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Starbeams: Royal Tearjerker, Sex & The City, JOCO Health

The Royals lost their season opener 4-3 in walk-off fashion.  It was nice to get my first cry of the baseball season out of the way during the month of March for a change.             … Continue reading

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Hearne: A Gentleman’s Club in Downtown Lawrence? Could Happen

What’s in a word? Plenty when it comes to words like “gentlemen’s club” and “speakeasy.” Because while the definition of the former, for example, “is a members-only private club of a type originally set up by and for British upper class … Continue reading

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Mancow: Two Hoofs Up from Mancow on ‘Budapest Hotel’

“The Grand Budapest Hotel” is a moonlight swim in an enchanted, irretrievable past… It’s a hallucinatory explosion of pinks, reds, and magentas that cling to grand traditions in an increasingly vulgar world.  Brilliantly conceived and directed. Visually an ornately miniaturized, … Continue reading

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Hearne: Why Kansas City Won’t Get the Republican Convention

From first to worst? There’s a reason Kansas City will not be getting the 2016 Republican Convention and it’s a lousy one, insiders say. Because KC mayor Sly James - a Dem by any other name – kicked “public affairs and … Continue reading

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Hearne: A Bit of Shameless Handwringing for The Pitch

Guilty as charged… Regular readers know every now and so often I saddle up and take a look at what’s left of Kansas City’s one-and-only alternative newsweekly, The Pitch. And, full disclosure, I did lead the charge during the Pitch’s … Continue reading

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Mancow: ‘Cow Calls Beatles, Fab 4 Generation Money-Grubbing Losers

See the Beatles special last night? Most underwhelming. It reflects on us and our mortality when we see the invincible tumble and giants brought to their knees. And YoKo dancing? Ugh! Sean Lennon clearly didn’t know the lyrics but tried … Continue reading

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Hearne: ‘Alice’ Owner Wilks Goes for the Gold with KC102.1 FM

As tangled webs go, the behind the scenes demise of Alice 102.1 FM was a lively one… Juxtaposed alongside the rebirth of competing AAA station The Bridge 90.9 FM made for one soap opera albeit a short lived one. Then there … Continue reading

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James Brinsfield: And the Worst Super Bowl Ad Award Goes to…Bob Dylan

The worst Super Bowl ad? Hands down the Bob Dylan ad for Chrysler. Dylan departed from irony and his poetic ability to make profound statements to swim in the bathos of psuedo-patriotism for the American made (but Italian owned) new … Continue reading

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Lezak: KSHB Meteorologist Pens Farewell Salute to His ‘Mom’

Mom! Yesterday I lost my mother (Kay Rubell) after her hard fought battle during the past six months.  She had two major surgeries back-to-back last August, the second of which saved her life, but mired her in a long struggle. … Continue reading

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Starbeams: It’s So Cold in Kansas City That…

The coldest temps in two decades have arrived in Kansas City… It’s so cold….it chills to the bone, Chiefs coach  Andy Reid should feel this in April. ******* It’s so cold…the National Weather Service has forecast Cold, Dangerously Cold, and CHIEFS … Continue reading

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Hearne: The Perks of Posting Knee-Jerk, Anonymous Comments

Let the record show KC Confidential has been home-sweet-home to some of the most ridiculous, stupid, boring, obscene comments imaginable… It’s also given birth to some of the best, funniest, quirkiest and informative comments. And unlike some sites, almost all of … Continue reading

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Hearne: Industry Video Bar @ The Uptown to Open in Next 2-3 Weeks

Shhhhhhh…. Don’t tell anyone, but the name of that new video bar just off the lobby of the Uptown Theater at 37th and Broadway is…INDUSTRY VIDEO BAR. NO “the” ahead of it, just “Industry. “It’s about the feeling that you … Continue reading

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Starbeams: End of Tailgating, Tight Jeans, Danica Patrick’s Lap & Who is ‘Jeb’ Castro?

Fans have been banned from TAILGATING at this year’s Super Bowl. The Super Bowl committee in New Jersey cites parking space and safety for the reason tailgating is OUT at Super Bowl 48.  While they’re at it, ban the FOOTBALL. … Continue reading

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Phillip Brown: Big Biz Declares Holy War With ‘Black Thanksgiving’ — Boycott Called

Ever since European Pilgrims began settling the American continent, they commemorated a day in November as a time of Thanksgiving… It’s a time where we put aside our mundane, everyday responsibilities, avert our eyes from our struggles for a better … Continue reading

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Jack Goes Confidential: ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ — McConaughey Pulls Off Oscar Worthy Performance

When I mention DALLAS BUYERS CLUB to someone, the first thing out of their mouth usually involves Matthew McConaughey’s tremendous weight loss for his starring role… But after they’ve seen it they’ll most likely by praising his performance in the … Continue reading

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Phillip Brown: Don’t Get Conned, Jackson County. Vote ‘No’ on Question 1

Jackson County, have I got a deal for you… Children’s Mercy, St. Luke’s and UMKC have gotten together to form the Jackson County Institute for Translational Medicine and it’s going to be great. (First off, notice how they put “Jackson … Continue reading

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Phillip ‘Flip’ Brown: False Equivalency & The Kansas City Star

The Kansas City Star has done it again… In Sunday’s October 13 edition it ran a front page story (Debt Issue is holding Uncle Sam hostage by Dave Helling) saying that the debt limit showdown that, as of this writing, … Continue reading

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Glazer: Scibe Puts the Pigskin to Chiefs, Tigers, Wildkitties

As I said earlier this week on KC Confidential, there’s a big concern by Chiefs fans that our quarterback Alex Smith isn’t good enough to take the team to the Super Bowl.  Obviously I disagree. First, I’ve said many times, … Continue reading

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Paul Wilson: The ObamaPhone; Is it Really Obama’s Phone? Part 1

I’m going to keep this to bite size portions… Mainly because there are lots of regulations, programs and numbers to cover in order to properly explain what the mythological ObamaPhone is, how it came into being and the real story behind … Continue reading

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Ground Chuck: Keeping It Short & Sweet With This Week’s NFL Picks”

Comments caliph Chuck Lowe rolls out this weeks sure bets, NFL style… Take Kansas City minus 4 over the New York Giants Take the Indianapolis Colts minus 7 1/2 over Jacksonville Take Baltimore minus 4 over Buffalo Take New Orleans minus 6 … Continue reading

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