Hearne: Scribe Scratches, Recalculates Chiefs, Mizzou

Maty Mauk

Maty Mauk

Time for some navel-gazing…

Following the Missouri Tigers stunning (and impressive) win at Georgia this past Saturday, it’s time to re-read some of those early season tea leaves. As well as look ahead to the Chiefs historic 6-0 (going on 7-0) start.

“Missouri and the Chiefs are doing a lot of things very similarly,” says sports scribe Craig Glazer of Stanford & Sons. “The breaks have been going their way, but Missouri just caught a bad break and lost their starting quarterback. And the Chiefs are in a precarious position because they’re using a guy who’s little and good and they’re over-using him.”

That would be running back Jamaal Charles.

Next up? Continue reading

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Hearne: The Attendance @ This Year’s WaterFire; Would You Believe 5,000?

IMG_2941Why do promoters insist on inflating and exaggerating attendance figures?

If you stop and think about it, the answer’s somewhat obvious. Because size matters and smaller crowds can lend the perception that an event like last weekend’s New Age gang bang WaterFire on the Plaza is somehow less important or significant than its organizers would like it to be thought of.

Here’s how Popular Mechanics story “The Curious Science of Counting a Crowd” put it: 

“Crowd-size estimation is tough for people who want to do it right. But when turnout implies clout, then politicians and event organizers have plenty of motivation to exaggerate the head count. Through careful research, though, it is possible to make better crowd-size estimates that aren’t the result of political bias.” Continue reading

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Donnelly: US National Team Starts Flat, Relies on Late Zusi Gamewinner to Beat Jamaica

A raucous, red, white, and blue crowd invaded The Legends Friday afternoon for the World Cup Qualifier between the US and Jamaica.  The fans came out early, with many hitting the American Outlaws tailgate party in the parking lot of Community America Ballpark.

By the time the game rolled around, the crowd was ready to sing some songs and urge on their boys.  Inside the stadium, the singing was super loud – the capos led a huge supporter’s section on the south end, aided by some sort of amplification to get everyone in sync.   Continue reading

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Paul Wilson: Kansas City’s Logo Lunacy…Full Moon, Anyone?

23661790_BG2I awoke this morning to a lovely pair of texts…

The first informed me that an esteemed, high school classmate had died. RIP, Dick, you were a good man. The second was from a Kansas City artist asking if I would address the new Kansas City logo hubbub on KCC, referencing disagreements he had with other stories on the subject.

Truth be told, I had no interest in writing about this because to me, the new logo was boring and totally uncreative. Besides, logo and brand change controversies have been around forever. However there was an interesting side to this story, enter your well-coiffed Scribe. Continue reading

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Paul Wilson: The Government; Closed for Biz, Except for Tee Time & Cookie Monster

120208031217-woods-8-2-12-story-topCNN’s website tracking the impact of the government’s shut down, lists in excess of 85 agencies either boarded up or partially closed…

The 800,000 furloughed workers come from all the big names you’d expect; Commodity Futures Trading Commission, the Departments of Commerce, Education, Energy, Interior, Justice, Labor, Transportation and Treasury.

Those government employees are joined in their impromptu vacations by others from the EPA, EEOC, FDIC, FCC, FTC, IRS, GSA, NASA, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, SBA, USDA and US Trade…to name only a few.

No telling when they’ll be back to work, but they should take this time, enjoy the families, go to the beach or play some golf. The weather’s still great; the scenery can’t be beat – go hit that little white ball! Continue reading

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Edelman: Bare Naked Ladies @ The Uptown 10/10/13

Barenaked_Ladies_miming_golfLeave it to four nice guys from up north, don’t you know, to show red and blue staters how to get along…

Bare Naked Ladies at the Uptown was a classy lesson in rock and roll bonhomie (and a great show at a terrific venue).

Kicking things off with “Odds Are,” the first single from their new CD Grinning Streak (check out the very funny BNL video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Sw9Fh6uk4Q), lead singer Ed Robertson (a ringer for actor Adam Arkin, or vice versa) and bass player Jim Creggan hopped and hollered through 100+ minutes of musical mirth and melancholy. Drummer Tyler Stewart rocked the room while the versatile Kevin Hearn (taking over for original Naked Lady Steven Page) played just about every band instrument known to man. Continue reading

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Sutherland: Johnson County’s Dumb And Dumber (And Dumbest)

dumb-and-dumber-dumb-and-dumber-485972_1024_768Rarely does the staff of the Star show why they qualify as the “short-bus” riders of political intelligence so succinctly.

