Glazer: The Juice is Loose (He Even Stole My Girlfriend)

O.J. Simpson was released recently with little fanfare…

That after nine years in the Nevada State Prison for armed robbery and kidnapping.

The prison decided to release him after mid night so there would be less media around.So he was set free after all the paper work after 3 a.m.

Not many were waiting outside for him.

The press was still deeply involved in the nearby Las Vegas Massacre the night before, so that further diminished interest in his return to the real world.

We all know the story…

Simpson’s criminal escapades sparked arguably the biggest media sensation of the last century – at least from a criminal trial standpoint.

The television specials and documentaries were endless after the once popular O.J. was arrested and tried for murder of his wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman in 1994.

The so-called trial of the century was televised in 1995 and Simpson was found not guilty.

However by almost any honest judgement he was clearly the killer.

Then in 2007 Simpson was arrested for robbery and kidnapping after breaking into a Las Vegas hotel room with five other men. He was armed and took back some of his valuable memorabilia from people who he felt had stolen the items.

All he had to do was call the police and perhaps accompany them to the hotel to try and get his items back. Instead he acted on it with his paid pals.

Clearly Las Vegas wanted payback for the murders in L.A. and judged O.J. harshly on the case.

Simpson also lost a civil case in 1997 on wrongful death brought by the Goldman and Brown families.

So in the end, O.J. the former NFL mega star and movie star did over 10 years considering that he was in custody in L.A. during his trial for over a year. Continue reading

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Glazer: Ring the Bell, Close the Book, Blow Out the Candle

Nothing here to get upset about folks…

Yes the Oakland Raiders with all their problems and in last place beat out the Chiefs.

The score was 31-30 but it was much worse.

It looked in many ways like the Steelers game, boys vs. men when Oakland was on offense. Our defense – whoever they are – couldn’t stop a high school team let alone a decent NFL team.

WE have no rush, no pressure on the quarterback, even if he’s injured or slow. Our defensive line couldn’t stop a turtle.


You never hear any defensive players names called outside of Marcus Peters and uh, Marcus Peters. The rest do nothing except get run over or get penalties because they can’t stop the other guys.

This a Chiefs team – or is it the Kansas State Wildcats – same thing?

They’re little more than a cute little ball club that builds a nice regular season record only to be ass kicked when it counts and end up in the SHMO BOWL (sound familiar K-Staters?)

This KC team is much like Dick Vermeil‘s 2003 Chiefs, remember?,

They were 9-0 before being unmasked and showing the world they had no defense and stunk, losing games at season’s end to poor teams and losing in the playoffs round one to the COLTS….who never punted.

Again no use going into stats. Continue reading

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Glazer: Chiefs Should Get Much Needed Breather, Scribe Says

The Chiefs can get everyone calmed down tonight in Oakland…

But will they?

Hey, it’s Thursday Night Football and our Chiefs continue to be the featured NFL team this season with yet another national audience for tonight’s big game.

Truth be known, it’s really only big to Kansas City.  Face it, Oakland is all but done this season already. The Raiders were the sexy pick to make the Super Bowl before it all began.


Because of Derek Carr their outstanding young quarterback.

And what looked like a much improved defense and three name wide outs. Never happened.

Carr never seemed completely healthy from last year’s leg injury. And former Seahawks mega star running back Beast had his moments,  lately when it all fell apart after Carr got hurt again a few weeks ago.

The Raiders lost their fourth game in a row last weekend to the lowly LA Chargers.

So they’re 2-4 this season and a Raider loss tonight would pretty much end their hopes of even a wild card playoff spot.

The big question: Is Derek Carr – their expensive franchise quarterback who’s maybe a hit away from being placed on the bench for the rest of the season –  be ready next year?

KC is on short rest, banged up badly and missing half its starting offensive line, They’re coming off their first loss this season and worried about a soft defense and a now questionable running game.

The Chiefs need to get well tonight with a solid win. Continue reading

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Glazer: Subject: Steelers Manhandle KC, Prove Chiefs Not Super

Like last season the score was close…

But we lost and the Steelers manhandled the Chiefs.

Kansas City has a poor defense and it’s been covered by a very good scoring offense…until Sunday.

