Hearne: KC Export Erich Mancow Muller Defends Rush, Debuts New TV Show



This just in…

Long time no Mancow on local airwaves. But you know, given the slippery slope terrestrial radio personalities face in today’s metered ratings world, it’s lucky anybody besides Johnny Dare actually still has a high-rated show and a paycheck worth crowing about.

Mancow syndicates his show nationally out of Chicago on Talk Radio Network.

The latest?

A former disciple of infamous KC radio bad boy Randy Miller, Mancow’s recorded a pair of one hour specials to air on Fox Television this today and tomorrow – March 17th and 18th – and next Saturday and Sunday, March 24th and 25th.

In a release, Mancow TV Worldwide "promises to throw traditional TV norms out the window with its no-holds-barred, politically incorrect interviews. According to Muller, his show will be the ‘cold shower to sober up an America drunk on political correctness.’ It is a fusion of many things—politics, entertainment, news, etc. One thing it won’t be is conventional."

Like anybody who’s followed Mancow’s career in the slightest would suspect it would.

Mancow’s show doesn’t show up on this weekend’s online programming guide on FOX 4, so it may take a bit of poking around to catch his new act.

YouTube, maybe?

The taping goes down at 12:30 p.m. today and next Saturday at Fox headquarters in New York, Mancow says.

So we’ll see.

Meanwhile, Mancow offered no specifics on what to expect, but he did text share a nice little rant about how the liberal media’s been beating up on fellow Missourian Rush Limbaugh.

"The way the left wing media and the libs are treating Rush is like he is the most evil person on the planet," Mancow says. "Worse than Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot combined. I thought that I should come up with some extreme nonsense to match the libs outrageous claims. There are Jack Bauer and Chuck Norris facts all over the place. So I came up with (some) ‘Rush Limbaugh is so evil’ facts:

Before Satan ruled hell, Rush readied the place for him first.

Rush takes babies from candy.

Rush doesn’t host Tea Party events. He hosts Kool-Aid events using Jim Jones recipe.

Rush bought the planet Mars. That’s why there are no signs of life there anymore.

Rush was great at playing hide and go seek with kids. They were never seen again.

Rush likes planting things in his backyard. So far the count is over 30 foreign houseboys.

Rush frequently donates blood to the Red Cross. Its blood he took from unconscious hobos.

Rush bought the Sahara forest. Look at it today.

Rush sued his secretary for every penny she had in a sexual harassment lawsuit. He claimed she inappropriately touched the palm of his hand with her ass.

Rush was an informant for law enforcement when children were operating illegal lemonade stands.

Rush visited George W Bush in Texas when Bush was Governor there. Rush asked Bush if he could push the button that initiates the lethal injection to death row convicts.

Rush challenged Stevie Wonder to a staring contest. Steven Hawking to a poetry reading contest. And Christopher Reeve to a fist fight.

Rush buys up battered women shelters and rape crisis centers, and then evicts the occupants and turns the places into strip clubs for men."

I think it’s safe to say that Mancow’s playing the tongue-in-cheek card here.

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Glazer: Chelsea Lately Unleashes PR Schmooze on Scribe & Stanford’s

The hottest comedy show on cable is Chelsea Lately

And Stanford and Sons has been a feeder for her guests the last two years. We’re lucky to be associated with booking agencies like CAA, APA and Gersh. These agencies out of LA and New York represent 90% of her guest comics. 

So when offered the opportunity – realizing she was the next big thing in comedy on TV – I began signing almost all her people. Recently we’ve had Dov Davidoff, Mo Mandel and Ilza Shelsinger to name a few. Now all of them have TV series or movies. Our biggest Chelsea find was clearly TJ Miller who’s as hot as anyone out there today.

You have to give Chelsea credit for being willing to share her stardom with so many young comics.

Nobody else has been as helpful to up and comers since the days of Johnny Carson and the old Tonight Show.

And Thursday Chelsea gave Stanford’s and KC some love.

She said that two of her top stars, Josh Wolf and Chris Franjola will be in Kansas City at Stanford and Sons. What was kinda funny was she also said, "Now Kansas City is in KANSAS." 

Well not all of it – not quite – but we certainly are.

Josh Wolf is now Handler’s lead writer. He also stars with Chelsea on her "After Show" that follows her current talk show. Josh is best known for his regular role on My Name Is Earl and he also co-starred with Larry the Cable Guy on Larry’s last tour, including the KC stop.

Josh was another guy we spotted in 2007. He came in with April Macie as her opening act co star. Now he’s a hot headliner that sells out. You can see him at Stanford’s at the end of April.

Chris Franjola now has kinda taken over for Josh on the Chelsea Lately show. He’s usually on at least weekly and Chris will be at Stanford’s the last week of March.

Naturally we were flattered to get the love from Chelsea since as some of you in the comments section have noted, nobody’s ever heard of me or Stanford’s

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Glazer: Missouri Chokes, Leaves Once in a Lifetime Season in Ruins

Who knew?

Even President Obama picked Missouri to go to the FINAL FOUR. 

This year’s MU basketball team achieved something the school never had before. Most sports insiders felt Missouri was one of the best teams in the nation. They were  ranked No. 3, the school’s all-time best finish.They drew a No. 2 seed and got to play a total nobody.

No. 2 seeded MU against 15th seeded, unranked Norfolk State. Are you kidding me?

MU was like a 22 point favorite, the biggest number in the BIG DANCE. So what happens?


And you know what? It felt like a whole lot more. It never seemed like MU was really in the game to win it.

They looked lost – which is exactly what they did – LOSE.

So once again, one of our area teams is embarrassed! 

It’s the only truly big upset of the tournament. It’s the talk of the tournament. MU had every chance to win. They seemed to get most of the calls, but Norfolk State just kept burying three’s and Missouri could never slow them down.

It’s the fifth time in NCAA HISTORY a No. 2 got beaten in its first game by a number 15 .


I’ll say it again, 86-84!  And MU did shoot well, they just didn’t defend. NORFOLK shot over 50% from 3 point range. It was the game of those kid’s lives.

Now MU leaves the Big 12 with their heads down and tails between their legs.

And next year MU will not be nearly as good – not even close.

Ricardo Ratliffe, Kim English, Marcus Denmon and Matt Pressey are all seniors and are done. And Missouri ain’t Kansas with a ton of talent coming in next year. This was Missouri’s one and only shot at greatness.

It was MU’s Cinderella Season but the cruel stepmothers froze Missouri out of the big ball

Once again MU seems jinxed.

The truth is, MU has never won anything that mattered nationally – never.

You have to give it though to KU. They have one of the best basketball programs of all time with four National titles, includes the 2008 NATIONAL TITLE.

MU has never even been to a Final Four.

