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Hearne: Scribe Says, Chiefs, Royals Will Never Win ‘Big One’ in Our Lifetimes

Put it back in your pants, sports fans… The Kansas City Royals and Kansas City Chiefs will never again truly matter, says comedy club owner/sports scribe Craig Glazer. “From the looks of things – based on our history, the current … Continue reading

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Hearne: Stanford’s to Swing for the Fences in Overland Park

What to expect late next month when Stanford & Sons returns to the big city? Quite a bit, actually, starting with real food! “Stanford’s will be a great lead in for what Shawn McClenny’s doing next-door at Fuel and Kanza Hall,” says Stanford’s … Continue reading

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Glazer: Ring the Bell, Close the Book, Blow Out the Candle – Royals Are Done

I’ve got good news, the Royals season is over!

Okay, they’re still playing, but now that they are 900 games under .500 – I’m kidding, OK? – and we are getting into August, it’s over.

The Royals season this year ended in April, as usual.

This time out with a 12 game home losing streak. Nice. The Royals never battled back, they have nothing to battle with!

There is no starting pitching and the hitting was a huge let down. As usual, the team is promising to be a contender…by 2014.

"You’ll see a big difference next season, just you wait."

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Glazer: Matt Cassel Still Sucks but This Could be Chiefs Year

More good news…

I’ve done nothing but put the Chiefs down for several years, but can you blame me?

I had them under 7 1/2 wins on a bet last year and barely made it. Why? THE CHIEFS DEFENSE.

But this season – lord help me – I might just might buy into this football team.

If all goes well with Jamaal Charles, Eric Berry and Tony Moeaki back, and with Dante Poe in the middle, a much improved offensive line and the return of Dwayne Bowe and John Baldwin this team might just win 10 games. And if Peyton Manning fails, the Chiefs could win the division.

Problems? Let’s see what they could be. Oh yeah, quarterback Matt THE FRANCHISE Cassel.

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Glazer: Scribe Takes KBI ‘Lie Detector’ Test, Dodges Bogus Beating Rap

OK gang, here’s part two of my phony domestic violence charges story…

First I’d like to make a couple things clear for some of the comment section folks. THIS IS NOT ABOUT HOW COOL I AM, IT’S ABOUT HOW INSANE THESE CASES AND ARRESTS HAVE BECOME.

This is just an example of my personal experience where if a woman accuses you, even if there is absolutely no evidence, you still get arrested. Then you have to hire a lawyer, be on pre-probation, pay thousands of dollars and, oh yeah, nothing ever really happened. This is a favorite in Johnson County.

These cases and DUI are the corner stone of law enforcement in our county and we don’t do anything about it.

We just don’t care until we are accused.

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Glazer: The Chiefs Need to Stop Cocking Around & Pay Dwayne Bowe

So Chiefs star Dwayne Bowe is still not signed…

He wears the franchise tag which means he must stay a Chief at least through this season. D-Bowe will make just north of 9 million buckos this year with KC, which is not too shabby. But he wants a long term deal, likely a five-year $40 plus million agreement with about $25 or more million of that guaranteed.

But Chiefs boss Scott Pioli says no deal to long term, big bucks deals. Why? Bowe has been inconsistent, had off field issues and wide outs are a dime a dozen. Really?

Former Big Chief Carl Peterson once told me kickers were a dime a dozen after he let Nick Lowery go and settled for a cheaper Lin Elliot who cost the Chiefs a Super Bowl for sure!

Not since Otis Taylor have the Chiefs had a top wide out.

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Glazer: Drunk Floozy Gets Scribe Arrested & Jailed Over 4th of July

This is a story I mentioned in a recent column…

What happened to me is important for many reasons and needs to be explained. We live in the greatest country on the planet, no argument. However many of our freedoms and fair treatment are being taken away and we need to step up and stop this dangerous trend before we look more like Germany in 1938.

I realize I’m a high profile guy. And I know many of you think of me as a womanizer.

Regardless, that has little to do with the insane police action taken against me one year ago.

On the evening of July 4th, a young lady I was seeing took a cab to my condo around 11 PM. It was already late, but it was a holiday.  And she was clearly wasted when she arrived. She has a bad drinking problem and often carries a bottle of whiskey in her purse like she did that night.

To conceal her identity, let’s call her Julie.

