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Hearne: Time to Deliver Last Rites to American Royal?

In the wide world of universal truths, death more often than not is an ugly affair… Seems like it seldom comes quickly and cleanly. Such appears to be the case with one of Kansas City’s most vaunted annual events, the American Royal. Was a … Continue reading

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Glazer: Here’s Hoping the Next Plaza Owner Does a Better Job

The owner of the Plaza, has put KC’s CROWN JEWEL up for sale… Yep, it’s come to that. Highwoods Properties has owned the Country Club Plaza for 17 years and put a truck load of money into the area to … Continue reading

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Paul Wilson: Highwoods Lists Crime Ridden, Depreciating Asset – The Country Club Plaza

Try Googling, “violence on the Country Club Plaza” You’ll get 822,000 hits. Scroll down that lengthy list and you can read stories from every media outlet known to man. The Daily KOS, The Blaze, WaPo, HuffPo, USA Today, TIME, KCC … Continue reading

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Glazer: The Chiefs Are a Failed Frachise

Kansas City has some great football fans… We all love putting on the Red and filling up Arrowhead. Fans wear jerseys with names like Gonzalez, Thomas, Charles and several other players who never won a playoff game. Our fans love … Continue reading

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Glazer: Taking the Measure of This Week’s NFL & The Chiefs

Well, its week three and for some colleges week four… The NFL is not putting out a great product this year. There are way too many key injuries and off-field issues. And losing starting quarterbacks is major. Dallas, who otherwise … Continue reading

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Lefsetz: And Then There Was Yogi

He was a team player in a world where stars dominated… The press was all about Mickey Mantle, but it was Yogi Berra who we loved. And kept on loving long after his playing days were through, because although he … Continue reading

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Lefsetz: Android Ad Blocking by Apple

It’s like there are two internets… One of skeptical consumers doing their best to navigate their lives and the other of scumbag providers doing their best to win through subterfuge. Then again, in a world where brands are revered and … Continue reading

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Glazer: Fab Fall Football Follies

Well, are we over the Chiefs yet? Not quite yet, right? Well, they have 14 more games, but hey folks, with that offensive line being a different group of guys nearly every week, they’re going nowhere. I feel like coach … Continue reading

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Glazer: The Chiefs Suck, End of Story

To think I picked them to win… I thought this was going to be a much better year for KC. I felt the Chiefs were a post season team, based on their preseason, Jeremy Maclin, and a new beginning. Was I ever wrong. … Continue reading

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Glazer: And the Winner of Last Night’s Republican Debate is…

Who won last night’s Republican presidential debate? Answer, Carly Fiorina… She’s now a player and likely will end up in second behind Donald Trump at some point and maybe as his VP. Although she jumped him hard on the face … Continue reading

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Glazer: Superstar Mike Kennedy, Wife Nyki Pace Depart Local Air Waves

One of KC’s top morning radio hosts Mike Kennedy has left the airwaves… Kennedy will apparently stay on as the station’s program director but will no longer anchor of Q104’s morning drive. The new anchor is Zeke Montanna, Mike’s co host for years who will … Continue reading

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Sutherland: Planned Parenthood Pleading in the Alternative

Last week I met an old friend for lunch downtown…  I got there a few minutes early so I walked around the block, both to kill time and to see the old office building where I’d worked for many years. … Continue reading

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Glazer: There’s No Stopping Donald Trump!

As of today if the election for President of The United States were held: DONALD TRUMP OVER HILLARY CLINTON 44% to 42%. Trump would beat Biden and Sanders as well. This according to Fox News polls which now have Trump at 34% … Continue reading

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Glazer: This Year’s Chiefs Could Go (Almost) All. The. Way.

The final score; KC 24-17 over the St. Louis Rams on the road… You’ve probably heard by now that the last two times KC went undefeated in preseason they went to the Super Bowl (1966 and 1969). Most will say the … Continue reading

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Hearne: K-State’s ‘Sportsmanship Pledge’ an Endangered Species

  Think of it as a struggle between free speech and good taste… Word that students at Kansas State University are being forced to sign a “sportsmanship pledge” – whatever the heck that is – before being allowed to pick up … Continue reading

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New Jack City: The World is Yours With a U.S. Passport

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to me, but every time it happens, it does… Someone will ask me to set up a vacation package to Cancun or a Caribbean cruise. And everything is set – that is until I … Continue reading

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Leftridge: Royals Can’t Stick with Holland Much Longer

I feel as bad saying it as you probably feel reading it, but Greg Holland should no longer be closing for the Kansas City Royals. Look, I love Holland. He has been an immeasurably important piece of an outstanding bullpen … Continue reading

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Starbeams: Trump to Leavenworth, Ashley Madison, KC Air Show & Peyton’s Place

Guantanamo Bay prisoners could be coming to Leavenworth.  Donald Trump says we should build a wall around the prison.                                           … Continue reading

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Jack Goes Confidential: ‘NO ESCAPE’—An Extreme, Intense Nail Biter

I was not at all prepared for just how intense and violent things would get in this movie… After all the movie stars Owen Wilson—who is usually an easy going kinda guy. But in NO ESCAPE he helms an intense … Continue reading

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Sounds Good: Turnpike Troubadours @ Granada

Saturday, August 22nd Turnpike Troubadours at the Granada in Lawrence Not a country music fan?  Me neither.  Don’t let that stop you from checking out one of the best live bands I’ve seen over the past couple years. I suppose … Continue reading

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