Chuck: All That We See or Seem…

Nowhere does the chasm between “culture war” opponents run deeper than the proxy fight between politicians quarreling over allegations that Russians “hacked” our presidential election…

Starting with a weaponization of accusations from Democrats that resulted in the appointment of a special prosecutor. And accusations that were meant to damage with extreme prejudice as many conservatives snd Republicans as possible.

Now we are faced with evidence of malfeasance and bias by our law enforcement agencies.

We already had something approaching a low level civil war in the streets, exacerbated by libel level bombast from the 4th estate.

One which resulted in predictable violence against Trump supporters.

Justification for the violent suppression of the 1st Amendment and the Right to Assemble in the streets, on college campuses and in a neighborhood near you (wear a MAGA hat in Kansas City, I dare you.), stems from the assertion that the Trump campaign “colluded” with Russians in order to steal the election from Hillary Clinton.

The objective facts at this point would seem to indicate that, it was the Democrats –  not the Trump campaign – at the behest of Hillary Clinton who were elbow deep in bed with the Russians.

And to far greater extent than anyone imagined.

Think about the top official in the FBI with respect to “counter intelligence” using his cell phone to text his animus for Trump and his love for his department of justice girlfriend on a government issued phone.

Texts that indicate a conspiracy to defraud the United States Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court in order to spy on a peripheral Trump campaign official. That in turn opened the door to spy on Trump and the rest of his campaign.

Their “insurance policy” was a “dossier” made up out of whole cloth and paid for in part, BY THE FBI to defraud the American people out of a legally and duly elected president. That because deep state department officials have different priorities than the American middle class.

Talk amongst yourselves.

Fifteen years ago I witnessed a car accident at 72nd and Metcalf where a pedestrian was hurt.

As I drove by, a woman in her late 50’s / early 60’s ran from the east side of Metcalf, into traffic where she was hit and tossed, like a “Super Dave” doll (Rremember that program?) 15 to 20 feet into the air.

She landed on the hood of the car that hit her and was then, run over by that same car.

The driver was in NO WAY responsible for the accident.

When I stopped my car the lady was directly in front of my bumper about 10 feet to the south.

She was damaged in an unreal way – arms and legs in all the wrong places – and foam coming from her mouth.  As the sirens wailed closer we did what we could to try and make her comfortable without moving her.

And I said a prayer as I was sure she was seeing the face of God that very minute.

Traffic was stopped dead while 20 or so cars stayed.

The drivers and occupants were interviewed at some length by the police after the woman was removed.  I overheard most of the interviews as my car wasin  close proximity to the blood, fluids and detritus that remained from the accident.

About 90% of the stories were consistent with my description of the event.

However, one man insisted that the driver of the car had jumped the curb and hit that pedestrian on purpose.

I was shocked, but didn’t say anything. 

Two other witnesses mentioned that the driver was driving erratically which implied that the driver was at fault.

So I waited until the interviews were over, walked over to the policemen and insisted, vehemently that those few witnesses were incorrect.

Whereupon the policemen told me that they were actually not incorrect.

That the police really believed that they had seen what they described.

I remember one of the cops said, “It happens all the time. We know that the driver was not at fault. You can see from the skid marks and the damage on the car that it did not jump the curb and hit anyone.

It’s the Rashomon Effect.

They just saw it differently and really believe what they said they saw.

“They’re not lying, but they’re wrong.”

I went home and looked it up.

The Rashomon Effect produces honestly held assumptions that are factually incorrect.

There will be more and more evidence, with regard to this Russian imbroglio.

More malfeasance by deep state department bureaucrats in  law enforcement agencies.

More bias.

An astonishing and salient lack of objectivity will be proven at every level, where light is permitted to shine into the cracks and under the stones where these roaches live and exist at taxpayer expense.

It won’t make any difference.

The facts and evidence cannot, at this late date in our new civil war permeate the hard shell created by the 4th estate in its abject hatred of Donald Trump.

Reason and common sense have left the building.

There is no common ground, except the terra firma we walk across as we approach each other with bad intentions.  Grasping at straws and straw men progressives will, as will I, go down with the ship if necessary.

