Donnelly: Sporting KC Crush Columbus With Their B Team

Now that was a beatdown.

The Columbus Crew came to Sporting Park on Saturday night, and left with their tail between their legs, losing 3-0 and in the process being thoroughly outclassed.

Thankfully for the visitors, it might have been the lowest attended game of the season.  It makes sense I suppose – KU played their opener in Lawrence about an hour beforehand. The Royals were at home in a big series with the Tigers. And it was a sweltering 98 degrees at kickoff.

But earlier in the week, Columbus interim coach Brian Bliss was talking some smack, saying, “It will be nice to go in there and punch the bully in the nose.”

Might want to re-think that one.   Continue reading

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Leftridge: Chiefs’ 2013 Record Prediction (Spolier Alert: I Don’t Have Them Winning the Super Bowl)

helmetThere’s simply no way to sugar coat horse plop: last year’s 2-14 Kansas City Chiefs were abysmal. We all know this, and we all know why. Godawful quarterback play. A worthless coach. Players failing to play to their potential. Players who played to their potential not playing cohesively as a unit. Suicide.

Quite honestly– particularly when considering the whole Jovan Belcher thing–it really couldn’t have been much worse.

So owner Clark Hunt went out this offseason with the sole purpose of turning a bunch of bullshit into… bull salad? He got a fresh-faced general manager, a change-of-scenery-faced coach and armloads of new players: Anthony Fasano. Mike DeVito. Sean Smith. Dunta Robinson. Some quarterback guy.

But will it be enough? Can the lowly Chiefs cast off the shackles of abject failure and once again become the team the city knows and loves?

Here’s my game-by-game prediction. I think some of you may be surprised. (And then again, maybe you won’t. I suppose it really just depends on what you think the Chiefs are going to do this year.)

On with it! Continue reading

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Sutherland: Dear Doctor, Lawyers, Developer Stub Toes on Controversial Prairie Village Nursing Home – Huzzah!

bugsDr. Alexander Smith

Senior Leverhulme Research Fellow

Department of Sociology

Coventry CV4 7AL

United Kingdom


RE:       The Voices of Moderation (a.k.a. “The Vital Center”)

Dear Alex:

On Tuesday night, September 3rd, there was a vote taken by the Prairie Village City Council that was a paradigm of the political changes that have taken place in Johnson County and Kansas.

Larry Winn, III, had previously voted as a member of the Shawnee Mission School Board to close a neighborhood school in the heart of moderate country.  (Some estimates put the cost of renovations to the school at $4,000,000; improvements which were finished right before it was closed and put up for sale.) Continue reading

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Glazer: Scribe Saddles Up for Week One of NFL & College Football

Keith-Urban-NFL-Kickoff-CountryMusicRocks.net_College football and the NFL are in full swing this weekend…

  I’ll  begin posting my picks each week for selected games.  Allow me to explain.  Instead betting on games where the match ups are almost a coin flip, I’ll look for mismatches that give you a greater chance to win.

Many of you will no doubt be disappointed when local college teams or the Chiefs are not part of my equation.  While betting with your neighbor or your pals at work is kind of okay, serious betting is generally illegal.

Therefore I suggest that if you are really gonna risk more than a few bucks that you make your bets live and in person in places where gambling is legal like Las Vegas, Reno or Atlantic City.  Lots of people bet online, but remember, this is generally illegal too.

And maybe a bigger issue with on-line betting is you have no recourse if they choose to fold their tent and not pay out.  When you check into these on-line services you often see that they’re generally out of the country with home bases in South America or something.  Now that you have my disclaimer, let the games begin. Continue reading

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Jack Goes Confidential: Vin Diesel Does ‘Riddick’ Proud

Pitch-BlackWe’re smack in the middle of Hollywood’s traditional product donut hole…

The post Labor Day annual movie drought that eventually turns into a lineup of more meaningful and quality film fare in just a few weeks. A period which most often produces many of the year’s Oscar contenders.

And this year’s batch of late September and October offerings look unlikely to disappoint.

However,  getting there isn’t much fun for theater owners and circuits who would probably prefer taking their vacations during this down period of business.

Yet this week’s major newcomer RIDDICK could dispel all the hand wringing. Continue reading

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Hearne: Will The Real Mrs. Tommy Morrison Please Stand Up?

Tommy M KC Fight screenMuch has been said about the woman who calls herself Tommy Morrison‘s wife…

Some of which has come in the form of her offbeat quotes backing Morrison’s claim of not having HIV or AIDS and boasts of unprotected sex. Not that the latter is unusual since Tommy said the same of ex wife Dawn 2.

