New Jack City: New ‘Basic Economy’ Fares—Buyer Beware!

It can come as quite a shock…

You’re doing a fast trip out of town – get a good ticket price on a discount airline – no checked luggage – just a carry-on.

You head straight for the gate—only to be welcomed by, “Sorry sir, that carry-on intended for the overhead bin space will be an additional $$$.”

What do you do?

Well, for starters you should have read the fine print—i.e. the restrictions.

There are currently three so-called Ultra Low Cost Carriers serving KCI. And you better know the rules of their game before you fly them.

They are Spirit, Allegiant and Frontier.

All they really promise is that the price of your discount ticket will get you from point A to point B. Everything else costs extra.

These ULCC carriers have been chipping away at the sales of legacy airlines enough to force them to compete more actively in the low cost arena.

To that end both Delta and United Airlines have recently introduced their own versions of no frills flying. Continue reading

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Jack Goes Confidential: ‘The Founder’—Relentless Burger Capitalist

THE FOUNDER was originally planned for a nationwide rollout last summer…

The Weinstein Company had set it for release on August 5th—not necessarily a good time for thoughtful, intriguing cinema.

However, following strong audience reaction to the picture at test screenings, Weinstein cancelled the August date and moved the film back to open January 20th instead—just four days ahead of the 2017 Academy Award nominations.

And yes, THE FOUNDER had a week long Oscar qualifying run this past December in L.A.

This was of course a wise marketing move as Michael Keaton’s career has recently had a tremendous turnaround with the likes of BIRDMAN and SPOTLIGHT.

And just like with those two motion pictures, you’re in for another terrific performance by Keaton that well could mean yet another Oscar nomination for the versatile actor.

THE FOUNDER is the dramatized story of McDonald’s found Ray Kroc taking place long before Happy Meals and the Big Mac. Continue reading

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Lefsetz: The Democratic Party Has No Clue

This is a classic case of disruption…

And until the Democrats recognize this and change their strategy, they’re doomed.

Talking about the popular vote is no different than record labels saying customers preferred CDs in the era of Napster. Donald Trump won with a new playbook appealing to a broad swath of the public, and until the left wing wakes up and adjusts its plan it will not succeed.

Then there are those who think it’s the same as it ever was.

That shenanigans were employed and all the markers pointing to a sea change don’t apply, because politics never changes. Wrong.

First we had Brexit, then we had Trump. Now people are laughing at the World Economic Forum. The elites lost control and now they keep circling the wagons while telling us they’re right and one would laugh if it weren’t so scary.

Clayton Christensen tells us to beware of servicing the same old audience.

The Democrats decided to appeal to Wall Street and Silicon Valley and took for granted that minorities would vote for them, believing the disadvantaged had no other choice.

Christensen also says the disruptor is laughable at first, inadequate, but it keeps getting better until it triumphs. Donald Trump is laughable, and he continues to be, but he appealed to people who felt they were not being listened to and they voted him into office.

Who were these people? Continue reading

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Glazer: Ladies & Gentleman, Our One and Done Playoff Chiefs

Most Chiefs observers agree…

It’s time to fix the quarterback situation. In other words, get rid of  Alex Smith.

Can we do it next season, please?

Here’s how: Trade Alex to Dallas for Tony Romo. Yes, they’d want a top draft pick, too. Neverthelessless, I say do it!

Tony looked great in his one appearance with Cowboys at the end of a game a few weeks back. He found the end zone in a few throws. If healthy, he could take KC deep into the playoffs next year, maybe more. He is an elite quarterback, has a skill set well above Alex Smith’s.

We have other needs…

Starting with a running back, linebacker, another corner, a big play wide receiver…offensive line…yes. Will Clark Hunt want to gamble on a draft pick soon at quarterback? That usually means losing lots of games for a year or two or more. Right now he can play it safe with Alex and Andy Reid and go to the playoffs with a winning team, fan interest and a full house. And I think Romo would create a ton of interest right off the bat.

In the end, as Hearne asks, does playoff football or baseball change your life?

When the Royals were losing for decades did it make our lives worse? Better? 

Of Course not! Continue reading

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Lefsetz: Ringling Brothers Death Sign of the Times

I went at the old Madison Square Garden twice, maybe three times…

The last time I finally put my foot down and told my mother I didn’t actually like ballet and wasn’t going to go anymore.

Then my father took me to Madison Square Garden.

