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Hearne: Sizzling Courtroom Testimony Paints Lawrence CiCi’s Owner as a Dirtbag

For more than a year the obvious went unaddressed by the mainstream media in Kansas City, Lawrence and Topeka… Only KC Confidential reported that there was something very fishy about 52 year-old CiCi’s Pizza owner Harold Sasko shacking up with 17 year-old hottie Sarah McLinn … Continue reading

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Paul Wilson: I’d Like a Venti Americano with an Extra Shot of Race Relations, Please

Starting this week, there’s a chance my Starbucks cup, normally labeled “Well-Coifed Scribe,” will be passed across the counter with a smile and the notation, “Race Together.” Starbucks wants in the race and values business? The same Starbucks that spends millions … Continue reading

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Hearne: More News Bodies Flying Out the Door @ 18th & Grand

Target raising the minimum wage to $9, houses selling like hotcakes, unemployment at the lowest levels in seven years – things are looking up, right? Not in the newspaper biz – not enough, anyway. Because on the heels of major … Continue reading

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Paul Wilson: The Weak in Review

Hillary Clinton: Yes, I Had Textual Relations with that Private Server As fallout from Hillary using her private email for official State Department business continues, her response amounts to, “What difference does it make?” Asked if she’d been briefed on … Continue reading

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Hearne: One Up, One Down in the News Mag Game

Small world… Just as the Kansas City Star‘s weekly Sunday magazine was blowing taps, another newspaper weekly was  soaring to new heights, says former Star editor and reporter Jim Fitzpatrick… “That same day the New York Times redid their magazine,” Fitzpatrick … Continue reading

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Paul Wilson: Brian Williams & the Double Standard of Situational Exaggeration

Seventy three years ago this month, C.S. Lewis wrote, in The Screwtape Letters, “ It is always the novice who exaggerates.” Well, Mr. Lewis, a lot has changed since then. We have some exceptional exaggerators and professional pathological perjurers to … Continue reading

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Glazer: The Battle of Westport – Take 2 – Former Landlord Poised to Create Parking Problem

Was a time businessman Doug Weltner was once considered the savior of Westport… Weltner and his real estate company outbid others around 1990 to purchase Westport Square and the parking lot along Westport Road across from Kelly’s and the old … Continue reading

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Hearne: The December 2014 Radio Ratings (They Really Do Matter)

Nobody listens to the radio anymore, right? Wrong… Well, nobody halfway young listens to radio anymore, right? That’s not what a McVay Media study entitled “State of the Media: Audio Today 2014” has to say on the subject. “No matter … Continue reading

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Hearne: Moderated Comments, Anyone? Smartman, Scribe?

A funny thing happened late last week… Not ha-ha funny, more curious funny. I’d just added a pair of words to the KC Confidential “forbidden words list” – the one I started four years ago to combat that clever rascal smartman. … Continue reading

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Glazer: Lawrence Strip Club Cop Stop & This Weeks Picks

Lawrence strip club Allstars sent a limo to take me and comic Trevor Moore and his Whitest Kids U Know crew to Lawrence last night… Stanford’s had featured the playmate appearing at Allstars on our pod cast Wednesday so they invited us to come to … Continue reading

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Star beams: P&L Red Light Zone, Bill Cosby, NASA & Making Whoopi

The historic Power and Light Building will be renovated with some apartments going for as much as $3,500 a month.  If you’re a woman you can make that money back quickly via that giant flashing red light.         … Continue reading

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Hearne: 610 Sports Knocks One Out of the Park in Fall Ratings

We’ll get to the latest radio ratings shortly, but for now the big news is 610 Sports… Because not only did Entercom’s KCSP AM rocket into fourth place in the overall ratings released in November, its cume rose to just shy of a … Continue reading

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Star beams: Turkey Pardons, Foil Cars, Flashing Lights & Bill Cosby

That’s the last time I attend the mayor’s Turkey Pardoning Ceremony wearing a slutty skirt.                                                   … Continue reading

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Lefsetz: Critic Nails Rolling Stone — Calls U2, Springsteen ‘Irrelevant’

“As Jann Wenner and Bono mash the gas pedal towards the cliff of irrelevance… In other words, how can Rolling Stone be so tone-deaf? This single-handedly reveals the inanity of the shenanigans behind the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, … Continue reading

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OTC: Flashing Back to the Top 10 Reasons Greg Hall Left KC Confidential

Return with me now to June of 2011 when Greg Hall split from KC Confidential for greener writing pastures… Leaving behind this final Top 10 list to commemorate his time here: 10. Craig Glazer’s scandalous tales of juggling 20-something babes … Continue reading

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Glazer: The Dismantling of the Bill Cosby We Thought We Knew

Actor/comedian Bill Cosby was the modern day Bob Hope… From the late 1960’s through the 1990’s it was all Bill. His comedy albums were a must in the early 70’s. His hit television series “I Spy” in the mid-1960s was a trendy, … Continue reading

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Edelman: ‘Bad Jews’ @ The Unicorn, Good Muslims at KC Rep – Stand Tradition on its Ear

“Without our traditions, our lives would be as shaky as… as…a fiddler on the roof.”  Thus spake the poor milkman Tevye in the Broadway musical named after the precariously-placed musician. Up against a modern world turning its back on the … Continue reading

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Hearne: American Royal Turns Foutch Brothers Into ‘Ouch Brothers’

Now it can be told… The first thing that sprang to mind last week when I learned that the Foutch Brothers had mysteriously and abruptly withdrawn their bid to save Kemper Arena by turning it into a regional youth sports facility was … Continue reading

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Hearne: Why This Year’s Post Season Run By The Royals Matters Little

Local sports media (and jock sniffers) couldn’t wait to set the Royals World Series defeat aside and laud the arrival of a new golden age of baseball in Kansas City… It’s story that’s been written before, long before the Royals post season successes last month. Sportswriters are homers … Continue reading

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