Hey, but it’s a total shocker. I even bet on MU and gave the points (on a tease so I gave 17 1/2 with KU -10 1/2). 

And I like MU – I really enjoy its football teams. I went to Arizona State. Missouri football’s usually pretty decent, even though they’ve never won anything that matters either.

It’s a bummer. NOW GO JAYHAWKS!

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Glazer: World’s Nicest Guy, KC Export Rob Riggle Plays Bad Guy in 21 Jump Street

Rob Riggle playing a bad guy?

It’s true. The KC export’s new movie, 21 Jump Street has him cast as an evil teacher with a secret. It’s a take off from the old TV series as noted in Jack’s review below.

Rob’s one of several Stanford’s alums who’ve had nice Hollywood careers. Guess what? Not all of these stars were even comics at Stanford’s. At least not at first.

Rob Riggle came to do his first stand-up with us a couple years ago. He was best known for his role on The Daily Show with Live From Baghdad, It’s Rob Riggle

Rob was an officer in the Marine Corps.

It was there, not so much at Stanford’s, where he began doing comedy. When I met Rob at the club he reminded Jeff and I he’d worked the door at Stanford’s in Westport towards the end of his career at KU.

Rob hadn’t done much standup yet, at least not in front of a regular audience like at the club. This was his first time on stage with a one hour act in front of a hometown crowd that included his wife, some family and Jason Sudeikis parents.

And Rob did a nice job.

We did the radio tour, including of course Johnny Dare‘s show, and Riggle told me some stories about his days at Stanford’s 20 years earlier. He was just such a warm, nice person, you had to pull for the guy.

We had a few other future stars who started their careers right in Westport.

Arliss Howard, Full Metal Jacket and Jurassic Park 2. Arliss was a bartender for four or five years. He did some Improv at the club, but no real standup. We worked up a bit about me being a Jew he was converting me to Jesus. He later married Debra Winger.

Eddie Griffin started out as a bus boy/waiter. He later did stand up at Stanford’s, but only on open mic night. He eventually played the club as a comic in the early 2000′s. Louie Anderson was also a Stanford’s guy. David Naster landed him for us to emcee and he went on to Hollywood and never looked back.

Of course there was Sinbad. My dad Stan was his pal, as was Naster. In fact David and Sinbad lived together for a period in KC. Sinbad was a doorman, driver – you name it. Finally he made it as a standup comic at the club, was discovered there by Star Search, won and the rest is history.

Riggle might be the nicest of all the former Stanford’s folks.

He came back a year after his first shot on stage with us at Legends. This time he did five shows, sold out and was on it.  He just has that charm. This past year Rob was shooting 21 Jump Street (yes, Johnny Depp has a cameo) and tried to do a Sunday night at Stanford’s. But he had to cancel because the movie needed him to stay in New Orleans and work.

Rob and crew will be back for their charity and the BIG SLICK POKER Tournament in KC this summer.

Always great to see a nice guy doing so well.

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Starbeams: TIPS Line Goes American Idol & Prez Salutes KC Afrikan Nerds

Jermaine Jones was kicked off American Idol for his criminal background. However, you can still vote for Jermaine by dialing 474-TIPS. 


De Soto High School Band students are in a Pittsburgh hospital recovering from a nasty illness. They were on a spring break trip to New York when several students became nauseous and started vomiting…just like every other kid on spring break.


Local students at Kansas City’s Afrikan Centered Education Collegium Campus  ecently got the attention of President Obama with its robotic invention. Now they’re working with will.i.am to urge other schools to pitch ideas. The idea being, that no matter how many pocket protectors you’re wearing, chicks dig guys worth a billion dollars.


Kelly Urich hosts the morning show on The Point 99.7 FM

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Leftridge: Tournament Kicks Off, Work Production Plummets, Your Wife Doesn’t Get “What the Big Deal is”

Of the 15 college basketball experts on the front page of ESPN.com (Jay Bilas, Doug Gottlieb, Dick Vitale, et al.), nine have Mizzou advancing to the Final Four, five have KU going, and K-State… yeah, so anyway… It’s pretty clear that lofty expectations are being placed upon the Big XII Champeen, the evil dissenter, the little team that could, the Missouri Tigers. Obama’s got them in HIS Final Four as well and you KNOW that’s a big deal because, well, the president is never wrong, right? If I’m not mistaken—and I don’t believe that I am—he has the presidential authority to veto whatever ACTUALLY happens in order to make his bracket accurate.

Congrats in advance, Mizzou!

But if I’m not mistaken, I think they have a few games to play before they can begin cutting any nets and/or punching people at nightclubs (I’m not passing judgment on any particular team with that last statement, simply stating what happens to be a growing national trend with most college athletics participants).

The excitement gets under way on Thursday at 11:40 CT when Manhattan’s finest take on ninth seeded Southern Mississippi in Pittsburgh (PA, not KS).

The eighth seeded Kansas State Wildcats (21-10) benefitted wildly from two decisive victories against Mizzou and winning an extremely tight contest at then-tenth-ranked Baylor. Other than that, KSU has been a mostly mediocre team led by the decent guard-play of junior Rodney McGruder and the adequacy of senior forward Jamar Samuels. Gone are the days of Bill Walker, Michael Beasley, Jacob Pullen or even Denis Clemente (currently throwing the rock with BK Bemaco SPU Nitra of the Slovak Basketball Association, yo).

With that said, it’s worth noting that the Golden Eagles of Southern Miss.—making their triumphant 3rd tournament appearance in school history (to be fair, they’ve only been around since 1910)—didn’t play a ranked team all season. Oops! I think K-State’s bacon gets saved by default in this one… nothing personal, Golden Eagles. You’re a fine Chinese restaurant, but a less-than-frightening tournament threat.

Next on the docket, we’ve got the Missouri Tigers taking on the Spartans of Norfolk State, 3:40 PM on Friday in Omaha (you know, because nothing says “tournament basketball” like that zoo everyone seems to love and brooding indie-rocker Conor Oberst). But I digress…

The Tigers probably should have been a one-seed. There, I said it.

They lost four games all year (including the two anomalies to K-State) and rolled through the Big XII Tournament like Paula Deen mowing down shoppers at a two-for-one ham sale.


They had a super-spectacular season that virtually nobody saw coming, and for that, they should be commended. But—BUT—now the bar has been set. They’re no longer the bitch-kids getting laughed at, moping around the playground, waiting for the big kids to show up and kick them off the court. They ARE the big kids.


But that’s precisely the attitude that gets good teams bounced early; they let their guard down, put it in cruise control and do all kinds of other clichéd things that sportswriters vomit words about. I’m fairly confident that this won’t happen to the Tigers, though. Frank Haith has built a remarkably strong bond with these kids in a short period of time; they play hard for him and remain cool/calm/collected under the most virulent circumstance. And though Norfolk State won’t be a cakewalk—they won the MEAC, after all!!!—I wouldn’t expect any big surprises here. The Spartans played a ranked opponent twice all year (Marquette—more Golden Eagles??? Are we officially out of team names now?) and lost both contests.

