Donnelly: Help KC Confidential Photographer Katie Grogan Climb Roger Water’s ‘Wall”

If you’re Katie "McPansy" Grogan, when it rains it pours…
She’s on the verge of winning a nationwide photography contest to go and be Roger Waters’ photographer for a performance of The Wall in NYC.
The photo that caught the eye of the contest organizers was one of the first that she shot for KCC, Rob Zombie at Sandstone last summer.  I must say, it’s a badass pic.
So whaddya say KCC faithful?  Can you help a brutha out?  Katie needs your votes.  Follow this link to the contest website:


Everyone can vote twice, once via Twitter and once via Facebook.  I know, I know—What’s all this about the Twitter? 

Why would I care what Chad Ochocinco had for lunch?
Look, just do it for Katie.  She’s a great photographer.  And if she wins I’ll force her to write something about the whole deal…

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Jack Goes Confidential: ‘Prometheus’ Asks Questions, Holds Answers For (Possible) Sequel?

ALIEN and BLADE RUNNER director Ridley Scott has returned to the genre he helped define.
Welcome to 2093 on board the spaceship PROMETHEUS and its team of explorers in search of the origins of mankind on earth. Where are we from? How did we get here?
After all, big things have small beginnings. And to create, you must first destroy.
And so we take an extraordinary journey to the darkest corners of the universe.
PROMETHEUS is speculative science-fiction.

Some would suggest it to be the ‘prequel’ to ALIEN. But is it?

It does have doses of ALIEN-like gross-out scenes. There’s the snake like creature flying into one poor souls mouth to possess his body. And how about the grisly, self-inflicted cesarean-section of an alien beast that’s grown inside one of Prometheus’ female explorers?

Definitely R-rated stuff.

I did like the way the automated machinery stapled her stomach shut though following the procedure.
All in all a fascinating futuristic exploration co-starring Charlize Theron, Guy Pearce—and David, the humanoid/android butler with a fascination for everything Peter O’Toole as Lawrence of Arabia.
He’s portrayed by Michael Fassbender.
Does this movie answer those critical questions?

Only up to a point. We’ll have to wait for a possible sequel for the full story, I guess.

And yes it’s in 3-D which is decent but certainly not critical to the enjoyment of the film. I’d suggest saving the 3-D upcharge.
Ridley Scott’s cinematic futuristic exploration PROMETHEUS: Another small step for mankind.

I’m materializing 3-1/2 out of 5 imaginative fingers with a nod to HAL in 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY.
JACK GOES TO THE MOVIES Friday mornings at 6:40 a.m. on KMBZ Am & Fm / Also anytime on Time Warner Cable’s K.C. ON DEMAND, Channel 411 / And on NEBRASKA ON DEMAND, Channel 411.

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Sounds Good: Sara Jaffe@Replay, Tea Leaf Green@Bottleneck, Ozark Mountain Daredevils@Crossroads KC

Not only are there some cool shows, there’s some other events that look interesting, too.
One of them combines two of my favorite things: soccer and beer.  Yep, Sporting KC is sponsoring the Summer Beer Festival, which features more than 20 breweries.  The event will take place from 5-9 p.m. on Saturday at Pennsylvania Avenue, between McCoy’s and Kelly’s in Westport. The event benefits AIDS Walk Kansas City.
And ladies, I have a feeling that Chance Myers will be there based on his tweet the other day:
“Looking forward to #beerfest this weekend. #raaaaa #SKC”
Follow him @CR_Myers, show up to the beerfest, and he’ll let you touch his hair.  On to the picks….

Friday, June 8th
Sara Jaffe @ the Replay patio in Lawrence
This is a 6 pm show on the famous Replay patio.  If you haven’t caught a matinee show there you’re missing out because it’s a mellow way to kick off your Friday evening.  And Denton, Texas singer-songwriter Sara Jaffe should provide the mood ala Norah Jones kinda.  She’s been getting major props from outlets large and hipster, like USA Today and Paste.  I know, weird right?
Plus it’s only like two or three bucks.  Do it!   
Tea Leaf Green @ the Bottleneck in Lawrence
Want to get your face melted off?  I thought so.  Tea Leaf Green can help you with that.  I first discovered this San Francisco jam band at Wakarusa about 5 years ago (remember, when it was in Lawrence before Kansas got real dumb?).  I was stumbling back to my tent and came upon the campground stage, which was getting torched by some guy named Matisyahu.  After his awesome set, I stuck around and, you guessed it, got my face melted off by the unique twist on jam-funk that Tea Leaf spews.  Their guitar player is a real badass and this band is nothing if not totally pro.
Saturday, June 9th
Big Smith and the Ozark Mountain Daredevils @ Crossroads KC
Big Smith, out of Springfield, MO, is calling it quits after this final show at the Crossroads.  So you know they’re going to pull out all the country and bluegrass stops, which I imagine will include a whiskey drinking contest and a squirrel race.  Their hillbilly style gives listeners a peek inside life in the holler, though their talent eclipses anything you would find on a front porch anywhere.
Also on the bill and going on around 9:00 is the Ozark Mountain Daredevils, a band that’s been around, well, forever basically.  Though they haven’t released a studio album since 1997, they do put out quite a few live recordings to keep their fans satisfied.  And really, that’s probably the best way to experience the Daredevils.
I mean, they keep it simple, creating country-rock classics with an ethos that puts the music first, even though they have had some major hits along the way.
 “To hell with a bunch of gold records on the wall,” says Supe Du jour, founding member and bass player.  “The greatest thrill of my life was when I delivered my own children. I realize it was a pretty primitive thing to do, but at the time, that’s where my heart and soul resided. Then, after they were born, I built all their furniture.”

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Katie & Matt: Buzz Beach Ball @ Livestrong Sporting Park

After all the crap the nasty old KCC commentariat flung at sweet and innocent Katie the last time she tried to piece together a sentence or two, I’m surprised she even agreed to keep going with this gig.  She was inconsolable.   

Hey, obviously she’s a great photographer but words aren’t her strong suit, you know?  So for now she’s going to stick to pointing at things and pressing the button, and I’ll try to fill in the letters and stuff.   

Last weekend she made her way out to LIVESTRONG for the Buzz Beach Ball featuring Sublime with Rome, Foster the People, the Shins, Flogging Molly, Metric, and a couple others.  I didn’t attend as my Waka duties pulled me out of state.  Katie did, however, relate some info to me about the whole deal.