I was aware Julie had a few DUI’s, thus the cab ride. She lived near Westport in Missouri and I live in Fairway on the Kansas side. You can see by her photo why I kept seeing her. So yes, there were red lights, but I never expected something like this to happen.

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Glazer: Order Up! A Serving of Crow for Remorseful Scribe

In today’s Kansas City Star Sam Mellinger wrote what might be his best piece as a sports journalist…


Like a couple of the comment folks, he made me feel kinda bad for going all negative on our All Star game. I WAS WRONG. The game and event did matter. The fans here were excited. It made us feel more important and brought smiles to a frustrated fan base that loves sports.

Mellinger was dead bang right.

Who am I to put down such a fantastic effort by our city and its people? Hey I am proud to be from Kansas City. Even nut job Harley’s comments hit home, I was being a SCROOGE.

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Glazer: Brett Reminds America of Way KC Was, All Star Game Disappoints

Hearne was correct and we all know it…

The 2012 All Star Game is for us. Just us. Few people came into town for the occasion and the events outside the stadium are for the most part not very well attended. The restaurants around town – with some exceptions – aren’t extra busy. And we got the city cleaned up and ready for…us. And maybe a few television cameras.

But hey, that’s OK. We did a great job. For us.

So did George Brett on ESPN last night. He stole the show.

Like many of you I’ve never thought of George as a great speaker, but last night he was just that. He made the Royals seem important. He made Kansas City seem like everyone’s home away from home and was humble in doing so.

He was the best man for the job.

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Glazer: Jeremy Renner Atop Hollywood’s ‘A List’ Candidate for ‘King of Sting’

Average film fans don’t know actor Jeremy Renner very well yet…

Even though he was nominated for best actor in the hit movie HURT LOCKER, nobody much saw him as the next new Hollywood god. Well, somebody sure noticed because Renner followed with smash hit THE TOWN with Ben Affleck and now he’s becoming the man in Hollywood.

Just over a year ago I had lunch at Warners/Malpaso with Rob Lorenz, the director who has agreed to do KING OF STING. Just after that meeting Rob did TROUBLE WITH THE CURVE starring Clint Eastwood (out this September).

We kicked around actors names for the lead roles in KOS and Rob mentioned Renner at that time.

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Glazer: Bogus Ann-Margret Death Report Sparks ‘Bombshell’ Flashback for Scribe

I was planning on writing a story yesterday on Where have all the Hollywood Bombshells gone?

I’d just caught part of the movie Bye, Bye, Birdie with Ann-Margret before going to work. It was filmed in 1963 and co-starred Dick Van Dyke. Ann was about 22 at the time, but played a 16 year old high school girl in the movie.

And she was so sexy back then.

As I watched her move around I thought to myself, she’s still hot even by today’s standards. Then it came to me.

Why aren’t there more smoking hot, iconic female movie stars like her today?

There haven’t been for some time. You know, large breasted women (with real breasts) and bubble butts – girls who can move it – sing, dance, even act.

Next I was shocked to read, SHE WAS KILLED IN NEW ZEALAND.

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Glazer: Scribe Outed by The Slammer After Bogus Assault Arrest, Says He’s Not Guilty

If it can happen to me, it can happen to anyone…

Matthew Creed of Shawnee was posting minor arrests on a Website locally. Then the guy would offer to take down people’s misdemeanor arrest mugshots if you paid him $199!

"The guy is a bottom feeder vulture," said Jay Norton, a long time Johnson County Attorney, who had clients up on the site. "The idea he was trying to help the community is a farce."

Creed started the site, blabbermouthkc.com in May. He then sent arrested folks a letter with their mugshot on it asking for the money if they wanted it removed! What is the world coming too?

It gets better…

Many of the arrests were DUI, However many more were people who failed to show up for court for like traffic tickets. And oh yeah, a funny thing called, people who were NOT GUILTY OF ANYTHING.

Meaning their cases were in error, the charges were dismissed or they were not guilty.

A year ago I was arrested on a phony, totally made up, zero evidence, assault case.

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Glazer: 4th of July Flashback; Blowing Up Dear Old Dad & The Plaza

The Fourth Of July has always been one of my favorite holidays…

Ah yes, the fireworks. If you’re a guy you remember the M-80‘s and Cherry Bombs. The good fireworks were always illegal, so those were the fireworks we always wanted. And somehow we’d end up with a box or two of them. They were like 20 firecrackers rolled into one.

