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Chuck: Sanctimony, Thy Name is Congress

The cable news networks, are like expectant, proud fathers… They’re poised to deliver their newest, 24/7 news cycle baby. After a fervent, profound and dire opening statement from Senator Mark Warner – in his best baritone – concerning the possibility of … Continue reading

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Chuck: ‘Pokemon Go’ West Bottoms Showdown

I don’t really get this Pokemon thing… But here is a picture taken yesterday at 6:45 a.m. of Pokemon players in the West Bottoms waiting to get into some building. It looks like there’s a cop there. Jesus. I read a … Continue reading

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Lowe: Bermuda, History Triangle Claims Local Navy Man

It went down 70 years ago, on December 5, 1945… Three months after the signature end of World War II, five TBF Avengers Torpedo Bombers thundered down the runway of the Naval Air Station in Ft. Lauderdale and lifted into the air for … Continue reading

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Chuck: Captain Flashback Time Travels to Kelly’s in Westport

I turned 21 in the service overseas so I didn’t get to any “21” bars until I was discharged in 1973… My friends immediately took me down to Kelly’s in Westport where we scarfed (remember the word “scarfed”? Righteous!) 25 Cent beers all … Continue reading

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Chuck: Captain Flashback Rides Again

One time ago I was having lunch at the old Romanelli Grill in Waldo… And as I looked over at owner Joe MacCabe I asked, “Do you miss the old KY 102 days?”  He waited a moment, looked out the window as the … Continue reading

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Ground Chuck: Keeping It Short & Sweet With This Week’s NFL Picks”

Comments caliph Chuck Lowe rolls out this weeks sure bets, NFL style… Take Kansas City minus 4 over the New York Giants Take the Indianapolis Colts minus 7 1/2 over Jacksonville Take Baltimore minus 4 over Buffalo Take New Orleans minus 6 … Continue reading

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Lowe: Chuck Dials in Some Humility & Humanity for ‘F Day’

Just a short note to the KC Confidential commenting cognescenti and the many readers who depend on this site for news, humor and most importantly sarcasm… To all your fathers, may God bless them in their struggles, their familial relationships, … Continue reading

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Chuck: IOC Bends to Islamic Dress Codes

Shirts or skins? In a fit of increasingly common hubris, Islamic countries participating in the Olympics have pressured the International Olympic Committee into adjusting the criteria for women’s volleyball to allow shorts to the knee and sleeves. The catalyst for … Continue reading

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