Be prepared for lots of MIZ! Facebook status updates, everyone.

On Friday, at 8:57 in the evening, second-seeded Kansas takes on the Titans of Detroit.

See, this is the part where I’m supposed to predict a terrific upset of the great Kansas University. All of the cool kids are doing it. Though I have no numbers to back it up, I’d be willing to bet this is one of the more oft-predicted early bracket busters in this year’s tournament. And though there’s certainly a precedent for this sort of thing in the first two rounds (Bradley! Bucknell! Northern Iowa!), this feels different. Why is that? Because the Detroit Titans are better than all three of those unheralded terrors.

I know, I know, this pisses in the face of reason, so allow me to explain (it’s actually pretty simple, really, and you probably already know what I’m going to say): KU took Bradleybucknellnortherniowa lightly. And why shouldn’t they have? They were top-of-the-charts, king-hell-bastards-of-basketball in the years that saw their early dismissal. This year, they’ve got a bit of a chip due to seeding issues (warranted, or not), and they KNOW that Detroit is a formidable opponent. They WON’T go in, expecting to steamroll. They’ll go in anticipating a well-played, hard-fought battle, and they’ll get it. And from this humility and respect (bite your tongues, Tigers’ fans) they shall OVERCOME, brothers and sisters. Hallelujah, Amen, free at last free at last, yadda yadda yadda, free at last.

 Probably. Or they could TOTALLY lose to Detroit in spectacular fashion… I can see that as well.

All games will air on CBS and the Turner family of networks– TBS, TNT and truTV. Check your cable guide for more specific listings, or, be like everyone else and watch streaming video from Israeli internet feeds while you sit in your cubicle, pretending to work.

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Sounds Good: Galactic@Liberty Hall, Jane’s Addiction@Uptown, Kepi@Replay, Elders@Uptown St. Pats, We Were Promised Jetpacks@Riot Room

It’s jam packed with great shows to go to along with a disturbingly nice basketball tournament. Could it set up any better for a Lawrence chap?

We’ve got KU on Friday along with Kepi at the Replay, St. Patty’s/barf at LIVESTRONG Saturday Night, more KU Sunday, then we all get jetpacks!  Like we were promised. 

 Who’s with me?…


Thursday, March 15th

Galactic at Liberty Hall in Lawrence

Alongside The Meters and Dr. John, Galactic is probably New Orleans’ best known funk/soul band.  But they’re not really just a funk/soul act anymore, as they’ve constantly evolved since forming in the mid 90s to encompass electronic, rock, jazz, hip hop, and jam elements.  Over the years they’ve played with tons of guest musicians, from Widespread Panic to The Neville Brothers to Jurassic 5

Thursday’s show at Liberty Hall also features some special guests.  One of them is none other than Corey Glover of Living Colour fame.  An additional Corey  – Corey Henry, a virtuoso trombone player who is a member of another New Orleans institution, the Rebirth Brass Band – is also appearing.

Opening up for Galactic is Orgone, an LA band that cut their teeth as studio pros and festival regulars.  These guys are a prototypical “party band” that brings high energy funk and nasty beats to everything they do, which in the past has included opening stints for The Roots, Al Green, Thievery Corporation, and Snoop Dogg among others.     

Friday, March 16th

Jane’s Addiction at the Uptown Theater in KC

This surprisingly un-hyped show will probably be a good one, especially since Jane’s performance last summer at the Buzz Beach Ball was somewhat panned as lacking in muscle and passion.  No doubt, Perry wants to redeem himself. 

Their most recent album, 2011’s The Great Escape Artist, has received mostly mixed reviews since its release in October.  The band stepped outside of their comfort zone to embrace some of the current trends that have emerged since they last put out a record. 

"We have options now to make music through technology and we’re taking advantage of it; we’re not afraid of it,” Farrell told Spin Magazine.  “We’ll write some tracks and send them back and forth, and we’ll deconstruct a demo. Everybody’s ears need to be excited with fresh sounds, interesting chord structures, arrangements, and compositions. And it’s not easy to come up with something original and fresh. What can help you are electronics." 

Kevin Seconds & Kepi Ghoulie at the Replay in Lawrence

Kevin Seconds is the former front man of punk band 7 Seconds who now plays solo in a mostly acoustic, stripped down, post-punk, Americana style.  Nothing like an ageing dad rocker, huh?  Hey, not so fast Pat Sajak.  OK, maybe.  Here’s what Stephen Bradley of the Washington Times recently wrote: 

“For someone who was never the most hard line punk to begin with, this seems like the perfect place for him to be at this point in his career. He’s content to play his set of heartfelt songs for a handful of people and have a good time.”

Kepi Ghoulie is the former frontman of Cali pop-punk band the Groovie Ghoulies, who disbanded in 2007 after the divorce of Kepi and his wife Roach, who was also the band’s bassist.  Now, like Mr. Seconds, Kepi is doing the solo acoustic thing as well, digging deep through his discography and B-sides to offer a mellowed out, punk-ish time for you and your friends.   

Saturday, March 17th

The Elders 10th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Hoolie at the Uptown Theater in KC

It’s the Elders.  On St. Patty’s Day.  At the Uptown.  What else do I really need to say?  Hmmm… there will be green beer!  OK, I actually have no idea if the beer will be green or its normal color.  If it was me, I’d just prefer the non-green stuff, personally. 

Along with the band’s second to none Celtic-rock, there will also be Irish folk dancers.  And the band is recording the whole deal for a DVD that will be put out later.

Bring your shillelaghs.  

Tuesday, March 20th

We Were Promised Jetpacks at the Riot Room in KC

These four boys from Scotland are hitting KC on their way back from… wait for it… SXSW where they’re playing the Paste Magazine Showcase and The Rolling Stone Showcase.

I’ve heard that they’re cool.

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Hearne: Vivien Jennings & Rainy Day Books Battle to Save Local Bookstores

Are the days of local bookstores numbered?

With mom and pop book shops few and far between, the death last year of book behemoth Borders and word that Barnes & Noble is hanging on by the skin of its teeth, it’s easy to make that case.

It’s already painfully obvious that music CDs and DVD movies are not long for this world. Chances are if you’re still buying those, you’re mulling over things like AARP memberships and Jack’s erectile disfunction ads.

Face it, what local businesses really are "safe" anymore outside of clothing, drugstores, groceries and necessities people need to purchase in person?

