Hearne: What’s in a Mugshot? A Lot, Actually



Live by the sword, die by the sword…

The mugshot on the front page of today’s Kansas City Star reminded me of something. The time eight years ago when Star editor Mike Fannin took a similar news bullet here at KC Confidential for his run-ins with the law.

A pair of DUI convictions, two days of slam time and three days of house arrest to be exact.

Make no mistake, Greifens alleged proclivities are more than just newsworthy. Anytime you can pair sex and politics with one of the highest offices in the land, that’s news.

But when you boil it down to its essence, an “invasion of privacy” charge pales by comparison to actual convictions for putting the general public at great risk.

Embattled Missouri Governor Eric Greitens is a Boy Scout compared to Fannin.

Funny thing though…

Not only did Fannin’s most current mug shot not make the front page of the local newspaper, it went conveniently unreported. Continue reading

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Lefsetz: Corporations vs People?

Here’s how we got into this mess…

Reagan legitimized greed and for 40 years America has been beholden to the almighty dollar. If someone is rich, they’re beyond reproach. They’re job creators; they’re more worldly and more intelligent and if you knew your place you would get on the endless treadmill and start running…

In place.

Because the truth is it’s hard to get ahead in America, especially if you’re not born with a silver spoon in your mouth. And if you’re not, you’re demonized, like Obama,- not born in America, “foreign,” “other,” divisiveness rules and there’s no cohesion, you cannot get your message heard.

And its only getting worse.

Twenty minutes ago I tuned into late night TV. I never do that anymore, it used to be a ritual, but it’s passe. Jimmy Kimmel has given up jokes and gone for the jokesters themselves – the right wing, especially Trump. Stephen Colbert goes for the same jugular.

But it’s an echo chamber.

Because those whose minds they want to change are not listening.

And the truth is the most important powers in America are the media owners.

Which is why the right wing attacks them so heavily, to the point too many people no longer trust what they see or read. The end result is we all have our own facts, our own stories, and the nation is ruled by the rich elite.

Until now.

We thought social media was gonna save us, but the problem is that the men running those companies grew up post-Reagan themselves, believing if they deliver for Wall Street, they’ve delivered for the country. And the fascinating thing about social media is there’s no there there – nothing without the public’s participation.

They’re not making anything, they’re just selling ads to our eyeballs which cannot stop paying attention to the train-wreck. But being beholden to the dollar none of these outlets can do the right thing. They’re categorically against it.

Zuck pays fealty to his stock price, so believe nothing the man says if it will drive his numbers down. And Snapchat is about entertainment, not news. And Twitter is the land of fake accounts arguing over what the facts are.

And I’m stuck in the middle with you.

Now when the wool was pulled over our eyes – most especially during the Clinton years, when finances were good, when they stole the safety net – we just stopped paying attention and bought our cars and drank our beer and lived our lives.

Then, life got hard. Bush II gave more money to the rich, broke the nation’s finances, got us into a war benefiting his and his party’s donors and then crashed the economy.

But it was the Democratsfault, it’s always the Democrats’ fault. Continue reading

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Glazer: Scribe says, ‘Don’t Trade Marcus Peters’

Say this about Chiefs GM Brett Veach, he’s been aggressive with his preseason moves…

He wants a better defense and to go younger.

The Chiefs already released Derrick Johnson who is just too old and wounded to continue to hold down the middle linebacker spot. Tamba Hali and a few others will be gone as well.

However, without question the only dominant defender is Marcus Peters.

Peters is a superstar cornerback and clearly the best defender Kansas City has today.

But Peters is unhappy with the Chiefs and they are tired of his attitude and bad behavior on the field. The guy is fantastic at his post and a game changer when nobody else on our defense really has been as of late.

Can we afford to trade him now?

Clearly money is a big issue, Peters wants a long term, big money deal which he’s earned.

At just 25 Peters is in his last year of a four-year contract.

Rumors are he wants out.

