Hearne: How Big a Bite Will ‘The Fan’ Take Out of WHB & 610 Sports?

kevinAbout new sports talk station The Fan

For starters it’s Kansas City’s only FM sports talk station at 102.5 FM. That’s actually huge, given that far fewer listeners today make their way to the AM dial where entrenched sports talkers WHB and 610 Sports reside.

As a 250 watt “translator” signal – coming off one of Cumulus’s HD2 frequencies here –  The Fan is hardly a force to be reckoned with. That said, in its previous life doing syndicated comedy it blew the doors off 610 Sports last month with a 2.1 share of listeners 6 and older and a cume of 199,800 listeners. Compare that to 610’s 1.6 share and  148,100 listeners.

The game plan for the new Fan: Continue reading

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Whinery: All in for Chuck Hagel as Defense Secretary

Chuck Hagel to be nominated as Defense secretaryNot in my wildest dreams would I have foreseen where President Obama would be be nominating a Conservative Republican…

But Secretary of Defense nominee Mr. Chuck Hagel has a lifetime rating of 85 from the American Conservative Union. Nor would I have guessed it would be Republicans torpedoing his confirmation.

Maybe the World ended and no one has told me yet. Continue reading

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Leftridge: Chiefs Formally Introduce New Walrus ‘Stached Overlord

reidfaceDepending on who you ask—and possibly what kind of mood they’re in at that given moment—the Chiefs’ hiring of head coach Andy Reid was either a brilliant move by a sinking ship or a stupid move by that very same goddamned sinking ship.

And then there are those still who take a middle ground, congenial fence-sitters who say things like, “Well, we’ll just have to see, won’t we?” And while this may be an unsatisfying position to take—particularly amongst those who choose to expound their views for public consumption—it is the right one, and I am one of those pussy-footed folks who prefer to take a seat far away from Oceans of Fun’s wave pool.

Simply put, I am not a football genius and I do not know what the Reid hiring will mean in the grand scheme of things. Nobody does, really, no matter their list of accolades, no matter the vibrancy of the pinstriped suit they choose to wear on Sunday morning gridiron roundtables.

Here are some thoughts I have, however, in no particular order of importance. Continue reading

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Hearne: Consumer Reports Disses Russell Stover, Lauds Christopher Elbow

p14695-Abilene-Russell_StoverAnother Valentine’s Day, more brickbats and bouquets for local chocolatiers…

Almost like clockwork it’s become the norm for Consumer Reports to roll out its tasting results of boxed chocolate candy in time for the Day of Love. Which as far back as 1996 has not bode well for Kansas City candy king Russell Stover. Continue reading

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Hearne: Sporting KC Wrestles with Ditching ‘Livestrong’ Name

afp-513378763-4_3_r560The moment of truth is at hand…

Sources say that the powers that be at Sporting Kansas City appear poised to end the soccer club’s affiliation with disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong‘s charity Livestrong. At this point in time, a final determination may not yet have been made, but the betting money is it will come soon.

Very soon.

“The publicity about Armstrong is just too bad at this point,” says a source. “But if they decide to drop Livestrong, I think they’re going to look for another charity.”

It’s not like this hasn’t been in the works for some time. Continue reading

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Donnelly: 2013 MLS All Star Game KC Bound but Possibly Not @ ‘Livestrong’

lance-armstrong-tour-de-france-2009Now, a couple of rumors…

 I’ve heard from reliable sources that the 2013 MLS All-Star game – held in late July – will take place in Kansas City, but maybe not at LIVESTRONG Sporting Park, a venue that has been nearly universally praised since its opening.


Here’s the deal. Continue reading

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Donnelly: Sporting Kansas City Places Three on US Men’s Team

146938506A little Sporting KC news to catch up on…

Last week it was announced that three SportosGraham Zusi, Matt Besler, and newcomer Benny Feilhaber – have been selected to the US Men’s National Team January camp in California.

