Donnelly: Zusi Impresses as US Dominates in 1-0 Win Over Jamaica

The U.S. Men’s National Team bounced back Tuesday in Columbus with a 1-0 win over an athletic Jamaica squad that beat the Yanks just days earlier in Kingston – their first victory over the US… EVER.

And wouldn’t you know it, front and center was Sporting KC string-puller Graham Zusi, who had his best (by far) game in his young international career.  Zusi got off an opportunistic pot shot that hit the cross bar in the 6th minute, cranked a close range rebound shot off the Jamaican keeper’s foot a few minutes later, and sent a blistering left footed volley just over the bar toward the end of the first half. Continue reading

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New Jack City: Jason Sudeikis Days Numbered on Saturday Night Live

There’s one less exit pending on SNL—at least for the time being…

According to VARIETY, NBC is expected to announce later today that Johnson County export Jason Sudeikis will stay with the long running late night comedy series at least until January of 2013.

Why? Continue reading

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New Jack City: Jack’s Hygienist Sex Story Goes Oral

You never know…

Little did I suspect I’d get all of the opinions and comments – not just here on KCC – but from friends and acquaintances who read yesterday’s “Jack Gets Propositioned” story and contacted me afterwards.

The outcome of the Carla dating saga?

It’ll be revealed here soon enough. But until then here are a few excerpts from my favorite comments to the story so far: Continue reading

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Sounds Good: Red Bull Locally Thrown@Granada, Wild Nothing@Jackpot, The Melvins@Bottleneck

Any of you guys heard of this Winfield thing going on down south this weekend?

Apparently, lots of local musiciaPhotobucketns are heading down for some hootenanny, leaving the Lawrence and KC cupboards bare of any roots, bluegrass, and country for the time being.

But don’t panic, oh loyal KCC music lovers.  If you can’t make the jaunt down to the Valley, pop on over to Lawrence for some killer shows, starting on Wednesday with a truly unique showcase that mashes a half dozen local artists into one giant ball of sound.

Allow me to explain…. Continue reading

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Edelman: A Motherfucker of a New Play at The Unicorn

The Unicorn Theatre kicks the 2012-13 theater season into coked-up overdrive with the area premier of Stephen Guirgis‘ delightful, touching comedy The Motherfucker With the Hat (now through September 30 at the theater at 3828 Main).

Spoiler alert– this play is a Motherfucker!

A darling of NYC’s off-off-Broadway scene (and onetime contributor to “NYPD Blue” and “The Sopranos”), playwright Guirgis has created one of the wildest dramatis personaes you’re ever going to see in a Kansas City theater. Continue reading

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Glazer: Ad Wars Rage in Presidential Politics & the Winner is….

The presidential television commercials are coming at us like bills in the mail…

We’re on overload.

Mitt Romney not only appears to have the edge in spending on TV advertising, he has it. The Barack Obama group now says it will add a truckload of new ads…starting now.

And now we’re told Obama was able to raise even more bucks than Mitt this past month.

The big difference in the Obama ads being Bill Clinton is on board.

Who has more charisma than this guy? Nobody. Continue reading

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Glazer: Sexiest Chief & Other Chiefs QBs Who Hated KC

What do Elvis Grbac, Matt Cassel and Steve Bono all have in common?

Yes, they’re all former or current (and soon to be former) quarterbacks for the Kansas City Chiefs.

More importantly, they were all failures.

Now one could argue about Bono, since he did lead that outstanding 1995 team with Marcus Allen, Derrick Thomas and Neil Smith. But it was just for the one year, after that…bye-bye Stevie.

The other thing they had in common was a clear uneasy feeling about living in KC. Continue reading

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Hearne: Lezak on How Dry We Are & Will Continue to Be Until…

Maybe Kansas City should schedule more Irish Fests

You know, in the interest of the area getting more rainfall.  After all, we’re in a drought and as most local worshipers of all things Irish know, the 10 year-old Irish Fest is one of the best torrential rain magnets going. The first fest got washed off the face of the map resulting in it having to move indoors to hotel rooms and the lobby of the Phillips House downtown. It rained so hard there almost wasn’t a second.

