Glazer: Talking Turkey NFL Sunday

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady holds a turkey leg after an NFL football game against the New York Jets Thursday, Nov. 22, 2012 in East Rutherford, N.J. The Patriots won the game 49-19. (AP Photo/Julio Cortez)

Las Vegas Insider power rankings have the Kansas City Chiefs ranked No. 5…


That’s right, ahead of Denver, Green Bay and the Steelers. So the Chiefs are the best .500 team in the NFL?  In a more believable review, CBS POWER RANKINGS have KC ranked No. 11 – that sounds more like it.

Las Vegas (and the public) think Dallas’ Tony Romo is a monster quarterback. Some even think Dallas will run the table and win its division. Right now they’re 3-7.

I say NO WAY.

But Vegas has the Panthers tomorrow losing to Dallas in Dallas.

The undefeated Panthers are a 1 1/2 point dog at Jerry’s World/Dallas. Green Bay is an 8 point fav over the Bears and the Eagles are – oh, who cares  – they’re about a 2  1/2 point underdog to the Lions. Continue reading

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Valentine: The Trouble With Judging Historical Figures Out of Context

WoodrowWIvy League students at Princeton University are protesting…

They want Woodrow Wilson’s name removed from university’s buildings. Because the attitudes he had 100 years ago are clearly racist by today’s standards. He was president of Princeton in 1903 and a two term president of the United States in 1913. Every university associated with a U.S. president has a building with their name on it.

However, let’s let that pass. Judging historic figures out of their historical context must be our new standard.

Next in line should be Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

FDR defined 20th century Liberalism, yet he ordered Japanese-Americans to be held in prison camps. Any president who would arrest and jail US citizens based on their ethnicity should be pilloried in the public square. Harvard students should rise up against him or be condemned themselves.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy will be a painful addition to the hit list. Continue reading

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Jack Goes Confidential: ‘Creed’ Scores Big for Stallone & Jordan

UnknownI’m going to be honest…

I almost skipped the critic’s screening of CREED a couple of weeks back.

Did I really need to see another ROCKY?

But I am here to tell you that missing that movie would have been a huge mistake.

CREED is definitely NOT the seventh installment in the Rocky series.

Instead it’s a smart spin-off, action-melodrama with twists and turns that take the storyline in an entirely new direction.

Here Adonis Johnson, illegitimate son of Rocky Balboa‘s former rival Apollo Creed, is pursuing the fight game in a small way on the west coast and south of the border.

It’s not enough for him to follow in the footsteps of his famous father.

But then again he wants to make it on his own—out of dad’s shadow.

That’s why Adonis heads to Philadelphia and searches out the aging Rocky who spends his days and evenings running his Italian restaurant.

Adonis seeks Rocky’s help. He wants him to become his trainer and mentor. But Rocky is not interested, spending any free time he has visiting Adrian’s grave.

Well, you guessed it, young Adonis finally convinces Rocky to be in his corner. But not before the story takes some unexpected turns.

Make no m mistake, this is good, entertaining filmmaking by BOTH Sylvester Stallone and Michael B. Jordan as Adonis. Continue reading

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Lefsetz: Adele Flexes Muscles @ End of an Era

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 4.43.59 PMThis is not a victory for the rank and file…

The artists railing against streaming applaud Adele’s success after keeping “25” from Spotify, et al. They just don’t know it’s the last gasp of a dying paradigm and the birth of a new one. That’s right, you won’t see albums released in the fourth quarter for sales impact anymore, but we will see the most popular acts dominate the chart.

Hope. That’s what people want.

And if Adele can play by the old rules and win, by golly, so can I! But this is untrue. Not only is Adele a phenomenon, she and her superstar brethren are hoovering up all the profits in music. It’s no different from Apple winning in mobile handsets, she’s an iPhone and you’re HTC or Microsoft or Sony or one of the manufacturers who’ve left the business.

How did it come to this?

First and foremost, mindshare. It’s nearly impossible to get in today’s cluttered, cacophonous society. Used to be you got on radio and then MTV and you reached everybody. Now, except for Adele herself, no one can do this.

