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Hearne: A Losing Battle for Hearts, Minds, Eyeballs

It’s not easy being a daily newspaper… Oh, it used to be. Once the competition was out of the way and pretty much every major market had but a single significant publisher – the Star in Kansas City, the Journal … Continue reading

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Hearne: Former KC Promoter Weighs in on Death of The Eagles Glenn Frey

Pretty much everybody knows and/or remembers KC concert king Chris Fritz… Far less so, Contemporary head dude Irv Zuckerman. And yet without the mostly behind-the-scenes, St. Louis concert promoter’s contribution the area entertainment scene in the 80s, 90s and beyond … Continue reading

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Hearne: KU Football Living in the Past

It’s a sad commentary when you have to dig back like 50 years to find a bright spot… However that’s pretty much the sad state of KU football today. As evidenced by a pair of front page stories in today’s sports … Continue reading

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Hearne: Lawrence Library Tries to Turn Water into Wine

When’s the last time anybody wasted a half dozen half page newspaper ads to draw fewer than 20 folks to a “free” wine tasting? In the case of the Lawrence Public Library and Lawrence Memorial Hospital the answer would be yesterday. Then again, … Continue reading

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Hearne: Donald Trump, Sex Slaves, Mad Max, Granny & Border War Crossing

Face it, the times they just aren’t a changing, like it or not, it’s a brave new world out there,…. Take the annual Gallup Poll results that showed President Obama as the country’s “most admired man.” Politics, nut job and terrorist … Continue reading

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Hearne: Star Wars Movie War Between AMC, Cinetopia Goes Galactic

Mystery solved… What movie theater in its right mind would pass on showing the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens? That’s a rhetorical question, btw. No theater would be dumb enough to not show Star Wars, let alone cede the … Continue reading

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Hearne: Paul Walker’s Heirs Blame High Speed, Illegal Crash Death on Porsche

To blame or not to blame, that is the question… Whether tis nobler to admit wrongdoing or seek out another to take the fall. Which is exactly what actor Paul Walker‘s father and daughter are trying to do. Ridiculous as it may … Continue reading

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Hearne: 800,000 Royals Fans, Seriously?

Kansas City crowd estimates used to be great sport… Especially since nobody did any actual counting, so pretty much anybody and everybody could play – and play they did! The owners of the Country Club Plaza were the most prolific. Year after year they upped … Continue reading

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Hearne: The Clear & Present Danger of Meaningless ‘Surveys’

Oh, for shame… In an era where social responsibility – you know – kinda matters, Kansas City pulls up way short in the recently released, “2015 Greenest Cities in America.” The good news: At least the Cowtown cracked the Top 100. … Continue reading

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Hearne: Karen Dillon / USA Today Transform Lawrence Journal World

It’s not easy being a newspaper… While any number of them such as the Kansas City Star remain “profitable” – arguably anyway – they’re no longer insanely profitable like many had been for well over half a century. Noop, it’s an altogether … Continue reading

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Hearne: Time to Deliver Last Rites to American Royal?

In the wide world of universal truths, death more often than not is an ugly affair… Seems like it seldom comes quickly and cleanly. Such appears to be the case with one of Kansas City’s most vaunted annual events, the American Royal. Was a … Continue reading

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Hearne: Star Whiffs on KU Frats Carting Unconscious Coeds to the Frat House Story

Remember when cutting edge Kansas City Star columnist Mary Sanchez swacked that two bagger a couple weeks back? Where in a single column she exonerated K-State’s band for its marching penis formation, then served up a non sequitur chastising everybody for not focussing instead on … Continue reading

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Hearne: The Story Behind the Story on Mike Kennedy & Nyki

About the mysterious disappearance of both Q104 morning show main man Mike Kennedy and The Point 99.9 FM morning personality Nyki Pace… The $64 million questionL Why, why both and why both at the exact same time? The possibilities are endless. … Continue reading

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Hearne: KCMO AM Tops 980 KMBZ & KCUR FM Soars Past 98.1 FM KMBZ

KMBZ’s News, talk stations are in the crosshairs… As evidenced by the continuing decline of both KMBZ AM and KMBZ FM in the July radio ratings. Starting with UMKC’s not-for-profit NPR station KCUR FM smoking of 98.1 FM KMBZ.  KCUR slotted in at 10th place in the standings with a 4.5 share to KMBZ’s … Continue reading

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Hearne: Star Breaks its Word, Backtracks on Tax Pledge, Looks to Uncertain Future

The Kansas City Star couldn’t pat itself on the back enough… The year was 2003 and editorial page editor Miriam Pepper  was ecstatic about the prospects of the newspaper building a new $200 million press facility in the heart of downtown. “I’m … Continue reading

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Hearne: Is the KC Star Business Section About to Become Road Kill?

Heard on the street: that the Kansas City Star will soon eliminate its business section… Could happen. Since ace business reporter Kevin Collison bailed a year ago – and was not replaced –  and what was left of the Business Tuesday insert went … Continue reading

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Hearne: The American Royal’s Coming Unglued

What’s next, waving a white flag and shouting uncle? Seems like only yesterday the heavy handed civic leader backers of the American Royal couldn’t wait to pull a fast one on taxpayers by tearing down Kemper Arena for a $50 to $70 million into an overpriced … Continue reading

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Hearne: 610 Sports Blows Everybody Away, Soars to No. 1

Ho-lee-shit… Pardon my French, but I’m scrambling to try and put my eyeballs back in my eye sockets. Because about two minutes ago they flew out like meteorites when I saw that 610 Sports had taken complete command of the … Continue reading

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Hearne: What Goes Around Comes Around for Hallmark

It’s hard not to feel sorry for Hallmark Cards… I mean, it’s a hometown institution. A company that generations of locals were raised to be proud of. And what Hallmark did with Crown Center and the surrounding area with hotels has … Continue reading

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Hearne: KC Based Hallmark Cards Downward Spiral Continues

About those Hallmark Cards layoffs… Unlike former Star publisher Mark Zieman who preferred to blame the newspaper’s massive layoffs on the economy, Hallmark head David Hall correctly blamed the card company’s flagging fortunes on “changes in consumer” spending. That’s calling a spade a spade. Because people aren’t … Continue reading

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