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The Dish: Big 12 Rankings Take 1

On Monday, the Big 12 Conference rolled out its men’s basketball coaches via teleconference. It was a perfect time to hear from the men in charge as the league kicked off its best week in Associated Press Top 25 rankings history with a record six schools listed among the nation’s elite.

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The Dish: OU beats Nebraska, Big 12 still loses


It’s weird, the feeling that exists in Big 12 country today.

Immediately, there’s the validation, of course. Oklahoma’s win did more than move Bob Stoops record in Big 12 Championships game to 7-1. It was the self-affirmation a bruised Big 12, the once-trendsetter-conference-turned-hanger-on, had desperately sought since the messy breakup was announced.

The Sooners played the hero in dramatic form, coming from a 17-0 deficit to knock off the hated Cornhuskers 23-20. In winning, OU gave closure to many who could not stomach the thought of the conference’s last crown going to an institution that no longer wanted to be a part of it.


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Does K-State Athletics need a strict Twitter policy?

 Last year, when Twitter was a hot topic among the Big 12, when the Kansas football and basketball teams were airing their differences online, Kansas State coaches were surprisingly liberal regarding their stances on policing their athletes’ social site habits.

A year later, it’s safe to say that while no wide-sweeping changes have been made (yet), the “you can’t watch everything they do” attitude has likely changed in Manhattan.

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The Dish: Did Duke steal K-State’s mojo?

Let’s start with what Kansas State’s loss to Duke – a big loss, in front of the whole world – wasn’t. It wasn’t the end of K-State basketball. Frank Martin isn’t going to leave and be replaced by the next Tom Asbury. It wasn’t the end of the season. The Wildcats have 25 more games without counting the Big 12 and NCAA Tournament. It wasn’t even the end of November.

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The Dish: K-State, progress or not?

So, now that we’ve had a day to back away from the computer and Kansas State’s 44-36 loss in Boulder, I’m going to revisit the Twitter conversation that transpired between me and several K-State fans at the end of Saturday’s loss.

Well, I say conversation. I ranted, saying though the clay has been reshaped and the waters “calmed,” the 7-5 resume the Wildcats will have built after beating North Texas feels empty. 

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The Dish: With Selby, KU again the favorite

And, like that, the Kansas Jayhawks are again the favorite to win the Big 12 Conference.

Dragged through the NCAA wringer, Josh Selby, the top recruit in the country, finally will suit up for the Jayhawks  after he completes a nine-game suspension. He must also repay $5,757.58 in impermissible benefits. 

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The Dish: ESPN hoops marathon gets it right

Thankfully, ESPN’s 24-hour hoops marathon has finally fully replaced "Late Night" as the official start to the college basketball season.  The idea of cramming into an arena at odd hours of the night to watch some cheesy skits and a scrimmage is outdated and was always overblown. 

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The Dish: Curtis Kelly, where are you?


If I told you the Kansas State Wildcats, the third-ranked team in the country, would miss a fouling, offensively-challenged, grace-repelling center more than a flashy, highly-skilled, household-name guard, would you buy it?

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The Dish: Texas Hits Jackpot, Big 12 Won�t Respond

 “Apparently this is part of a mass e-mail you sent to multiple Big 12 institutions. Please be informed the Conference office will not be responding to your inquiry.” – Bob Burda (Big 12 Assistant Commissioner – Communications)

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The Dish: College Basketball exhibitions Should be None-and-Done

Here’s my FDA-style warning concerning college basketball exhibition games: treat ‘em like Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

Like a new box, the lopsided scores look good. And like a second or third doughnut, a true freshman’s 10 points in 20 minutes seem even better. But, in reality, they have no substance and, if over-indulged in, can cause fans to go sugar-high crazy before they spew all over the message boards.

Kansas State fans, already jacked on the fresh memory of an Elite Eight appearance and huge preseason expectations, watched their Wildcats blah their way to an 83-56 win against Newman. And, trying very hard to appear in midseason complaint form, the boards lit up despite a 27-point win.

It’s meaningless, really, but for those who feel they understand this year’s team after 40 exhibition minutes, let’s break some things down.

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