Glazer: Have the Royals Given Up? Does it Even Matter?

Our Kansas City Royals are baseballs worst team!

With a record of 7-16, they’re in last place with worst record in the majors.

Worse yet, even if they went 20-10 over the next month they would only be maybe .500. And going 20-10 is highly unlikely right now.

The team can’t hit at all with a league low .210 team batting average. The Royals top hitter, Lorenzo Cain is batting just .272.


Core stars like Eric Hosmer is loping along at just .225 with only one home run. Alex Gordon is batting .184, and so on.

It’s ugly.


The answer is simple.

There’s no energy and the players are playing for their future homes and contracts, not to be in KC anymore. There’s just a general lack of interest as a group.

These were the same young excited guys in 2014, and committed players in 2015 that won it all.

Unfortunately it all started falling apart last year with a .500 team and now it’s much worse.

Guys like Hosmer, Moose, Cain and others likely just are done with the Royals. Why? They did their thing here; they got top attention, now they want to move on to part two of their baseball careers in greener pastures with national attention, TV commercials, brighter lights and maybe big city fame.

In the case of Eric Hosmer, if he can get his bat going and repeat close to last year’s numbers, -which were good not great – he maybe gets that $100 million somewhere else.

Even if KC matched it or went higher Hosmer likely just wants to move on.

He did his KC thing already.

Just as important, the Royals team future isn’t bright.

With a depleted minor league system, no new big stars and nobody to carry this current club, they can’t do it with just Danny Duffy.

Yes, the Royals will have Sal Perez and Alex Gordon moving forward. But who else that matters as position players?

Nobody else is close to having much if any star power today. 

Gordon looks kinda done as a hitter with a .200 batting average over his last 500 at bats. Perez is full of energy, an outstanding catcher and solid hitter but he ain’t no Johnny Bench.

If this team is out of it by June – and that looks highly likely – will the stadium still fill up? 

No not much.

In fact by late summer look for the ugly numbers we had in the 1990’s and most of the 2000’s before the 2014 playoffs. You know, 8,000 to 10,,000 during the week and maybe 18,000 to 22,000 on weekends unless it’s a low dough, buck hotdog game.

Who will you come to see? 

The World Series years can’t carry a bad team very far anymore.

People will find other things to do with their money. Plus a team scoring only one or two runs a game is damn boring.

General manager Dayton Moore should have moved on last year while the getting was good for him. Because it’s hard to find new stars that can make you a playoff winner these days. It took KC 30 years to get back into the post season last time.

Hey, I give the Royals credit for 2014/15 that was wonderful.

It just doesn’t last forever.

So we have those memories, while guys like Hosmer move on to New York or LA and he becomes perhaps Carlos Beltran part two. Who knows?

Good for him.

This core team gave us a fun ride but now it’s over, way over.