In an article by Yael Abouhalkah (“Abacadabra”), he decribes how there is “trouble in Johnson County’s paradise.”  He does this by way of back-drop for the race next year for the Chairman of the Board of County Commissioners between the incumbent Mr. Ed (The Talking Horse’s Ass) Eilert of Overland Park, and Mr. Laura Scott, a.k.a. Ed Peterson, a fellow Commission member from Fairway. Continue reading

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Glazer: Scibe Puts the Pigskin to Chiefs, Tigers, Wildkitties

tony_gonzalez_landingAs I said earlier this week on KC Confidential, there’s a big concern by Chiefs fans that our quarterback Alex Smith isn’t good enough to take the team to the Super Bowl

Obviously I disagree. First, I’ve said many times, given the fact that Alex has very few weapons to throw to, he’s done a very good job.  Let’s face it, the front office did little in the off-season to bolster our weak corps of receivers.  The only solid performer we’ve added is Donnie Avery from Indianapolis.  He has certainly been above average.  We all know about the tight end situation.

And no, Tony Gonzalez is not coming home.  Continue reading

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Paul Wilson: Weak in Review October 11, 2013

Baby_PleaseIOWA – Infants Out Wandering

Oh man, how long has it been since we had a really great “wandering kid” story? Fear not, today I’ve got a double header for you.

Officers were trying to locate the parents of four children found alone in two separate locations in our fair city. The first child was found near 40th and Mill Street in Westport late Thursday morning in a diaper running across six lanes of the Southwest Trafficway!

Mom was found just after noon and the Cops have a couple of questions for her.

Then, over at 76th and Monroe, just before lunch Thursday, they found another one. When authorities figured out where the little bugger lived, there were two infant twins inside the house alone and Mom said she’d only been gone about 20 minutes. Continue reading

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Paul Wilson: Is the ObamaPhone Really Obama’s Phone? Conclusion

tumblr_mqgiyfic841qlatf4o1_1280We all now know that the “ObamaPhone” has nothing to do with President Obama

All the man has done is enjoy a wave of branding popularity, while not bothering to step forward and clarify that it’s not his program. Who would?

Like Obama or not, it’s been marketing genius.

I concluded yesterday by saying that if you think it’s had positive impact on Obama, it doesn’t hold a candle to what it’s done for TracFone/SafeLink telecom mogul Carlos Slim’s wallet (not to be confused with Carlos Danger).

It was George W. Bush‘s administration that allowed TracFone in the game to begin with, in 2008.

So who is TracFone? Continue reading

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Jack Goes Confidential: ‘Captain Phillips’ a Harrowing Pirate Tale of Endurance

Captain-PhillipsTom Hanks is back with two major movies this Oscar season…

In December he portrays Walt Disney in SAVING MR. BANKS opposite Emma Thompson which already is generating lots of buzz.

This weekend he stars as Richard Phillips, a seasoned container ship captain who has an uneasy feeling about his next assignment—suspecting that this job won’t be incident free.

The captain’s intuition proves correct when his unarmed cargo vessel is taken over by four machine gun wielding pirates off the Somalian coast. Continue reading

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Hearne: Will the Real ‘WaterFire’ Please Stand Up (And Be Counted)?

the_protest_crowd_numbers_gameThink of it, as a variation on the if you build, they will come concept…

If you hype, they will believe…maybe even come. So it is with the brief history of WaterFire in Kansas City, one of the duller, more overhyped events to hit the Cowtown.

First a few kind words about organizer Karen Holland.

Holland, who brought the Cow Parade to KC in the early 2000s – and for her trouble was pilloried by Star art critic Alice Thorson and pretty much every legit artist in town – is a well-intentioned woman. She truly believes that mixing burning pylons on an open sewer like Brush Creek with New Age music wafting through the air is a winner. Another Plaza Lighting Ceremony or Plaza Art Fair in the making. Hey, for Holland and a finite number of New Agers, it probably is.

And maybe this baby will grow and succeed despite its pretentiousness. Continue reading

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Donnelly: Sporting Draw at Houston With Depleted Squad

Still battling for the Supporter’s Shield, Sporting KC took to the road Wednesday night for a match up with the Houston Dynamo, a team that has been KC’s kryptonite the last few seasons.