That’s more than any other MLS club, and a good sign for Feilhaber, who seemed to be a bit out of favor lately with the national squad. Continue reading

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New Jack City: Kimmel Takes On Leno & Letterman—Except In K.C.

Jimmy-KimmelThe late night TV wars heat up tonight when ABC moves Jimmy Kimmel‘s popular midnight talkfest smack dab up against THE LATE SHOW with David Letterman and THE TONIGHT SHOW with Jay Leno at 10:35 p.m. Central.
Should make for quite a horse race.

Except in Kansas City. Continue reading

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Hearne: National Enquirer Takes First Bite Out of Tate Stevens ‘Reality’ Apple

tate_stevens_main_a_pWelcome to the Bigs…

Where there’s nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. Where tabloid “eyes” and cellphone cams lurk around every corner, in every honky-tonk and titty bar.

For months affable Belton street worker Tate Stevens has been living a dream life. Accolades aplenty for his award-winning performances on reality singing show The X Factor. A $5 million prize for taking top honors. Now he’s off to Nashville to record his first album.

So what’s not to like? Continue reading

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Leftridge: Jack Harry’s Top 18 Twitter Moments of 2012

harryTwitter is a funny place. It can be a source of breaking information (Hey—did you guys hear Scott Pioli is out?! I did… about 55 times in 20 minutes), a 140 character amateur hour or an insight into the personal behaviors of those who we view as important or entertaining. In short, it’s what we make of it.

Like most new media forms, it is sometimes hard to navigate. Learning how to reply to someone, how to favorite something and how to interact takes a little getting used to. If you’re ill-prepared for the experience, you’re happily cracking jokes about waiting in your doctor’s office one moment, and in the very next, you’re posting a picture of your dingus that was solely intended for the eyes of one special lady.

And while KSHB’s leathery sports honcho Jack Harry may not have posted a schlong-shot yet, he’s not without his struggles on the Twitter. For the most part, he just Tweets shit that sounds like his lead-ins to that night’s sport segments. In fact, they probably are. These are innocuous enough. But occasionally, Harry busts the Motorola out of his Chinos and produces some real gems.

For your pleasure, I present to you, “Jack Harry’s 18 Greatest Tweets of 2012.” Continue reading

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New Jack City: ‘Current TV’ Update—Al Jazeera Day Two

al-jazeera-osama-bin-ladenFollowing my story about CURRENT TV‘s sale yesterday to Al Jazeera I got some good laughs out of David Letterman‘s monologue last night in which he suggested new programming for the channel…

They included ditties like Storage Jihad, Project Birka and The Real Virgins of Faluka. He also suggested a new personality, Weird Al Jazeera to anchor Al Gore‘s now former network.

Then this morning, when I attempted to check out CURRENT TV on Channel 226 on Time Warner, it was gone—even though the program info at the bottom of the screen still listed all its programs, story lines and times. Continue reading

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Hearne: It’s Time for Chiefs Owner Clark Hunt to ‘Man Up’

Carolina Panthers v Kansas City ChiefsWhat’s with all the press releases?

It’s time for Chiefs “owner” Clark Hunt to dispense with all the carefully-worded, written statements, come out of hiding and communicate openly with Chiefs fans face-to-face.

That’s how his father, Chiefs founder Lamar Hunt played the game. Continue reading

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Hearne: New FM Sports Signal Could Spell Trouble for WHB, 610 Sports

DA-picAbout that new FM sports-talk signal…

102.5 The Fan is the name of the Cumulus Radio’s new game and it replaces the popular two year-old comedy station Funny 102.5 FM

The signal is what’s called a “translator” or low power station with a maximum “radiated” output of 250 watts. Local sports-talk station WHB, for example, has a daytime signal strength of 10,000 watts.

Thus the Cumulus-owned 102.5 The Fan is considered a “fill in” station.

