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Leftridge: Magnolia’s Dishes Southern Fare, Realistic Swampy Atmosphere

The internet does not lie. Everything you have ever read on the Internet is completely and infallibly true. Oprah Winfrey, Johnny Depp and Eminem all died in (separate) horrific car crashes. Deep within the recesses of Richard Gere’s anus lives … Continue reading

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Leftridge: Haus Adds to Sausagefest in Martini Corner

While living in Chicago, I was a 20-minute bus ride away from the holy Mecca of encased meats, Hot Doug’s. Perhaps you’ve seen it on the Food Network, or caught Tony Bourdain extolling the virtues of the world’s greatest sausage superstore on the Travel Channel. Maybe you’ve been there yourself and stood in line before their morning opening. The line is long—it wraps around the building and down the adjacent sidewalk—but it moves fast, OK Joe’s style, and before you know it, you’re in front of Doug himself, calmly trying to spit out your order, but stuttering with unavoidable, anticipatory glee.  So many choices, so little stomach.

Do you want the Foie Gras and Sauternes Duck Sausage with Truffle Aioli, Foie Gras Mousse and Fleur de Sel? Perhaps. It’s pretty rich, though. Maybe you want the Three Cheese and Beer Chicken Sausage with Pesto Mayonnaise, Roma Tomatoes and Smoked Mozzarella Cheese? Well, yeah… that sounds good, too. Don’t forget to save room for the French fries, improbably and deliciously cooked in duck-fat on Fridays and Saturdays.

Jesus. I’m getting a food-boner just thinking about this.

So anyway, after being spoiled for so long—after cramming your gullet with so much delicious ridiculousness—you begin to experience withdrawals when taken away from your precious ground, tubular animal. Let’s call them the “sausage shakes.” What’s a Kansas Citian to do?

Well, it’s not fair to compare the freshly minted Haus at 31st and Gillham to Hot Doug’s; the former is but a newborn, and the latter is in an unparalleled, unmatchable league of its own. 

So here’s what you can expect when you’re expecting (to dine on German food at Haus):

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Hearne: This Just In…Lawrence Barbecue Sucks, Locals Say

You read it right…

The verdict is in on Lawrence Journal World foodie Sarah Henning‘s assertion Tuesday that Anthony Bourdain "should’ve made ‘Reservations’ in Lawrence."

That in reference to the irreverant Travel Channel personality’s recent episode about KC barbecue, Stroud’s fried chicken, the Savoy Grill, Town Topic hamburgers and other local esoteric, edible delights.

But alas, no Lawrence BBQ, Henning lamented.

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Jolly: The Easter Bunny Left Me a Really Bad Egg at Seventy Seven South

My Easter Sunday brunch nightmare started on Good Friday around 9 pm…

I’d planned earlier to join about 15 friends at the new Swagger in Martin City. I knew a couple of the people that were opening this new hot spot, but then they told me they might not have a brunch available on Easter. Dang.

So I told my friends we needed a new Easter plan.

Unfortunately, by that time it was way too late to make a reservation at Nick and Jake’s, the Bristol, or anywhere halfway impressive. But hey, I wanted to try a new brunch anyway.

So I made a reservation for four at Seventy Seven South for 11:00 am.

This is where.on the the day Christ rose from the grave, my day took a turn for the worst.

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Jolly: The Best Part of Lakeside Tavern is the ‘Lake’ Not the ‘Food’

Mission Farms in Leawood is something of a recluse –  kinda like a mini-Park Place hidden off Mission Road among six-figure condos…

And among some of the coolest, most diverse restaurant concepts in the burbs, Lakeside Tavern at 10551 Mission Road is the latest addition to the Farms hidden next to a man made pond. Although it’s not really a lake, it is a tavern and has one of the more impressive patios in town. Tons of space and a couple of fire pits set a casual party atmosphere which fits in nicely with the view.

Let’s just say it beats the hell out of sitting on the patio at the Blue Moose on 135th and staring at your car.

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Jolly: In the Pink at Prairie Village’s BRGR Burger Boutique

Burgers and beers have been a staple in KC since the dawn of time…

Or something like that. And in recent years as burger-meisters have become emboldened the competition has errupted into citywide, full scale Burger Wars. One serious contender in this ongoing struggle is BRGR.

Area diners have been chowing down at fast, casual restaurants like Smash Burger or Five Guys, dining at Nick and Jake’s for a great burger, or merely buying the ground chuck and making their own.

Enter BRGR at Corinth Square in Prairie Village.

This new badass boasts 41 different beers…in CANS. That’s right cans, as well as many on tap. 

