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Paul Wilson: Why No Arrest in Zocalo-Plaza Military Officer Beat Down?

Just after midnight on the morning of Sept. 19, Police were called to Zocalo Mexican Restaurant on The Plaza in reference to an assault… A 37 year old Captain, stationed at Fort Leavenworth for a 12 week training mission, was savagely … Continue reading

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Hearne: Dream On, Plaza Will Never Be the Same

We all like to kid ourselves at times… Craig Glazer spends the night with a 23 year-old girl he met last weekend who’s mom’s only 40 and suddenly he’s Ponce de Leon. I get a new Fiat and I think I’m … Continue reading

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Paul Wilson: ‘So Arrest Me’

We don’t have parking space shortages on the mean streets of KC like some metros… In Boston a few weeks back, one Lisa Blumenthal, paid $560,000 at an IRS auction for two off street spaces near her home. The record price … Continue reading

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Starbeams: Obama @ The Uptown Wednesday, Fox 4 Fox Kerri Stowell Takes a Fall

  President Obama will be at the Uptown in Kansas City this Wednesday. His staff has yet to inform him the Uptown is not a golf course.                           … Continue reading

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Hearne: Police State Takes Care of Country Club Plaza’s ‘Urban’ Problem

So many urban teens, so few entertainment districts… With Westport engaged in a turf war to keep underage urban youth of a certain persuasion at bay, inquiring minds want to know how’s the situation on the Country Club Plaza progressing? “The … Continue reading

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Hearne: ID Check & No Booze Rule Halves Westport Kid Crowds

Just as things were starting to look sunny side up… As reported here in April, the handwriting’s been on the wall for this summer in Westport. Pressure had been brought to bear by merchants and bar owners against the Gusto Bar & Lounge in … Continue reading

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Paul Wilson: Race Baiter Alonzo Washington Sells Out for a ‘Happy Meal’

All local “activist” Alonzo Washington is missing is the “Reverend” title… That would maybe make him a mini-me Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton. Because from appearances, it’s all Washinton dreams of but nothing he will ever truly be. He’s just another Judas for the cause that … Continue reading

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