Glazer: Hale to the Super Bowl (Not KC) Chiefs

It happened folks…

A lowly former Chiefs back-up is now the Super Bowl MVP and a former Chiefs coach is the champ. Nick Foles and Doug Pederson are in football heaven with the huge upset taking down the GOAT and the 8 time Super Bowl participants, the New England Patriots.

It was a classic game with over 1,100 total yards in offense, a Super Bowl and NFL record for one game. New England never punted; QB Tom Brady threw for over 500 yards, 3 td’s and no INT’s yet still lost! Wow.

Foles was perfect and their trick play, touchdown throw worked while the one to Brady didn’t.

It was insane.

The haters are rejoicing (since I picked the Patriots like I did last year and the last several years) it was a big upset.

This may be the end of a New England dynasty – the NFL’s longest and best ever.

To me its sad to see it all end.

I am one who admires greatness and the few who do it for so long, like Tom Brady and Bill Belichick.

A record like Tom Brady’s may never come again. We witnessed the greatest. He says he is coming back, and I wouldn’t count Tom out for another run at the title. However with younger teams and the fact it wasn’t Brady who lost the game, it was his defense, who knows?

Things do change and they are changing.

Yes, younger quarterbacks are on the rise like Deshaun Watson and our own Patrick Mahomes. Soon it will be their time. Brady had his fantastic career but it has to come to an end.

You saw the game, big play after big play on both sides.

The shocker was just how great a more than forgotten quarterback like Nick Foles was.

Foles was the game’s MVP.

As for me, I’d like to see Brady retire and move one with his life. The man has done it all, why stick around for the hater bums to start really jumping on you as things slow down?

Go out on top with an 8th Super Bowl and a career nobody may ever come close to seeing again.

The Eagles won and deserved it – two great teams had a fantastic Super Bowl 52!

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22 Responses to Glazer: Hale to the Super Bowl (Not KC) Chiefs

  1. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    “the NFL’s longest and best ” — I contend (and am factually correct) that the Packer dynasty of the 60’s were better. 7 NFL Championships in 10 years.

  2. Kerouac says:

    “the end of a New England dynasty – the NFL’s longest and best ever.”

    – what you’re trying to say is, it took New England far LONGER to do what CLEV and GB accomplished in far fewer seasons, because, you know, 10 straight Championships CLEV as well 6 in 8 years GB is far shorter/far more impressive than 8 in 17 years NE.

    We already covered ‘greatness’ previously too… un mal: 7 Championships won in 10 tries Otto as well 5 Championships won in 6 tries Starr far greater than Brady 5 in 8 (shant belabor/merely reiterate Starr’s 3 straight Championships won, unmatched.)

    Will keep working with you CG, till that chronic hitch your football giddyup is cured.

    Your pal,


    (PS) How can ‘the greatest’ NOT win the MVP? I mean REALLLLLY, we are talkin’ bout’ Tommy Boy here. This may well answer the question – ‘what is paramount in sport to determine greatness’ – a game or career: individual’s stats or a team’s win?

    Foles 3 td passes, 373 yards, 65% AND the win vs Brady 3 td passes, 505 yards, 58% AND ‘the fumble’ + an dropped pass off Brady’s fingers compared one caught, Foles, as well 20 errant passes thrown by Brady to Foles 15; as Kerouac, guess voters aren’t impressed with Brady as you are, CG.

    Of note: a losing player did win MVP honors once Superbowl history: Chuck Howley, LB for DAL, did so Superbowl IV (like Chuck 😀 if Tom 🙁 could be like Chuck.)

    • Paul Trembley says:

      Your unyielding desire to compare today’s modern football teams to those of yesteryear would be amusing if it wasn’t so damned stupid. Today’s modern players have been bred from birth to play the game. They are physically superior, without fail, in every single way. They are bigger, faster and stronger. They are dedicated to their craft 12 months of the year. The people you tout–with few exceptions– were smaller, slower and weaker. They spent 8-9 months of the year driving milk trucks and canning peaches to make ends meet. The fallacy of your persistent insistence is annoying and tired. Quit talking.

      The real Kerouac was innovative and original; perhaps you should stop using that moniker. (Though, to be fair, he was a drunken windbag, so, I don’t know… keep it up, I guess.)

      • Boom Boom says:

        trembley knocks out the old man kerowacky…..the blow hardwith all his stats just got clobbered by a first time commenter.
        Kerowacky baffles us with bullshit. Too many stats for those of us
        with other things to do than verify.
        Boom boom loves it.

      • Kerouac says:

        “Your unyielding desire to compare today’s modern football teams to those of yesteryear”

        – as well perspicacity, stellar recall, rapier wit, pride, bearing, taste and exceptional breeding…

        “would be”

        – Kerouac… you may refer to me ‘Milord’ or ‘your Excellency’ – but enough about me – how is it your begetters nee regretters arrived Paul? Was academic: “Rhymes with ‘faculty’… he has none at all” their grim confession… to quote them directly:

        “amusing if it wasn’t so damned stupid.”

        – but as you were their first (and last), progenitors left you the genus your own device, as ’twere…

        “Today’s modern players have been bred from birth to play the game.”

