Jack Goes Confidential: ‘Don Jon’ Spanks the Monkey

DON JONDON JON is the All American—make that AVERAGE American— guy…

He’s dedicated to family, friends, his church and women.

He’s also obsessed with porn!

Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s daily routine is finding just the right clips from his favorite porn sites. It’s as normal to him as taking a daily vitamin.

Let’s give credit where credit is due, Jon’s breakdown of women, porn stars, sexual positions and, for that matter, ALL things porn just might make you uncomfortable. All while your covering your face laughing.

Think Sex And The City—-for guys. Continue reading

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Sutherland: The Totalitarian Mind Mo-Kan Style

shelf-11In response to a series of postings I’ve done about various acts of ethically challenged behavior on the part of various local politicos and their backers, I’ve been hit with the familiar, “You’re just attacking them out of mean-spirited partisanship!”

However there’s never any attempt to contest my factual allegations or dispute my characterization of various actions.

I thought of this when I saw that a bio-pic is showing about the German-Jewish philosopher Hannah Arendt at The Tivoli in Westport.  Arendt is most famous for her coverage of the 1960’s war crimes trial of Nazi Adolph Eichmann.  She coined the phrase “banality of evil,” meaning that atrocities were more often perpetrated by bureaucratic mediocrities like Eichmann than by evil, master-mind, criminal geniuses.

Arendt should also be remembered for an insight in her “Origins of Totalitarianism.”  She described how one of the greatest advantages of totalitarian regimes like Hitler’s Germany or Stalin’s Russia was to turn any statement of fact into a question of motive.  That way if you’re a wrongdoer you don’t actually have to answer the specific allegations against you as long as you can ascribe some ulterior political motive to your accuser.

Thus Clay Blair, the moderate Republican chair of the Kansas Bioscience Authority, could ignore all the damning factual record on how he ran the KBA, by having his defenders say his accusers were just mean old Democrats.  Tom Thornton, the rapscallion president of the KBA (hired by Blair!), blew off the charges against him, with his champions saying it was vengeful conservative Republicans allied with Sam Brownback who were persecuting their guy.

Why even bother to offer a defense when the press and the prosecutors will not go after a Democrat or a moderate Republican?  Continue reading

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Leftridge: Royals’ Playoff Hopes Disappear, But That Doesn’t Mean Season Was a Bust

KsunsetMost of us were asleep when the Royals postseason hopes were finally dashed against the rocks. It was late—late for a lot of 9-5’ers, anyway—when the mostly hapless Seattle Mariners finished drubbing KC for a second straight shutout. Coupled with the Texas Rangers’ win (well, and wins by everyone else ahead of them in the Wild Card standings, really), the Boys in Blue saw their playoff aspirations crushed with a delicate whimper.

The great thing is, it was a hell of a season. It’s been decades since they kept people on the edge of their seats until late September. The leaves are changing, the nights are blessedly cool, and holy shit, the Royals are still in this thing, are things one might have overheard after the official start of Fall.

A terrible May of embarrassing play and a lack of consistent offensive production drove this ship down though, so now we must look forward to what could be an exceptionally exciting 2014.

Could be.

See, there are some major holes to fill. Continue reading

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Paul Wilson: Hillary Clinton Not Down With Weiner

 Huma Abedin (R), aide to US Secretary ofHuma Abedin, wife of Anthony “Carlos Danger” Weiner, top aid to Hillary Clinton has been told to dump her hubby or leave the Clinton team…

That’s the word anyway.

Why, you ask?

There are more than enough reasons. Especially were the Clintons the shining example of what defines monogamous, married, moral mates… but of course they’re not. Not even close.

And yes, Anthony Weiner has been spanked twice for sexting, the second time after he swore he’d stopped and had gotten “treatment” for his “disorder.” The newest damage, according to Hillary insiders was Weiner’s embarrassing loss of the New York Mayor’s race. And of course there was the middle finger flip off he gave the crowd as he drove away from his defeat party. Continue reading

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Jack Goes Confidential: ‘RUSH’ Delivers Your Need For Speed

rush_movie-wideEuropean Formula One racing sure ain’t NASCAR

F1 races don’t just go in circles. They wind through twisted roads, turns and past different locations at incredibly high speeds.