With only one first down in the first half, our offensive line was a joke with poor Alex Smith running for his life…..we got jacked.

We’re lucky the score wasn’t 40-10 as it should have been.

The Steelers beat us every way you can think of. Their running game was never stopped, Big Ben threw at least six major long balls and we just couldn’t get there. Our defense is slow with just has few top notch players.

Yes, Marcus Peters is very good and did get a wasted INT , but we did nothing on offense. Justin Houston is very good, but was shut out Sunday.

That’s it for stars on defense.

As I said before the regular season began, “We have no linebackers except Houstin if he is healthy, otherwise nobody…DJ is done at middle linebacker, to banged ups too slow now and can tackle but not rush or make the takeaways anymore. Tamba is finished, and Dee Ford is just a project.”

Well, that all came true today. Linebackers can’t stop the run. Continue reading

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Jack Goes Confidential: Courtroom Whodunnit Hits Mark

It’s been a good while since we’ve had a good courtroom drama…
That’s changing this weekend as MARSHALL opens as a bio-drama, courtroom thriller.
Making it even more interesting is the film is (loosely) based on the life and times of America’s first African-American Supreme Court justice Thurgood Marshall who was instrumental in the landmark Brown v. Topeka Board of Education case.
But the movie doesn’t span Marshall’s life.
Instead it focuses on young, 32 year old Marshall working then as an attorney for the NAACP specializing in racial justice cases.
So what we’ve got here is Marshall partaking in just ONE of his career-defining cases—one which would positively shape his entire future.
Marshall is called upon by NAACP’s New York office to take on a case in which a black butler and chauffeur is accused of sexually assaulting and raping his wealthy white socialite boss played by Kate Hudson.
Did he do it? And IF so, was it really RAPE?

Continue reading

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Glazer: Scribe Meaures Chiefs, Drops Hammer on ‘Boom Boom’

As the NFL season rolls along injuries are as a big issue…

The Chiefs have lost a number of key players already and the list is growing. On offense KC will be without Chris Conley for the rest of the season – a bigger loss than many realize. Conley was emerging as a solid No. 2 to Tyreek Hill who is still somewhat underused.

Now add Travis Kelce to the out list against the Steelers Sunday  (and oh boy, another tough game). There is also some fear that Justin Houstin’s play time could be limited.

Our offensive line is already missing half its starters and was average before they got hurt.



So can KC handle a mentally down Steelers with quarterback Big Ben under close watch after he told the media he’s not sure if he has it anymore?

Ben threw five int’s last week and his team got smashed. Still the Steelers are a force in the AFC until proven otherwise. Often the Steelers have started slow only to wind up in the AFC title game or Super Bowl.

And we all know the Steelers have the Chiefs number. Continue reading

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Glazer: Chiefs Appear Super Bowl Bound

The Sunday Night NFL announcers made it clear that Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith is no longer a game manager, he’s an NFL candidate for Most Valuable Player…

After last night’s performance, although he’s nearing the end of his career, Smith is finally, an Elite quarterback in the NFL.

Smith is without question a top 5 QB this season.

Yes, up with Aaron Rogers and Tom Brady and that new guy Deshaun Watson who leads the AFC with 12 touchdown throws to Alex Smith’s 11.

The Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Houston Texans on the road by a score of 42-34.

The Chiefs did what was needed to slow down Watson, got a big lead in the first half and didn’t let the Texans have the ball much.

Different story in the second half. Deshaun was unstoppable. He threw bomb after bomb and hit five touchdown throws. And he can run like wind when he needs too.

Problem for him, KC matched his scores even in the second half with Smith hitting everyone is sight. Smith threw for three touchdowns and over 300 yards with no INT’S and zero turnovers.

Travis Kelce had a huge game, maybe his best half as a Chief with 8 catches and 98 tough yards in the first half.

Kelce went out with a concussion at the end of the first half. Worse yet, the emerging mister Chris Conley tore his achilies on an onside kick return. My guess is he is done for the season. Conley is our No. 2 wide out behind Tyreek Hill, who also had a big game with a much needed 82 yard punt return for a touchdown in the fourth quarter to seal the deal.