Like the fact that the sound was somewhat improved when compared to last year, but still not great.  Which is a little perplexing at this point.  I mean, when the stadium was being built the owners emphasized the multi-use capabilities, specifically emphasizing concerts. 


So what gives?  Will the sound ever be great there?

Maybe not.  Remember, the overhang that covers all the seating was built specifically to make the place loud for soccer games and projecting the singing and chanting of the Cauldron to the farthest corners.  But with all their attention to detail, how could they have overlooked live concert sound?



But perhaps it’s not the physical setup at all.  Perhaps it’s something else, something can can eventually be corrected.  Hopefully.

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Hearne: Looks Like the Jardine’s Party is O-V-E-R


Never say never, right?

Well, almost never. But what’s left of the ship of state that was once Kansas City’s finest jazz club – Jardine’s – appears poised to tumble off a cliff from which there will likely be no return.

Sources say the club’s last and most-prized assets – it’s 3 a.m. and 1:30 a.m. liquor licenses – are poised to expire between now and July. And should they expire, liquor industry insiders say, it will be nare but impossible to replace Jardine’s all-important, 3 a.m. liquor license.

"I think one (license) expires at the end of June and one in July," says former Jardine’s co-owner and manager Pat Hanrahan. "I don’t remember which is which."

As for the prospect of someone buying the club and maybe – just maybe – reopening it as a jazz joint, "I talked to Beena a couple times earlier this week and there’s a couple of people who

have looked at the space recently," Hanrahan says. "And I know one guy is still interested, (he’s) from out of town. I think they still have a few weeks to go on the liquor license. And I know American Century has shown it to five or six different people."

Including, Hanrahan says, a chef/restaurateur and some nightclub/bar wannabes who had been trying until recently to open in or near the Power & Light District.

Speaking of which…

Whatever became of the gay dudes who convinced the Pitch they had bought Jardine’s and were poised to reopen the club this past January?

"I don’t know what the hell happened to them, I have no idea," Hanrahan says. "Every time I talked to them they said they were moving forward."

Attempts to contact one of said gents – Robert McCain - by text in mid-late April garnered no response. Another text in late May was answered by McCain with a, "Who is this?" but no further comment after I identified myself.

McCain’s last words to KCC were in late March when he texted that he had a call in to American Century.

"Funny how things all changed today after we did all the due dilligence," he texted then.

Which brings us to embattled Jardine’s owner Beena Raja who has been uncharacteristically silent in recent weeks as the grains of sand continue run out of Jardine’s hourglass.

Raja did not return calls, email or text requests for comment for this column.

Then there was the notice landlord American Century Realty affixed to Jardine’s front door last month.

"Notice To Tenant To Remove Personal Property," it reads."Subject to court order you have been evicted from the premises at 4536 Main Street, Kansas City, Missouri."

Meanwhile, back at former Jardine’s owner and founder Greg Halstead‘s  retirement ranch…

"That’s all come and gone," Halstead says of the eviction notice. "American Century just took all the proper steps. I’ve pretty much written everything off. It’s out of my hands."

For well over a decade Halstead had a good run, including for many years after he sold the club to Raja.

"You know, she paid me for 10, 9 years – something like that – plus she gave me a pretty healthy downpayment," Halstead muses. "But I always say, what goes around comes around and she’ll get hers. I’m just waiting to hear from American Century’s lawyer to see what I can and can’t have. But they have a claim against (the club) too because they’re owed rent."

The bottom line; as tiresome as this months-long mess continues to be; there still appears to be a slim chance Jardine’s could be saved. A very slim chance.

But isn’t that what Hail Mary passes are all about?

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Glazer: Scribe Picks Up Bus Fare to Pearly Gates

If you listen to Johnny Dare you probably know my girlfriend Chocolate Becky...

Make that, former girlfriend.

Anyway, her "White Devil Weekend," on The Rock is a funny, popular piece. Becky does the five minute rant each week and it’s played several times on Thursdays and Fridays. Of course, she always ends it with taking jabs at yours truly. She got the job because she called me a million times and left mean but very funny messages like, "That’s why I always hate you, you cheap ass little dick bastard. You never leave me any money. You make me drive all the way over there to pick up $10. Burn in hell, you bastard. I’m gonna get a sniper to shoot your ass."

I mean, you can’t write that kinda stuff.

By the way, I know some of you want the "little dick" part to be true, but it’s not.

Black girls are used to having well, some pretty big ones, so all white guys take that hit, even if its false. And they know it pisses us off.

In real life I went out with Becky’s beautiful sister back in the 90’s before she moved to New York. And little, cute sister Becky was just jumping for joy to step in for big sis after she left.

It was Westport 2000 so Becky became a once in awhile come-over girl.

She always meant well, but let’s just say, she’s limited – the girl can’t keep a job. Truth is, for all of the radio jokes the only black girls I dated over the past decade were Becky and Black Barbie. The rest of the women who came by were not.

Barbie’s a major beauty, Becky’s cute, but a headache.

So somehow I kind of became her guardian as well. Ten bucks here, 20 there.

"I can’t pay for my phone (tears). Help!"

So yeah, Becky became almost more of a ward than a girlfriend. And she calls me all-the-time.

It’s funny but very annoying. Of course Dare loves it and has had her on to attack me. But in her wacked out way she loves me and is just a lost soul. She’s not a bad or wicked girl, she’s just always broke and has no real family help.


Last week was one of the best. She bought a little used car from one of those fly by night dealers who sell to the needy and the poor with no credit. They charge 12 grand for a car worth 4 grand and people pay like $200 every two weeks. Then if they miss a payment the dealer picks it up and sells it again. They sell these puppies three times over and make like ten grand a car.

It’s sad, but legal.

So sometimes I lend / give Becky a few bucks to keep it up. Oh, man. I told her it had to stop, that we all have bills. That she’s not my girlfriend, not my responsibility.

So last week at 6 AM comes this call…

"Mister Glazer, this is Pastor Johnson…Can you find it in your heart to give poor little Rebecca one hundred dollars to save the girl’s car? She needs money to feed her poor puppy. The girl is starting a new job and she needs her car. The girl needs to eat. How will she feed herself? Mister Glazer, even $95 will help, sir." 