Then again, how can all of these progressives be wrong?

There are millions and millions of them.

Maybe there is a check, some cash, some email or a text message that does indeed prove Russian collusion.

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34 Responses to Chuck: All That We See or Seem…

  1. Jim a.k.a. BWH says:

    Deep breath, Chuck. It’s going to be okay. Reds put out their memo, blues are waiting for theirs to be released. There’s no “evidence” in either one of them. They are memos, not something that was uncovered by anybody. THEY wrote them. Conveniently, “facts” were omitted because they didn’t tell the story they wanted told. Carter page was on the FBI’s, CIA’s, et al radar back in 2013. He was even warned by these agencies they he was being recruited. To state the ONLY reason FISA courts issued the order was because of the dossier that is filled with unsubstantiated claims just isn’t the total picture.

    I fully expect the dem’s version of the whole affair will cherry pick certain facts that supports THEIR side of the argument. Well, that is if their memo is cleared for release. That is, of course, not a given.

    More “gotcha” politics is what is in play here. That isn’t going to end anytime soon.

    Good read and I share your general angst about the whole damn thing.

  2. Standing on third says:

    LoL is this satire? That old Americans are all a bunch of Russian dupes is both sad and funny. While your parents were the greatest generation…. Y’all are just a bunch of boobs being used by Putin. Don’t let the door hit ya

  3. Kerouac says:

    Chuck, you as Kerouac the refined, perceptive, honest know said to be true… case the uninitiated, they can pay the truth its due now or pay it tomorrow. The lunatic liberal left will come along the easy way or winch & ratchet, kicking & screaming all the way, but come along they shall.

    (PS) The Rashomon Effect also applicable those in denial sports reality: eyes that look but cannot see – “They’re not lying, but they’re wrong”, re: ‘honestly held assumptions that are factually incorrect.’ Packers, Lombardi & Starr still greatest ever pro football, as facts in lieu sentiment affirm; Browns next, honorable mention rest Steelers, 49ers, Cowboys, Patriots and Dolphins.


  4. The Guy Who Knew Too Much says:

    You make some salient points and I honestly don’t know what to believe when it comes to all this nonsense. I think both candidates were/are complete frauds and it’s a shame that’s what the American people had to choose from. At the end of the day, Trump is an absolute dipshit, plain and simple.

    • chuck says:

      Trump is a ham handed, belligerent and churlish man.

      That, in no way, diminishes his accomplishments, if, your interest in is results.

      His campaign was spied on, by way of the prior administrations contempt for the law and belief, that their crimes were in no danger of being revealed, because there was no way Hillary could lose.

      It turns out, they were just as average, no, below average, as Harley/Boom Boom when it came to predictions.

  5. Boom Boom says:

    there is so much evidence of russians (the same guys who wanted to kill you while
    you served in vietnam) that it’s astounding.
    You have no idea what you are talking about.
    Again…the problem is not dems versus republicans….its republicans (bannon/preibus/
    manafort/papadopolous/gates/comey/wray/mueller and they’re all republicans) going after
    other republicans (trump/pence/ and so on) for money laundering/treason/comspiracy with the russians to affect an election/and in the end it will come down to taking
    out trump and it being done by other republicans who have flipped on the sob.
    Go down with the ship chuckie. You’re already full of sh*t!
    The only place reason has left is the white house. NOt one single negative thing
    about the guy who beat his wife/couldn’t get a security clearance yet he handled
    everything the president saw.
    You are full of b.s.
    The end is near. Trump will have to be interviewed or taken before a grand jury…
    then we’ll see who’s lyinng.
    And please stop trying to make trump out to be a truthfully elected president. Your
    boys, the russians got into those voter files and changed votes…but noone will bear that news because it would be too hard on the system.
    Let me ask you…you love all these predators and sexual abusers. Why?

  6. Boom Boom says:

    get facts straight idiot. The government was watching trump long before he was
    running for president. His ripoffs like Trump University and his money laundering
    by him and his daughter with real estate and diamonds was under surveillance long
    before any dossier came out.
    Get your facts straight idiot.
    You’re sounding like glazo

  7. Stomper says:

    Thanks again, Chuck for putting out this topic for debate. To start out with, let me ask you a couple of questions.

