Hearne: Scribe Debuts as ‘Pitch’ Cover Boy Tonight @ 10

Craig & GrrrlDon’t look now but notorious KC bad boy Craig Glazer – a KC Confidential refugee – is this week’s Pitch cover boy…

Courtesy of Pitch music and entertainment main man David Hudnall. The Scribe tells me the curtain will part sometime after 10 p.m. tonight on the alt weekly’s website – print pubs to follow tomorrow.

What to expect?

Pretty much anything and everything, since it appears Hudnall spent the better part of a month running down everybody from me to Craig’s dad, to the odd ex and however many Hollywood types.

Any shockers? Continue reading

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Jack Goes Confidential: ‘Lone Ranger’ — Tonto Say, Must See, Kimosabe

When it comes to turning one’s passion into reality, few personalities are more strong-willed than Johnny Depp and producer Jerry Bruckheimer
The long and winding road they traveled in order to turn the 1950’s Lone Ranger television series into a powerful tribute western took six years to pull off.
One major setback came in 2011 when Disney announced that production on the film would be delayed due to budget concerns—which were apparently spiraling at an alarming pace.
After alterations to the massive cinematic undertaking, production continued.
The final industry-estimated price tag: A whopping $250 million. Continue reading
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Donnelly: Sporting Entertains Packed House With 3-2 Win Over Columbus

After enduring absences from a half dozen of their regulars over the last month or so due to international duty, Sporting KC finally was able to field their “A” lineup on Saturday night.

Soony Saad got the nod up top, in for suspended CJ Sapong.  And Benny Feilhaber was replaced with Lawrence Olum, who dropped into the Julio Cesar role from last year.  Both Saad and Olum played well – Saad was probably the man of the match. Continue reading

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Hearne: Imagine Dragons & Capital Cities Crush @ Starlight

IMG_7971A moment of silence please for the festival known as Kanrocksas

Someday in the distant future, pop culture historians will look back – in momentary lapses of trivial pursuits – and wonder at what was to have become Kansas City’s Bonnaroo or Lollapalooza. Alas, it was not to be as the ambitious music fest imploded a month before showtime, leaving 70 or so bands to fend for themselves.

Enter promoter Live Nation, which stitched together a stellar lineup of Kanrocksas bound bands that came thisclose to selling out Starlight Theatre Friday with a kick ass five band bill, headlined by rapidly rising star, Imagine Dragons. Continue reading

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Hearne: Time for Bill Self & KU to Stop Acting Like Spoiled Children

spoiled-childrenWhat’s the matter with Kansas?

If we’re talking about the city of Lawrence and the KU Jayhawks basketball team, plenty. I live in Lawrence now and even though I still spend a ton of time in Kansas City, this town and this university isn’t all that hard to figure out.

I’ve got three words to describe how things are run here: Good Old Boy. Continue reading

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Hearne: Farewell Salute to the Kansas City Board of Trade

4336370417_176efff90a_oWhen a man makes an “Oklahoma Guarantee” it behooves him to live up to it…

To that end, help yourself to this collection of letters from a group of school kids that I conducted a tour of the Kansas City Board of Trade for in 1981 while a member.

Today’s the last day of trading for the KCBOT. May the Kansas City Wheat contract as we know it rest in peace:

“Dear Mr. Christopher,

Thank you very much for taking time off work to show us around. My favorite part of the Board of Trade was when we saw the pit. I thought it was sort of funny when all the men would hassle one man and that man would try frantically to write everything down.


Beth Dolan.

******* Continue reading

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Wilson: Weak in Review – Biker Shootout, KC Board of Trade Blues, Murder Most Foul

index~~element73Here we go again…

Murder @ The OK Biker Corral

1917 Prospect was the scene of multiple shootings in the wee hours of Sunday morning as the “private club” hosted a party to celebrate a rappers release from jail. The rapper dude wasn’t present and many didn’t even know the event was connected to his release. One man was killed, a teenage girl remains on life support and seven others were injured. Continue reading

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Leftridge: The Best Fireworks, Ranked

4thleadAh, the 4th of July. Delicately nestled within the sweaty meat of an endless summer, the holiday is less emblematic of its intention—celebrating the birth of a nation—and more about the gluttony and decadence that has come to define the birthday boy.