But back to books…

“I don’t think that books are going away,” says Vivien Jennings of Rainy Day Books in Fairway, the leading purveyor of big name author events in Kansas City. “A lot of people still like the organic book because it’s just you and the book. So I think the organic book is here for at least my lifetime.”

What about libraries? Who really needs them anymore with Google and the Internet just clicks away?

“I think libraries are doing okay,” Jennings says. “And studies have shown that people’s brains – particularly young people – that if they only use computers, where the computer does the thinking and seeking – they won’t be able to remember and think as well. So kids should not just let the computer do everything for them.”

Like newspapers, greeting cards and many businesses, survival in the Internet Age is the name of today’s game.

Faced with competition from huge chain bookstores in the 1990s Rainy Day embarked on a course of promoting its small store by bringing in authors for book signings and talks at area venues. That after watching the majority of its rival, small booksellers bite the dust. First it was the big box stores, then Amazon, Ebay and now electronic books.

“They were going to put a Borders up the street with taxpayer dollars and we were against it,” Jennings says. “Because for us to be able to do what we do we have to have community support. And it would not only have hurt our business, it would have hurt what we were trying to do for the community.”

Yet while it would be unthinkable even a few years back, Jennings and her fellow small, independent bookstore peers are actually feeling sorry these days for mega players like Borders.

"I do because  it’s very dangerous for anyone to have too much impact (and control) over an industry," Jennings says. "That’s why we have anti trust laws. So it’s better to have a number of players. We were at the Winter Institute meeting in New Orleans in January and there was a lot of concern about Barnes & Noble. Because we want to be able to have bricks and mortar bookstores where you have people selling books and creating interest in reading. You don’t want people to just be in a cave – you know – a computer cave. We want people interacting and exchanging ideas – especially for budding new authors.

"And you know what? I feel bad for the booksellers who worked at Borders. That was tough. The thing is that they were a community business and a local business to some extent and they invested money into the community. Maybe not as much as us but…"

While Rainy Day dodged the going out of biz bullet in large part by hosting hundreds of author events every year, Jennings and partner-in-crime Roger Doeren decided a few years ago to dial things way back.

Did they?

"Ohhhhhhh, well we are, but pay attention," Jennings hedges. "I told you we were going to do fewer but bigger. And we were doing 20 to 25 a month – almost every week night – so we’ve cut back some. But we’re still out all of the time. We decided to do fewer but bigger, but we didn’t really affect that very well. But it’s really difficult to get people out now because people are overloaded and they don’t have the time.

"So we’ve realized that we need to make each event an experience. Not just an author signing a book. It’s a total experience – the best experience we can think of for each author -an experience you cannot miss.”

OK, what’s the post-cutback, magic number now?

"Now we just do a couple a week, maybe two or three a week," Jennings says. “We’re still doing well  because we work smart and we work hard, but there’s still no rest.”

In the begininng, getting the big book companies to send authors to KC was the hardest part.

“Kansas City was a total flyover zone,” Jennings says. “People just did not believe this was a (legitimate) market. So we did Anne Rice at the Alexander Majors home and we showed ‘em. Nobody had ever done anything like that here before.”

Take author Jodi Picoult’s signing tonight at Unity Temple on the Plaza.

"That’s a big, big girl’s night out for her book Lone Wolf," Jennings says. "It’s fiction and is about the question of who has the right to make end of life decisions. And then Giada De Laurentis is coming to the Midland on April 5th and Lauren Conrad the star of The Hills will be at Unity Temple for another girls night out on April 10th. And MSNBC host Rachel Madow and I will be having a conversation at the Uptown on Earth Day in April, so that’s going to be really fun."


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Glazer: KC Confidential Sign of the Apocalypse – Scribe Pens a Fiat Story

Maybe Hearne’s car isn’t so gay after all…

His Fiat may be a lot cooler than many of you thought.

MEET THE FIAT 500 Abarth…in the new Charlie Sheen TV Ad that ran during the NCAA’s yesterday. Wow, what a great ad!

Sheen is seen driving this hot black Fiat Abarth through an Italian Mansion at a super high speed. Shifting, racing, bustin up stuff, while a well-placed group of hotties watch and hope he stops for one of them. He eventually does and climbs into the arms of a beautiful lady.

I thought at first it was maybe his real life girlfriend but it’s Romanian supermodel Catrinel Menghia from that other Fiat ad that ran during the Super Bowl.

The funny part is, Charlie’s under house arrest in this piece, kinda like real life. And as he steps out of his hot machine, the Fiat Abarth, in his black suit with a prison ankle bracelet blinking, he grabs the babe, turns to the camera and says, "I love being under house arrest. What do I get for good behavior?"

Then the Abarth roars off and the ad ends with, "Not all bad boys are not created equal."

Sheen has to be cleaning up financially on these commercials with paydays in the millions. And you can’t miss his cable spots which are also very well done. The commercials likely will conitinue with him making more dough all through the summer.

Leading up obviously to Charlie’s new TV series – Anger Management. It’s a take-off on the Jack Nicholson movie a few years back with Sheen playing an anger management counselor who leads two therapy groups – one in prison and one out.

Which is kinda funny since Sheen obviously has anger issues of his own.

I was surprised to learn Charlie is only 46 and was born in New York City. His real name was Carlos Irwin Estevez his older brother being Emilio Estevez.

Yeah, Sheen looks about 10 years older than he really is – I wonder why?

But you have to give him credit, he’s still going strong, still is a big name, still gets the big bucks and yep, he’s still alive.

Hearne, don’t try and live like Charlie Sheen, you’ll end up like William Dafoe did in the film Platoon.

And trust me, you don’t want that.

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Starbeams: Mitt’s Mop Makes Liberty. Model T Makes Liberty Memorial, Big Bang Theory

Mitt Romney will make a campaign stop at William Jewel in Liberty this afternoon. The city is preparing for his arrival by bringing in several truckloads of hair jell.


A restored Model T ambulance was donate to the National WW I Memorial and went on display Monday.  The Titanic exhibit is on display across the street at Union Station. Downtown has cornered the market on the 120 demo.


Stephen Hawking will make a cameo appearance on "The Big Bang Theory" set to air April 5th.  I no longer have an excuse.  I always tell my wife I’m going to the strip club to look for Stephen Hawking.


Kelly Urich is the morning show host on The Point 99.7 FM

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Glazer: Scribe Tries to Make Sense of Senseless Killings in Afghanistan, My Lai

Almost 44 years ago exactly, on March 16, Lt. William Calley of Charlie Company led a raid on a Village in Vietnam…

The Village was My Lai and a massacre ensued with between 350 to 500 villagers being executed by U.S. Troops. The civilians were unarmed, mostly women and children. All killed for no clear reason.

Sound familiar?

A few days ago a U.S. soldier – again for no clear reason – went into a village in Afghanistan and shot and killed at least 16 people, again mostly women and children. It’s being called the worst atrocity U.S. forces have committed during the 10 year war that began as a mission to find Osama Bin Laden.

