Starbeams: Kelly Launches KCI Petition, Hipster Alert, Sex for Fun

Kat-Cole-3A local group is launching a petition drive to oppose upgrading KCI.  I’m personally starting a petition to have all TSA searches done by the girl who works at Cinnabon.


84% of Americans say they don’t like hipsters.  The other 16% can be found at First Fridays watching a Jesus look-a-like juggle bowling pins.

******* Continue reading

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Jack Goes Confidential: J.J. Abrams Boldly Does Gene Roddenberry Proud

hh-05311cIt’s been quite a start to Hollywood’s movie summer so far…

IRON MAN 3 delivered at the box office. THE GREAT GATSBY over performed. And this week director J.J. Abrams heats up the box office action by taking Star Trek….Into DARKNESS.

A $100 million opening weekend isn’t out of the question.

Upfront here are some pointers I’d like to pass along. Continue reading

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Leftridge: TV Time: The Office Says Goodbye

officeactualfirstIt’s too easy to write a eulogy about a program’s death. In this age of a million online critics and critiques and retrospectives and look-backs, I’d almost guarantee the following lede (or a variation thereof) will be posted and printed in embarrassing abundance:

The Office died this past Thursday at the ripe old age of 9 after a long battle with Ratings Disease. The much beloved program—who’d seen steady declines in the past two years—leaves behind a lot of good memories, a failed pilot spin-off about a beet farm, and enough shrugs, smirks and befuddled facial expressions to last a lifetime. In lieu of flowers, please send donations to one of the older characters, as their future opportunities will likely be harder to come by.

So I won’t write that kind of thing. (Except, I guess, the part where I just did. But only as a goof, right?)

Nor will I celebrate the departure of a show that had been slowly dying a very visible, very prolonged death. That’s too easy, as well as too lazy. I—along with a lot of other fans from the beginning—haven’t really given a shit for a number of seasons, and for completely understandable reasons.   Continue reading

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Hearne: Chris Fritz to Establish Backstage Memorial to Rival Rock Legend Who Took His Own Life

barryfeytribute-300x292Maybe it’s me, but this seems a little lame…

The Kansas City Star goes out of its way every Sunday to tell readers which famous or infamous people died that week. Anybody can play, from Amy Winehouse to Methuselah, and without fail, it’s an interesting mix of people who invented crazy gizmos, wrote or played in a one hit wonder bands or even gave sex advice, like Dr. Joyce Brothers, who died earlier this week.

The Star messed up though when it missed the passing of concert promoter Barry Fey. Continue reading

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Hearne: Former Royals Broadcaster Fred White Passes Away

fw1-285x300This just in from the Kansas City Royals

Former Royals broadcaster Fred White has passed away, reportedly from melanoma.

“They are keeping everything very private,” says a source familiar with White’s situation.

Kansas Association of Broadcasters president Ken Cornish issued the following statement at 3:35 pm this afternoon: Continue reading

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Hearne: ‘Cancer’ Ends Fred White’s Time with Royals

White-FredIt’s been a long, hard slog for beloved Royals broadcaster Fred White

According to sources, esophageal cancer is to blame for the surprise announcement by White that his days with the team are over. White, who is not expected to make it for long, wasn’t quoted in today’s newspaper account of his departure. An account which pointed only to “recent health issues.”

“I always thought Fred was a good guy,” says former Entercom chieftain Bob Zuroweste. “He was bitter about being fired, which I can understand, because the Royals were his life. But he was always a gentleman and was well respected.”

Speaking of which

It was on Zuroweste’s watch in 1998 that White was canned after 25 years in the broadcast booth. Continue reading

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Hearne: Scribe Says New Liquor Limits Would End World as We Know It

drunk-driving-problemStop the madness…

Not since prohibition has the consumption of alcohol in this country drawn this much fire. That after word that the National Transportation Safety Board is recommending that all 50 states lower the legal limit for driver’s blood alcohol content to .05 percent, down from .08 percent.

