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Hearne: The Trouble With KU Fans

I’ll make this quick… A couple observations on the cult-like thinking and behavior of KU basketball fans from behind the Iron Curtain in Lawrence, Kansas. To spell it out, with rare exception they’re in denial. To be a KU basketball … Continue reading

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Glazer: Scribe Saddles Up for NFL Playoffs

The playoffs are down to eight teams in the race for the Super Bowl… And yes, our Kansas City Chiefs are one of the eight. Most would say that makes this season a big success. But I don’t think so, not for … Continue reading

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Lefsetz: Fake News

This is not a Facebook failure… This is a failure of mainstream media, looking for a scapegoat to take the blame for missing Donald Trump‘s election by so much. People believe what they want to believe. If they didn’t get … Continue reading

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Glazer: Chiefs & Chopper a Team of ‘Destiny’

The Chiefs had a six game stretch of games against playoff teams or close… Beating Denver on the Bronco’s home court was the first. Yesterday’s road game against one of NFL’s best offensive teams, Atlanta and Matt Ryan, was the second. Our boys were a big … Continue reading

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Glazer: Scribe on Road Ahead for Chiefs, Area College Teams

The big game the week: Kansas City at Atlanta… The Chiefs are a 5 point underdog. Why? On the road, and the Falcons have a big time scoring offense with a poor defense. Plus the Chiefs are coming off a big win … Continue reading

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Glazer: Trendy Jimmie Walker @ Stanford’s in the Legends Starting Tonight

Talk about opportune timing… Jimmie “JJ” Walker has been coming to Kansas City and  Stanford’s for nearly 25 years. During which time the man has stayed in the news and remained relevant. In just the past couple months Walker made the … Continue reading

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Glazer: Scribe Vows Never Again to Bash Alex Smith

No Super Bowl had the drama of last night’s OT, come from behind monster victory by our Kansas City Chiefs… Alex Smith, I want to apologize to you sir. THIS IS YOUR TEAM NOW, WIN LOSE OR DRAW. Smith who … Continue reading

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Hearne: Memo to Star: Gusewelle Was No Hemingway

Let’s talk about Kansas City’s inferiority complex… We all know KC’S a great placed to live with the amenities and comforts of a major metropolitan area sans the big city headaches of traffic and crime. Still everybody who’s anybody – … Continue reading

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Glazer: Scribe Saddles Back Up, Comments & All

KU Football finally made some noise… Kansas upset the mighty Texas 24-21 in overtime. It wasn’t pretty, but a major college upset is a major college upset. I understand its been like 80 – 1938 – years since KU beat the Longhorns! … Continue reading

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Stomper: Voice of Reason in a Sea of Post Trump Hyperbole

For all the abuse that Harley dumped on Dwight, writing the below piece had to feel good… For those like myself who have a bit of a KCC addiction, the inability to comment for the past two weeks has been … Continue reading

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Hearne: The Trouble with Harry — I Mean — Harley

Bear with me… A long time ago – like nine years – during the early years of KC Confidential there came an irritating, irascible comments section dude named Jojo. Talk about rude and offensive, this dude made just about everybody’s skin crawl. He was a train wreck … Continue reading

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Starbeams: Tim, Who? KCPD Tweets, Royal Odds & Mark Alford

Vice Presidential candidate Tim Kaine was in town for a fund raiser in Brookside and stopped by Jack Stack BBQ in the Crossroads.  He was greeted by a long line of people at the host stand…who had no idea who … Continue reading

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Glazer: Trump Train Explodes

Donald Trump has accepted the Republican Parties presidential nomination… And despite some of the so-called media pundits, his speech was a SMASH HIT. FINALLY, TRUMP IS AND CAN BE PRESIDENTIAL. Trump redefined the Republican Party; it’s now his party. He … Continue reading

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Lefsetz: Crooked Hillary or Bust?

She didn’t obey the rules… That’s another thing the working class believes in strongly – right and wrong – respecting the law. And the funny thing is, most of us consider ourselves working class, or middle class. Be sure to … Continue reading

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Valentine: Muhammad Ali was Donald Trump of His Day

Refrain for a moment from cherry picking the beautiful things Muhammad Ali said… Consider instead the total of Ali’s words. By far, most of what he said was basically, “I am the best.” The second most common thing was, “I will publicly ridicule those … Continue reading

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Glazer: Does Louis CK Hate KC & Love Stanford’s

Comedy super star Louis CK will be at Sprint one July 7th… Louis did an interview with the Kansas City Star this week wherein he explained that he didn’t hate Kansas City as he’d ranted a while back on late night … Continue reading

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Glazer: Hillary’s in Trouble With a Capital T(rump)

Hillary Clinton was considered a shoe in to become President of the United States… Then a funny thing happened. As in, Donald Trump. And now while most of her following still think Hillary will win – she’s still the favorite in Vegas – … Continue reading

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Hearne: The Incredible Lightness of Newspaper Editorializing

Newspaper editorial pages have been slobbering over presidential candidates forever… As in well over 100 years, but who’s counting? Hardly anybody these days except Hillary Clinton, John Katich who’ve been cleaning up this election cycle in the outdated game.. Take the Indianapolis Star‘s non-endorsement … Continue reading

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Glazer: Ladies & Gentleman, the Next President of the United States

Well folks, it’s over… Donald Trump is gonna be the Republican nominee for president of these United States. Tuesday night sealed the deal! Trump not only won all five eastern states but crushed it. He took down Ted Cruz and for … Continue reading

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Glazer: Will Republican Party Dirty Dealings Dump Trump?

This just in… Following tomorrow’s final Super Tuesday, Donald Trump should be the presumptive Republican nominee for president. Ah, but not so fast. Because it’s likely his delegate count will be near 1000 of the needed 1237 to insure his nomination. So like him … Continue reading

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