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Stomper: Menacing Annoyances May Appear Trivial to Some…

I’ve had a particular pet peeve for years…   Most people have certain things that annoy them but I’ve never given it much thought beyond a casual curiosity. However my pet peeve reared its ugly head in the presence of … Continue reading

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Stomper: Sea Monster Battle Looms @ Republican Convention

Remember the 1983 Police song, Wrapped Around Your Finger? It was based on the mythological Greek tale of Scylla and Charybdis about sea monsters that inhabited the waters between the island of Sicily and Italy. Scylla was a nymph that transformed into a six-headed monster … Continue reading

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Stomper: The Definitive Donald Trump Analysis

I’ve neither the insight nor the bravado of our esteemed commenter Harley… That said, I must confess to having erred more often than I ’d like to admit. And while I’m not quite ready to admit being 100% wrong on Donald … Continue reading

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Stomper: Judicial Activism / Is the Constitution a Living Document ?

The death of Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia in a contentious presidential year has created a firestorm… It leaves the court with a split of four left leaning justices and four right. On top of which it’s brought to the … Continue reading

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Stomper: Republican Supreme Court Strategy Could Backfire

Be careful what you wish for… As noted by a plethora of postulating punditry, the unexpected death of conservative SCOTUS stalwart Antonin Scalia has provided the GOP a new and critical lead issue to use against each other in the primaries… And … Continue reading

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Stomper: Concussions, Head Trauma Wreaking Havoc on Youth Sports

Some of you may recall my piece last year about youth sports and football… Rereading it might provide some valuable background for this offering. The topic today is the effect the concussion scare and media focus on football as a result, is having on youth football. Youth … Continue reading

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Stomper: The Glory Days of Professional Wrestling in Kansas City

Drift back with me now to the fall of 1964 in Kansas City…  The country was slowly recovering from the assassination of John F. Kennedy. We were well into the presidential campaign between Lyndon Baines Johnson and conservative stalwart Barry Goldwater. Ilus … Continue reading

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Stomper: Blame it on Mom – Keeping the Rock Em, Sock Em Out of Youth Sports

Our esteemed administrator has been on me to offer another piece and I fear that my obsession with politics is painting me into a corner so… Time to branch out. And while I’m confident Chuck will take issue with this, I try to … Continue reading

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Stomper: Flashing Back to the 1976 KC Republican Convention & Beyond

  I’ve been pushing for one of the conservatives here on KCC to offer up another piece on the possibility of the GOP convention coming to Kansas City…  Dwight Sutherland would be perfect and Paul Wilson could do a great job as well. Alas, … Continue reading

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Stomper: Dissecting Prisoner Exchanges with ‘Terrorists’ & Bowe Bergdahl

Hey kids, I thought I’d take another whack at a somewhat political topic and toss it up for grabs… This time out, the topic relates to the prisoner exchange and the return of US soldier Bowe Bergdahl.  I can see both sides on … Continue reading

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Stomper: How to Play Nice in the Comments Section (But Bring a Knife Just in Case)

Sometime back, knowing I’m a political junkie, Hearne extended the offer for me to write a piece on a political topic of my choice… Being new to KCC at the time and unsure of my ability to  tolerate the abuse … Continue reading

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