Hearne: The Story Behind Billy’s Belly

Nobody steps on the big Bill Self’s cape…

Nope. That goes without saying, that in the wilds of Lawrence, Kansas – home to Self’s basketball Jayhawks – he gets a pass on anything short of maybe daylight bank robbery or doing bad stuff to kids.

Example: No one’s ever said diddly – other than behind his back – about that itchy critter that hovers over Self’s bald noggin. Let alone the extramarital affair he allegedly had with one of my former neighbors that resulted in Wild Bill moving from his Taj Mahal-like home in the burbs to an upscale condo for however many months.

Which is not to say the entire town of Lawrence isn’t obsessed with Self’s every move – each and every detail of his life inside the local fish bowl.

The latest?

Local tongues are wagging about Self’s sudden weight gain.

“I first noticed it last year,” says one prominent KU fan. “I noticed it on TV; I noticed it with the suit he was wearing that didn’t fit; and I noticed it in person.”

How noticeable was it?

“Very,” says the source. “He’s gotta be 250 to 300 pounds now. I’ll bet he’s gained 50 pounds.”

Why? How? Continue reading

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Glazer: The Topsy Turvey World of Chiefs Football

Those darn Chiefs


Yes, it was a defensive gem for three quarters as our Chiefs shutdown the Oakland Raiders offense with a strong effort from their defensive line. The Kansas City pass defense was very good for the first time all season. And considering their only true star on defense Marcus Peters was benched that was even more surprising.

You could see the energy coming from the Chiefs players. They wanted this one badly and wanted to prove they weren’t done. They did that with a 26-15 victory, their first in over a month that snapped a four game losing streak.

At 7-6 our Chiefs remain in a first place tie with the LA Chargers who crushed a good Washington Redskins team Sunday.

The Chiefs offense was also better overall.

Alex Smith threw for 268 yards, but was still cold in the red zone and had no TD throws. Still a good effort. Kareem Hunt came back to life with 116 yards on the ground, his first 100 yard game since September. Nice. No big runs to speak of but steady and got some needed short gains for first downs finally. Tyreek Hill proved he is the man with more big plays and 75 yards on 4 receptions. Travis Kelce had a good game with 7 catches for 74 yards. Even Albert Wilson was a factor with 5 receptions for 72 yards and a big, closing first down catch.

It was a team WIN!
Continue reading

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Hearne: Kansas City Alt Monthly The Pitch Hanging On…

I’ve been there for both the rise and the fall…

Now sadly, it  looks like I may be around for the funeral of Kansas City’s only true alternative pub The Pitch. Make no mistake, there’s nothing here to feel good about. Time passes and cool things come and go. Still having been responsible in no small part for both the evolution and the survival of The Pitch – from record store rag to alternative rag, it does weigh on me.

That despite my many critiques in my columns in the Kansas City Star “celebrating” the newsweekly’s sophomoric approach to its annual “best of” issues. That and the odd dust up with paper thin skinned former Pitch editor C.J. Janovy.

All of which takes nothing away from the contributions made by hundreds of contributors to the Pitch over its decades long existence.

Unfortunately the recently converted to monthly “magazine” appears to be hanging by a thread.

Continue reading

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Glazer: Scribe Saddles Back Up…Sums Up the Sad Toll

I’ll say one thing for the Chiefs

They have sure gotten more national attention than ever of late. The NFL and sports media just can’t get over their infamous fall from grace. To be honest, other teams have started out 5-0 and not made the playoffs.

In fact, the Chiefs with Andy Reid started 9-0 a few seasons back and were terrible at season’s end – losing game one at home in the playoffs.

This year we got tons more attention because KC was the nationally featured team on more games than any other NFL club. They shocked the NFL world with their one and only huge win over the Patriots on Thursday Night Football.

They followed with four more wins, but nothing topped that monster upset at New England. The trick plays, the bombs to Tyreek Hill, the record pacing running of rookie Kareem Hunt and the strong play of Travis Kelce.

Then came the Pittsburgh Steelers and it all came crashing down.

Not because the Chiefs lost, but how they lost. They turned back into the mediocr team they really are.

Alex Smith looked like the journeyman quarterback he always has been, Kareem Hunt was stopped and would be for the rest of the season. Our defense stunk, as it really has all year but is worse now.

