Glazer: Scribe Says,’ Don’t Let the Door Hit You…’

Indeed there are mixed emotions on the trade of Alex Smith to the Washington Redskins

Many Chiefs fans still believe he’s a Super Bowl quarterback.

I don’t…at least not here.

The Skins had to move on from Kirk Cousins who just wanted too much dough and was not even getting Washington into the playoffs. So don’t cry for Alex, he is set to get a minimum of $70 plus million and up to over $90 million for four years, perhaps five. He will pocket $300 million dollars for his entire NFL career assuming this is his last stop. Cousins is 29 and Smith is 33, but Alex had better numbers this year than Kirk.

The Chiefs also got a likely all pro corner from Washington and a 3rd round draft pick.

That opens up draft space saving most of Alex Smith’s $20 million dollar salary this season on the trade.

More importantly, Smith never won a big playoff game and Patrick Mahomes seems to be the Chiefs answer to that problems

We shall see.

Kirk Cousins will likely go to the Vikes or Denver.

Smith had a say in where he went.

Rumors had him wanting the Jags, Florida and a great defense, but they are standing pat.

Washington is a good not great team, as Smith seems to be comfortable with these days. I believe he was ready to leave KC. He knew he’d gone about as far as he could here with no post season glory and it was time to move on.

Maybe Washington will provide a nice exit for Alex.

I hope so…best of luck, dude.
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12 Responses to Glazer: Scribe Says,’ Don’t Let the Door Hit You…’

  1. Jim a.k.a. BWH says:

    Super class act and a damn good QB. Hope he does well in Washington. Careful what you ask for, Chiefs fans. This will certainly add some anticipation to next season. It’s been a long, long time since the Chiefs went this route. I look for a step back in year one with Mahomes, but we’ll definitely see what the Chiefs have with him.

    Look, if the Chiefs don’t address some glaring defensive issues, it doesn’t make a damn bit of difference who is playing QB.

  2. RickM says:

    In discussing the trade on FS1, Colin Cowherd called K.C. a boring town, as if that had anything to do with this. His on-air sparring partner – one Jason Whitlock – was uncharacteristically silent.

  3. Kerouac says:

    PAGE 1

    ‘Knee-jerk reactions are us’ says every NFL fan unison & ‘we don’t much care whether were being objective or not – OUR team ALWAYS comes out best in anything football related… because we say so.’

    As such Kansas City is no doubt ‘Superbowl bound’ in 2018, biggest bust of the 2017 draft ‘Pine’ Mahomes will begin his best QB in the NFL, MVP & Hall of Fame career and long-suffering (albeit not as long DET, PHIL, CLEV, or the NYJ) Chiefs fandom get their due ‘half-a-Cubs length exile’, break into strains of 1933’s ‘The Golddiggers Song’ otherwise known by its hook:

    “We’re in the money,
    The sky is sunny;
    Old Man Depression
    you are through,
    You done us wrong!”

    Then the film ends as KC football life same: everybody goes home, sadder but wiser.


    • Kerouac says:

      PAGE 2

      Yeah, we’re in the money, we’re in the money… about time considering 1933 has little to nuttin on 1969, last year the swiss were Kansas City Chiefs/relevant or best at most anything of note, NFL.

      Hello, my name is Kerouac and I’d like to speak to you about… reality: per the usual, on the field as off, swiss chiefs done got taken again, least on the face of it. Yes, early returns to be certain – but as that is all we have to go in lieu ‘pie in the sky tomorrow’, come, let us reason… together.

      KC loses a rare commodity for any team but especially for them: a great QB (last time round these her parts had one was that feller Len Dawson, late 1960’s era. A couple of serviceable knockoffs since in ancient Joe Montana, a then trending Trent Green and afore a day or so ago, half decade, our Alex ‘Alias’ Smith (and/or Jones.)

      The NFL’s top-rated passer – no longer merely Captain Checkdown but according the stats and not “I think” illogic preferred too many folks, ‘THE’ most effective down the field ‘long ball’ QB in the entire NFL 2017.

      That Alex Smith is to blame swiss inability win a Superbowl makes as much sense as 1970’s tack KC nod QB Mike Livingston being the culprit then and not deficient team around him shy NFL caliber talent, as well due their advanced age and injury. Mikey was no Lenny – as Pat will be no Brett in Kerouac’s subjective but studied opinion.

      • Kerouac says:

        PAGE 3

        “The Chiefs also got a likely all pro corner from Washington and a 3rd round draft pick.”

        – with apologies to CG as Capote’s opening offering another tragedy: ‘‘But then in the earliest hours the post-Smith trade late January, certain foreign sounds impinged on the normal KC off-season hysteria leading up to next’s start ‘this is our year!’ hoohah, replaced claptrap – ‘Comes now a savior ours, his name is Patrick, and he shall be the answer to our ‘unanswered prayers’, nod another Truman title.