Oh wait a minute – we already killed him – nevermind.

Make that a 10 year war to…oh yeah…help the people of Afghanistan learn to fight for themselves and stop Communism, I mean the Taliban. They must be stopped because our nation’s security is at risk.

So why are we still there again?

Simple, to set up permanent placement military operations for the future. To try and hold onto the dictators we installed for as long as we can. O.K. I get it.

In every war there are probably untold numbers of atrocities worse than both of these.

The reasons are always the same, hate, despair, battle insanity and, you bastards killed my friends.

It’s as simple as that. There is no military reason really. We are there to KILL, so why not kill? You don’t want to think about it this way, but yeah the words "kinda fun" come to mind. Like hunting birds or deer. It looks the same after a few days, after however many killings.

Is it wrong? You bet it is. For both sides, for those who die and for those who have to live with it forever.

Mostly the wars usually don’t mean much. We’re not fighting for our freedom or theirs. We don’t give a crap about rebuilding their cities, we never did. Look at how we rebuilt Korea and Vietnam. Oh yeah, we lost. Or did we?

Young American’s want to serve their country. I understand that – the glory, the battles, the victory, the total nightmare of it all in real life.

We’re the mightiest military power in the history of the world.

And we must continue to be just that to support our lifestyle and pay our bills. My home value has fallen, gas is five bucks. Next thing you know, we’ll be starving, our shacks will be cold and we’ll have no water. No cars.

America is RICH. We are, we just are.

Last night a guy in a $100 shirt, a pair of pants that had to cost 75 bucks, wearing Nike shoes and a brand new Royals cap, asked me if he could to borrow two bucks for gas.

I was near the Plaza and he said, "Sir, my wife and I are from out of town. We just ran out of gas, could you help please?" 

I recognized the black gentleman from a couple years back in Westport doing the same thing.

Even our beggars have money, a car and a decent place to live.

Yes, we are the richest country in history. By far. So we need to be evil landlords when it comes to combat.

Here’s the awful truth…THEY MUST FEAR US.

"The killing of unarmed women and children will not be tolerated by America! Ever!"

That’s what we say. But, really?

Lt. William Calley was convicted of murder…MURDER but the men who tried to stop the murder at My Lai received hate mail and dead animals on their lawns….Calley did three years HOUSE ARREST….President Nixon pardoned him after just THREE YEARS.

To some he is still a hero.

It’s the same old story: President Bush and Dick Cheney are at bar. A guy is listening to them ramble. Bush says we are talking World War III here, Dick. We’ll kill 150 million Arabs and one blonde, blue-eyed, big-boobed chick.  The guy listening asks, "Why the blonde, blue-eyed, big-boobed chick?" 

See Dick nobody gives a damn about those Arabs.

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Donnelly: Ava Luna & Night Moves at the Jackpot in Lawrence, March 9, 2012

“What do you guys do for fun around here in Lawrence, drink?”

The question was posed midway through Night Moves set at the Jackpot on Friday, where the new Minnesota band was opening for NYC headliner Ava Luna.  The audience glanced nervously around, nodding and shuffling their feet.

Pretty much, yeah.  Well, that and watch basketball.

With the crowd now fully engaged by their witty stage banter, Night Moves busted into another psych-rock soundscape, the boom boom bass combining with a hip hop backbeat.  The lead vocals were high and reverb-soaked, in the now crowded vein of MGMT or Band of Horses.

For a relatively new band, these guys were comfortably solid, due in part probably to their work in other bands over the last couple years in the Minneapolis indie rock scene.  My one gripe was the prevalence of pre-programmed shit.  They used a lot of it, and though it sounds good, for me, once a band gets past a certain percentage of pre-recorded stuff it cheapens everything a bit. 

Like they’re cheating or something.

But the 1/3 full Jackpot audience was receptive, though it was obvious most were there to see the main act.

Ava Luna took the stage six strong – apparently missing one of its female backup singers – and quickly launched into Ice Level, the title track off their latest release.  Right off the bat the eccentricity of this group was apparent with its stop beats and disjointed synth blasts.  They allowed ample amounts of space to  shine through the chunky riffs, a move less experienced bands can overlook by sticking to just one dynamic throughout – loud.

The band stuck with material mostly off the album, which is  a mish-mash of neo soul, funk, scuzz, jazz, and sweaters.  With two synthesizers.    

The front man, Carlos Hernandez, looks the part of Rivers Cuomo in the Buddy Holly video, but he croons and shrieks in a soul style reminiscent of the new wave of throwback R & B pranksters like Mayer Hawthorne or Beck from Midnite Vultures.

Is it supposed to be ironic, with a cheeky nod and wink?  Seriously, I really don’t know.

Most of the band’s fairly short set of songs featured chopped up beats from drummer Julian Fader, whose precision timing would have stolen the show if not for the blank, expressionless stare of female backup singer/one handed synth player Felicia Douglass.  Her “I couldn’t care less” stage presence contrasted wildly with that of Hernandez’s wild man, and with super sincere lead female vocalist Becca Kauffman.

But that’s kind of Ava Luna’s deal. 

As the show progressed it was obvious that their other “deal” might be holing up in a rehearsal studio, because all their songs were dense and complex, with twists and turns that constantly popped up, odd rhythmic sequences, and abrupt asymmetrical endings on just about every tune.

Sometimes it seems that’s the band’s downfall, too. 

All the moving parts can sometimes jumble things up a little too much, more so in its live show than on its album, which definitely deserves a listen.  

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New Jack City: Jack Wrestles With The Selling of The Great American Hard On

Next to long-form obituary ads, one of the fastest growing profit centers for local newspapers are the display ads heralding treatments for erectile dysfunction…

Yeap, E.D.

What does that tell you about the age demographic and physical condition of newspaper readers?

Check out the sports section. It’s chock full of full color ads with ridiculous statements like, "I don’t want to talk about erectile dysfunction."

When that’s exactly what they are talking about!

Unfortunately it doesn’t stop in print.

Adult targeted radio stations feature once virile, aging personalities hawking various get ‘em up and keep’em up’ cures.

And television? Oh. My. God.

Watch something like 60 Minutes even and you can’t get away from things like little blue pills and couples holding hands while sitting in separate bathtubs. 

Apparently sex just ain’t what it used to be.

And big surprise, the cures are pricey.

You’d think there would be more natural, affordable ways to attack the problem. I bet Craig Glazer doesn’t suffer from being unable to have what Hearne likes to describe as "porn star sex."

But then I’m not a doctor – I’m not even a pill popper. I’m simply wondering what the heck is going on in all these people’s sex lives. I mean, it was bad enough when Bob Dole embarrassed the entire state of Kansas a handful of years back by selling out to Viagra.

