Donnelly: LA’s 2-0 Win Snaps Sporting’s Shutout Streak

A mere 72 hours after Sporting Kansas City beat the Red Bulls in NYC, the boys in
blue were on the pitch again – this time in sunny southern California.

Entering the match, KC hadn’t conceded a goal in an astonishing 545 minutes of game play, a streak that extended back to early March.  But it seems that tired legs and travel did finally catch up to Peter Vermes‘ Eastern Conference-leading squad. Continue reading

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Hearne: A Moment of Silence Please for the Sex Machine Known as ‘Lumpy’

Frank+Bank-leave+it+to+beaverThis one almost got lost in the Boston Marathon confusion…

Lumpy died.

That’s right, Frank Bank – who the New York Times writer Anita Gates described as the “sweet teenage nitwit” on the sitcom “Leave it to Beaver” (1958-1963) died April 13, the day after his 71st birthday in Los Angeles.

You may recall that Bank – who later became a stock jock – moved to KC in 1992 to practice the fine art of counseling people on investments before moving back to LA in 1997.

The 50 year-old Bank told the Star at the time that, “It wasn’t the snow that enticed us. The people are wonderful.” Continue reading

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New Jack City: FCC Blesses TV F-Bomb

david+ortiz+massholeWhen is it OK to drop the F-Bomb on live TV?

I guess when a really bad situation finally resolves itself in a good way.

Case in point this past Saturday when Boston Red Sox slugger David Ortiz slipped one into his pregame speech before beating the Kansas City Royals. Continue reading

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Hearne: Sudeikis Gives Star Head Fake Wedding Gift

timengleNot so fast, my friend…

Make no mistake super good guy, FYI writer Tim Engle is a fan of KC Confidential. Why else, given the chance to corner Kansas City comic Jason Sudeikis – ostensibly for a schmooze piece about his improv gig tonight at the Midland – would the crafty Engle (and his headline writing copy editor) lead with the “news” that Sudeikis is not getting married in Lawrence?

Gee, I wonder where anyone got that idea? Continue reading

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Hearne: Lawrence Stuck with Worst Movie Theater in Area, Courtesy of Regal Entertainment

southwind12_r470x260-1I’m migrating this story over in part from KCC’s sister site in LA…

Because while everyone in Lawrence knows how incredibly bad the South Wind 12 movie theater there sucks, they need help in calling attention to the situation. Do they ever.

And here’s why. Continue reading

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Hearne: How Knuckleheads Lost Katey Sagal & ‘Sons of Anarchy’

Katey-Sagal-katey-sagal-32713491-1600-1200A funny thing happened on the way to Knuckleheads in Kansas City

The “Sons of Anarchy” tour that went down last night at the Midland with actress-singer Katey Sagal was supposed to play the East Bottoms club on May 11th.

That’s because Knuckleheads owner Frank Hicks – a motorcycle dude of the first stripe – had parlayed a brainstorm and a few phone calls into what was have been a one off, mega biker blowout with Sagal.

“Nobody had any interest in her at all, but I did,” Hicks says. “So I called her agent and told him we wanted to fly her in for a show and that I’d hire local musicians to back her up.” Continue reading

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Hearne: ‘Anarchy’ Star Calls Out Bob Dylan for Being a Scumbag

05122009_PatVsFatGirlIt takes a lot to laugh, it takes a train to…

Wait a minute…if you recognize the above lyric as having been written by Bob Dylan and happened to be at the Midland last night for actress/singer Katey Sagal and the “Sons of Anarchy” tour, chances are those words will never sound the same.

Not after Sagal made it clear that the then 33 year-old seminal folk-rock singer tried to force himself upon the 19 year-old Segal and then fired her butt as backup singer after she refused to sleep with him. Continue reading

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Hearne: ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Descend on Midland Tonight

katey-sagal-an-evening-of-music-and-the-cast-of-sons-of-anarchy_04-18-13_23_516c2a2e89a8eGot Netflix?