All of that said, there are several interesting aspects to Kansas City’s finally getting its first FM sports signal.

Let’s take a look… Continue reading

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Hearne: Wakarusa Festival Ticket Sales Explode

Screen shot 2013-01-04 at 11.29.35 AMWham, bam!

Just like that ticket sales for this year’s Wakarusa Festival – the 10th – exploded with the partial announcement earlier this week of the lineup. Widespread Panic, Of Monsters and Men and Yonder Mountain String Band, to name three.

“And that was only a third of my lineup,” says promoter Brett Mosiman. “I think we’re going to sell out in advance this year.” Continue reading

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Jack Goes Confidential: Bill Murray Humanizes F.D.R. In ‘Hyde Park On Hudson’

mfwq54-mfwpnthydeVanity Fair raves that “Bill Murray gives a truly presidential performance” in HYDE PARK ON HUDSON

I agree. Only problem is, it overshadows the rest of the movie which seems to lose its focus and direction. Continue reading

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Jack Goes Confidential: ‘THE IMPOSSIBLE’ – Nothing is More Powerful Than the Human Spirit

NAOMI WATTS and TOM HOLLAND star in THE IMPOSSIBLETHE IMPOSSIBLE is one of the most powerful disaster stories I’ve ever seen…
It’s the awe-inspiring tale of one family’s survival of the infamous 2004 tsunami. Continue reading

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Starbeams: Meteor Show Tonight, Marty Schott Tomo?

martyTonight we’ll all bask in the Quadrantid meteor shower…

The Quads,  as they are known, will start at 11:00 and peak 8 hours later.  Unfortunately much of the nation will be in daylight when they hit, so the best viewing will be in Asia.
Most Americans will have to relive the event in photos. Be careful if you’re doing that, because the last time I Googled ASIAN PHOTOS, I received a visit from our H.R. department.


Several Chiefs fans have expressed interest in bringing Marty Schottenheimer
back to Arrowhead.  Marty was known for his defense, but he also had a reputation for scoring…at your neighborhood Tanner’s. Continue reading

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New Jack City: Adios Al Gore–Hello Al Jazeera

al-jazeera-current-tv-al-goreWith the newly announced purchase of Al Gore’s cable channel CURRENT TV by Al Jazeera, all eyes are now on Time Warner Cable.

TWC is the nation’s second largest cable provider and provides the CURRENT TV channel to approximately 12.1 million subscribers. Continue reading

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Hearne: Theater League Honcho Weighs in on ‘Les Miz’ Movie

les_miserables_hugh_jackman_posterFinally got the bat off my shoulder and caught Les Miserables at my new favorite movieplex, the Alamo Drafthouse Mainstreet

For starters, I screwed up. An editing snafu forced me to re-write from scratch my scoop on the Beaumont Club closing. Because of that, I totally missed the Alamo’s recommended get-there-a-half hour early recommendation. Thus I missed the cool pre-movie shorts unique to the Alamo experience. I was bummed.

Don’t let that happen to you.

I digress. Continue reading

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Sounds Good: Wakarusa 2013 Lineup, Rev Gusto@Jackpot, Father John Misty@Bottleneck

wsp_home_100825I  can see the light at the end of the tunnel…

We’ve almost cleared the slowest time of the year for live music, so don’t worry.  Plus there’s obviously a ton of football in the coming days, so at least you can keep yourself occupied.

And if you try hard enough, you can almost feel the summer heat emanating out of a certain office in Lawrence – that of Pipeline Productions – run by promoter Brett Mosiman.  Mosiman just released the first of several rounds of artists for this summer’s Wakarusa – May 30 – June 2nd in Arkansas – and here’s what we’re looking at so far:

Widespread Panic, Of Monsters and Men, Yonder Mountain String Band, Son Volt, SAVOY, and about two dozen more.  Check out the rest on their Facebook page.  So whaddya think so far?

Continue reading

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