I started to say something but…

"Mister Glazer, the girl is one day gonna ride that big bus to heaven. And you could be next to her on the front seat, Mister Glazer. If only you can find it inside you to give little Rebecca $85. Can you find the $85? I can stop by today to get it. The church is covering the rest, Mister Glazer."

Then I asked, ‘Well, that’s only about 85 more dollars – how many members do you have?’

"Mister Glazer, we have just over two thousand."

And I thought, WTF did each person put in a couple pennies?

"Mister Glazer, you want to be on that bus with little Becky. Can you find it in your heart sir to leave this poor Pastor $80 today? Can you?" 

I said, STOP, I’ll leave you the one hundred, but don’t ever call me again. And I DON’T WANT TO BE ON HER BUS TO HEAVEN. I’LL TAKE THE OTHER BUS.

"But Mister Glazer, we don’t know what direction that bus will be headed sir." 

I said, THAT’S FINE – JUST ANY BUS SHE ISN’T ON. Come get the money and leave me alone….


My pain can be your laughter. Just don’t judge.

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Starbeams: Mayan Calendar & Dow, NYC Legal Pot, Money vs. Happiness, Royals & Mila

The Dow jumped 286 points Wednesday. Then again, my Mayan calendar predicted this would happen.


New York City may decriminalize small amounts of marijuana. But don’t even think about a 16 oz Coca Cola!?


Pippa Middleton will release her first book in October. Every magazine article I read about her turns into a pop-up!


A survey finds it takes an income of at least $50-to-60,000 a year to be happy. Looks like I need to make more meth.


Charges have been filed in a fight between airport security and an armored truck driver at KCI. I’m pretty sure they weren’t fighting over a decent parking spot.


The Royals just had their third shutout in five games.  Their strategy of showing topless photos of Mila Kunis on the scoreboard when the opposing team is at bat appears to be working.

Kelly Urich hosts the morning show on The Point 99.7 FM

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Glazer: NBA’s Oklahoma Thunder Pave Path for KC’s Pro Sports Teams

Well we haven’t done enough with the N.B.A. on this site, so here we go…

The Oklahoma Thunder have just run through quite a group of powerhouse teams. They took down last year’s NBA Champs, the Dallas Mavericks; they followed that with dropping the LA Lakers. And tonight they knocked out the San Antonio Spurs who had the NBA’s best record this season.

Maybe more impressive those three NBA giants have won 11 of the last 13 Championships. Now Oklahoma will face either the Miami Heat or Boston Celtics. A win there would make it 12 of the last 13 teams to win it all!

The way it looks, OKC will be the world champ in just a few more days.

Former Big 12 star, Kevin Durant and his co pilot Russell Westbrook are Oklahoma’s main men. They have young legs, great shooting and crazy great talent and in just two short years taken this team from nowhere to everywhere.

After trailing the Spurs 0-2, they came back and won FOUR in a row.

Remember, the Spurs had been undefeated in the playoffs up until that first loss at the hands of  the Thunder. The experts all picked San Antonio and the Miami Heat to square off in the finals. Wrong. Looks like it will be the young lions, the Thunder, fighting the old guard Boston Celtics.

In some ways this gives hope to us Kansas City fans. If the small market Oklahoma Thunder can take down all these giants, maybe, just maybe our young pro teams can follow.

Low key with a couple big stars and a great fan base can make the difference.

It can happen. Great work OKC! On their way to their first world title and I think one of many to come.

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Hearne: Are ‘Geeks’ and ‘Snobs’ Taking Over the World?

Nothing like a little hyperbole in the headline to get things rolling, right?

That said, let’s move on to the issue raised by Jack Poessiger and the head of Alamo Drafthouse about texting in movie theaters. Because while I agree with the Gentle German that in the most extreme cases he likes to cite texting can be rude. However two wrongs don’t make a right, right?

And kicking people out of movies without refunding their money because they looked at their cellphone is wrong.

First let’s have some fun.

Having gone to many advance screenings I can tell you that critics (mostly movie geeks, let’s be honest) are often the worst when it comes to exhibiting good movie etiquette. I hate attending screenings specifically for the "media" because those guys – less so Jack but certainly Bob Butler and others – have little to no compunction about wisecracking and making comments during a movie.

Ever see an episode of Mystery Science Theatre 3000?

Even Jumping Jack Flash himself recently bemoaned having to sit next to another "critic" recently – a gentleman who has been known to bring lighted writing pens into screenings, noisily stuff his face with popcorn and every other imaginable foodstuff while cackling like a hen (loudly) at the most mundane, inside baseball movie jokes.

It literally ruined Jack’s moviegoing experience at one of the year’s biggest blockbusters.

Where I ask is the Alamo Drafthouse covenant governing that bit of bad behavior?

Now let me cite the examples of texting I’m familiar with and compare them to the one Jack cited yesterday.

Most people who know me know that technically I’m always working. Wherever I am, whatever I see, learn, hear or am told is a potential story. Nothing is off-the-record unless pre-agreed to.

I also have children, many irons in the fire, real estate and business deals cooking from time to time and responsibilities to others to receive return phone calls or get calls from people that are difficult to reach for stories I am writing on deadline. In other words, I don’t have the luxury I once did to disappear for two or three hours at a time and not keep abreast of anything and everything else going on in my life.

I’m sure I’m not alone in this regard.

Parents with young children absolutely have to check their phones for incoming calls or texts lest there be an emergency of some sort. People with sick family members. Business people who might await a critical call. A tragic, unexpected event. You name it.

The world that Jack – and indeed I – grew up in seldom allowed for such notices or interruptions. You found out when you got home after the movie that your house had burned down, your brother had died, etc. That’s the way things once were.

But times have changed, for better and for worse.

A Lawrence builder with whom I was negotiating on a house was on the island of St. Martin on a nude beach with his wife when I texted him an offer three weeks back.

"I have learned no one, and I mean no one, can escape gravity," he texted back sarcastically before hitting me with a counter offer.

We live in a different world today.

Here’s how my kids and I handle texting at movies. We dim our phone screens to begin with. My kids dim theirs so low I can’t even make them out. Then we tuck them into our laps, facing away from anyone halfway nearby, cup our hands over them and steal a glimpse.