“You’ve got to be kidding,” says Stanford’s main man Craig Glazer. “That would be devastating. I mean, it’s bad enough at .08.”

Here’s why.

“I did those tests where you take two drinks in a short period, then wait 20 minutes and they test your blood alcohol level,” Glazer says. “One time I came in at .04 and the second at .06. But here’s the thing, I could have gone out and flown an airplane – I wasn’t even mildly affected – but some of the girls who had the two drinks registered .07 and .08. This was when the limit was 0.1.”

The consequences of going to .05  would be epic, Glazer says. Continue reading

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Whinery: Think You Still Live in a Free Country?

050613_powerplay_full_640On May 5th President Obama gave the commencement address
at Ohio State University in which he issued a warning, as follows…

“Unfortunately, you’ve grown up hearing voices that incessantly warn
of Government as nothing more than some separate, sinister entity
that’s at the root of all our problems… They’ll warn that tyranny’s
always lurking around the corner. You should reject these voices.”

Which voices should we reject? Continue reading

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New Jack City: Travel Tips for the Faint of Heart & Delicate of Wallet

06b871eb55eb5e2ba3862614472b4736A few weeks back I tried to answer some oft asked travel questions…

Topics included weekly best bets to book airline tickets, best times to purchase vacation packages, days of the week for best availability of lowest ticket prices and hottest new cruise vacation products.

Well, today I’ve got even more answers to the travel questions you were about to ask.

Q: Like what foreign country offers the most bang for the buck?

A: For my money it’s the great all-inclusive resorts of Mexico including those in Cancun, Riviera Maya, Puerto Vallarta, Los Cabos and Cozumel. Continue reading

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Donnelly: Undefeated at Home for Almost Two Years, Houston’s Streak Snapped by SKC

Was it pretty?  Mostly no.  But that doesn’t matter in a situation like this – only the final score matters.  

Here’s the deal: the Houston Dynamo had not lost a home game in their new stadium since its opening a year ago, and they hadn’t lost in their previous stadium in quite some time as well.  All told, a 36 game home unbeaten streak.  That’s almost two full MLS seasons’ worth.   Continue reading

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Hearne: Raising Hell with the Tea Party

IRSagentFrankly, I’m not appalled…

Everybody hates the Internal Revenue Service and everyone who files a tax return lives with the fear of being audited or penalized for a mistake or tax transgression. Even taxpayers with no reason to be fearful.

Kinda like when you’re driving down the road, doing the speed limit and absolutely nothing wrong, but you still get a little nervous when a cop pulls up behind you.

Why is that? Continue reading

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Paul Wilson: IRS Attack on Tea Party a Matter of Concern

irs-we-targeted-conservative-tea-party-groups-with-extra-scrutiny--mistakes-were-madeIRS, it must mean, I’ll Return SHORTLY….

Just as soon as the agency figures out how to explain its latest government boondoggle. And as for the flaming liberals who read KCC with no cognitive thought process involved outside of old, tired, bob and weave tactics, rapid fire insults and topic changes thrown against the wall of reason until something sticks, just stop.

I’m tired of the “Doppler Effect,” defined as the tendency of stupid comments to seem smarter when they come rapidly. They’re still stupid.

So, the news is the IRS has been applying extra scrutiny to nonprofit applications that contain within their mission statements, a desire to “criticize how the country is run” or seek to educate the public on how to “make America a better place to live.” In essence designations that would indicate conservative political groups or leanings. Continue reading

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Starbeams: Gov Targets Tea Party on Amtrak, Styx & REO Snoozefest

0225-styx-2-1Amtrak service to St. Louis could end if more subsidies are cut. The government is cutting funds because several Missouri passengers are members of the Tea Party.


4,000 people ran in the Mother’s Day 5K at Corporate Woods, many of whom, were mothers.  One mother used it as an excuse to be too tired to cook my brunch on Mother’s Day.


