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Glazer: Scribe Peers into Crystal Ball & It Isn’t Pretty

Another college football  week of “Who the #%*$ knows”… The top teams seem to be coming together, but picking them with points taken away at large numbers is so damn hard. The NFL is more clear. We have New England, the Packers … Continue reading

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Glazer: Taking the Measure of This Week’s NFL & The Chiefs

Well, its week three and for some colleges week four… The NFL is not putting out a great product this year. There are way too many key injuries and off-field issues. And losing starting quarterbacks is major. Dallas, who otherwise … Continue reading

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Glazer: Trump Slips — Hillary vs. Carley?

 Yes, Donald Trump still leads in the Republican presidential polls… However Trump’s lead has dropped a bit while others have risen. He still has  24% of the vote, but that’s down from  32% a few weeks back, prior to last week’s debate. Carley Fiorina is … Continue reading

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Glazer: Time to Worry About Royals Playoffs Possibilities?

Make no mistake these Kansas City Royals are a fine ball club. They will surely win 94 games or more. The division race is over and has been since June. The hitting has improved and we have some power now. … Continue reading

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Glazer: Superstar Mike Kennedy, Wife Nyki Pace Depart Local Air Waves

One of KC’s top morning radio hosts Mike Kennedy has left the airwaves… Kennedy will apparently stay on as the station’s program director but will no longer anchor of Q104’s morning drive. The new anchor is Zeke Montanna, Mike’s co host for years who will … Continue reading

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Glazer: Exciting – but Not Perfect – Chiefs Start Season with Perfect Record

These Chiefs aren’t perfect – no NFL team is these days – but they’re exciting… Well, at least they were in the first half Sunday in defeating Houston 27-20 on the road. Big plays, lots of passing, tight end Travis Kelce was outstanding … Continue reading

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Glazer: Are You Ready for Some Football?

Here we go gang, it’s football time again! And won’t it be nice to have nice one week without a New England cheater attack? Reality television has taken over our lives on a daily basis, with the next big scandal unfolding … Continue reading

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Glazer: A Sad, Desperate Tale of Former Chiefs Star Unfolds on 610 Sports

Neil Smith was one of the leaders of the Kansas City Chiefs outstanding defenses of the 1990’s…. Smith and Derrick Thomas led our Chiefs to a couple of 13-3 seasons under head coach Marty Schottenheimer. It would be our last elite … Continue reading

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Glazer: Time to Punt ‘Deflategate,’ Move On

The Judge made it clear during federal hearings on Deflategate that he wasn’t pleased by NFL commish Roger Goodell‘s decision to slap Tom Brady with a four game suspension… He asked both sides to compromise and bring him a new deal. They didn’t. Both stood … Continue reading

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Glazer: My Pal TJ Miller @ Starlight Tonight

The Odd Ball Comedy Tour hits Starlight tonight… It’s a sold out affair with big names like Amy Schumer, my pal TJ Miller.and several others on the long list of up and coming comics. It’s a Woodstock type event.thgat runs from 5 pm today … Continue reading

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Glazer: Scribe Unravels This Year’s Chiefs Team

Wow, the Chiefs won their first two preseason games… I can’t remember the last time they did that. Plus an opener on the road with a big scoring game for KC – ultra rare. Then again, the Chiefs own Seattle, ha! In … Continue reading

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Glazer: The Death of Society & Culture As We Knew It

One of the reasons many of us try to accomplish things in life is for our own history… Our legacy, if you will.  That’s the wayn it is in this new America, where even major events and famous people are forgotten in … Continue reading

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Glazer: Are This Year’s Royals KC’s Best Team Ever?

I can’t recall past Chiefs or Royals teams wrapping up their division by mid season… This just waiting for the playoffs and trying to keep the best record for home field  advantage is a strange feeling, isn’t it? I mean, is this … Continue reading

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Glazer: Johnny Dare Deserves to Enter Rock ‘N’ Roll Radio Hall of Fame

His name’s a household  word in Kansas City…. Like Gates BBQ, Winstead’s and Kelly’s. He’s a staple and has been for years. I’m talking about the Johnny Dare Morning Show on 98.9 The Rock. The latest: Dare’s been nominated to the Rock … Continue reading

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Glazer: Watch Out, World; Trump Still Triumphant

Polls show Donald Trump leading by a huge margin even AFTER the first debate! Yep, even though many – including me – thought he took some hits at the debate. But it turns out he did not! According to NBC, it’s Trump with 23%, Ted … Continue reading

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Glazer: Trump Hits Major Bump @ Republican Debate

A couple days ago I said it was Donald Trump‘s nomination to lose… Meaning he can and would win if he didn’t fall on his face. Well, last night he sure TRIPPED! The polling numbers aren’t in yet, but my guess is the … Continue reading

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Glazer: Which Is It: A Baseball Town or a Football Town?

 Is Kansas City a Chiefs town or Royals town? The answer is simple. BOTH! Face it, everybody loves a winner and right now clearly the Royals are it. The team is about to win its first division title since 1985. Thirty … Continue reading

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Glazer: At Long Last, Cain is Able

The Kansas City Royals are the best team in the American League… And maybe in all of baseball. Just halfway through the season they have a more than 20 game jump on .500. They haven’t been 20 games over .500 since 1989, … Continue reading

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Glazer: Life in the Fast Lane’s the Place For Me

As you enter uour 50’s you begin to wonder, “Did I do everything in life I wanted to do?” That answer is different for each of us. I was talking with Hearne about this last week, and I find it interesting that many of my friends … Continue reading

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Glazer: Can Sleepwalking Royals Go All the Way?

Please don’t get upset with me… Yes, I still believe the Kansas City Royals will win the division. And I think they can still win the American League Pennant. But if you’re seeing what I am, the Royals are falling down on offense … Continue reading

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