If the incoming message is important, we’ll leave the auditorium and go deal with it. If there’s nobody nearby, I may tap out a short reply. Trust me, the process is seemless.

Now here’s Jack’s take on why texting bothers him.

He’s sitting in a darkened theater concentrating on a movie when lo and behold, someone nearby or even four or five rows in front of him (but well within his vision) raises a smartphone to eye level on full bright – where he and everybody else can see – it and reads and / or answers a text.

Now Jack goes to a lot more movies than me, so I believe him. But I’ve never seen anything that overt. The people I’ve seen text hold them low where they can look down on them and type something back if need be.

Come to think of it, I’ve never seen anybody hold their phone up in front of their face at eye level and type anywhere. Ever try it? Sounds like something Mr. Magoo maybe would do.

The bottom line is people in this country are pretty much universally armed with cellphones and are responsible in many ways to keep in touch with the people and circumstances in their lives. There certainly are polite ways to do things and there are impolite ways.

My point being there’s a middle ground.

So if Alamo roars into town using a machete rather than a scalpel – especially in a theater like the AMC Mainstreet which is struggling for business in less densely populated part of town – the company may find its teet in the same financial wringer AMC now does. In other words, choking down red ink while attempting to cater to local critic Bob Buter‘s so-called "snobs."

There’s a lot more real people in this town than movie snobs, I suspect, although I could be wrong.

I’ll leave you with this recent story on the subject from the Los Angeles Times.

"Americans have been drifting away from the multiplex for about a decade, a trend that Hollywood executives blame in part on the quality of the experience inside the theater. Sure, cinemas with giant screens offer an unsurpassed level of immersion. But when you’re watching a movie at home, you don’t have to worry about pivotal scenes being ruined by chattering and clattering by rude strangers. Just rude family members.

"Evidently, some industry insiders think the solution to the problem of dwindling ticket sales is to let moviegoers be more distracted — and distracting. Specifically, they have mulled allowing some cellphone use — presumably texting, not talking — to provide a more appealing environment for teens and young adults."

Back to you, Jack.

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New Jack City: Alamo Drafthouse, ‘I Paid $10 to See a Movie, Not to Watch Your Cell Phone Light’

Allow me to throw in my two cents worth in on ALAMO DRAFTHOUSE CINEMAS’ entry into the Kansas City movie market via its upcoming takeover of downtown’s AMC MAINSTREET…
One of my biggest beefs with inconsiderate moviegoers is their use of cell phones—yes actually talking on them during a show. That and texting while I’m trying to watch a movie – which is just as bad.
That glowing screen in a dark auditorium is annoying as hell.

So hats off to Tim League, the CEO of the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema chain for implementing the strictest No Talking-No Texting at the movies policy in the country.
Putting himself in a theater guests position League said it best when he recently told an interviewer, "At the Alamo Drafthouse, we have a simple rule. If you talk or text during a movie, we kick you out."
So when League recently received an irate voice mail from a young woman, he did what few other heads of companies would dare. He made the bold move of posting the woman’s profane phone message as part of Alamo’s image-marketing campaign.

It’s since then been discussed on national network and cable shows and written up in the New York Times.
Since then the video has gone viral.

For your reading enjoyment I present the text of  of the R-rated message as it was phoned in to Alamo’s home office and in turn, was set up on line by Alamo with specific emphasis on certain words. Enjoy.
"Yeah, I was wondering if you guys actually enjoy treating your CUSTOMERS like a pieces of shit? Because that’s how I felt when I went to the Alamo Drafthouse.
"You know what, I didn’t know that I wasn’t supposed to text in your crappy ass theater. It was too fucking dark in that place for me to find my seat.
All right?
I was using my PHOOONE as a FLASHLIGHT to get to my fucking seat.
"So EXCUSE ME for using MY phone in the USA-Magnited States of America where yet–you are FREE to TEXT in a THE-A-TER!
I was not AWARE that I couldn’t text in your theater.
All right?
"I’ve texted in ALL the other theatres in Austin, and no one ever gave a fuck about what me-I was doing on my fuckin’ phone.
All right?
And it was on SILENT. It wasn’t on LOUD–it wasn’t BOTHERING anybody.
"You guys, obviously, were being assholes to ME…AND I’m SURE that’s what you do, you know, to rip people off.
You take my money and then you throw me out.
You know? I will NEVER BE comin’ back to your Alamo Drafthouse or whatever.
I’d rather go to the reglear theater, where people are actually polite.
"Ainit-you know? I’m gonna tell EVERYONE about how SHITTY you are. And I’m pretty sure you guys are being assholes on purpose.
"So thanks for making me FEEL like a customer. Thanks for taking my money-ASSHOLE!"

The caller’s voicemail was followed by this written response from Alamo:
Great Stuff. And for maximum enjoyment of the rant, go to YouTube! It’s priceless.  

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Glazer: Is New Chiefs Quarterback Alex Tanney The One? YouTube it!

Last night during the Carlos Mencia show, a bartender came up to me… 

He showed me a YouTube video of a quarterback hitting goal posts, trash cans, basketball goals, off homes into nets – insane trick throws at 50-plus yards. I thought it was a joke. NO JOKE. They were maybe the most amazing throws EVER.

The quarterback is Alex Tanney, from Division III’s Monmouth College and the Chiefs just signed him.

Yep, he threw 157 touchdowns in college as well.


I’ll tell you this, watch it and you tell me! It’s truly astounding. He even hits a moving truck with a guy in the back on the nose at like 70 yards…MOVING! I’ve never seen anything like it and it’s real. This guy is off the charts.

OK, so it’s trick throws, I know, but still!

When you have one of the NFL’S biggest busts at quarterback on a team that could be a Super Bowl threat except for its B quarterback…HEY, let’s find out.

Matt Cassel is not average, he’s below average.

And that is to this point. He’s also often hurt. Like I said, at this point Cassel is a true bust. That could change, but after all these years as a starter, it’s not likely.

I know you think I’m nuts, but I swear if this Tanney guy is 75% of this YouTube I’d do this; start Matt for a minute in game one, go to Quinn for a few plays and then – with the first team in – go to Alex Tanney baby!

Lets Do It! For once in our boring, KC conservative lives, let’s have THAT guy.

Everyone will talk about. Let him bounce one off John Baldwin‘s butt to D-Bowe in the end zone. Why not?