And as has been the case lately, the game was an ugly one, with little fluidity.  In the end, though, KC wasn’t too unhappy taking the 0-0 draw and earning a point on the road, even though a win would have clinched a playoff spot. Continue reading

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Hearne: The Incredible Lightness (& Loneliness) of The Elms in Excelsior Springs

IMG_2822Holy crap, I’m trapped in Excelsior Springs and the bloom is off the rose…

After staying at the historic Arlington in Hot Springs, Arkansas last spring I had a brainstorm. Flattering online photos aside, the Arlington was a dump – beautiful outside, run down inside.

Which got me to thinking, why drag all the way down to Arkansas when the newly remodeled Elms in Excelsior Springs is but a hop, skip and jump away?  Continue reading

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Paul Wilson: One Week into Government Shutdown; It’s No Walk in the Park

Pisgah Inn

Pisgah Inn

A recap of where we seem to be today from the “You Can’t Make This Up Department.”

And it just keeps getting better.

Mallory Micetich, spokeswoman for the House Natural Resources Committee provided an example of where the privately owned Pisgah Inn located on the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina had its parking lot blocked by park rangers. The government was shut down, and so was the Inn until 5 p.m. yesterday.

So much for privately owned property in a Federal Park area. Continue reading

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Paul Wilson: Is the ObamaPhone Really Obama’s Phone? — Part 2 —

UnknownI left off yesterday on how the Universal Service Fund works, how it’s funded and why…

We learned the ObamaPhone actually had its roots in legislation passed by FDR in a deal between telecommunications companies and President Wilson, modified by Reagan and Bush.

Now let’s dig a little deeper.

USF/Lifeline doesn’t physically give away telephones to qualified candidates; they fund the companies who do to the tune of about $9.25 a month for the basic customer. Today, 38 states participate in the Lifeline program offering a free cell phone with 250 minutes per month and limited texts.

To qualify for a phone, you have to be at 125-135% of the poverty level and close to 20 million people have signed up; an increase of about 7 million from 4 years ago. Continue reading

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Leftridge: TV Time: American Horror Story: Coven Premiers Tonight

AHScoverIn the hierarchy of Things That Are Supposed to be Scary but Aren’t, witches are at the top of my list. For every Blair Witch (who was only scary because she went unseen and could have been just about anything) and Wicked Witch (who was only scary because you were five years old and JESUS, THAT GREEN FACE AND HAUNTING CACKLE), there are REAL witches. Frumpy, middle aged white women who live in sensible studio apartments, burn black and purple candles and wear flowing robes to hide their girth. They’ve replaced aspirations of true love with a collection of cats and they worship things like “the earth” and “the wind.” They ARE frightening, but only as an unyielding reminder of dying alone.

So it will be with marked trepidation that I begin this season’s installment of American Horror Story, which starts tonight on FX.

Because it’s about witches, so, strike one. (The first episode is titled “Bitchcraft,” which is so, SO lame.)

I’m willing to give it a go, however, because I like the franchise. All apologies to The Ghost Whisperer (which may or may not still be a show), but AHS is the best “paranormal” show currently on television. Continue reading

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Hearne: Star Staffer Explains New Facebook Req, Talks Tony


Not Tony’s Kansas City
a parody

There’s just no escaping the touchy issue of anonymous comments online…

The latest: Pitch editor Scott Wilson‘s dissing of the Kansas City Star‘s new Facebook-only comments requirement.

“How’s that new commenting system workin’ out for ya, KC Star?” Wilson’s headline entreats.

“Media watchers and trolls alike took note last month (actually in August) when the daily began requiring every commenter to log in through his or her Facebook account,” Wilson writes. “The idea was to avoid another trollpocalypse such as the one that followed the Star‘s coverage of the Missouri State Fair’s clowngate crisis. Now every story that allows comments at kcstar.com kicks off that section with this sunny verbiage:”

Continue reading

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Hearne: Ex KC Comic Jason Sudeikis Called on Curb by Fiancée

Screen shot 2013-10-09 at 11.35.03 AM

Johnny Dare

Celebs who are notorious for being curt and often rude to local hero worshippers. Starting with George Brett, Tom Watson and Len Dawson to name but three. There are some nice guys, too. Channel 9 anchor Larry Moore and Johnny Dare, for example.

But for the purposes of this item, let’s stick with the former. The celebrities we worship that always manage to act nice around most members of the media or when the cameras are rolling, but are all too often dicks when fans come up and want to praise them or – heaven forbid – ask for an autograph.

When brings us to this story in the National Enquirer about KC and Saturday Night Live alum Jason Sudeikis. Continue reading

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