Hearne: Chiefs Serious (Wink, Wink) About Player Violence Against Women

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Now that the faux handwringing on the Chiefs cutting Kareem Hunt is starting to subside…

How about we take a moment for a bit of reflection and some finger pointing?

Because somewhat obviously the sexist excuses making the rounds about Hunt’s shoving and kicking a 19 year-old woman last winter are fast becoming the least of his issues regarding being allowed to play football for the NFL now that he has at least three (that we know of) incidents of getting wasted and roughing up losers.

Even the video game market has turned on the disgraced former Chiefs running back with Madden 19 axing his doppelgänger from newest version the game.


You know you’re in deep doo-doo when a kid’s video game – an arena where beyond-belief sex and violence are celebrated to the 10th power – thinks you’re too bad to the bone.

Oh yeah, former Star blowhard Jason Whitlock weighed in yesterday on TMZ – at pretty much the exact wrong time – on how Hunt could get back into the NFL.

“If he goes out and makes an earnest attempt to get proper help, and continues to stay humble and contrite, makes amends with the victim – yeah, I think he gets another shot in the NFL,” Whitlock told the gossip site.

Had “Big Sexy” waited a couple of hours – or does a bit more research into already reported instances of outbursts of violence by Hunt, he might have sounded more informed and less sanguine.

As for  the finger-pointing, let the record show that both the NFL and Chiefs did as much as humanly possible to avoid having to axe Hunt by not bothering to look into his now mounting list of violent indiscretions.

Which pretty much mirrors their successful efforts to overlook Tyreek Hill’s violent behavior against a woman three years back.

And while local media jock sniffers have been quick to point out of late that Hill has mended fences with the mother of the child he assaulted, that clearly did not appear to be the case when the Chiefs signed Hill two years ago.

That’s when I contacted his then estranged ex Crystal Espinal: on Facebook after noting that there were zero photos of Hill with her and/or his young son and was referred to an attorney.

That after Espinal told authorities that while pregnant with Hill’s child he punched her in the face, then choked her as she tried to get up.

“Espinal, who at the time of the alleged attack told police investigators that she was pregnant with Hill’s child, said Hill punched her stomach ‘on the left side,’ and after that ‘grabbed my neck … and started choking me again. … He was pounding my head against the wall. He eventually stopped.’ ”

So yeah, clearly the Chiefs are serious about making sure team’s players – like model citizens Hunt and Hill – are respectful of women.

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3 Responses to Hearne: Chiefs Serious (Wink, Wink) About Player Violence Against Women

  1. Keroauc says:

    Kerouac sees what you did there, HC… Chiefs heap big hypocrites, talkin with forked tongue out both sides their mouths. ‘What did they know and when did they know it’, nod the not so dearly departed #27 and re: #10 and the rest KC’s Katzenjammer Kids.


    Who needs it.

    Not the swiss.

    They’re just fine, thank you kindly – #1 (not the standings nor hearts fans everywhere, but) as most penalized team in the entire NFL. Undisciplined: not accountable on the field, nor off it. Former, cost five, 10 or 15 yards penalty, ejections, suspensions… case latter, loss employment, reputation, freedom – even life possible price to pay.

    Here in Kansas City, we spell accountability ‘s-e-e n-o e-v-i-l, h-e-r-e n-o e-v-i-l, s-p-e-a-k n-o e-v-i-l’ (till our bottom line i$ impacted) ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ ♭ ♮ ♯

    How many times will the big red balloon standing sideline ignore player celebration penalties? Absolutely no reason for them to happen… yet, happen they continue to -the ‘I’s have it – ‘me before ‘we’, inmates running asylum. Supposed leader/example theirs under the headset doesn’t care enough put a stop to it, why would his players care or refrain? By extension, no one can tell me how to comport myself on the field, will do as I d@mn well please off it, too/becomes a habit (not unlike ‘this is our year, part 2018 verse 49’, same.)

    Can’t win post season when it matters but the ‘Show Me State’ bunch sure knows how to put up the window-dre$$ing annually. Don’t honor their word either: average NFL team worth $2.57 billion in 2018, up 2% value; Chiefs up 6%. Alas, want a Superbowl in Kansas City (least the game, if never their own team in it), still can’t afford put that rolling roof on Arrowhead (broken promise theirs 1967) in order accommodate said.

    Other teams have ‘Lombardi Trophies’… Kansas City, ‘entertainers’ veritable liberal wonderland made up stupid, masturbatory people. We have chest thumping – gum-beating – flag throwing – football punting – obscene gesturing and crotch-a-grabbin, punching, shoving and kicking courtesy overgrown adolescent heroes gridiron – no wonder the KC Star loves the Chiefs so!

    Remember 1969 and all those times the World Champion Chiefs acted out on the field and off? How scandal rocked this city and team, and police blotters groaned under the weight? Me neither.


  2. #1Chiefs fan says:

    Whitlock calling himself big sexy? How would he know, hasn’t been able to see his own man parts since high school.
    Hunt differs from Hill, he made the decision to cut him an easy and necessary one, he lied to his employer! Had he been truthful and forthcoming as well as seeking help for either alcohol or anger management, or maybe both, he would be sitting out the rest of the year but still a member of the organization.

    • admin says:

      Maybe, #1Chiefs fan, but lying about it only compounded Hunt’s problem. The act itself – let alone in context with the other things that seem to keep cropping up on his resume – were what did him in.

      You don’t get a pass for being truthful and the stuff he did to that woman…and the other dudes, as well.

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