Last year Peters once again made big plays, with 5 INT’s to lead the team and several stripped balls and fumble recoveries when it mattered. One could argue that without Peters last season there would have been no playoff game. No division title.

There’s been talk about perhaps moving linebacker Justin Houston as well.

That said, Houston’s big money contract seems to be in the way of salary cap problems. And Houston has not lived up to the expectations of his monster money deal with KC. He still has the potential to be an impact player if his knee gets healed and he can be used in a better way.

Those are our only two star defenders save Eric Berry, out last year with an injury. Continue reading

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Glazer: Eric Hosmer says Goodbye to Royals, KC for Good.

 Let me make one thing perfectly clear…

I believe the Kansas City Royals letting Eric Hosmer and the Moose leave was the right call. Even with them the team would have been near the bottom. They just don’t have enough talent to compete.

KC needs to build with new guys over the next few years…if possible.

So some fans are upset with Hosmer for leaving. Get a grip.What would you have done?

Hosmer gave us his younger years and was the biggest name in Royals history since George Brett. He helped lead us to two World Series and one win.

The guy’s a damn good player – just not a superstar – at least not yet.

Getting a more than $100 million deal with an out in four seasons was a great one for Hosmer. And moving to San Diego and the Padres has him in a city where he can still get attention if he plays well and they compete.

Staying with the Royals was a dead end deal… Continue reading

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Hearne: ‘Mr. Soft Rock’ Does ‘Chicago’ Wrong at ‘The Little K’

When it comes to music, the word schlock may be hard to define but I know it when I hear it…

That’s how I’d characterize Sunday’s Peter Cetera concert at the Kauffman Center. The tip off should have been the ready availability of the free ducats I’d been treated to. That and the Lawrence Welk look and hairdo sported by the former Chicago bandmate in promotional pics for the show.

Did Cetera deliver the goods to his aging audience of concertgoers who in some cases looked more like retirees saddling up for a holiday wine and dine at John Knox Village?

Of course he did.

However as one reviewer noted for a Cetera show in Valley Forge three years back, his “show sometimes seemed somehow flat, the room’s energy stilted.”

Might have been the plastic “drum shield” surrounding the drummer that muted the lone, consistently hard driving member of Cetera’s dialed back backup band.

“Don’t do it… even if only for aesthetics,” cautioned one drummer on an online discussion board on the use of drum shields. “You aren’t a back up band for Britney Spears, nor are you playing at church. Rock bands dont use ****************ing plexi- shields.”

Therein lies a large part of Cetera’s problem.

Chicago was most definitely a rock band. Cetera’s current crew? Absent Chicago’s hard driving horns and talented musicians, Cetera’s laid back group did its best to (unintentionally?) turn the old hits into schlock rock. Continue reading

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Glazer: With KU, Royals Reeling, It’s All About…

Well Kansas City sports fans, it’s pretty much all about the Chiefs now…

For years we’ve been a city with a great Kansas men’s basketball team. However this season is a troubled one. KU coach Bill Self is struggling to get his 14th conference title in a row. The Royals are goners with ESPN predicting the team to have the worst position starting lineup in baseball. No power, no offense and average defense equals last place.

So guess what it’s all about?

The Kansas City Chiefs for 2018!

Do you believe Pat Mahomes is THE MAN?

What’s left of the Royals hitting attack will be led by Sal Perez, Whit Merrifield, Brandon Moss, Alex Gordon and Cheslor Cuthbert…not much in power there.

Oh yeah, and a new guy named Dozier. That’s assuming we don’t have Moose or Eric Hosme back…


I’d say the Royals are goners.

Remember, Hosmer will get little attention playing for a bad team – no press and his numbers won’t make him stand out amongst players on post season teams. So little to no attention for him here. Same with Moose.

Looks like a team that will be happy to win 70 games.

And even with Eric, Moose, Sal, Gordon and Cain we still finished under .500 last year!

How long can they sell the former 2015 champs bs?

