Hearne: The Eternal Question — Did Elvis Really Leave ‘The Building?’

imagesAbout that celebration of the anniversary of  Elvis Presley‘s death this past weekend…

For most folks 1977 was the year Elvis checked out. Something about too many painkillers, peanut butter and banana sandwiches and falling off the King of Rock N Roll’s bathroom throne at Graceland.

So he’s gone, right? Long gone – 36 years long gone – officially speaking.

Or is he?

Followers of my column in the Star may recall that in 2001 I stumbled onto a Parkville M.D. by the name of Donald Hinton who swore up and down that Elvis was still alive but in hiding. And that Hinton was treating him under the assumed name of Jesse, Elvis’s identical twin brother who died at birth.

There were five people at the time in Hinton’s inner circle who knew the “real truth” about Elvis still being alive and hiding out as Jesse, including his cousin Jerry Presley, a local deck builder and musician who performs nationally as an Elvis tribute band.

Hinton self-published a small book outlining the story of Jesse entitled, “The Truth About Elvis Aron Presley In His Own Words.” Continue reading

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Sounds Good: Elephant Revival @ Bottleneck, Kansas State Fiddling & Picking Championships @ South Park

It’s another LFK weekend folks…Lawrence Buskerfest

Beginning with what has become, over the past few years, one of the most interesting events on Mass. Street – The Lawrence Busker Fest.  A few things you should know:  First, it’s free.  So that rocks.  Second, it goes down Friday thru Sunday in beautiful downtown Lawrence.  Another plus.

And third, it features some truly entertaining and odd performers, freaks, geeks, artists, and musicians.  Now, I know what you’re thinking – will there be a fire eater?  Why yes there will.  And a “comedy cowboy,” a burlesque show, a world champion unicyclist, and more, much more.

Find out more here.  To the picks!… Continue reading

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Starbeams: Liberty Memorial Base Jump, New Royals Healthcare Plan & BBQ KC

hqdefaultA British man went BASE jumping from Liberty Memorial on Monday to raise awareness for veterans.  From a distance he looked a lot like….sperm.


Al Roker turns 59 today.  I was going to throw him a party, but I hear he’s a party POOPER!


Miguel Tejada has been suspended for 105 games because of PHDs.  Most Americans where shocked….to learn the Royals actually have a healthcare plan.

 ******* Continue reading

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Hearne: Shrink Peels Back Veneer of Sports Suicide to Unveil Real Reason Martin Manley Killed Himself



There are always at least two ways of looking at things…

In the case of former Kansas City Star sports statistics editor Martin Manley – who killed himself and left a blog full of reasons as to why – you can go with your gut or take Manley’s many words for it.

And while it’s certainly a fascinating subject for many, the actual truth lies closer to reading between Manley’s lines rather the lines themselves, says a prominent local psychiatrist who asked not to be named.

“Hearne, this guy needs to be pitied not vilified,” she says. “From his blog I can see that he has had emotional problems his entire life and I would not see that as worth commenting on as a professional.

“It’s too bad that no one was able to see his illness for what it was – but at any rate, it’s just another sad case that ended in suicide. The only unique thing was his use of a blog,  which was another piece of evidence of his illness.”

There’s more. Continue reading

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Hearne: Study Fingers BMW & Prius Drivers as “Biggest Jerks”

72822703It was bound to surface…

After years of being on the receiving end of snide stares and regular guy slights, BMW and Toyota Prius drivers alike have been fingered as being jerks in a recent study linking bad driving habits to wealth by the Institute of Personality and Social Research at the University of California, Berkley.

Hey, BMW drivers are one thing.

The marque’s snob appeal is legend. But Prius drivers? Tree huggers ostensibly bent on saving the earth and fostering world peace – them too? According to the study yes. Because in California where it was conducted, the Prius is considered a “premium” car.

Go figure.

First let’s examine some of the stereotypes.


Starting with Ranker’s “Top 5 Reasons Priuses Suck.” Continue reading

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Paul Wilson: Peter Frampton’s Guitar Circus @ Kauffman Center for Performing Arts

BLUE-ASH-15The Kauffman Center is famous for starting as soon as the second hand crosses the 12…

And Peter Frampton’s Guitar Circus was no exception. I have a huge appreciation for that.

