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Jack Goes Confidential: ‘GET HARD’—Crash Course For Raunchy Prison Stretch

I had seen it far too often… A high concept storyline that can easily be described in a single paragraph. Back it by a hefty TV advertising blitz and Hollywood serves up yet another goofy quickie comedy. So you can imagine … Continue reading

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Donnelly: Sporting KC Needs to Stop Putting Fans to Sleep

Through three games in the 2015 campaign, Sporting Kansas City have scored just two goals en route to recording two draws and a loss… And two of the three games played so far have been in the friendly confines of … Continue reading

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Valentine: Our Hope Lost

A mostly White America elected its first black president… Remember the term “post-racial?” It was our hope. Six years later, racial tensions are higher than before President Obama took office. “Hands up.  Don’t shoot.” It has become a national protest slogan … Continue reading

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Hearne: Sizzling Courtroom Testimony Paints Lawrence CiCi’s Owner as a Dirtbag

For more than a year the obvious went unaddressed by the mainstream media in Kansas City, Lawrence and Topeka… Only KC Confidential reported that there was something very fishy about 52 year-old CiCi’s Pizza owner Harold Sasko shacking up with 17 year-old hottie Sarah McLinn … Continue reading

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Paul Wilson: I’d Like a Venti Americano with an Extra Shot of Race Relations, Please

Starting this week, there’s a chance my Starbucks cup, normally labeled “Well-Coifed Scribe,” will be passed across the counter with a smile and the notation, “Race Together.” Starbucks wants in the race and values business? The same Starbucks that spends millions … Continue reading

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Hearne: Dethroned Pitch Publisher Lands New Marketing Sales Gig

Getting out of the print news publishing game can be a good thing… Such would appear to be the case with exiled, former Pitch publisher Joel Hornsbostel who has landed a gig with local marketing company Bigshot Inbound. Hornbostle – who parted company rather abruptly with the … Continue reading

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Hearne: More News Bodies Flying Out the Door @ 18th & Grand

Target raising the minimum wage to $9, houses selling like hotcakes, unemployment at the lowest levels in seven years – things are looking up, right? Not in the newspaper biz – not enough, anyway. Because on the heels of major … Continue reading

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Hearne: KU Officials Take Ass Kissing to New Heights

We can all kinda tell when someone’s bullshitting us, right? You know, really seriously bullshitting us. Which is exactly what comes to mind when the just-win-baby types behind the juggernaut that is KU basketball look someone like investigative reporter Karen Dillon in … Continue reading

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Sutherland: Where the Buffaloed Roam; Brilliantly Dishonest

“The Lottery, with its weekly pay-out of enormous prizes, was the one public event to which the proles paid serious attention… “It was probable that there were some millions of proles for whom the Lottery was the principal, if not … Continue reading

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Sutherland: Dwight D. Administers a Little Corporal Punishment to You-Know-Who

We’ve seen a masterful exposition of expertise on the Middle East in response to my post on George Packer‘s appearance at UMKC re ISIS and Mark Valentine‘s post on Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech to Congress… I’m speaking, of course, … Continue reading

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Donnelly: Sporting 1-1 Draw With New York Feels Like Consolation Prize

With a drastically different roster than last season, it was fair to assume that there would be an adjustment period for Peter Vermes’ Sporting Kansas City squad as they began the 2015 campaign at home Sunday evening against the New York Red … Continue reading

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Steele: Tom Schweich Suicide — What Really Happened

I’d expected to vote for Tom Schweich for Missouri governor in 2016… Although I had met Schweich only briefly, I knew his likely Democratic opponent, Chris Koster, halfway well, and I liked the contrast: dweeby straight arrow vs. blow-dried sleazeball. … Continue reading

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Steele: Book of Mormon or Book of Hypocrisy?

The Star’s Robert Trussell is the rare reviewer to understand the historical significance of the musical, “Book of Mormon,” playing through March 8 at the Music Hall… “Had the revered composers of shows we now consider to be part of … Continue reading

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Steele: Some Questions for Kris Ketz to Ask Obama

Score one for KMBC 9 News… On Thursday, anchor Kris Ketz will interview President Barack Obama at the White House and report live from Washington all-day Thursday on Channel 9. It should be a real snooze fest, unless Ketz asks … Continue reading

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Hearne: One Up, One Down in the News Mag Game

Small world… Just as the Kansas City Star‘s weekly Sunday magazine was blowing taps, another newspaper weekly was  soaring to new heights, says former Star editor and reporter Jim Fitzpatrick… “That same day the New York Times redid their magazine,” Fitzpatrick … Continue reading

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Steele: But With Whom Will Michael Sam Be Dancing?

In December, readers of TMZ were treated to the shocking headline, “I’m Not in the NFL Because I’m Gay,” so insinuated former Missouri star defensive end Michael Sam… “I think I was the SEC Defensive Player of the Year last … Continue reading

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Steele: Great Plains Mall Wins 2015 “Best Alibi” Award

To the disappointment of almost no one, Olathe’s Great Mall of the Great Plains is closing after 18 futile years… If the mall management did nothing right during those years, they announced the closing with an industrial strength excuse. First, the … Continue reading

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Sounds Good: Turnpike Troubadours @ Granada, Martin Sexton @ Granada

Thursday, February 19th Turnpike Troubadours at the Granada in Lawrence So you’re not a “country music” fan?  Me neither, really.  I mean, I love Willie.  And I can get into a ripping pedal steel for sure.  But I don’t own … Continue reading

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Hearne: The Rich Get Sleazier at KU

Henceforth and forevermore let the record show that college sports is about one  thing – and one thing only – the almighty buck… And it’s about folks like us, trapped in flyover state cities, with nothing much better to do than feeding the … Continue reading

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Steele: Why Star Downplayed NC Muslim Slaying

Each day the Kansas City Star emails “Your Morning News,” a summary of its Top 10 news stories of the day… Before opening my email, I guessed that the tragic slaying of three young Muslims – two of them female in … Continue reading

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