It looks like a long boring next few seasons and back to the 1990’s stats. Continue reading

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Jack Goes Confidential: ‘BLACK PANTHER’ To Rock Box Office!

I’ll be perfectly honest with you…

To my way of thinking BLACK PANTHER is neither a great movie nor the best in Marvel Studios’ highly successful big screen universe.

It IS a good film in all aspects. From screenplay and directing to acting, music and special effects, this movie delivers on all levels of expectations.

But what we REALLY have here is a cultural phenomenon.

A slice of cinematic creation setting out to deliver the Black Experience in a fair and unbiased way.

And in that realm BLACK PANTHER ueber performs.

No stereotypes.

Just straight-forward sci-fi, fantasy storytelling. And for that Walt Disney’s Marvel team must be congratulated. Continue reading

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Hearne: Et Tu, Claire McCaskill?

They called her Blonde Ambition…

At the dawn of KC’s Baby Boom political gold rush – back when characters such as Carol Coe, Joe Serviss, Henry Lyons and Steve Glorioso roamed the floors at City Hall – a small town cheerleader, pep club prez and homecoming queen named Claire McCaskill launched a soon-to-be-storied political career, right there in the wilds of Jackson County.

And over the course of more than two decades McCaskill transformed herself from country girl to local household word. She raised a family in the Midtown neighborhood of Coleman Highlands, repped for Brookside in the Missouri legislature in 1982, made a name for herself as Jackson County Prosecutor and famously squeaked past Todd “legitimate rape” Akin for a senate seat in 2012.

During those many years McCaskill relied on a glib personality and hardball, behind-the-scenes political manuevering to dodge any number of bullets that might have decimated the careers of less schmooze-worthy pols.

It didn’t hurt that she had the blessings of the liberal leaning Kansas City Star.

Take the time when her husband of 10 years – a ne’re-do-well named David  Exposito got busted in 1994 for smoking pot while accompanying McCaskill on a promotional riverboat cruise to promote legalized gambling.

Naturally prosecutor McCaskill had no idea her hubby was a pot head and the newspaper didn’t press the issue.

She dumped him the following year and 10 years later Exposito was found murdered, a case that has never been solved.

Or how about the time McCaskill got busted for not paying property taxes on her Lake of the Ozarks resort property?

Instead of coming clean with a “my bad,” she explained it away by blaming her younger brother (who’d been crashing there) for not paying the taxes.

Again the Star let it slide. Continue reading

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Glazer: Downtown KC is Becoming the New Westport

Downtown KC is on the upward move to be sure…

The apartments are on fire as far as rentals and prices have skyrocketed. Places that were $1000 a month are now $1500-$2000 for a nice one bedroom. Parking remains an issue though.

Stanford’s at 813 Walnut is on a nice street with condos, apartments, restaurants and many new businesses. Daytime traffic is brisk – not crazy – but double what it was a few years back.

There are now plenty of local bars and restaurants and new banks and financial institutions. Most of the new folks living downtown are younger and have moved to KC from area smaller cities to work here at the new financial businesses.

The new downtown crowd is mostly upper middle class and well behaved.

The streetcars are fairly busy, however with little tourist traffic they seem a bit over the top, mostly clogging up the already busy downtown streets.

And as usual, there’s way too much street work going on all the time which makes travel a bit tough.

The nightlife scene is better but pretty quiet after say 9 p.m.

And I notice that most of the bars and restaurants are not that busy even at lunch..most workers seem to opt for fast food and Starbucks while walking to and from work on their lunch hours. Continue reading

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Chuck: All That We See or Seem…

Nowhere does the chasm between “culture war” opponents run deeper than the proxy fight between politicians quarreling over allegations that Russians “hacked” our presidential election…

Starting with a weaponization of accusations from Democrats that resulted in the appointment of a special prosecutor. And accusations that were meant to damage with extreme prejudice as many conservatives snd Republicans as possible.

Now we are faced with evidence of malfeasance and bias by our law enforcement agencies.