    First, are you familiar with Paul Singer, the Washington Free Beacon and their connection with Fusion GPS?

    Second, are you able to separate the issue of Russian meddling in the U.S. elections from the issue of collusion with either or both the Clinton and Trump campaigns? Trump seems to be unable to separate the two and any mention of Russian meddling is immediately perceived by him to be an attack on his legitimacy as president. Russian meddling is accepted as fact by about every GOP member in Congress. The separate question of COLLUSION by either campaign is not yet agreed on by that group.

    Your diagnosis of the Rashomon Effect swings both directions.

    • chuck says:

      Paul Singer- Yes.

      Rashomon Effect- Yes.

      Before I answer the “Russian Collusion” question, let’s make sure the windows are all down in America’s “Glass House”.

      From Vietnam, to Iran, to what seemed to be a “New Dictator Every Week” policy in South America, we Americans have “Meddled” in elections, probably, more than any other country in the last 200 years. It’s like “The Great Game” gone crazy, even now.

      In the last election in Israel, Obama, sent TAX PAYER CASH to Israel in an effort to defeat Netanyahu.

      The MSM, War Party Republicans and Democrats, would have us believe that at any moment, the Russians just might invade Poland, or some other recently liberated former East Block Countries. The Russians lost the Cold War, because it was too expensive to maintain. The efforts required to subjugate another country in search of some “Hearts and Minds” hopes that might lead to a Marxist Nirvana is cost prohibitive.

      Russia is NOT invading Poland, NOT because of our missiles and our Armies, but because it is full of fuckin Polacks. They wouldn’t like it and it would cost a ton of money to stay there and pretend that they do.

      The Russians are in Eastern Ukraine, because there is a large percentage of Russians there, who, in fact, legally and democratically voted in President Yanukovych to run the country. Obama, with the assistance of the loathsome John McCain (Who was in the Ukraine Capital’s Square, as the president fled the country, cheering the replacement, proxy, American puppet.), overthrew that duly and legally elected politician with financial and military support jsut 3 years ago. Gimme a fuckin break with this “Meddle” shit.

      When I see American politicians, like Lindsay Graham, McCain, Republican and Democrat all, wailing and gnashing their fuckin teeth about the fuckin Russians “Meddling” in our elections, I wanna kick ’em in the nuts. This is exactly the kind of “Great Game” bullshit that has us now, caring for 50,000 kids who came through Walter Reed and burying 5,000 more who came home in body bags.

      The Russian influence over the Crimea and Ukraine, is ipso fuckin facto and dates back to Catherine the Great.

      If the “Monroe Doctrine” has worked for us, for some 200 years, than why can’t the Russians influence their neighbors, for good or bad, as they see fit, in the same way?

      So I don’t blame and think, that ANY reasonable person, would, after the invasions, saber rattling and proxy wars we have engaged in, begrudge the Russians for returning the favor.

      Here at home, we have far more serious problems, than the Russians buying 150K worth of adds with that little creep piece of shit, Mark Zuckerberg.

      We have, definable, ongoing, criminal malfeasance by highly placed, unelected bureaucrats in the DOJ and the FBI, who sought to not only reverse an election, but, in fact, to frame the sitting president of a non existent crime (Which, now, in lieu of evidence, has turned into a desperate search for “Process Crime”, because there is no “Collusion” other than Adam Shitts and Warner, most recently.).

      Look, I know, that the positions taken, at this point, by your side and my side are yet to be definitively proven, but, my money, is on indictments and jail time for top agents at the FBI and DOJ and others.

      The DOJ and the FBI, at the top levels, are partisan and have devolved into an arrogant and condescending agents of those who would support and seek the end of an Objective Rule Of Law, in favor of “Living Document” that provides for an execution of the law on a de jour basis, dictated by the whim and caprice of elites in a Kleptocracy.

      Fuck ’em.

      Let them eat cake in prison.

      • chuck says:

        BTW Stomper, I see that there is second “Dossier” out now, that is just as ridiculous as the first one.

