Paul Wilson: The Midstream Weak in Review

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v New York YankeesA-Rod’s Plan B?

I’ve been in touch with people in A-Rod’s camp and they seems as disappointed as he is with the suspension handed down by baseball and the negative reaction from the crowd as he took the plate in Chicago Monday night. He’s deeply discouraged and wants to leave the game on his own terms.

To that end, we have it from insiders that A-Rod will begin immediately training for the Tour de France, seeing a huge void left by Lance Armstrong’s exit and thinks he may be the man to fill that void.

A-Rod already has sponsorship commitments from Biogenesis and the FDA and is selling yellow rubber bracelets for $5.00 inscribed with the words “I’m Riding for My Life, With Both Balls.” They can be purchased locally at It’s a Beautiful Day, Temple Slug, and 7th Heaven. Continue reading

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New Jack City: AMC’s New ‘Glass Palace’ a Sight to Behold

AMC-Theatre-Support-Center_Recent-ProjectsWhere was I?

Obviously not in Kansas anymore—or was I?

Sure enough it was the grand opening of AMC Entertainment’s new Theatre Support Center located at the Park Place development in South Leawood.

Could’ve fooled me, because touring the new four story state-of-the-art facility had the feel of something you’d expect to see at the headquarters of a Google or Apple.

Luring AMC across the state line with those ever so popular Kansas incentives has now provided America’s second largest theater circuit with an iconic 21st century, pristine new age headquarters that would’ve made company founder Stan Durwood proud. Continue reading

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Starbeams: McCaskill Hits Iowa, Shark Week & ‘Million Dollar Quiz’

hillary19n-4-webMissouri Senator Claire McCaskill looks to be one of the first candidates to venture into Iowa. Speculation is, she has hopes for a run for president in 2016.  Iowa residents love her because she’s from the state that gave them our international airport.


A 25-year-old Iowa woman spent the night in jail after she allegedly became intoxicated and ran through the water spectacular at Kauffman Stadium.  I’m not trying to read too much into this but her bail was paid by Claire McCaskill.

******* Continue reading

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Jack Goes Confidential: ‘We’re The Millers’—Griswold’s Eat Your Heart Out

were_the_millers_trailer_screengrab_-_h_2013Think updated NATIONAL LAMPOON’S VACATION

Except here they cross the border and things get a hell of a lot raunchier. WE’RE THE MILLERS is a hilarious road comedy that works. Its premise maybe far flung but its execution makes for an hour and 50 minutes of (often) laugh out loud sequences and happenings.

But be forewarned; some of the material said and shown would make the Griswold’s blush!

What we’ve got here is nice and easygoing, small time drug dealer – Kansas City refugee Jason Sudeikis – living the laid back neighborhood life.

That is until he’s robbed of his stash (and especially cash) which now leaves him with a major debt to his supplier. He’s Sudeikis old college classmate Ed Helms who’s become an eccentric, multi, MULTI millionaire and he’s not taking Sudeikis’ non-payment lightly.

Ah, but Helms puts a proposal on the table to even things out. Continue reading

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Paul Wilson: Hall’s Plaza to Resurface as Restoration Hardware

Image-Halls-on-the-PlazaBeing well-wired, your well-coiffed scribe entails always being on the bleeding edge of what’s moving and shaking in the KC metro rumor mill…

Long before the others know it or bring it to the printed word. Case in point:

When Halls Plaza vacates its ritzy Country Club Plaza digs for their soon-to-be renovated new home at Crown Center downtown, their former home is slated to undergo an extensive remodel of 18-24 months, and ropen as….RESTORATION HARDWARE!

That’s right, go ahead and rub your eyes, it’s true. Continue reading

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New Jack City: An August of Cinematic Charmers

THE WAY, WAY BACKMy favorite summer movie thus far?

THE WAY, WAY BACK which rolled into just three KC theaters in mid-July then added additional screens each subsequent week.

Fox Searchlight Pictures has successfully platformed this great little coming of age charmer from the very beginning. Had they dumped it immediately into wide national release it would’ve surely died a quiet death. It needed great word of mouth feedback—and it got it!

Steve Carell, Toni Collette, Allison Jenney, Sam Rockwell, Maya Rudolph, Amanda Peet and Liam James all made this a memorable evening at the movies.

So is it all over now?