We already had something approaching a low level civil war in the streets, exacerbated by libel level bombast from the 4th estate.

One which resulted in predictable violence against Trump supporters.

Justification for the violent suppression of the 1st Amendment and the Right to Assemble in the streets, on college campuses and in a neighborhood near you (wear a MAGA hat in Kansas City, I dare you.), stems from the assertion that the Trump campaign “colluded” with Russians in order to steal the election from Hillary Clinton.

The objective facts at this point would seem to indicate that, it was the Democrats –  not the Trump campaign – at the behest of Hillary Clinton who were elbow deep in bed with the Russians.

And to far greater extent than anyone imagined.

Think about the top official in the FBI with respect to “counter intelligence” using his cell phone to text his animus for Trump and his love for his department of justice girlfriend on a government issued phone.

Texts that indicate a conspiracy to defraud the United States Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court in order to spy on a peripheral Trump campaign official. That in turn opened the door to spy on Trump and the rest of his campaign.

Their “insurance policy” was a “dossier” made up out of whole cloth and paid for in part, BY THE FBI to defraud the American people out of a legally and duly elected president. That because deep state department officials have different priorities than the American middle class.

Talk amongst yourselves. Continue reading

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Glazer: Hale to the Super Bowl (Not KC) Chiefs

It happened folks…

A lowly former Chiefs back-up is now the Super Bowl MVP and a former Chiefs coach is the champ. Nick Foles and Doug Pederson are in football heaven with the huge upset taking down the GOAT and the 8 time Super Bowl participants, the New England Patriots.

It was a classic game with over 1,100 total yards in offense, a Super Bowl and NFL record for one game. New England never punted; QB Tom Brady threw for over 500 yards, 3 td’s and no INT’s yet still lost! Wow.

Foles was perfect and their trick play, touchdown throw worked while the one to Brady didn’t.

It was insane.

The haters are rejoicing (since I picked the Patriots like I did last year and the last several years) it was a big upset.

This may be the end of a New England dynasty – the NFL’s longest and best ever.

To me its sad to see it all end.

I am one who admires greatness and the few who do it for so long, like Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. Continue reading

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Glazer: The Scribe’s ‘Super Bowl for Dummies’

For years Hearne had the best Super Bowl party in town…

No mas.

Everyone who was anyone was there – from the Mayor of KC to the editor and publisher of the Star to me. They were classic. Only a few people like me actually watched the game – most folks ate, drank and talked. That’s how those parties go.

Those of us who enjoy sports are blessed again this year to have the pleasure of watching the greatest quarterback of all time play in yet another world championship, No 8.

Too many people hate the New England Patriots because they always win and are the New York Yankees of the 2000’s.

Those damn Yankees.

And Tom Brady is the Pat’s Babe Ruth, the best who ever lived.

I can’t help but pull for Brady, his likeness may never come again. Continue reading

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Hearne: Pitch Cheap Shots Westport Businessman With Dated Quotes

Pitch editor / writer David Hudnall

Nothing like getting convicted of the same crime twice…

That’s what happened to Westport businessman Bill Nigro when  he walked into a neighborhood meeting Thursday and found out the hard way that new Pitch editor David Hudnall had slipped him the sausage on the zine’s website.

“I got blindsided, I went to a neighborhood meeting and everybody was like, ‘Hoo boy, the Pitch doesn’t like you, do they?'” Nigro says. “And I was like, ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about.’ And it was written by the editor of the Pitch. They wrote a story about our street privatization and what a jack-off I am and didn’t even contact me – didn’t even try to contact me. Where did he go to journalism school? I mean, if you’re going to crucify someone you might as well ask for a comment.”

Ostensibly, the story was about Westport’s efforts to keep guns out of the party zone, but instead of addressing the subject in the lead, “They shoved it up my ass in the first sentence,” Nigro says.

Hudnall began by screen grabbing a couple of out-of-context quotes from a four month-old, lame newspaper story, then trashing Nigro for “running his mouth in the Star.”

