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Leftridge: Godspeed, Alex Gordon, You Beautiful Bastard

Much to the surprise of nobody, longest current Kansas City Royal Alex Gordon will officially hit the free agent market tonight at 11pm… It’s a bittersweet moment for a franchise mostly bereft of “career” Royals; you know, guys who were … Continue reading

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Leftridge: Hurry Back, Alex Gordon

In a piece dated July 14, 2012—so, long before most casual fans has amassed significant and appropriate appreciation—I suggested in no uncertain terms that the success of this team rode squarely on the shoulders of the (then) oft-injured Lorenzo Cain. … Continue reading

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Leftridge: Crap for Sale on Craigslist, Opening Day Edition

Opening Day is upon us, but you already knew that. If you’re going, congratulations and I hate you. Most of us ham-and-eggers will be at work listening discreetly through a solitary ear bud, our faces quietly showcasing a roller coaster … Continue reading

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Hearne: ‘Losers’ @ Sports Illustrated Forecast Royals Rumble

Does Sports Illustrated still matter? A handful of years back the editor at the Kansas City Star told me in no uncertain terms that it did not. It was a joke, the dying embers of an outdated dream. Seems SI had … Continue reading

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Calvin Sense: ‘No Name Royals’ Need Nickname & Isis Mission Creep

When the ’72 Miami Dolphins went undefeated one key to the team’s success was its “No Name Defense.” That’s because Miami’s offense had so many notable stars that got all the publicity, whereas its defense got little media attention and didn’t have any big name, … Continue reading

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Leftridge: May Royals’ Recap: Come to Suck

What a difference a month makes. At the end of April, the Royals were 14-10. They were a game out of first place and everything was coming up daffodils. The pitching was invincible and the offense—while still not pounding out … Continue reading

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