Hot dogs and hamburger pucks charred by a drunken relative; perspiring bottles of low-brow domestic beer clutched in chunky, knuckle-free fists. Awkward conversations on a busted-ass lawn, forever dodging dog droppings as you snake your way to the dessert table featuring red, white and blue cupcakes, or better yet, that no-frills sheet cake with the whipped-topping frosting where strawberries and blueberries represent the stars and stripes.

And the fireworks. Oh boy, the fireworks. Continue reading

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Hearne: NFL’s Clueless Clutch Policy Continues to Aggravate

USATSI_5699004-1024x675It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad world…

Especially where female Chiefs fans are concerned, and it’s only going to get madder. That after savvy National Football League owners banded together to come up with a way to avert a Boston Marathon-like incident without costing them zillions or slowing fans entry into stadiums to a crawl.

Just one problem. Continue reading

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Lauren McCarthy: What to Do When the Cops Pull You Over

kc-fit-mag-cover-474x645I have the exact same reaction every single time…

I’m cruising along in my car when suddenly I fly past a cop hidden alongside the road and my stomach sinks.

Assuming it’s my unlucky day, the cop either whips out of his or her hiding spot, red and blue lights ablaze, or else they trundle along slowly behind me, striking fear into my heart before finally letting out that lovely “whoop, whoop” sound from their siren.

Lovely. Continue reading

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Sutherland: ‘Parade’s End’ by Ford Madox Ford

Parade's EndI have a friend who was a professor at UMKC Law School, Peter Kostant

He’s one of the best read people I’ve ever met and is always able to recommend new books to me that I will enjoy and learn from.

A few years ago, I was visiting friends at a farm near Wichita, Kansas.  Our plans were to be outdoors all weekend riding but Saturday morning brought steady rain.  But for that chance occurrence, I never would have called my friend and got a book suggestion that has lead to years of gratifying reading pleasure. Continue reading

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Hearne: Whatever Happened to ‘Watson’s Girl’ Jennifer Eichler?

228108_10151084411441903_468444257_nAsk and you shall…

Hold it a sec, a reader request for an update on Jennifer Eichler aka Jennifer Foley aka The Watson’s Girl seemed reasonable enough. After all, it’s been two years since last we checked in on the grrrl who broke a thousand hearts while hustling above ground pools and tanning beds alongside step dad  Andy Prefontaine.

These days Watson’s goes by Family Leisure and the buxom young woman that every red blooded Johnny Dare listener had the hots for is nowhere to be found.

She’s pretty much gone down periscope.

Just two years ago when I tracked Eichler she was on fire. Continue reading

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Jack Goes Confidential: ‘The Heat’—Female Protagonists Make for Box Office Gold

the-heat-bullock-mccarthy_510x317It sure seemed like 20th Century-Fox had the perfect comedy pairing three weeks ago when the studio served up Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson‘s THE INTERNSHIP.

Alas, it was not to be.

So here we go again as Fox gives it another shot with THE HEAT.

It’s a simple enough concept, that’s for sure: a crusty Boston cop versus a tightass F.B.I. agent—except now they’re teamed. Starring America’s TWO sweethearts, Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy. Continue reading

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Hearne: NFL / Chiefs Declare War on Womens Handbags

11492103It’s official…

The divide between fighting terrorism and promoting high fashion has officially narrowed. Thanks to the National Football League and Kansas City Chiefs.

You heard it right, no need to rub your eyes.

Starting this season, the NFL will limit the size and type of bags that may be carried into a stadium. The only bags that will be allowed in are clutches – very small handbags without handles – and one gallon, clear plastic Ziploc bags. Continue reading

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Sounds Good: Yeasayer @ Granada, Hospital Ships @ Frank’s, Edward Sharpe @ Crossroads, Alejandro Escovedo @ Knuckleheads

I always like to throw out some non-music related happenings, for you people who don’t enjoy watching and listening to people play music.  (Side note: who are you people?) 

