Hearne: So Many Caucasians, So Few Hip-Hop Bars

Which is it…

Too many white folks or not enough blacks? Does not playing hip-hop music at dance clubs equate to racism? Should opinion-based writing appear on the local newspaper of record’s front page disguised as a news story?

Just as it was easy peasy for the Kansas City Star to lay down an exaggerated characterization of Kansas City as a “murder capital” a few months back, it was equally effortless for one of the newspaper’s cub reporters to serve up an exaggerated, racist spin on KC’s social scene for “young, black professionals.”

All it took was a handful of out of context quotes from 20-something black millennials and a couple of of unhappy deejays and voila!

What’s missing in KC, the story says, is “a hotbed of millennial upswing and Midwestern hospitality” for the upwardly mobil urban crowd.

Especially compared to the scenes in Chicago, Dallas and Atlanta.

The headline: Is KC social scene for whites only?

Of course it is…at least according to the half dozen or so people quoted.

The real question:

Is the dearth of KC nightclubs catering to upscale, young African Americans a case of rampant racism or simply too few people in the demo to support a scene?

Clearly the latter is the case.

Because missing in action in the lengthy piece was the fact that we live in a supply-demand world – where if the demand was there along with the customers to support it – any number of business people black or white would rise to the occasion.

Just like if KC had a large enough population and NBA or NHL fan base, we’d probably have one or both of those teams.

Unfortunately we don’t.

The fact of the matter is that Kansas City is a small midwestern metro and there are any number of other amenities – from radio stations to restaurants – that can be found in far larger cities like Atlanta, Chicago and Dallas that you won’t find here.

That’s just common sense. Continue reading

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Hearne: Steve Glorioso & the Dark Side of Journalism

Journalists are like zoo animals, they love to be fed…

Their meal of choice: Raw meat, as in off-the-record dirt that makes their jobs easier and more fun. Pretty simple, really.

And few folks in the Cowtown were more adept at feeding and kissing up to reporters than political hit man Steve Glorioso.

Hence the smattering of posthumous attaboys that have been cropping up since the G Man checked out last week. Pretty much all served up by – none other than (you guessed it) – journalists!

Hey, it’s cheaper than sending funeral flowers!

All of that said, don’t be fooled: Glorioso was not one of the so-called “good guys”

He was little more than an amoral, ruthless political insider with zero compunction about lying and breaking what few rules there are in politics today. All in the interest of making a fist full of dollars and harvesting whatever smug satisfaction garnered from his insidious gamesmanship.

“He was just a political hack for whoever paid him the most money,” says Westport businessman Bill Nigro. “He’d do whatever he had to do to make a buck and it didn’t matter to him who got steamrolled or if it was good for Kansas City.”

The nicest thing Nigro can say about Glorioso?

“I don’t know if I can think of anything,” Nigro says. “I’m glad he’s gone.”

As for me…

Continue reading

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Lefsetz: A (Somewhat) Early Obit for Rolling Stone

“Rolling Stone, Once A Counterculture Bible, Will Be Put Up for Sale”

“And sooner or later

Everybody’s kingdom must end

The King Must Die”

Elton John

That’s where I found out about Elton, in Rolling Stone,

But Elton soldiers on and Rolling Stone is headed for the dumper.

Like Men’s Journal sold to The National Enquirer‘s David Pecker, which in one issue under its new owner lost all credibility, lacked any soul, any lengthy riveting article of the stripe that used to make its subscription worthwhile.

Now I can reminisce, about me and the mag, cheering for it and its outsider status and then watching as it became mainstream along with its coverage of Patty Hearst.

But the future is in front of us. And anybody who continues to look back, is doomed.

That’s what Rolling Stone founder/publisher Jann Wenner did. He kept satiating an old audience that fell off and failed to cater to a new audience that just didn’t care.

Who is the cultural guru of the last 20 years of the 20th Century?

It wasn’t anybody in radio, which followed trends.

And it wasn’t anybody at the record companies, which stopped investing in careers and went for flash.

I’ll argue it was one man, with a team of sometimes unheralded charges, and that’s Tom Freston, who ran MTV Networks.