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Jolly: It’s Not Delivery…it’s Spin; Michael Smith Concept Rocks

Face it, none of the really excellent food in Kansas City is delivered…

So if you want great pizza you’ll need to put down the phone, get off your ass, grab some friends and head to Spin Neapolitan Pizza. Tucked away in the ominous corporate shadow of Overland Park’s Cheesecake Factory lies the small in size but huge in flavor pizza cafe.

Spin’s the partial creation of James Beard Award-Winning Chef Michael Smith. Yes, that Michael Smith of American Restaurant and 40 Sardines fame.

Little known fact: Smith is a minority owner is the fast casual concept here in Kansas City.


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Jolly: Carlo’s Copa Room, a Hidden Italian Gem in Lenexa

Carlo’s Copa Room is hidden away near the corner of 87th and Lackman in Lenexa…

 That’s right, Lenexa.

This tiny Italian gem is easy to miss because it’s jammed between the Hen House Market and a nail salon. And it’s not like Lenexa, Kansas is well known for nice restaurants, let alone anything approaching fine dining. Mostly what you’ll find are pizza buffets, fast food eateries, and maybe an Applebee’s.

Lenexa does have great schools, nice parks and is a good place to live and raise rugrats, but it’s a wasteland for palate pleasing restaurants. Until, that is, in 2004 when Carlo’s family moved to this little family-based city and opened a restaurant that is UNBELIEVABLE.

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Entree News: Esquina Reopens, Will No. 5 be a Winner for Locker Room & Eat at Fuzzy’s

Chef Robert Krause‘s restaurant Esquina in downtown Lawrence closed a couple weeks back…

Supposedly for a makeover and conversion from Esquina’s "Latin American" cuisine to Mediterranean or as some staffers indicated, Italian.

Loosely translated: No more more chips and salsa, a new menu and a "new interior."

Esquina reopened a few days ago, somewhat surprisingly sans a name change.

It’s still called Esquina, which technically works with its description of the new menu:

"Come experience the flavors of the Mediterranean with a Spanish flair! Esquina features a sophisticated menu
in an intimate, unique setting now with full table service and an expanded wine list."

The Italian menu talk is another matter.

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Jolly: Sushi Nightclub Atmosphere = Leawood’s RA

I thought that the nightclub paired with food scene in Kansas City had all but died out…

At least in Johnson County – but apparently I was wrong. On the Wednesday I went with friends to RA Sushi it was more packed than a Frontier flight leaving KCI.

 Ra is located on 11638 Ash St. in Leawood on the edge of Park Place next to Town Center Plaza. When I arrived at 6pm I was reminded what a nightmare parking is in this area. If you chose to park in one of the large garages in Park Place then get ready for a bit of a walk. Bad weather will make this more unpleasant. But if you can, try to get a spot remotely close to RA or any of the eateries there and good luck. There are just a few parking spots available and for some reason they’re all 30 minutes only. 

What a brilliant idea someone had when designing this area.

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Jolly: Hooters To Go, It’s Where Not to Eat!

God I love Hooters….

You know, the restaurant. And not just because of the T and A or the table service which is sometimes sub-par owing to the revolving door of semi-hot waitresses the chain is infamous for.

On a side note, I firmly believe that this restaurant chain is where many ex-strippers go after they stop being HOT, but retain some minimal customer service skills. I wouldn’t bring this up but, if you consider getting take out food there, you’ll see what I mean.

The ridiculous shorts, the scent of patchouli, the lack of actual hooters.

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Jolly: On the To-Go Plan at Red Lobster in Overland Park at 95th and Metcalf

I’ve always considered Red Lobster as the Aldi or Walmart of seafood restaurants…

Poor man’s sea food. They don’t serve the expensive, palate-pleasing fish such as monk, shark, or Chilian Sea Bass like the Bristol or Capital Grille. Instead they give you standard options like salmon, tilapia, and grouper. However they do come through bigtime in quality, portion size and value. And they care, which is hard to find these days for the hard-earned dollar.

I never call in a to-go order at Red Lobster because…

1. I like to decide when I get there because the menu is so vast.

2. And I like to see the bartenders make a thousand frozen drinks while waiting on people who don’t tip and have their tabs transfered to a table. Then I thank GOD I bartend where I do.

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Jolly: The Eternal Quesion; Tip on To-Go Food?

People have been getting take out food for hundreds of years, or something like that…

Whether they stabbed it, shot it, found it or called in to their favorite restaurant. Today we pick it up and drive it home, instead of hauling it home on our shoulders to the cave that we used to dine in. Thank you evolution.

Unfortunately evolution hasn’t helped with the gratuity issue.

The absolute rule is, don’t mess with anybody that handles your food or drinks

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Hearne: KC Confidential Adds New Restaurant Critic, Column

Fasten your chinstaps, KC Confidential is about to unleash a new Food Dude

His name is Reid Jolly and for what it’s worth, the 30-something, Shawnee Mission Northwest grad’s high school mascot was a Cougar. Fittingly, Jolly comes equipped with a penchant for both Italian food and adult movie star sex.

