Starbeams: Miss Kansas Tattoo, Kelly to Urine Spot & New iPhones

misskansasjpg-9917532f0570e810-jpgMiss Kansas, Theresa Vail, says she will show her tattoos in the 2014 Miss America Pageant as a way to “empower women.”

I’ll be the guy in the audience with the sign that reads: SHOW US YOUR TATS!


Cordish will build four high-rise apartments at the Power and Light District.  Cordish says it’s not too early for hipsters to ask mom and dad for that security deposit.

A new study finds 46 percent of women experience urine leakage at the gym.  That’s why I’m extremely careful when I’m asked to be a “SPOTTER!”

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How To Buy Cheap Generic Famvir Without Prescription

Buy famvir and Generic Famciclovir tablets online for antivirals. Available without prior prescription. Continue reading

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Edelman: SMOKING HOT THEATER On Stage in KC This Fall

is this you 2KC stages heat up with summer fading…

Check out these must sees here in the Fall season :

VENUS IN FUR now thru Sep 29 at the Unicorn. This Broadway menage a deux put actress Nina Arianda on the map (and got her a Woody Allen movie). Rusty Sneary dons the role of director-playwright (not a particular stretch for this multi-hyphenate) of a piece based on Austrian author Sacher-Masoch‘s (as in you know what) steamy novella. When Vanessa Severo shows up late to audition for the dominatrix, the line between director and actor begins to blur. The bustier and garter belt don’t make it any easier. Continue reading

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Paul Wilson: That Crazy George Zimmerman & His Gun

la-na-nn-zimmerman-investigation-20130911-001Your well-coiffed scribe has been busy the last 2 weeks hiring 23 new employees and starting the largest relocation currently going on in the nation…

So I apologize for the recent lack of stories, but not having the patience to sit through one more Tommy tome without jumping out my own window, I told my editor if I had to quit my job, I’d write something this week just to give myself something to read.

And then, what comes along but our old pal, George Zimmerman. Since being found not guilty in the Trayvon Martin trial, George has been getting more press than Lindsay Lohan and for equally bizarre reasons.

Monday, in an effort to prove he’s not a racist, he threatened his wife and father in law with a gun.

Or did he? Continue reading

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Edelman: ‘Miss Saigon’ Shines @ Starlight as Denton Yockey’s Last Stand

Bob Compton Photography

Bob Compton Photography

War and its tragic, unintended consequences get a compelling appraisal at MISS SAIGON, the finale of Starlight Theatre’s 2013 Broadway musical season (now thru Friday at the outdoor venue in Swope Park)…

I hope our President and the “let’s get Syria” Beltway Boys give it a listen.

In a fine production– the last from Starlight Executive Producer Denton Yockey, I’m afraid– the lessons of Vietnam come back to haunt us in this SAIGON. It’s not your granny’s summer musical, but– like all great theater– it’s got some important meat on its entertaining bones.

The Schonberg-Boublil (the guys who wrote LES MIZ)  Tony Award winning Best Musical caused a stir when it first played Broadway, racking up impressive sales and sparking controversy when original producer Cameron Mackintosh cast English actor Jonathan Pryce in the role of the Asian Engineer. That kurfluffle seems like ancient history now. What still works is the trenchant tale of a young Vietnamese girl who falls in love with an American soldier amidst the chaos of the 1975 fall of Saigon. Continue reading

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Hearne: Widow Determined to Mount Tommy Morrison ‘Necklace’ Tour, Family Plans October Service

Tommy-Morrison-560x330This just in from sources close to “the Morrison family”…

Boxer Tommy Morrison’s parents and family will reportedly hold a service for the former Kansas City pugilist and Rocky V star on October 12th in Sulfur Springs, Arkansas.

The $64 million question being, will Morrison’s fam be allotted any of his ashes for their more traditional sendoff.

Here’s the deal. Continue reading

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Hearne: Potholes in Rod Anderson Sentencing Story

IScreen-Shot-2012-11-19-at-10.47.38-AM‘ve got more coming your way on the Rod Anderson case but first…

Here are a few thoughts on the comprehensive reporting concerning the Hereford House owner’s sentencing in today’s Kansas City Star.

For starters, I fully understand the way reporters try to breath life into news stories. Still I think describing Anderson in the opening sentence of the story as the “man who fought to save a landmark restaurant” after he’s been convicted of torching that very landmark is beyond a stretch.

Anderson’s hiring thugs to burn the place down for the insurance money was hardly an effort to save a local landmark. It was an effort to save his financial bacon – landmark be damned – and come up with enough dough to build a new restaurant from the ground up. The landmark was the last thing Anderson was trying to save. Continue reading

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Hearne: Tommy Morrison Boxing Gloves Necklace & Farewell Tour Back On Track

rocky-v-1990-10-gWell, here we go again…

Word last week that Tommy Morrison‘s widow Trisha had announced a plan to cremate the former Kansas City boxer and have his ashes put in commemorative boxing glove necklaces for close friends and family to wear and carry was reportedly nixed by his mother and family.