They used to have a sideshow. Well, not really – as in freaks and geeks – but in the low-ceiling basement you could walk by the chained elephants and gawk at the giant and I’d never been so scared in my life. Because this was 60 years ago, when safety laws were not as strict, when the only thing separating me from the animals was a couple of feet of air.

And I took a ring off the finger of the giant, I think the fee was 50 cents. I kept that gold plastic circle forever, at least until my mother turned my bedroom into her office and threw out not only that ring, but my World’s Fair hat, my baseball glove and…

I just heard it was the 50th anniversary of the first Super Bowl.

I remember it vividly, it was a curio not a must-see. I was at my friend Marc’s house, with him and his father and a buddy – that father and the buddy are gone – but it seems like it was yesterday. No one expected the AFL to win, but then only a couple of years later Broadway Joe showed us who’s boss and football eclipsed baseball and the Yankees sucked and it seemed like everything I knew was changing. Continue reading

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Glazer: Same Old, Same Old from Same Old Chiefs

Were you shocked that Pittsburgh beat us?

Was anyone? Of course not!

Yes, the Chiefs were a slight Vegas favorite – 1-2 points – and hey, we lost by 2. So it was close, right? Not really.

Chiefs coach Andy Reid is 19-2 after the bye week; Alex Smith‘s quarterback rating is 5th all time in playoffs; we were at home; we had Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce,..and we still lost.

Face it, the Chiefs stink in the playoffs. They totally do.

Which comes as no surprise to anyone that we lost.

The Steelers are simply a better football team.

Hey, they never even scored a touchdown and they still WON! Wow. Why? The Chiefs have no offense. As usual really. The opening Chiefs drive was perfect, then came the rest of the game.

Not much, huh? Continue reading

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Glazer: Bogus Fear Mongering by Weather Wonks Continues

Once again the weather media in Kansas City demanded YOU STAY HOME…

We for sure would be having ice storms and heavy snow. Roads would be shut down and  road conditions horrid.


Yet the city was shut down starting Friday with school closings and events being cancelled.


The weather people on TV and the front page of our KC Star. Doom and Gloom. It’s the reason we stay glued to TV news all day and night. Yet they cost the city MILLIONS of dollars every time they’re wrong, which often they are.

Friday passed with no major street issues. NONE all day, no snow, no ice.

The winners are the  grocery stores that were packed.

The losers were the evening events, restaurants, entertainment places and pretty much anything open for business outside of getting food and drink for the snowed-in, iced-in weekend that wasn’t.


They did this just a few weeks back with little bad weather hitting same result. Do they do it to protect us? Is it for ratings and eyeballs on the tube? Did we need to close all the schools before we saw a snow flake or any ice Friday? NO. Continue reading

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Glazer: Scribe Saddles Up for NFL Playoffs

The playoffs are down to eight teams in the race for the Super Bowl

And yes, our Kansas City Chiefs are one of the eight. Most would say that makes this season a big success. But I don’t think so, not for KC.

The Chiefs have not been in a HUGE game since Joe Montana took them to the AFC title game in 1994 and we lost to the Bills. Our last Super Bowl was with Hank Stram and Len Dawson in 1970 – half a century ago.

That’s practically a lifetime.

So Andy Reid and the Chiefs need to defeat the Pittsburgh Steelers Sunday to be looked at as once again, an elite, post season playoff caliber unit. Better than just good.

Because right now Reid is “Marty light.”

Both are or were playoff head coaches but no cigars, no Super Bowl rings.

In Kansas City the honor of best head football coach still goes to Hank Stram.

Reid will need a win Sunday here and one in New England next week to get into that conversation of who’s best. Or is he even better than Marty? Continue reading

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Jack Goes Confidential: ‘PATRIOTS DAY’ *** Boston Strong Tribute Thriller

Terrorist attacks on society today are sadly turning into common events.

So when a filmmaker like Peter Berg  sets his sights on a rather recent such occurrence like the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013, some people may feel it is still too early to fully digest.

However this director has taken its gripping subject matter and has turned it into an edge-of-your-seat Docu-thriller.

PATRIOTS DAY begins with the events leading up to and exhaustive aftermath manhunt by the FBI, State Police, Sheriff and Boston police.

It is the story of heroism by survivors, first responders and investigators of how despite incredible odds this Boston strong force was able to capture the perpetrators within an incredibly short time span in neighboring Watertown.

In the words of police commissioner John Goodman: “My cops are running on fumes.”