Cinderella saw the clock strike midnight.

It was a bit shocking to see the media darling fall every week and become the worst team in the NFL – a team that possibly won’t win one game the rest of the season.  Continue reading

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Hearne: Forsooth Chiefs Fans, There is Life After Football

And now, the rest of the story…

So much gloom and doom over the Kansas City Chiefs of late. Chillax, people. Tis the season to be jolly. Not angry or heartsick because a bunch of our hired gun, from out-of-town, millionaires lost a half dozen games to some other city’s from-out-of-town, hired gun millionaires. That’s no reason to bah humbug away our daily lives.

Hey, we still have the Plaza lights, right?

Seriously though…

How many NFL teams are there, 32, right?

Which means that without fail, like 97 percent of the cities with pro football teams flunk out each and every year.

So effing what?

What are the pitiful souls who live in those 31 loser cities supposed to do – curl up and die? Of course not.

It’s a game, people, just a game.

And from what I could tell, Sunday’s ill fated Chief’s loss to the New York Jets was a heckuva fun-to-watch, closely-contested game. Not something to cry our eyes out over. Not something that cast a pallor over the entire town. Continue reading

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Hearne: Which is More Exciting, Watching the Chiefs or Plaza Lights?

Can we talk?

It’s time to lower the flag to half mast and admit that one of Kansas City’s most highly touted annual events is well past its prime…

For 88 years the vaunted Country Club Plaza has strung mostly old-fashioned Christmas bulbs along the outline of its Spanish style edifices and labeled it a world class sight to behold.

Generations of we locals have pointed to the Plaza lights with awe and pride, boasting of it to people worldwide.

But let’s not forget that when the tradition began there was no ceremony, no pomp and circumstance – just a single strand of colored bulbs stretched across a single building.

Five years later somebody decided to make a “ceremony” of it and hype the mere decorating of a local shopping center as a not-to-be-missed annual event.

To put that all in perspective here’s some of the other  stuff that was making the headlines in the year 1925 when the Plaza lighting tipped off.

The first motel opened in California; Sears Robuck opened its first store;  “The Great Gatsby” was published as was Adolph Hitler’s book Mein Kampf. Oh yeah, and Mount Rushmore was dedicated.

Little wonder the Plaza lights didn’t garner much if any attention.

Yet from that humble start the lighting grew into a Thanksgiving tradition that attracts thousands to the Plaza.

How many thousands?

Because Cowtowners are given to exaggeration,  the owners of the Plaza conspired with a complacent local news media to hype the event as a phenomenon that drew upwards a quarter of a million attendees.

Until 2003 when UMKC statistics professor Zeng Yong’s students and volunteers joined forces with Waldo businessman Gary Evert to – for the very first time – actually count the crowd.

Net result: 30,000 and change.

The Plaza immediately backed away from the bogus crowd numbers and ceremony sponsor KCP&L ditched its 200,000-plus crowd boasts.

Which brings us to the heart of the matter…

And that’s the sad reality that stringing old fashioned Christmas lights doesn’t cut it in the 21st Century. Continue reading

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Glazer: Scribe Throwing in the Towel on This Year’s Chiefs

The Chiefs offense and Alex Smith tried hard to win today’s game against the bottom feeder New York Jets.

So what do they have to show for it?

Another loss to a non playoff, bad team. This was the Chiefs fourth loss in a row. Though they had a 14-0 lead early in the first quarter, they were soon out of the game. Why? No defense, it’s a joke. Darrelle Revis was a huge joke, he couldn’t play at all. When he tried to tackle a receiver or runner they just pushed him away and ran over him. To say he stunk, is an understatement, as did the entire defense.

KC lost the game 38-31 giving up a game ending touchdown to the Jets who they could not stop at day.

The Chiefs held the Jets to what would have been a field goal at game’s end, but after giving them 3 penalties to keep the drive going inside their 5 yard line, that was a bit much. Then of course they gave up a 2 point conversion.  Continue reading

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New Jack City: Hollywood’s Annual Joy To The World

The 2017 holiday movie season is right around the corner…

The official kick-off being Thursday, December 14 at 7:00 p.m.

That’s when Disney officially launches STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI with Mark Hamill returning as Luke Skywalker—and sadly the final performance by Carrie Fisher as Leia.

