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Glazer: Ladies & Gentleman, Meet the ‘New’ Babe Ruth

Baseball’s had its share of big stars the last several years, the it guys of the game… The Yankees had Derek Jeter, before that the Royals George Brett, Oakland Mark McGwire. Yet there really hasn’t been a true monster star since slugger Reggie Jackson. Remember … Continue reading

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Glazer: All Bets Are Off After Chiefs Cut Maclin

The Chiefs picked up one of coach Andy Reid‘s favorite receivers two years back… And former MU standout Jeremy Maclin had a good first season in KC with over 1,000 yards in pass receptions. However he had a strange season last year … Continue reading

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Glazer: Royals Stuck in Last / Fire Sale, Anyone?

More of less is more… As May comes to an end the Royals are still in last place with the league’s worst record. Funny, last year’s team ended May in 1st place…although it didn’t last. Some players are starting to … Continue reading

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Glazer: Scribe Charts Chiefs QB Alex Smith’s Final Days

Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith  got a $70 million contract a couple years back… Not a bad deal, with $30 million of that guaranteed and he becomes a free agent in 2019. That said, the Chiefs picked quarterback Patrick Mahomes as their No. 1 this year. … Continue reading

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Glazer: Scribe Sees Royals Glass Half Full

I waited a few weeks to see if the Kansas City Royals could right the ship and… so far so good! Kansas City swept Baltimore – a top team in the East – then took three of four from Tampa. Eric Hosmer is back to … Continue reading

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Glazer: Scribe Waxes Poetic

As I’ve gotten older I’ve lost a number of my closest friends… In just the last few weeks I’ve lost my uncle Morton Glazer, a friend I grew up with that was a manager at Stanford’s, Joel Weinberg and another best friends wife. Which … Continue reading

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Glazer: ‘King of Sting’ Preps for Liftoff

I’m baaaack…. King of Sting director David Jung put some hard work into a killer trailer for the movie project of. my book. Jung and I wrote a new script for the movie and this is his take on how the it should be promoted … Continue reading

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Glazer: Have This Year’s Royals Given Up?

Our Kansas City Royals are baseballs worst team! With a record of 7-16, they’re in last place with worst record in the majors. Worse yet, even if they went 20-10 over the next month they would only be maybe .500. … Continue reading

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Glazer: Scribe Manhandles Chiefs Draft Prospects

Thursday’s NFL draft is important to every team… However, it’s particularly critical to the Kansas City Chiefs who badly need to add some weapons on offense. They have zero running game to speak of. Spencer Ware had a below average season. … Continue reading

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Glazer: The Beginning of the End for Hosmer, Royals?

Things are not looking good for this year’s Royals… There’s just no offense. In fact, even their flagship sports station 610 Sports is down on the club’s efforts. Long games – like the 1-0 loss, a four hour game – are BORING. “The Royals … Continue reading

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Glazer: Are the 2014/2015 World Series Royals Gone For Good?

All spring long we heard that the Royals needed a fast start to the season… Why? For starters,  just to be in the race and secondly so they wouldn’t be tempted to unload a couple of core players before the draft deadline … Continue reading

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Glazer: The Night I Partied With Don Rickles

I saw Don Rickles during final days of the Great Las Vegas… That’s back when Elvis was at the Hilton and Frank Sinatra just down the street. I was a student at Arizona State in my late teens and would drive to Vegas to … Continue reading

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Glazer: Former KU Coach Roy Williams Leaves Bill Self in the Dust

So much for KU’s delusions of grandeur… North Carolina coach Roy Williams just moved to the No. 2 spot behind Duke’s Mike Krzyzewski on active coaches with national championships. Roy won his third in nine Final Fours, with his NC squad beating Gonzaga … Continue reading

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Glazer: So Many Questions, So Few Answers

Not much national media noise on this year’s Kansas City Royals team… The big question: Are they even a contender? Answer: Nobody has a clue. Las Vegas says no, with fewer than 80 wins. But Vegas has been wrong many times … Continue reading

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Glazer: Time To End MLB’s ‘Roid Rage’

The time has come to forgive the baseball players who used drugs and were banned from baseball and its Hall of Fame… Some of the biggest names from the 80’s into today’s game have been kept out. They include Roger Clemens, Mark McGwire, … Continue reading

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Glazer: ‘I Was Wong!’ Scribe Scowls

So much for KU being invincible… The Kansas Jayhawks were a total no show last night in the Elite Eight against a good Oregon team. Pretty much nobody came to play for KU. Frank Mason was solid but couldn’t save … Continue reading

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Glazer: Scribe Rolls On With Self, KU

What did I tell you guys? With another 90 plus point win – 3 in a row during NCAA Tournament – KU looks unstoppable. Who can beat them? Who can compete with their three headed hydra; Frank Mason, Devonte Graham and … Continue reading

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Glazer: Scribe Drops ‘I told You So’ on Comments Crowd

A few years back Tom Izzo’s Michigan State beat Bill Self‘s  Jayhawks in the Sweet Sixteen… Yesterday Self got his revenge. KU defeated Michigan State 90-70. However the score doesn’t show how close this game was until the final minutes.  Kansas had … Continue reading

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Glazer: Scribe Claims This Year’s KU Team Best Ever

I’ve watched KU basketball for years and they’re almost always really good… Now they’re GREAT! I think this is the best overall squad KU coach Bill Self has ever coached. This team is dynomite, explosive and fast. The 3 point shots come … Continue reading

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Glazer: A Fond Adieu to One of Chiefs Biggest, Brightest

The day finally came to say goodbye to the Chiefs best running back ever… Jamaal Charles  just had too many injuries and hadn’t played much the past two seasons. Still he holds many of the Chiefs rushing records, including most yards … Continue reading

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