The film is an almost hour-by-hour insight from just before the shocking events right on through to the end.

It’s the STORY you know but the characters you DIDN’T! Continue reading

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Lefstez: Debbie Reynolds & The Game of Life

The thing about life is it can always get worse…

We like to believe God doesn’t give us more than we can handle, but do we even believe in God?

We believe there’s a master plan, that it all makes sense…

But it doesn’t.

This is what they don’t tell you growing up, after they say that anyone can become President. That life is an endless series of losses and the key is to keep putting one foot in front of another.

Not so much to be optimistic, because bad stuff is gonna happen, but to try and jump from rock to rock, because although you might slip into the river and get wet every once in a while – even float downriver to a wholly different, unforeseen rock – even though some might never find another rock at all, they were right there next to you laughing and now they’re gone. When you do get to the next rock not only do you breathe a sigh of relief, you gain a sense of wonderment, you’ve got a whole new perspective.

And that’s what makes life worth living.

First of all, there’s touch. And sex. After all, we’re animals. Try and hug someone every day, not in a perfunctory way, but in a style more conscious, like life is hard but at least you have each other. My parents never touched me growing up, could be a 1950s thing – I don’t know – and I struggle with flesh on flesh, but I do know when done right touch roots me, and you.

Second, there’s art. And let’s put nature in that same category. I was out in a miserable snowstorm the other day and I never felt so alive. Like it was just me, the trees and the sky. It’s when you’re most alone that you feel most at peace, assuming you can forgo the anxiety of being disconnected forever.

And in art there’s books and movies and music and painting and sculpture and when they’re done right, they make us feel so not alone, they reflect our humanity back upon us. And it’s hard to do this. Not only in terms of skill, but to let go of precepts and create via your inner tuning fork, what we feel inside.

Too much of what is called “art” today is pandering pabulum. And we know the difference. It’s like “Pulp Fiction” versus the latest “Star Wars.”

As in how did Tarantino come up with that? Kinda like Sgt. Pepper… What were they smoking, where were they at that the Beatles decided to cut a concept album with no singles.

Can you imagine that today? Katy Perry or Taylor Swift Continue reading

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Glazer: Scribe Gazes into His Ball & Sees Chiefs Victory

Chiefs coach Andy Reid ‘s made the playoffs three of his four seasons here in KC…

Yet the true measure of his success will be a win or a loss this Sunday at Arrowhead against Pittsburgh.


The Chiefs last saw an AFC title game in 1994, against Buffalo with QB Joe Montana going out early with an apparent concussion. The Bills went on to destroy the Chiefs and go to their fourth straight Super Bowl…and lose.

The Chiefs have NEVER won a home game playoff since the year, when we beat – guess who? – the Steelers at Arrowhead in round one of the playoffs. We then went to Houston and beat Warren Moon. 

Yes, it was that long ago. Damn.

If Reid and the Chiefs win this game Sunday and go to the AFC title game against New England it will be considered a big step for KC and the Chiefs. Of course, we all want to go to the Super Bowl, but just getting to the AFC Title Game would be nice. Can KC beat the Steelers?

We can, but few outside of KC think we will.

First, we have to deal with what may be the league’s best running attack. We don’t have a for real middle linebacker, no Derrick Johnson. So yikes, that’s a problem. That means Dontari Poe will have to step up and Eric Berry will have to move up to assist him.

Trouble is, that leaves Antonio Brown, AFC’s top wide out, more open for a Big Ben bomb. Against Miami it only took short throws to Brown to move the ball. Ben didn’t need to go deep against the Dolphins. ‘For sure, he’s banged up, that boot he was wearing was not for looks. Continue reading

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Hearne: Chiefs’ Drunken, Dawn Tailgate Plan Recipe for the Obvious

Talk about barbarians at the gate…

Word that the Kansas City Chiefs are opening the drunken floodgates of Arrowhead Stadium’s parking lots at 6:30 am Sunday should send chills down the spines of kinder, gentler Chiefs fans.

Because as anyone who’s attended a Chiefs game in forever knows, the fan atmosphere (with the possible exception of the high dollar club level section) at Arrowhead on game day is rude and crude to the tenth power. Widespread public drunkeness, loud, profanity laced lingo and boorish behavior make for family unfriendly environs.

Let’s do a little math: Since the stadium gates won’t open until 10 a.m. for the just after noon game, that gives the Chiefs faithful nearly four hours – six until kickoff – to get crocked.

