Edelman: Smoke em if You Got em @ Danny Cox Birthday Bash Saturday @ Raphael Hotel

Danny CoxThis Saturday from 4-7pm in front of the Raphael Hotel on the Plaza, a KC icon turns 70…

I know what you’re thinking– 70. Old fart. Who’s this, some KemperKauffmanHall chip
off the old Block? A captain of industry, titan of finance, chairman of this or that chamber or something.

Those guys would get lost in a room when blues and jazz singer Danny Cox flashed a smile. Let loose with his mellow baritone and you can call KCP&L and tell em to turn off the Montrose Power Station.

Like so many lucky locals, I have had the pleasure to know and work with Danny over  the years.  Continue reading

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Jack Goes Confidential: Globe-Trotting Geriatrics Save the World…Again


s-RED-2-TRAILER-largeToo much of a good thing can sometimes kill the golden goose…

Case in point, RED 2, the sequel to 2010’s over- the-hill gang action-comedy that surprisingly hit strong across the spectrum.

How do they keep the magic going?

I hate to say it, but they don’t.

Continue reading

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Hearne: Bombs Away as Developers Aim to Develop Olathe ‘Flyway’

cropped_plane_crash_05_t640Talk about flying low…

The horsies are history but the airport is still alive and kicking. And therein lies the problem, says Olathe homeowner Bill Nigro.

Let’s begin with a moment of silence for the fabled Hilltop Stables near the Johnson County Executive Airport in Olathe.

“You know what? It closed down about a month and a half ago and nobody’s written anything about it,” Nigro says. “And the developers have plans for the property even though it’s in the flyway of the airport.”

Meaning, planes that come and go at Executive pass over the property.

This isn’t the first time developers have tried to develop the grounds, Nigro says. Continue reading

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Sounds Good: La Guerre @ Replay, Bad Rabbits @ Granada, Chubby Carrier @ Knuckleheads

Last weekend I had the chance to finally catch Radkey, that band of brothers from St. Joe that have been steadily making a name for themselves nationally – and most recently, in the UK.

They were featured in NME and several other music rags in jolly old England, and their record has been selling pretty well there.  Then yesterday I heard their song Cat & Mouse as bump music on the Jim Rome Show, which was being hosted by the Sklar Brothers, who always pimp new indie music.

I caught them closing out Friday night’s lineup of Lawrence Field Day Fest at the Bottleneck, and I was impressed with their extremely polished set, a clue that these boys have been putting in mad time, and are already rather seasoned vets when it comes to performing.

For example, near the end of their set, bassist Isaiah informed the crowd, “Sol is gonna put this drumbeat in your ass, balls first!”

That’s just a veteran move…    Continue reading

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Paul Wilson: Nancy Grace – Racist or Pot Calling the Kettle FAT?

e8e08ae58e2f1c7021ff738a130e9807I know, as Hearne likes to lecture me, it’s the white man’s double standard…

But on Tuesday, HLN’s marginal talk show host Nancy Grace lit into George Zimmerman and is now being accused of racism herself.

Frankly, I could come up with 100 other things to accuse Grace of before I ever got around to racism, but I’ll leave that one alone. Grace is over the top angry, abhorrent, abrasive and acerbic on more grounds than I have time to contemplate right now. Continue reading

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Hearne: The Pillorying of George Zimmerman & The Judicial System


Jeneé Osterheldt

For reasons that include that I’m usually not in lock step with the more conservative opinion writers and commenters on KC Confidential I tend to avoid weighing in on topics like the George Zimmerman trial.

That doesn’t mean I don’t follow many of these stories or have no opinion. Of course I do.

However, I’d like to think those opinions are less predictable than merely coming down on the stereotypical side of being either ultra conservative or wildly liberal. It’s funny. Most people at the Star seemed to think I was a card carrying Republican, most readers the opposite

The truth lies somewhere in between.

Now – gulp – let’s talk about George Zimmerman. Continue reading

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Starbeams: Paula Deen, Trayvon Martin, Eric Holder & Cow Proms

1985_ortaronaldc_modrasiA St. Louis man is accused of beating his son with a baseball bat. The boy is going to be okay.  The dad is in trouble because he faces Judge Denkinger.