(Take note that members of several theater-circuit loyalty programs will have an hour jump on the blockbuster. They’ll be able to see it as early as 6:00 p.m. on December  14.)

Then practically EVERY theater will then grind the movie AFTER its initial 7:00 p.m. showings and all day on the 15th.

Counter programming on December 15 will come from the animated FERDINAND, Woody Allen‘s WONDER WHEEL and Guillermo del Toro‘s THE SHAPE OF WATER starring Sally Hawkins.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Wednesday, December 20 brings Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart and Jack Black into action with JUMANJI: WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE.

And Hugh Jackman stars as P.T. Barnum in the musical production THE GREATEST SHOWMAN.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Then just two days later on December 22 the movie floodgates open with half-a-dozen MORE holiday titles. Continue reading

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Glazer: Brace Yourselves, Chiefs Fans / Plus Picks

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid says it’s his fault…

Not quarterback Alex Smith’s. The Chiefs have fallen apart, losing five of the last six games. Reid simply says, “I have things to fix and work on. We have to play better.”

That’s his lame story folks.

The Chiefs are on the road to face the New York Jets Sunday.

Here’s the shocker; Kansas City is favored by 3 1/2 points to win!

This is the same Chiefs team that has no offense and a terrible defense…favored…on the road, no less. Yikes!

While the Jets are not a threat to even win their division, they’re better than the last three teams that defeated the Chiefs – and KC was favored huge in those losses to the Giants and Bills.

Reid states the obvious: That the offensive line has been off its game, thus no running game or the ability to protect Smith. His wide receivers have bnot played well.  Oh, and our defense needs to improve.


Plus the usual, that we had a great week of practice.

Reid is under fire to replace Smith with rookie sensation Patrick Mahomes.

The Chiefs are now just one game in front of the much better Los Angeles Chargers who are looking like a solid playoff team. Meanwhile the Chiefs look like a lost squad in every area of the game.

Meaning KC badly needs a win to stay in the hunt for a playoff spot.  Continue reading

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Glazer: Living Large in Loserville

The good news; for a third straight game the worst team in the NFL is a 4 point favorite…

As in the Chiefs over the Jets. Of course that’s insane. The Chiefs with Alex Smith and crew have almost no chance on the road at New York. So if you’re a big bettor, get to Las Vegas soon. Man, KC was a 11 point fav over the Giants and 10 over the Bills.


The Chiefs were never really in the Bills game yesterday. At home, no offense, NONE.

Not with Alex the Journeyman Smith or is it Alex Gordon?

Smith has lost all confidence and can’t even throw the ball short with any consistency or success. The one time MVP candidate is now a joke. It’s time to for him to go.


Everybody knows now… except Clark Hunt and Andy Reid.

With Smith, the Chiefs likely won’t win another game except maybe Denver. Which is perhaps the only other team as bad as KC. But uh oh, it’s at Denver nevermind..look for a .6-9 finish with Alex and Andy…the offensive genius, right?

Chiefs fans know why Alex is still starting…remember this is a business…Clark and Andy don’t seem to mind how bad you guys feel or what you want. Anyone who has seen Pat Mahomes believes he is the real deal and super talented…NOW. He proved that to me in the preseason.

If Mahomes starts we might still win a few games and take the division. Continue reading

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Glazer: Way Beyond Obvious What Chiefs Need to Do

Missouri lost Michael Porter, the No. 1 hot high school basketball pick this week…

Porter played like two minutes at MU before being injured and out for the season. He was considered a sure NBA pick for next year in the top 8. Now with his season-ending injury it’s likely he’ll never play college ball again and go straight to the NBA this upcoming season for millions of dollars.

You can’t blame him.

If he comes back to MU next season and gets hurt, it could mean no NBA draft and no money. That’s just too much to pass up. Tough blow for MU and its fan base. Porter likely would have led MU to being a ranked team and in the NCAA tournament.

On a brighter note, future NFL pick at quarterback, Missouri Tigers, Drew Lock, broke the SEC touchdown record throwing for 5 touchdowns in a win Friday over Arkansas. The Tigers defeated the Razorbacks, 48-45 in an exciting game that gives MU a bowl spot this season. It was Missouri’s sixth straight win and a surprise ending to what was an awful start. If Lock comes back next year to the Tigers, look out. MU will likely be a top ranked football team, perhaps Top 10.

