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Paul Wilson: “I Got The Message, I’m Not Changing a Thing.”

Time to do a little tea leaf reading… The midterm elections are over, but what does it all mean? Other than it almost seems as if someone other than the American electorate cast most of the ballots Tuesday. How else to explain polls … Continue reading

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Paul Wilson: We Have NOTHING to Complain About

Some snippets of conversations with friends this past weekend have stayed with me.. One friend complained about sitting on the tarmac at the airport for 20 minutes, waiting for her flight to take off. Another was trapped on the jetway for 15 minutes … Continue reading

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Leftridge: Bring on the Baseball

It’s finally upon us. The start of baseball’s glorious regular season is so close that if it were an umpire, Roberto Alomar would have no problem hitting it with a disease-riddled loogie. (Timely reference, to be sure.) But all phlegming … Continue reading

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