Hey, the NFL and the networks have to be pleased with picking Kanas City to be the featured NFL team on the big stage this season. They have won all their games where they were the it game at night – two on Thursday Night, one Monday night and now this big win Sunday night

All the games were exciting and KC has to be the darling of NFL fans maybe for the first time ever. Continue reading

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Glazer: Chiefs Facing Steep Odds Plus Picks

Could this be the end of the Chiefs run?

Every expert I listen to picks Deshaun Watson and Houston to defeat our boys Sunday. Kansas City is the NFL’s only undefeated team this year at 4-0. The Texans are THE up and coming power in the AFC and NFL. Like Kansas City a top five power ranking with ESPN and others. Why the excitement on Texas?


Watson now has his team near the top in passing yards and overall offense. But so does Alex Smith and the Chiefs. KC has the league’s top rusher in Kareem Hunt, who boasts more than 500 yards rushing in just 4 games. Smith has 8 touchdown passes in just four games – already half of what he had last season.

So why the feeling that Houston will win?

Simple, the speed of Watson and his ability to throw on the run, as well as run. Folks, you will see a mirror image of our next quarterback, Pat Mahomes Sunday in Watson.

Watson is a scary guy.

Remember, he defeated Alabama last year in the national championship game with his last minute drive. They had one of college’s all-time best defenses and Watson shredded them.

Last week he had five touchdowns and put over 50 points up.

The Chiefs are a bit slow up front on defense. Only Justin Houston is a league leader in sacks with four. Our guys can’t get to quarterbacks much.

Even Phillip “Old Man”Rivers could out run our defenders and get his throws off. Watson will eat us alive on 3rd and long if we can’t get to him. We have to cut off his moving outside of the pocket or it will be a long day/night for KC. Continue reading

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Glazer: Remembering Marty Schottenheimer (Who Can’t Remember Us)

Monday Night Football honored former Chiefs coach Marty Schottenheimer

They went to his home and interviewed Marty, his wife and children, all grown. Marty suffers from Alzheimer’s disease and has a hard time remembering his past life.

It was a bitter sweet story.

Marty looks great, at age 74 – in shape and upbeat. However his memory has faded badly and is not likely to get better. When asked about his favorite NFL game, he couldn’t remember and said so. Regarding his decade long run with the Chiefs from 1989-98. They showed the Monday Night Football game clip of Joe Montana hitting Willie Davis on the goal line for the game winner on the last play of the game.

Marty could not recall the play or the game.

He did seem confident about his feelings and working on his illness. Marty has always been confident. His wife and family are close by and love having him with them. Remember, Marty made millions of dollars as a coach and the family lives well because of him today.

Kansas City Chiefs fans owe Marty Schottenheimer much thanks and appreciation for bringing the Chiefs back to being a team that mattered. He gave us back our pride in having the team here in Kansas City.

Let’s be honest, after Hank Stram and Len Dawson left, the Chiefs were a joke and stunk every year til Marty got here in 1989.

Overnight he made them better and a playoff caliber team.

In Marty’s 10 years in KC they were in 10 playoff games winning only three.

However Marty and his Chiefs were regular season monsters with the NFL’s best record in the 90’s.

Marty was 101-58 while in KC.

We all know Marty couldn’t win the big ones in the post season here or in Cleveland before us. In fact Marty was fired from the San Diego Chargers in 2006 after going 14-2 but losing in the first round of the playoffs. Marty was snake bitten in the post season, here and everywhere else he coached. He was a great NFL coach, nobody would argue that one. Continue reading

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Lefsetz: Sex, Power, Rock ‘n’ Roll & Harvey Weinstein

Hil & Harv

Don’t you get it, he wanted to be a rock star…

They suck up to the high school football stars, all the untouchable cheerleaders. You tread the halls feeling like a nobody, scoring well in math and science but absolutely invisible on the social scene.

Then you go to college. You smoke a little dope. You drink a bit of alcohol, maybe even get laid. Not that you reveal your insecurities to anyone. College is all about image – you want to look like a big, swinging dick, even if you’re not.

And then you find someone who loves you, who cares for you, and you get married, while you play your role at the corporation, while you’re a cog in the system.