In one of the most unassuming performances I’ve seen, Sonny Landreth strolled on stage and proceeded to demonstrate what it would be like if a single man was possessed by every guitar god who came before him.

With his instrument strapped high on his chest Landreth proceeded to dominate the night within the first two minutes, effortlessly and without expression. To say Landreth is not a flamboyant artist would be an understatement, but you’re so busy watching that slide fly up and down the neck of his guitar you really don’t notice. Continue reading

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New Jack City: Was the Audience Profiled at ‘THE BUTLER’ Screenings?

THE BUTLERWhile “Lee Daniels’ THE BUTLER” certainly did not set the box office on fire this weekend, it did come in # 1 in North American theaters with estimated ticket sales of $25 million…

The film also scored an impressive ‘A’ CinemaScore which should translate into good word-of-mouth and a long and successful theatrical life.

My beef?

Claims by some moviegoers that theaters employed more than routine security on their premises specifically for this film. Continue reading

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Paul Wilson: The Ultra Sad Finale of Blues Legend B.B. King

BB-King-Homecoming-3Last night I attended the Peter Frampton Guitar Circus at the Kauffman Center

I’ll have a review of the complete show later today, but I’ve been conflicted over the performance of B.B. King, pretty much from the moment he took stage. In short, I was shocked.

Maybe I should have properly adjusted my expectations beforehand.

After all, B.B. is just days shy of his 88th birthday and he probably doesn’t need to do this anymore, yet but plays over 200 shows a year. Because, in his words, “The thrill isn’t gone yet.”

Desiderius Erasmus penned a quote that in the kingdom of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. That applied to last night, sitting in the presence of the great and legendary B.B. King. We are all blind by comparison to what he had done in the world of music, but at 87, King’s not going to be what he once was.

Still I couldn’t escape how sad and pathetic King’s performance was. Continue reading

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Donnelly: Sporting Loses Ugly, 1-0 at San Jose

Heading to San Jose‘s tiny Buck Shaw Stadium has been no picnic for Sporting Kansas City over the years.  In fact, the boys in blue haven’t won a game there since Peter Vermes and Preki roamed the pitch in 2000 to be exact.

So it was no real surprise that Sporting walked away from this one with a loss- especially considering they were without two of their best players, Kei Kamara and Graham Zusi.

The first half was a sloppy, hard to watch affair, with little flow for either side.   Continue reading

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Hearne: The Kansas City Star Suicide & Walter Mitty

Martin Manley

Martin Manley

Suicide may not be pretty but it seems like everybody wants a piece of it…

Including former Kansas City Star sports statistician Martin Manley, a dude who lived his life largely anonymously – in the shadows – all while obviously wanting something more.

Manley got that something after publicly offing himself last week and leaving a pair of websites explaining why.

How inconspicuous was Manley at the newspaper? Continue reading

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Hearne: JJ’s Eyes New Plaza Digs, to Hold ‘Anniversary’ Bash Sunday

JJ's main man Jimmy Frantze

JJ’s main man Jimmy Frantze

Think of it as a match made in restaurant heaven…

Word on the street is that  JJ’s Restaurant is poised to initiate a second coming at 616 Ward Parkway in the space currently occupied by the wine and pizza bar Coal Vines.

Sources say the popular, upscale, off-Plaza eatery – the one that famously blew up last February – has been looking into and may be about to ink a deal to take over the space that once was home to re-Verse, Loy Edge‘s No Name Bar and before that (for 19 years), French bakery La Bonne Bouchee.

Here’s the deal. Continue reading

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Hearne: The Third Coming of ‘Big Sexy’ & Why He Hasn’t Made It Yet in Big Time Sports

whitlock(1)There are reasons why former Star sports scribe Jason Whitlock hasn’t made it yet…

Why he doesn’t appear to yet have cashed his once-rumored $2 million, three year paycheck. And why after blogging in the shadows the past three years since leaving the newspaper, he’s leaving Fox Sports and mounting a new campaign to achieve fame and fortune on ESPN.