Like anyone wanted to even think about of Dole having sex under any circumstances!

And whatever happened to old-fashioned cures, like dialing up one of the smoking hot babes in the back of the Pitch?

You know, $100 for 30 minutes.

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Glazer: The Somewhat Obvious Reasons KU & MU Didn’t Make the Cut as No. 1 Seeds

It’s like this, Missouri was expected to be a No. 2 seed in the Big Dance…

There was a glimmer of hope they could move up to a No. 1 seed but Michigan State already had a lot more noise around them. And because MU is NOT an elite basketball program that didn’t help. Despite that MU won the Big 12 tourney this past weekend.

You know, maybe if Kansas had made the final and Missouri had beat them, MU might have had a shot. But obviously that didn’t happen.

In fact, all four top seeds lost – North Carolina, Syracuse, Kentucky and Kansas.

However only KU was punished and dumped to the No. 2 spot.

So why the dump?

KU has been a bit soft at the end of just about every game and doesn’t appear to have a killer instinct.

Rarely does KU bury even the bad teams.

And in their loses, KU falls behind, catches up, then runs out of gas like they did with Baylor. Even the come from behind win over MU was looked at more that KU was getting killed than just their comeback. And look at the loss at MU, they had that one won and blew their large lead it at the end.

Face it, KU is just not as solid as they should be with their talent.

The Jayhawks have maybe the three brightest stars out there as a group but MU has the better overall team.

Still both could make a nice run.

And maybe KU lucked out by being a No. 2. because their path is now easier and the finals are in St. Louis, near the Jayhawks’ home. MU also lucked out and has a softer run.

And man, oh man, think about a KU/MU Final Four. We can dream, It could happen.

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Glazer: Peyton Manning Disses Chiefs, Threatens KC Chances for Division Title

Peyton Manning doesn’t believe the Kansas City Chiefs are a Super Bowl team…

Not even with him at quarterback. In fact, he said yesterday the Chiefs were OUT! WITHOUT EVEN A SIT DOWN OR VISIT.

Wow, what a slap in the face to his agent Tom Condon‘s former team. Condon played his entire career with KC as an offensive lineman. And sources close to the super agent had just told me KC was definitely in the running.

Manning apparently will even skip talking to his hometown team the Miami Dolphins.

The Broncos are the better of the two teams Manning is interested in playing for. They have a strong defense. Their offense is fair, but not like the great receiving group the Chiefs have.

In fact the Chiefs are really better than Denver everywhere but the offensive line.

Kansas City in my opinion is a much better team than either the Broncos or Arizona.

So much so that the Kansas City Star on Sunday pretty much re-wrote my column from last week explaining for the exact same reasons I did, why Manning should be a Chief.

This quick decision by Manning is both odd and sad.

We’ll probably never know why Manning won’t even listen to an offer from Kansas City.

But his agent might have gone the other way to avoid possible problems with Chiefs front office.

Remember, Condon once had several Chiefs under contract, including Tony Gonzalez. So he’s well aware of what it’s like to deal with Pioli and maybe the front office issues were too much for Manning to mess with.

This much we do know, a healthy Peyton Manning at Denver will likely end the chances of a Chiefs division title this season.

Someone sent me word that the Chiefs magic number in Vegas this year is 9. Last year it was 7 1/2.

With Peyton at Denver, boy, that would be another bad break for the Chiefs. It would make our division one of the best out there next season. Remember Oakland is a tough out as well and so are the Chargers.

I’m really disappointed, how about you?

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Hearne: City Fathers Turn ‘Fake St. Patty’s’ in Manhattan from Wilding into Snoozefest

It doesn’t get much cruder and crasser around these parts than St. Patrick’s Day in Westport

With the possible exception of Fake St. Patty’s Day in Manhattan. More on that in  a minute.

But here in KC, drunken dudes in green and bar owners revere the Green Day madness. However having worked in Westport for several years, I can tell you it’s one sick puppy that many non booze-based businesses avoid by closing that day to escape streets and sidewalks beset with wiped out women and messed up men publically puddled in greenish fluids and gosh knows what else.

Truth be told, for those who hold their Irishness dear – my mother’s maiden name was O’Callahan – it’s a one day black eye for the Mother Country that lasts about a year…until next St. Patrick’s Day.

Which brings us to the K-State party headquarters known as Aggieville in beautiful downtown Manhattan.

A handful of years back K-State robbed Aggieville of its student population for St. Patrick’s Day by including the holiday in the school’s spring break. So bummed out bar owners got together in 2007 to launch Fake St. Patty’s Day.

Check the Wikipedia:

"The Fake Patty’s Day celebration was started by bar proprietors’ who wanted students to celebrate together in Manhattan rather than miss their patronage during the real St. Patty’s holiday while the students were elsewhere on vacation over spring break. Recently, the Fake Patty’s Day celebration has attracted increasing debate following the community’s disapproval resulting from of the prevalence of criminal offenses associated with the event, such as underage drinking, assaults and batteries, public urination, noise complaints, driving under the influence, littering, amongst other resulting nuisances."

Fake St. Patty’s Day is like Westport’s real one only arguably worse.

Because while Westport targets the 21 and up crowd, Aggieville goes mostly after underage drinkers – K-State students – most of whom are are freshman, sophomores and juniors likely to be under the legal drinking age.

Which explains why the City Fathers have been fighting it all these years.

"The Manhattan City Council has been presented with a number of proposed city ordinances aimed at controlling the event but none have passed due to public debate, objections from the local tavern owners, and legal questions associated with such action," Wikipedia adds.

That is until this year’s Fake St. Patty’s this past Saturday.

"Despite property damage, rising arrests and public outcry, the City and law enforcement officials have had few viable options over the years with regards to curbing or even shutting down Fake Patty’s as no one group, bar or organization has taken ownership of the event," Manhattan alt weekly Hype reports. "Thus, in years past the Aggieville Business Association, City of Manhattan and Riley County only had the power to attempt to cleanup, manage and police an event growing in number of participants and effect upon life in the City.

"What’s new is that the Aggieville Business Association has decided to promote the safety and general well-being of the community by becoming officially involved with the event!" Hype adds. "They’re not promoting the binge drinking and green puke that the media focuses on, but acknowledging that the businesses in Aggieville that profit from this event need to accept the responsibility that the thousands who flock to FPD won’t."

To that end, they bought insurance, blocked off streets, loaded up with cops, brought in food vendors, portapotties, trash recepticles, cleanup crews, hotel shuttles and support staff to attempt to civilize this year’s wilding.