No way!
Continue reading

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Paul Wilson: Turn in Your ‘Man Cards’ Today

yorkshire-terrier-0220This was a First Friday weekend so I was slammed Friday-Sunday…

However in the few moments of calm amidst 5,000 people wandering through my little gallery, I started piecing together a story in my head.

The topic?

All the men I’ve heard about the past two weeks that just need to turn in their man cards and get it over with. I offer the following sad excuses for your consideration:

Carl Henrichson

Olathe resident Donna Limbaugh was sitting on her porch, reading the newspaper with a 6 pound Yorkshire sitting at her feet, when neighbor Carl Henrichson walked by taking his cancer stricken Lab for a walk. Precious, the 6 year old Yorkie, bolted and decided to chase the Lab. Continue reading

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Hearne: Will the Real ‘Standees’ Please Stand Up?

Chef Patrick McDonnell

Chef Patrick McDonnell

My my, such sensitivity…

I’m talking about some of the reader reactions to Pitch foodie Charles Ferruzza‘s somewhat caustic review of spanking new Prairie Village mini movie and dining plex, Standees.

First, let me say, calling out a restaurant on the basis of poor execution and a substandard finished product is totally fair game. And Ferruzza was right on target there.

Second, based on my recent experience, Standees was in sore need of being called out.

Now on to the quarrelsome commentary by Pitch readers – some with apparent vested interests in Standees or its current chef – which while off topic at times, ultimately proved insightful.

Continue reading

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Donnelly: Sporting Lose to New York in Very Sporting Fashion

It was a hot and humid early evening game at Sporting Park, pitting #1 vs. #2 in the Eastern Conference.

And my god, the record breaking crowd was amped.

The pre-match videos are getting out of control.  There was a video touting KC as an All Star host, a 3 minute commercial that felt like a sitcom to sell season tickets, fireworks exploding, bass thumping.  I know it’s been said over and over, but to think of the atmosphere just a few short years ago at Community America Park compared with what goes down every week at Sporting Park is absolute night and day. Continue reading

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Leftridge: Hey Dayton, Nice Trade Deadline

Milwaukee Brewers v Kansas City RoyalsWell, THAT was unexpected.

Except, well, maybe it wasn’t. Because if Royals fans have grown accustomed to any one thing during general manager Dayton Moore’s tenure, it’s that nothing is as it seems. He’s a master illusionist of sorts, except the rabbit kind of suffocated in his hat, and he lit his sleeve on fire with the hidden lighter fluid. I suppose you can’t really complain, though, because he’s the kind of magician who you found on deep discount from a flier hanging on the Price Chopper bulletin board; eight years of doing his job cheaply and with seemingly little recourse has left him almost untouchable, it appears.

I’m speaking of course about the Trade Deadline That Wasn’t, where Moore not only didn’t sell Ervin Santana, Greg Holland and, oh, maybe even Luke Hochevar, but instead chose to not really buy, and not even really stand pat. Instead, he made a baffling move by trading pitching prospect Kyle Smith to the Houston Astros for fifth outfielder Justin Maxwell.

Fin. Continue reading

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Hearne: Is There More to Starlight Coup Than Meets the Eye?

340x-1Anybody else sense that there may be something fishy going on at Starlight Theatre?

I mean, Starlight head dude Bob Rohlf was there 28 years and then five years back he retires and all but anointed his successor Denton Yockey.

Then all of a sudden this week, wham bam!

Just like that, Yockey is mysteriously out with no explanation other than Starlight’s board is reorganizing and dividing his duties (like Rohlf’s before him) in two. Continue reading

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Hearne: Star Holds Front Page Surprise Party (in Advance) for Former Royal Willie Wilson

83F_128_WilsonThere’s something wrong with me, I’m sure of it…

And after some of my sports assertions, I’m sure many of you agree. That said, I’m still rubbing my eyes, pinching myself, thunking my noggin and trying to figure out a front page sports section story in today’s Kansas City Star. 

Maybe you can help me with this one.

It’s about a friend of former Kansas City Royals star Willie Wilson buying him a new 1985 World Series ring to replace the one he had to sell when he went bankrupt in 2001.

Nevermind that the replica ring won’t have the intrinsic value of the real deal original, here’s the part I don’t get. Or do I?

And that’s that in spite of the fact that this lady’s website has been soliciting money for however long to buy Wilson a new ring – and despite that the Star has a front page story today – they’re asking the public to help keep this a secret so they can surprise Wilson next month.

