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Hearne: Memphis is Kicking The American Royal’s Butt

No two ways about it, the American Royal is on the ropes… Not only are its bread and butter horse and livestock shows drawing infinitesimally small crowds, the vaunted World Series of Barbecue is getting its ass handed to it but … Continue reading

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Sounds Good: Jason Boland @ Granada, Turnpike Troubadours @ Crossroads KC, The Sluts @ Replay

Thursday, May 21st Jason Boland and the Stragglers at the Granada in Lawrence – Free Outdoor Show The Granada has been doing this a few times a year lately, throwing a free outdoor event to try and lure folks to … Continue reading

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Hearne: Leadership Void @ 18th & Grand Results in Poor News Quality

These are desperate times for newspapers… And while I seem to be in a minority when it comes to optimism about their survival, that has zero to do with critiquing the current product, which most people seem to agree somewhat sucks. That’s … Continue reading

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Glazer: Chiefs Draft Pick Chris Conley Near Perfect

The fanfare surrounding the Kansas City Chiefs 3rd round pick has been almost nonexistant… Even though the Chiefs traded up to get Chris Conley, who was more than impressive at the NFL combine with a 4.35 40 yard dash, the 3rd fastest of all wide … Continue reading

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Hearne: Does Royals’ Success Spell Doom for T-Bones

Speaking of sports… Anybody out there remember the Kansas City T-Bones? You know, the “professional baseball team” that migrated here in 2003 from Duluth, Minnesota to take advantage of the fact that locals were willing to pay good money to watch bad … Continue reading

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Glazer: Eric Hosmer Superstar

If Royals first baseman Eric Hosmer continues to dominate the way he has so far this season, he’ll become Kansas City’s first baseball superstar  since George Brett… You may as well include the Chiefs, since only Tony Gonzalez has been on the team’s list … Continue reading

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Hearne: Play Ball! 610 Sports Mops Up the Floor with WHB

Sunny side up, please… The ratings for Entercom’s 610 Sports have exploded, leaping more than two share points since February on the coattails of the Kansas City Royals baseball team. 610’s 4.1 share and 309,700 listener cume for April gives it a sizable lead over rival … Continue reading

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Lefsetz: The Album of the Year for 2015 is…

So I’m driving to Capitol  Records thinking about who’s in my rearview mirror… Not literally, although traffic was squirrel, with the Vine exit closed, but figuratively…Decades have gone by and what once was isn’t. The music train keeps rolling along, … Continue reading

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Glazer: New England’s Tom Brady Gets Shafted by Racist NFL

New England quarterback Tom Brady is the best quarterback of all time to most NFL observers… Why? He’s lived his entire career at the Super Bowl – six Super Bowls spanning 12 years. It’s unlikely anyone will do that again. … Continue reading

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New Jack City: In-Room Hotel Porn Going Flaccid

  It’s not just newspapers and greeting cards that are getting their lunches eaten by the Almighty Internet… Even the hotel porn biz is starting to suffer. Say dad’s off to the annual industry convention in Las Vegas, Atlanta, Chicago, New … Continue reading

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Lefsetz: Once Upon a Letterman

It used to be a religion… That’s right, late night started with Steve Allen, matured with Johnny Carson and ended with David Letterman. There are people on at 10:35 now, even 10 and 11:35, but they’re poseurs, inheritors of a … Continue reading

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Hearne: Somebody Else’s TV Icon Goes Bye-Bye

Ah, the road not traveled… Ever since I had a choice in the matter I’ve mostly taken a pass on mainstream television. I can vaguely remember watching the final episode of Cheers on May 20, 1993, for example (I looked it … Continue reading

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Glazer: Reality TV Show Shoot Goes Down May 22, 23 @ Stanford’s

It sure would be nice to have a national television show at Stanford & Sons… A reality crew from LA will shoot 10 hours a day May 22nd and 23rd at our new club at Rosana Square. So how’d it happen? The … Continue reading

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Jack Goes Confidential: Mismatched Pair Yuks Up ‘HOT PURSUIT’

I have to admit that my expectations for HOT PURSUIT were pretty limited… That after seeing the trailer. On top of which, I’d suffered through Melissa McCarthy’s  TAMMY last summer. So I was prepared—and got exactly what I had expected – as in … Continue reading

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Steele: But He Was Such a ‘Caring, Beautiful’ Jihadi!

It turns out that Nadir Soofi – one of the two ISIS-inspired jihadis who hoped to kill scores of people at the inaugural Muhammad Art Exhibit and Contest – has a local connection… His father and stepmother live in Kansas … Continue reading

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Donnelly: Star is Born in Sporting KC Win Over Chicago

After allowing eight goals in the previous four matches – including a whopping four at the Houston Dynamo last week –  Sporting Kansas City boss Peter Vermes decided it was time to bench his brand new, Chilean, starting goalkeeper, Luis … Continue reading

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Glazer: The Scribe Analysis & Prediction That Almost Got Away

Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather will each make more than  $100 million… It’s the fight of THIS century, at least money wise and 2100 is a long way off. Are they both undefeated? No. Are they the two best ever in their … Continue reading

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Hearne: The Move from Heck is O-V-E-R

Sorry about that, gang… However I just undertook a ridiculously difficult move – all of like four miles – to new digs here in Lawrence. And while that’s an infinitesimally small step for mankind, it was a gigantic pain in the … Continue reading

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Glazer: Baltimore Riots Torpedo Stanford’s Comic

Freddie Gray was just hanging out when cops made eye contact with him…  Gray has a lengthy criminal record with over 20 arrests since 2007 for selling drugs, burglary,making drugs, assaults, the list goes on. Clearly he’s a low level … Continue reading

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Hearne: Unanswered Questions Linger in ‘Duke’s on Broadway’ Rape Story

Don’t expect the Duke’s on Grand rape story to go away anytime soon… There are just too many crazy twists and turns and unanswered questions. Starting with the gaggle of employees who hung out illegally drinking after closing hours to party … Continue reading

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