“I don’t think everybody’s going to get drunk the entire time, but a lot of people will,” says Chiefs stalwart Craig Glazer.”But opening things up that early is just asking for poor behavior. Maybe the business brains at  Arrowhead think this is kind of a bonus since they’re charging so much for parking.”


Advance parking for Sunday’s game is a whopping 35 smackers, with cash at the gate parking bumped from an already lofty $40 per car to a money grubbing $60!

A price for which Chiefs president Mark Donovan half heartedly apologized.

“I don’t want anybody to pay $60 to park here,” Donovan told the Kansas City Star. “Buy in advance.”

Such sincerity! Continue reading

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Hearne: Tyreek Hill Story The Star Didn’t Bother to Report, Chiefs Would Rather You Not Know

Crystal Espinal & Tyreek Hill’s son Zev

They say the devil’s in the details…

That said, if you’re relying on local sports media or the NFL to report the sordid details of rookie Chiefs star Tyreek Hill’s dastardly treatment of the mother of his young son, you best not hold your breath.

The Kansas City Star’s Sam Mellinger and other local media gave lip service to Hill’s shameful behavior last year -but glossed over the specifics of his reprehensible abuse of the mother of his toddler son Zev.

Hill’s official statement: “I was in a fight with my girlfriend that turned physical between us and I wrongfully put her in a headlock, putting external pressure on her neck that compressed her airway causing bodily injury.”

That’s how Mellinger watered the story down.

“I — I did something that — I did something that I shouldn’t have done that night, which was I just let my feelings take — take control of me,” was Hill’s 2015 courtroom testimony. “I wasn’t thinking. I just — I just reacted and hit her, choked her. I’m real sorry for that.”

Sam the Man’s take: “The Chiefs are also betting that the initial anger won’t last more than one local news cycle.”

Fellow Star sports scribe Vahe Gregorian put it this way:

“If he continues at his current pace, Hill surely will become a candidate for NFL rookie of the year — which would provide yet more to process about his visibility even as he pays his debt to society during his suspended sentence.”

Debt to society?

Hill got off with a wrist slap for a heinous crime that could  and probably should have resulted in a felony conviction punishable by one to three years in prison and/or a $3,000 fine. Continue reading

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Jack Goes Confidential: ‘Hidden Figures’ Has the Right Stuff 

You can’t make up stuff like this…

Yet just about everything about this movie is true.

HIDDEN FIGURES is the fascinating, little known story behind America’s space race telling of how three spunky black women served as “The Brains behind NASA’s” greatest operation ever—the launch of astronaut John Glenn’s flight into orbit.

These women were NASA’s mathematicians who proved themselves invaluable  during the racially suppressed times of the early 1960’s when our space agency was desperately trying to keep up with the Soviets’-then superior space program.

Matter of fact John Glenn (played by Glen Powell) so much respected the task being performed by this math unit that he actually refused to enter the space vehicle unless this special Space Task Group signed off on it.

If all this sounds a bit trite—it ISN’T! Continue reading

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Glazer: Scribe Weighs in on Playoffs Picture

The NFL playoffs start Saturday…

And for once – after all these years – the Chiefs are actually talking of SUPER BOWL. Nice to hear.

However the Chiefs are a mystery team – meaning nobody really knows what to expect. They’re 12-4, third best in the NFL, but only lately have they shown a consistent offense with QB Alex Smith running the ball much more. Tyreek Hill is a monster but needs more touches, and of course Travis Kelce is a big target along with Jeremy Maclin and Chris Conley.

The Chiefs will need a ground attack to keep Pittsburh’s Big Ben on the sidelines longer and that’s where HIll can help. I hope Hill gets sweeps and even runs up the middle.

Of course, that’s next week.

And yes, I fully expect to see the Steelers at Arrowhead.

Miami has small shot at winning the game at Pittsburgh, but not much more.

As for the other games, Oakland at Houston is a strange playoff game, huh?

Neither team has the quarterback they want playing. I like Houston at home against the rookie QB from Michigan State playing for the Raiders.

I’m concerned about his ability to hit his good receivers short and make this a close game. Continue reading

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Glazer: Chiefs to Face Stiff Playoff Competition But…

Happy New Year!

The Chiefs got their wish, a No. 2 spot in the playoffs! A wounded Raiders team got run by Denver and ended up as a wild card, likely one and done. Meanwhile, the Chiefs with their best offensive point total of the season (37) won the division.