How bad was it? Check out K-State anthropology student CNH‘s blog about last year’s Fake St. P’s:

"Fake Patty’s Day – the Manhattan, Kansas twist on the traditional Irish holiday went off with a bang yesterday,"  he begins. "And I mean that literally, for I awoke to the sounds of car doors slamming and people yelling outside my window and my upstairs neighbor collapsing. Startled out of my slumber, my initial reaction was fire? Shooting? Massive car pile-up? Explosion? I jumped out of bed before remembering it was Fake Patty’s Day… promptly climbed back in bed and curled up under the covers as if that would make the racket stop.

"It has become an all day, green smeared, drinking fest. Officially beginning at 8am on Saturday, some students get up to pre-drink by 6 and it continues to the wee hours of the ‘morn. Last year the bars ran out of liquor. An impressive feat considering there are something like 40 bars in an area the size of a city block. The main road is blocked off and drunken leprechauns pour forth from all directions."

To cover increased costs this year, a controversial cover charge of $3 to $10 was implemented by bars.

"The students and patrons need to understand that they have to ‘pay to play’ and accept that if they’re going to help trash Aggieville…then they need to be willing to help the businesses cover the expense of cleanup, safety and management of it," Hype reports.

And this just in… it looks like the civilizing of Fake St. Patty’s worked all too well.

A blogger who goes by samizdat was astonished at how civilized and devoid of fun Saturday’s Fake St. Patty’s was.

"The thing is that I walked around with a camera and I had real trouble finding the usual sort of spectacle, like I’d’ve stumbled across in years prior," samizdat blogs. "The whole ambience was more like cordial festivity than wanton drunken revelry. I felt like I was strutting through Disneyland. Next year there should be an official mascot, and a gift shop selling action figures."

And where police at last year’s Fake St. Patty’s issued more citations than any other single day in the past three years  – with a 65 percent increase in calls for service from the year before – television station WIBW’s headline for this year’s fest reads as follows:

"No Major Incidents During Fake Patty’s Day"

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Glazer: Funny Guy Jim Jefferies Brings Down the House While Buying a House

Jim Jefferies bought his dream home in the Hollywood Hills yesterday…

From right here in Kansas City he closed on that puppy over the phone for a cool $1.25 million. And he’s moving in with his TV star girlfriend – a really hot one.

On top of that, Jim’s been hired by FX to do his first TV series. It’s R-rated, of course. He also told me he’s changing his name officially to Jim Jefferies from his Australian-born, real name Geoffrey Nugent.

Now the big bucks are rolling in for him and Jim works mostly theaters for $15 to $20 grand a weekend or night. Yep, he’s gone Hollywood, but he’s earned it.

Jim’s been working the U.S. for just three years and he’s the fastest rising star in comedy today.

He’s had to go back to England every six months because he only has a green card, but he’s planning now to become a US citizen.

We first had Jim for like $3,000 a week back in late 2008.

He followed that with pay raises every visit until this weekend’s gig. Normally, he wouldn’t be back to a club like Stanford’s again due to the larger paydays at places like the Midland and Uptown. But he’s such a great guy that he’s already said, "O.K. Craig, shut up – one more time, just for your ass." 

If not, we’ll produce Jim’s theater show in KC like we did for Larry The Cable Guy at the Uptown.

Jim has a sense of loyalty that’s rare in this biz today. 

I can’t say that about too many others we’ve helped launch like Lisa Lampanelli. Short memories. Hey, that’s the way it is folks.

Jim sold out all his shows here this past week. He was a little tired the first day, but he picked it up Friday and Saturday. With all new stuff too. Even David Naster came out see and meet the it guy in comedy.

"So how about it, Whitney Houston is dead," Jeffries told the crowd. "Sad, right? I mean she had so much more to give. I mean, her best songs were yet to come. And I feel badly for Bobby Brown…he did as many drugs as Whitney but he didn’t die. So why blame him for her habit? She’s just a lightweight. Only babies and Whitney Houston drown in a bathtubs."

"They say a sneeze is like one-eighth of an orgasm, right," he continued. "So now I keep a bowl of pepper near my bed when I have sex. The other day I shot all over this girl, then dumped the bowl of pepper in her face. Hey, she deserved something." 

Not exactly G rated.

But this guy is so much fun, our boy Jim!

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Donnelly: Sapong Stunner Earns Sporting 3 Points in Season Debut


In a moment reminiscent of Sporting KC’s first game of 2011, sturdy striker CJ Sapong again notched a crucial goal.

If you recall, in Sapong’s MLS debut last year he buried a goal just two minutes into the game, helping KC to a 3-2 win at Chivas USA.

This time, Sapong took a little more time to capitalize after he came on as a sub in the last fifteen minutes. But the result was the same – a road win to open the season at DC United.  And this time, Sapong waited until the 93rd minute to do so…

With the score deadlocked at 0-0, Sporting earned a corner in injury time after a Graham Zusi free kick attempt deflected off a DC defender.  Zusi trotted to the corner flag and unleashed a bending, swerving in-swinger that Sapong rose to meet at the top of the six-yard box.  His glancing header froze DC keeper Bill Hamid in his tracks as the ball met the side netting. 

Moments later the ref blew his whistle, setting off a celebration among the Sporting players who felt they had dominated the game and deserved the win.  Adding to the excitement was the large contingent of Sapong’s friends and family, who made the short trip to RFK from his hometown in nearby Prince William County, Virginia.

"That guy, you know, Rookie of the Year last year," said KC boss Peter Vermes after the game.  "That’s the perfect way to start the new season, in front of friends and family. I just saw the ball in the back of the net, and what’s the best time to get a goal? I’m sure it was electric back in Kansas City."

It certainly was. 

The Supporter’s Club at LIVESTRONG was at max capacity for a watch party, and the place exploded when Sporting finally tallied.  But the excitement was certainly coupled with a bit of relief after Sporting was turned away again and again by the athletic Hamid. 

Sporting dominated possession and held a large edge in shots on target, 8-1.  Despite their dominance, though, it looked like KC would have to settle for just the one point on the road, not necessarily a bad thing.  But Sapong’s late goal put a cherry on top of it all.  

"It’s a great feeling," said Sporting winger Kei Kamara of the result.  "I forgot how good this feels, just the winning aspect of it, but I think we definitely deserved it. It’s a great way to start the season."

Other than a stretch in the middle of the game that saw some sloppy play, including a few give-aways at the back, the team looked cohesive and tough.  Newcomer Bobby Convey looked comfortable out wide, combining nicely on one play in particular that allowed Zusi to get off a bender from inside DC’s box that missed wide. 

Indeed, even the gruff, old school Vermes had little negative to say after the road win. 

"I have to say, I don’t think there’s a guy I could speak poorly about," said Vermes.  "I think all the guys were very good in their roles and responsibilities within the game plan. Roger [Espinoza] was a monster for sure. His recovery to win the ball back, his anticipation, all that stuff was very good. I’ve got to tell you, from Jimmy [Nielsen] on out, it was excellent tonight.”