The Kansas City rally seeking justice for Trayvon Martin went sour when it was learned that the event was catered by Paula Deen.

******* Continue reading

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Paul Wilson: Prairie Home Companion “Radio Romance Tour 2013” Incoming @ Starlight

6a00d8341c630a53ef014e5fee897d970c-800wi“Well, it’s been a quiet week in Lake Wobegon, Minnesota, my hometown, out on the edge of the prairie…”

And with those words, I know it’s the weekend. Most of my Saturdays are set aside for the creation of art furniture and to attend an auction where my wife and I buy pieces for the studio that become our next works. As our Saturdays weave their way through the various activities of the day, the constant for each weekend is what I have come to call my “NPR Saturday.”

It starts early with the news, This American Life and it ends late with The Fish Fry. But the most enjoyable part of that day for me is the broadcast of A Prairie Home Companion. I’ve listened for years and have been a huge fan.

So it’s with a great deal of joy that I welcome this Friday’s presentation as the show rolls into Starlight Theatre at 7:00pm, courtesy of the Capitol Federal Concert Series. Continue reading

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New Jack City: Faineant Fact Check Nets TV News Nightmare

KTVU-Reports-Racist-Joke-Names-2052815This has got to be one of the all-time great media pranks…
Or maybe the all-time worst.
In case you missed it—it’s priceless—in a sick sorta way.
It went down last Friday when KTVU-TV2 (San Francisco / Oakland) info babe Tori Campbell reported the names of the four pilots on the ill-fated Asiana flight 214 that crash landed on July 6 at SFO. Continue reading
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Paul Wilson: Ian Anderson, The Pied Piper of Jethro Tull @ The Kauffman Center

8053869224_1069973f1d_zIan Anderson‘s performance of Thick as a Brick Saturday was a masterful one…

Not since Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention have I seen anything comparable to this two and one half hour long production of orchestrated perfection and musical tightness at the Kauffman Center for Performing Arts.

Before I tear into the show, allow me make an observation or two. Continue reading

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Hearne: Gigundo Fiat 500Ls Descend on Olathe

500L Red + Dave

2014 Fiat 500l & Dave Sanson of Fiat of Olathe

Now go drive a new Fiat 500L which have landed and are in stock at Fiat of Olathe near 119th and I-35.  You’ll be shocked, I certainly was.

I was expecting something akin to a Mini Cooper Clubman – the somewhat elongated but still a mini Mini – another cute-mobile, from the folks who brought you JLo, Charlie Sheen and Pitbull.

No effing way! Continue reading

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Hearne: Star Columnists Flub Reviews of Prairie Village Dining & Movie Complex ‘Standees’

IMG_2279Allow me to assist you guys in your pursuits of near perfection…

You’ll find it at the “entertaining eatery” that goes by the name Standees. It’s a super upscale/casual restaurant and intimate movie theater that opened recently in the Prairie Village Shopping Center.

Let me making one thing perfectly clear up front; this baby blows away what passes for dining experiences at AMC‘s Cinema Suites, Fork & Screen and The Alamo Drafthouse. Comparing the aforementioned three to Standees is like comparing Denny’s to Houston’s. It’s not even close.

I didn’t mention Cinemark’s Palace on the Plaza for two reasons. Continue reading

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Whinery: The George Zimmerman Media Circus

tmDo the right thing…

Which is precisely what the jury did in the George Zimmerman case. Anyone who
looked objectively at the evidence of this case as presented by the State – and how could the jury do anything else? – would have found Mr. Zimmerman not guilty. The State’s own witnesses made the Defense’s case for self-defense.

When one testified that Trayvon Martin was on top of Zimmerman beating him down “MMA Style” and a detective testified that Zimmerman may have acted in self-defense, what other verdict could the jury have returned? Continue reading

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Donnelly: Saad & Co. Take Toronto FC to the Woodshed in 3-0 Win

Coming into the Saturday evening match at Sporting Park, the two sides couldn’t have been in more different situations.