“Well, I’ll tell you one magazine I won’t be running my mouth in and that’s the Pitch,” Nigro quips. “All I was really saying is that the history of 3 a.m. hip-hop clubs here is bad. They’ve had a lot of violence. And both the the Star and the Pitch – especially the Pitch – took my quotes out of context and made me out to be a racist.”

By not bothering to do any of his own reporting, Hudnall exaggerated an already misleading characterization of Nigro based what he had told the newspaper.

“The Star reporter asked me several times why Westport didn’t have more black nightclubs and why weren’t we playing more hip-hop music,” Nigro says. “So I told him the history of the 3 a.m. liquor licenses in Kansas City and that when they first gave them out there were over 30 of them on the east side of town. And that because of the violence outside of them and complaints from the neighborhoods they started eliminating them. Now there’s only like five.”

Unfortunately that part of Nigro’s quotes didn’t make the cut since it didn’t fit the writer’s narrative of musical discrimination and the branding of Nigro as a country music loving racist.   Continue reading

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Glazer: Scribe Says,’ Don’t Let the Door Hit You…’

Indeed there are mixed emotions on the trade of Alex Smith to the Washington Redskins

Many Chiefs fans still believe he’s a Super Bowl quarterback.

I don’t…at least not here.

The Skins had to move on from Kirk Cousins who just wanted too much dough and was not even getting Washington into the playoffs. So don’t cry for Alex, he is set to get a minimum of $70 plus million and up to over $90 million for four years, perhaps five. He will pocket $300 million dollars for his entire NFL career assuming this is his last stop. Cousins is 29 and Smith is 33, but Alex had better numbers this year than Kirk.

The Chiefs also got a likely all pro corner from Washington and a 3rd round draft pick.

That opens up draft space saving most of Alex Smith’s $20 million dollar salary this season on the trade.

More importantly, Smith never won a big playoff game and Patrick Mahomes seems to be the Chiefs answer to that problems

We shall see. Continue reading

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Lefsetz: Hip-Hop Artists ‘Robbed’ @ Grammys

The Grammys are worthless, despite what Bono extemporaneously said…

The big winner this weekend was Chris Stapleton. Who has not only been anointed god of country music, but our single hope for rock and roll and guitar-based tunes.

Not only for his victories, but his appearance on Saturday Night Live with Sturgill Simpson. He’s not afraid to share the spotlight – he got the hip-hop memo and he’s got sales/consumption too.

Stapleton is real music and he’s the toast of Nashville.

What could be wrong with that?

And despite trying to keep Ed Sheeran down, he won for Best Pop Solo Performance and Best Pop Vocal Album.

And Portugal The Man won for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance.

Yet there were so many faux pas and guffaws it was mind-bending.

Do the Foo Fighters win whenever they’re nominated? Is their retread rock the only known entity in this moribund field?

Speaking of which, what kind of bizarro world do we live in where Leonard Cohen wins the Best Rock Performance.

However the greatest crime of all was Bruno Mars‘s victory for Album of the Year. “24k Magic” is utterly meaningless, well-honed pop for the mindless. Not challenging, not cutting edge, not as good as what came before, but he’s safe enough to play the Super Bowl twice so let’s give it to him.



I would have been angry if Jay Z beat out Kendrick Lamar, but this is positively INSANE!

They’ve got a #metoo segment – the Grammys get all touchy-feely – and then they end up being RACIST??? Continue reading

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Chuck: Are They Really Who We Thought They Were?

In 2006, Arizona Cardinals coach Denny Green famously screamed, “THEY ARE WHO WE THOUGHT THEY WERE!!!”

Green had just had his ass handed to him by the Chicago Bears in a painful, but not unexpected loss.

According to National Public Radio 97% of political donations from Department Of Justice employees go to Democrats.


For a moment let’s forget about hard core social justice warriors on the progressive plantation and hard core right wingers (like me) who live behind the Breitbart barbican.

