Glazer: A Salute to Chelsea Handler as She Hangs it Up on the E-Channel

chelsea-handler-playboy-cover-jpg-1I know, I know many of you don’t like Chelsea Handler

She’s a little slutty and brash – drunk and high at times – but always a winner. Last night Chelsea said goodbye to her long running television series, CHELSEA LATELY. She did it with a star studded cast singing, WE ARE THE WORLD. Chelsea style. You know, Chelsea Hammer.

Oh, and it was star studded alright.

Goodbye, E Channel with Gloria Estefan leading the way. Even Jennifer Aniston showed up. No doubt Handler’s a big star with big bucks and big power. No, not enough to get her the hosting gig on the TONIGHT SHOW or LETTERMAN, but enough to get her her own talk show on Netflix.

Handler has produced and owned several television sitcoms and made millions. She even had an ill fated sitcom with Stanford’s regular Ali Wong. Oh well, you can’t win ‘em all. Continue reading

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Calvin Sense: When Will the Funerals for Looted Businesses be Held?

quiktrip_fergusonWhy don’t people seem to care about the businesses in Ferguson that were looted?  

Where is the presidential task force to provide capital to help the small businesses that were vandalized and looted reopen?  Where are the comments from the African American community for laws to be enacted to help the looted businesses recover?

What are the families of the looted businesses owners to do for food, utilities and other necessities of life, having no income because their business has been destroyed?

What is the phone number of the emotional hotline to help the business owners get over the tremendous amount of depression they’re suffering now?

I could go on and on but the point is no one cares. Continue reading

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Starbeams: Lenexa Roundabouts, Goo Goo Dolls & Sofia Vergara

traffic-circle-pch-lkwd-blvd1Little Known Fact:  The movie “Maze Runner” was filmed in the endless string of traffic circles in Lenexa.


White students are now a minority in U.S. public schools.  This means Mexican restaurants can finally start charging money for chips.


President Obama left Martha’s Vineyard Monday morning.  He says he can hardly wait for Labor Day in the Hamptons!

                                                                ******* Continue reading

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Paul Wilson: Will the Real Al Sharpton Please Stand?

UnknownTalk about out of Left Field…

Yesterday our favorite race baiter – the Reverend with no church, the activist better coiffed than your well coifed Scribe – spoke at Michael Brown’s funeral. You can call him Al.

Brown, as you know, is the 18 year old black man shot by the Ferguson, Mo cop.

Here in good ole KC, we’ve got Blolonzo Washington, our local junior race baiter wannabe, who doesn’t compare with master baiters, Jesse, Al and their ilk. And while I’m ultra quick to slap them around, I have to mention when they do something right as well.

And Al had a few words of wisdom worth hearing… Continue reading

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Calvin Sense: Negative Rap Heroes Create Negative Wanna-Bes & Hunting for Foley Killer

suge_snoop-1The shooting of Suge Knight - gangster rap mogul and founder of Death Row Records – at last night’s pre-party for the Video Music Awards highlights the negative image of the music industry.

Unfortunately this negative image is a role model for African-American youth.

Kids who believe that becoming rich can be not only fast and easy and glamorous if you become a rap artist. This gangster image is also prevalent in sports by a lot of African-American athletes. The saying goes, “All the rappers wanna be athletes and all the athletes wanna be rappers.”  

And looting is the gangster rapper’s mentality.

I have no doubt the rappers bravado was on Michael Brown’s mind when he strong-armed the storekeeper in Ferguson. Continue reading

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Glazer: Woodside Health & Tennis Streaks Past KC’s ‘Traditional’ Golf Clubs


Craig Glazer (far left) Ted McKnight & Nicci (far right)

The verdict is in…

After a huge capital investment the Woodside Health & Tennis Club’s fabulous redo is complete and represents a major change in direction for the club. That being a measure of new style country club success that likely will greatly diminish the status of Old Guard, blue blood, golf club snob country clubs.

I’ve never seen a local club like Woodside with full pool crowds on Friday, Saturday and Sundays. The tans, the smiles the well built, upwardly mobil members feasting on a cutting edge new social spot. It’s an all-ages club – meaning there is NO GOLF COURSE – which is very likely is the wave of the future.