Along with an appetite for bikers, bawdiness and badasses? Then head down to the Midland by AMC tonight for the 8 p.m. “music and cast” incarnation of the FX series, The Sons of Anarchy with Katey Sagal.

You remember her, right?

Christina Applegate‘s mom Peggy Bundy on the long running Fox comedy series “Married….with Children.”

Well, forget everything you think you know about Sagal because not only are we talking anarchy, we’re talking biker anarchy. Continue reading

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Hearne: No Joke, ‘The Buzz’ May Need Saving

mumford-sons-5This just in…

The March ratings are and as of yesterday local alternative station 96.5 The Buzz is fading fast. Really fast.

The Buzz sank to 14th place with a 2.9 share of listeners 12 and older, Monday through Sunday, 6 a.m. to midnight.

That’s down more than 20 percent from the holidays. Continue reading

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Leftridge: So Long, Summerall

Pat-Summerall-300There are very few universally beloved sports commentators. Some are an acquired taste, some have hung on long after their expiration date, and some, well, they were just never very good to begin with. None of this holds true for former NFL play-by-play man Pat Summerall, who died Tuesday at the age of 82.

Summerall, who spent 10 years in the league as a kicker, began his play-by-play career in 1974. Though he’d eventually be responsible for manning the mic on 16 Super Bowls, his most notable work, perhaps, was the time spent partnering  with human cartoon John Madden, first on CBS, and then on Fox. A consummate master of restraint—prone to measured mood elevation only when appropriate—he also lent his cool professionalism to both PGA Tour events and U.S. Open tennis. (His versatility was apparent early; in addition to being an NFL kicker in his younger days, he was also an NFL defensive back. According to Frank Gifford, he was “underrated” as a defensive player, mostly due to a lack of playing time, and only because he was too valuable as a kicker. [The coaches were reluctant to risk his health.])

Accolades and praise aside—and sparing you the line-by-line history of a storied career that you can read about any number of other places—I’ll tell you what Pat Summerall meant to me: to me—and a thousand other people my age—Summerall was the voice of a thousand Christmas mornings. Continue reading

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Donnelly: Sporting Scrap Their Way to a 1-0 Win in NYC

It’s no secret that a couple games in Sporting Kansas City’s young season have been less than entertaining affairs – especially several 0-0 draws.

Wednesday night’s match up against the New York Red Bulls, however, was packed with entertainment value.  Aurelien Collin was crushing dudes, Thierry Henry was causing problems over the top of KC’s defense, Jimmy Nielsen showed why he’s the best keeper in MLS, Graham Zusi was skipping through defenders and swerving crosses into the box, and New York unluckily came just inches shy of equalizing several times.

This was a fun game to watch.   Continue reading

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Hearne: Kanrocksas Ready to Trip Light Fandango, Announce More Acts

IMG_2152There’s more to Kanrocksas than meets the skeptical eye…

After dropping some serious coin two years back with its inaugural festival at the Kansas Speedway, organizers vowed not to make the same mistakes this time out. Starting with not tying up nearly $3 million on a single act like Eminem.

Eminem was cool, but he obviously wasn’t that big a draw.

Lesson learned.

This year’s lineup isn’t punctuated by any huge dollar sign magnets, but what it does have is a healthy mix of bankable acts like MGMT, Fun., Yeah Yeah Yeahs, DJ Tiesto and 60 some odd others.

It may look good on paper, but kick ass fests are not about over-the-hill headliners like Paul McCartneyContinue reading

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Sounds Good: Radkey @ Replay, Quiet Corral @ RecordBar, Farmer’s Ball @ Bottleneck, DJ Lonewolf @ Barnyard Beer, Lucero @ Granada

This week’s picks are all about local Lawrence and KC acts.

A few of them are on the verge of “making it” (whatever that means these days).  The others are just getting started, building a fan base, and trying to score gigs.

