Starbeams: Win Bon Jovi Tix, Aixois Gift Cards!

010323-F-0966E-003BREAKING NEWS:  We just learned the Missouri based B-2 Bomber that flew over North Korea Thursday, was delivering METH.


Hundreds of American businesses in China have been targeted by Chinese hackers, who are stealing information.  “Tell us about it” said AMC Theaters. Continue reading

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Leftridge: Seven Completely Accurate Predictions for the 2013 Royals

ballAlthough Mother Nature’s grand witchery seems to indicate otherwise, it is officially Spring which means that trees are (theoretically) in full bloom, the grass is (supposed to be) turning green and baseball—that grand, old tradition that perfectly embodies the spirit of the season—is less than a week away from kicking off.

In Kansas City, where we’ve been battered about the chest and head with perennially terrible ball clubs for decades, this is the best time of year to be a fan. The Royals have looked amazing in spring training and have officially won the Cactus League thanks to an influx of new faces. The pitching has been great, the offense has been stellar and, well… okay, it’s still just Spring Training.

But still, the excitement is palatably infectious.

All of this chicanery is moot on Monday, however, when the team heads to Chicago to take on the hated White Sox in a very real, very consequential game. (Bo Jackson will be throwing out the first pitch. Real cool, Vincent.) So what can we expect from this squad when things actually matter? I’ve made seven predictions that will assuredly come true. Let’s have a look-see. Continue reading

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Sounds Good: Lex Norwood@Jazzhaus, Rev Gusto@Coda

Think of this weekend as the calm before the storm…

The storm being next weekend’s Middle of the Map Fest that’s going down at a handful of venues in KC and features a ton of local and national bands like Deerhoof, Grizzly Bear, The Joy Formidable, Tennis, Cowboy Indian Bear, Quiet Corral, and about a hundred more.

Here’s the kicker – a ticket for all three days of music at all the venues is $45.  That’s a pretty damn good deal in my book.

So this weekend we can take it a little easy…
Continue reading

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Hearne: Where Do You Sell Out? Right Here, Lefsetz Says

o-LENA-DUNHAM-900He may be old, he may cranky, he’s definitely self-absorbed, but every once in a while…

Music industry maven Bob Lefsetz cranks one out of the park in the Food for Thought arena. One of his more interesting recent efforts – very Tom Leathers like for those of you keeping score at home – goes the “Then” versus “Now” route.

A few of the highlights:

MTV was our national jukebox.


There is no national jukebox. There is no universality. Want everyone to know your name? Then KILL someone. Making music doesn’t lead to ubiquity.


Being on the cover of “Rolling Stone” meant you made it.


Being on the cover of “Rolling Stone” means you’ve already made it and the magazine is kissing your butt. Your PR person negotiated (the) interview parameters, all so they could sell more copies on the newsstand. Continue reading

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Jack Goes Confidential: ‘G.I. Joe: Retaliation’—The Cobra Revolution Has Begun

images“We have met the enemy…and he is us.”

The G.I. Joes are no more. Pretty hefty stuff, huh?

Well, don’t let it fool you. This sequel to 2009’s international box office hit G.I. JOE: THE RISE OF COBRA doesn’t really take itself that seriously.

Lotsa winks. Continue reading

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Starbeams: Anderson Cooper ‘Adorable,’ Tiger back on Top with Nike

Grumpy-Cat-Anderson-CooperFormer Pope Benedict XVI says he’s picking Dorothy Hamill for Dancing with the Stars.


After hours of hearing arguments, the Supreme Court has ruled that Anderson Cooper is ADORABLE!

******* Continue reading

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Donnelly: Yanks Escape Mexico City With a Huge Point in Hand

For only the second time ever, the US Men’s National Team went down to one of the U.S. Soccer Logobiggest, baddest, toughest places in the world to play, and left with a point to show for it.

Azteca Stadium is the 5th largest stadium in the world, and home base to Mexico’s national squad.  Until the US won a match last year, the Yanks hadn’t won at Azteca in over 75 years.  So playing to a scoreless draw and walking away with one point is fantastic, and it puts the US into a tie for second in qualifying, one point back of group leader Panama.

Plus, a tandem of Sporting players got the start and both performed well. Continue reading

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Hearne: Radio Exec says KCUR Should Have Stuck to Its Guns on Axing Walt Bodine

KXTR+polo+logoBeing in management is no walk in the park…

Sometimes you have to make difficult decisions based on your opinion of what’s right or wrong, and you need to have the courage of conviction to stick with those decisions when the going gets tough.

So says, longtime Kansas City radio chieftain Bob Zuroweste.

Not only has Zuroweste borne witness to some of the toughest calls in KC media history – like when former general manager Herndon Hasty blew up KY102 – he’s been smack in the middle of some of the biggest, baddest, most controversial radio controversies here of all time. Continue reading

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Hearne: Grave Dancing on the MU Tigers Sports Teams

32630By some measure it was the oldest college sports rivalry west of the Mississippi…

Missouri versus Kansas in football, basketball, you-name-it was a lifetime avocation for many sports-minded locals. And while MU dropped out of the formal proceedings this past year by leaving the so-called Big 12 for the SEC, the hatred continues to drip.

Remember the story about the owners of the Black & Gold Tavern wanting to bus Tiger fans to Lawrence this summer to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Quantrill’s Raid?