Styx and REO Speedwagon rocked Starlight Friday night.  At least, I think they did.  After I put in my earplugs, I took a nap. Continue reading

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Hearne: Pitch Editor Scott Wilson Charts Successful Course

etc_stack22__01__630x420Let there be plaudits…

Media criticism is a hard way to go. Not because it’s difficult finding fault – real or imagined – that’s the easy part. Anybody can play that game.

No, the trouble is, everyone hates you once you’ve done it. Which is why otherwise edgy bloggers like Tony mostly kiss up to local media hacks. That’s how you get Pitch cover stories and radio appearances. Trust me, Mr. T knows where his bread is buttered.

Show no mercy and you’ll get none.

And while most everybody in the media can dish it out, few can take it. Continue reading

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Katie: 98.9 The Rock’s 2013 Rockfest

Screen shot 2013-05-13 at 10.35.14 AM

In This Moment

Check out the sights at 98.9 The Rock‘s 2013 Rockfest. As seen through the eyes and lens of KC Confidential‘s Katie Grogan.

Continue reading

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Leftridge: TV Time: Is Hannibal Doing Anything for Anybody?

cast-hannibal-nbc-550Are you all watching NBC’s Hannibal? I’m not. Well, I suppose I am—technically—but only in arrears thorough Time Warner’s “On Demand!” and only at the continual insistence of someone from Facebook. (You know—the person who loves and trumpets something loudly, and you listen because you trust this person’s opinion on things related to entertainment? Yeah, that.)

The things is, I’m four episodes in and it’s just not grabbing me by my (eye)balls and compelling me to watch more. It’s not bad, really, it’s just… okay. Continue reading

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Hearne: Music Critic Claims Foodies Killing Rock N Roll

tumblr_m7vm2oeqKq1r03hrho1_1280There’s a difference between well written and well reasoned…

Good writers love to play with words and concepts, that’s a given.They didn’t get into the journalism racket for the fat paychecks. Not 40 years ago at the height of Watergate, and certainly not in today’s low pay, high mortality news and alt weekly writing game.

Which brings us to Washington Post pop critic Chris Richards’ story today, “Are foodies quietly killing rock-and-roll?

While Richards makes clever inroads in mounting that argument, one could easily pit the rise in popularity of cooking shows, restaurants and food trucks against any number of beleaguered industries and argue the same. Continue reading

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Hearne: Joe Miller Addresses Plaza Kid Curfew

531595_GThings may be better down south but they’re far from perfect…

“While I said that mixed races seem to be more comfortable down here, there are some things that are worse,” says Joe Miller, a Kansas City and Pitch refugee who now teaches college English in Columbus, Georgia. “While the black population here is a majority, there are only three black City Council members out of 10. I don’t know how you can have a majority of the population but only three on the City Council. Continue reading

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Hearne: Joe Miller Talks About Racism ‘Kansas City Style’

alg_dispersing_crowdTurnabout is fair play…

And seeing as how we’re from “up north,” we all know about racism “down south.” At least we thought we did.

Enter these observations by former Pitch heavweight Joe Miller.

Miller is currently an English professor in Columbus, Georgia. And reading of Kansas City’s ongoing trials and tribulations with black youth on the Plaza and in other entertainment districts about town got him thinking.

“One of the things that really struck me when I got down here is it’s not like Kansas City,” Miller begins. “You know, all the nicest restaurants and bars are on this three block stretch and there are several black nightclubs there. And on weekends and other nights there are big crowds of blacks out on the town. Regularly. And that’s something I seldom saw in Kansas City.”

That is, without a gaggle of nervous business owners, security personnel and rent-a-cops. Continue reading

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Sounds Good: RockFest, Cowboy Indian Bear @ LAC, Talib Kweli @ Granada

So much to do, so little time…

Everyone’s favorite team (to hate), the Yankees, are at The K for a few games.

There’s something called RockFest going on at Liberty Memorial.  Not sure exactly what the deal is, but I’m told there will be boobs.  So if you’re into those you might want to take a looksee.

And of course, there’s some good music happening always around here… Continue reading

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