        We’ll see.

        I think that the Republicans will take a page out of the Democrat handbook over the next 80 months or so.

        Information of malfeasance and criminality, will drip, drip, drip out, cutting the legs off of any Democrat initiatives until around August. Then, Grand Juries will be empaneled and forthcoming indictments, you guessed it, in late October.

        As always, best wishes.

  8. paulwilsonkc says:

    Yet another outstanding piece!
    Keep it up….

  9. Boom Boom says:

    you know whats worse…is that a 2 time wife beater with no security clearance was
    illegally messing with classified materials. And they were worried about
    hillary…truth is half of trumps staff can’t get security clearance.
    And in my previous posts aimed at wife beaters…whether in johnson county
    or in washington d.c. should be hung from a tree.
    Tough guys beating their wives!!!!!! Real low lifes!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Nick says:

    Jeez, whaddya do, Chuck? Re-frame that lame (and proven erroneous) piece from last week?

    Good money if you can get it.

  11. Stomper says:

    Wow, you dropped a load on me there. I actually agree with a lot of what you say. I just disagree with your analysis.

    Absolutely we both meddle around the world to serve our own interests and work against the interests of our enemies. No argument from me. That does not mean the U.S. should give Russia a free pass on anything. Russia is not our friend. From the perspective of violence/threat of war they rank up there with radical Islam. The U.S. should always act in ways that best serve our interests. We should resist the acts of our enemies that could serve to threaten us. Period. No reason those two strategies need to be consistent.

    Yes, we meddle in elections around the world as do other countries. We need to acknowledge that Russia as well as other players try to influence our elections and resist it where we can. Yes we spend taxpayer dollars around the world to serve our interests. If money sent to Israel bothers you, the money sent to Pakistan to keep them from becoming somebody else’s puppet should outrage you. But like you say, it’s how the game is played on both sides.

    Your reference to the Monroe Doctrine and how it relates to Russian actions is faulty. Doctrine’s intent was to protect borders in this hemisphere while pledging not to influence existing ones. To somehow say that the Monroe Doctrine should justify Russia’s threatening the borders and sovereignty of nearby nations is puzzling.

    I guess we’ll just have to disagree on the DOJ and FBI. I think Trump attacking the institutions of our country like the Courts, the State Dept, the DOJ/FBI, even members of Congress on both sides of the aisle is dangerous. Yes government employees have personal opinions but to presume they conduct their work activities to mirror their political views is sad, pessimistic, conspiratorially paranoid and wrong in my view.

    The upside down world today in the GOP is really interesting to follow for a Democrat like myself. Trump is not a true Republican. The men who ran for the presidency representing the GOP in the last four elections prior to Trump uniformly disdain him. A party that in the past represented law & order, strong family values, opposition to deficits, and a recognition that Russia was our enemy is now led by a man that violates each position. It is surprising to me that life long and respected Republicans like Lindsey Graham and John McCain are maligned solely because they recognize Trump is an embarrassment. Slowly but surely, imho, the GOP members of Congress will recognize that Trump is an albatross to them. The elections this fall may cull some of them and cause others to abandon him.

    Finally, it’s a whole different topic and much to deep to argue about here but I’d love to debate with you about your view of the “living document” Constitution. How about making that the subject in your next offering once Trump self immolates?

    Thanks Chuck.

    • chuck says:


      “Russia is not our friend. From the perspective of violence/threat of war they rank up there with radical Islam. ”

      I categorically disagree with that. The Russians are never, gonna hijack planes and fly them into the twin towers, poison our water supply or, try to bring in, or, for that matter kill anyone in the US with nuclear bombs, or, any weapon of mass destruction.

      The Russian economy is the size of Spain’s economy. They have one Air Craft Carrier and they thought, last year, it would be cool to send it to their newly acquired rental port in Syria. It broke down, ironically enough, off of the coast of Spain, where it was hauled by tug boats to the new Syrian port.

      Equating the Russian threat, against our nation with this-

      is, to me, astonishing, in view of the facts.