Sometimes, these unknowns pump out some of the most entertaining shows – in part because expectations are low for a band you’ve never heard of.  But remember when you stumbled upon that random band in a dive bar that was just killing it?  You became their biggest fan from then on, didn’t you?

That’s a big part of what seeing live music is all about… Continue reading

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Hearne: Santa Comes Knocking for Country Station KFKF FM

taylor-swift-santa-hatIf you subscribe to the opinion that there’s eight more months until Christmas, cancel your subscription

Because the sainted holiday arrived today for the gang at KFKF FM in the form of a No. 1 Arbitron ratings ranking for persons 12 and older, Monday through Sunday, 6 a.m. to midnight.

The country station pulled down an 8.1 share of listeners to soar past KPRS FM in the No. 2 slot with a 7.1 share. KCFX “The Fox” came in third with a 6.4, followed by Magic 107.3 at 5.8 and 98.9 The Rock in 5th with a 5.5 share.

The secret of KFKF’s success: would you believe Christmas music? Continue reading

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Hearne: Alt Weeklies Drop Like Flies as Pitch Struggles to Survive

her_party__parkville_days_013It’s not easy having to pay for something and then give it away for free…

From the earliest days of the Pitch as we now know it, it’s been an uphill slog. I began transiting the Pitch from record store rag to alternative newspaper in the mid to late 1980s. Back then the sky was the limit, although most players in the industry – starting with St. Louis Riverfront Times – had passed on Kansas City, thinking the town wasn’t urban and hip enough to support an alt weekly.

One need look no further than the Pitch‘s 2004 “Best of” issue with 144 ad-packed pages to see they were wrong. But that was then.

Before print pubs morphed into money pits. Continue reading

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Hearne: Smithereens to Play Leawood Town Center

Meet-the-SmithereensExcuse me while I finish rubbing my eyes…

There’s no shortage of boring press releases to be poured over when you’re in the entertainment media racket. Sundry barbecues, historical events, even shopping center fests that dot the area, usually featuring local bands few people have heard of.

To be blunt, they’re pretty easy to ignore. Continue reading

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Starbeams: Royals to Red Sox Rescue, Dish on Sprint & Gay NHL

happy_new_yearThe first Boston Red Sox home game since the marathon bombing will be Friday night vs. the Royals.  Nothing lifts the spirits of Bostonians quite like having the Royals come to town.


Dish Network is making a bid to purchase Sprint.  They company will be called Sprint, Together with Dish Nextel.


Gold has fallen to a 2-year low.  It has gotten so bad that Nelly is embarrassed to smile.

******* Continue reading

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Hearne: Does ‘Save the Buzz’ Mean 610 Sports is FM Bound?

kevinIt’s Kevin Kietzman‘s biggest nightmare…

Forget about Nick Wright or the current on air lineup at 610 Sports, the prevailing wisdom is that if the Entercom signal wants to take down WHB, it needs to move to FM. Period.

“Because that’s where the younger listeners are tuning into,” says one local radio insider. “Younger listeners don’t even think about tuning into AM. I would guess that 610 Sports is trying to appeal to 25 to 34 year-old men, but that is going to be very hard to do on AM.” Continue reading

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Whinery: The Boston Marathon Bombing ‘Reporting’

Boston-Marathon-bombing-runners-jpgIn another senseless act of violence, two bombs went off at the
finish line of the Boston Marathon leaving several people dead and

And once again, as with any act of Domestic Terrorism, the mainstream
“Liberal” media pontificates that the bombings were perpetrated by “Right-Wing Extremists.” Continue reading

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Hearne: Uptown Spearheads New JFK Book, Confab for 50th ‘Deathaversary’

JFK BOOKNovember 22, 1963, Dallas…

That was the day President John F. Kennedy was assassinated and to paraphrase former president Franklin D. Roosevelt, a date that will live in infamy forever.

It’s also a date that turns 50 this year.

A fact that hasn’t escaped one of Kansas City’s most esteemed conspiracy theorists, Larry Sells of the Uptown Theater. Continue reading

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