You see, Freston realized you’ve got to burn the past to enter the future. Something that Wenner didn’t even try until way too late, shortening its best feature, its record reviews, to compete with Blender’s bits before it was revealed that Felix Dennis‘s music magazine fudged its circulation numbers, and then bit the dust.

Or, as the bard so often lauded by Wenner once sang…

“He not busy being born is busy dying” Continue reading

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Glazer: Chiefs Win Wasn’t Pretty, But…

They didn’t look like last week’s Chiefs team…

The team that torched New England and Tom Brady. They did however win a big game against the Eagles at Arrowhead. Final score: 27-20.

The Eagles seemed to outplay the Chiefs most of the game. KC had trouble stopping Carson Wentz, the Philly quarterback. He had lots of time to throw way too often – yes, this even with Chiefs six sacks, most at the end of the game.

Chiefs QB Alex Smith was sacked a million times – our O line was not blocking well at all during the first half and much of the second half.

Kareem Hunt, our new super star, was nearly shut out until he had what really was the game turning play…a 50 plus yard run for a touchdown. After Hunt’s big play, Smith, Tyreek Hill and even Travis Kelce pitched in with our defense doing better and getting a couple turnovers including a huge interception late to set up the final touchdown by Kelce on a pitch pass. Continue reading

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Glazer: Scribe Polishes His Orb, Cringes, Braces for KU @ Ohio

Another tough week for local college teams…

K-State should handle Vand., However KU and MU look to be in trouble.

I like Ohio at home over Kansas.

Too bad Kansas State has to face OSU and OU at some point because both are Top 10 teams and contenders for the final four (more so OU). Kansas State looks like it may be better than it has been the last few seasons and make a run, at least for the Big 12 title that will still be uphill.

The Chiefs, on the other hand, are the darlings of the NFL for now.

Going up to New England and beating the world champs was a monster win.

And discovering Kareem Hunt at running back is clearly the key to the Chiefs’ offense moving up to Super Bowl levels.

Yes, QB Alex Smith has to play with improved numbers as he did last week in what was his best regular season game as a pro with four touchdown throws and over 300 yards in the air. Very nice.

So the Chiefs face coach Andy Reid‘s old team the Eagles.

Philly is also improved – and remember, a 9-7 team from last season. So they are a clear NFC post season contender this year.

That said, they face KC at Arrowhead with a fan base that will be insane after the big win last week and for the home opener.

It’s Red Friday week. Remember when that mattered?

We did Red Fridays in Westport for thousands of fans back in the 90’s when the Chiefs were truly a good team. Who knows? Maybe they are again.

KC is a 5 1/2 point favorite so this one could be close.

Now that the Chiefs likely have two, maybe three all pros on offense – Travis Kelce (who is still over rated until he proves different), Kareem Hunt (could be the league’s best) and of course the game changer, Tyreek Hill – that offense is as of now SUPER.

The defense with Eric Berry gone, but with Daniel Sorenson replacing him, should be fine as long as Justin Houston shows up again and Derek Johnson stays healthy.

This could be the Chiefs year – Alex Smith’s year and Andy Reid’s dream.

If KC defeats the Eagles, and they should, they then face a weak Washington team and should be 4-0.  Great start.

Again, I was wrong last week, and didn’t mind because I want our Chiefs to be a real contender for the first time since Marty. Continue reading

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Glazer: Life Here Before Trolls & Losers Set In

If you’re of a certain age – Baby Boomer, Gen X – for example…

You probably recall a day when things were kinder and people just seemed nicer. You know, back in the 60’s,70′ and 80’s.  Before of course, the Internet and social media reared their ugly heads.

Back then local local kids dreamed of being on local TV shows like Whizzo or Romper Room with Miss Virginia (who wasn’t even halfway hot).

Better yet, being on with television weather wonk Fred Broski’s show Bowling For Dollar‘ or Junior Auction, where you could win cash and prizes plus be famous…well, at least here in KC or at school, right?

I’ve known Broski for years. He and his wife were regulars at Stanford’s in Westport and beyond. I was even on Junior Action (but didn’t win anything, didn’t have enough points from those darn Guys Potato Chips bags.