The Chiefs say Brady Quinn is slightly ahead of Ricky Stanzi. Are you kidding me? It’s time to try something crazy. and Alex Tanney is the TRY!


Maybe this is our time. Watch those YouTube videos before you comment. They are insane. I mean insane.

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Leftridge: A Zimmer of Hope: Royals Draft College Pitcher

Let’s get the obvious, no-brainer statement out of the way right at the start: Drafting amateur players for professional athletics is an inexact science. Then, we’ll follow it up with another pretty evident one: Nowhere is this truer than in Major League Baseball.

Part of this stems from the fact that teams are drafting high-school kids, young men barely removed from the throes of puberty who would just as soon be playing Xbox with all of their derelict friends or trying to talk the wheelchair bound vet outside of the Gulp-N-Blow to buy them a six-pack of Mickey’s. High school kids are stupid, unpredictable antelopes living on hormones and energy drinks. And this is before you pay them several million dollars to do something that almost anyone else would kill to do: play a game for a living.

The other thing is, you just never know. High school baseball studs dominate. They bat .600 and average a homerun per game, or they strike out 20 while walking nobody. They are boys amongst men, post-apocalyptic warrior-children with aluminum swords, a sense of entitlement and just enough sagacity to not ruin their brains taking concussive hits in football.

College kids are a bit less risky. The competition is better, and their numbers (usually) less inflated by natural selection. Often, they’re a bit more mature and polished.

The draft used to work like this:
in the early years, most picks were snot-nosed high school kids and the college selectees were few and far between. The curious thing, though, was that the college kids outperformed the high-schoolers by leaps and bounds. Slowly, the worm turned and teams began drafting the more proven commodity. By the early 2000’s, college players made up over 60% of draftees.

Armed with this knowledge, and the fact that the Kansas City Royals were looking for someone who could theoretically make it to the Show in short order, with the 5th overall selection of the 2012 Draft, they chose right-handed pitcher Kyle Zimmer from the University of San Francisco.

Zimmer, a converted third baseman, is apparently everything the Royals want: 6’4”, 225 lbs. A fastball that licks the underbelly of 100 mph, a wicked curve and a changeup in progress. He’s 20, and seasoned—you know, in a Ramen noodle/Natty Light kind of way—and could be in the rotation within year or so. Well, could. You know, if he had pitched before college, maybe.

I’m not going to pretend that I know anything about Zimmer, other than what I’ve read, or the small sample of highlight videos I went out and watched shortly after hearing the pick. What I’ve seen LOOKS good, but come on—I could make a flashy highlight video of me… I don’t know… browsing the internet with unparalleled aptitude, and come across as pretty cool.

That’s where the trust in your scouting and development departments come into play. And so far? With the Dayton Moore regime? It’s still a work in progress.

5th overall is a hard swath to mow. For every Vernon Wells (Toronto, 1997), J.D. Drew (St. Louis, 1998), Mark Texeira (Texas, 2001), Ryan Braun (Milwaukee, 2005) or Buster Posey (San Francisco, 2008), you’ve got what the Royals have done when picking in the 5 spot.

Last year, the Royals picked Gardner, Kansas native Bubba Starling (above right). “Derek,” as his momma probably calls him, is 19, enjoys underage drinking and is currently serving time in extended spring training, an anonymous, stat-free land of never-ending fundamental skill work. Obviously, it’s far too early to see what kind of player Starling will turn out to be; for now, he’s just a multimillionaire teenager perfecting his swing and living off of Chipotle burritos.

In 2003, they picked outfielder Chris Lubanski. Lubanksi—a career .259 hitter with 11 different minor league teams—blasted 28 HR and 116 RBI in 2005 for High Desert, but petered out after that. Last year, he was part of the Blue Jays’ organization and now, he’s in Reading with the Double-A affiliate of the Philadelphia Phillies. He is 27 years old and has never gotten closer to the Major Leagues than the time he spent in Omaha.

With the 5th pick in 1993, the organization selected LHP Jeff Granger. Another “polished” college arm, Granger quite impressively made his debut in the year that he was drafted. The following Spring, he started in AA, made it back to KC, was just okay, got sent back down to “work on stuff”, shined, came back up, got rocked, and was eventually returned from whence he came.

This cycle continued for a few years before he was sent to the Pittsburgh Pirates (with Joe Randa!) for grouchy Jeff King and the sneakily decent Jay Bell.

 By ’97, Granger was in the perpetual purgatory of minor-league shuttling, where old arms go to die. After a last heroic attempt with the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball’s Long Island Ducks, Granger saw the writing on the wall and hung up his cleats.

Finally, the Royals first 5th round selection—all the way back in 1971—was RHP Roy Branch. Though he never saw the field with the Royals, Branch DID get a sip (a cup is much too generous) of coffee with the Seattle Mariners in 1979, before ending his two-game, major league career with an ERA of 7.94.

Roy Branch, we hardly knew ye.

Hopefully, the same fate will not hold true for Mr. Zimmer. And it seems unlikely. As time progresses in this modern era of advanced crazyrobotscience technology, less antiquated scouting techniques and thorough research– when coupled with the ability to measure the previously immeasurable intangibles– make things a lot more foolproof.

I’m not promising a winner here, good Lord no, but I bet the people who drafted Zimmer know a whole hell of a lot more about him than anyone ever knew about Jeff Granger.

And that’s a really good thing.

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Hearne: Alamo Logistical Nightmare or More Millions @ AMC Mainstreet?

Remember the Alamo?

You will soon. However, any number of prickly questions remain unanswered regarding the changing of the guard at AMC’s Mainstreet downtown. A switch from hometown exhibitor AMC to Austin’s Alamo Drafthouse.

Chief among the questions: what will become of the Mainstreet’s three large downstairs auditoriums once Alamo unveils its elaborate food and drink menu? A menu that puts AMC’s meager Cinema Suites and Fork & Screen offerings to shame.

With more than a dozen appetizers, more than a half dozen pizzas and a wide array of salads, wraps, burgers, sandwiches and entrees, the $64 million question is, how will Alamo deliver its goods to moviegoers jammed into the larger, downstairs auditoriums with traditional stadium seating?

It’s one thing to pass a hotdog or beer down the aisle at Arrowhead, quite another to try and balance a serving of Spaghetti Squash and Pomodoro Sauce and a pitcher of Skinny Girl Sangria while trying not to step on anybody’s toes.

