Glazer: Crazy Royals Yank Another Rabbit Out of Their Hat

tumblr_m0e2k0GXTQ1qzfsnio1_500The Royals were goners, down 6-2 and in sore need of a comeback…

It was the 8th inning and they needed a billion runs. An error by Houston provided the margin and the Royals ended up winning 9-6. Seems like last year all over again. A miracle win in the late innings.

Eric Hosmer was well on his way to being the goat of the series with one hit in 15 at bats, when he hit a game winning or game insurance homer in top of the ninth, a two run blast. It locked up the win, mades him into a hero and sent the Royals to game five in KC.

Houston has no bullpen, so no lead is safe against KC. Plus the  Royals are at home Wednesday with a sea of Blue and tons of momentum.

Sounds like a win-win to me. Continue reading

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Glazer: Time to Boycott Arrowhead & Chiefs Games

imagesThere are several really bad teams out there in the NFL today…

However, most are due to injury. However, until the Chiefs lost Jamaal Charles late today with what could be a season ending / career ending hit, they were very healthy. The Chicago Bears were 10 point dogs to one of the NFL’s worst teams, the Chiefs. Wow.

So the Bears clearly came here to lose and get Jay Cutler healed up.

But the Chiefs wouldn’t let them lose. It was a poor man’s repeat of the Denver game a few weeks back. However now, instead of two good teams fighting it out,  it was two very bad teams.

Chicago only led once and that was at games end and they won. 18-17.

The Chiefs had no offense at all save Charles. Alex Smith is DONE. Sorry he is scared of taking the hits now and can’t hit a four yard open receiver. Smith’s throws are almost all off. He mostly is just avoiding sacks, rendering him worthless now. He has very happy feet. Career over, at least here or as a starter.

Smith will now make a wonderful, wealthy backup QB somewhere.

But not here. Continue reading

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Glazer: Scribe Issues Pro & College Football Picks & Royals Forecast

3358ae8b6887688460b76e3a38326f5aThe product on the field in the NFL is at best subpar…

Nobody will argue that it isn’t. There are only a few good starting quarterbacks left. Andrew Luck is out, as is Tony Romo. Drew Brees and  Big Ben are also out – and on and on.

Plus key receivers like Dez Bryant and half the starting running backs in the league – are also OUT. Early injuries have destroyed the better teams in the league. Not only that, half the offensive lines are just awful.

Again injuries, trades and money have caused all this crap.

The Chiefs are one of the league’s few healthy teams.

We just don’t have much of a team talentwise. And we have a horrid offensive line and a defense led by damaged, overrated “name” players. You know who they are. Dontari Poe has only one tackle in three games. Need I go further?

So why are the TV numbers up?

Simple, America bets on the NFL. Everyone is in a fantasy league or is betting legally on FANDUEL and DRAFT KINGS’ online. By the millions. Each week you can win millions on the NFL and not get arrested.

Bugsy Siegal would turn over in his grave. We change the rules to fix our American problems when it suites the powers that be. So now gambling is totally legal – and  don’t forget the lottery. Continue reading

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Sutherland: No More Mr. Nice Guy; Steve Rose Bears Thorns


R. Crosby Kemper III

“Afterwards, you rue the fact that you’ve been so kind.”

Adolph Hitler, April 27,1945. (Last recorded remarks)

R. Crosby Kemper, III has done an outstanding job running the Kansas City Missouri Public Library. He’s overseen the upgrading of library facilities throughout the city (particularly in African- American neighborhoods, winning many friends in that community). And he’s seen to it that the collections have been brought into the digital age. Finally, Kemper has brought in a variety of guest speakers, authors of books reflecting the complete spectrum of public opinion.

In July, Kemper hosted Heywood Sanders, a professor from the University of Texas. Sanders spoke about his book, “The Convention Center Follies.” In a witty and erudite address, Sanders convincingly demonstrated that the promoters of downtown hotel and convention center projects had failed to deliver the promised results.

As in Kansas City this summer, the advocates of tax-payer subsidies to such projects subscribe to the notion of “build it and they will come.” Sanders pointed to the recent experiences of such projects in St. Louis, Chicago, Atlanta, and San Antonio, to show empirically why this is a fallacy.