It was almost like dope back in the day….

Who had them? Where did we need to sneak off to get them? I knew DAD WOULD FND THEM and so it was. Good old dad to the rescue. How in the world did that man know where to find these illegal beauties? I never did know.

Now the cherry bombs looked nice, but were not as powerful as the M-80′s. So if you were cool you’d light one of those bad boy and throw it up in the air as far as you could send that bomb. The blast came seconds later, a puff of smoke, a loud blast, heaven.

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Glazer: Scribe Sends Up Salute to Hollywood Icon Andy Griffith

To say I knew Andy Griffith is an honor…

Andy died yesterday at age 86 and I officed across the hall from him with producer Dan York at Universal from 1990-1992. I’d run into the legendary star weekly and we talked about new projects. When I mentioned that Nick Kazan had written my life story (a screenplay) then titled OUTLAWS, he smiled.

Andy’s first big break came from Nick’s father Elia Kazan who directed Griffith in "A Face In The Crowd." That’s the movie that made Griffith a star. What I most remember about Andy is that he was tall and always wore a coat and tie. Yes, those were fun and interesting times.

I find it strange when icons like Andy Griffith pass away that there’s so little fanfare.

I guess when you go the distance, live a long life and have so much success, it’s just not as exciting when you die.

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Glazer: How KC Wasted the Last 40 Years Going Nowhere Fast

The Star’s Randy Covitz wrote a nice story about Kansas City being a big sports town back in 1973…

That was the year baseball’s All-Star game last came here. And what a year it was. As Covitz points out, we had FOUR PRO SPORTS TEAMS, hockey, basketball, football and baseball. It was the last time Kansas City played host to the All Star game.

Hard to believe that was 40 years ago, nearly half a century. Damn.


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Glazer: Bogus KU Pot Bust a Sham – Let it Go, People

Lions and Tigers and Bears…oh, my!

Let the insane, stupid witch hunt begin. A weed dealer – lord save the planet and shoot him fast – sold smoke to some KU Student Athletes.

What’s the world coming to? Let’s ruin their lives, their careers – we’ll show ‘em.


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Glazer: Scribe Forecasts Four More for Obama with Health Care Win

The Supreme Court upheld The affordable Care Act yesterday, Obama‘s health care reform…

This was considered the President’s big achievement, and it passed five votes to four in a nail biter. But just like in sports, a win is a win.

The question being, did We the People win?

For many the answer is NO.

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Glazer: Scribe Conjures Batman in Weighing Prospects for College Football Playoffs

This reminds me of "Batman Begins"…

In 2014 a four team College Football Championship Series begins. As many of you know, the College Bowl groups and many college presidents and conference commissioners didn’t want this to happen. It makes college football much more like pro football. The Super Bowl, college style.

Hey, I like it.

A committee will decide on the four teams, based on the usual criteria – who they played, their records and pretty much the way it’s done now, save the BCS scoring system. The playing sites will be picked based on neutral locations, attendance and which cities want to pay to play.


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Glazer: The Incredible Lightness of Eric Hosmer and The Kansas City Royals

This was to be Our Year, Our Time…

You know, with the Royals. Well, so far it’s somebody else’s year, not ours. The Royals as of today are still stuck at the bottom of their division. The team has the third worst record in the league. Everyone got a bit excited because we won a few games the last couple weeks, but then reality hit this weekend when the St. Louis Cards swept our butts in three games.

So it’s back to the "we suck" attitude for most fans.

The main reason the Royals have been so bad? No hitting. As of last week, the Royals had the fewest home runs in the American League. And to this point we have no real All-Star with the game here a couple weeks from now.

Maybe it’s time to send faded star Eric Hosmer down to Triple A for a tune up.

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Glazer: St Louis Sparks Nightlife Wilding that Engulfs Westport, Legends, P&L

Maybe it was the fact the Kansas City Royals played host to the St. Louis Cards

That likely brought 15,000 out of town folks in for the weekend and that’s a lot of bodies. Maybe it was the cooler weather Friday and Saturday and people were tired of not getting out on the town.

Whatever it was, man this town rocked these past two nights.

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