And oh how I loved Fred’s morning shows on Sundays where he hosted a family show that featured cartoons like Deputy Dog and more. Kids hated Sundays back then because the next day was Monday and it was back to school. Plus the NFL wasn’t important to us kids back then. Continue reading

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Sutherland: The Hypocrisy of Steve Kraske & The Kansas City Star

William Rockhill Nelson, Racist

The progressive mindset has long since taken an adversarial posture to society…

In fact, the surest way to establish one’s street cred with other members of the liberal/left is to attack the very legitimacy of our country’s traditions and institutions.

This started well over 100 years ago, with the publication in 1913 of Charles Beard’s “An Economic Interpretation of the Constitution of the United States.”

According to Professor Beard, our constitution was the result of a secret plan by a well born elite to protect its power and wealth, particularly the wealth embodied in chattel slavery.

Like most leftist critiques, its value was that it discredited the very founding of the country. The American project was immoral “ab initio,” i.e. it was illegitimate from the first act. More recently, this argument has been expanded to include not just the founders, but the discoverer of America.

For at least 30 years, history textbooks have depicted Christopher Columbus as a genocidal monster. Is it any wonder that the local newspaper reported the vandalizing of his statue in various cities across the country?

Two months ago the Kansas City Star ran an opinion piece by freelance option columnist Steve Kraske reflecting an application of this mentality to local history.

Kraske’s June 16th piece demonstrated that the national mania for erasing the historical monuments to people who do not meet current standards of political correctness had reached Kansas City (“Everything’s up to date . . . etc.”)

Kraske argued that the J.C. Nichols Fountain on the Country Club Plaza should be renamed. He reasoned that the eponymous Jesse Clyde Nichols showed himself as a vicious racist by using racially restrictive covenants in deeds conveying ownership of homes in J.C. Nichols Company developments.

While Kraske conceded that most other developers at the time used similar exclusionary language, he said Nichols’ use was particularly effective and he should bear a large share of the blame for the resulting racial segregation in Kansas City.

This of course justified taking Nichol’s name off one if our city’s most iconic landmarks. (Which Nichols paid for, by the way!)

There are so many arguments against this position it’s hard to know where to begin. Continue reading

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Jack Goes Confidential: ‘mother!’—Hallucination or the Apocalypse?

Call me dense, unimaginative or just plain dumb…

But I just didn’t get it, at least I don’t think I did.

mother! starts out innocently enough.

Newlyweds Jennifer Lawrence and her quite a bit older husband Javier Bardem sharing their newly married life at an old, rundown country estate.

Javier is continuing his rocky career as a writer while Jennifer refurbishes their remote home.

However. their lives soon encounter some strange forks in the road.

The first when a total stranger—a doctor played by Ed Harris—appears at their front door whom Bardem invites to stay the night.

What a surprise when on the next day his wife (Michelle Pfeiffer) appears and is welcomed to move in by Bardem as well.

All the while Jenn’s nerves become more and more rattled.

Things happen – weird things.

With no real explanation of WHY these strangers have appeared at the once happy couple’s home.

That’s only the first act! Continue reading

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Glazer: Blowing Taps for This Year’s (and Beyond’s) Royals

The baseball season’s nearing an end with under 20 games left to play…

And what a roller coaster ride it’s been for the Royals!

The team’s core group from its World Series years is mostly still here. Plus the Royals are still in the mix for a possible wild card berth.

Unfortunately, like last year the team, they’ve never really looked like much of a team. Nor have they ever even been in first place for a day. At least they’re  playing .500 ball again.

So even with Eric Hosmer – KC’s only maybe superstar – we can’t for sure be in the playoffs, let alone win or compete for a division title.

Cleveland has won 20 in a row on its way to plus 100 wins and have destroyed our Royals all season.

And that’s what a top team looks like today.

The attendance of course is falling as fans face the awful truth of yet another average season likely to be followed by years of trying to stay average and out of last place.

What kind of team will KC have next year? Continue reading

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Glazer: Former KC Media Dudes Land Cushy Gigs on Fox

Former 610 Sports heavy hitter Nick Wright has joined Hall of Famer Cris Carter on Fox Sports FS1..

