Sounds Good: Victor Continental @ Liberty Hall, MidXMidwest @ 3 NoLaw Bars

It’s the end of an era for a dirty Lawrence tradition…

The Victor Continental Show – known for its no-holds-barred satire of life in Lawrence, dirty puppet shows, and a martini-swilling Euro-host – presents its final two shows Friday and Saturday at Liberty Hall.

The finale is entitled Big Finish, Happy Ending, and after 15 years of dishing out skits and songs to the Lawrence faithful, I have a feeling this sendoff will be as filthy as ever.  And probably sold out.  A brief search showed only balcony GA seats still available, so if you want in, act now…   Continue reading

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Hearne: Why MU Will Never Admit They Made Mistake Going to the SEC

Brady Deaton, Mike SliveHoopla aside, Missouri sucked its first season out of the gate in the SEC

In the $ports that matter that is, men’s football and basketball. And while the SEC is a prestigious conference, there’s more to the equation than the football successes of Alabama and LSU says, savvy sports scholar and KU fan Brett Mosiman.

“If you really pick apart the SEC, they have the best teams, but they’re not in the best conference,” Mosiman says.

The awful truth:

“You would never get anybody at Missouri on the record because they’re so full of themselves, but there isn’t anybody at MU who doesn’t think they made a big mistake leaving the Big 12. And if they could, they’d turn back the clock and not go to the SEC. Continue reading

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Hearne: Bracing for KU Football Blues & Charlie Weis Big Mouth

charlie_weis_bookMuch has been said this past week about KU football coach Charlie Weis self-deprecating remarks…

“Have you looked at that pile of crap out there?” Weis told reporters his pitch was in recruiting new players. “Have you taken a look at that? So if you don’t think you can play here, where do you think you can play? It’s a pretty simple approach. And that’s not a sales pitch. That’s practical. You’ve seen it, right? Unfortunately, so have I.”

Some see Weis remarks as refreshing, others disturbing.

So is longtime KU supporter Brett Mosiman of Wakarusa and Crossroads KC fame pissed off about Weis harsh harangue? Continue reading

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Jack Goes Confidential: ‘Wolverine’ Goes Solo—Puts Claws to Japan

the-wolverine-hugh-jackman-bloody-clawsSo you missed last week’s Comic-Con…

What, again? Not to worry.

You can re-live a couple of hours of it this weekend in THE WOLVERINE when Hugh Jackman returns for a sixth big outing in Marvel’s X-Men franchise—but with a twist.

This one is a stand-alone edition which almost feels like a spinoff. Hence no mention of X-Men in the title.

Here a series of nightmares, flashbacks and circumstances prompt the Clawed One to venture to modern day Japan where he faces unexpected and deadly opponents in life-and-death battles that leave him forever changed. Continue reading

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Paul Wilson: Your Scribe Gets a Better Feel for Weiner, Huma & Hillary

carlos-danger_0Here we sit, two days after New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner got the old ruler to the knuckles for sexting…

That after the former congressman was caught yet again playing the Package Card. You have to wonder what’s going through this guy’s head?

He has to feel like the perv who knocks on the door of his intended Internet love interest only to have “To Catch a Predator” host Chris Hanson answer…a second time.

How’s that possible?

Not a good day for Carlos Danger.


Continue reading

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Hearne: Promoters Sue Kanrocksas; Story Behind the Story

fun+PNGMove along folks, nothing to see here…

About that lawsuit filed Monday by concert promoter Mammoth – messrs Josh Hunt and Jeff Fortier – against Kanrocksas promoter Bill Brandmeyer and (more importantly perhaps)  MMF, LLC. The one in which Mammoth claims “the defendants misrepresented and misled Mammoth as to their intentions, causing great economic harm to Mammoth. The defendant’s actions have effectively destroyed Mammoth’s business and ruined the company’s reputation and ability to do business in the music industry.”


One of the area’s top concert promoters claiming it’s effectively out of the biz based on its booking 78 acts for Kanrocksas, which canceled like a month and a day prior to its scheduled liftoff June 28-29 at the Kansas Speedway.

Before I wade into this total mess… Continue reading

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Paul Wilson: Rapp Star ‘Tour of Kansas City’ Viral Video

Screen shot 2013-07-24 at 5.49.01 PMOver the weekend I came across the video Tour of Kansas City and immediately shared it with friends and posted it on my Facebook page…

It was the single most creative thing I’d come across in some time, especially when you consider that it was something produced by one of us and for us here in KC. In case you’ve been living under a rock, here’s the link.

It opens with self-appointed tour director, Emerson Rapp stopping two “tourists” – a young-looking couple with a child – on 39th Street across the street from D’Bronx. Rapp, clad in a black leather jacket and white tee (the kind that might keep him from getting into Power and Light District “where the douche bags go”) asks if they’d like to see the real Kansas City?