And this year’s rain soaked fest was accompanied by the headline,”Luck of the Irish Fest excludes the weather.”

Which brings us to the current drought plaguing the area… Continue reading

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New Jack City: Jack Gets Propositioned

I’ve been sitting on this little personal story for awhile…

Earlier this summer during a party at a friend’s place, an acquaintance took me aside for a private conversation. He said that he wanted to fix me up with this friend. A young lady that I would really like. He said she was a dental hygienist and that she had a young son living with her in their Mission apartment.

He reasoned that Carla (not her real name) and I had a lot in common. Her favorite hobbies included movies and travel. Obviously right up my alley, right?

But there was a wrinkle in the equation. Continue reading

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Star Search: Dread, Shock & Awe Await KC Star Newsroom Inhabitants

“Rooms should not be put together for show but to nourish one’s well- being.”

So stated celebrated American interior designer Albert Hadley.

That aside, newsroom staffers at the Kansas City Star are quaking with dread over the prospect of taking up residence in the newspaper’s vast, newly-redesigned newsroom.

“I should send you a picture,” says one newsroom inhabitant. “Everybody in the whole news division is going to be packed into it – news, sports, business, Ink, features – everybody except the library and the people in Johnson County will be squeezed in there. I mean everybody gets like a seven-by-seven cube and they have no high privacy boards so you’ll be able to see everybody’s heads, hear everybody. Imagine if you’re interviewing somebody.” Continue reading

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Mancow: How to Blow Your Economic Stimulus Check in 5 Easy Steps

Sometime this year, taxpayers are supposed to receive an Economic Stimulus payment…

This is indeed a very exciting program, and I’ll explain it by using a Q & A format:

Q. What is an Economic Stimulus payment?
A. It’s money the federal government will send to taxpayers.

Q. Where will the government get this money?
A. From taxpayers.

Q. So the government is giving me back my own money?
A. Only a smidgen of it.

Q. What is the purpose of this payment? Continue reading

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Glazer: Scribes Places Big Bet, Wins in Vegas & Braces for Chiefs Season

Vegas is great…again!

This time I’m staying at Mandalay Bay. Great place. I’d only visited here a couple of times before, never stayed. On one occasion, I saw my former girlfriend, Sandhal Bergman when she starred in the play Chicago.  On another, I produced a show for Red Development starring J. J. Walker at House of Blues.  The rooms are decent, there’s lots to do, it’s kept up well and there are good quality crowds.

And there are some fantastic rock bands playing nightly all over the casino.

It’s a very large, and fairly active casino. Another feature is a fun choice of pools, and if you come for a visit, you have to check out the shark reef! Well done, guys.

It was about 102 degrees today, clear and dry. My best gal pal Gina from California is here with me, sweet lady, and we are enjoying a relaxing three days and nights.

Now the big news….drum roll…what did I tell you about the Chumps?  Continue reading

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Starbeams: Forgotten Royals, Clinton Goes Oral, Brownback’s Folly

You can tell it’s time for Chiefs football when we reach the point of the year when you can’t find the Royals on Google.


It was strange to watch people raving about former President Clinton’s oral skills for a change.


Five area high schools have been designated 2012 National Blue Ribbon Schools.  Park Hill South, Lawson, Basehor-Linwood, Blue Valley High and St. Thomas Aquinas achieved Blue Ribbon StatusContinue reading

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Leftridge: Local Man Who Wrote Letter to Glass Buys Banner

David Glass, preparing to pluck a fish from a stream with his razor-sharp talons

Meet Joe Accurso. You might remember Joe from such exploits such as “The Guy Who Wrote the Letter to David Glass That Was Published in the Kansas City Star.

I initially shared my feelings about Joe’s efforts here, on this very website.

If you’re disinclined to read old stuff I’ve already spewed, here was the gist of what I said: nice idea, not the greatest execution. Only, you know, I took 1,000 words to say it because I tend to be a long-winded, rambling gasbag. It’s probably because I get paid by the word (not really. I don’t).

