Hearne: PR Dude Wipes Out Bambi, Totals Land Yacht

At long last Kansas City PR dude Will Gregory is sporting a new set of wheels…

The reason: “A deer hit me in broad daylight,” Gregory says. “I was coming home from a kids soccer game in Lee’s Summit.”

How many points?

“Uh, I don’t think it had horns,” he says. “I was actually on the phone when it happened, but I wasn’t drinking. I was distracted when the deer plowed into my car but I stayed in my lane.”

So Gregory got sideswiped is his story?

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Starbeams: Power & Light Parking Problems, Bradley Wiggins & Michael Phelps

The Power & Light Building in downtown Kansas City is under contract to a Minneapolis developer who wants to turn the historic building into more than 200 apartments.  Great.  Now I’ll have to park even farther away to get free parking for the Boat Show.


The Royals rebuilding program is in high gear.  In fact, several of the team’s starting pitchers at the beginning of the season will assist in converting the Power & Light building into apartments. Continue reading

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Donnelly: Sporting Offense Sputters @ Home but Defense Best in MLS

Sporting Kansas City moved into second place in the Eastern Conference this weekend with a lackluster 0-0 draw at home against the lowly New England Revolution

The one positive to take from this game:  Sporting’s defense.

Jimmy Nielsen and the back four again came up huge, and are allowing the fewest goals in the league, with a .90 goals against average. Continue reading

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Hearne: The Sad, In Denial, Whacky World of Some Sports Media

So many dumb-dumbs, so little time…

It’s crazy out here, 104 degree heat, movie rampages, otherwise reasonable people saying completely unreasonable things.

Let’s start with Missouri football coach Gary Pinkel who said the following last week about disgraced Penn State football coach Joe Paterno‘s role in the Jerry Sandusky child abuse coverup: Continue reading

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Hearne: Movie Theater Exit Doors Should Have Alarms

No two ways about it…

If the exit doors out of the now-infamous Cinemark movieplex in Aurora, Colorado had been equipped with audible alarms, there’s a good chance last week’s movie massacre wouldn’t have gone down as it did.

If at all.

And that’s a question movie plexes nationwide must now deliberate upon.

Frankly, it’s not like the door alarm systems are prohibitively expensive. What retail store, hotel or office doesn’t have a few of them? Continue reading

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New Jack City: The Dark Knight Rises Above Tragedy

The big question in movie industry circles is if and how the Aurora theater tragedy would effect this summer’s most anticipated movie…

To be honest, numbers have not been easy to come by. The major box office reporting services are laying low and won’t release them until Monday.

But through a number of sources, indications are that THE DARK KNIGHT RISES will have taken a slight hit from previous ticket sales predictions. Continue reading

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Hearne: Pitch Story on Fired Star Columnist Rife with Errors

Turnabout is fair play…

While it’s clear former Kansas City Star columnist Steve Penn‘s lawyer was more than a little sloppy in penning a lawsuit on Penn’s behalf against the newspaper, it’s ironic that in blasting Penn for those errors and omissions, the Pitch unleashed a bevy of its own errors while pillorying Penn and his lawsuit.

Case in point, the online correction the Pitch ran: Continue reading

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Hearne: KC Star Celebrates, Then Drops Furlough Bomb

Seems a certain local media blogger dude fell asleep at the wheel this past week….

And missed a pretty big story down 18th and Grand way at the Kansas City Star. Hey, it happens. It was a busy week for KC Confidential with the changeover from our less-than-two-year-old, but still rickety former Web site. It’s been a little bumpy, but we’re sorting things out and still have a redesign in the works.

But back to the Star…

Just when its beaten, battered editorial staff thought it was safe to go outside – after five long years of layoffs, cutbacks and other indignities – things appeared to have settled some. The paper’s been chock full of ads and its online game has been growing. Heck, new publisher Mi-Ai Parrish was so stoked about ad sales she threw a huge bash for the sales staff in late June. Continue reading

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Hearne: Jury Out on Post Massacre Dark Knight Ticket Sales

Tired of CNN anchors endless repetition of the claim that they want to focus on the victims not the shooter?

When it’s blatantly obvious they’ll spend the next however many weeks or months doing just the opposite? Unearthing each and every detail about the dude who knocked off a dozen moviegoers and wounded scores more in Colorado. Continue reading

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Leftridge: Trade Deadline Approaches; Is it Curtains for Broxton, Betancourt and Francoeur?