Many millions of Americans ride the fence politically undeclared with their compos mentis firmly in tow. People who have at least a cursory interest in facts as opposed to emotion.

They should be worried because a coup d’etat is under way.

In my opinion, reasonable Americans with a grasp of the now available facts and an IQ north of a turnip, can assume that highly placed, unelected bureaucrats in the FBI and the Department of Justice have engaged in sedition and treason in pursuit of a Kleptocracy intended to negate the last Presidential election. To usurp the power of the electorate and divert the stated will of the people in that same election.  Continue reading

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Glazer: Tom Brady Always a Winner & How About Nick Foles

As usual Tom Brady proved why they call him THE GOAT…

His fourth quarter comeback went down like clockwork – 24-20 Patriots – complete with killer big plays from Brady to Danny Amendola and the big swat from the Pat’s corner to seal the deal late in the game. Blake Bortles had the game of his life but still lost to Big Tom.

Hey Alex Smith, that game maybe killed your trade to the Jags for a low first round pick and nice payday.

Blake earns the Jags starting job for next year!.

So sports fans and media, you got your wish; it’s Tom Terrific again in another Super Bowl.

Number 8! Continue reading

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Glazer: Hallowed Be His Name…

Okay, so you’re not a big Tom Brady or New England fan…

The Super Bowl needs them both.

Why? Ratings.

Without the marquee super star and his seven Super Bowls, leaving fans the Jags and Who Cares? in the big game advertisers will not be happy. Viewership will fall dramatically. Brady is not only the GOAT – as in  GREATEST OF ALL TIME – he’s the superstar of the show.

Sure we’ll still watch, even if its two nobody cares teams, but we might concentrate on the bean dip more than watching the game…if we watch at all. Ratings could dip 15-25% without BRADY.

Oh, his hand is hurt; Tom and Bill aren’t getting along; we’re tired of seeing the Patriots in the Super Bowl. Yeah, and I have a sandlot to sell you in Arizona. Brady is the Super Bowl. Period.

The network wanted to see a Tom Brady vs. Drew Brees game but the Vikings messed that up. So now it’s all about Tom.

What do I think? Continue reading

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New Jack City: If It Sounds Too Good To Be True…

When I first heard of MoviePass the idea behind it made no sense to me…

But with Netflix co-founder Mitch Lowe behind the subscription-based ticketing firm, it prompted me to rethink the concept.

And guess what, by late December 2017 MoviePass had already signed up more than a million subscribers. 

Here’s how it works.

For just $ 9.95 a month your MoviePass loaded membership/Mastercard allows you to attend any movie theater near you. But just one movie per day, please.

And you can opt out of the program monthly.

So technically if you were to attend 365 showings a year at $ 9.95 per month your total annual cost would be only $ 119.40.

Not bad, huh? Continue reading

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Glazer: Jayhawk Upset Should Make Things Interesting

The Big 12 may have its best conference group in decades…

With more than four teams in the Top 10 right now…yes including Kansas. KU won a mega big game on the road at West Virginia last night on ESPN’s game of the week.

KU had lost four in a row at W.Virginia the last several seasons, but won the Big 12 title anyway. Kansas was a decided underdog and trailing by 17 at one point. It was their biggest comeback since they did it to West Virginia last year at home.They did it again but this was much bigger on the road to a team that was just ranked No. 2 in the nation to KU’s No. 10.

And yes, it was probable All-American Devonte Graham that who led Kansas back late with his defense. The entire KU squad gave it their all down the stretch to do what looked nearly impossible. Kansas looked like dead ducks in the first half with little chance to even lose a close one let alone win the game. It was by far their most impressive win this season after losing three home games – two at KU and one at Sprint.

A loss to Bob Huggins and his outstanding team would have surely brought in the cry “not this season.”

 That in regard to a possible 14th record conference title. Kansas and UCLA are tied with the longest run at 13, a 14th for Kansas could last a lifetime or more in the record books for Bill Self and KU.

So why the alarm? Continue reading

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