Along with a planned farewell tour with the rest of Tommy’s ashes to Kansas City, Las Vegas and other proud points where Morrison’s career was to be celebrated.

But the family would have none of that, came the word. Morrison’s mother reportedly just wanted a quiet service with her son’s ashes in a small cemetery in Arkansas near Jay, Oklahoma where other Morrison family members are interred.

Simple, right?

Uh, not so fast…

Shortly after speaking briefly with Morrison’s wife Trisha and an email exchange late last week, I was contacted by a gentleman named Darren Barcomb.

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Hearne: The Sentencing of Hereford House Owner Rod Anderson

1351716034-fat_city_rod_anderson_thumb_220x219Let me begin by telling you that this was a very humbling experience…

Anyone who’s ever faced hard times – like Anderson’s Hereford House did – can maybe relate to the feeling of despair this otherwise model Kansas City citizen was experiencing and the temptation to opt for a seemingly easy out in the form of an insurance fire.

There’s no doubt arson was the wrong way to go, of course.

Yet despite continuing to proclaim his innocence, as Anderson has, it was clear at yesterday’s sentencing that both he and lawyer J.R. Hobbs were quite shamed and apologetic for what Anderson had done.

Yet five years after the fact, there we all sat in a courtroom packed with friends, family and former associates and civic leader Anderson braced for the worst. A 15 year sentence was awarded with restitution to be determined.

And there was Anderson, the always impeccably dressed, well coiffed businessman / restaurateur, beat down and forlorn in a faded orange jumpsuit with the word “Inmate” stenciled across the back. Adorned in chains that ran from his ankles to his wrists, then around his waist. Continue reading

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Hearne: Live Country Music Club Replaces Dark Horse, Torres in Westport


Rachel Ammons of Tyrannosaurus Chicken

Suppose they held an entertainment district and somebody forgot to open a country music club…

Unimaginable, right? Wrong.

It’s been years now since the Beaumont Club – and Guitars & Cadillacs before – graced the Westport nightlife scene. And hey, this is Kansas City. No matter hip hip and erudite we believe ourselves to be, for better and for worse, country music is king around these here parts.

When was the last time somebody held a rock concert at Arrowhead?

Excuse me, Camarohead.

Well, the guy who masterminded country at the Beaumont in the early 1990s – Wild Bill Nigro – is back in the saddle again at the nightclub formerly known as The Dark Horse Tavern.

The name of Nigro’s new game: The Westport Saloon. Continue reading

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New Jack City: What’s Next, Weight Controlled Boarding?

obese-airplanesLooking ahead to that big vacation next year?

Or maybe a big trip overseas? Better set aside some extra coin as travel pricing for 2014 is definitely on the rise—with some exceptions.

Those increases coming up. But first something that bugs me. Continue reading

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Donnelly: Don’t Miss Jim James at Liberty Hall on Wednesday

As the lead singer and songwriter for My Morning Jacket – one of the most entertaining and consistently quality live bands of the last decade or so – Jim James has kind of seen and done it all.

His band has opened for Pearl Jam, played Coachella and Bonnaroo (their 2008 set lasted four hours), supported Neil Young on an international tour, and packed just about every big room and amphitheater in the US. Continue reading

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Hearne: Scribe Wonders Aloud If Jason ‘Big Sexy’ Whitlock Ever Matter Again?

NDIzNjQ3MzYxMjQ_o_jason-whitlock-on-ncaa-systemWord that former Kansas City Star lightning rod Jason Whitlock had escaped the low-paying gravitational pull of Fox Sports raises a few questions…

Will his return to ESPN to blog and head up a site that aims to discover and develop young, African American sports bloggers – in essence, future Jason Whitlocks – bring JW the fat paycheck and fame he enjoyed here in the Cowtown?

“I’m going to guess Jason may be finally making over $100,000,” says Whitlock pal and sports / media observer Craig Glazer. “Because ESPN is such a monster now and they want Whitlock to be to be a scout now. And they think that five or ten years down the road online blogging will be a big deal. I don’t think it is right now – I think it’s just like you and Tony right now.” Continue reading

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Hearne: Royals Running Out of Time Playing ‘Beat the Clock’

crop_AP100604120806_t640Speaking of possible wild card teams from the heartland…

This year’s Kansas City Royals remain in the running for a wild card berth, the deck is stacked against them, says comedy impresario Craig Glazer.

“The problem with the Royals is there are just too many teams in front of them and you have to have losses by the teams ahead of you,” Glazer says. “There are like three our four teams ahead of them and they have to pick up losses by all of them to advance. But hey, they’re getting it done right now, they’re just running out of time.”

