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Caitlin: Ralph Lauren Spring/Summer 2012 Collection for the Modern Gatsby Woman


On Thursday Ralph Lauren revealed his Spring 2012 Collection. Lauren has been a distinguished fashion designer for over 40 years—a fashion designer with a consistent style, reinterpreted season after season to be fresh and modern.

Lauren’s designs feel distinctly American, casual and formal pieces meant for the weekends at the Hamptons, Hollywood restaurants, and the Red Carpet. And his Spring 2012 Collection is no exception. The designer’s versatile collection included everything from short suits and day dresses to glamorous silk trousers and shimmering evening gowns.


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Caitlin: Rebecca Taylor delivers multi-faceted collection for Spring 2012


It’s Fashion Week in New York City!

As a guest of Andrew Weir, the New York based casting and consulting company, I was lucky to attend a few shows and report on the scene.

I recently saw Rebecca Taylor’s Spring 2012 Ready-to-Wear show, a successful collection debuted before a standing-room-only crowd. As the lights were dimmed, a poppy, hip-hop beat set the mood. Even the women around me – all in their 50s – were bopping their feet. One by one, models metronomically walked down the runway, showcasing Taylor’s 41 spring looks.


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Caitlin: Celebrate Fashion’s Night Out, Kansas City Style, Thursday Sept. 8th

If you like special discounts, parties, giveaways, or FREE BOOZE—you’re in luck! 

This September 8th marks the third annual Fashion’s Night Out (FNO), an event originally launched to stimulate sales and generate buzz about Fall Fashion Week in New York City. And this year, participating shops and boutiques are even more wide-spread. For the first time, many Kansas City retailers are participating in the nation-wide event.

Looks like the hottest spot to be is the Country Club Plaza, which will be host to live DJs and bands throughout the evening. So, here’s my advice…


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Caitlin: Got iPhone: ‘Is there an app for that?’

With iPhone App, “Kiss Me Thru the Phone,” you can upload a photo of someone, adjust and rotate the image, and…kiss your phone.

If you are the laziest person on earth, the “iPhone Blower” will apparently blow out your birthday candles for you.

And if you are a sleazebag, the “Tiger Text” app lets you recall text messages and self-destruct sent messages within one minute.

There are endless apps—some beneficial, some entertaining, some useless…although I must admit Tiger Text could save a lot of drunk-texters from morning-after embarrassment…

Although I try to keep my phone pretty svelte, I have recently discovered a few helpful fashion, shopping, and style apps—all of which are free.

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Caitlin: New reality show “Russian Dolls”: Flash or Trash or Both?

Since I’ve been done with school for awhile now, I’ve decided that the television and I should recommit.

It’s been years since I have followed any sitcoms or weekly reality shows—and if you are wondering, the answer is yes. Some college students actually do study.

So last night my girlfriends and I celebrated with a long night of bad TV. I don’t know what dudes do on their game or poker nights, but I have a feeling that they don’t top our girl parties. Reclining chairs, coronas with limes, burritos, booze, and gossip—only during the commercials, of course.

Beer in hand, I successfully re-communed with my TV….

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Caitlin: Armani makes hot Olympic athletes even hotter

When I first heard that Giorgio Armani would be designing Italy’s uniforms for the 2012 Summer Olympics, I was giddy. Hot sweaty men in chic, trendy short shorts? Yes, please.

But beyond my personal enthusiasm, his collaboration with the Italian National Olympic Committee really is brilliant—why not combine the talent of the most successful Italian designer with that of the country’s most successful performance athletes?

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Caitlin: Rumors of Fall 2011 Womenswear Collection from Kanye West


Rumors of a Fall 2011 Collection from Kanye West have been circulating since last spring, and after reading recent interviews with Kanye’s mentor, Louise Wilson, I think it is safe to say that a fashion collection from Yeezy himself is about to drop.

Wilson, Professor at London’s Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design speaks highly of Kanye’s potential in the realm of fashion: “I’ve known him for two years now and he’s incredibly knowledgeable about fashion, he’s a global phenomenon.”

