Leftridge: Can Wichita State Shock the World? (No)

SI-coverThey’ve been here before.

It was 1965. The landscape of the country was rapidly changing. Men were just beginning to grow their hair out to look a little more like women and the women were beginning to grow their hair out even longer. Some group named The Beatles made a notable appearance on some show hosted by a guy named Ed Sullivan. Everyone everywhere was walking around whistling Roger Miller’s smash hit “Do-Wacka-Do.”

And deep in the middle of the corn cluttered prairie, the Wichita State University basketball program was playing in their first—and until this Saturday—last Final Four game. Led by coach Gary Thompson, that year’s team—who saw their first number one ranking in December of ’64—beat Southern Methodist and Oklahoma State before losing convincingly to UCLA, 108-89. Continue reading

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New Jack City: Two Thumbs Up One Final Time For Roger Ebert

roger-ebert-thumbs-up-2The passing of Roger Ebert – America’s most famous movie critic – brings back memories of face-to-face encounters with the great one…

I had seen him at ShoWest and other industry functions over the years but never got to see the Real Roger until I had him on-air on Jack Goes To The Movies during KY-102‘s glory days. Continue reading

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Starbeams: Star Trek Love, Ahchoo, DJs Without Teeth Alert

large_child-sneezingGeorge Takei – Sulu from Star Trek – will make an appearance at the Kansas City Comicon.  This is your chance to boldly go where every man has gone before.


The Asthma Allergy Foundation has ranked the worst cities in America for pollen and Kansas City is #54 on the list.  St. Louis is #31 and Wichita 6th. Personally, I’m allergic to meaningless “city ranking lists.”

******* Continue reading

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Sounds Good: Middle of the Map@Multiple KC Venues, Amy LaVere@Knuckleheads

KC is undoubtedly the place to be this weekend – starting today actually – as the ever-expanding Middle of the Map Fest invades a handful of live music venues.  The fest always seem to get bands right before they break out – remember last year’s Fun. show? So if you’re looking for something “new” to listen to, this is your jam.

The Uptown Theater, Record Bar, Riot Room, Westport Coffeehouse, Gusto Lounge, and more will host over 100 diverse acts.  For a complete lineup list go here.

The beauty of it is that the cost is low, low, low – $45 for the whole shebang – so you can wander from venue to venue, piecing together your own truly unique fest experience. Continue reading

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Jack Goes Confidential: ‘Jurassic Park 3D’ – Living Dino DNA Attraction

110912_jurassic3dvidfeat-600x450My plan was to stop by at the JURASSIC PARK 3D screening only briefly…

You know, get a feel for the film’s conversion to 3D and cut out. After all, I’d seen the movie a couple of times before.

But guess what? I got sucked into it again and stayed for the entire two hour-plus running time. Continue reading

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Hearne: Sorry Lads, No ‘Halter Top Day’ This Year

Old Royals Halter TopRoyals baseball, dollar hotdogs, Halter Top Day…

So goes the natural order of things in the wide world of summer sporting events Kansas City Style. Except that the latter of the three – Halter Top Day – won’t be returning to The K this year, according to Royals spokesman Toby Cook.

“No halter tops,” Cook emailed this past week. “Rats.” Continue reading

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Starbeams: AMC Urination, Prostitution KCK Style & Roids Bucks

public_urination_2-300x236Several people left the AMC Town Center 20 after a grown man stood up and began urinating in the middle of the Tyler Perry movie.  And to think, AMC thought they were getting away from public urination when they left downtown.

******* Continue reading

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Hearne: ‘Negro Leagues’ Fashion Lineup to Debut Saturday

negro leagues shortsI know, I know, it’s early…

Still there’s something eerily familiar about the Kansas City Royals being in last place again already.

Don’t get me wrong; I know that the conventional wisdom is this is the team’s year. Finally. It’s just that it’s too good of an excuse as a segue into some non-baseball baseball talk.

Baseball fashion, to be exact. Continue reading

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Whinery: Why Homosexuals Have Lost Their Minds

I-Now-Pronounce-You-Chuck-And-LarryPOSTERI feel like the last person to comment on this Gay Marriage

But its taken me quite a while to wrap my head around why a “crucified” people – at least outside of major metropolitan areas – would want to screw up the BEST part of being Gay, which is never having to say, “I do.”

The Supreme Court of the United States recently heard oral
arguments on whether to strike down the federal Defense of Marriage Act – which prohibits gay marriage and Proposition 8 in California which does the same. Continue reading

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Starbeams: Twin Peaks to Olathe, Deer Hunting in Buckner

Twin Peaks Sports Bar opened Monday in Olathe.  It’s sort of like a Hooter’s, but with more of a sports theme.  What could possibly go wrong there?


