoDaddy Abuse Division" told him that his site contained “morally objectionable” material and had to go. Which is a pretty laughable when you think of all the filthy pornography that pervades the Internet.        

Mr. Hagmann used his investigative prowess to find out what was really going on, and what he found out was stunning.

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Whinery: The War in Syria We Don’t Need to Fight

Isn’t America (and our NATO compatriots) in enough wars?

I think so, but the powers that be have that insane look in their eye again and Syria is appears to be the next target. The West has been emboldened by its faux victory in Libya and is now ready for the next “domino” to fall.

Syria- after Iran- should be the last country the West wants to play “regime change” in and here’s why…

The S-300 Missile System – the great equalizer as far as air defense systems go – was designed by the Russians and if there’s a war it will be operated by them. It’s a particularly nasty air defense system that can track up to a 100 targets at once and engage up to 12 at a time.

Its surface-to-air missiles are devastating with a range of up to 100 miles and they travel at up to six times the speed of sound which is a lot faster than an F-16.

Which means our big, bad aircraft carriers would be sitting ducks against Syrian anti-ship missiles.

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Whinery: The ‘Thunder Rule’ & Why is Everybody Hating on the Pauls?

I just watched Oklahoma City led by Kevin Durant with former KU star Nick Collison as “Junkman” destroy the Miami Heat

What a great game and it goes to my theory that the Heat cant get behind 3 to 4 possessions after leading a game. They lack the “spirit” to come from behind.

And what’s with all the hating on the PaulsRon and Rand?

Rand endorsed Mitt Romney which was the right thing to do. Would the “Paulites” be happier if they were froze out of the Republican Party?  Listen to the late, great Arthur J. Finklestein and do what you have to do to win.


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Whinery: Ever Had a Gay Family Member Who Won’t Tell You They’re Gay?

I’ve got a very close blood relative who won’t tell me he’s gay…

Not that there is anything wrong or anything. It’s just that after seeing him quoted in newspapers as being gay – like MAJOR publications where this fact has been established- it just kind of bothers me.

I know, my views on many things are pretty conservative. But this relative has been President of his local chapter of the Log Cabin Republicans-which is the premier organization of Gay Republicans. For all intents and purposes, this person is even MORE conservative than I am.

He even opposes Gay Marriage, something I even support…

We both agree that gays should be given the same rights as heterosexuals and be able to form Civil Unions.

We’ve even had long discussions on how the Republican Party should be more inclusive towards the homosexual community.

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Whinery: The Death of Privacy Part III; The Utah Data Center

The National Security Agency (NSA)-  or as it commonly referred to by the Feds, "No Such Agency” – should have Orwell’s Police State online by September of 2013.

That’s right, the most ominous facility imaginable in terms of its powers to place the World’s ENTIRE network of electronic communications under surveillance, is now under construction in Bluffdale, Utah. Its massive computer servers and routers will be able to store and analyze an almost infinite amount of data, including the complete contents of emails, phone calls, Google searches and text messages.

Its capabilities will also include what THEY sarcastically refer to as “digital pocket litter” which include, but are not limited to, all  purchases made with credit or debit cards.

On top of this, The FBI is advancing a plan to wiretap the internet.

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Concert Corner: Buzz Beach Ball @ Livestrong Sporting Park

I attended the Buzz Beach Ball on Saturday at Livestrong Sporting Park and the sound quality was vastly improved over last year.

The highlight of the show was the last act, Sublime with Rome.

Although the band’s original lead singer Bradley Nowell is “pushing up daisies” from a heroin overdose in 1996, the new guy Rome Ramirez did a great job.

The biggest audience participation moment came during Sublime’s song about the LA Riots- 20,000 people all screamed out “187 on a Mother F*&^#@g Cop” which is cop code for "Homicide.”

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Whinery: Bilderberger’s 2012 Meeting & New Edition @ Sprint Center

Chantilly, Virginia…

Who will the Bilderbergers be choosing for President this year?

For those of you who may not know about the Bilderberg meetings, it’s a yearly gathering of “Elites” with around 150 attendees from primarily North America and Western Europe. The meetings are closed to the press and public. It’s rumored that they do “little things” like pick world leaders and strategize the “New World Order” during the confab.

Here are some “coincidences” concerning the Bilderberg involvement in choosing the President of the United States of America for you skeptics in the audience.

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Whinery: NY Goes After Blog Commenters, Greek Tragedy, Kool v. Van Halen

Ladies and Gentlemen. May I please have your attention?

I’ve just been handed an urgent and horrifying news story and I need all of you to stop what you’re doing and listen.

CANNONBALL!  Ron Burgundy!

The State of the World… I don’t even know where to begin this rant on how we are either hopelessly screwed or face a new beginning- either way- as Bob Dylan said,  “The times they are a changing!”

From the “Don’t They Have Something Else Better to Do” file comes this; Republicans in New York State think that the safety of their citizenry is being compromised by anonymous blog commenters. You know the types. And nearly half the Reps in New York’s legislature have signed onto an UNCONSTITUIONAL bill which would force web pages, social media sites and online newspapers to delete any anonymous comments under penalty of law.

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Author/illusionist/comedian/musician Penn Fraser Jillette (of Penn & Teller) is a man known for epic rants…

And he really let Obama have it about the president’s hypocrisy concerning drug laws. Pointing out how Obama in his 1995 book Dreams of My Father admits to “smoking weed” and “doing a little blow” and now he’s letting the Feds crack down on medical marijuana dispensaries in California and Colorado. This is but ANOTHER campaign promise broken by Mr. Obama.