Kansas City has long been a Who’s Who, country club city type of town, with private clubs like Mission Hills, Oakwood and Kansas City Country Club to name the big guns. Clubs that require prospective members to make it past a very close – and often catty – scrutiny to join.

We all remember the controversy when golfer Tom Watson quit the KCCC after failing to get Jewish friend Henry Bloch into the club. Continue reading

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Donnelly: DC Hands Sporting Worst Loss Ever at Sporting Park

Photo by Nick Tre.Smith/SKC/AZO

The American flag at the northeast corner of Sporting Park was lifeless and limp as the National Anthem filled the stadium.  On the pitch the temperature was over 100 degrees.

Halfway through the tune, several of the customary pre-game fireworks appeared to malfunction, redirecting into the east stands and the Cauldron. I don’t believe anyone was hurt, but everything seemed out of sorts in the packed house. One guy posted a picture showing a burn mark on his shirt.

Yes, Saturday was a weirdly dramatic night in the battle for first place with Sporting Kansas City facing off against DC United, the next best team in the Eastern Conference. Continue reading

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Calvin Sense: Can Death of ‘Strong-Arm’ Robber Michael Brown Lead to Positive Change?

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 9.54.28 AMThere are lessons to be learned from Ferguson, Missouri…

No one can put themselves inside the mind of another person, but the actions of that person can provide a pretty good window into their mind set…

Because basically, actions don’t happen without the mind allowing them to.

Consequently the actions of Michael Brown during the strong-arm robbery in Ferguson immediately preceding his death shows these facts. Michael grabbed the store owner by the collar and was menacingly walking around as if he were King Kong. Knowing how human beings are this could not have been the first time Brown had used his size to intimidate people.  

In essence, I believe Brown was a bullyContinue reading

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New Jack City: Super Bowl Rock ‘n’ Roll Money Grab

What took the NFL so long?

A story last week suggested that the NFL was looking into the possibility of having major musical acts interested in performing during the Super Bowl halftime show to pay for that privilege.

And why not?

It’s a great promotional tool and venue for the performers. It’s a great way to promote upcoming live tours. And it sure can sell albums, to the extent that anybody is still paying for music and CDs.

And obviously, it’s a way for artists to showcase their talent to millions of viewers.

Naysayers suggest however that the NFL is greedy.

Continue reading

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Glazer: Time to Support Another Another NFL Team Besides the Chiefs

Pittsburgh Steelers v Kansas City ChiefsThere isn’t much use in going over last night’s dress rehearsal for the upcoming Kansas City Chiefs debacle…

To put it mildly, THEY STINK.

There were no bright spots. Nothing to brag about.

“But hey Craig, it’s only the preseason!!!!!’”

Please, I’ve seen enough of this clown show to tell that the Chiefs will struggle to win a couple games. It takes talented ball players with a purpose and a desire to win to be successful in the NFL that doesn’t exist here.

Sure there are a few very good players, but once this team is 1 and 5 or so, they’ll just let down, and start thinking about next year or their next job. Can you see this mess beating anybody?

Look, Chiefs coach Andy Reid knows he is in big trouble. Continue reading

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Leftridge: My Triumphant Return to Fantasy Football

h1102daunteSo I’m playing fantasy football this year.

And I know you’re like, “Oh, holy shit, who even cares, dude?” and I don’t blame you. But see, the thing is, I haven’t done fantasy football in like, almost ten years. In fact, the last time I did it, Daunte Culpepper was my first round pick.

Yes, that Daunte Culpepper.

He’d just had a tremendous 2004 campaign where he led the league with 4,700 passing yards. (He also tossed a club-record 39 touchdowns while getting picked off a scant 11 times.) Daunte Culpepper was my lock, and I was going to become a prodigy in my first ever Fantasy Foray.

And then I drafted him and everything went to hell. Continue reading

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Hearne: Scribe Ponders the Grisly Side of Suicide

robin-williamsThe suicide of Robin Williams has left Craig Glazer in a pensive mood…

“Have you ever thought about committing suicide?” he asks. “How would you do it? I think most people probably think about suicide. Like when you’re cornered and you don’t see a way out. The bigger picture is, you read about celebrities and wealthy individuals who want to end it all. Maybe it’s a divorce. Everybody has those moments.

“I just don’t understand why people choose such graphic methods. Like Robin Williams. You know, jumping in front of trains, crashing their airplanes. Jumping off bridges and buildings. Blowing their brains out. It’s like why do people choose such excruciating ways to end it?”