      My representation of the Monroe Doctrine, was intended to show, that we opposed foreign intervention in close proximity to our borders, like, say the Russians would oppose foreign intervention in Ukraine. It seems logical to me, but…, ok.

      “Trump is not a true Republican. The men who ran for the presidency representing the GOP in the last four elections prior to Trump uniformly disdain him.”

      No disagreement there, but so what? The impramatur of ill will from former single Democrat/Republican party insiders in Washington D.C. is the mandate intended from an electorate that wishes a return of power to the people.

      Look Stomper, we have long, literally for years, argued about the centralized power of the Federal Government and it’s corrosive effect on individual freedom, as, that same Federal Government, ever increasing in numbers, departments and reach, acquire more and more control. This is problematic, in that, most all Federal Employees, are biased towards the Progressives that seek to increase and guarantee income, sinecure and ever more power.

      This threat by the Federal Government, the IRS, the DOJ, the FBI and the Progressive phlanx of agencies that marches in unison against the wishes of the electorate in favor of a crony meritocracy that excludes any and all, who do not see the world, through a moving, Overton Window, controlled by a corrupt media and now, a corrupt Federal Government, is a dire, serious threat to the Republic.

      “A party that in the past represented law & order, strong family values, opposition to deficits, and a recognition that Russia was our enemy is now led by a man that violates each position.”

      Faulty premise. The narrative, or, your truth, as you see it, is that the blow back from the right, with concern to the outrageous abuses of power, by the aforementioned, unelected, criminal bureaucrats who have broken the law, means that the right, wants to end the Rule Of Law, by way of criticism of the people who are supposed to enforce the law.

      It’s the Progressive people in power, in these agencies that need to be brought to heel, under the very law, that they are supposed to support, but, which they have so grievously violated.

      The entire Mueller investigation, is the most salient example in history, of “Fruit From A Poisonous Tree”.

      It is, an ongoing, criminal attempt, to usurp the will of the electorate.

  12. John J says:

    The crooks are infighting, plus creating false and bull shit dialog to keep from talking about the real issues that the moron, braindead, brainwahed nimrods should be concerned with and discussing! Nothingnew here in a 100% corrupt, inverted-totalitarian, police-state government, with it’s main-stream media propaganda machine, and it’s citizens that are 95-97% braindead, brainwashed, tyranny-embracing, know-nothing, care-about-nothing-of-value/substance, which they couldn’t identify anyway, lack of integrity, principles, a moral-imperative, totally worthless morons!

  13. Goose13 says:

    Every country tries to meddle. No argument there. Our country should NEVER let it happen to our elections. Just because we do it to other countries doesn’t mean we sit on our asses and do nothing when it comes to our elections. That argument is crazy. If DOJ and FBI are found to do the crap they are accused of, then punishment it is. Don’t care if Trump is an idiot who deserves a foot up his ass. We should not stand for any country meddling in our elections and the DOJ and FBI trying to take down a politician.

  14. Kerouac says:

    Stealers Wheel had it about right: ‘clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right’ here we are ‘stuck in the middle’ each other; were this 1950’s game show, ‘Who Do You Trust?’

    Chuck, don’t want to move too far away from your thread’s topic, but haven’t seen this addressed KCC or most anywhere else since it happened, last year. Was reminded of it your reference – ‘The Rashomon Effect’ producing “honestly held assumptions that are factually incorrect”… or outright lies left, right, center and yon.

    Speaking of an ass(umption), Michael Bennett, ‘defensive’ lineman, Seattle Seahawks.

    Moreso, a ‘running’ back a hidin’ ‘hind a slot machine, an outlier in lieu a complier – a ‘liar down’ too became only aft failing comply, abidance encouraged a sidearm drawn, LVPD’s finest.

    Last read, Bennett a ‘tosser’ of accusations hither & tither: his lawyer made reference ‘future’ action forthcoming too… half a year later now, zippity do-dah zippity-ay, my oh my what a… tangled web they weave/wove.