"Uh, I’m alright with it," he says. "The more women in it the better."

As a single dude, Jolly’s mostly blogged about the good, bad and ugly of getting restaurant food to go. Something former Star restaurant critic Tim Finn almost got fired for several years back. Unlike Finn however, Jolly was up front about styrofoaming it with his readers.

I digress.

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Jolly: Take Out Pasta Wars, Carmen’s Cafe versus Garozzo’s

Carmen’s Cafe is new to Leawood on the very cool restaurant strip near Town Center Plaza

They have a great location that’s close to shopping, movies and other restaurants that offer similar upscale cuisine. But Carmen’s does it better, way better than the shadow that may follow them from its Brookside location.

That said, they’re under an even bigger shadow, that of Garozzo’s.

Garozzo’s has four locations in KC, one in Olathe (but who the heck wants to eat there?), another in Overland Park on College and the original on 526 Harrison downtown. The fourth’s in Lee’s Summit.

Who knew if you became a successful restaurateur here you’d open locations in the two most white trash cities in the area?


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Mermaid: Check Out Restaurant Week in Kansas City, Last Three Days

It’s Restaurant Week everyone and let me be the first to say this is a fantastic way to try out places you haven’t been to yet or maybe frequent a favorite spot. My date and I tried out Starker’s Restaurant last night and had a wonderful meal. Kudo’s to them for hanging in there after the tragic death of owner / chef John McClure last October. They are doing great!

Here are the logistics for Restaurant Week:

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Jack: Anybody Up for a Christmas Goose?

My wished for Christmas present this year probably won’t show up under the tree…

Come to think of it, what tree? Bah, humbug!

Were it to, however, It would come from a kitchen instead of a chimney, accompanied by the most incredibly, wonderful aroma.

I’m wishing, of course, for a great, crisp Christmas Goose dinner complete with potato dumplings, gravy and red cabbage.

OK, so I’m German already.

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Today: Bourdain Does Stroud’s & Savoy, Pletz Death Update & ‘Toon Shop’ Redux

There’s a ton going on so let’s get going….

For starters chef, author, television host and culinary wild man Anthony Bourdain has been in town for much of the week, ahead of his perfromance tonight at the Midland by AMC. Earlier this week, roving KC Confidential comments catalyst Chuck Lowe caught Bourdain in the act, film crew in tow, at B.B.’s Lawnside BBQ. Lowe says Bourdain was swilling beer and swallowing KC ‘Q for an April edition of his Travel Channel show "No Reservations."

Wait, there’s more…

"B.B.’s manager Mike Shannon told me Bourdain was going to Stroud’s yesterday and the Savoy today," Lowe says. "So he’s making a week of it here in Kansas City."

Concert biz insiders may want to note that Bourdain’s show at the Midland tonight is being promoted by Jam out of Chicago with former KU SUA concert king Steve Traxler (who’ll be in town for the show) spearheading the promotion.

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Today: Anthony Bourdain Descends on B.B.’s Lawnside & the Ghost of L.C.’s Past

What in the world was foodie Anthony Bourdain doing today chowing down at one of KC’s ‘s lessor BBQ joints?

Making the rounds of local dining establishments ahead of his performance Friday at the Midland by AMC, that’s what. KCC reader and comments dude Chuck Lowe stumbled onto Bourdain at lunchtime today at B.B.’s lawnside BBQ in South Kansas City.

"I think he was having burnt ends when I saw him," Lowe says. "The place was packed and everybody was standing around looking at him and he had a crew filming it. But I couldn’t get near him because (owner) Lindsay Shannon was guarding him."

Like Lowe, my experience with B.B.’s cuisine has been mediocre at best. That said, the place has a kickass roadhouse feel and features some of KC’s best blues bands like Trampled Under Foot, John Paul’s Flying Circus and Samantha Fish.

Now back to B.B.’s and the nail biting that may be going as to how Bourdain will rate B.B.’s on his Travel Channel show "No Reservations" come next April.

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Caitlin: Ralph Lauren Spring/Summer 2012 Collection for the Modern Gatsby Woman


On Thursday Ralph Lauren revealed his Spring 2012 Collection. Lauren has been a distinguished fashion designer for over 40 years—a fashion designer with a consistent style, reinterpreted season after season to be fresh and modern.

Lauren’s designs feel distinctly American, casual and formal pieces meant for the weekends at the Hamptons, Hollywood restaurants, and the Red Carpet. And his Spring 2012 Collection is no exception. The designer’s versatile collection included everything from short suits and day dresses to glamorous silk trousers and shimmering evening gowns.


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