Ernie Henderson: Giving it Up for George Jones (RIP) & Genova’s Chestnut Inn

George-Jones-Still-The-Same-Ole-MeBefore there was a Power & Light District

Back before Stanford’s and Westport. Back before even River Quay, there was Genova’s Chestnut Inn. The crowds packed in on weekends to hear the greats and soon-to-be-greats of Country & Western music. Kansas City was a leader in the genre and Genova’s was its shinning star.

Charlie Genova was on stage for more George Jones shows there than George. Stories of Jones no-shows and incidents go part and parcel with his legend. Andy Mortallero began tending bar for his uncle at a tender age. Ask about George and he’ll tell you if he had a nickel for every time his uncle had to lay a story on the sold-out crowd while George was passed out in the parking lot, he’d be a very wealthy man today.

Jones passed away last week in Nashville. Continue reading

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Sutherland: Hit Piece

KochsIn Robert Penn Warren‘s classic novel about American politics, “All The King’s Men”, the author created the character ‘Willie Stark’. a brilliant but ruthless demagogue inspired by Louisiana’s Huey Long.

Stark orders a journalist supporter to dig up dirt on Stark’s political enemy. a highly respected judge.  The journalist, the book’s fictional narrator, Jack Burden,” is told by Stark: “There is always something- if it takes 10 years. you find it.”  Stark then adds, in what is perhaps the most quoted line from the book; “Man is conceived in sin and born in corruption and he passeth from the stink of the didie to the stench of the shroud.” Continue reading

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Leftridge: Royals’ April Recap

Kansas_City_Royals_Wallpaper-Last year, I wrote a monthly recap piece about the Royals. They usually went like this: “ROYALS DO REAL BAD IN MONTH. Billy Butler hit homeruns and Country Breakfast! Pitching stupid and awful except for bullpen, where Tim Collins look like a leprechaun and blah blah blah, ROYALS IN 4TH PLACE.

I mean, there really wasn’t much going on. It was an acknowledged “building for the future!” kind of year, just like the year before, and the year before that, all the way back to a time when Hearne had a real job wheeling and dealing stocks, bonds and commodities, cocaine flowed like Rubik’s Cubes and a certain comedy club impresario had at least a few remaining strands of real hair.

Point being, the Royals have been bad for a long, long time.

But out at the beautiful little park in the middle of nowhere, just a shade south of the major interstate, the tides are turning. The Kings of Comeback are a goddamned blast to watch, and, due to timely offense and an improved starting pitching staff, they’ve ended April in first place, a foreign territory usually reserved for the Detroit Tigers, or in years past, anyone other than the Royals. Continue reading

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Jack Goes Confidential: ‘AVENGERS’ Tough Act to Follow—‘Iron Man’ Robert Downey, Jr. Gives it His Best

ironman3pepper3As Hollywood has continued to move up the all-important summer movie season, it’s pretty well stuck with the first weekend in May as the traditional kick-off date…

Topping last year’s summer launch though isn’t going to be easy.

Disney sprung into the summer with a little ditty called MARVEL’S THE AVENGERS. It produced not only a $200.3 million domestic opening weekend at the box office but topped out with a whopping North American take of $623,358 million!

Can The Mouse House repeat itself this year? Continue reading

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Sounds Good: Soft Reeds @ Replay, MAW & Arthur Dodge @ Frank’s North Star, Big Boi @ Granada

Cold enough for ya?  Eh?  Eh?  Eh?…  

Some dude:  Can you believe this weather?  Whoooeeeee!  You’d think it was still winter out there!  I had to pull my winter coat back out of the closet and get my ice scraper out of the trunk!  What the heck, man?!

Me:  Did you know that prisoners crush up ping pong balls and smoke them to get high?


Continue reading

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Hearne: Dinosaur Rockers Going Way of the Dinosaurs

130420-bob-dylan-600-1366561064Close but no Blowing in the Wind

About that triple bill of Bob Dylan, Wilco & My Morning Jacket at Sandstone – ain’t gonna happen, sources say.