In darker news, the Kansas City Chiefs now face a real chance of NOT winning the division title in the ultra weak west. KC is now 6-4 with 6 games remaining, all against mediocre teams.

The Chiefs are a hot mess with no offense, poor defense and real issues at both quarterback and running back.

The Chiefs can only seem to get field goals in the red zone these days and Kareem Hunt hasn’t scored a touchdown since the Royals were still playing in September. The biggest problem is the same as always late in the season, Alex Smith.

His confidence is in question. Smith no longer is effective with deep throws when he tries which is rare and just plain off his game. With the Los Angeles Chargers now the class of the division and standing at 5-6 with a game remaining at Kansas City, they have a real chance to take the division and leave the no longer deserving Chiefs at home for the playoffs. Kansas City is playing the Bills at home which should should have been an easy win, right?

Sorry, the Chiefs have no easy wins anymore. Continue reading

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Glazer: Scribe Serves Up a Toast to the One That Got Away

I’ve pretty hard on the Chiefs lately…

The team’s fall from grace has been hard to watch or deal with if you are a Kansas City fan. In fairness to the Chiefs, it was just a few weeks back when they were atop the NFL. That’s what we still have to take with us from this lost season, those first five weeks.

Nobody expected much of this wounded team from what was left of last season’s two-seed playoff team that was taken down at home by the Steelers. And the fact that we were playing the first game of the season on a Thursday night against the world champion New England Patriots with Tom Brady. The Chiefs were on national tv against the Babe Ruth of pro football.

KC was a huge underdog, as they should have been. Outside of future quarterback Pat Mahomes, the Chiefs had added little to its squad to make it better – save a couple of so-so draft picks, including rookie Kareem Hunt at running back.

You know the rest…

The Pats rolled on us early, until Eric Berry made a 4th down stop against them deep in Chiefs territory. Then the new kid, Hunt, after starting with a fumble, went nuts and ran all over New England.

Alex Smith outplayed “Babe Ruth” the rest of the game.

Smith hit a bomb to Tyreek Hill for a big touchdown. Travis Kelce was on fire as well, Chris Conley made some nice grabs. Everything worked, trick plays, shovel passes, the whole works. Kansas City upset the world champs in their home.

Wow, what a start.

It continued with the Chiefs not only going 5 and 0, but being ranked No. 1 in the NFL by just about everyone. The Chiefs were talked about on every sports show as the best team in the NFL. We even defeated the looking-Super Eagles. That would be their only loss this season thus far in what looks like a year they may not lose another game in the regular season.

Those were the days and we had them… Continue reading

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Hearne: Muddy Waters Jr. to Headline Thanksgiving Breakfast Dance

The hippest, funnest thing you can do this Thanksgiving (with your clothes on, of course)…

No question, the annual Thanksgiving Day Breakfast Dance at the Kansas National Guard Armory in KCK, off I-70 on 18th Street.

The 60th edition of KC’s annual blues music fueled event goes down from 9 am to 2 pm starting Thanksgiving morning, featuring Muddy Waters Jr. and the local blues band Levee Town.

Never heard of Muddy Jr.? Take a number.

“I had reservations about Muddy Waters, Jr. at first but then the musicians I talked to said he’s unbelievable – he sounds just like his dad,” says KC Blues Society founder Roger Naber. “Then he came on my (blues) cruise last January and he did sound like his dad.”

A word of caution:

“He’s going on at 10:15 am for an hour, because he has to fly to Chicago afterwards, so the people who normally come at 11 or 11:30 am, they’re gonna miss him because he’ll be out of the building in an hour.”

The significance of KC’s annual breakfast dance? Continue reading

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Jack Goes Confidential: Don’t Mess With The Fury Of A Mother!

So you’ve never been to Ebbing, Missouri...

Come to think of it, neither have I.

Because Ebbing, Missouri doesn’t really exist.

However there are plenty of Ebbing-like burgs throughout the Show Me State with similarities aplenty.

Which brings me to producer, director and writer Martin McDonagh’s terrific new dark comedic drama with the lengthy and somewhat puzzling title, THREE BILLBOARDS OUTSIDE EBBING, MISSOURI.