Or, you’ve got bigger dreams – you want to triumph. You gain money, and power…

Then you want to get laid. You want all the perks you missed out on for decades.

I’m not talking about serial abusers. They exist. According to statistics they commit the lion’s share of rapes. They need to be dealt with. But they’re a different species.

No, I’m talking about nerds.

People who flew straight forever and then wanted the payoff.

And the thing is if you’re a rock star, the women throw themselves at you.

Not necessarily the ones you want, but the parade is endless. That’s not exactly why musicians enter the field, but they’re socially awkward, certainly the greats. And they believe if they get this music thing right their whole lives will work.

And when they find out it doesn’t, that they achieve success and still have the same problems, they can’t write another hit tune – they’re done. They’re lucky if they’ve got enough hits to ply the boards until they die. But even late in their days, they can get laid.

You see a rock star speaks through his music, and when done right music is life itself. And we’re all drawn to it, men and women, we want to feel the buzz. And I’m not apologizing for the sometimes crude and over the line behavior of rock stars. Hell, just Google “Led Zeppelin mud shark.”

But the truth is the women come to you, they don’t come to businessmen. Continue reading

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Hearne: Downtown Ballpark? Anatomy of a ‘Fake News’ Story

Talk about burying the lead…

They say a drowning man will clutch at a straw. Which appears to be the case at 18th and Grand as the beleaguered Kansas City Star dials sensationalism into every headline it can to try and keep its head above water as readership and revenues continue to plummet.

So instead of getting down in a three point stance and focussing on delivering a steady diet of quality local and area news-  rather than of two day old headlines about mass shootings –  readers get melodramatic, exaggerated stories about Kansas City being a “murder capital” and the like.

The latest:

Are Royals headed to downtown KC? City starts talks, studies four sites

Here we go again, kids…

Another trip to the PR plate once championed by former Star business reporter Kevin Collison, who practically single handedly lead the charge for a downtown ballpark a decade ago.

The above headline set off a wave of social media chatter that the Cowtown might at long last get its very own Wrigley Field a la the Chicago Cubs.

But here’s the deal.

It’s one thing to get a legitimate news scoop about something of the magnitude of this being in the offing. But trust me, if it were, the power players behind the scene would be playing their cards close to the vest and keeping low profiles unit such time as the ducks were lined up and they were ready to swing for the fences.

Which is not the case here.

Nope, in this “scoop” the players were more than happy to get the story out with their names prominently attached, just like Burns & McDonnell in its failed bid to waltz off with the new KCI airport deal.

Check it:

“The city of Kansas City is funding a study of at least four potential sites for a downtown baseball stadium for the Kansas City Royals, according to documents obtained by The Star,” the story begins. “A series of emails shows that Kansas City Manager Troy Schulte was involved in funding studies of four sites within the downtown loop that might be suitable for a baseball stadium.”

Now let’s get real.

Documents obtained by The Star? C’mon, this ain’t Wikileaks.

Does anybody really think the newspaper conducted some kind of investigation and uncovered top secret plans?

No way.

This is a clear case of the parties with vested financial interests using the newspaper to send up a trial balloon. And sure enough, right up top, the financial players likely to benefit directly from such a project take their bows.

Starting with sports architecture firm HOK,

“Others involved in the planning include Jon Copaken, principal with real estate development firm Copaken-Brooks, the Downtown Council of Kansas City, JE Dunn, The Cordish Co. and Tower Properties,” the story states.

Those kind of movie credits aren’t presented by accident, as a result of hard nosed reporting.

Conversations with the Royals are underway and “real progress” is being achieved, a conveniently leaked email from Copaken reads.

So will it really happen? Don’t hold your breath.

Continue reading

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Jack Goes Confidential: ‘Blade Runner 2049’—New Instant Classic!


Earlier this week at the screening of BLADE RUNNER 2049 the studio rep requested that critics stay for a special post screening briefing…

That doesn’t happen very often.

Ironically the requests and instructions passed on to us did not involve embargoing our reviews. Instead they included a rather lengthy list of  DO NOT INCLUDE details about the plot, specific scenes, characters and outcomes as they appear in the movie.

