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Hearne: World Series Grab Bag – Everything You Need to Know & More

Maybe you’ve got hours to kill running down anything and everything Royals… I’m betting though that you don’t – even if you have World Series fever – and who doesn’t these days? – you’ve still got a life, right? Example: I totally … Continue reading

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Glazer: Scribe Looks Past Series to Pigskin Weekend Picks

Lock and Load… Once again K-State  – that nice, little team from nowheresville  – is battling to win the Big 12. Missouri is up and down but looks like a winner this weekend with Vandy. Kansas is improving but losing. What a great … Continue reading

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Paul Wilson: Happy Columbus Day! Ripped Anybody Off Yet?

An unexpected trip to the bank this morning reminded me that it’s Columbus Day… Upon landing on these shores, Columbus journaled, “The Indians are so naive and so free with their possessions that no one who has not witnessed them … Continue reading

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Calvin Sense: ‘No Name Royals’ Need Nickname & Isis Mission Creep

When the ’72 Miami Dolphins went undefeated one key to the team’s success was its “No Name Defense.” That’s because Miami’s offense had so many notable stars that got all the publicity, whereas its defense got little media attention and didn’t have any big name, … Continue reading

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Hearne: Are The Flaming Lips Flaming Out?

Talk about a band at the crossroads… Word on the street that tonight’s Flaming Lips show in the Crossroads is an epic disaster in terms of ticket sales raises serious questions about the band’s future. The combination of Father Time, a … Continue reading

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Starbeams: Death by Asteroid or Chiefs? iPhone 6 Snobbery & IKEA

An asteroid barely missed the Earth Sunday. Scientists say, if it had hit, it still wouldn’t have been as bad as the Chiefs disaster.                                 … Continue reading

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Hearne: ‘The Point’ Most Listened to Station in KC August Radio Ratings

A pair of surprises top an otherwise sleepy August radio ratings book… For starters, Entercom’s The Point 99.7 FM has come into it’s own and is now the most listened to station in the Kansas City market with a cume of 528,800 … Continue reading

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Glazer: A Salute to Chelsea Handler as She Hangs it Up on the E-Channel

I know, I know many of you don’t like Chelsea Handler… She’s a little slutty and brash – drunk and high at times – but always a winner. Last night Chelsea said goodbye to her long running television series, CHELSEA … Continue reading

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Hearne: ‘Into The Storm” — Killer Special Effects, Not-So-Killer Plot

Say what you will about cheesy Hollywood movies with ultra thin plot lines… Because when it comes to entertainment, if the special effects deliver, people will go see ‘em. Especially when the timing’s right, like it is with Hollywood’s new twister thrill ride, “Into … Continue reading

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Hearne: Lefsetz Checks In As Winter Checks Out

I got into Johnny Winter before he went mainstream… To the extent that he ever really was mainstream, that is. My roommate in high school (from Saudia Arabia) turned me on to Winter’s first album, The Progressive Blues Experiment and I fell in love with … Continue reading

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Glazer: Dear Diary, Adios Legends, KCK — I’m Out of Here!

I brought my brother Jeff and some of the staff on stage Saturday night to say goodbye… It was kinda sad. Stanford & Sons at The Legends was a nice place in a poor location. The crowds were decent Saturday for our … Continue reading

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Hearne: Star Columnist Stubs Toe on Chiefs-Redskins Comparison

Since when did it become a requirement for every liberal columnist in America to pen a hit piece on the Washington Redskins column? Which is not to say that the name Redskins isn’t offensive, dated and dumb. It is. However if all you’re going to do is rehash the same … Continue reading

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Hearne: Lefsetz Trashes Amazon’s New Fire Phone

Checked out Amazon’s new Fire Phone yet? It’s “The Everything Store’s” latest would be bombshell, a smartphone device that offers a bigger screen with 3D capabilities,  “Dynamic Perspective” – tilt or swivel to auto scroll or navigate menus – Firefly … Continue reading

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Hearne: Lefsetz on Web Paola — What, You Thought the Internet was Free?

Think the Game of Life is rigged? Take a number. Now sit back and let edgy entertainment lawyer / scribe Bob Lefsetz explain it to you. But first the news: “Independent artists could disappear from YouTube ‘in a matter of days’ after the … Continue reading

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Hearne: Sleeping with The Pitch (Not the Enemy, The Pitch)

Forget everything you’ve ever heard or read that’s bad about Westport… Noticed that new 816 Hotel on Westport Road? It’s nestled between the Flea Market and Relax Magic massage parlor, just across the street from bluestem and Baked in Kansas City. It’s a hip, new getaway where … Continue reading

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Hearne: Movie Magnate Wade Williams on Pending Demise of Metcalf South & KC Star

Been a while since we last heard from movie guy extraordinaire Wade Williams…. For years the prolific writer-producer-director-exhibitor shared his views in both news stories and the letters section of the Kansas City Star. No mas. “You know, I quit taking the Star … Continue reading

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Harley: Man of a Million Words Hits on Troubled KC Jeweler, Plaza, TKC & Glaze’s Grrrls

Against my better judgment… I present you with a “column” submitted by everybody’s favorite punching bag (and edited by moi). Enjoy. May I suggest you take it with a grain of salt (or a boulder)? My new column on KC … Continue reading

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Hearne: Chris Tucker Comeback Saga Unfolds @ Stanford’s

Make no mistake, Hollywood heavyweight Chris Tucker’s appearance at Stanford’s this weekend is a very big deal… Say what you will about Tucker’s tax problems with the Internal Revenue Service and the 42 year-old “actor, comedian and humanitarian’s” somewhat stalled movie career, … Continue reading

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Starbeams: Royal Tearjerker, Sex & The City, JOCO Health

The Royals lost their season opener 4-3 in walk-off fashion.  It was nice to get my first cry of the baseball season out of the way during the month of March for a change.             … Continue reading

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Hearne: A Gentleman’s Club in Downtown Lawrence? Could Happen

What’s in a word? Plenty when it comes to words like “gentlemen’s club” and “speakeasy.” Because while the definition of the former, for example, “is a members-only private club of a type originally set up by and for British upper class … Continue reading

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