Quick, sing a 1D song! You can’t, but they just won big on the AMAs. And you can pooh-pooh that awards show, or you can just admit that music has changed. It’s not that you’re old, it’s just that the biggest acts are niche and if you’re not one of them, god help you in making a living.

Even radio… there’s pop and everything else. Quick, what’s number one on the Active Rock chart? You probably can’t even name one of the tracks in the top ten!

And the popular squeezes out the less popular and you end up holding the bag, and there’s nothing in it, only shattered dreams.

Same deal in touring, where the real money is.

You can’t get a good seat at the arena to see the star and you can’t get anybody to come see the barely known in the club. Continue reading

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Glazer: Believe It or Don’t, .500 Chiefs Electrify KC

tempFF_EB_006--nfl_mezz_1280_1024They did it!  

So now the Chiefs are the best bet to land the final wild card in the AFC, according to ESPN’s Mike and Mike! And it could happen – based on their improved defense, easy remaining games and that they’re on a roll. Yep, four wins in a row and two back to back road wins against division rivals.

Shades of head coach Andy Reid‘s first year here when we played team after team that was injured or weak or using back up quarterbacks. However, we did just beat San Diego and Philip Rivers on the road. Nice. However they were 2-7 and now they’re done for the year with 8 loses.

So who’s left?

The Bills who play here following a Monday night game at New England. The Pats should win that one and Bills will be tired that Sunday. Then on the road KC plays a sudden struggling Oakland. However, they’re dangerous and will probably be favored. At home with Chargers, the Chiefs should win that one. At the Ravens – a pick’em game – the Ravens will be favored at home. The Browns here and Raiders here both should be wins if KC plays as well as they have lately.

So Chiefs finish 9-7 or maybe, just maybe 10-6. Either likely gets you a wild card.  Continue reading

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Mancow: ‘Feminist Men’ Alert


dowd-2005-book1Syndicated columnist Maureen (pronounced Moron) Dowd said,”Hollywood is filled with feminist men who somehow got warped”

And that “it’s as bad as the Catholic Church or Saudi Arabia” (ahem) and that “less than 1.9% of the last 100 blockbuster movies were helmed by women”…

Here’s the thing:

Hollywood isn’t filled with feminist men. It’s filled with business men.

All the rest is pandering.

Continue reading

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Leftridge: Things to Avoid This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving_The-First-Thanksgiving_cph.3g04961-EThanksgiving is approaching this Thursday and there’s nothing we can do about it…

Like a particularly virulent strain of the Asian flu, it thrusts itself upon us annually whether we’re cool with it or not. No one is immune. And since it cannot be defeated, we can only hope to survive.

Submitted for your approval, here are my thoughts on things to stay away from, should you too wish to avoid the pestilence.

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

This used to be cool when it was all just giant, inflatable cartoon characters you knew like Beetle Bailey and Mary Worth, but now every other float is a 14-year-old Disney star you’ve never heard of singing something sugary and shitty about texting at the mall, and the helium-filled demigods are “beloved” characters like “Powerpuff Girls” and “Some Japanese Character Your Creepy Nephew Knows.” Unless you’re a pedophile, The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade should be avoided at all cost. Continue reading

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Glazer: Chiefs & Chopper Plus This Week’s Picks

Charcandrick West

Charcandrick West

Here comes Kansas City…

Our Chiefs are a 3 point favorite at hapless San Diego Sunday. A win moves them to 5-5 with six games to go. What’s more, a win makes them a for real wild card contender. A big surprise after a 1-5 start. As we’ve discussed KC has no real offense even though QB Alex Smith has at least two, if not three, solid or better receivers. Jeremy Maclin and Travis Kelce both look very good if Smith can get them the ball.

New running back Charcandrick West has been a pleasant surprise replacing the injured Jamaal Charles. The Chiefs defense has improved as well, setting up their offense in good field position by grabbing interceptions. However Smith has not been up to the task  And as we all know, with Alex Smith there is no real future or any talk of a Super Bowl down the road.