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Hearne: Scribe Says Chiefs Team ‘Best’ in 10 Years

chiefs-jenna_display_image“Don’t get your hopes up too high just yet, but…

The Kansas City Chiefs team that beat Jacksonville yesterday was the first truly legit team the club has fielded in a decade, says sports scribe Craig Glazer.

“Well, you know if you looked at my picks, I picked Kansas City to beat Jacksonville so I wasn’t surprised,” Glazer says.  “But I was surprised by the quality of the game. This clearly – from every aspect of the game – was their best win in several years. Even with all the wins in the Western Division title season I don’t remember them playing this well on the road. They dominated, even though it was a bad team. If you look at the entire NFL schedule yesterday, Kansas City was the only team with a lopsided score like this.”

Next up? Continue reading

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Donnelly: Sporting KC Crush Columbus With Their B Team

Now that was a beatdown.

The Columbus Crew came to Sporting Park on Saturday night, and left with their tail between their legs, losing 3-0 and in the process being thoroughly outclassed.

Thankfully for the visitors, it might have been the lowest attended game of the season.  It makes sense I suppose – KU played their opener in Lawrence about an hour beforehand. The Royals were at home in a big series with the Tigers. And it was a sweltering 98 degrees at kickoff.

But earlier in the week, Columbus interim coach Brian Bliss was talking some smack, saying, “It will be nice to go in there and punch the bully in the nose.”

Might want to re-think that one.   Continue reading

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Leftridge: Chiefs’ 2013 Record Prediction (Spolier Alert: I Don’t Have Them Winning the Super Bowl)

helmetThere’s simply no way to sugar coat horse plop: last year’s 2-14 Kansas City Chiefs were abysmal. We all know this, and we all know why. Godawful quarterback play. A worthless coach. Players failing to play to their potential. Players who played to their potential not playing cohesively as a unit. Suicide.

Quite honestly– particularly when considering the whole Jovan Belcher thing–it really couldn’t have been much worse.

So owner Clark Hunt went out this offseason with the sole purpose of turning a bunch of bullshit into… bull salad? He got a fresh-faced general manager, a change-of-scenery-faced coach and armloads of new players: Anthony Fasano. Mike DeVito. Sean Smith. Dunta Robinson. Some quarterback guy.

But will it be enough? Can the lowly Chiefs cast off the shackles of abject failure and once again become the team the city knows and loves?

Here’s my game-by-game prediction. I think some of you may be surprised. (And then again, maybe you won’t. I suppose it really just depends on what you think the Chiefs are going to do this year.)

On with it! Continue reading

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Sutherland: Dear Doctor, Lawyers, Developer Stub Toes on Controversial Prairie Village Nursing Home – Huzzah!

bugsDr. Alexander Smith

Senior Leverhulme Research Fellow

Department of Sociology

Coventry CV4 7AL

United Kingdom


RE:       The Voices of Moderation (a.k.a. “The Vital Center”)

Dear Alex:

On Tuesday night, September 3rd, there was a vote taken by the Prairie Village City Council that was a paradigm of the political changes that have taken place in Johnson County and Kansas.

Larry Winn, III, had previously voted as a member of the Shawnee Mission School Board to close a neighborhood school in the heart of moderate country.  (Some estimates put the cost of renovations to the school at $4,000,000; improvements which were finished right before it was closed and put up for sale.) Continue reading

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Glazer: Scribe Saddles Up for Week One of NFL & College Football

Keith-Urban-NFL-Kickoff-CountryMusicRocks.net_College football and the NFL are in full swing this weekend…

  I’ll  begin posting my picks each week for selected games.  Allow me to explain.  Instead betting on games where the match ups are almost a coin flip, I’ll look for mismatches that give you a greater chance to win.

Many of you will no doubt be disappointed when local college teams or the Chiefs are not part of my equation.  While betting with your neighbor or your pals at work is kind of okay, serious betting is generally illegal.

Therefore I suggest that if you are really gonna risk more than a few bucks that you make your bets live and in person in places where gambling is legal like Las Vegas, Reno or Atlantic City.  Lots of people bet online, but remember, this is generally illegal too.

And maybe a bigger issue with on-line betting is you have no recourse if they choose to fold their tent and not pay out.  When you check into these on-line services you often see that they’re generally out of the country with home bases in South America or something.  Now that you have my disclaimer, let the games begin. Continue reading

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Jack Goes Confidential: Vin Diesel Does ‘Riddick’ Proud

Pitch-BlackWe’re smack in the middle of Hollywood’s traditional product donut hole…

The post Labor Day annual movie drought that eventually turns into a lineup of more meaningful and quality film fare in just a few weeks. A period which most often produces many of the year’s Oscar contenders.

And this year’s batch of late September and October offerings look unlikely to disappoint.

However,  getting there isn’t much fun for theater owners and circuits who would probably prefer taking their vacations during this down period of business.

Yet this week’s major newcomer RIDDICK could dispel all the hand wringing. Continue reading

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