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Hearne: Memphis is Kicking The American Royal’s Butt

No two ways about it, the American Royal is on the ropes… Not only are its bread and butter horse and livestock shows drawing infinitesimally small crowds, the vaunted World Series of Barbecue is getting its ass handed to it but … Continue reading

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Glazer: Reality TV Show Shoot Goes Down May 22, 23 @ Stanford’s

It sure would be nice to have a national television show at Stanford & Sons… A reality crew from LA will shoot 10 hours a day May 22nd and 23rd at our new club at Rosana Square. So how’d it happen? The … Continue reading

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Glazer: Baltimore Riots Torpedo Stanford’s Comic

Freddie Gray was just hanging out when cops made eye contact with him…  Gray has a lengthy criminal record with over 20 arrests since 2007 for selling drugs, burglary,making drugs, assaults, the list goes on. Clearly he’s a low level … Continue reading

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Hearne: Unanswered Questions Linger in ‘Duke’s on Broadway’ Rape Story

Don’t expect the Duke’s on Grand rape story to go away anytime soon… There are just too many crazy twists and turns and unanswered questions. Starting with the gaggle of employees who hung out illegally drinking after closing hours to party … Continue reading

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Hearne: Bill Self Teams With Former KU Wild Man for Lawrence Eatery

Maybe Bill Self  will stick it out here in Lawrence after all… I still have my doubts. However it is possible that the KU basketball coach’s philandering days are behind him. And that coaching at the level of an NBA practice squad is starting to grow on … Continue reading

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Paul Wilson: Olathe PD Unleashes SWAT on Sleepy Suburbs

Talk about the Big Bang… On April 13th, the Olathe PD issued a memo to residents in the neighborhood around Winterbrooke and Sheridan Bridge alerting them to a training exercise that would take place between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. today. … Continue reading

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Paul Wilson: Global Warming — It’s Hot!

Over the past decade or two, manmade global warming  – aka AGW – has become a culpable cultural credo… Yet all too often, the focus has been on the negative side of this much maligned malady. However as we all know, every dark … Continue reading

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Hearne: Bowling for Major News Stories

The big news in Lawrence today… Would you believe, that the bowling alley in the KU student union building is gonna close? Yep, top of the fold on the front page of the Lawrence Journal World newspaper. It’s a little … Continue reading

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Hearne: Can Kansas City Be a Baseball Town Again?

After decades of being the butt of every baseball joke imaginable a new game is afoot… At the risk of hopping on (and later perhaps off) the bandwagon that is this year’s Kansas City Royals, let’s assume for a moment that … Continue reading

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Paul Wilson: Indiana, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act & Poe’s Law

On Thursday, Indiana lawmakers made changes to RFRA to calm the national tsunami of gay discontent flooding the state… This isn’t new, Indiana joined 20 other states in giving businesses the right to not provide services to the gay community … Continue reading

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Paul Wilson: The Weak in Review

Shooting Your Junk – The Unintended Consequences of Concealed Carry Kansas gave final approval last week to a bill allowing residents to carry concealed firearms without a permit… However, some lawmakers voiced concerns about inadequate training under the new law, and … Continue reading

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Hearne: A Call for Less Butt Kissing & More Tough Talk @ KU

Say what you will, half a loaf’s almost always better than no loaf at all… And to his credit, in the case of Star sports scribe Sam Mellinger it’s usually a very tasty half. What goes missing often unfortunately is much in … Continue reading

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Hearne: Sizzling Courtroom Testimony Paints Lawrence CiCi’s Owner as a Dirtbag

For more than a year the obvious went unaddressed by the mainstream media in Kansas City, Lawrence and Topeka… Only KC Confidential reported that there was something very fishy about 52 year-old CiCi’s Pizza owner Harold Sasko shacking up with 17 year-old hottie Sarah McLinn … Continue reading

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Paul Wilson: I’d Like a Venti Americano with an Extra Shot of Race Relations, Please

Starting this week, there’s a chance my Starbucks cup, normally labeled “Well-Coifed Scribe,” will be passed across the counter with a smile and the notation, “Race Together.” Starbucks wants in the race and values business? The same Starbucks that spends millions … Continue reading

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Hearne: More News Bodies Flying Out the Door @ 18th & Grand

Target raising the minimum wage to $9, houses selling like hotcakes, unemployment at the lowest levels in seven years – things are looking up, right? Not in the newspaper biz – not enough, anyway. Because on the heels of major … Continue reading

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Paul Wilson: The Weak in Review

Hillary Clinton: Yes, I Had Textual Relations with that Private Server As fallout from Hillary using her private email for official State Department business continues, her response amounts to, “What difference does it make?” Asked if she’d been briefed on … Continue reading

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Hearne: One Up, One Down in the News Mag Game

Small world… Just as the Kansas City Star‘s weekly Sunday magazine was blowing taps, another newspaper weekly was  soaring to new heights, says former Star editor and reporter Jim Fitzpatrick… “That same day the New York Times redid their magazine,” Fitzpatrick … Continue reading

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Paul Wilson: Brian Williams & the Double Standard of Situational Exaggeration

Seventy three years ago this month, C.S. Lewis wrote, in The Screwtape Letters, “ It is always the novice who exaggerates.” Well, Mr. Lewis, a lot has changed since then. We have some exceptional exaggerators and professional pathological perjurers to … Continue reading

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Glazer: The Battle of Westport – Take 2 – Former Landlord Poised to Create Parking Problem

Was a time businessman Doug Weltner was once considered the savior of Westport… Weltner and his real estate company outbid others around 1990 to purchase Westport Square and the parking lot along Westport Road across from Kelly’s and the old … Continue reading

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Hearne: The December 2014 Radio Ratings (They Really Do Matter)

Nobody listens to the radio anymore, right? Wrong… Well, nobody halfway young listens to radio anymore, right? That’s not what a McVay Media study entitled “State of the Media: Audio Today 2014” has to say on the subject. “No matter … Continue reading

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