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Hearne: Will the Next KC Sports Superstar Be a WWE Guy?

Wondering who the next world class athlete from Kansas City will be? Here’s a hint: You won’t learn about him from The Pitch or the Kansas City Star. That said, you’ve come to the right place. Homegrown, hometown heroes are hard to come by around these parts. The usual suspects are easily identified; … Continue reading

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Hearne: Two Day Old News Is For Losers

Maybe it’s just me… But honestly, I don’t see how much longer the Kansas City Star can go on feeding newsprint readers day-old front page national news, while apologizing for being an additional day behind on local news. You know, like who … Continue reading

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Glazer: Scribe Battles Rip Off Artists

Most of us have several major credit cards… Visa and MasterCard are the main ones in todays crazy, credit-friendly world. And they try and give you as many cards as you will take – that is if your credit can handle … Continue reading

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Hearne: Jury Still Out on CNBC’s Horton, Kansas Rescue

Stop the presses…seriously? They don’t make front page stories like they used to. Come to think of it, what’s a front page story anyway other than a relic of the past? However because tens of thousands of Kansas Citians still get at least … Continue reading

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Glazer: Ned Yost, Best Royals Manager Ever?

Ned Yost is now the Royals all-time winningest manger… With 411 wins Yost passed legendary Royals manager Whitey Herzog. Does that make Yost the Royals all time best manager? He took five seasons to pass Whitey and Dick Howser. Whitey won … Continue reading

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Lefsetz: NBC Should Bring Back Brian Williams

Robert Downey Jr. paid his debt to society and came back as Iron Man… NBC News anchor Brian Williams didn’t do drugs – he just lied. And he’s been off the air for months. Bring him back into his old chair because … Continue reading

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Hearne: Darlings No More – Cinderella Time History for Royals

You can’t play the role of an underdog forever… At some point in time, success not only breeds success, it breeds things like jealousy, distrust even. Such seems to rapidly be becoming the case with the darlings of last October, the … Continue reading

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Star beams: Royals for President? Hot Dawg! Trump Towers

This Royals voting thing is getting out of hand.  They just won the New Hampshire primary.                                                ******* The … Continue reading

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Hearne: Once Bitten (by ‘Once’) Twice Shy

It’s like this… If you consider yourself to be a man’s man – or anything remotely close – there’s really only one reason you should go see the musical “Once,” now though Sunday at the Kauffman Center. And that’s that if you can … Continue reading

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Hearne: Party on Stage with Stars of ‘Once’ @ Kauffman Center

It’s not often the audience get to party with the cast on stage… Unless you’ve got friends in very high places that rarely happens, and even then, not with an actual, drink-serving bar right before a Tony winning Broadway musical. I’s going down all week at … Continue reading

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Hearne: The ‘Wheres & Why Fors’ of 610 Sports’ Beat Down of WHB

Just how ugly was 610 Sports slaughtering of longtime sports radio rival WHB? Really, really ugly – beyond imagination bad – so ugly and so bad that practically out of nowhere, without warning, it well may have turned the sports talk radio tables in … Continue reading

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Paul Wilson: One Man + One Horse = True Love?

It was just another day for a Hidalgo County, Texas woman as she went to the barn to feed her horses… But in Nadia’s stall, she found a man lying in the hay with a broken leg. The man, Cirilo … Continue reading

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Paul Wilson: Everything’s RACIST, Including You, You RACIST!

The words racist and bigot have replaced the F-bomb as today’s top slurs… Oh, there are real live racists living among us, no doubt. One only has to look to Frazier Glenn Miller, the anti-Semite, white supremacist who killed three Christians while tracking down … Continue reading

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Glazer: ‘King of Sting’ Producer Stricken

Upon my arrival in Los Angels I was told some horrible tragic news… That Gordon Gray‘s two young daughters, ages 2 and 4, had contracted Batten, an extremely rare brain disease. Batten is a neurodegenerative disease that attacks the body destroying your … Continue reading

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Paul Wilson: My Wild, Whacky, Weird & Wondrous Wichita Wedding Weekend

I left Friday for a drive 178 miles south of where I actually wanted to go… So I mentally adjust my attitude to, “Hey, it’ll be time away with the girl” and that’s always nice given the rush of life. But why … Continue reading

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Lefsetz: Why the Apple Watch Sucks, Won’t Survive

I’m thinking about returning it… 1. IT’S A LOUSY WATCH I’m addicted to time, I want to know what it is, and the Apple Watch performs this function very poorly, in that its face is not always on. I could … Continue reading

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Hearne: The Decadence & Bizarreness of Online Dating

Lemme let you guys in on a secret… If you’ve noticed I’ve been indisposed lately, the reasons are multifold. Starting with I filed for divorce two months ago, listed and sold my five bedroom house in Lawrence, bought and moved … Continue reading

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Glazer: Rain, Rain, Go Away — KC in Grips of Tanning Drought

We’re in like month No. 3 of rain… Almost daily – if it’s not raining it’s cloudy and ugly. Woodside opened its pool early this year because they thought it might be a hot spring. They opened all four pools in early … Continue reading

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Hearne: How to Take a Driving Vacation to Orlando…

Who drives anywhere anymore besides me? On one hand, I remember being in the back of station wagons and cars while my parents shuttled my sisters and me to places like Michigan and the Ozarks. On the other, my dad … Continue reading

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Lefsetz: Then & Now

This “then” and “now” column from Bob Lefsetz totally channels former Squire publisher Tom Leathers. Check it: THEN Privacy NOW Everybody knows everything and despite protestations, (people) provide this information willingly, on Facebook, Instagram… We all want to be known, until … Continue reading

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