Despite hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer subsides, all these hotel and convention center deals failed miserably. None of the projected increases in room occupancy and convention visitors had materialized as predicted. All these deals were disasters financially for the cities which had agreed to underwrite them, all based on dubious projections provided by the same three or four consultants.

If insanity is really defined as doing the same thing over and over, each time hoping for a different result, the people pushing the projects need to be checked for in for some quality time in Fulton or Ossawatomie. Of course they really don’t expect these deals to work, and why should they care as long as they collect their millions of dollars in consulting, bond underwriting, and legal fees? Continue reading

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Jack Goes Confidential: ’99 Homes’ — Ambitious Morality Melodrama

99_Homes_Movie_PosterIt’s called 99 HOMES

You probably haven’t heard much about this movie. And I would speculate that it will probably have a pretty short shelf life in theaters. However it may find a larger audience when it hits On Demand and DVD.

If there’s a main theme to the movie it’s,  Good versus capitalistic (bad) greed during the financially strapped housing market a few years back ago.

Forced evictions. Families being tossed out on the street by greedy real estate sharks doing the dirty deeds on behalf of banks holding the mortgages on the properties—and with the law on their side.

Here Andrew Garfield plays a construction laborer in the Orlando area during those volatile days when the economy totally tanked

He lives in a small home with his young son and mother, Laura Dern. Continue reading

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Paul Wilson: Why No Arrest in Zocalo-Plaza Military Officer Beat Down?

Zocalo-high-resJust after midnight on the morning of Sept. 19, Police were called to Zocalo Mexican Restaurant on The Plaza in reference to an assault…

A 37 year old Captain, stationed at Fort Leavenworth for a 12 week training mission, was savagely beaten by six black men.

Why? According to eyewitnesses, the Officer brushed the shoulder of one of the men making his way through the crowd. If you’ve ever been to Zocalo, it’s pretty tight when it’s busy. And I would challenge you to make a bathroom run or find your way to the bar and not “brush” someone along the way.

However in today’s world, in certain demographics, that’s not simply a brush in a crowded restaurant, it’s “disrespect.”

And “Disrespect” can get you shot or beaten half to death.

The man who started the ruckus with the Officer was kicked out of Zolcalo, but he did what most do in that case. He assembled a team of 5 friends to wait for the officer to come out.

This has become the Plaza theme – pack mentality, safety in numbers. 

The six men waiting to attack this officer had the same level of courage anonymous comment trolls do. No strength of character to take someone on, one on one, in the light of day. Why? It’s analogous to Mike Tyson’s response when asked about his opponents plan for beating him in a match.

Tyson replied, “Everyone has a plan…’till you hit ‘um in the mouth.” Continue reading

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Leftridge: The Royals Will Face the Astros in the ALDS (and Win it 3-1)

ALDS2015-mlb-postseason-patchIn a game that paled in comparison to last year’s Wild Card classic (obviously), The Houston Astros defeated the New York Yankees 3-0 on Tuesday night, meaning the victors will meet the Kansas City Royals on Thursday in the ALDS.


I mean, not GOOD, really, but pick your poison. The Astros are good. The Yankees were good. Both were 4-2 against KC in the regular season. New York has a potent (well, until past month or two), old offense. Houston has a potent, young offense. Neither would have been (nor will be) a cake-walk.

You know who would have been a really great ALDS opponent for the Royals? The Philadelphia Phillies. Continue reading

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Glazer: Time for the Chiefs to Clean House…Again

imagesHey, at least Chiefs owner Clark Hunt tried…

He went out and bought Andy Reid, the most experienced head coach he could get. However, he paid dearly. Then Reid and Hunt got us Green Bay‘s John Dorsey. Next the Chiefs secured quarterback Alex Smith ,a tried and true starter who’d been to the NFC title game just two years before. Smith was a winning, experienced quarterback with a big upside. Well, Hunt tried – it didn’t work out.

Already the players are grumbling about Andy.

The defense is, as always, horrid. Smith is average at best. We never found even one great offensive lineman and our O line is football’s worst. None of our top draft picks are worth a damn. Eric Fisher is done. D Ford is a no show most of the time he gets a chance, and our new corner is far from hot.