The last time it crossed Glazer’s mind as a serious possibility was on September 11, 2001, a day that will live in – for him – double infamy for all time.

“That was the day the twin towers went down,” Glazer muses. “And that’s also the day I got indicted.” Continue reading

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Calvin Sense: Police Bias Exists, Even in Kansas City

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 3.52.13 PMA few bad eggs in the police force can make things escalate in a bad way…

That a handful of police have demonstrated bias in policing is not imaginary. Most minorities know that even if a police officer follows the correct procedures, we still don’t know what’s going on in their minds.

This was illustrated by a recent a Facebook post a KCMO policeman who posted a photo of a young man with a wad of money in his mouth and a gun in his hand. The posting seemed to indicate that the man was Michael Brown but it was not.

The posting went on to state sarcastically that, “I’m sure young Michael Brown is innocent and just misunderstood.  I’m sure he is a pillar of the Ferguson community.”

The post caused immediate backlash and prompted a Facebook group titled, Marc Catron isn’t worthy of the Shield.  Already the group has more than 1,500 members.  Continue reading

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Calvin Sense: Where Were the Cries to Stop the Looting in Ferguson?

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 1.47.02 PMAs seen in the photos of Rev. Jesse Jackson and Rev. Al Sharpton in Ferguson, they can have the effect of making people very enthusiastic, dedicated and willing to make sacrifices in the fight against racism…

However a gift like that is a double edged sword because just as they should fight against racism, they should also fight against criminal activity by people who use racism as an excuse for gangster activity.

I’m referring to the looting and destroying of property  in Ferguson.

Don’t get me wrong; Jackson and Sharpton are needed in the fight against racism.

Just as labor union leaders are needed to ensure workers are treated fairly.  However, those two must be criticized for not taking a firm, public stand against the gangster actions by looters in Ferguson, Mo. Continue reading

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Sounds Good: Lawrence Busker Fest, Fiddling & Picking Championships, The Sluts @ Liberty Hall

Loading ImageLooks like Lawrence is the place to be this weekend…

Especially if you want to see a guy in a top hat shoot ping pong balls out of his …..  mouth.  Sorry.  Apparently he can throw a dime in the air and then shoot a ball out of his mouth and hit it.  Top notch!  Yep, the Lawrence Busker Festival is this weekend, featuring a bunch of freaks that do weird stuff on the street.  Check it.

Or maybe you’re more into old timey hats and such?  Well, the Kansas State Fiddling & Picking Championships are in town as well, at multiple venues as well as in South Park on Mass. Street.  Here’s the full schedule.

Continue reading

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Hearne: Lefsetz vs H.C. on ‘Why Things Don’t Last’

on_air_signWhy things no longer last? Let’s let entertainment and media overlord Bob Lefstez get things rolling:

1. Channel Overload

Used to be there were 5,000 albums a year and only a few got on the radio and if you didn’t get airplay or press, you were doomed. Now there are a zillion products, all easily promoted online, and unless your friend verifies quality and interest or a track becomes a phenomenon, you don’t care. And suddenly most people don’t care and it’s gone.

There’s a fiction perpetrated by record labels that terrestrial radio reaches everybody.

However the truth is with so many other options for hearing music. Radio is a sliver of the marketplace. To make it everywhere you need not only radio, but video and… Actually, that which is ubiquitous lives online, not on terrestrial radio. Terrestrial radio is a ghetto. You can cross over from terrestrial radio to the internet. You can rise simultaneously from both, but to be gigantic – known by everybody – you need to make it on both terrestrial radio and the internet. Whereas you can spike quite nicely online and function well without terrestrial radio. Terrestrial radio is the dollop of cream atop the sundae. Online is on demand, terrestrial radio is not. And that’s why it’s doomed amongst youngsters, who don’t want to wait, who believe everything should be instant.

The only thing no longer instant is sex. You can hear anything online when you want, research anything online when you want, connect with all your friends instantly via a plethora of communication techniques, but sex is still something you yearn for. Although the internet has made porn ubiquitous, one can argue we live in a masturbatory fantasy culture.


Where to begin? I think Bob’s onto something in terms of predicting the future of radio. And I think he has a point about how the Internet can go it alone. However, according to ratings king Nielsen, radio reaches 92 percent of people six and older every week.