    Fortunately, Colin Kaepernick and his enablers field of sport, media and others et al have filled the void. Kerouac has been searching without luck an ‘update’ liberal left loser Bennett’s Pinocchio impersonation… the course of said, not much on Bennett, did find this (below) ~ left, right, center or wrong, enjoy:

    America America God shed His grace on thee, and crown thy good with brotherhood,
    from sea to shining sea…


  15. Nick says:

    Now that Bob Mueller has conclusively proved Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, I can hardly wait to see which way Chuck distorts said information in an effort to prove the opposite. Better yet, have Chuck write an item showing how Mueller’s information actually firewalls the president* from any collusion. I’m sure it will be a pip!

    • chuck says:

      Again, the ONLY collusion, that is, at this point, proven categorically, is the collusion between, Hillary, the DNC, her law firm and Chris Steele, who paid RUSSIANS for info damaging to Trump.

      Think what you want.

      The rot in this carcass goes straight up to the head of the previous administration in the person of your boiiiii Obama, the State Department, The FBI, The DOJ and various and sundry hangers on from the loathsome Sidney Blumenthal to the legions of Clinton operatives who strike from Dark Shadows in the name of the Deep State.

      The IG report will come out in a few weeks or a month, then, Grand Juries, indictments and the subsequent pleas, based on insider information, should shine a light, on the most egregious scandal in recent American History.

      • Nick says:

        Jeez – you ultimate deniers always elide the fact the juicy material Steele uncovered was funded by an anti-Trump Republican, before the Dems took over payments to Fusion.

        Dream on, Chuck ; Trump and his attempt at imposing a neo-Confederate kleptocracy will come to a bad end, and sooner rather than later.

        • chuck says:

          Not only, did I never deny that, Stomper and I discussed it HERE in this thread.


          It in no way, changes the facts, which again, should, if there is a one tiered justice system that is as egalitarian as you Progressives claim, send a legion of your leaders to prison for treason and sedition.

  16. Rosenstein noted that the Russians had posted 176,000 tweets in ten weeks, and that 50,258 accounts had been created and tweeted a million times. The tweets presumably were slanted with anti-Hillary bias. The “interference” began during the nomination season, and the Russians, according to Rosenstein (the reader will please excuse my skepticism), preferred Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump. To put this tweet threat in perspective, the reader should know that there are 500 million tweets on average generated every day on Twitter. If the total number of Russian tweets were concentrated on one day, that would still come to only 0.00352% of all the tweets on that day. If it were one million tweets over a five-month period, that would come to 0.0000235% of all tweets over that period. What an impact those tweets must have had!

    Rosenstein also informed us that the massive Russian interference generated 129 real-world events that drew 340,000 Facebook users. If we look at the number of mobile active Facebook users for December 2016, we see that there were 1.74 billion. Thus, the Russians commandeered 0.000195402% of the Facebook users for that one month. Again, we can see how incredibly destructive such a program must have been. The figures are so ludicrous that one can only wonder why the Russians ever believed that they could have a significant impact. And, looking at the stats, we must be drawn to the conclusion that the Democrats have not only been making a mountain out of a mole hill, but been making a veritable Mt. Everest out of an anthill.

    In order to come up with these picayune charges, the Mueller investigation spent $6.7 million of our money during his first 4.5 months. Further, the indictment against the Russky-13 (Vladimir Putin will, we are certain, put those 13 individuals on the first plane out of Moscow with Washington, D.C. as its destination) states, “Defendants conspired to obstruct the lawful functions of the United States government through fraud and deceit, including by making expenditures in connection with the 2016 U.S. presidential election without proper regulatory disclosure[.]” However, as noted by The New American, “America is no stranger to spending money to interfere with foreign elections. In the last Israeli election, the Obama State Department funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayer money to the opposition of Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations found that the State Department and a group called One Voice coordinated political activities – including the building of a voter database, the training of activists, and the hiring of a political consulting firm tied to President Obama himself.”

    • Nick says:

      Jeez – a whole lotta words and so little content.

      The salient point is that Mueller has proven Russian interference. What he unveils next — the connections– will be a pip!

      • chuck says:

        You wish.

        Content and scale matter.

        Pretending that this farce of an indictment, is prima facie of anything other than more CYA bullshit from the very people who should be under investigation is, WIILFUL IMPERCIPIENCE.

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