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Wade Williams: A Salute to Cinetopia & “Movie Eat ‘Em Ups’

In the late 1940’s Kansas City and the surrounding suburb towns counted over 80 stand alone movie theaters… Belton even had one, the Dixie with 300 seats. And they all served food – popcorn and Vess Grape Soda was considered … Continue reading

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Wade Williams: Dear Diary, Ethanol Sucks!

The Tree Huggers in Washington, D.C. won’t quit until every gas powered engine is rusted out … You know, and we’re all are on bicycles, or better yet walking everywhere like in Europe. Hey, it’s on the way – it’s happening … Continue reading

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Wade Williams: The Fight to Save Independence’s Historic Englewood Theatre

Will this magnificent Independence show place become a garage?Is the luxurious Englewood Theatre in the Englewood Art District an endangered species? It’s been re-opened and closed many times since it was built in 1949. However unlike 95% of the single screen  neighborhood  theaters it’s still … Continue reading

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