In other words controlled content as it pertains to this highly anticipated sequel.

You might call it “Spoiler Prevention.”

Trouble is, with that much heavy handed editorial control it makes it hard for reviewers to paint a clear picture.

So instead of trying to transverse that minefield I will instead present a number of impressions.

First a bit of background:

The original BLADE RUNNER initially appeared on screens in 1982.

And while it had a solid following in sci-fi circles it really didn’t set the box office afire.

Its domestic opening weekend gross was a mere $ 6.2 million.

A ‘Directors Cut’ in 1993 brought renewed interest to the futuristic tale.

And today it has garnered full cult status.

With that in mind here are some of my impressions of BLADE RUNNER 2049. Continue reading

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Lefsetz: Ode to Tom Petty

“Oh, baby don’t it feel like heaven right now

Don’t it feel like something from a dream”

Tom Petty‘s in heaven, and we’re dreaming, but it’s a nightmare.

I woke up to the Las Vegas tragedy. And what’s so weird is I was with one of the touring honchos last night discussing this possibility and he said it was just a matter of when.

And I saw Tom Petty, live, in the flesh, JUST TEN DAYS AGO!

So I’m at lunch with my mother, at Brent’s Deli in Northridge. She came out for Yom Kippur. I’m hoping she’s written in the book of the living. With her marbles intact. And my phone, which I’d turned to vibrate, since I wanted my mom to know I was paying total attention, started to go berserk. And ultimately I told her to hold on a second, I slipped my plus-sized device from my pocket and was confronted with a text on the home screen, “Is Tom Petty now dead?”

Huh? There are people who are ill, people who are aged, but like I said, I just saw Tom last week, it did not compute!

I didn’t believe it. The internet is laden with rumors. I told my mother to give me a minute. I searched for news.

And then I found the TMZ story.

And TMZ never gets it wrong. They’d be sued out of existence. Tom had cardiac arrest, he was brain dead, and…

I still did not believe it.

I don’t know what your life is based upon. I don’t know what it’s about. The sixties were about sports, my transistor told the stories of Mickey Mantle, Whitey Ford and Tony Kubek. I dreamed of playing in the big leagues.

And then the Beatles hit.

There’s been nothing like it since. I wasn’t the only one. It happened to Petty too.

Just like the nineties, when everybody bought a computer to play on AOL, everybody bought a guitar, formed a band, we were infatuated with the music.

And our heroes were British.

But in the seventies…

The Americans penetrated.

Petty wasn’t there first, but by time he broke through…

He had history, he had gravitas, he had insight, he was the antithesis of a prepubescent rocker – all poses and no substance. He’d lived, played bars, gone to shows, and when he finally put out a record…

It was the one he wanted to make.

Those are the ones that last. Not the ones made for a market, chasing a hit, but personal statements, of truth.

Have you ever heard “Luna”? It sounds like a steamy night on a rooftop, that’s what music does best, not tell a story, but instigate your own, set your mind free to remember, to think, to envelop yourself in this thing we call life.

But now Tom Petty is dead. How can this be? Continue reading

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Glazer: Maybe Alex Smith Isn’t Such a Bad QB After All

It wasn’t pretty…

For the first quarter it looked like the Washington Redskins and Kirk Cousins were going to end the Chiefs undefeated run at three. Cousins hit a bomb touchdown pass on the first series beating Chiefs all-pro Marcus Peters in the end zone.

Needless to say, the crowd got real quiet.

Next the Chiefs had nothing on offense.

QB Alex Smith looked a bit lost early on and the visions of Pat Mahomes began to bubble. The Redskins drove the field again scoring a field goal and taking a 10-0 lead deep into the second quarter.

Then it began to happen:

Smith got tough; he ran, he threw darts; Reid called insane movement plays on offense and everyone on the Chiefs side got tough and began to settle down.

Tavis Kelce showed up big and the Chiefs put up seven just before the half.

The second half was dominated by Kansas City.

Yes, the Redskins stayed in the game with another end zone shot again over Marcus Peters for 7. But the Chiefs defense played well overall in the second half – bending but not breaking.

What also saved KC were big time penalties against Washington to keep KC drives alive.