“Part of the problem is he just wasn’t that good on television.” says sports scribe and Whitlock pal Craig Glazer. “Or even on radio. He wasn’t horrible but…He spoke real slow and he wasn’t funny.  I mean, he’s clever and smart but…” Continue reading

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Hearne: Scribe Says, Royals Are Done — Wait Til Next Year

wil-myersGo ahead and uncross those fingers and toes, the party’s over…

It’s time for this year’s Kansas City Royals team to start making plans for next year – like they usually do, says sportaholic Craig Glazer of Stanford’s.

“The Royals are over,” Glazer says. “It’s going to be over this weekend. I said that on The Mix this morning. It’s over – they have no chance – none. By this Sunday they’re out. I mean, there’s nothing these guys can do now. You can’t win without talent.”

Now a little, “I told you so.” Continue reading

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Whinery: Ramblings of a Political Junkie — Part Two


The Tricky One

And in my case anyway, an unhealthy adoration for Richard Milhous Nixon. His library in Yorba Linda, California became my Mecca, so to speak. I even got lucky enough to meet Pat Nixon at a function there once. She is, was and will always be the classiest woman I ever met.

The best part of the Nixon Library was this room where you could ask the President questions. The curators rigged up a system where they took all of Nixon’s interviews and spliced them with a computer screen where you could pick a question and the footage of Nixon would come up on another screen – and like he was really talking to you – answer your question. I would spend inordinate amounts of time in that exhibit.

However, I did not want to grow up and be like Nixon.

I wanted to be Donald Segretti. Continue reading

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Leftridge: Most Important Series of Royals’ Season Started…Last Night

blue october 2

 Editor’s note: This post was written last night but went unpublished owing to a communication miscue.

This is it.

This is everything.

No series this season has been more fraught with tangible implications than the upcoming five game show-down with the AL Central leading Detroit Tigers.

Forget October, THIS is the postseason. And as someone who was still watching Sesame Street and occasionally crapping his pants the last time the Royals played games this meaningful, I’m beyond excited. Continue reading

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Sutherland: Up On ‘Brownback Mountain’ or ‘I Just Wish I Knew How to Quit You”

Sam-Brownback-flagThe most consistent criticism of my posts is that I’m airing “ancient grudges as topical political insight.”

And my response is:


1)  It’s a Scottish thing, you wouldn’t understand!

2)  Only someone on the receiving end of a politician’s unethical actions is likely to remember them and point them out later.  Since the best predictor of future behavior is the past, prior evidence of some character flaw by a politico can be very relevant to their current doings, even if it’s from years before.

3)  A lot depends on whose ox is being gored, i.e., if it’s someone from your side of the political divide whose previous shady dealings are being revealed, you’re more likely to pronounce:  “What’s past is past!” “No use beating a dead horse!” “Time to move on!”, even though the person in question is still very much in the news. Continue reading

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Paul Wilson: The Free Fall of Councilman and Pastor Brooks

sLGIX.St.81It’s old news…

Kansas City Councilman Rev. Michael Brooks pulls a Weiner and sexts his righteousness to a female on Facebook. My first thought; if you’re a person with any level of prominence, how do you think that’s not going to go public?

Actor Hugh Grant parked curbside on Sunset Blvd. with Divine Brown partially in the passenger seat, the President of the United States armed with a cigar and an intern under the desk – you have to know it’s not going to end well.

Why do these men of God fail? Continue reading

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Starbeams: Michael Brooks Affair, Hooters Ban SF Mayor & New York Times Crashes

BROOKS-FOR-WEB_20130605184057_640_480KC Councilman Michael Brooks has admitted to an online love affair. At least, he thought I was a girl! TEEEOOO!!!!!


KC Councilman Michael Brooks has admitted to an online love affair. I’ve gotta change my name from “Kelly” to “Bob” or something.

******* Continue reading

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Jack Goes Confidential: ‘Lee Daniels’ THE BUTLER’—A Powerful Personal Journey

The Butler (2013) Forest Whitaker (Screengrab)I REALLY wanted to like “Lee Daniels’ THE BUTLER.”

And guess what, I wasn’t disappointed!

Is it this year’s THE HELP? No. I wouldn’t elevate the film to that level but it does compare favorably to THE COLOR PURPLE.

“Lee Daniels’ THE BUTLER” is a historical drama alright. But it’s really a fictional account of the real butler who served in the White House continuously from the early 1950’s right on through the Reagan Administration.

In other words, the storyline here is only inspired by true events. Continue reading

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