The NFL has several under .500 teams or just a game better in the hunt.

So far the only one who looks dangerous are the Steelers with Big Ben if he stays healthy. Everyone else is just whistling Dixie and wanting at least a post season game or two, even if going deep is unlikely.

We have no area college teams doing anything. And it seems Alabama is back as the big bad wolf of the NCAA again. Continue reading

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Jack Goes Confidential: ‘Spotlight’ Shakes Catholic Church to the Core

spotlight-xlargeThis may be a bit premature but I am declaring SPOTLIGHT the best motion picture I’ve seen all year…

Of course, that can change with some yet to be screened Christmas releases, but I seriously doubt it.

SPOTLIGHT is the sensational true and shocking story of a tough subject matter.

It’s title stands for the investigative unit within The Boston Globe newspaper which in 2001 shocked the city by proving the on-going sexual abuse of kids by priests within the Roman Catholic Church.

There was the shuffling of suspected priests–i.e. parking them out of sight and possible legal reach.

And the incredible cover-up by church officials that shook the institution—and for that matter—Boston to the core.

The expose earned the Pulitzer Prize for The Boston Globe and ultimately forced the Archbishop to resign.

But while we’re talking extremely sensitive  subject matter here, the film approaches it from a journalistic point of view.

Think ALL THE PRESIDENT’S MEN. Continue reading

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Lefsetz: Screw You, Adele

adele-0312-4-VO-WELL43_200725714690How the hell can we solve the world’s problems if the music business itself can’t do what’s right for the populace?

Sixteen years after Napster, after living through P2P, track sales and now streaming, blind greed continues to reign in the music business. People do what’s right for themselves, never mind what’s good for the customer – never mind what’s good for the business.


You’re not that fucking good.

You’re not the Beatles. We can live without your music. We just focus on you because everybody else is so bad, everybody else is whored out to the corporation and bitching they can’t make the money people do in the tech sphere.

Even Bono’s off the rails, forcing an LP upon those who don’t care and then going on the road and not even going clean in arenas. That’s right, after selling out stadia, U2 can’t sell every ticket indoors. Because the music just ain’t that good. And it’s all driven by the music. And we’ll find out what the people think, a year from now, when we see if they’re still listening, on streaming services, which is where “25” will be after this dash for cash is done.

Hell, we’re not even going to have this fourth quarter madness a year from now.

Because physical will be dead and track sales de minimis. I’d say this is the last gasp of a dying industry but the truth is music will survive, as it has the past 16 years, because people love to play it and the public loves to hear it.

Who needs this money?

Adele, you played small venues last time around – you didn’t take all the money from the corporations. Why this turnaround? Are you that ignorant?

Even car companies are hipper than you, they’re leaving CD drives out of their vehicles. Continue reading

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Jack Goes Confidential: ‘Hunger Games: Mockingjay-Part 2’ Arcs Out the Future

mockingjaypostersmall_0How sad it is to see Katniss Everdeen bid this power franchise adieu…

Maybe that’s overstating matters a bit as MOCKINGJAY-PART 2 brings the highly successful ‘Hunger Games’ storyline to a worthy conclusion.

The good news is that its millions of young fans will be pleased as director Francis Lawrence pretty well sticks to the printed pages in winding things up.

But make no mistake, this final outing takes on a deviously darker tone. Gone are many of the previous and ever so popular futuristic action sequences. They’ve been replaced by darker underground scenes and more philosophical story aspects leading to the ultimate confrontation and showdown between Katniss and evil president Snow.

Because Katniss now realizes the stakes are no longer just for survival—they’re for the future! Continue reading

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Starbeams: Santa Sells Out, ‘Gone Girl’ Lights Plaza & Getting Rich KC Style

SantaArrival$35 to $75 for the Santa Experience at Oak Park Mall!  Some parents are complaining this morning, but I’ve paid more to sit in someone’s lap.


One thing I’ve learned in the past week: If my dad was worth $20 million I could start a hunger strike at Mizzou and get a lot of people fired.