In any case, I said, “Joe, you’re a passionate man and blah blah blah, but who reads the paper anymore? What did you hope to accomplish? Why not some sort of digital petition? Why not stage some sort of walkout like Kietzman did 13 years ago? THE REVOLUTION WILL NOT BE TELEVISED!” or whatever. Continue reading

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Jack Goes Confidential: Bradley Cooper Plagiarises ‘THE WORDS’

Normally the weekend after Labor Day is a wash-out at the movies…

That’s not the case this year thanks to CBS FILMS’ new melodrama THE WORDS acquired at the Sundance Film Festival.

The movie marks a 180 degree turn for Bradley Cooper whom we’ve come to associate primarily with comedy roles.

What we’ve got here is a case of plagiarism embedded in a story of a story behind the story. Continue reading

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Mancow: Democrats Rewrite Reality, Lay Down Distortion Field

Joe Biden was the son of a car salesman…

Little known fact that Kurt Russell‘s character in USED CARS, Rudy, was based on Joe Biden’s father.

Not really, but the Democrats lie, so I figured I could.

Biden said in his DNC speech that he thought about his father when GM was on the brink before President Obama saved it. And how the people like his father would lose their jobs. Well, thanks to Obama’s program of taking over GM many of them did. Tens of thousands of GM employees lost their jobs.

Biden said that Obama listened as his advisers told him it was too risky to get involved. Continue reading

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Glazer: Scribe Saddles Up with College & NFL Football Picks

Let the games begin!

We’ve all been waiting for the NFL and the full college football weekend to unfold. Now it’s here! And you know what that means:

Glaze picks some games you may want to bet a couple bucks on.

Remember, the best place to do this is in Las Vegas or at betting parlors where gambling on sports is legal. Off shore online is popular but kind of a grey area of betting. Or you can always join a pick em league.

The game everyone is talking about around Kansas City is the Chiefs / Atlanta.

Tony G back in town. Three weeks ago the Chiefs were favored by 3, today they are a 3 point dog. Big swing. Why? Even though both teams had poor preseasons, the 1-3 Chiefs are badly injured on defense and showed no passing offense at all.

Atlanta’s Matt Ryan is a couple big games off becoming a top level quarterback, whereas Matt THE FRANCHISE Cassel is one of the leagues five worst. No argument. Unfortunately it’s a passing league. Continue reading

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Whinery: A Tale of Two Presidents

Having watched the speeches of former President Clinton and President
Barack Obama, I’m left longing for the past and all of the great times under

And filled with dread about the condition of our country at present. Now I may not always have glowing words for Obama, but I did have great hopes for the man.

Is everything wrong with the Country presently Obama’s fault?

Absolutely not!

But what have Obama and his policies done to help the country? What is Obama’s plan? Does anybody have a plan for that matter? Can Romney’s plan, whatever that may be, exactly… save the USA from becoming  Greece or some third world banana republic? Continue reading

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Sounds Good: Langhorne Slim@RecordBar, Buckwheat Zydeco@KU Lied Center, Hall & Oates@Starlight, Strider@Jackpot

 The days are getting shorter, football season is finally gearing up, sun dresses are disappearing (gasp), blah blah blah…

Besides the obvious though, what fall means to me is that the Harvest Music Festival is right around the corner.  For those not in the know, here’s the deal:

It’s held on the same grounds in Arkansas that Wakarusa now calls home.  But the vibe of this fest is much different.

Think less glow sticks, and more moonshine. Continue reading

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Glazer: Cleaver Strikes Out @ DNC & Beyond

I’d like to tell that you our guy – Congressman Emanuel Cleaver – hit it out of the park tonight…

Unfortunately, instead he gave his “Church Speech.”


Meaning, color me black. That’s what Cleaver really meant.

It was a hollow speech about nothing…like most political speeches.

Mitt Romney wants to lower taxes so he won’t have to pay any.”

Really? I don’t think so. Continue reading

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