Sporting KC was sitting on 30 points and near the top of the East, while Toronto FC had earned only 13 points with a mere two wins.

Both sides were a little tentative to start, feeling one another out, and not really taking many chances early. Continue reading

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Sutherland: Hate Is Not a Family Value

Journey-Inward,-Journey-OutIt’s been sixty-five years since George Orwell wrote “1984,” his classic description of the totalitarian mindset. 

Thanks to local ideologues like Dr. Robert Meneilly and his church militant, the hate group formerly known as The Mainstream Coalition (like the artist formerly known as Prince), that vicious and dishonest way of thinking survives “Right here in River City!”

Consider the slogans of “the Party” seen everywhere in the dystopian London of the future as imagined by Orwell:




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Starbeams: Flavor Flav Freeze, Jim Morrison Plays Mark Twain, Sporting, Google & China

val_kilmer_mark_twainVal Kilmer is doing a one-man show about Mark Twain.  He plays Mark Twain AFTER he came down with Gout.
A memorial to 2008 earthquake victims in China was just wiped out by massive flooding.  Now, the entire thing is a memorial to IRONY.
 Google went down briefly on Wednesday.  For a couple of hours I didn’t know how to spell ANYTHING!
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Paul Wilson: Overland Park Can ‘KISS’ It

KISS unleash @ Rock & Brews

KISS unleash @ Rock & Brews

Theeeey want to rock and roll and all night, and party ev-er-y day…

Don’t look now but the band KISS is poised to bestow its Rock & Brews upon lowly Overland Park in Prairiefire at 135th and Metcalf. More to the point, bandmates Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons of KISS plan to open their 11th eatery/party zone in the suburban Cowtown easrly next year.

About time OP got a replacement for Dick Clark’s Continue reading

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Paul Wilson: Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull Performs ‘Thick as a Brick’ @ Kauffman Center

images“Really don’t mind if you sit this one out,” is the opening line of the 1972 Jethro Tull album “Thick as a Brick.”

I could only describe TAAB as a single song opus, inside a rock musical and wrapped up in a concept album. It was one single track, broken only by flipping the album over to play side two.

Sgt. Pepper and Tommy didn’t even try that trick.

Seen by his fans and contemporaries in ’72 as eccentric, Anderson’s remained that way in my mind all these years. And now that he’s returning to this great work to remake it as Thick as a Brick II, it’s a perfect illustration of that. Continue reading

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New Jack City: It’s a Brawn vs. Brain(less) Weekend @ The Movies

Screen shot 2013-07-11 at 9.30.14 AM This weekend it’s a standoff between Adam Sandler and Godzilla at the movies…
Well, not really.
PACIFIC RIM is more like legions of monstrous creatures, known as Kaiju, rising from the sea to consume humanity’s resources for years on end. To combat the giant Kaiju, director-producer-screenwriter Guillermo del Toro unleashes massive robots called Jaegers which are controlled simultaneously by two pilots whose minds are locked in a neural bridge.
It’s the basis for Hollywood’s latest non-sequel tentpole fighting for audience acceptance this summer.
So far AFTER EARTHWHITE HOUSE DOWN and THE LONE RANGER haven’t been that lucky. Continue reading
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Edelman: ‘Flashdance’ @ Starlight / ‘Rocky Horror’ @ Crown Center

Ensemb-EdTed-487They’re flashin, they’re dancin– Not just at the musical version of everybody’s favorite ’80s welder movie FLASHDANCE (now through Sunday at Starlight), though that’s got plenty of glitz and moves, too.No, I’m talking about THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW, now thru Saturday night at the Off-Center Theater in Crown Center. Steve Eubanks‘ Egads Production has once again rolled out this chestnut (make that several pairs of well hung chestnuts) in honor of the show’s 40th anniversary.

And it’s a hoot.

For all of the hard work and heavy lifting Eubanks’ talented cast undertakes, it’s the audience that brings the energy to this ROCKY. Monday night’s show may as well have been a friggin Frank-n-Furter convention. Armed with their prop kits, the riff raff (not to be confused with the character in the show) kept up a call and response with the actors and each other that would put the Reverend Al or Aretha to shame. Continue reading

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