The website “Money Under 30” says Kansas City is one of the top 10 places to get rich if you’re young.  Especially if you’re a mechanic who specializes in front end alignments. Continue reading

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Glazer: (Yawn) Chiefs Could Make Playoffs (Yawn)


 Chiefs Broncos FootballAfter the big win in Denver for KC Chiefs yesterday – the first against Peyton Manning as a Bronco – are the Chiefs back in the hunt?

Yep, we went to Denver and beat a 7-1 Bronco team that had a quarterback break the all time passing yards record early in the first quarter. Do you believe that?

Only three teams are in front of KC in the wild card hunt now. What’s more, all of them seem just as shaky as the Chiefs. Only the Pittsburgh Steelers with Big Ben look impressive. The other pretenders are the Jets and Bills. Of course we have Oakland in our own division as well, but hey, who cares if a 4-5 team like KC can get there in this mess of a season called the NFL playoff hunt?

Yes, Kansas City won and the game was over at halftime.

Manning did all he could to give KC the game by throwing to Chiefs defenders with horrible passes in the first half, and all our points were set up by his weak arm. Yet other than one drive our offense couldn’t move the ball hardly at all. So we kicked 99 field goals with set ups at mid field or in Bronco land all day. True West had a few nice runs as did Alex Smith, our quarterback. That’s about it for KC’s offense.

So was our defense really that great or was Manning showing us the end of his career? Continue reading

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Glazer: Charlie Sheen’s Aids Cover-Up

thNews sources say Charlie Sheen will announce he is HIV positive to the world tomorrow…

Oh boy.

He’s known about it for several years according to media sources. We’ll get more details tomorrow, but the rumor’s been out there for some time. Sheen has been the total party boy for several years and his wild behavior escalated a couple years back to the point that he was fired from his smash hit series TWO AND A HALF MEN. The show went on without him for a brief period, but is now off the air. Sheen went on to star in the series ANGER MANAGEMENT. Continue reading

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New Jack City: 10 New Movies Set for Thanksgiving

TheNightBeforeTrailerTen new movies will be competing for KC’s entertainment dollars during the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday..

And what’s more, there’s not a turkey in the bunch—well maybe a couple.

Here’s the latest KC holiday release schedule.

Opening Friday, November 20:


  Jennifer Lawrence and the gang’s swan song.

* “THE NIGHT BEFORE”Seth Rogen, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Anthony Mackie = Debauchery.

* “BY THE SEA” (Limited Engagement)-Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie‘s trip into voyeurism.

* “SECRET IN THEIR EYES”Julia Roberts, Nicole Kidman and Chiwetel Edijofor murder thriller.

* “SPOTLIGHT” (Limited Runs) Michael Keaton, Mark Ruffalo, Liev Schreiber, Rachel McAdams, Stanley Tucci.

(Note: This is the best picture that I’ve seen so far this year!)

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = Continue reading

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Valentine: Trump Sends a Signal to America


Original art by Mark Valentine

Washington pundits have spent a lot of time talking about Donald Trump

They all seem to agree that his support is based on anger towards the government. They all seem to agree that he’s not a “normal” politician. They all have their theories about Trump’s rise in the polls while saying politically incorrect things. And they tend to agree that he’s a master at manipulating the media.

Yet they’ve all missed the big signal Trump’s candidacy sends to the nation.

We have passed a tipping point and there is now more money in government than in the private sector. And Donald Trump has been in the hunt for money his whole life. He’s not changed, America has changed.

Now government jobs are attractive even to successful capitalists.

Look at the numbers.

The year 2015 signaled for the first time in history that the majority of Congressmen are millionaires. President Obama’s net worth has risen 450% since he ran for office. Bill Clinton is now in the top 10 richest presidents in history with a net worth of nearly $60 million. It’s especially on point to note these last two presidents because they never worked in the private sector. Continue reading

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Leftridge: Requiem for a Wiener

NYDPAccording to a bleak, depressing post on the official Facebook page, New York Dawg Pound closed for permanent on October 27th, in the year 2015.

RIP, New York Dawg Pound, I loved your hot dogs.