"AMC serves food upstairs in the Cinema Suites but not downstairs," says KCC movie man Jack Poessiger. "So if they want to serve food downstairs they’ll almost certainly have to remodel the auditoriums."

AMC’s limited-menu food service experiment in its local theaters has largely been a failure.

Moviegoers were originally required to pay a 10 buck a ticket premium that included a food and drink voucher. A policy that was abandoned last year, presumably because the higher prices were hurting ticket sales.

Make no mistake, the odds AMC would suffer the hometown embarrassment of bailing out of its signature $60 million investment with Power & Light developer Cordish were it not a money-loser are likely slim and none.

Not that AMC’s out-of-town, vulture capiltal owners probably care much about what anybody in KC thinks.

As for how well the Mainstreet’s been doing, former Kansas City Star movie critic Robert Butler may have pegged the money question three years ago on the theater’s opening:

"Many are curious about whether the Mainstreet will continue to flourish after the initial excitement wears off."

With a reported outlay of $25 million for the Mainstreet theater alone, a planned staffing of 140 (90 for the restaurant and bar) and only 500 seats to sell, the Mainstreet was a difficult proposition from the get go, some theater insiders said.

Certainly AMC bailing after barely three years of operation hardly signals that the project was a success.

"I can’t imagine that when AMC went into this deal that it didn’t sign up for longer than five years," says one insider. "The other question I have is how much of the $60 million investment in the Mainstreet and the Midland is the city’s share and how much the state’s? And how much of it was TIF and how much Cordish?"

When Butler raved about the Mainstreet’s opening he triumphantly proclaimed it a theater "aimed at movie snobs." However as most in the movie biz know, "snobs" don’t pay the freight. Not when it comes to mainstream movies and $25 million investments.

And leave us not forget that Dallas’ Studio Movie Grill twice failed in its effort to establish a local dine-in movies scene at Zona Rosa up north. SMG had problems booking first run blockbuster movies against AMC’s Barry Woods, but its food service and sightlines were horrible. Even after a complete redesign of the theater.

So let’s review.

AMC founder Stan Durwood is doubtless still ping-ponging about in his grave on the news that AMC’s moneylenders cashed in by selling the company to the censor-happy Chinese. Add to that indignity, Durwood’s dream of successfully relaunching the the Midland and Empire theaters (complete with a Planet Hollywood, remember?) will no longer bear his company’s proud Kansas City name.

And yet another new player will enter the crowded Kansas City movie market, albeit with an ultra hip concept that almost certainly will require millions of dollars more (and the removal of more movie seats) to convert the Mainstreet into an Alamo.

So while Alamo may finally fulfill Butler’s dream of a pleasure palace dedicated exclusively to "movie snobs" – non-snobs may find themselves but a glimpse at their cellphones away from being set out on the curb in mid movie.

"My son has gone to the Alamo theaters in Austin and he’s given them nothing but great reviews," Poessiger says. "It’s just a totally different atmosphere – no talking, no texting, no screwing around. They want to provide the complete movie experience and they enforce it more than any other exhibitor. If they catch you doing any of that they’ll kick you right out, no questions asked. And a lot of people like that."

Film snobs for instance.

Alamo Drafthouse declined to be interviewed for this column.

Read more here:
Read more here:
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Concert Corner: Buzz Beach Ball @ Livestrong Sporting Park

I attended the Buzz Beach Ball on Saturday at Livestrong Sporting Park and the sound quality was vastly improved over last year.

The highlight of the show was the last act, Sublime with Rome.

Although the band’s original lead singer Bradley Nowell is “pushing up daisies” from a heroin overdose in 1996, the new guy Rome Ramirez did a great job.

The biggest audience participation moment came during Sublime’s song about the LA Riots- 20,000 people all screamed out “187 on a Mother F*&^#@g Cop” which is cop code for "Homicide.”

So it’s safe to say the revolutionary spirit is alive and well amongst Kansas City’s youth.

Foster the People rocked as did the Dirty Heads and overall it was much better lineup than last year’s Beach Ball.

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Whinery: The Death of Privacy Part III; The Utah Data Center

The National Security Agency (NSA)-  or as it commonly referred to by the Feds, "No Such Agency” – should have Orwell’s Police State online by September of 2013.

That’s right, the most ominous facility imaginable in terms of its powers to place the World’s ENTIRE network of electronic communications under surveillance, is now under construction in Bluffdale, Utah. Its massive computer servers and routers will be able to store and analyze an almost infinite amount of data, including the complete contents of emails, phone calls, Google searches and text messages.

Its capabilities will also include what THEY sarcastically refer to as “digital pocket litter” which include, but are not limited to, all  purchases made with credit or debit cards.

On top of this, The FBI is advancing a plan to wiretap the internet.

This Draconian measure will pressure Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to build “backdoors” for eavesdropping on all types of electronic communications that travel through the World Wide Web. A new “Web Surveillance Unit” has been formed within the FBI which will work hand-in-hand with the NSA to create this “backdoor” technology.

Not to be left out of this scheme, The Department of Homeland Security, is already scanning all forms of electronic communications for “keywords” which flag them for further dissemination. A “Freedom of Information Act” request by the Electronic Frontier Foundation got the list and it includes such innocuous words as: pork, sick, cloud, bridge, aid, flood… and many other common words.

And that’s where the “silver lining" comes into play.

In order to analyze all this data, it’s going to take an army of agents. More people than all these “Alphabet Agencies” can ever hope to employ- especially given that anyone sifting through this sea of information will need, at least, Top Secret Security Clearance.

The “Human Intelligence” is just not there.

However, If THEY want to target you- everything you’ve done electronically will be filed away in the “Information Retrieval” department ready to be used against you.

This is probably too big for even the Judges to save us.

Praying for a Class X solar flare that fries out the spy satellites may be our only salvation here.

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Glazer: Mencia at Stanford’s Two Nights Only, Starting Tonight!

Comedy superstar Carlos Mencia is stopping by Stanford’s to do two shows tonight and tomorrow at 8 P.M…

He’s a great guy. I called several big stars to see if they could fill in for early summer because we lost two big acts due to movie filming - Bryan Callen (Hangover 3) and T.J. Miller (Tom Cruise’ Rock of Ages). Both Callen and Miller will be back in late summer or early fall.