So it is that the Tigers’ poor performances in football and basketball its first year away from the Big 12 did not go unnoticed.

“MU who?” reads the headline in a Lawrence Journal World editorial this past week. Continue reading

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Hearne: Scribe Charts Walt Bodine’s KCUR Years

walt-bodineJust how relevant was the Walt Bodine of the past 30 years?

Outside of a handful of aging Boomers and NPR listeners from the arts and academia worlds – not very, says Stanford & Sons main man Craig Glazer.

“I was never a fan of his,” Glazer says. “I never thought he was cool or sharp or anything – he just existed. I only cared about him because I got to be on his show.” Continue reading

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Starbeams: Drunk Driving in Westport, Elephant Herpes & ‘Ungoogleable’

dm_130225_nfl_manti_addresses_media_help_hurtA bunch of guys wearing skirts spent the day at the Supreme Court hearing on whether or not states can ban same-sex marriage?


The Irish town of Kilgarvin has legalized drunk driving….or as we call it in Westport – DRIVING.

******* Continue reading

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Hearne: KC’s LaCrosse a Wanker by Any Other Name

harry-treadaway-and-luke-treadaway-in-over-there-by-mark-ravenhill-2-1What’s in a word?

Plenty if you happen to speak French. Which is why when Buick debuted its 2005 LaCrosse all heck broke out among our French speaking neighbors to the north.

Because in French, “LaCrosse”  translates into – to use polite terms – “self love.”

Which brings us to GM’s announcement yesterday that the improved 2014 LaCrosse will be assembled at its Fairfax plant in KCK.

A little history. Continue reading

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Hearne: The Truth, Whole Truth & Nothing But About Hot Springs

IMG_2267Ever heard of something called The Bathhouse Era?

Me neither. Until I rambled down to Hot Springs, Arkansas this past weekend in search of something that resembled a Spring Break kiddie getaway.

Was I in for surprise. Continue reading

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Hearne: Sandstone Knocks One Out with Mumford & Sons ‘Invitation’

mumford-and-sons1-1Face it, things haven’t been the same at the outdoor amphitheater known as Sandstone since Live Nation pulled the plug several years back and the title sponsor went from powerhouse Verizon to relatively puny Cricket.

Must see alt rock shows: Remember The Killers in May 2009?

That’s the last one I recall knocking my socks off.

Until now… Continue reading

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Donnelly: Sporting Battle New England, Weather, to 0-0 Draw

Sporting Kansas City
battled its way to a second straight 0-0 draw over the weekend, this time at the New England Revolution, extending the team’s shutout streak to 249 minutes.

It wasn’t pretty.  But it was especially ugly for the home squad who didn’t even register a shot until the second half, and ended the game without a single shot on target.  That doesn’t happen very often. Continue reading

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Hearne: The Sad, Awful Truth About Broadcaster Walt Bodine

WaltBodineFriends, radio listeners, fellow party types…

I come here to bury Walt Bodine, not to praise him. The evil that men do – especially media types – lives on long after them, while the good is often obfuscated.

So I won’t bore you with yet another rehash of the deceased broadcaster’s life story or try and make it sound as if Bodine spent the last 30 years on public radio station KCUR FM kicking butt and taking names.

Clearly he did not. Continue reading

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Hearne: ‘Hogified’ in Hot Springs

Sad-Arkansas-Fan1-400x282“I got a buddy who says, you can’t come to Arkansas without getting ‘hogified.'”

Overheard at the most disorganized Starbucks I’ve ever seen  in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

Yep, it’s Spring Break and I’m living large in the land of the broke.

I’ll lay down more specifics when the smoke clears, but for now I want to share some first impressions lest any of you stumble down here with gross misconceptions about the land of Mountain Valley Water.

You know, like I did. Continue reading

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Starbeams: Top 5 Ways to Know You’ve Had Too Much Coffee Ale

images-1Boulevard Brewing has teamed with The Roasterie to present Coffee Ale, for a limited release...

To Wit: The Top 5 Ways to Know You’ve Had Too Much Coffee Ale:

#5.  The best part of waking up is having no idea where you are.

#4.  You’re ready to close down a Starbucks.

#3.  You have a buzz, yet, you’re alert enough to avoid ugly chicks. Continue reading

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Carousel_203_1363101537Take a big, classic musical like Rodgers and Hammerstein’s CAROUSEL (now thru April 6  at KC Rep). Get rid of the pretty period clothes, the handsome scenery, and most of the musicians…

Add some grit, compliments of local theater trailblazers Rusty Sneary and Kyle Hatley, the artists behind Crossroads
area theater company The Living Room. Play the whole thing in the round, so the actors are literally in your face, and you’ve
got KC Rep’s hip “new” musical hit.

This ain’t your grandma’s CAROUSEL. Continue reading

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hunt_ira_205x235“We fundamentally try to collect everything and hang onto it forever.”

Ira “Gus” Hunt
Chief Technology Officer- Central Intelligence Agency

In a stunning episode of candor, Mr. Hunt, while speaking at GigaOM’s
Structure Data Conference in New York City this week admitted that the CIA is collecting EVERYONE’S videos, text messages, tweets, voice males,
phone calls and more. And that they’re doing this data collection intentionally!

Here are a couple more chilling quotes from Mr. Hunt’s speech: Continue reading

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