        – ‘Ecclesiastes 1:9’

        ‘What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun’

        Because Kerouac is merciful, and pities you, avail yourself the following: today has ‘nothing’ on yester – other than the fact it doesn’t learn from its history, mistakes, compounds them.

        EM Cioran’s re: ‘the flesh’ ever expanding more horribly, as sport mimics life same:

        “The flesh spreads, further and further, like a gangrene upon the surface of the globe. It cannot impose limits upon itself, it continues to be rife despite its rebuffs, it takes its defeats for conquests, it has never learned anything. It belongs above all to the realm of the Creator, and it is indeed in the flesh that He has projected His maleficent instincts.”

        Yesterday’s ‘touche’ to today!

        Now, you are so long-winded that Kerouac will have to proceed to page two in order address the rest your furtive pleas…

        • Kerouac says:

          PAGE 2

          Presented for your consideration, the case of Marv Marinovich:

          implementer the ‘bred for football’ school of hard knocks, route his own son, Todd. Formerly NFL player, QB, the latter, former being his lineman father, same. Nutrition, techniques, strength training… post habituation, failure the field gridiron, substance abuse, incarceration… so much ‘the new’, the trendy, the better than old school. Well here’s the link, you enjoy:

          “They are physically superior, without fail, in every single way.”

          – sentiment does not equate sources, ‘documented records’ of long-standing sports every dissents as well: ‘prove your work’.

          • Kerouac says:

            PAGE 3

            “They are bigger, faster and stronger.”

            – while busying yourself providing details names, addresses, SSN, heights, weights, speed, strength etc., in lieu narrative bruxism, 1960’s too dissents, factually as well anecdotally:

            DT Ernie Ladd 6’9 350 (an offensive lineman who played vs him said “It was dark. I couldn’t see the linebackers. Couldn’t see the goalposts. It was like being locked in a closet.”)

            OG Bob Young 6’1 270 – began playing pro football 1960’s… the older brother of 3-time World powerlifting Champ Doug Young, Bob himself participated in the ‘World’s Strongest Man Contest & finished second not to any football player, but to the ‘World’s Strongest Man’.

            WR Bob Hayes ‘World’s Fastest Human’ then and by deduction football’s fastest then, now, ever (Paul – acknowledgement your limitations, will keep this simple for you: ‘deduction’ means ‘the deriving of a conclusion by reasoning’.)

            Shy pitting the past vs the present being possible, can never be a final arbiter anyone’s subjective claims. It is interesting to note however that a guy who is merely a sprinter, one never tackled on the track in his life.

            Usain Bolt as his peers same ‘beneficiary’ modern ‘advantages’ – note I did not state said makes him/today’s era ‘better’, ‘faster’. Aforementioned advantages discussed variously the link below by an MD/opines others re: a hypothetical – Hayes vs Bolt:


            The Dr. ends with “so maybe “Bullet” Bob is still the world’s fastest human.”

            Yeah, pretty slow, small and weak those 1960’s fellers compared today’s… NOT.

      • Reader's representative says:


      • Goose13 says:

        Kerouac is a legend in his own mind. Cherry picks stats. His argument is like the players he likes. OLD.

        • Kerouac says:

          Kerouac – faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound (bend steel in my bare hands a change of pace.)

          And now the world’s finest agriculturist as well bijective numerationist (new word – I just created it) modified ‘K’ positional system… greater than the amalgam Aryabhat & Brahmagupta!

          ‘Thank you, for all those cards and letters’♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ ♭ ♮ ♯


  3. Boom Boom says:

    no lets be serious.
    We hate cheaters. Real simple. Sick of the pats and Kraft and their smugness and their
    We’re not haters. We love the underdogs. The guys who are given no chance.
    We like the guys who go out and perform without having to heave out their chest
    and bullsh*t others to make themselves look good (like you).
    You don’t get it….you never will.
    You’re on the short side of the stick every season and every game.
    You shout out how great these people are…we love seeing them get their uppance.
    That’s why they play the game.
    That’s why we know you know nothing about sports. You’re the guy who sits on the
    bench trying to make people think you’re a starter.
    Notice all those negative comments about you after the game. I think they tell
    the story that boom boom has said for a long time. You don’t know sh*t from shinola when it comes to sports. Real simple.
    No hating. Just the facts sir…and you can’t stand the truth.

  4. Boom Boom says:

    Mahoomes hasn’t even faced the real NFL defenses of first round draft choices
    and the tough defenses yet and you call him up and coming.
    Yeah…up and coming to a disastrous season as the chiefs go cheap and let one of
    the best qb’s in football get away and get ntohing for him.
    Real smart. No hating. Just more stupid opinions you express because admin
    has no one else to fill his space.
    Now it’s you and chuckles. What a pair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Boom Boom says:

    Brady ain’t done. Did a great job in bowl. Will be back but that team will have
    a huge makeover as the real brains behind that team move on to other jobs.

  6. Kerouac says:

    PAGE 4

    ‘Proclamations’ re: today’s players variously anyone’s touting their ‘superiority’ this, that and the other, so much hot air. As Paul pleads others believe, Kerouac reserves the right dissent; record books too suggest ‘today’ has a very over-inflated sense of itself.