The so-called Americanarama Festival of Music had been looking for a shed date here but the fest was pricey and there were concerns about the drawing power of 71 year-old Dylan as headliner. Continue reading

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Hearne: Mizzou Thrashes Kansas in Small Cities Showdown

kufans_20130213075617_320_240Let’s get real…

Most people in life couldn’t care less about whether Bill Self’s basketball Jayhawks best Mizzou in basketball or vice versa.  It’s a game people and games are meant to be played then forgotten.

There are far bigger fish to fry in the game of life than hinging one’s hopes and aspirations on how a handful of out-of-towner athletes perform against other groups of out-of-towner athletes from competing colleges. Continue reading

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Paul Wilson: Son Comes Out Swinging Against DISH

Screen shot 2013-05-01 at 11.38.02 AMYou read it here first people…

On Monday I told you why SoftBank‘s deal was a better fit for Sprint than DISH’s proposal. Then yesterday the man himself, SoftBank’s Masayoshi Son came out swinging at DISH chairman Charlie Ergen and taking the same position I had the day before. Continue reading

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Starbeams: A Tebow in Wolf’s Clothing, Sprint Wars, Obama Surgery & Getting Away with Murder

kcwolfTim Tebow has received an offer from the Omaha Beef indoor football league to play for $75 a game.  For that kind of money he can come to Arrowhead and play KC Wolf.


SoftBank will not up its offer for Sprint, even after DISH came with a better offer.  And I was hoping the Japanese company would come to town and help raise our children’s math scores.

Continue reading

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Paul Wilson: The Incredible Lightness of Jason Collins Coming Out

Screen shot 2013-05-01 at 12.44.40 AMIs Jason Collins another Jackie Robinson?

No effing way. And that’s too bad, because Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi tweeted as much, and while there are many things he’s written that I agree with, Taibbi couldn’t be more off base on this one. It’s not only inaccurate, it’s an insult to Robinson’s legacy.

Bear in mind, I’m a total sports agnostic. Continue reading

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Hearne: Time for Local Media to Quit Pretending KCI Doesn’t Suck

220px-Breaking-up-is-hard-to-do-neil-sedakaWould the nerds at the Kansas City Star please stop with trying to equate erecting a new terminal at KCI with cheating on your spouse…

Taxpayers are seldom thrilled with dropping $1.2 billion on pretty much anything, let alone on a new airport. Even when the money’s not supposed to come out of their pockets.

But can we please dispense with the hyperbole about KCI being “beloved” and locals having a “love affair” with the city’s 41 year-old paean to the past? I mean, it’s possibly the dumbest thing the newspaper’s ever “reported.” Continue reading

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Hearne: This is Chiefs’ Year, Says Channel 41’s Lezak

nfl_u_smith_d1_400Don’t think I haven’t noticed that some of you were underwhelmed by last weekend’s Kansas City Chiefs draft….

Not to worry, says Channel 41 meteorologist Gary Lezak.

See it’s like this, Lezak is just as big a Chiefs fan (or bigger) than many of you guys. So when he’s not listening to classic Men at Work albums, he’s stressing over what may go down this fall at Arrowhead Stadium while bleeding Chiefs red.

Lezak’s read on how this year’s team is stacking up to date? Continue reading

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Hearne: Channel 41’s Lezak Declares Drought Dead

Playing in the rainDon’t look now but the Great Kansas City Drought is O-V-E-R…

After nearly a year of climate change up the you-know-what, the “wet stuff” has finally pulled Kansas City’s dry-as-a-bone chestnuts out of the fire.

“In my blog today, I declared that the drought is over,” says KSHB TV weather wonk Gary Lezak. “It ended by having storm after storm after storm after storm. We had 31 inches of snow and that was followed by a cool, wet spring so far and that’s going to continue.” Continue reading

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Paul Wilson: And Now, the Rest of the DISH on the Sprint / Softbank Merger

Masayoshi Son, Chief Executive Officer (Make no mistake, I like this version of merger mania better than the proposed DISH deal…

Do I think Sprint would be ahead with SoftBank instead of DISH? I sure do – 300 YEARS ahead as a matter of fact.