With a little more than a week left in July and the non-waiver trade deadline fast approaching, Royals’ General Manager Dayton Moore is undoubtedly locked in his office, deep within the cavernous confines of a hidden spot well within the bowels of Kauffman Stadium, a phone glued to his ear, shouting with the manic intensity of a coked-up day trader. He’s probably emailing files and video clips, screaming about WAR and ERA and other three letter phrases that mean nothing to his mother, in a valiant effort to prove that his pile of shit is better than YOUR pile a shit, so you’d do well to listen. Continue reading

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Chuck: Holy Smokes Batman, Maybe We Should Protect Ourselves

“We prohibit under anathema that murderous art of crossbowmen, which is hated by God, to be employed against Christians and Catholics from now on.”

So it was, that in April of 1139, at the 2nd Lateran Council, Pope Innocent the II banned the Crossbow.  The armor piercing effects of this weapon gave way to the more devastating Longbow, which in turn was banned as a battlefield weapon by the Magna Carta in 1215. Continue reading

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Glazer: Canada Braces for Scribe’s Cartoon Debut

Check out the story about me in today’s Stargazing by Lisa Gutierrez

It’s headlined “Glazers in your midst.”  Lisa did a nice piece about the STANFORD AND SONS cartoon pilot being selected from hundreds around the world to be screened at the Montreal Comedy Festival‘s Just For Laughs next week.

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Hearne: Crying Babies Have No Biz @ Batman Shootings

There was more than enough sadness and despair stemming from yesterday’s  tragic shootings in an Aurora, Colorado movie theater…

But maybe – just maybe – there were a few less obvious lessons to be learned too. Subtler things than doing away with midnight screenings or not allowing movie geeks to wear makeup, Star Wars suits and the like. Continue reading

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New Jack City: Industry Faces Off-Screen Crisis After Batman Massacre

What happened this morning at the midnight premiere of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES at Cinemark’s Century 16 Theatres complex in suburban Aurora, Colorado could happen anywhere.

And it has!

At shopping centers, churches, schools, airports, aboard aircraft, at supermarkets, in hospitals—and now again at a theater.

The big question is how will it effect the movie experience in the short term?

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Donnelly: Dirty Projectors at the Granada, July 18, 2012

“Sometimes they sound like they’re playing two different songs at the same time.”

That’s how one concert-goer explained to me her experience with Dirty Projectors Wednesday night at the Granada in Lawrence.

And it’s kind of true.

The Brooklyn-based, experimental indie rock band has certainly never taken a page out of the songwriter’s handbook in crafting their intricate, and at times, off-putting tunes. And I’m guessing they wouldn’t be caught dead rhyming a lyric or doing the typical verse-verse-chorus-bridge thing, either. Continue reading

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Glazer: Matt Cassel Still Sucks but This Could be Chiefs Year

More good news…

I’ve done nothing but put the Chiefs down for several years, but can you blame me?

I had them under 7 1/2 wins on a bet last year and barely made it. Why? THE CHIEFS DEFENSE.

But this season – lord help me – I might just might buy into this football team. Continue reading

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Starbeams: Snakebit in Lenexa, Top 5 Ways to Spot a Joco Rattlesnake

Fifteen  year-old Roy Christiansen had quite a surprise while walking down a sidewalk in Lenexa when a rattlesnake bit his leg!  He received 11 vials of anti-venom and spent two days at Children’s Mercy Hospital.
Experts say snakes are attracted to rodents being attracted to our lawn sprinklers during this hot, dry summer.

The Top 5 Ways To Spot a Johnson County Rattlesnake:

#5.  It hibernates in Fiji. Continue reading

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Glazer: Ring the Bell, Close the Book, Blow Out the Candle – Royals Are Done

I’ve got good news, the Royals season is over!

Okay, they’re still playing, but now that they are 900 games under .500 – I’m kidding, OK? – and we are getting into August, it’s over.

The Royals season this year ended in April, as usual.

This time out with a 12 game home losing streak. Nice. The Royals never battled back, they have nothing to battle with!

There is no starting pitching and the hitting was a huge let down. As usual, the team is promising to be a contender…by 2014.

“You’ll see a big difference next season, just you wait.”

Don’t we hear all that every year? Continue reading

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Jack Goes Confidential: Christopher Nolan’s Batman Finale Explodes onto Record 11,000 Screens

It’s hard to describe the final chapter in Christopher Nolan‘s three part saga of Batman without giving away the juice—which I won’t do…

So consider this more of an impression than a review of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES.

The story picks up eight years after the menacing actions of 2008’s THE DARK KNIGHT. Bruce Wayne/Batman has been out of sight in a self imposed exile, vilified as an enemy of Gotham City and still bearing the blame for the death of Harvey Dent. Continue reading

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We’re about a 110 days out from the most important Presidential Election this Country has ever seen…

Against the dynamic personality of President Obama, the Republicans have settled for Mitt Romney as their nominee. Unfortunately, Romney’s not the most charismatic fellow. Which is why his choice of Vice-President is of utmost importance.

Here’s what I’m afraid of… Continue reading

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