Against that backdrop director Ron Howard puts us smack in the middle of the legendary rivalry between two REAL F1 champs in the 1970’s. One is British bad boy and womanizing legend James Hunt. The other conservative Austrian driver Niki Lauda.

Their strong portrayals come courtesy of Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Bruhl respectively.

RUSH—staring death in the face at every turn, and beating it! Continue reading

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Paul Wilson: Today AMC, Tomorrow Hollywood?

Screen shot 2013-09-25 at 1.27.35 PM

Kate Beckinsale

No, your well-coiffed Scribe said it was just the dipping of billionaire Wang Jianlin‘s big Chinese toe in the water to test the temperatures.

I then predicted the ultimate move of AMC’s headquarters from their new, posh, Leawood digs to the Left Coast; I think you’ll see that in less than 3 years.

And now the next shoe drops as China’s richest man, the mastermind behind the $2.6 billion acquisition of  AMC,  announces plans to develop the Oriental Movie Metropolis, complete with 20 sound stages, the world’s first underwater studio, a convention and exhibition complex, a shopping mall with an indoor amusement park and seven resort hotels covering two square miles of land. Continue reading

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Sounds Good: Dead Girls @ Replay, Buzz Beach Ball @ Berkley Riverfront Park, Son Volt @ Knuckleheads, Youth Lagoon @ RecordBar

We really need some money.

Is it just me, or has this summer’s concert season been a bit lacking?

Now, of course, this is based entirely on my personal taste, which, if you have been a regular reader of this here website for the past little bit, you would know skews toward indie, alt-country, and boy bands.

For example, last summer I got to see: Phish, My Morning Jacket, The Lumineers, Merle Haggard, Bahamas, the Gaslight Anthem, and Dirty Projectors.  To name a few.  Summer before that was Arcade Fire, Bon Iver, Muse, Wilco, Steely Dan, again to name a few.

Is it just me?  Or has this year seen a decline in the amount of national touring acts coming through to grab some barbecue?  Just wondering…

To the pick-mobile! Continue reading

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Hearne: The Return of Don Fortune to Local Sports Talk Radio

Don Fortune KMBZ(1)OK, I lied…

Dandy Don Fortune is not coming back – not that I know of anyway – not physically. For one thing, he’s older than God now and he didn’t exactly depart the Cowtown in grand style. Everyone from then halfway young WHB sports yakker Kevin Kietzman to Star bloviator-in-chief Jason Whitlock couldn’t say enough about how old and out of it Fortune was.

WHB even mounted a billboard campaign called “Lose a Fortune.”

Remember that one?

So how long ago was it that Fortune got run out of town? Five years? Ten?

Try a dozen. Continue reading

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Whinery: Cruz Control vs. ObamaCare

ted_cruz2-620x412ObamaCare: The biggest job killing piece of legislation is about to
“partially” take effect October 1st…

And Ted Cruz, one of the few politicians who is actually trying to save us from this monstrosity is on the Senate Floor at the time of this writing railing against the evils of the “Affordable Care Act.” Because it’s not “affordable” and it limits the amount of “care” that only the plebians in society are subjected to in the “act.”

Our RULERS in Washington are either exempt from its dictates or are subsidized in
paying for its exorbitant costs.

And who wants this law anyway? Continue reading

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Cheap Lamictal Dispersible Online

Buy lamictal dispersible and Generic Lamotrigine tablets online for mental disorders. Available without prior prescription. Continue reading

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Hearne: The Enigma That is the Star’s Vahe Gregorian

Vahe-gregorianRaise your hand if you recognize the name Vahe Gregorian?

Lemme see, one, two, three…that’s it?