Then again… 

Look at the stupid East Hills Mall in St. Joseph  video advertisement that went viral on YouTube with over 1.7 million views. So it’s true, anobody can play.

Even Johnny Dare can’t move the needle like that – not locally, let alone nationally – so while radio still reaches lots of folks, it ain’t what it used to be and the chances of it getting much better appear to be slim to none. 

As for Lefstez take on sex, he’s hardly breaking any ground here other than to note how prevalent free online porn has become. Which has gotta make it tuff on the folks who make and sell those adult DVDs, pay-per-views and the like. Why buy the cow if you can get the cream for free?

I remember going into the FYI section of the Star one Sunday afternoon a year or so before I left at the end of 2008. Damn few people inhabit the newsrooms at 18th and Grand on weekends – even then before all the layoffs – and walking over to the cubby of another Star reporter and columnist. And was I – and obviously he - ever surprised. Because there on his computer screen the world’s biggest blow job was going down. Naturally, he killed it and I acted like I hadn’t seen it and rambled on about whatever. But even then online porn was fairly rampant. Which believe it or not, I didn’t know.

It wasn’t until the last comic at Stanford’s at The Legends advised the audience to check out Afghanistan porn (and I took him up) that I discovered how ubiquitous computer spank video had become. Continue reading

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Jack Goes Confidential: ‘When The Game Stands Tall’—The Streak Of A Winning Machine

onesheetFrom the outset “WHEN THE GAME STANDS TALL” looked like this year’s “FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS” 

A closer look however reveals that the Sony release is pointed more in a faith-based sports direction.

With its emphasis on character, hard work and love, the film’s storyline was inspired by the true story of legendary high school football coach Bob LaDeouceur‘s remarkable journey of taking the De La Salle High School Spartans from obscurity to their incredible 151 game winning streak.

It was an unheard of accomplishment that shattered all records for ANY American sport. Continue reading

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Starbeams: Katy Perry @ Sprint, Byron’s British Replaces Jack Henry, Grandpa Rock?

katy-perryThe protests in Missouri are getting pretty violent.  I’ve never seen so many people upset about losing a Frozen Custard store.


Katy Perry appears tonight at Sprint Center.  She recently said she regrets not getting a better education.  We are happy to see that she did get her G.E. Double-D certificate.


When do we get to participate in the ALS Bud Ice Challenge? Continue reading

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Hearne: Lefsetz Unmasks Twitter, Laments Passing of Shared Knowledge


Like many of you, I’ve got friends who swear by Facebook and Twitter

I’ve also got friends who haven’t a clue. Stomper?. And like me, many of you probably passed through those portals a few years ago – I’ve got something approaching 9,000 Facebook “friends” (I never bothered to convert to “likes”) – but seldom bother to check it.

Which given the odd missed message, is kind of like never checking your mail or email, but somehow we manage, right?

But as entertainment lawyer/scribe Bob Lefsetz point out, are we missing anything?

Because while when I read the Kansas City Star or the Lawrence Journal World I learn a lot, it’s clear that those once mighty news outlets don’t hold anything approaching the sway they did as recently as even five or seven years ago. Let alone 10. Or 20.

Unfortunately they are still run by overseers who act as if they do.

So instead of clawing for the sort of news that really matters, has teeth and breaks them out of the Internet pack, they coast along the same as they did before the bottom dropped out in 2007. Providing minimal news coverage, humdrum opinion columns and tepid entertainment and pop culture information.

In other words, they’re still mailing it in.

Newspapers (and their websites) provide less and charge more. All while offering little evidence that they get it and are following a road map into the future that will resuscitate their tarnished brands.

When what they’re really doing is merely hanging on, making excuses and trying to get by with less and hoping against hope to ride out the free fall of the past seven years.

Now check out Lefsetz’ take: Continue reading

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Starbeams: Foo’s Fighters vs Brookside & Missouri vs Missour-uh

home_03A suspicious looking package stopped downtown traffic near 13th and Holmes this afternoon.  That’s the last time I take Viagra with lunch.


Foo’s Fabulous Frozen Custard may be pushed out of Brookside.  A “Keep Foo’s In Brookside” page has over 3,000 likes from Foo’s Fighters all over the metro.

Click here to like:

                                                               ******* Continue reading

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