When I was doing custom consulting the most fun I had was directing executive teams through their one, three and five year strategic planning sessions. I got to play consultant, standup comic and business partner all in one, while forcing people to think outside of their day to day paradigms. And since I was brought in as an outsider with a different point of view, it was fun as well as challenging.

That kind of planning doesn’t take place much anymore. Continue reading

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New Jack City: ‘Standees’ Unveils New Movie Eatery Concept

LXLGBMRNTRUHWCO.20081229032933AMC founder Stan Durwood was one of a kind…

He was a trendsetter in the movie exhibition business that no one could or would deny. Sure, some in the industry thought some of his innovations were impractical and outlandish at times.

Who, for example, had ever heard of a multiplex theater? Let alone, God forbid, a four screen complex.

Then there was that December weekend in 1997 when Stan insisted on opening his three new Kansas City complexes—Town Center 20, Barrywoods 24 and Olathe Studio 30—ALL ON THE SAME WEEKEND! Continue reading

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Donnelly: Beat at Their Own Game, Sporting Loses Thriller 3-2

Did you see Sporting Kansas City’s new “third kit” that was unveiled Saturday for a game against the Portland Timbers at Sporting Park?

According to a Sporting press release, the stylish threads are supposed to be a bridge between fashion and sport, something you could wear out for a night on the town or for a 90 minute match on the pitch.  But after the Portland Timbers beat the boys in black 3-2 – which included twice coming from behind – we’ll see how often the flashy new unis see the light of day.   Continue reading

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Hearne: Taxing Internet Businesses Won’t Save Local Retailers & Newspapers

terminator-robotWhen in doubt, blame it on the Internet

That’s pretty much how the game is played when it comes to old school businesses ranging from brick-and-mortar retailers to newspapers and magazines. They just can’t make money anymore because of competition from the worldwide web, they say.

“If you are a computer, chances are good that everyone kind of hates your guts right now,” writes blogger Jeff Vrabel. Continue reading

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Hearne: Anatomy of a Bogus Airport Terminal Controversy

TravelAllow me to explain how things often work in Kansas City…

Controversy is the stuff local media and political consultants thrive on. There’s nobody in the news biz I know or have worked with who doesn’t yearn to cover a good dustup. Print reporters didn’t get in the news game to make big bucks. Nor did they sign on so they could cover road closings, mundane City Hall happenings and other arguably mundane fare.

Any reporter worth his or her salt will dive headfirst into an unfolding controversy. The ones they know they won’t get them in trouble with the publisher, editor or news director anyway. Or piss off the heavy hitters they need to keep on the good side of to effectively cover their news beats.

Now let’s talk about a so-called huge controversy over the mere proposal and study of whether to go with a single terminal (instead of three) at Kansas City International Airport. Continue reading

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Hearne: KC Cops Flood Plaza Passing Out Pro Curfew Flyers

IMG_2168Everybody’s a lobbyist these days…


Not only were Kansas City Police out in force – four cop cars, 18 off duty officers and a pair of mounted police in front of Seville on the Plaza – they were passing out flyers and urging passersby to call KC Mayor Sly James office and tell him that they want the kids off the Plaza and a year round 9 p.m. curfew.

Unsaid, but understood, the African American kids.

How do I know for sure that KC police were handing out the flyers? Continue reading

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Hearne: It’s All About the Music, Says Kanrocksas Promoter Bill Brandmeyer

ContentImage-6768-106358-BillRock promoters don’t grow on trees…

I flew around that block myself for about seven years and I’ve seen them come and go – mostly go – that is, once they’ve been chewed up and spit back out by the more established power players. And I’ve seen some of them succeed, if almost by accident at times.

What I haven’t seen – until quite recently – is one of them rise from virtually nowhere, in their 40s and take on a multimillion dollar major music festival right out of the chute.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Kanrocksas promoter Bill Brandmeyer. Continue reading

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