Despite its terrible name, the NYDP was the best thing about a sad stretch of Shawnee Mission Parkway, and really, the best hot dog-centric restaurant in the greater metro. (I know there isn’t much to be said for competition, exactly, but that wasn’t their fault; consider it the shortcoming of a society gone mad with fear of processed meats, and the ill-health effects they may usher.)

I, like thousands of others, discovered NYDP through Yelp, the probably-horrible user-food review site that purportedly boosts the rankings of restaurants who choose to advertise versus those who do not. Regardless of pretense, I took their 135 reviews with a 4-star average and made a visit. Continue reading

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Glazer: Are the Chiefs Back from The Dead? Plus Pigskin Picks

Zombie-The-Walking-DeadCan the Chiefs get back into the wild card race Sunday with a win at Denver?

On paper yes, but not likely.

Our boys are 3-5 with wins over two bad teams – Houston and Detroit – and one wounded team, the Steelers. Yes, they’ve won two in a row. However now they’re on the road to Denver where they never beat Peyton Manning and the Broncos. In fact they haven’t beaten the Broncos since Manning took over.

Yes, the Chiefs have been better as of late, but it’s hard to measure how much better given who they defeated. The Chiefs offense was all but nonexistant until they ran over Detroit in London last week. However Detroit has only one win this season.

Losing Jamaal Charles may have in a strange way have helped KC’s offense in that QB Alex Smith has been forced to use other weapons more often. That includes him running the ball which is one of the things he does best.

Denver suffered its first loss at Indy last week and are now 7-1 but they’ve all but locked up the division. The Oakland Raiders are much improved and seem headed for a wild card spot. The AFC is so upside down that teams like KC are still in this thing with only three wins.

If KC loses this week at Denver they pretty much have sealed their fate.

Only three teams have made the playoffs since 1995 with six losses.

I think the Chiefs will play it close but lose at Denver. The Broncos just have our number and Manning will be looking to bounce back from last weeks loss. Continue reading

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Glazer: Will College Athletes Force Schools to Pay Them?

Gary-Pinkel-by-Frederick-Breedon-Getty-Images-Missouri-v-Vanderbilt-2015-DRC_3287_mehgbkUniversity of Missouri president Tim Wolfe steps down…

The chancellor of MU says he will end his days at the college this year as well over protests by students over race relations at the school.

And all of this was brought to a head by two student leaders. Payton Head, the president of MSA, complained about students in a car yelling the N word at him. Later someone using human waste to write a swastika on the walls of a bathroom. Nobody has been named or arrested for any of these incidents yet, but more were reported. The president of the school was aware of these and other incidents according to students but did little to prevent further issues.

The result was a hunger strike by student Jonathan Butler.

All of these acts were bandied about on Facebook and social media. Next the student football players got behind the students and Butler and the football team announced it would not play this coming weekend’s game if MU’s president didn’t step down – which he finally did.

There was also nationwide talk about the treatment of football players and athletes at predominately white college campuses. Regular African American students did not have nearly the care or attention that was given to the student athletes. Everything from tutors to living conditions.

And once it became national news everyone jumped in on the side of the students. Continue reading

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Lefsetz: University of Missouri Fiasco

Spectators cheer during Canada Day celebrations on Parliament Hill in Ottawa July 1, 2012. Canadians are celebrating their country's 145th birthday. REUTERS/Chris Wattie (CANADA - Tags: POLITICS SOCIETY ANNIVERSARY) - RTR34GEG

What kind of crazy, fucked-up world do we live in where the charge is led by football players?

One in which money talks.

That’s why the President resigned. The college was gonna lose a cool million if its football team didn’t play Brigham Young on Saturday.

Welcome to the sixties, they’re back again. That’s right, history repeats, but always with a twist.

Like the nineties, everybody thought the fifties were copacetic, that everybody was equal and happiness ruled. But this was untrue if you were black, ergo the protests on college campuses.

It always starts on campuses.

But back then, music went hand in hand with change.

The folk movement was integral to the protest movement. Bob Dylan became a national fixture. Continue reading

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