However aside from being there for Tommy at the end, backing his dubious assertions and reportedly pissing off his family with her macabre necklace and funeral tour plan, who really is Trisha Morrison and what, if anything, is she up to? Continue reading

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Sounds Good: (Lowercase) KANSAS @ Bottleneck, MGMT @ Crossroads

Big weekend around these parts. 

Between the Chiefs getting going, KU’s season opener, Sporting KC‘s home game on Saturday night, and the Royals at home vs. Detroit, there’s plenty of sports to get fired up about.

But have you considered jamming a crapton of meat in your mouth?  If not, please do – at Grinder’s 1st Annual Fustercluck Chicken Wing Eating Competition on Sunday at 3:00.  Only there can you shovel down dozens of wings coated with something called “Death Nectar.”  Mmmmm…

Or, if you’re in the mood for something a bit classier, you can head to the Prairie Village Jazz Festival on Saturday.  It features Marilyn Maye, Bobby Watson’s All-Star Big Band, and a bunch of other musicians.

But, oh, there’s more…  Continue reading

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Hearne: Tommy Morrison Mom to Family & Friends: ‘We Got Him’



In death, as in life, the Tommy Morrison saga soldiers on, weird as ever…

That said, what was to have been a Tommy Morrison locket wearing party and world funeral tour is no more.

“I just got a text from Tommy’s mom Diana saying, ‘We got him,’ ” says longtime Morrison pal Stephen Bayer. “We got Tommy back, man. He’s in the family again. He’s coming home. Everything’s a done deal.” Continue reading

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Hearne: The Bizarre Tommy Morrison Funeral World Tour

IMG00141-20110528-2124This just in…

In a shocking followup to word yesterday that a family feud might be brewing over the fate of former KC boxer Tommy Morrison‘s body came this startling text from his “widow” Trisha this morning:

“Today Tommy will be cremated~as per HIS wishes,” it begins.

“Each special person that meant alot to him in his life will receive a keepsake memory neckace with boxing gloves filled with his ashes. Those that receive them will have a piece of him for the rest of their lives. Whether they are in church praying or at a fight ringside or LEGALLY smoking pot in Colorado (!)  Tommy will be there with them in every state and every part of the world and will be remembered. Continue reading

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Hearne: Scribe Reveals How Tommy Morrison Got HIV

dm_100514_30_tommy_morrisonThis just in…

“I know how Tommy Morrison got AIDS,” says Stanford & Sons main man Craig Glazer. “He said he got the virus – or whatever he thought he had – from a stripper he was dating in Texas. A girl that he was just banging and she supposedly had a boyfriend that was gay.

“Anyway, she apparently got the virus from her roommate that was gay – according to Morrison – and he made love to her when she was on her period and got her blood into his blood and Tommy didn’t know she was infected. Continue reading

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Donnelly: Sporting Back Atop East; Kei Returns to England for Good

Embedded image permalinkWith a dominant win over the weekend against Colorado at Sporting Park, Sporting KC somehow find themselves in a three-way tie atop the Eastern Conference – a conference that’s tighter than tight with the top seven teams sitting at between 35 and 42 points.

And did you see that blast by Benny Feilhaber from 30 yards out with the outside of his right foot?  Well, KC is going to need a lot more of that since it was announced yesterday that Kei Kamara has been sold to an English team.

No, he’s not returning to Norwich City, the club he was loaned to earlier this year.   Continue reading

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Hearne: Scribe Assigns Missouri & K-State to ‘Biggest Losers’ List

Screen shot 2013-09-03 at 3.26.26 PMAre you ready for some football?

Got the girlfriends and wives set up with clear, plastic baggies to haul their ganja, feminine hygiene products and iPads into the stadiums?

Good for you.

Now all you have to worry about – if you’re a Missouri Tiger or K-State Wildcat – is how unbearable your football teams this year will be.

According to sports scribe Craig Glazer it won’t be pretty. Continue reading

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Hearne: Mancow Remembers the Dark Side of Tommy Morrison

6001075P MORRISON V HALSTEADWe media types tend to be such suckers…

And we were all so very fascinated and easily won over by boxer Tommy Morrison and his many eccentricities…

The serial bedding of women, the pet mountain lions and leopard, the tattoo of Elvis on his butt that he gave a closeup of to Channel 9’s Karen Kornacki.  

Then there was the episode in Springfield where Morrison and his entourage befriended a college kid late one night at a bar and ended up shaving off his eyebrows and cutting a hair highway down the middle of his head.

