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Glazer: Scribe Brushes Aside Bah Humbugs, Wishes Readers ‘The Best’

It’s the most happiest time of the year now, right? You know, Christmas. That’s what the songs say anyway. Sure, for the folks with financial strength and tight families, that well may be the case. HAPPY TIMES. Nice. However for … Continue reading

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Glazer: Sad Sack Chiefs Hang onto Playoff Hopes & This Week’s Picks

The Chiefs still have a shot at the post season… However as I mentioned last week they need to win out both of their last two games to get there. It’s possible they could lose one of the next two and … Continue reading

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Hearne: Don’t Miss KC Confidential’s Christmas Wilding Wednesday @ Stanford’s

Brace yourselves… This year’s KC Confidential Christmas Wilding is about to unfold. Better and badder than ever, btw, in part because we’re shedding our in-town ways and holding the shindig in South Johnson County. That’s right, in the land of milk and honey where propped up two-income … Continue reading

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Valentine: Celebrating Hate & Craig Glazer

I was driving by the new Stanford & Sons comedy club on 119th Street the other day… And it made me appreciate that Stanford’s owner Craig Glazer is an entertaining sports writer. Every week he makes us ride his own personal emotional roller … Continue reading

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Glazer: The Indisputable, Awful Truth About The Kansas City Chiefs

Why do our Kansas City Chiefs fall short of the mark every year? Simple, we’re one of the NFL’s worst drafting teams of all time. We’ve not had a franchise quality quarterback since Len Dawson in the 1960’s and early … Continue reading

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Glazer: Life in the Bermuda Triangle of Football

The Chiefs season ended in Arizona… And Missouri’s football team didn’t belong in the same city as Alabama’s, but somehow they got there. Kansas State kinda showed up, but Baylor had no trouble beating them. All three teams – as always – … Continue reading

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Glazer: The End is Near (And It Ain’t Looking Pretty)

Seems like just a few weeks ago the Chiefs, MU and K-State football was just starting… Now it’s all coming to an end and – unfortunately – the Chiefs are becoming the team we all thought they were, as in not … Continue reading

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Glazer: Fox 4’s Mark Alford Still on Top After 16 Years

Everybody knows the names of Kansas City’s top evening news anchors… Names like the recently retired Larry Moore, John Holt and Phil Witt. Those guys have been doing it for years. However one name jumps out from KC’s morning news pack – a dude who’s … Continue reading

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Glazer: The Awful Truth; Greg Hall’s Site Never Really Mattered

I read Greg Hall when he wrote for KC Confidential – I remember him… But I never really went to his website after he left. He’s a nice guy, but I just never was interested in what he had to … Continue reading

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Glazer: Ring the Bell, Blow Out the candle & Close the Books on This Year’s Chiefs

Oakland ran all over our poor Chiefs last week… And this week Denver made it official, the Chiefs have fallen from grace once again. Looking like fools in two weeks on national television, anyone watching last Thursday’s game –  the … Continue reading

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Glazer: Big Weeks for K-State, Mizzou, KU & Chiefs

Oh my, both K-State and Missouri in the hunt to win a division title… I know it doesn’t feel like it, but both teams seemingly are in a decent position to end the season on high notes. K-State will beat KU unless … Continue reading

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Glazer: Thank the Media for Last Night’s ‘Ghetto St. Patrick’s’ Celebration in Ferguson

The jury’s in, no indictment… And from what I’ve heard, I agree with their verdict. Apparently a jury of nine whites and three blacks said it was a justified shooting. Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson – in fear for his life … Continue reading

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Hearne: Misguided Racism to Blame for Ferguson

Think of it as the Craig Glazer syndrome…. In the early days of the Bill Cosby rape controversy earlier this month, Glazer was quick to sympathize and explain away how Cosby’s charges were possibly either exaggerated or trumped up. Where were the women … Continue reading

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Glazer: The Rain, The Raiders, The Result; Chiefs in Trouble

Well, we all know that it rained and rained hard… But Oakland had to play in the same weather as the Chiefs. And yes, it was a road game. And yes, it was a trap game. However great teams have … Continue reading

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Glazer: The Dismantling of the Bill Cosby We Thought We Knew

Actor/comedian Bill Cosby was the modern day Bob Hope… From the late 1960’s through the 1990’s it was all Bill. His comedy albums were a must in the early 70’s. His hit television series “I Spy” in the mid-1960s was a trendy, … Continue reading

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Glazer: Thanks Andy, Super Bowl Here We Come!

The debate begins… Are the Kansas City Chiefs the best team in the AFC? Are the Chiefs the NFL’s best? The answer may could be, YES. With a tough, but impressive win over the world champion Seattle Seahawks today at Arrowhead and … Continue reading

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Glazer: We Live in a Kim Kardashian World

Yes, it’s a Kim’s world out there… Because Kim Kardashian is the World’s best known celebrity. Her new totally nude photos online are everywhere and in magazines, and have been seen by millions. She and her mother, Kris, are brilliant promoters, … Continue reading

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Glazer: Critical Weekend for Chiefs & This Week’s Picks

The big win last week over Buffalo made the Chiefs a top wild card team in the AFC… And a win Sunday over the Seattle Seahawks – last years Super Bowl Champs – would make them something much more, a Super … Continue reading

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Glazer: Chiefs Pound Out Must Win @ Buffalo, Appear Playoffs Bound

Huge win for our Kansas City Chiefs today, a must win… Now the Chiefs are 6-3 and will be looked at as at least a wild card team this winter. The 17-13 win at Buffalo put them right in the mix. A … Continue reading

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Glazer: Chiefs Face Critical Test & This Week’s Picks

Big road game for the Chiefs Sunday… The Buffalo Bills have always been tough on our guys up there and this game is crucial for both teams. Kansas City sits with a 5-3 record as do the Bills, so the winner … Continue reading

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