The show is called First Things First and is on from 5-630 A.M. daily nation-wide.

In addition, ex Star scribe Jason Whitlock is also on Fox’ Speak For Yourself’ with Colin Cowherd.

Yep, both former Kansas City guys.

The irony is that Wright interviewed Whitlock on a special program shown when Whitlock left Kansas City for Los Angeles. Clearly they were friends and perhaps helped each other get into the daily sports shows on Fox. Of course both will probably make pretty good money.

Wright was killing it in Houston on the The Loop the No. 1 morning drive sports talk show there so he was already in tall clover. Whitlock has bounced around a lot over the last five years most notably on ESPN from which he was fired.

Both guys ended up at 610 with Entercom in the 2000’s. Whitlock had been on WHB and was of course a controversial writer for the Kansas City Star back when he and Hearne were the two mainstays of the Star’s news outside the box. Continue reading

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Glazer: Welcome to Loserville…Population, KU, MU, K-State

Oh my gosh, all three area college football teams won last week…

Yep, KU, MU and Kansas State all won – but they all played Shawnee Mission high school calibre teams.

Still, when was the last time that happened?

Look I think KU, who has been one of the all time worst programs in modern college football, is much improved.

However KU is still a national joke until proven otherwise.

Missouri was a true top 20 team for years under Gary Pinkel and even well before him. Kansas State has risen to being considered a “good little ballclub” under Billy Snyder, but has never won a big time game nationally and is still pretty much unkown to most of America as is Snyder…sorry but true.

Only Mizzou has been m uch of a real national contender for being a No. 1 team The BEST shot MU had was back in 1969 season when they faced Penn State for what might have given them the national title. Unfortunately they lost a close one.

To be fair QB Bobby Douglass took Kansas to the brink around that same time. B ut that was decades ago. Since then only Missouri has been a consistent top national team.

In 2007 No. 2 KU played No. 4 MU at Arrowhead in what was called the Border War.

When MU later joined the SEC, most locals thought they would be destroyed.

However the Tigers won their division twice and faced Alabama once for a shot at the big prize. Uh they lost, but at least they were there.

KU has stunk pretty much now for a long time, yes I know the Orange Bowl win. That was it. Then it was bottom feeder time.

Bill Snyder has Kansas State in Big 12 contention year after year but that’s it.

K-State gets low level bowl games every year, but nobody looks at them as a top rated team that matters outside of people who went to school there.

MU has stunk as of late as well. I know the racial issue…I know. What was that all about anyway, please?

OK, so they all won last week. Nice.

On to this week… Continue reading

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Glazer: Chiefs Biggest Win in Modern History! Super Wow!


KANSAS CITY, MO – JANUARY 11: A fan of the Kansas City Chiefs cheers during the game against the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC Divisional Playoffs on January 11, 2004 at the Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri. The Colts defeated the Chiefs 38-31 to advance to the AFC Championship Game against the New England Patriots. (Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images)

Yes, I was wrong on my call of the Kansas City Chiefs last night…

And I must apologize to Chiefs QB Alex Smith for comparing him to Alex Gordon.

In my opinion, Smith played his best game as a pro ever.

He had over 500 yards in the air, 4 TD passes – the road over the world champs no less – who were everyone’s pick to go back to the Super Bowl with Tom Brady for the 8th time.

So yes, the Chiefs were better than the Patriots and Brady. And yes, this was their BIGGEST WIN in modern NFL history.

The team’s  last legit big win was Joe Montana defeating the Houston Oilers after the 1993 season at Houston with Warren Moon. Since that huge win and many playoffs, and some division titles, with just one play-off win against a weak Texas team, they haven’t really had much to brag about…until last night.

The Chiefs not only beat New England they shut them out in the second half. And nobody at New England has done that to a Tom Brady club. In fact the Chiefs 42 points were the most ever scored on the Pats under Bill Belichick and  Brady.

Not to mention that over 500 yards offense for KC was the most in over a decade by the Chiefs. Continue reading

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Jack Goes Confidential: Stephen King’s Creepy ‘IT’ Fires on All Cylinders!

Not every novel-to-screen adaptation can be a winner…

But take my word for it, THIS one IS!