In fact, our loaded, all-pro defense is simply awful – much worse than the offense – which has its moments with a few standout players like Jamaal Charles, Jeremy Maclin and tight end Travis Kelce. Our defense on the other hand, really has nobody that stands out, including Justin Houston who once again was a no show against the Bengals.

It came as no surprise that the Chiefs got run over Sunday by the now 4 and 0 Bengals. Continue reading

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Hearne: Karen Dillon / USA Today Transform Lawrence Journal World

IMG_0835It’s not easy being a newspaper…

While any number of them such as the Kansas City Star remain “profitable” – arguably anyway – they’re no longer insanely profitable like many had been for well over half a century.

Noop, it’s an altogether different world and the only way papers like the Star have been able to hold their heads above water is by cutting, slashing and burning – month after month, year after year – from more than 2,000 employees to probably around 400 and change.

In human terms the toll has been catastrophic with careers cut short and individuals and families forced to endure sudden, unforeseen financial hardships.

The flip side of which is subscribers have been forced to make a Hobson’s Choice:

Either settle for far less in terms of news reporting and content, or do without entirely. Because no matter how you cut the cake, television and radio don’t come even close to providing the sort of local coverage that even small town newspapers typically serve up.

And yet after more than two decades of searching for answers, big city newspapers by and large have yet to come up with a solution to their money problem. That being, how to replicate the obscene profits they make in print in online advertising.

The Internet being the great equalizer, newspapers cannot extort advertisers online like they have for decades in print. So as they’ve continued to cut and cut and offer less while charging more, many print subscribers have cut the cord – opting instead to read the online headlines for free and accept the meager handful of freebie, monthly clicks.

And while the Star continues to reshuffle its diminishing deck, no amount of added white space and reader-pleasing larger typefaces can make up for the missing content.

That said, the lowly Lawrence Journal World seems to be onto something.
Continue reading

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Leftridge: TV Time: Lots of Stuff in the Next Two Weeks

falltvcoverFall is the best. The weather is less greasy, the air grows crisp, the leaves grow orange and crisp, and everyone everywhere is rubbing pumpkin and chili all over their bodies. Plus football, and then also baseball playoffs.

But it’s not all about apple cider enemas and sweaters embroidered with goblins. It also marks the reemergence of television, bursting forth from its summer hibernation like some sort of plump Autumnal baby. “Look at me!” television wails. “I am new again, just for you!”

Why, in the next two weeks, there are plenty of new television babies begging to be watched, tickled, burped and swaddled. Which ones should we take care of and which ones should we “throw out with bathwater,” so to speak? Let’s see.

the-walking-deadThe Walking Dead Season Six premieres October 11th on AMC

It’s an institution at this point, a cultural wrecking ball about the perils of living in a post-apocalyptic zombie wasteland. You know, how much it sucks to have your brains and guts eaten by the undead, how much it sucks to watch it happen to your friends and family, etc.

When last we left The Rick Grimes Gang, Rick himself was beating and then killing a man who was threatening the fabric of their idyllic new town by being a drunk, abusive jerk. Everyone was all, “WHOA” and then the black guy from earlier in the series showed up and he looked like, “welp, looks like Rick is crazy now or something.”

WHERE WILL WE GO FROM HERE, FRIENDS? Who knows, but it’ll probably be at least mildly entertaining and suspenseful. (Here’s where I mention that if you’re missing Fear the Walking Dead, damn, stop that shit right now and watch it.)

American Horror Story Season 5 premieres October 7th on FX

I don’t know why I keep watching this show, honestly. There are like, three moderately creepy moments in any given season, and by the 4th episode, everything is convoluted and nothing makes sense. There are usually as many plot holes as plot points, and then suddenly everyone starts singing a show-tune and I vow that “THIS IS THE LAST SEASON I’M WATCHING.” But then the next season comes on, and I think, “well, this one is at a hotel. Hotels can be pretty creepy! I’M IN.” And then I’ll end up punching myself in the dick for three months because nothing makes sense and I could be doing ACTUAL things with that hour a week, like learning to crochet or volunteering to help the elderly, or taking my kid to the doctor to find out why she drags her leg like Jason Friday the Thirteenth when she walks.