However it was the outstanding running of Smith and his throws on the run that were perfect. Smith utilized everyone. He threw for nearly 300 yards and more than 100 of those yards were to Albert Wilson, Chris Conley and even Charcandrick West.

The play of the game was Smith’s broken field run and long bullet to Albert Wilson to set up the late score. Smith played so strong and somehow looked younger and better than the last few years. No, he didn’t go downfield a ton; his wounded line couldn’t hold out the rush well enough, but he went mid range with authority and was on the button and he looked elite.  Continue reading

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New Jack City: Bogus KCI Flights, Beer Pong Busts & Peace Signs

Know what you are talking about…

Seems that about every story I hear or read about a new airport terminal hints at the possibly more DIRECT flights from KCI.

The latest was in Sunday’s Kansas City Star cover story in which Kansas City Chamber chief exec Joe Reardon was quoted as saying it would be a comfortable, passenger-friendly terminal with top-tier dining and MORE DIRECT FLIGHTS.

Hold it right there.

Do we REALLY need more direct flights to….say Orlando, Las Vegas, Miami or DC?

For my money, I far prefer more NON-STOPS to such destinations.

And that is what we are lacking.

Let’s not forget that there’s a dramatic difference between the two.

For example, a DIRECT flight takes you from Kansas City to San Francisco with an intermediate stop in say Denver. You don’t get off the plane for the stop, but it can still easily add more than an hour to 90 minutes to your trip.

A NON-STOP between MCI and SFO is exactly what the name implies. And that’s what we need more of out of Kansas City.

So let’s be absolutely clear of what we are talking about BEFORE voting on Question One on November 7th. Continue reading

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Glazer: KC’s Playboy on the Passing of ‘Playboy’ Icon Hugh Hefner

If you’re 35 or older you’ve probably read or looked at Playboy

I think most Baby Boomers and Gen X dudes got their first eye-full of nude women in Playboy magazines.

I sure did!

Speaking of which, my father Stan Glazer – the former KC mayoral candidate – was in his late 20’s when Playboy first became a thing in the early 1960’s.

Starting with movie stars like Marilyn Monroe to wannabe stars, they pretty much all had big boobs but we didn’t get to see what was down below in front….

Not yet, anyway.

And you could read what Joe Namath, Paul Newman and Jimmy Carter had to say about sex and the topics of the day in exclusive Playboy interviews.

My dad was a very handsome man who married my mother Rita who was also a looker. Not a ton of local, young Jewish people had those dashing good looks back then.

So with handsome parents my brothers and I inherited those good looks.

Ah, but you learn it takes way more than good looks to make it in America, let alone Kansas City. They help of course.

Anyway, my dad was a fan and follower of the Playboy image. He wanted to be a Hugh Hefner.  So Hefner’s passing was sad for my dad and millions of men like him all over the world. Hugh was kind of a real life James Bond minus the guns and badges.

I too followed in those footsteps of the Playboy philosophy. Where men came first and women were mostly arm candy and sex toys.  Continue reading

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Glazer: Scribe Lauds Chiefs, Cringes for Weekend Picks

The Kansas City Chiefs are 3-0 and the only undefeated team in the AFC today…

And Atlanta is the only undefeated team in the NFC. So yes, the Chiefs are THE talk of sports media regarding the NFL. Remember the Falcons were the NFC champs last year and lost the close one to New England, soooo everybody expected them to be very good, not so much KC.

Can the Chiefs keep rolling all year?

They sure could folks.

The big battle will be staying healthy. We have older key players in big roles. Justin Houstin is clearly the dean of our defense. This is the first time since he signed a mega million dollar contract three years ago he’s been healthy for three straight regular season games! Damn. Yes he has delivered. What’s scary is he can get better, much better.

Trouble is, he tends to get hurt easy and often, then never really plays anymore that season. We don’t have any other dominating linebackers with Tamba Hali washed up.

Derrick Johnson is still a season long question mark coming back from leg injury at age 35. DJ is playing well and helping set up the defense, but doesn’t have that speed anymore and you worry about him getting hurt again. It’s a long season and he’s in on tons of tackles.

The hero is clearly Daniel Sorenson.