That’s the good news.

The bad:  We likely will have to face the Steelers at home after the bye week, Then, if we can handle them, we will have to face New England at their home field. Yikes. But hey you have to beat the best to be the best, right!

The Chiefs big play was once again the unmatched in talent, TYREEK HILL‘S 95 yard punt return to sew up the win. Without it, the Chiefs may have been in trouble. Because they really were not stopping Phillip Rivers and the Chargers. Without an INT in the end zone and Hill’s long run, Chiefs could easily have lost this one.

Our defense was giving up tons of yards in the air and on the ground.

Chiefs QB Alex Smith could have wrapped it up in the third quarter, but yet another interception in the red zone that was returned by San Diego for a touchdown, put the game in jeopardy.

Hill fixed that with his electric, 95 yard punt return. He even had to run over one of his own guys on the sideline to score. His football IQ is uncanny and he has no equal in NFL history of this rare talent.

However the Chiefs have to find a way to use him more often in the post season because he’s the one guy who could help KC beat anybody. Continue reading

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New Jack City: Cutting Through the Cinematic Clutter

There’s a lot of film product in the movie marketplace right now…

So WHAT to see?

Let’s cut through the clutter.

My five Best Bets at the Box Office:

First, of course, there is ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY because—well just because….even though this spin-off is filling only about half as many seats as last year’s regular STAR WARS movie did.

(Star Wars Light, anyone?)

Here then my other picks in no particular order: Continue reading

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Glazer: Best Chiefs Team in Forever Looks Ahead to Playoffs

With last night’s big win over Denver the Chiefs are in a position to get the No. 2 seed in the playoffs and a bye….

That is if a wounded Oakland – they lost their quarterback for the season –  loses to Denver at Mile High and KC beats the Chargers.

It’s really all up to Denver to upend a badly injured Raiders squad next week. Of course, we have to beat Chargers as well. If that happens, the Chiefs have a real shot to go deep in the playoffs, if they play like they did last night.

It’s funny, but when the Chiefs win and it’s a solid win.

And naturally, after a big win there’s far less noise from the fans – fewer complaints and less to talk about.

Clearly, head coach Andy Reid listened to the media, fans and his players. Continue reading

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Glazer: Scribe Picks Hill, Chiefs Over Broncs


Well, Chiefs coach Andy Reid has heard the noise from pretty much everybody – fans, media, blogs – even Travis Kelce,…


Clearly Hill is our most dangerous and best weapon on offense. We all have seen and know what he can do…and he’s got more TD’s – 10 – than all the rest of our offense put together!

Give him the ball as a back as well as a receiver.

I’d like to see Hill get about eight or more handoffs, including short yardage, sweeps, screens and just runs. And I’m sure he’ll break a couple for big yards or a score. More important the defense will have to watch him and that opens up throwing lanes.

Our D is badly hurt now without Justin Houston and Derek Johnson.

Sounds like last year.

Unfortunately, this year Alex is not as good, with only 12 td’s and 6 INT’s – three that cost us recent games. Alex and a poor O line are the two big reasons the Chiefs are really not a Super Bowl contender anymore this year. Sure. it’s possible, but highly doubtful. Uh, not as a wild card, maybe a 2 seed gives us a chance.

Oakland could lose to Indy today.

And the Chiefs should handle a weakened Broncos team playing for pride on Xmas night here in KC.

Their quarterback is worse than ours with no running game, sound familiar? Continue reading

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Jack Goes Confidential: ‘FENCES’ Promises—And Delivers!

It is not often that we are treated to this calibre of acting…

Adapted from August Wilson’s stage play where it won a Pulitzer prize as well as a Tony award, director Denzel Washington elevates FENCES to even greater heights.

It’s hard to imagine how Washington was able to direct himself as well as his co-star Viola Davis to this degree of excellence.

But believe me, it’s all up there on the big screen.

Set during the racially volatile 1950’s Washington plays a middle-age family man who was unable to fulfill his dream of become a major league baseball player who rides on the back of a garbage truck emptying trash barrels.

He’s been married to Davis for what seems like forever.

However now he’s been promoted to actually driving the truck—as his marriage begins to show cracks.

What happens next must be experienced by the serious moviegoer in a theater.

Suffice it to say Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor and Best Supporting Actress nominations are awaiting this cinematic showcase in the upcoming Academy Awards race. Continue reading

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