This is the story of a mother (Frances McDormand) who goes to great lengths to shame the local police department into solving the rape and murder of her daughter.

Dissatisfied with a never ending investigation—or better, seemingly lack of investigation— she makes bold moves. The strangest involves renting three rundown billboards leading into town. Then in large block lettering addresses the police chief’s apparent lackadaisical approach to the investigation.

He’s played to perfection by Woody Harrelson.

Once the billboards are up and the regional TV news crews start covering the mother’s personal fight, all hell breaks loose. Continue reading

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Glazer: It’s Official; Chiefs One of Worst Teams in NFL

When one of the worst teams in the NFL with a patchwork, stink team beats you…

Even when you’re an 11 point favorite on the road, its over.

The Chiefs may not be in the playoffs now and sure shouldn’t be. Once considered the best in the league, they’re now one of the worst teams in the NFL.

How can they not be?

The team is 1-4 in the last several weeks with no defense and now no offense. We have almost no running game, can’t block anybody, any running back can run over our lineman, missed tackles, dumb calls like the Travis Kelce bomb he threw for an INT, penalties on the rare good runs to bring them back -on and on.

In short, this is a poor football team with little chance to fix anything..why? NO TALENT…ALMOST NONE.

Yes, Tyreek Hill is effective but we can’t get him the ball much. Kelce is a good tight end but still drops too many passes and is not around when a game is on the line. He can’t do anything – again, he is Tony Gonzalez light – his stats but no big wins…EVER.

So sad for our fans. It’s over folks. Continue reading

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Harley: Dear Scribe, We Are Bruthas

Many of you have grown to either love or hate harley/boom boom over the years….but here are some facts that can’t be denied…

1. Harley deposited cash and credit card deposits from glaze’s place in his bank account@

2. Harley has (despite his running down of glazo/bozo’s football picks) always admired glazo/bozo for his balls to pick games ahead of kickoff. But no matter what glazo does versus booom boooom I hope he keeps his sports stories.

3. Harley/booom boom has always enjoyed reading glazo’s stories becaause kc is really a boring town and glazo pointed out the few instance that this town was something other than some cowtown in the middle of the nation.

4. Despite all my critiques about glazo/bozo’s crazy adventures ….booom boom has had more and crazier adventures than glazo could ever imagine.

5. Boom boom has traveled more…been in crazier situations and experienced far crazier situations than glazo…but there were so many I couldn’t fit them in a 500 page book.

6. booom boom has done more partying/dancing/traveling/than glazo but it makes no difference. As we both grow older…it’s just a memory we don’t want to forget because we know life is really pretty short and we only have so many years to create the memories we’ll be talking about for our entire lives. Continue reading

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Glazer: Scribe Predicts Easy Chiefs Win & Weekend Picks

Finally the Kansas City Chiefs get a really bad team to walk all over this Sunday…

The New York Giants are a team that seems to have quit on its coach. And QB Eli Manning looks to be on his last legs.

Meanwhile KC has had nearly two weeks of rest and should stack some nice stats on the ailing Giants. Who knows? Kareem Hunt might even have a 100 yard rushing day after being silent for weeks.

Alex Smith should try some downfield throws to Tyreek Hill, Albert Wilson and the other speedy wideouts. Travis Kelce should be dancing in the end zone as well. Most important, will our defense get well and play much better against a joke NFL squad?

The Chiefs are an 11 point favorite on the road – wow – imagine that.

Oakland will face the Pats and likely lose, almost surely ending their post season hopes and making their late season game here with the Chiefs a non factor.

KC has a weak group of teams to play over the next 7 weeks.

If they were a very good team a 7-0 or 6-1 finish would be likely. Unfortunately the Chiefs have slipped and as of today is just a OK, low level playoff team. So going 7-0 or 6-1 seems a tall order without MAJOR improvement on both sides of the line.

KC should win at least 5 more games and end the season at 11-5, possibly better. KC is likely a 3 seed, with a home game in the playoffs. A 2 seed is possible if we win 12 or more games, especially if the Pats drop one.

After last nights dominant blow out of the Titans, the Steelers look to be the clear No. 1 one in the AFC. But things do change, right?

