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Glazer: Cross Your Fingers, Buckle Up, Here Comes This Year’s Chiefs

Talk is that the Kansas City Chiefs will win the division title this season… That makes sense after finally winning a playoff game last year. Especially after head coach Andy Reid‘s team started out 1-5 and reeled off 10 straight … Continue reading

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Glazer: Look Out, Here Come the Royals!

OMG it’s happening! Almost nobody expected the Kansas City Royals to get back into the wild card race, let alone win their division. Just a minute ago they were seven games under .500 and looking completely done. Alex Gordon was … Continue reading

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Glazer: Donald Trump’s Last Stand?

Not much good news for Donald Trump fans these days… He’s under attack from most media, his own party, military leaders, world leaders, you-name-it, folks. Polls show Hillary Clinton ahead by 6 to 12 points nationally. In fact, the mainstream media … Continue reading

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Glazer: Tragedy Strikes My Pal ‘Billy Lone Bear’

My friend, actor Sonny Landham was in a car accident a few months back…. He lost his leg shortly thereafter. And a couple weeks ago they had to remove his second leg. I am just torn up over this tragedy. He’s … Continue reading

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Glazer: Royals Suck. End of Story

The Kansas City Royals today are once again one of baseball’s worst teams…. From the penthouse to the outhouse, yep – from World Series to can’t win two games in a row. We have no offense at all; nobody is … Continue reading

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Glazer: Fix is in on Presidential Debates

Wow, maybe Trump is right; THE FIX IS IN FOR HILLARY… Even network and mainstream cable news seems to be in on it. Let’s face it, America’s addicted to MONDAY NIGHT AND SUNDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL, huge audiences. And we all expect … Continue reading

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Glazer: Somebody Call the Fat Lady, Royals Are Toast

Two months to go in the 2016 MLB season… Unfortunately our Kansas City Royals have fallen on tough times. For the first time in three years this late in the season they’re under .500 and it’s going to be a tough … Continue reading

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Glazer: Battle of the Political Losers

Hillary Clinton‘s been backed into a corner with the FBI’s Computergate‘ report and her many scandals… It’s really overwhelming and that will make it difficult for her to build much excitement over the next few months. She just isn’t very trustworthy and her past more … Continue reading

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Glazer: Scribe Gets to Have Sex on the Silver Screen

Well, sometimes we get lucky in life… I was asked a few weeks back to do an opening scene in Order 86, a small budget movie. The film’s director, Richard Buswell and production lady, Tara Knighton, explained it was important … Continue reading

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Glazer: No Need to Worry About Royals Making Playoffs

OK, we all know that the Cleveland Indians are on fire… The team won 14 in a row. Not only that they are 19 games over .500 and have a 7 game lead over the Royals. However, the Royals still … Continue reading

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Glazer: Who Says Cleveland & the NBA Don’t Matter?

No NBA team had ever come back from being down 3-1 in the finals… That is, until Sunday.That’s when LeBron James proved that he is ‘THE MAN’ in today’s NBA. James took Cleveland to its first championship title in more than half a … Continue reading

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Glazer: Kevin Farley Tonight @ Stanford’s in Overland Park!

Too few remember how big a star John Belushi was back in the day… His Saturday Night Live skits and hit movies like Animal House made him a household name in the 1980’s. Unfortunately Belushi died of a drug overdose way … Continue reading

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Glazer: Is Donald Trump Right About Isis?

Seems like mass murders by radical Islam and Isis are becoming a regular event… This past weekend the United States suffered the worst massacre since 911. Fifty people were shot to death in Orlando Florida 50 with more than 50 others wounded by … Continue reading

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Glazer: At Least the So-So Royals Still Have a Chance

We all know what’s behind with the Kansas City Royals seven game losing streak… No hitting and no starting pitching on the team’s road trip. Result: Royals fall out of first and now trail Cleveland by 2 1/2 games. The good … Continue reading

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Glazer: My Time With Muhammad Ali

I spent Saturday doing interviews on Muhammad Ali and a movie I did years ago… We’ll be seeing tons of stories and clips on his life over the next several days until his funeral Friday. In 1989 I was hired to … Continue reading

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Glazer: ‘I’ll Have an Extra Large Helping of Crow, Please”

The Kansas City Royals have proven THEY ARE LAST YEAR’S ROYALS… Down early in the season by seven games to the Chicago White Sox and looking lost, the Royals have found themselves and then some. Just three weeks later, they’re … Continue reading

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Glazer: The End of a Very Short Era for KC Royals

It’s getting ugly… It’s hard not to talk about the fall of the Kansas City Royals this season… Everyone complains but then says,  “Well, it’s early. There are lots of games left.” That’s true, however being seven games back in May … Continue reading

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Glazer: Is KC”s ‘Downtown Dazzle’ Trolly D.O.A.?

Kansas City Mayor Sly James signature trolly project’s up and running… And thousands of KC folks got to see and ride KC’s new Downtown Dazzle for free. It was a “party,” they claimed, but will it really help to promote Kansas City? Seriously. Will people … Continue reading

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Glazer: The Royals Could (Not) Go All the Way!

I know, I now,  it’s early… And I heard this last year when the Royals jumped out to a 7-0 start and pretty much maintained the division lead tis season’s end. They fell out of 1st briefly just before the All-Star … Continue reading

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Glazer: They Could Go All The Way

Just 12 games in and the Kansas City Royals are in first… And with the American League’s second best record, no less. Their pitching looks outstanding (outside of Chris Young) and their defense is fantastic. With 8 wins and 4 … Continue reading

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