The couple look at each other, shrug, then nod yes. Neither seem very moved by Rapp’s offer, but despite their disinterest Rapp says, “Let’s Fucking DO THIS!” Continue reading

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Hearne: Living on Borrowed Time? Pitch Owner Shutters Nashville Newsweekly

citypaper_finalThis is both scary and sad…

After years of hand wringing over how thin the ice is at Kansas City alternative newsweekly The Pitch, the worrisome point was driven home again today when Pitch parent SouthComm announced it was folding it’s Nashville weekly The City Paper.

“After 13 years, The City Paper will cease operations with the publication of its Friday, Aug. 9 issue,” reads an item on City Paper‘s website posted shortly before 9 a.m. this morning. “Chris Ferrell, CEO of SouthComm, made the announcement to employees this morning.”

SouthComm, you may recall, purchased what was left of the Pitch two years ago from Village Voice Media, which had been trying to fire sale the paper off for years.  Continue reading

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Hearne: The KC Confidential Movie Ratings Shakeup

1046447A, b, c, d, e, f, g…

Take a number if you sang those letters in your mind as you read them. Now scratch the letter “g” and you’ll have KC Confidential‘s new, improved movie ratings system.

Starting immediately, we’re leaving the stars, ticket stubs, popcorn bags, fingers – you name it – ratings systems behind.

Beginning with KCC movie maniac Jack Poessiger‘s review of  The Wolverine, we’ll be dishing out Report Card movie rating grades. You know, like A is as good as it gets, B is pretty darn good. A grade of C is about average, if that’s the sort of film fare you prefer, go for it! And while D doesn’t stand for Dog, it’s close.

F means the only one who liked it was Fox 4 critic Shawn Edwards. Continue reading

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Donnelly: Vermes Gets Contract Extension; Wingert Suspended for Cheap Shot on Kei

Sporting Kansas City manager and technical director Peter Vermes recently inked a contract extension that keeps him with the club through 2017 – a deal that has been rumored for some time.

Though there are certainly some detractors around the city, it’s hard to argue with Vermes’ overall track record, especially lately.

KC has finished as the Eastern Conference champions the last two years running, and appear poised to make a run at doing it again this year.  And they won some hardware last season in the Open Cup – which is the first trophy since Vermes was a player on the field for the Wizards.    Continue reading

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Edelman: It’s All happening @ The Fringe

KC-fringe-festivalLions and tigers and bare women, oh my…

The 9th annual KC Fringe Festival is upon us. CherylKimmi (a/k/a Wonder Woman) and her 200 volunteers have rounded up another 134 artists to put on 363 shows now thru Sunday. How all of this gets done is beyond me; that it does is a testament to the creative teams that put it out there and the thousands of KC hipsters who show up.

So go Fringe yourself. Continue reading

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Hearne: It’s Official; ‘Stanford’s on Broadway’ to Debut Next Month

91725*304This is huge…

It’s been like for-ev-er since Kansas City has had a comedy club. A real comedy club. You know, like Stanford & Sons.

No mas.

As of right now, that’s about to change. Because Stanford’s on Broadway is slated to open in late August in the Uptown Theater‘s “Conspiracy Room.”

“I’m going to sign the lease today,” says Stanford’s main man Craig Glazer. “So we’ll be open by the end of August barring some unforeseen circumstances. We’ll start with comic Mike Steenberg and then I’m going to call in some favors and bring in some big names early on. Continue reading

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Whinery: The Trial You Should be Paying Attention To

327813Bradley Manning… memba him, as TMZ would say?  

He’s a member of the military who gave a bunch of national security related documents to WikiLeaks and is being court-martialed for “aiding the enemy” among other charges. When in actuality, Mr. Manning (and Mr. Snowden for that matter) should be having statues erected for them for their bravery and outstanding acts of patriotism in revealing huge criminal acts by our Government.

Instead, Mr. Manning is facing the death penalty while Mr. Snowden is stuck at the Moscow Airport. Continue reading

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Jack Goes Confidential: Ward Parkway 14—One Year Past Conversion

25AMC’s visionary founder Stan Durwood would’ve loved to have seen what has become of his historic movie theater in South Kansas City….

I’m talking about the AMC Ward Parkway 14 which in another life, in 1963 – became the first multiplex (twin screen) movie theater anywhere.

Its immediate success changed the way America would choose movie theaters and watch movies.

Decade later two screens turned into a dozen and additional screens on the ground floor of the mall were later added. And while AMC never gave up on the theaters, the complex had begun to show its age.

So what happens to older theaters having to compete against newer and fancier operations? Some are turned into so-called dollar or discount houses. Others just attempt to keep up with changing times in the hopes of they going on forever.