Next up is the home opener against New England Saturday at LIVESTRONG.  No doubt, the place will be juiced beyond anything we’ve seen there yet. 

And with the added confidence gained by this big road victory, I expect Sporting to come out firing right out of the gate.  I’m looking for a three goal effort from the home side, and another victory to build upon.

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Donnelly: Ashes to Immortality@The Barnyard, March 8, 2012

I took a sip of Barnyard Beer’s Bonfire Porter and looked around the room.  Hay bales bordered the stage at one end, concealing a recording setup that local country station 92.9 The Bull brought out to document the whole affair.  The Bull was on hand to tape the bands’ sets, edit them down a bit, and then air them on what will become a weekly bluegrass/Americana program called LIVE!stock at Barnyad Beer

On stage was Lawrence’s Menage of Twang picking through some original bluegrass/country tunes with a standard setup of guitar, banjo, upright bass, fiddle, and washboard.

The room sounded good, aided by the 100 plus bodies filling the wide open space that is the Barnyard.  Towards the end of their opening set they launched into Take the Night Train to Memphis, which featured a nice down-home fiddle run that highlighted their set. 

More and more people filtered into the bar as the headliners, Ashes to Immortality set up their equipment.  The start times were a little earlier than normal, which many in the crowd seemed to appreciate.  But it did result in some people missing out on a nice set from the Twang gang.

Ashes to Immortality are a relatively new Lawrence band, but they’ve already experienced a measure of success as exemplified by their inclusion in Split Lip Rayfield’s New Year’s show. Split Lip being Kansas’ gold standard bluegrass act.

Ashes took the stage with two female vocals, a fiddlle, mando, guitar, upright bass, banjo, and drums.  They reminded me a bit of the east coast jamgrass act, The Recipe, though at times I thought the inclusion of the drums overwhelmed the subtleties that come with the natural percussion of pickin’ on the strings. 

The band started strong with an emphasis on harmonies between the two female members, with main singer Bayley Kate Hartman’s vocals leading the way.  The first few songs tended more toward rock than bluegrass, as the band mixed in originals with covers of Van Morrison’s Moondance and John Hartford’s Can’t Get No Better

The back half of the set was more successful as Ashes shifted into more of their string-y material, emphasizing speedy pickin’ and pluckin’ on the mando and banjo.

My favorite of the night was probably a cover of Little Maggie, along with a quick little smoky mountain instrumental vamp that I could’ve listened to for probably 20 minutes straight before realizing I was in some weird sort of a trance. 

It was just about 11:00 p.m. when Bayley Kate thanked the crowd and said goodnight.  I was hoping for another set, but it was not to be on this night.  Lots of beer fans stuck around, though, to continue analyzing Banyard’s wares, which on this night included a porter, a red, and a golden ale. 

As I mentioned before, the Porter is where it’s at. 

Trust me on this one. 

Afterwards, I spoke with Barnyard bosses Mike Hummell and Heath Hoadley about their newgrass revival, and their hopes for what the venue might become.  

"We’re trying to create a place where the musicians are easily creative," Hummell says.  "Ashes is a band that — these guys are pros, and I can really see them doing something beyond Lawrence, Kansas."

Brewmaster Hoadley agreed, before getting back to his other passion, great beer.  "I just want to make quality beer and hope that other people enjoy it, too." 

"The Irish Red’s great, it’s sweet and I’ve drank a lot of it," said Sam, a music fan who came out to see what the Barnyard was all about.  "I thought the sound could’ve been a tad better, but the energy was great.  And the women were pretty hot."

I’d say so far so good.

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Hearne: An Invitation to Come Swim with the Sharks @ KC Confidential


Remember that Rip Van Winkle dude?

In a manner of speaking that’s been me the past week. I had a bit of surgery Wednesday and have been an absentee ballot ever since. Lame, huh?

Well, I’m back.

And mercifully, the ever-thoughtful souls in the comments section rose to the occasion and pounded poor Craig like there was no tomorrow.  Which was entertaining, right?

Anyway, let’s get this show back on the road with a call for writers and other cutting edge marketing or advertising types to come hook up with KC Confidential. You know, now.

You guys know who you are, what you have to bring to the table, so bring it.

Come and be a part of one of KC’s fastest growing, non-corporate-owned disher-outers of infotainment & opinion

Because as usual, KC Confidential is looking for a few good folks to hook up and help out when it comes to covering the Kansas City and Lawrence scene. That’s the premise, anyway.

It wouldn’t hurt if you could actually write, as long as we’re on the subject.

KC Confidential passed a milestone of sorts a couple weeks back. It was three years ago at the end of February we embarked on this mixed-up, crazy journey.

And a lot of folks have come and gone during that time. You know, writers.

Some of our early combatants were long on schmooze but short on writing chops…and time. Others wilted under the broiling hot scrutiny of the barbarians who inhabit our comments section.

Laying it down for somne of the sharks in anonymous crowd to ridicule is kind of a ridiculous game. One in whcih not even the strong often survive.

Because frankly, it’s one thing to be ass-kickingly good at what one does, quite another to lay it down in the written word.

We’ve had our share of hits these three years – busting Star editor Mike Fannin for his assault conviction and twin-unreported DUIs, for example. And the now-former manager of AMC’s Mainstreet downtown for serving illegal, booze all night long when it first opened.

Keeping it real, we’ve had our misses too.

The search for the truth on the suicide of Fox 4 weather wonk Don Harman was certainly a bumpy ride at times.

But at the end of the day, opening up the investigation of Harman’s demise to readers as it unfolded, provided a window into how news and rumor often evolve. And as some of the flimsier early rumors gave way, updates and corrections were posted.

Some of you felt running down and sharing some of those early leads was inappropriate. And that’s fair.

But if you think about it, that’s exactly how sensational, breaking news often unfolds and evolves, even on CNN and other credible news sites. The early reporting changes and evolves as more details become available or are confirmed.

The bottom line; there was no sleight of hand here at KCC.

One thing’s for sure, through all the many comings and goings and changing of guards here at KC Confidential; we’ve continued to grow and our readership is currently at its highest levels ever.

And for that, I thank you – we thank you.

Myself, Matt, Craig, Brandon, Jack, Kelly, Whinery and Jolly.

It’s not like we’re in this game to get rich quick. Not that we’d mind, mind you. Our common bond – for all our shortcomings real and imagined – is we aim to please.

We want to do better; we want raise the bar, and we fully intend to.

Hopefully with your help.

And yes, we could use your help. Advertising, sales, writing, marketing, promotions, design, information technology – the possibilities are limitless.

I invite you to contact me at hearne@kcconfidential.com and let’s talk.

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