    “They are dedicated to their craft 12 months of the year. The people you tout–with few exceptions– were smaller, slower and weaker. They spent 8-9 months of the year driving milk trucks and canning peaches to make ends meet.”

    – naturally ‘record books’ sports variously teams/players affirm your plea that ‘more, bigger, stronger and faster’ equates better, as reflected the results, stat facts?

    Such ‘progress’ too equates not just a bettering but a shattering of ‘all the records in any/every sport’ because, well… the ‘today’ player and team is a ‘super-duper pooper-scooper’ compared to yesterday’s, right?

    ‘Today’ is just better all the way around, yes? Since you say so – it has to be true, right? No? Why not? Take your time crafting your nonsense- er, reply… expect your answer upon blog desk no later tomorrow, and Kerouac does ‘not’ grade on the curve, learning yours.

  7. Kerouac says:


    “The fallacy of your persistent insistence is annoying and tired. Quit talking.”

    – Kerouac, ‘Lays Potato Chip of Blogdom’ – no one (especially not Paul) can refrain reading Him, even once… and when He has them, he REALLY has them 😀

    “The real Kerouac was innovative and original”

    – you knew him personally, or more ‘what you’ve read’ and ‘I say so, and so it is’, claptrap?

    “perhaps you should stop using that moniker.”

    – Kerouac loves it when they beg…

    “(Though, to be fair, he was a drunken windbag,”

    – I leave you to your area of expertise…


    – yes?

    “I don’t know…”

    – the most intelligent thing you offered in your entire diatribe…

    “keep it up, I guess.)”

    – never a possibility other…


    Paul, trembling…

    Kerouac, naught


  8. CG says:

    K is old school for sure and makes solid points all the time, however: the game has changed simple as that….no Green Bay of yesteryear is not on par with what the Pats did in the 2000’s and Tom Brady is the GOAT…END OF STORY…will it just maybe one more…Pat Mahomes is the real deal and will lead KC to a super bowl at some point perhaps without Andy…

    • Kerouac says:

      “K is old school for sure”

      – is it that obvious? 😉

      “and makes solid points all the time,”

      – more more, author author, encore encore!


      – (Pee Wee Herman) “everybody’s got a big but” [ drumroll ]

      “the game has changed simple as that….”

      – apparently objectivity & record book too, replaced subjectivity & illusory… [rimshot/cymbal crash!]

      Kids, sheesh. Next thing you know, someone will claim Hillary Clinton won the Presidential election, despite evidence to the contrary.

      “no Green Bay of yesteryear is not on par with what the Pats did in the 2000’s and Tom Brady is the GOAT…END OF STORY”

      – ‘in your opinion’ – there, fixed (out damn stats! be gone unmatched success Packers, Browns! Cry uncle yesterday, ‘new math’ hath no peer!)

      “…will it just maybe one more…”

      – sounds like a definite maybe to me… or not.

      “Pat Mahomes is the real deal”

      – so was Greg Hill, according Marty Schottenheimer – ditto Jesse Haynes, and Todd Blackledge, Steve Fuller, Pete Beathard…

      “and will lead KC to a super bowl at some point”

      – a Sinatra song, lyrics Sammy Chan & Jimmy Van Heusen (when crooned KC style a desperate swiss chiefs fandom, becomes annually a song and dance):

      ‘Just what makes that little old ant
      Think hell move that rubber tree plant
      Anyone knows an ant, can’t
      Move a rubber tree plant

      But he’s got high hopes, he’s got high hopes
      Hes got high apple pie, in the sky hopes’

      “perhaps without Andy…”

      – Andy turns 60 this year, CG, which means he’s almost as old as you and me; better hurry…

      Always enjoy your takes, CG… just don’t agree with them.

      ‘Wait till next year’

      Part 2018

      Verse 49


    • Kerouac says:

      By the way. where is old trembling Paul? Like the swiss, he too is overdue…


  9. Boom Boom says:

    well we know kc will have a tough year now that glaze has made his always wrong

  10. CG says:

    Harley you must have photos of me on your wall kiddo….I have never met or seen a person whoever you are so jealous of another man….get a grip.

  11. zeutcher says:

    The Kansas City Chiefs announced Tuesday that they do not plan to re-sign linebacker Derrick Johnson. Johnson will be a free agent when the new league year begins on March 14 and he said in the Chiefs’ statement Tuesday he plans “on playing for several more years. ” “Few players in recent history have meant more to the Chiefs franchise and the Kansas City community than Derrick Johnson,” Chiefs owner Clark Hunt said in a statement. “His tireless work ethic and passion for the game made him one of the most productive defensive players to ever wear a Chiefs uniform and one of the most respected players both in our locker room and around the league. Over the last 13 seasons, Derrick represented himself and the Chiefs organization with integrity and class, and he will always be a part of our Chiefs family. ” Johnson lost some of his playing time last season after the Chiefs acquired two younger inside linebackers, Reggie Ragland and Kevin Pierre-Louis.

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