We’re talking ‘IT’ based on Stephen King’s 1986 best selling novel which literally scared the hell out of readers—and didn’t do much to bolster the reputation of clowns either.

Sure ‘IT’ is a shocker, but it’s really more on the creepy side of things as we follow the doings of seven misfit school kids in a small burg in Maine.

They call themselves The Loser’s Club and what they experience at their young age shouldn’t happen to your worst enemy.

They’re being terrorized by an immortal, shape-shifting entity responsible for the disappearance of local children.

This dark figure shows itself as a not so harmless killer clown known as Pennywise who returns every 27 years to unleash his R-rated, evil carnage.

And THIS just happens to be the year!

Think GOONIES do Stephen King with shades of STAND BY ME thrown in for good measure. Continue reading

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Lefsetz: The Great 2017 U2 Stadium Ticket Fiasco

Granted it’s Buffalo, but…

Check out the prices:


Not only the ones on the side – hover your mouse over the loge – the greenish/gold sections, where the tickets are so cheap.

For the best seats in the house, your jaw will drop.

Yes, you can stand on the floor, but if you’re in the loge, you’ve got a better viewing angle.

As for the floor, you can stand there for $27!! (It’s even cheaper in some parts of the loge!)

So what is going on here?

1. It’s a school night. And I’m not sure any act is immune, except for maybe the absolute hottest – Beyonce and Taylor Swift. Hell, I’m not sure any male act could do as good business, at least not without star support.

2. It’s Buffalo. Turns out U2 can play stadia in the metropoli – the biggest markets – but outside of them?

Especially when it comes to older acts. Because people would rather overpay to be up close and personal, as opposed to being far away, just being in the building is not enough when you’re 50 or older, which most fans of U2 are.

3. U2 is not as big as they say they are – never mind big as they think they are.

They haven’t had a hit for years and they’ve got the bad blood of the Apple thing going on. It takes a long time to forget. Hell, fans have finally forgotten with Metallica, but the band spent years away from the market, playing overseas, if at all, and they put out a double album of new material that was well-received by their fans.

Turns out U2 went back to the well too many times. Think about this; U2, the everyman band, does a classic album and does less business than a supposedly niche metal band. But contrary to conventional wisdom, U2 is not for everybody. And once you start playing entire LPs at a show you’re an oldies act. No one expects you to have a hit again, this was a gross mistake. The band should not have gone out to play stadiums after failing to go clean in every arena the last time around Continue reading

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Glazer: Scribe Saddles Up For 2017 Pigskin Picks

We all know the Chiefs face the world champion New England Patriots Thursday…

It’s one of six prime time games KC has this year. Talk about KC getting media respect, oops here it comes…!!!!

Thew problem?

The Chiefs could be very average this season.

The Pats are a nine point favorite with G.O.A.T. quarterback Tom Brady leading the way.

Yes, I know Julian Edleman is out but Brady has plenty of other weapons like BIG ROB GRONKOWSKI to throw to.

Yes I know in 2014 KC beat New England at Arrowhead and Brady went on to win the Super Bowl – a game KC hasn’t been in half a century and counting.

What would I do you ask?

I’d start Pat Mahomes NOW….why the F NOT.

We’re saving him for what?

We’ve seen Alex Gordon – I mean Smith – in action for years. And he will no doubt lead us to a couple field goals early and maybe ONE TD.  But that’s probably it.

Any other points the Chiefs score will likely not be because of Smith. It will be a big play on defense or special teams.

Can KC hang with the Pats?


If you tease your bet do you go KC plus 15? Remember you get six points either way or do you go Pats -3….tough call…

O.K. I know Chiefs coach Andy Reid will not face Alex Gordon/Smith and say, “Sorry son, but Pat……no way. So its Alex, Kelce,Hill and Hunt on offense….no Mahomes YET.

Tough call on a pick here, but you  have to like the hometown Pats and Brady…..to win but it may be close…like Pats 24 Chiefs16.

Remember we have no clue what our defense will look like Justin, Dee Ford, Derek Johnson saw little to no pre season action and all three are question marks at linebacker..so is Eric Berry at safety…yikes. Continue reading

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New Jack City: Promises Not Kept by the Kansas City Star

Why does my local newspaper lie to me?