        Peeling back the tempting outer layer “a 3rd round pick” (translation: a mid-round pick) and “a likely all pro corner” (translation: a slot-CB primarily, WASH’s version KC’s own Steve Nelson to be cruel yet certain), perspective comes now to call:

        The CB obtained by KC may or may not be as good, better or worse our referenced same, might or might not replace the ‘line forms to the right’ CB procession on the other side the field opposite that tackling machine ours left CB, ‘P*ssy Peters’. The parlance, have to wait and see. Until, an unknown entity a KC defense chock full o same.

        What did WASH steal- er, obtain from KC? The top-rated NFL passer of 2017, a better QB by said than WASH’s soon former QB Cousins, one who would have been far more expensive to resign than Smith cost, and who (by the way) the Redskins will reap a 3rd round compensatory draft choice for result his leaving in free agency to another team.

        So, WASH loses in essence no draft choice at all, obtains the Pro Bowl Smith and loses their primarily slot and sometime base defense CB of 2017, Kendall Fuller. THOSE are the unvarnished facts, not to be confused with hyperbole either WASH or KC. Hey, CB Fuller becoming an all-pro has ‘not’ the same odds of Mr. Smith going to Washington, but rather the same odds as Smith of winning a Superbowl while in KC, lifelong Chiefs fan Kerouac’s opine.

        • Kerouac says:

          PAGE 4

          We can all hope, imagine and believe, but cannot turn “I think” subjectivity into “WE WON THE TRADE HANDS DOWN”, KC or WASH or any the various opinions round the NFL water cooler fandom both ends opinion, scribes or those in the know: teams, management and/or players.

          You know, same ones ‘in the know’ who predicted KC would easily dispense of TEN in that playoff game, the same ones who now assure us all QB Patrick (he of the ‘Pine’ no experience or track record) Mahomes is the greatest thing since (insert copious others same who came, tried and failed, left Kansas City worse for the experience), i.e., since sliced MVP, Hall of Fame bread QB Brett Favre, his 20-year career, 4 different teams, won exactly one – as in a single, solitary – Championship.

          If Mahomes can do that, i.e., win one Championship in his lifetime, will put his name in the record books alongside the names other immortals the game: Brad Johnson… Jeff Hostetler… Jim McMahon… Mark Rypien… and Trent Dilfer.

          • Kerouac says:


            If you believe that a QB’s ‘talent’ alone suffices, reconnoiter above.

            Likewise, ponder the empty-ring epitaph’s such as Fran Tarkenton, Dan Marino, Jim Kelly, Dan Fouts, Warren Moon… don’t forget our fabulous, shabbulous defense too when making next year’s & the ones aft future Superbowl reservations our KC Chiefs.

            Hate Kerouac because he is objective in lieu subjective, isn’t positive (a ‘homer’) enough – logical too great an extent (having correctly nailed Chiefs failures, 48 consecutive years now.)

            Do not hate Kerouac because ‘I am witty and I am pretty’ physically, narratively and acumen-wise, football.

            Hate me if you must because you know you want to be just as deft, nuanced, dapper & teflon-Don, as well odor-free as me… but can’t.

            Like K, if they could be like K…


  4. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Both teams will take a step back next year. Washington has NO running game whatsoever to take the pressure off Smith. He won’t have Travis Kelce to bail him out. It’s going to be UGLY in Washington. Mahomes is going to suffer rookie growing pains. Yes, he’ll essentially be a rookie when it comes to actual playing in games. Then, once NFL defensive coordinators get a look at his tendencies and start game planning for him, then you’ll REALLY see him struggle. NFL d-coordinators are a ruthless bunch. For Cousins, landing in Denver could be extremely good for him. He’ll bring a MUCH higher level of skill to the quarterback spot in Denver. They’ll get better overnight.

  5. Watchin’ tonight by happenstance Mr. Sonny Landham on a 1984 episode of the A-Team on Starz. He was pretty damn good at playing a tough.

  6. Boom Boom says:

    mahoomes is going to be a dud….only because glazo predicted he would succeed.
    Guys never seen a first string defensive line coming at him and linebackers who are
    fastere than he is.
    these gunslingers last about a year til we see they can’t throw on the run.
    If you ever watched grudens show on tv he says those who can’t stay in the pocket
    and who don’t get protection in the pocket fail in the nfl.
    This guys gonna get a real bad concussion and who’s our second string because
    by game 3 we’ll need a new starter.
    Lokk at the great ones….when they were at their best…they were in the pocket.
    Not scrambling around looking for an open receiver.
    And when he scrambles the receivers have to know where to go. Hill can’t be
    seen cause he’s too small…..the others are too slow to break open.
    I see a 4-12 or 5-11 season maybe for the chiefs.
    They got the same deal for smith that the indians got for manhattan. They got
    Another example of malpractice by the chiefs and the hunts.
    The stadium will be empty by november….guarantted.
    Look for gruden and his qb and huge receivers and brusing runner to take over the
    west for a long time.

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