Oh, and this season has Lady Gaga, so I don’t know, man.

Godspeed to all of us who choose to watch.

enfield2The Enfield Haunting October 9th on A&E

THIS LOOK CREEPY AF, SON. Based off of a “true” story about the “most documented poltergeist haunting ever,” The Enfield Haunting is a three-part series that takes place “1977” in “London, England.” (OK, the last two things probably didn’t need parenthesis. It definitely takes place in London in the late seventies… I just always question the validity of any supposed “true” haunting.)

Anyway, I don’t care if this actually happened or whatever. The trailer makes it look pretty dope. I’m actually excited about this.

Fargo season 2 premieres October 12th on FX

I’m also super excited about this. If you didn’t watch the first season, you truly missed a gem. (Maybe someday they’ll release the series on VHS or something and you can check it out from the library, I don’t know.) Named after the classic Coen brothers film, but really only sharing the name, ambiance and locations, Fargo was the best thing on television last season. And now it’s back, but with a new cast, and an entirely new storyline. (Like American Horror Story, but waaaaaaay better, I guarantee.) Ted Danson is in this season! And it’s in the 70s!! And the accents will be great!!!

Saturday Night Live season 41 premieres (or premiered, I suppose) October 3rd

You don’t need to watch this. Nobody needs to watch this. I know, I know—“SNL AIN’T BEEN GOOD SINCE CHARLES ROCKET LEFT!” but that’s horseshit. Here’s the deal: SNL has had bad periods SINCE IT BEGAN. We all just choose to forget how much crap surrounded the clips we remember. They’ll have whole waves of irrelevance, mostly due to lackluster casts and uninspired writers. I feel like this is one of those periods. But give it a couple of seasons and it’ll be fine again.

beverly-hills-90210-remake-lifetime-leadThe Unauthorized Beverly Hills 90210 Story premieres (again, premiered) on Lifetime, October 3rd

If you haven’t watched any of the Lifetime unauthorized biographies about __________ (Saved by the Bell, Full House and Drew Peterson are among some of their most brilliant original offerings), your life is depressingly incomplete. They are terrible, ridiculous, likely inaccurate and aggressively awful, and they are one of the better things you can watch after having a few (or several) drinks. (Holy fuck, I just watched most of this and it’s everything I thought it would be and more. Am I horrified that DAN CASTELLANETA played Aaron Spelling? Yes I am. Am I surprised? I guess not.)

Continue reading

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Glazer: Scribe Peers into Crystal Ball & It Isn’t Pretty

b737fcbc1db4e3f57fd38bcf133e351fAnother college football  week of “Who the #%*$ knows”…

The top teams seem to be coming together, but picking them with points taken away at large numbers is so damn hard. The NFL is more clear.

We have New England, the Packers and Arizona on the top row. Then the Bengals, Carolina, Denver and a couple other decent squads. Now Andrew Luck may join the “I’m hurt” group of quarterbacks. My lord, by season’s end only Alex Smith may be a first string starter.

Unfortunately, that’s the Chiefs only hope.

I think the Chiefs are really bad team now.

They have no energy at all. All week they’ve been quiet in the media after the Green Bay death game. Everyone blames Alex Smith, but its more than just him. No O line and a terrible defense. No pass defense at all. Nobody. Anyone can throw on us all day. Our vaunted pass rush is B.S. Even Justin Houston is not there when we need him. Kinda like former Royals “star” Mike Sweeney. Houston gets good numbers but no important sacks that win games. NONE. Not in Denver or Green Bay.

But yippee! At least we’ll have 10 all pro defenders. Continue reading

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Paul Wilson: Sprint Cuts Deep & This Time It’s Gonna Bleed

mobile-blog-pallbearers-carrying-a-coffinHow many times can this happen until there’s nothing left of a once, legendary local employer?

And now the real facts about the Sprint layoffs you won’t find anywhere else. 

Yesterday, word began to leak that Sprint was going to announce more cuts.

Cuts of Biblical proportions.

Early reports pinned the number at $1-1.5 billion with a capital B!