It’s Monday morning on Labor Day. My gym has delayed its opening hour.

So why not relax with a cup of coffee and browse my Kansas City Star.

Easier said than done.

That’s because an early check of my front lawn revealed that the carrier had apparently missed my house.

So when by 7:30 a.m. there still was no paper I did the obvious. I called the Star.

“I am sorry, did you not receive the paper today?” the automated agent asked.

No, I didn’t.

So after a few more prompts including my address the programmed agent asked whether I wanted credit for the miss out or a re-delivery.

I opted for re-delivery which the automated agent then confirmed.

Fat chance! Continue reading

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Hearne: Meet the Busy Bodies

We’ve all been here before…

Stuck next to some annoying know-it-all or coworker. Maybe a stranger sitting next to you at a bar or whatever. And no matter what the topic, they blather on about the way things should be, how everybody is supposed to think and how they should live their lives.

They’re always right, we’re wrong.

Life of the party types, right?

Look, nobody wants to be spoon fed somebody else’s opinion all the time – it’s boring.

But don’t try and tell that to the new editorial board at the Kansas City Star.

So in an era where we’re flooded with opinions masquerading as news, the gang that can’t quite shoot straight at 18th and Grand is doubling down on setting its waning readership straight on every topic imaginable.


“Public spaces, faith monuments don’t mix.”

Good one.

Who doesn’t like being lectured about religious freedom?

BTW, according to the Star religious symbols on public grounds “are always unconstitutional.”

So they figured a fix.

Move all religious monuments to “religious property.”

Another headline: “Make Kansas City rental housing safer.”

Genius. Bout time someone thought of that one! Continue reading

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Glazer: Chiefs Disappoint, Could Be in for a Long Season

Seattle walked all over our Chiefs last night…

In what should have been our best pre-season effort by the first team, no less.

Unfortunately it was far from it.

QB Alex Smith has proven once again that he does not have the IT factor a great quarterback needs to win big games or even just to win when it matters.

Smith is the steady Eddie who will get you one or two touchdowns a game…SOMEHOW.

However, fans can mostly count on red zone field goals as usual. Smith has a mountain load of trouble getting the ball into the end zone – throwing or running it.

I’ve talked about weapons or lack of them and KC has only two real proven offensive weapons, Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce. We all hoped Spencer Ware would improve, but instead he hurt his knee and may be out for some time.

Nobody else has shown more than a glimpse of being a player who can step up and help win games on either side of the ball. Continue reading

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Glazer: Calling the Big Fight

Having some experience in the fight game, I got to see a ton of great fights…

I worked with world champs from Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier to Roberto Duran in my Champions Forever series. And of course, I interviewed several of the champs including Ali and Frazier.

I even attended the title fight in Kingston between George Foreman and Joe Frazier.

As many of you know, I was a producer and sometimes interviewer on those videos.

With that in mind here’s my opinion of the Floyd Mayweather/Conor McGregor battle Saturday.

First of, it’s NOT A TITLE FIGHT…so that’s a big issue.

The fight is for PRIDE AND HUGE MONEY.

At 40 Floyd’s career is really pretty much over. Conor is 29 and is 21-3 including a recent LOSS to Nate Diaz a year ago last March. In fact, he submitted in that fight kinda like a TKO. So Conor unlike Floyd is NOT UNDEFEATED. Floyd is 49-0!

The odds on this fight ever coming off were large a year or so back.

Continue reading

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New Jack City: Hotels Take Page From Airlines

Guilty as charged!

Yes, I admit it. That I’ve double-booked hotel rooms in the past only to cancel them at the last minute—or not at all.

It used to be when you canceled your reserved room by 6:00 p.m. on day of arrival there were no consequences. However those days are rapidly coming to an end…especially if the Marriott or Hilton hotel chains have any say in the matter.

With occupancy and average room rates continuing their year-to-year climb, hotel managements continue to adopt policies from the airlines.

After all, both industries deal in perishable products.

Airlines in seats. Hotels in rooms. Continue reading

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