Remember how in 2008 Obama said he would call off the war on medical marijuana?


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Whinery: Marilyn Manson Disappoints at Uptown

Don’t know what it is with rock stars who don’t play their hits…

I saw Marilyn Manson last night for probably the 10th time- but only the second show since the late 1990’s. I’d seen him several times on the “Dead to the World” tour –in support of the seminal recording  “Anti -Christ Superstar

Which coincided with the 1996 Presidential Campaign – the second term of Bill Clinton, a “laydown” (sorry sexual metaphors are intrinsically linked to the man) – over the Great Senator from Kansas- Robert J. Dole. Back when America wasn’t perpetually involved in major wars.

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Went to the Mitt Romney fundraiser at the Westin last night and – you heard it here first – Romney is going to win in a landslide in November…

Fifty-five to forty-five to be exact…

I know, I know. Everybody thinks Obama’s got it in the bag, but I don’t think so. What has Obama done except continue the policies of W that he said he’d rescind? Last time I checked we’re still in Iraq.The popular belief is that Americans have left – but we still have tens of thousands of boots on the ground.

And while I commend the President for getting Bin Laden– If that was the goal in Afghanistan – what are we still doing there?

Unemployment is only going “down” only because the government’s numbers are hopelessly cooked.

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Whinery: R.I.P. Beastie Boys MCA

Tragic news from the music world, Adam Yauch – or as he was known, MCA from the Beastie Boys – passed away today after a long bout with cancer…

Like most white kids from the burbs, I dabbled some with Run-DMC and LL Cool J but never really gave up “Hair Metal” for rap music until Licensed to ILL was released in ’86. And after seeing their video- back when MTV still played music- for  their song Fight for Your Right (To Party) I went to Metro North Mall the next day, picked up the cassette and have been a huge fan of the Beasties ever since….

 First saw them live at the Uptown with my good friend Anthony Turner in 87’, or thereabouts, and WOW!

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Whinery: The Death of Privacy- Part 2- Surveillance Systems

OK Everyone, get out your tin foil hats and prepare to be briefed on the latest surveillance systems.

Straight from the battlefields and to an airbase near you come unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones.  Drones soon to be deployed from 45 airbases across the United States, according to the FAA. The closest to the Kansas City Metropolitan area will be located in Manhattan, KS. They won’t be armed like those over Afghanistan- not for now anyway – but they are quite sophisticated.

And according to the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) the drones can collect huge amounts of data. Some are equipped with gigapixel cameras that can track people and vehicles from over 20,000 feet and can zoom in on what they’re doing with great detail. Some need no runway for take off or landing, can fly more than 12 hours without refueling, and have the capability of monitoring up to 65 targets simultaneously.

Others may be equipped with live-feed video cameras, infrared cameras, heat sensors and radar which will be able to track people inside buildings or homes. And all this data can be run through a variety of databases. For instance if you’re at a political rally hostile to the State –  the info can be added to your file.

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Whinery: The Death of Privacy-Part One; the Cyber Intelligent Sharing & Protection Act

Right now in US House of Representatives some of the most sinister legislation ever is working its way through Committee…

It’s called “The Cyber Intelligence and Protection Act” (CISPA).

And at least the fine Reverend and distinguished Member of Congress- Emanuel Cleaver– is not a co-sponsor of this Orwellian Bill… Wish I could say the same about Congressman Yoder… But put the label “National Security” on a piece of legislation and Republicans can be counted on to blindly vote for it.

So what does CISPA do? 

In a nutshell- it ends anything vaguely resembling privacy and the free flow of communication on the Internet.

Am I paranoid? No way!

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Whinery: Susan Sarandon and Ted Nugent, Enemies of the State?

You heard about Ted Nugent being investigated by the Secret Service for giving a fiery speech at the National Rifle Association’s yearly meeting, right?

The one where he said stuff that could be construed as “threatening” to President Obama. That is if you have no sense of humor.

Now I hear Susan Sarandon was denied a security clearance to go to the White House and insists her phone is being tapped by the Government. For what? Unless it’s deemed that her movies are a threat to National Security (which outside of her role as “Janet” in the Rocky Horror Picture Shadow and a scene with Catherine Deneuve in The Hunger – is entirely plausible).

Why would an arch liberal like Ms. Sarandon be deemed too risky to go to the White House?

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Whinery: Why Sporting Kansas City is the Best Team in Town

Had the privilege of attending Saturday’s Sporting KC game with one of the owners, Patrick Curran, and got some insight into why they are undefeated and the BEST professional team in Kansas City.

“Sporting starts and ends with the fans” Curran says.

And after touring the facility, I agree.

More money was spent per seat at Livestrong Sporting Park than Dallas’ Cowboys Stadium and it shows. This fan-centered philosophy of the ownership is what sets Livestrong apart from say, Arrowhead.

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Whinery: Questionable Media Coverage and Trayvon’s Death

“But the most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly and with unflagging attention. It must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over.”

Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

In a smear campaign normally reserved for Republican candidates for President, George Zimmerman, the “alleged murderer” of Trayvon Martin, appears to have been thoroughly vilified by a vindictive media.

The “official” story goes as follows: racist white guy, without provocation and with malice aforethought, shoots and kills a defenseless black child… And for all I know- that may very well be the case…  But there are some distortions I would like to point out.

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