So we had some big shoes to fill.

Mencia was set to appear in Chicago this weekend, so he was kind enough to fill in and do a couple weeknights.

Carlos is a regular these days at Treasure Island in Vegas and does mostly casinos and theaters today. Those are much bigger paydays than at a comedy club, so it was very kind of him to help out on short notice.

Mencia has lost an incredible 70 pounds!

He’s down to 150, looks like he’s 35 years old, and is in top shape. We’re both clients of Matt Blake at Creative Artists in Los Angeles. Obviously Carlos is a much bigger client, but Matt originally got me Carlos, Pablo, Frank Caliendo, Katt Williams, Pauly Shore, and many more. And although Carlos became a huge star, he never forgot us.

So here’s your chance to see a true superstar up close and personal. Mencia, Tuesday and Wednesday. He’s a top talent. It’s also Hollywood Casino‘s first of four summer comedy concerts at Stanford’s. Later it’s Michael Winslow, Bobcat Goldthwait and Dante and Rebecca

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Glazer: Tiger’s Win Time to Let Cheating Incident Go Like We Did With Tom Watson

The most PGA tour golf wins ever is 82 by Sam Snead

And now Tiger Woods is far younger than any of the other golf greats after winning his 73rd tour victory at age 36. Jack Nicklaus was 46 for example when he won his 73rd at the Masters.

Maybe more important, and why I write about Woods, is he got overly jacked over his stepping out on his wife three years ago. Woods was treated like a criminal. Half or more of his fortune was taken away. He lost most of his endorsements and was looked down upon by almost everyone in golf including those who ALL DID THE SAME THING HE DID.

They just didn’t get caught, or weren’t famous enough for it to matter.

I didn’t like the way Tiger got picked on so much more than other superstar athletes that have done the same or worse. This was a case of a young man who was not worldly, even with his playing putting him on center stage.  I could tell that by some of his own words that we heard on the tapes of Tiger’s cell phone calls.

He was not experienced in being a "player." 

It all came to him too young and too fast. His pretty blonde wife is now worth over $100 million, is not upset to be free of Tiger and is doing more than just fine. Clearly it was not a happy household, cheating or not. Again it was wrong of Tiger, very wrong. However it was wrong of us to make him the poster boy for "wife abuse" in some way. Like he was a monster. He is NORMAL considering the circumstances.

Almost all celebs do what Tiger did at some point sadly.

Including Kansas City’s Tom Watson.

Cheating is the normal in marriages that don’t work where someone has the option to do so. Tiger is far from alone. So enough on that.

Many wrote Tiger off as he struggled to get his game back, but much of the problem was injury not divorce. The guy had a major hip operation as well.

Me, I made my point when it all happened. This was a personal issue not a national issue. Tiger didn’t beat anyone up. It was not our business to get so involved in his love life. Brett Favre did the same and was not put through the ringer nearly as much.

Tiger Woods will break Jack’s record of 18 majors one day and will in the end be America’s greatest golfer ever. Judge him for that. I feel he’s learned his lesson. Don’t you?

He’s paid enough for the lectures to come to an end.

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Donnelly: More Ramblings – Saturday at Wakarusa

After a packed Friday at Wakarusa, Saturday was looking to be a tad less hectic.

The cool weather was perfect for us tent-dwellers who are normally driven out of our sweaty dens at the crack of dawn.  Not so this time around, and the additional rest sure came in handy. 

By the time Balkan Beat Box took the main stage I was rested, recharged, and ready for another 15 or so hours of music.  BBB got things going with their unique brand of hip hop infused with a Middle Eastern vibe created by dueling alto sax players, a DJ/drummer, and a bunch of other auxiliary percussion. 

Their front man jumped around the stage, running out and onto the speakers in front while throwing down quick rhymes.  BBB definitely gave off a more international vibe, which was a welcome change at the festival. 

Next up on the main stage was blues-folk-harmonica maestro G Love & Special Sauce.  The three piece created a very full sound for being as stripped down as they normally are.  G Love rolled through some favorites like Cold Beverage, I-76, and a cover of Biz Markee’s Just a Friend.  Late in their set a couple of horn players were added to infuse a little funk into the set.

Overall, G Love was a little predictable.  But his guitar playing was actually really impressive, more so than I remember.  He shifted easily from grungy swamp blues, to light acoustic reggae, to Chicago style slide guitar, all the while displaying his trademark Philly pride.  To finish out their set G Love played a cool version of Bootycall that morphed into Why Don’t We Do It in the Road?, the Beatles classic.

After that I wandered the festival grounds for a bit, tried some local wine that was being sold in water bottles (no glass allowed), and then made my way back to camp to recharge the batteries for a sec and fire up the grill.  As the sun was setting, hundreds of hot air lanterns were released into the sky, floating their way up and over the main stage into the black sky. 

It looked pretty sweet I must say.    

The first of the evening sets was Gary Clarke, Jr., a younger bluesman who plays smoking hot guitar, all finger style.  Clarke came out and absolutely torched the Revival Tent with his super confident persona and virtuoso plucking.  And he did double time with his spot on vocals that ranged from growly to falsetto smooth. 

I didn’t know much about Clarke before this show, but just like it always goes at festivals like this, I think I discovered a new favorite.

Not to be outdone, though, was an older gentleman who was all class in his white suit – Del McCoury.  He took the stage with several other musicians that were dressed equally as sharp.  OK, no one looked better than Del, let’s be honest. 

The elder statesman did his best to spread the love, letting each member of his band step forward and sing lead on a song as the others backed with multi-part harmonies.  And of course Del led the way plenty, too, his voice sounding strong as ever and his picking still top notch. 

Hmmm, what else?  Well, there were ferris wheel rides, hikes to waterfalls, air-conditioned porta johns in the artist’s lounge, and a few late night close encounters of the weird kind. 

You know, normal festival stuff…

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Star Search: Hell Week @ KC Confidential & Star Edits Out Controversial Photo

Talk about a whirlwind two weeks…

One minute I’m standing on a beach along the Pacific Ocean in Cabo saying, "I do" to a judge marrying me in Spanish while butchering my first name…a week later I’m masterminding the sale and a move from my home in Prairie Village to Lawrence via Topeka. That’s a lot to love, especially given it was squeezed into not much more than the space of a single week.