And of course, many fail. Continue reading

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Paul Wilson: The Weak in Review Starts Now…Geraldo vs The Scribe

Geraldo SelfieGeraldo Takes a Selfie

In a picture that I can’t unsee, Geraldo Rivera took the Craig Glazer “Battle of the Best Bods” contest a step too far.

In the early hours of Sunday morning, equipped with nothing more than a cell phone and clad only in his rose colored glasses and a towel barely around his waist, Rivera shot this self-portrait.

I’m just hoping it was a tequila infused lapse of judgment, because otherwise, he’s taken his Trayvon Martin anti-hoodie movement two or three pieces of clothing a little too seriously. If you’re seeing the pubic region with the towel slung that low, it crosses the line from, “I’m hot for 70” to “I’m a 70 year old perv.”

At least Craig had the good sense to wear a sleeveless shirt and dark shades.  Continue reading

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Hearne: Movie Sequel Bash Rehash Misses Point

THE LONE RANGERYesterday’s news, anyone?

The front page headline in today’s Kansas City Star: “Hollywood faces epic year of flops.”

Never mind that the story was written by a New York Times writer, not a Star staffer. The inconvenient truth is it’s little more than a rehash of what other entertainment media have been reporting for weeks.

“There was nothing new to the story,” says KCC movie meister Jack Poessiger. “It’s what all the magazines and television media have already said – that the big movies have flopped.”

However the NY Times / Star front pager totally misses the mark. Continue reading

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Donnelly: 97th Minute Goal Lifts Sporting Over Real Salt Lake

It was a matchup between Eastern Conference leader Sporting Kansas City and the Western Conference leader Real Salt Lake, in Salt Lake City.

Saturday night’s game was one of the biggest measuring sticks of the season so far, and both teams delivered gutty, entertaining performances worthy of the top handful of squads in MLS.

Both sides were missing players to national team duty, but Real was depleted a bit more than Sporting without midfielder and captain Kyle Beckerman, along with starting keeper Nick Rimando.  KC was missing center defender Matt Besler, but it was his replacement that would score the shocking winner deep, deep into added time. Continue reading

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Paul Wilson: Garrison Keillor Keeps Romance Radio Alive @ Starlight

Keillor in crowd at StarlightThe Radio Romance Tour 2013 and its cast of colorful characters rolled into Starlight Friday…

Yet as much as I’d looked forward to this event, Friday was one of those ultra difficult days where nothing seemed to fall in place as it should have.

Arriving later than planned – because twenty minutes early is five minutes late in my world – I found myself standing with an usher, and not yet seated, when I heard those first few notes and the refrain that opens every Prairie Home Companion radio show;

“Oh hear that old piano, from down the avenue.”

Usually on my “NPR Saturdays” that line is trans-formative to my spirit.

But on this gruesome Friday, it was a question of who or what would win – the oppressive 90 degree heat (taken up a notch by the 90 percent humidity and not a breath of air), the $50.00 worth of margaritas from Starlight’s free flowing Jose Cuervo on tap, Keillor’s show, or my rotten attitude.

Continue reading

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Starbeams: Chiefs Get ‘Silent Treatment,’ Hot Chicks, New Popemobile & Take KCC to Work!

3wksold_postbandingGuinness is giving Chiefs fans a chance to compete for Loudest Sports Facility.  The official record is 131.7 decibels at a soccer stadium in Turkey.  Arrowhead currently holds the world record for loudest GROANS.


Thirteen peregrine falcon chicks have hatched in the KC area this year.  Experts say this goes a long way toward replenishing our falcon population.  Locals say, FIRE UP THE GRILL!


A family in Michigan found a hash pipe inside their kid’s Happy Meal…or as I call it:  The REALLY happy meal.

******* Continue reading

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Leftridge: Royals Midyear Awards, Because Why Not?

ASMOandSalSo the All Star Game is in the books—a delightfully pointless affair that serves only to illuminate the pageantry in professional sports—and we’re left with nothing but the memories. Neil Diamond warbling his way through a cacophony of boos that FOX attempted to hide. A genuinely touching moment honoring the greatest closer in the history of baseball. A ROYALS PLAYER GETTING A HIT FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE BO JACKSON. Three Royals on the field at once, nearly making my head explode. The AL winning 3-0, thereby securing home field advantage in the World Series.

You know all of this, I’m sure.

Now we’re at the unofficial midpoint—the real halfway mark having occurred weeks ago—the time at which lawn-chair GMs decide whether their team should be buyers or sellers at the trade deadline, and baseball writing know-it-alls bestow meaningless “Midyear Awards” upon a bunch of millionaires who have no idea they’re being lauded with such prestigious honors.

And because I am no better than the lowest common denominator, here are my picks. Continue reading

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