True, Kanye isn’t new to the realm of fashion or art. He has designed shoes for Louis Vuitton, attended fashion shows in Paris, and held internship positions at Fendi and the Gap.

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Caitlin: Paris 2012 – From Rottweilers to Tree Frogs – Tisci on Crack

Excuse me, House of Givenchy, but is Riccardo Tisci on crack?

Let’s just cut to the chase.

Tisci’s Fall 2011 Menswear Collection is for the inner-Goth. His mostly black collection includes a brigade of pale, sad model-boys in baggy shorts and black leggings.

Not exactly my cup of tea, but it could be worse—wait…it is worse.

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Caitlin: Attn KC Confidential Shoppers! Spring 2012 Menswear Blue Light Specials

If you’re reading KCConfidential chances are you: 1) are male; 2) are disgusting; 3) have pondered Craig Glazer‘s weird hair-like thing on top of his head far too much; and 4) are in dire need of some fashion advice.  While I can’t fix the disgusting part, I can make some recommendations on how to at least hide that part when you’re out in public.

As photos are released from the runways in Paris, I’ve spotted a few overarching trends noticeable across the board.


Designers have scattered Spring 2012 collections with sporty, lighthearted vibes. Models at Givenchy wore ballcaps and army-green tank-tops, white or green jackets and high-end sweatshirts. Models at Junya Watanabe were clad in statement utility coats, bright orange rain parkas, and lightweight denim jackets.

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Caitlin: Crossroads Fashion Show “Summer in Spain” Turns Eleven Saturday

Looking for a bit of weekend fun that involves…
a) a well-established, KC actor?                        [Walter Coppage, check]
b) a local artist/reality TV star?                [Peregrine Honig, check]
Diid I mention it’s free?
Then don’t miss Kansas City’s 11th annual West 18th Street Fashion Show on Saturday.
Nestled between Baltimore Avenue and Wyandotte Street, an impressive outdoor runway and spectator section will pop up. And while stage crews work adeptly at their construction on the street, models and designers will mill in and out of the studio space above, all preparing to showcase their latest art and fashion designs, beginning promptly at dusk.

Dusk, you ask?

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Caitlin: The Making of a Fashion Run to Wakarusa

I kind of hate to admit it, but I’ve listened to jam bands.

I’ve attended concerts like Phish, Galactic, and Widespread Panic and I’ve driven all the way to Tennessee to go camping at Bonnaroo Music Festival. Three times!

You see, if you grow up in Lawrence and there is an unwritten mandate: at one point in your life – typically before you can legally purchase alcohol – you will think you are a hippie—a cool one, that is.


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Caitlin: The KU Graduation ‘Walk of Shame’ Blues

Although I spent Friday and Saturday attending college graduation parties, by Sunday morning—the actual date of KU’s commencement ceremony—the event had somehow slipped my mind.

So on my typical Sunday morning jog, I chuckled as I passed a girl all dolled up, walking barefoot with strappy high-heels in hand. It wasn’t the first time I’d witnessed the walk-of-shame; hung-over girls, faces smeared with leftover mascara, all chagrined and intensely concentrated on the ground as they weave through the chatty churchgoers crowding up their sidewalks. “Really?” the girls think. “At this hour? Go back to bed people, take four liqui-gels and go back to bed.”

Anyway, my theory would have proved true on any other Sunday morning, but it quickly dissolved after a few short steps. As I dodged a car blocking the walkway, a woman appeared…a mother…carrying her daughter’s graduation cap and gown, her proud grin producing a blinding beam.


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Caitlin: Zeke Westerman’s Catwalk for a Cause Brings Out the Beautiful & the Bored

Fashion shows in Lawrence are typically hit or miss…

So when Lawrence designer Zeke Westerman asked me if I would model for him, I’m not gonna lie…I was a bit hesitant.

But when I woke up sick as a dog to an urgent text message regarding another model-mishap, I knew there was no backing down. “One of Zeke’s models canceled, do you know any girls?” Sick or no—I was walking in this show.

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