Truth be told, chances are if you’re a reader of KC Confidential you also keep an eye on the Kansas City Star and probably noticed when Vahe – may I call him Vahe? – effectively replaced Joe Posnanski a couple months back as the newspaper’s second sports columnist.

He’s the dude who looks like a mashup of John McCain and Joe McGuff’. 

Longtime readers may recall that I was bullish early on on Sam Mellinger in the wake of the Jason Whitlock debacle. I’m still a fan of Sam, even given my infinite ability to search for the cup half empty. Continue reading

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Paul Wilson: Kauffman Center Celebrates Second Anniversary

Kauffman GlassIn the interest of full disclosure…

I have two separate relationships with the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts as it enters its third season. Both of which I am eagerly celebrating.

First, they’re a client; they turned to me to handle the transition and project management as they moved into this fabulous facility. That was a huge honor, but equally so, has been having the ability to enjoy this piece of architectural brilliance as a mere patron.

It was designed by renowned architect Moshe Safdie and most people passing by the first time notice the 40,000 square feet of glass that makes up the Brandmeyer Great Hall. Few know, however, that in order to keep the acoustics pure, what you see is actually three buildings on three separate foundations so that no sound transfers between theatres on nights when there are events in both the Muriel McBrien Kauffman Theatre and the Helzberg Hall. Continue reading

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Starbeams: The Top 5 Signs You’re a Terrorist from Kansas City

matt_casselOne of the terrorists who stormed the shopping mall in Kenya was reportedly from Kansas City…

The Top 5 Signs You’re a Terrorist from Kansas City:

#5.  You torture prisoners by making them watch Chiefs games from the 2012 season.

#4.  You ride your camel slowly in the passing lane. Continue reading

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Paul Wilson: On Being a Kansas State Employee

11642797Having spent most of my career in project management and development or business process improvement, things jump out at me that many people may overlook in day to day circumstances…

A couple weeks back, when renting a vehicle, it was pointed out to me that my driver’s license had expired. For Kansas residents that happens on your birthday and mine was in July, meaning it had gotten over looked more than a few times by however many different agencies and by the holder of said license.

Which necessitated the feared and dreaded trip to the Kansas Driver’s License renewal facility. My last fond memory of that process was changing my license from Missouri to Kansas. Continue reading

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New Jack City: Doing The Time Warp Thing — Again

1619819203_d908325909Here’s a deal!

The latest SONY Betamex Home Recording System with up to 4.5 hour recording capabilities, fast play, freeze frame and Beta Scan listed at $1,250.50—Now special value priced at just $879.97.

The unit weighs in at 38 pounds.

Better yet PANASONIC’s 40 pound VHS Home Recording Model offering 2-4-6 hour recording, a digital tape counter, clock and time limiter—reduced from $895.00 to just $679.97. What a deal!

But it’s VHS which really doesn’t have much of a chance against Sony’s killer Betamex system, does it?

In a Time Warp? Continue reading

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Paul Wilson: Let’s Talk About Your Bum

Baby-wipes-636I had the occasion to be in far South Texas this weekend…

With plenty of time to ponder topics for future KCC stories. I caught a news story that prompted my interest in what appears to be yet another near nationwide crisis. No, it’s not ObamaCare or the NSA obtaining all of our personal data.

However our privacy is about to be invaded in the most personal way yet. Continue reading

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Donnelly: Sporting Back Atop East With Soggy Win at Toronto FC

“It was a straight battle. It wasn’t technical, it was wet, muddy, it was just a game that tested heart and spirit.”

That was CJ Sapong – who netted both KC goals – after a scrappy 2-1 Sporting KC win over Toronto FC.

The game really could have gone either way, with both squads failing to capitalize on their ample chances throughout the afternoon.

KC struck first, with a nice combo play that saw Graham Zusi play a long cross over everyone to Dom Dwyer, who nodded the ball back towards the spot where Sapong was wide open for the simple header.  Continue reading

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