Sprint is notorious for floating trial balloons to lessen the blow of the real numbers, however this morning we awoke to various press releases that place that number closer to $2.5 billion, all to go down in the next six months.

Five conversations I had with senior management lead me to believe that may be a hair inaccurate. The real number being bantered about inside those walls comes closer to $8-$10 billion over the coming eight months.

Not even Harley with his enormous business brain can tell you the devastating effect cuts of this magnitude will have on the local employment picture.

But it validates my two year claim that we’re headed for the Left Coast, kids! Continue reading

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Hearne: Time to Deliver Last Rites to American Royal?

american-royal-paradeIn the wide world of universal truths, death more often than not is an ugly affair…

Seems like it seldom comes quickly and cleanly.

Such appears to be the case with one of Kansas City’s most vaunted annual events, the American Royal. Was a time – long ago – when local businessmen wore those cute little American Royal lapel pins with pride. When local big shots competed to buy Grand Champion steers and were haled for their civic mindedness by local media. Blue jacketed, teenage Future Farmers of America roamed the Plaza and downtown Kansas City and top notch entertainers and musicians packed Kemper Arena. The barbecue contest turned the West Bottoms into horrendous traffic jams and the entire affair was punctuated by a festive, downtown parade attended by tens of thousands. Even the boring livestock and horse shows drew reasonably large crowds. And high society types vied to get their daughters presented as “debutants” in the annual Belles of the American Royal Ball.

No kidding, the American Royal was a really big deal.

However, so were horse drawn carriages, bell bottom pants, pay phones and VCRs. Times change; people move on. You-know-what happens, and things die and go away.

And at this stage of the game the American Royal would have a hard time drawing a crowd to its horse shows if they flooded the entire city with free tickets. Because nobody much really cares anymore. Continue reading

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Glazer: Here’s Hoping the Next Plaza Owner Does a Better Job

Plaza_NightThe owner of the Plaza, has put KC’s CROWN JEWEL up for sale…

Yep, it’s come to that. Highwoods Properties has owned the Country Club Plaza for 17 years and put a truck load of money into the area to reboot what was once one of the busiest places in our city day and night.

Highwoods says it wants to to put its money into other developments around the nation. They also owned Prairie Village shopping district and sold that to Lane4 in 2009.

And today that area is booming with hot restaurants and more traffic than we saw back in the Toon Town days of the 1970’s,  so maybe a new owner for the Plaza will be a good thing. Right now nobody knows what’s in store for the future of one of America’s nicest shopping and entertainment districts.

Just a few months ago I wrote about the Plaza’s problems.

They remain the same. Continue reading

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Paul Wilson: Highwoods Lists Crime Ridden, Depreciating Asset – The Country Club Plaza

black-kids-plaza-one_zps96c6b299Try Googling, “violence on the Country Club Plaza”

You’ll get 822,000 hits. Scroll down that lengthy list and you can read stories from every media outlet known to man. The Daily KOS, The Blaze, WaPo, HuffPo, USA Today, TIME, KCC and every major TV network and blogger in the nation. Everybody’s covered it.

Why? Because it’s a big eff’ing deal.

Headlines include –


“Man says brother was surrounded and shot at by teens near the plaza”

“Kansas City police hope to lay to rest to the violence, supercharged by social media, flash mobs and memorialized in online videos”

“Teens say fun night on the Plaza took terrifying turn when woman brandished gun”

“Everyone arrested was black. Everyone kicked off the bus was black.”

“The Plaza in Kansas City is an entertainment district under siege.”

Then a week ago, “Police search for suspects accused of brutally beating 37-year-old Army captain outside Plaza restaurant.”

I grew up on the Country Club Plaza. Continue reading

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Jack Goes Confidential: ‘The Martian’—Thought Provoking Space Opera

NExqhzDBVjjJBy_1_bTHE MARTIAN: This could actually happen, you know?

A mission to Mars being disrupted and going awry due to a sudden and violent wind storm on the red planet.

The exploring astronauts having to seek refuge in their spaceship—except one: Matt Damon. He is struck by a satellite dish and knocked out far from his Mars-exploring team.