Cute, right?

Or so we thought at the time. Continue reading

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Hearne: Source: Tommy Morrison Was ‘HIV Positive’ in 1989

Doc - Sep 2, 2013, 11-06 PMNow it can be told…

There’s a ton of Tommy Morrison stories yet to recount in the wake of his sad passing at age 44. For me, they started in the early days of my running the Pitch more than 20 years ago when Morrison became a friend of the zine at the ripe young age of 20.

“To the Pitch Staff, Best Wishes, Tommy “The Duke” Morrison,” reads the autographed, black and white photo of a pre-mullet, almost cherubic Morrison.

I stumbled onto a Rocky marathon a day or three ago and was able DVR Rocky V. Continue reading

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Starbeams: Hitting the jackpot ‘When I’m 64’ & KCC & Head Trauma for Chiefs Fans

chiefs-fan-fA 64 year-old woman just completed a swim from Cuba to Florida. When I’m 64 years old, my number one goal is to be regular.


Labor Unions have been protesting low wages for fast-food workers in the Kansas City area.  I will gladly trade them their salary for what I make writing for

******* Continue reading

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How To Buy Cialis Sublingual

Buy cialis sublingual and Generic Tadalafil tablets online for erectile dysfunction. Available without prior prescription. Continue reading

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Hearne: Will ESPN Help Drive Final Nail into Star Coffin?



However when it comes to Kansas City Star sports reporter Adam Teicher bailing just as the all-important Kansas City Chiefs football season is about to begin, well, that’s no laughing matter.

Not only was Teicher the beat reporter for the Chiefs – the single most significant news eyeball attracter at the paper – his departure comes on the heels of a string of startling exits. Ranging from newly-minted sports columnist Kent Babb, newly-minted features section head Laurie Mansfield and longtime Star political main man Steve Kraske.

Clearly the handwriting is on the wall at 18th and Grand:

Get out if you can before somebody gets you out. Continue reading

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Leftridge: Chiefs’ Preseason Comes to Merciful Conclusion

brayEven though it’s a thousand degrees and may not officially feel like it, football season is here.

The Kansas City Chiefs trounced the Green Bay Packers last night (putting up 30 points, even—their most in a preseason contest since 2003), thereby completing the most uninteresting time of the year: The Time When Games Don’t Count.

It doesn’t really matter that they end August with a record of 2-2, or that Tyler Bray threw three touchdown passes, or that Chase Daniel looked horrid against mostly backup defenders. No one should care that the starters didn’t play a lick, or that the Packers finished the preseason 1-3, or that Cyrus Gray had a standout effort in the victory. (Well, except for Gray; he’s battling for a roster spot on a squad fairly heavy in the RB department.)

All that REALLY matters is that the Chiefs remained relatively healthy (save Tony Moeaki, who I’m now convinced would be able to injure himself reading a periodical, or, I don’t know… standing completely still) and primed for the season opener September 8th against the miserable Jacksonville Jaguars.

You know, When Games Start Counting. Continue reading

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Paul Wilson: The Evolution of Homeschooling

imagesSay the word “homeschool” and it conjures images of right wing fundamentalists clinging to their guns and Bibles while teaching their kids in a bunker, surrounded by end-times rations of dried foods and ammunition….

I’ve accidentally gotten close to this topic as my wife Chelle decided to homeschool after her youngest daughter continued to express an interest in doing so for over two years. She’d previously homeschooled her oldest daughter through 3rd grade then transitioned her to public school. And as soon as the decision was announced to the kids, her two sons decided they wanted to homeschool as well.

Me? I was immediately opposed to the idea. Continue reading

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Sutherland: ‘The Kindness of Strangers’ – ‘Blue Jasmine’

blue-jasmine-cate-blanchett-alec-baldwinjpg-c86be88cfd361ebbWoody Allen’s new movie, “Blue Jasmine,” has been called a “mash-up” (“a song or composition created by blending two or more pre-recorded songs, usually by overlaying the vocal track of one song seamlessly over the instrumental track of another,” Wikipedia).  Its plot is a combination of the Tennessee William’s 1947 play, “A Streetcar Named Desire” and the Bernie Madoff saga.

The Blanche Dubois character from Streetcar is played by Cate Blanchett.  She is down on her luck after her high-flying Wall Street financier husband crashes and burns in spectacular fashion as a result of the 2008-2009 financial crisis.  The husband is perfectly cast, with Alec Baldwin as the swindler brought low.  (It doesn’t get any lower than committing suicide in prison after conviction on multiple counts of criminal fraud.)  Continue reading

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