The way KC looks, winning just one playoff game would be a solid finish for this club. A  Super Bowl looks almost impossible – we just don’t have that kind of talent today. Our hope is that only two other teams look really better for sure – the Steelers and the Pats. So who knows, maybe things will go our way in the end. Yeah, right.

On a brighter note, Mizzou looks to go bowling after a horrid start.

In fact, next year they could be a top team if their talented young quarterback stays with the Tigers instead of going to the NFL. KU is playing OU  – byy bye. And K-State is playing OSU on the road – a likely loss.

The good news is KU basketball got off to a great start by beating Kentucky.








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Hearne: Trigger Happy Highchair Hustler Courtroom Bound

Things seem to be spiraling out of control for Raytown baby furniture maker David Jungerman

You may recall it was Jungerman’s white van seen speeding away from murder scene of Brookside lawyer Tom Pickert‘s after he was shot late last month on his front porch. KC Police interviewed Jungerman afterwards but did not charge or name him as a suspect as they continue their investigation.

Pickert had won a $5.75 million judgement last summer against Jungerman on behalf of a homeless man who lost a leg after being shot by Jungerman with an AK47 in 2012 while breaking into one of the his buildings.

The latest:

In the wake of all that, Jungerman is now facing a series of lawsuits and a criminal complaint related to his trigger happy ways. Continue reading

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Sutherland: I’d Die for You and Other Lost Stories by F. Scott Fitzgerald

The publication of this collection of eighteen “lost” short stories represents a mile marker-if not a capstone-in the field of Fitzgerald scholarship.

As I’ve said in a prior column, finding and publishing an undiscovered work by a literary great can lead to mixed results. Sometimes it’s a real find          (“A Moveable Feast”, Ernest Hemingway’s memoir of his early years as a writer in Paris), and sometimes it’s a dud (“Islands in the Stream,” Hemingway’s bogus WWII fantasy, with himself as a hunter of Nazi subs in the Caribbean).

However, this book is so varied in the subject matter and style of its stories, that they encompass the best of all the different stages Fitzgerald went through as a writer. It’s all there-the young man from the Midwest, who conquers the East Coast world of status and grandeur; the voice of his generation, who came back from the First World War, determined to make up for lost time by riotous dissipation; and the stoic survivor of his last years, who battles back from artistic , personal, and financial disaster. (The latter all converged for Fitzgerald-and the country as a whole-in the terrible years of 1930, 1931, and 1932.)

All but one of these pieces were written after the national crisis of the Great Depression and Fitzgerald’s personal crisis of his wife Zelda’s nervous breakdown. This period was made all the more difficult by the charmed decade which had preceded it, when Fitzgerald had the Midas touch as an author, and which left him all the more ill prepared for the calamity which followed.

At times it helps to be an outsider to gain an understanding of a culture.

In trying to place these short stories in their proper perspective I turned to the Italian literary scholar, Sergio Perosa. In his 1961 “The Art of F. Scott Fitzgerald,” I found the following quotes, which seemed particularly appropriate: Continue reading

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New Jack City: Sex & Accounting Hollywood Style

Those were the days my friend and I truly thought they’d never end…

They did tough.

I am talking about the lax days of the 1960’s, 70’s and early 80’s when sexism was still the norm. Especially in the entertainment industry.

Social networks ad the 24-hour news cycle would eventually change all that—REALLY?

Let me tell you about my experiences.

I was a department head at what was then one of the largest movie theater circuits in the United States. In other wards, a pretty big fish for the Hollywood studios.

On top of that my boss was also president of the National Association of Theatre Owners (NATO).

So basically we were being courted by both the major as well as independent film distributors. And there were many trips to Tinsel Town. Parties. Dinners. Entertainment. You-name it.

Here are just two memories that opened my eyes of as to the workings of the industry.

The first was some sort of a celebration that the (studio name withheld) had facilitated on one of their largest sound stages.

The place was decorated to the hilt and the studio’s A-list stars were being squired around.

An orchestra was playing—and then came the dirty little secret.

Young nubile actresses under contract to this particular studio were being introduced to certain individuals in the crowd that night.

Some of these hotties may have—or would have—minor roles in that studio’s upcoming slate of films. Or they may have had small parts in the various TV series’ being cranked out on their back lot.

Was I ever introduced to such contract players/starlets?

I was. And I loved it. Continue reading

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