Sporting KC is back in town after what seems like a long break for a Saturday evening match up against Columbus.  The boys in blue really need a win. Really need a win.

There are bicycle sprints in downtown Lawrence Friday evening, followed by a street party in front of the Sandbar.  I’ll take two red drinks with fake mustaches and one blue one with shark’s blood, please.

 And of course, some killer shows…  Continue reading

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Hearne: Chinese Owned AMC Disrespects 4th, May Leave Town

the-grinch-faceThe Grinch is back…

This time out courtesy of Kansas City-based – but now Chinese-owned – AMC Theatres.  However, instead of Christmas, AMC’s Grinch is going after Independence Day.

Is nothing sacred? Guess not.

“AMC’s request for proposals to move from downtown Kansas City to their new offices in Leawood was for 4th of July weekend,” sources say. “Despite the holiday AMC was all for it. They couldn’t give a (damn). They asked to be moved over the 4th to shorten AMC employees down time – fuck the movers!” Continue reading

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Hearne: Bill Self Sticks It to Missouri…Again

9f288fa9dc23012b4afe44e5f25a2730The headline in today’s Lawrence Journal World that went missing in the Star: “Self: KU still won’t play MU”

“As long as the Big 12/SEC Challenge goes on in men’s basketball, Kansas will not be facing the Missouri Tigers,” the story begins. “KU coach Bill Self reiterated that point Tuesday during a Big 12 teleconference.”

Raising the question of if it’s time for KU to stop sulking.

“Yeah, I think maybe KU should punish Missouri this year and next year let them off the hook,” says sportaholic Craig Glazer. “Bill needs to consider the fans. I mean, we don’t have another sports rivalry that still matters. The Chiefs-Raiders is dead. The Royals and St. Louis still draws, but most of the fans that go to the game are Cardinals fans. It’s a three-day weekend for people to come to Kansas City from St. Louis and laugh at us, but it’s the only other rivalry we have.” Continue reading

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Hearne: The Trouble With ‘Studies’ Like The Sprint Center’s

sprint_center_lrWill they ever learn?

Time and again, the mainstream media falls prey to some of the dumbest hoaxes in the business and political universes. I’m talking about those commissioned feasibility studies paid for by vested interests and used to con politicians, editors and reporters into helping schmooze taxpayers into granting tax breaks.

The latest: a “study” showing the Sprint Center added more than $660 million to Missouri’s economy the past five years.

The unbiased, public-minded think tank behind this revelatory news:

Would you believe, the Sprint Center? Continue reading

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Starbeams: New American Restaurant Chef, IKEA Ground Break, R-Rated Sprint

ikea-horseIkea will break ground for the new Merriam store on July 9.  Ironically, MISSION police are already scouting ways to ticket people for parking.


Sprint shareholders approved a $26 billion deal with SoftBank of Japan.  I call it SoftBank because it’s not a bank where you can deposit sperm.

Continue reading

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Paul Wilson: The (Mid) Week Review

paula-deen-storyI know, I know – it’s only Tuesday but there’s Just too much going on…

Paula Deen, Racist Baroness of Butter

Deen and her brother “Bubba” are being sued for 1.2 million carbs in a racial and sexual hot mess gumbo.

While your well-coiffed scribe is no fan, a Facebook page sticking up for Deen picked up 225,000 “LIKES” in just two days. I’m assuming the “LIKES” are also Imus in the Morning listeners and fans who hate nappy headed ho’s but love deep fried Crisco on a stick, extra crispy.

Digging into Deen’s dark past they found she used the N-word when a black man held a gun in her face at a bank where she was employed. Kudos to her, that took huge balls. Put a gun in my face and I’ll call you anything I choose; that’s a FREE PASS in my mind.

Deen is also accused of thinking that a slavery-themed wedding was a cute idea. I’m not sure that’s racist, but it’s not very creative and totally redundant. There’s a groom at all weddings a mere five minute ceremony away from becoming a slave.

Apparently Paula’s grease doesn’t fall too far from the pan either. Her brother “Bubba” is charged with showing pornography to unwilling female employees. No word on the the willing one’s takes.

(I don’t mean to offend anyone with this story; consider it a side benefit) Continue reading

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