North Kansas City is trying to figure out how to get the downtown street cars across the river for northland commuters.  I’m no expert, but who’s in for gondolas? Continue reading

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Hearne: Mystery Solved, KC Mayor Sly James Son’s in Jail Because…

instructionRound and round and round they go and…

Who the heck knows why KC Mayor Sly James son Kyle is doing 30 days under the sanction of the Johnson County Department of Corrections. It’s certainly not at all clear in a story filed last week by Kansas City Star reporter Tony Rizzo.

“Kyle James, the son of Kansas City Mayor Sly James, was booked into the Johnson County Jail today to begin serving a 30-day sentence for a probation violation,” read Rizzo’s March 25th story.

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Glazer: Atenzion KC Confidential Readers

imagesI just want to take a moment to welcome all of you to what I hope will be an even more exciting website for Kansas City… 

As Hearne explained, I will be taking over the ownership of this site starting next week.  And I want to assure all of you readers that the quality and basic concept will remain the same. Continue reading

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Hearne: Scribe to Buy KC Confidential

Picture_5_r175x200This just in…

After more than four years, thousands of columns and tens of thousands of comments, I have agreed to sell KC Confidential to Craig Glazer of Stanford & Sons. Continue reading

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New Jack City: KC’s Cost of Living for Road Warriors, Conventioneers

traveling_salesmanThe cost of a visitor’s daily living expenses speaks volumes about the current state of economy in KC…

I’m talking about the per diems companies hold their employees expenses to when traveling on business. Generally speaking the per diems were up marginally for 2012. Hotel rates increased while car rentals and meal expenses decreased slightly.

However, per diems going down doesn’t necessarily speak well for a given market like Kansas City. It can mean that economic pressures are forcing the local hospitality industry to lower its pricing structure. So it’s really more about what a market can and WILL bear.

And it’s all very competitive between cities. Especially when it comes to attracting conventions. Continue reading

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Donnelly: Sporting Put Together Complete Game in 2-0 Win Against Montreal

MLS best, the Montreal Impact came to Sporting Park a perfect 4-0 for a Saturday night match-up in front of a sellout crowd.

But they left with their tail between their legs, as Sporting Kansas City finally linked together all the elements that up until this point had only appeared intermittently.

Yes, the defense has been stellar at times over 5 games this season.  Indeed, the White Puma‘s back line hasn’t conceded a goal in three games now.  But in two of those shutouts KC also failed to find the back of the net, resulting in two straight 0-0 draws.

Not exactly exciting or inspiring stuff.     Continue reading

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Hearne: American Royal — ‘Great American” BBQ War O-V-E-R

6a00d834515f9b69e201156facb671970c-320wiSuppose they gave a barbecue fest and nobody came, starting with the organizers…

Last year was to have been the 8th running of The Great American Barbecue Festival. The sponsors were on board, a distinguished body that included Fox 4, Garmin and Chinet. A new location at the Overland Park International Trade Center had been selected, the event having previously gone down at the Woodlands and Sandstone.

A “Grand Champion” purse of $5,000 was touted.

Then – poof – it was gone! Continue reading

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Hearne: Union Station ‘Extreme Screen’ Ready for Prime Time

jurassicpark3dtrailerThe game is afoot…

All Union Station head George Gustello said he wanted was a shot. A chance to prove the station’s new state-of-the-art Extreme Screen deserved to show first run movies, not just the standard issue “fin and feather” nature flicks for school kids.

To that end, Guastello made a deal with Dickinson Theatres and Walt Disney to screen Wizard of Oz prequel Oz the Great and Powerful.

Mission accomplished.

Next up: Jurassic  Park 3D this Friday. Continue reading

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Hearne: Lawrence Newspaper Practices ‘Homerism’

crotch shotAll dressed up, nowhere to go…

Living in Lawrence these past six months I’ve come to know what a sub par newspaper sports section looks like. It’s one thing for the Lawrence Journal World to practice the fine art of homerism ad nauseam, quite another to take it the levels it does. Continue reading

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Hearne: ‘Gay Dudes’ Harbored Hopes of Reviving Jardine’s Weeks Before IRS Dropped Hammer

33683_10150286713885565_7319617_nSeems like only yesterday…

It was New Year’s Eve eve just one year ago when the Pitch reported that Joseph Fulgenzi and Robert McCain were the new owners of Jardine’s jazz club.

Remember that waiter dude in the comments section who gave me a hard time for getting scooped on that one?

Somewhat obviously that deal never went down. Continue reading

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Starbeams: Win Bon Jovi Tix, Aixois Gift Cards!

010323-F-0966E-003BREAKING NEWS:  We just learned the Missouri based B-2 Bomber that flew over North Korea Thursday, was delivering METH.


Hundreds of American businesses in China have been targeted by Chinese hackers, who are stealing information.  “Tell us about it” said AMC Theaters. Continue reading

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