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Paul Wilson: Bill O’Reilly – Caution, You’re About to Enter the NO SPEND Zone

Just when the smoking hot news readers thought it was safe to go back into the staff meeting, our favorite right wing pervanator strikes again… Between 20 and 50 advertisers have reportedly pulled out of “The O’Reilly Factor” after the latest round of O’Reilly’s … Continue reading

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Paul Wilson: Trump Unifies the Nation – AGAINST Him!

When Ronald Reagan became president, he had the presence of mind to admit, “I’m smart enough to know what I don’t know.” Similarly, I have the presence of mind to admit I voted for Donald Trump. I did so with the … Continue reading

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Paul Wilson: How’s Your Scrotum Hangin’, Gentlemen?

Last week I was reading Cosmo… How about that for getting things going with a bang? All because your well-coiffed scribe needs to stay up with the most current trends. Anyway, I came across something that left me a little weak. For … Continue reading

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Paul Wilson: In Memory of Harold Michael Bowman – March 24th, 1958-March 23rd, 2017

Life’s full of changes – you just never know… Of late, change has been about the only constant for your well-coiffed scribe. After the firm where I spent the last dozen years folded – following a poorly implemented acquisition – another … Continue reading

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Paul Wilson: Health Care Reform – ‘merica Just Lost…Again

What a country… On Friday Salon said, “Amid reports that Republican leaders have been frantically rewriting their Obamacare repeal bill so as to win more support, even as GOP voters themselves have only lukewarm support for it, there are now early signs … Continue reading

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Paul Wilson: Sorry Harley, Box Sales Dude Rules!

In the wide world of Internet bugaboos, Paul Wilson’s insightful pre election predictions went unheralded…until now: Here’s my final prediction for tomorrow’s election outcome. The IBD/TIPP poll has always been my favorite and most reliable poll. It scored the Obama election to the exact … Continue reading

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Paul Wilson: The Jury is in – Harris Faulkner is NOT a Hamster

Former WDAF Channel 4  -turned FOX News anchor Harris Faulkner, has settled a $5 million lawsuit against Hasbro over a plastic toy hamster that shared her name and that she claimed was designed to look like her…. Seriously. Please do not confuse … Continue reading

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Paul Wilson: Comedian’s #UnfollowTrump Campaign’s Massive Fail

On October 1, comedians Tim Heridecker, Danny Zucker and Ellen Gamerman called on their fans across the twitterverse to join forces to cut Donald Trump’s Twitter following in half. The concept originated with Heidecker, creator of Adult Swim series “Tim & … Continue reading

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Paul Wilson: Your White Privilege is Showing – Pay Your Reparations NOW

Your well-coiffed scribe is here to tell you, if you’re reading this story you’re likely born white… And if so, you should feel guilty about it, according to Morgan State University Assistant Professor, Lawrence Brown. Not only guilty, but so … Continue reading

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Paul Wilson: Black Racism is Alive and Well – Film at 6:00 p.m.

On my way to Lawrence yesterday to smoke cigars with a friend and former KU and NBA player, I got a call from a real estate investor I’ve known for years… He probably handles more Freddy Mac foreclosures than anyone in … Continue reading

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Paul Wilson: Don’t Kid Yourself – Trump Can Win

For proof that I’m right, let me first turn to my primary source for this story, local comedy club owner and media mogul, Craig Glazer……. Now that I have your attention, I’ll continue. I tend to pay attention to three … Continue reading

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Paul Wilson: Penn State Jumped the Gun on Joe Paterno

Stories like this make me happy because I’m sports agnostic… Penn State honored deceased football coach Joe Paterno during its game against Temple Saturday. The weekend marked the 50th anniversary of Paterno’s first game as Penn State’s head coach in … Continue reading

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Paul Wilson: The Plaza’s Intercontinental Hotel – 4 Stars of Blight?

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of having lunch with Kelvin Simmons and a couple of the largest names in Kansas City commercial real estate. If you don’t know Kelvin, you should. He’s an intensely bright, interesting guy. Among his … Continue reading

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 Paul Wilson: Jackson County Jail Rapist to Plead Insanity; “I’m just crazy about that stuff”

This past week we’ve seen the latest Jackson County Jail fail… In an interview with police, a guard admitted to losing control of her keys after she left them in a door. She then told police she had gotten them back … Continue reading

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Paul Wilson: Will the Real Colin Kaepernick Please Stand Up?

Yes, I know it’s a shock… Your well-coiffed scribe has been MIA, managing his most successful year in business ever, and when he returns, it’s a story about sports? The wonders never cease. However I felt I needed to take a … Continue reading

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Paul Wilson: Hitler – Huge Dick, Tiny Penis – Kinda Like…

In recent days, medical records of Der Führer have been released… All for a book by Jonathan Mayo and Emma Craig, called “Hitler’s Last Day: Minute by Minute,” And the reports indicate that the Nazi nut job is believed to have had … Continue reading

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Paul Wilson: Faux Christian Outrage Over Starbuck’s Red Christmas Cup

An over caffeinated cacophony of charges were leveled last week against Starbucks after it released the design of its new seasonal cup… In previous years, it featured snowflakes, signs of winter, but never religious symbolism. However this year, it’s absent anything but … Continue reading

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Paul Wilson: A Proud Day for Kansas City Indeed!

Yes, it’s Monday, but not just any Monday… While Most people are merely stewing around in their offices trying not to act like the zombies they are, it’s a great day to be a Kansas Citian. That’s because it’s also the day KC’s first streetcar … Continue reading

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Paul Wilson: Sprint To Toss Employees With Trash Cans

I’ve written more than a few times on this topic and here we go again… If you recall, I’ve been somewhat suspect as to Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure‘s ability to turn this ship around. Do you recall my reasoning for his … Continue reading

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Paul Wilson: Welcome to the World Series of Superstitions

Our Kansas City Royals meet the Mets at The K for the first games of the World Series… While listening to a friend’s talk show yesterday the topic turned to baseball fans and player superstitions. And once again I was assured … Continue reading

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