Daniel is the Eric Berry replacement and this guy is everywhere – safety, corner, linebacker. Hell, he might even do a jet sweep one day! This player has arguably been the MVP on defense and he reminds me of Donnie Edward.  The guy’s not big, not real fast but damn he is where the ball winds up.

The Chiefs offense might be the best in the NFL with a little more work.

We all know Kareem Hunt is as of today the best running back in the NFL and rookie of the year. Tyreek Hill is deadly but needs more deep balls coming his way from Alex Smith. Travis Kelce needs to be a bigger part of the offense, especially on short yardage. Clearly there is some anger towards him from his coach due to his continued bad behavior on the field and fear of him fumbling or just dropping passes on big plays.

Let’s find out.

We need to find a back up running back and we need to use Chris Conley at wide out to take pressure off of Hill.

Weapons, weapons, weapons – we’re always looking for more of them.

Overall the Chiefs are looking very good. Defense is a bit soft at times but so are all the other teams. Our offensive line continues to be just average. Alex Smith needs to throw deeper more often to open up short passes and the running game. Smith has to continue to be a bit daring.

We play Washington Monday Night.

Another reason the media loves KC is they start a long string of prime evening games with no other game on during theirs. It’s THE KANSAS CITY CHIEFS…AMERICA’S TEAM…finally, huh? Continue reading

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Jack Goes Confidential: ‘BATTLE OF THE SEXES’ Has Balls!

It’s the quintessential girls night out movie!

Women will cheer and applaud as they did at our screening earlier this week.

I’m talking about the sports dramedy BATTLE OF THE SEXES which relives the bombastic tennis match between young Billie Jean King and over the hill tennis pro Bobby Riggs.

It was a winner take all contest staged at the Houston Astrodome and televised live by ABC with commentary by none other than Howard Cosell.

The movie tells the backstory of what led up to the much hyped showdown including the near revolt of the incredibly underpaid players of the Women’s Tennis Association.

It was a world of over-the-top male chauvinism that played out heavily in the promotion of the big match.

And Riggs was the ultimate chauvinist pig pumping the media with lines like “Don’t get me wrong, I love women….in the bedroom and in the kitchen.”

Continue reading

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Hearne: Star Editor Gets Marching Orders from Corporate

It’s kinda hard to figure…

Common sense would dictate that difficult as it is for daily newspapers, someone would have figured out the obvious; that in a somewhat conservative midwestern city like KC the smart money would be not to cater exclusively the most far left points of view imaginable.

You know, provide a bit of balance so as not to alienate readers who’s passions go beyond sticking it to Donald Trump and Republicans every five minutes and worshiping at the altar of political correctness.

After all, who wants to choke out a couple hundred bucks a year to listen to a bunch of underpaid know-it-alls talk down to them?

What locals want is news, news they can use.

Rather than preachy editorials and slanted stories passing as news.

You’d think that having dipped from more than 2,000 staffers in the last decade to a handful of hundred, with plummeting readership and disappearing ad revenues, the guys at the top of the Kansas City Star would have gotten the message.

Ah, but now comes word as to why the Star and other McClatchy owned newspapers all feature the same basic news and opinion slant; that’s what corporate is dictating.

“I was talking to Star editor Mike Fannin a few months back and told me that that’s what corporate is insisting they do,” says a former Star newsie. “It was almost like he was apologizing for it.”

Makes sense… Continue reading

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Jack Goes Confidential: ‘American Made’ Tom Cruise Deep Inside Covert Ops!

Were it not based on a true story you would swear it was mental masturbation by left-wing Hollywood screenwriters…

But AMERICAN MADE does have a factual history and time frame and makes for quite the biographical crime outing. The fact that much of it is played with a definite wink from its star Tom Cruise doesn’t hurt either.

The action-thriller starts out innocently enough with Cruise as Barry Seal, the youngest airline pilot flying for TWA.

Hot wife and nice kids, too.

However Seal’s life is about to incur a major change and plunge into the murky waters of covert operations—and beyond.

It all begins when he is approached by a CIA operative who wants Cruise to fly clandestine reconnaissance mission via a small twin engine plane over Central America.

Sure enough Cruise accepts. Continue reading

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