Now rushing to save themselves, and presuming that Damon has been killed, the rest of the crew is barely able to evacuate the angry red planet.

But wouldn’t you know it, with just a little oxygen left, Damon regains consciousness and figures out a way to keep it together and stay alive.

There’s his rationing of the remaining food at the base station. However it’s not enough to keep him going until a rescue space mission can reach him—which would take four years!

The big question now is how to grow edible food  in a land where nothing grows. Continue reading

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Glazer: The Chiefs Are a Failed Frachise

reidKansas City has some great football fans…

We all love putting on the Red and filling up Arrowhead. Fans wear jerseys with names like Gonzalez, Thomas, Charles and several other players who never won a playoff game. Our fans love the Chiefs. Why? Good question.

Maybe because of the distant memory of Marty Schottenheimer, Hank Stram or even Len Dawson and Otis Taylor for those old enough to remember the 1970s.

Yet the Chiefs haven’t won a meaningful game in decades.

Their last big win was back in 1994 against the Houston Oilers and Warren Moon. Our quarterback was Joe Montana. Our star receiver was tight end Keith Cash who’s been long forgotten. That was over 20 years ago.

Since then. Nothing. 

Schottenheimer had some good teams in the 1990’s but none went on to win a playoff game after Montana in 1994.

Why? Because our general managers can’t draft players. Continue reading

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Star beams: Madonna, The Pope, Chiefs & Blood Moon

VATICAN CITY, VATICAN - FEBRUARY 27:  Pope Benedict XVI waves to the faithful during his final general audience in St Peter's Square, on February 27, 2013 in Vatican City, Vatican. The Pontiff attended his last weekly public audience before stepping down tomorrow. Pope Benedict XVI has been the leader of the Catholic Church for eight years and is the first Pope to retire since 1415. He cites ailing health as his reason for retirement and will spend the rest of his life in solitude away from public engagements.  (Photo by Franco Origlia/Getty Images)

NASA confirms Mars has limited flowing water on the surface…or as we like to call it:  California.


Madonna recently dedicated a song to the Pope at one of her recent concerts.  We’re guessing “Like a Virgin” or “Papa Don’t Preach.” Possibly “Like a Prayer.”  She does so many hymnals.

                                                                 ******* Continue reading

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Leftridge: Royals Ready for Postseason, Despite September’s Suckage

Kansas City Royals' Eric Hosmer, right, and Mike Moustakas celebrate after the Royals' baseball game against the Seattle Mariners on Thursday, Sept. 24, 2015, in Kansas City, Mo. The Royals won 10-4 and clinched the AL Central. (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel)

For the second time in as many years, the Kansas City Royals are going to the Major League Baseball playoffs, this time as winner of the American League Central. They’d never won the Central previously, and hadn’t won their division since 1985, the very year they won their only World Series title.

These are all things you probably already know.

You’re probably also aware that they haven’t been having the best September and that a lot of people are anticipating some sort of postseason crash-and-burn. (Hopefully you’ve listened to enough people to realize that they didn’t have the best September last year, either, and neither did the eventual world champion San Francisco Giants, may they forever burn in all of Hell’s eternity. But I digress.) Continue reading

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Glazer: Taking the Measure of This Week’s NFL & The Chiefs

at Levi's Stadium on December 20, 2014 in Santa Clara, California.

Well, its week three and for some colleges week four…

The NFL is not putting out a great product this year. There are way too many key injuries and off-field issues. And losing starting quarterbacks is major. Dallas, who otherwise would maybe be one of the NFC’s top two or three teams, loses Tony Romo and Dez Bryant.

New Orleans is done – with a wounded Drew Brees soon to be not playing at all. And the list of other key players out early seems endless.

All the new rules to protect players haven’t worked at all.

There are more injuries than ever. The other key issues leading to substandard play have to do with MONEY. A few players on each team get $10 and $20 million a year while other key players make a fraction of that big payday.

There’s just not enough go around, thus the number of holdouts. And hard feelings show up on the field. Add in off the field problems from Tom Brady to Chip Kelley and the failed Eagles and there are a ton of problems.

And the season just started.
Hell, the Chiefs may benefit from all this just by staying healthy. Continue reading

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