But you know they say about distance lending perspective.

So when I called the Kansas City Star on Friday afternoon at the height of my chaotic moving experience, the least of my worries was when and if I’d be able to transfer my newspaper subscription to T-Town. Not that the nice woman from South America or wherever the Star has outsourced such matters had a clue. All she knew was that the transfer would require someone at a higher pay grade to determine if I would be allowed to continue receiving the physical newspaper long distance. Or be relegated to reading the paper’s Web site free-of-charge like most of you – as Tony might say, dirtbags – probably do.

It would likely take two or three days to make that determination, she said. Meanwhile, for continuity’s sake, I should continue to have the newspaper delivered to my Prairie Village address to the four women who would be occupying my now-former residence.

Stay tuned; we’ll see what happens, I’ll get a call.

However when I stopped by the old hood to pick up my mail on Saturday, there was no Star in the driveway. And no phone call telling me if I’d qualified or not. Later that night though, after returning to the wilds of Topeka, I was startled to find Saturday’s paper in my driveway.

A little soggy but sweet.

They may not know exactly what they’re doing all of the time at 18th and Grand, but results matter and the bottom line is they totally got the job done on virtually no notice whatsoever. Overnight.

Which brings me to a long overdue Star Search column critiquing the paper through more-or-less out-of-town eyes. Or in this case, a front-page story by Eric Adler about a controversial statue at the Overland Park Arboretum & Botanical Gardens.

Here’s where things start to get more than a little lame.

Because how in the world can the Star deliver to its core readership – the paying customers mind you – a front page story about a public controversy over a lifesize, sexy, bronze statue of a topless chick without providing a photo of the artwork in question? A more than 50-column-inch in length story, no less.

I would say, I don’t get it except for the fact that I worked at the Star for 16 years and I know how small the thinking can get where s-e-x is concerned. "Be careful! Remember this is being read by people at their ‘breakfast tables.’ "

Not that it didn’t occur to the Star to send a photographer to the Arboretum to capture the image in question.

Which by the way, did find its way into the same story online for the nonpaying, lowlife readers who digest the newspaper’s news on the cheap and who obviously have far stronger stomachs for such frightful imagery.

Not that Adler didn’t do his part to dial in as much R-rated fun and controversy to the tale as he could.

Attendence at the park has been "far busier" since the sexy statue went in - at least "anectdotally" he "reports," while doing a bit of fuzzy, journalistic math.

"We had a group of middle aged men out there last Friday looking at it," Adler adds in a quote from the park’s PR dude Sean Reilly."

The implication being by the placement and inclusion of the quote, that the statue was somehow attracting the juice bar crowd.


With tens of thousands of visiors to the Arboretum every year – and during peak season – of course there would be groups of men "looking at it." Along with groups of women, children, grandparents, people from other countries and you name it. Who’s not going to tour the grounds and look at the artworks as they walk past?

See how the game is played?

Adler’s little word game strongly implies that people are flocking to the park to see the naked lady. Especially horny, older dudes with nothing better to do than drag ass out to some park to check out a pair of bronze boobs.

Sex sells and the middle aged, white reporters and editors at the Star know this as well as anyone.

Yet with political correctness being the name of their game, the object of said game is to fly as close to the fun facts as possible without getting their wing wax melted.

Now if the dudes were yucking it up, fondling the statue in question or trying to leave dollars bills, that’d be one thing. However those details – should they exist – went unreported.

Here’s my point.

Using journalistic artifice to pour gasoline on a tempest in a teapot controversy is silly and sophomoric.

If you really want to fan the flames of a controversy, man up and let the readers in on the joke by showing the photograph and supporting the anecdotal inferences with a few facts.

After all, it is art and it is mainstream journalism, right?

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Whinery: Bilderberger’s 2012 Meeting & New Edition @ Sprint Center

Chantilly, Virginia…

Who will the Bilderbergers be choosing for President this year?

For those of you who may not know about the Bilderberg meetings, it’s a yearly gathering of “Elites” with around 150 attendees from primarily North America and Western Europe. The meetings are closed to the press and public. It’s rumored that they do “little things” like pick world leaders and strategize the “New World Order” during the confab.

Here are some “coincidences” concerning the Bilderberg involvement in choosing the President of the United States of America for you skeptics in the audience.

In the year before they were elected President, both Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush attended the conference. Same goes for George W. Bush. And for those who remember how close the 2008 Democrat primaries were between Hillary Clinton & Barack Obama- a mere two days after they both attended the Bilderberg meeting that year- Hillary dropped out of the primaries and endorsed Obama.

They also like to interview Vice-Presidential Candidates.

In 2004, John Edwards- John Kerry’s VP pick – gave a speech to the Bilderbergs- just like Marco Rubio, the fine Republican Senator is giving this year. Mitch Daniels, the Republican Governor of Indiana is also listed as an official attendee- so don’t be surprised if one of those two gentlemen emerges as Mitt Romney’s running mate.

So will the Bilderbergs prefer Romney over Obama this year?

I sure hope so. I always vote for the “Capitalist Pig” over “Socialist Scum”.

And being a big supporter of Rubio, I hope he ends up at Veep, since my pick, Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, probably has no chance of being on the Republican ticket.

Although there’s an interesting conspiracy theory out there that Rand’s father Ron Paul cut a deal with Romney to throw his considerable support behind his candidacy for making Rand his running mate.  However, the Republicans don’t stand a chance of  winning the White House with Ron Paul supporters, so who knows?

It’s also interesting that in a nasty Republican primary battle to become the nominee- Ron Paul and Mitt Romney never attacked each other. Mitt and Rand would be AWESOME! Ron Paul’s biggest contributor is also attending Bilderberg- for all those out there who think Mr. Paul is not a member of the Establishment.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Concert Review Time:

I saw New Edition at Sprint on Friday- not my choice- my girlfriend wanted to go… They ran through their hits and Bobby Brown did some of his solo work, as did Bel Biv Devoe.

It was OK… but not good enough to keep me in my seat and away from watching the Celtics dismantle the Heat in the NBA playoff game.

My girl said it was great- except that only Johnny Gill and Ralph Tresvant still sing after the 30 years since the group was founded.

Crack being the culprit that destroyed Mr. Brown’s voice in particular.

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