Would you mind re-reading that last sentence? Continue reading

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Starbeams: MLS No Name Stars, Simon Sez & Monica Flashback

00The MLS All-Star Game in KC drew a .34 rating and 530,000 viewers on ESPN 2.  The ratings were down 26% from last year.  I only watched so I could see if what’s-his-name played better than what’s-his-face.
Ryan Lilja has signed with the  Denver Broncos.  Oddly, when he leaves, the per-capita income of Lake Quivira will INCREASE.
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Hearne: KSHB’s Lezak Handicaps Weird Summer Weather, Chiefs it comes right down to it, what’s bigger in KC than the weather and the Chiefs?

I mean, really.

We’re either burning up like last summer, water logged like this one or scratching our heads about snowstorms in May or how bad last year’s Kansas City Chiefs team was.

Everything else seems almost incidental at times.

And who better to weigh in on both topics than KSHB weather wonk Gary Lezak? Continue reading

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Sounds Good: Pitch Showcase @ Westport, Buzz Under the Stars @ Sandstone

Well, that happened quickly...

Another summer is sliding away, folks.  So drink it in while you still can.  And you might want to listen to this, one of the best summer songs of all time.  Maybe the best.

Here’s a couple shows that might help… Continue reading

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Hearne: Sports Pundits, Are There Really Any Experts?

87_dtSome of you guys can’t stand it when a local celeb weighs in here with a sports opinion… 

Contrary to your own opinion, of course. Hey, that’s understandable.

Who does whoever it is think they are? What kind of journalism is that, letting a die hard KU fan air his thoughts in a public forum? And what does an effing comedy club owner know about sports, anyway? On and on it goes.

Well, newsflash: what does anybody really know about sports?

It’s not like there’s a gene or academic degree that somehow endows someone with the ability to divine the truest essence of football, basketball or soccer.

Unless of course the so-called “expert” happens to be a learned player of the game, like Matt Donnelly. But does that rule out former yell leaders like Kevin Kietzman of WHB sports talk radio? Continue reading

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Donnelly: MLS All Star Festivities Culminate @ Sporting Park Wednesday Night

imagesMajor League Soccer took over KC this week, if you hadn’t noticed.  

There were packed concerts in the P & L from big time stars Macklemore and Ryan Lewis and the Silver Sun Pickups (with local rockers Radkey).  There was an event on the Plaza that had local celebs kicking balls over Brush Creek.  Sporting KC defender Aurelien Collin debuted his fashion line, AC78, using his teammates and other MLS stars as models.  Commissioner Don Garber announced that the league would be adding four more teams by 2020, prompting Sporting defender Matt Besler to start the campaign for a second team in Kansas City.

And AS Roma, the storied Italian club that the MLS All Stars faced Wednesday night, were seen all over KC rocking out their trim Versace suits in true Euro style.

Most everyone agreed that the All Star “experience” in KC was second to none.  I wish I could say the same about the actual game.   Continue reading

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Jack Goes Confidential: ‘2 Guns’ Complex Caper Fires for Fun

2-GunsWho’s doing what to whom here?

In ‘2 GUNS,’ Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg go head to head in just over two hours of fast moving and explosive action.

A buddy-buddy adventure? Well sort of as we track these two operatives from competing government entities now forced on the run together.

The problem being neither knows that the other is an undercover agent. Continue reading

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Paul Wilson: Peter Frampton’s “Guitar Circus” Slides into the Kauffman Center

bb_king_2Stop whatever you’re doing right now and mark your calendar…

The date: Sunday, August 18, 7:00PM at the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts. Because if you’re a guitar fan, this is an event you won’t want to miss and will never get a chance to see again.

Peter Frampton, B.B. King and Sonny Landreth kicking out the jams on the same stage Continue reading

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Paul Wilson: ‘8’ Limps into Kauffman, Shadow of Former Self

jerry-springerI was given a red hot tip in June on a celebrity event about to take place at the Midland

It was to be an event the likes of which Kansas City had never seen, nor would again. It was the reading of the play “8,”scheduled for July 21st.

For those unfamiliar with the play, “8″ is the true story of two gay couples who wanted to get married but couldn’t. So they lawyered up and took on Proposition 8, the California law making it illegal for gays to marry.

“8” was written by Academy Award-winner Dustin Lance Black – who you may or may not know from Milk or J. Edgar fame – and is based on actual trial transcripts and interviews with the plaintiffs and families. Continue reading

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