Glazer: Tom Brady Always a Winner & How About Nick Foles

As usual Tom Brady proved why they call him THE GOAT…

His fourth quarter comeback went down like clockwork – 24-20 Patriots – complete with killer big plays from Brady to Danny Amendola and the big swat from the Pat’s corner to seal the deal late in the game. Blake Bortles had the game of his life but still lost to Big Tom.

Hey Alex Smith, that game maybe killed your trade to the Jags for a low first round pick and nice payday.

Blake earns the Jags starting job for next year!.

So sports fans and media, you got your wish; it’s Tom Terrific again in another Super Bowl.

Number 8!

The Pats will face the Eagles and former Chief’s backup QB Nick Foles in the big dance.

Foles smacked the Vikings 38-7. After the first few minutes the Vikes were out of it.


So what did we learn from these two playoff title games?

We learned why the Chiefs ain’t there.

You have to keep your foot on the peddle like the Pats and Eagles did the entire game.

There is no play not to lose, Andy.

See how that works?

Just because you lose your tight end and No. 2 weapon Travis Kelce you can still win…

By finding the other weapons.

The Pat’s lost Rob Gronkowski and never looked back.

The Chiefs D is not tough enough. Look at the Eagles, that’s a tough D.

Oh and once again the Chiefs beat both Super Bowl teams this season but never advanced to any big playoff game.

We just aren’t big winners, are we?

Hey maybe, just maybe Patrick Mahomes will change all that.

The guy made Albert Wilson look All-Pro.

I pick the Patriots to win their 6th super bowl since 2001.

The Pats are already a 5.5 favorite.
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32 Responses to Glazer: Tom Brady Always a Winner & How About Nick Foles

  1. Jim a.k.a. BWH says:

    I wouldn’t worry about Alex Smith, CG. He’ll make more in the next year or two than we’ve made in a lifetime. He’s a first class guy and whatever team lands him will be better off for it. There are a bunch of teams out there that could use his talent and leadership.

  2. Kerouac says:

    Packers, Yankees, Celtics & Canadians comprise the four major food groups pro sport; history each ‘best ever’, without question. These immutable facts acknowledged, is no ‘greatest ever’ anything beyond; personal preferences only as well subjective opinions marked our own bias. No way to validate anything else, and no consensus re: criteria.

    Pro football, Green Bay Packers are the ‘THE GREATEST EVER’ by virtue the facts – winner 13 World Championships – unmatched / Coach Vince Lombardi and QB Bart Starr – winner 5 World Championships in 7 years – unmatched – and winner 3 World Championships in a row – unmatched*

    * Guy Chamberlain won 4 Championships in 6 seasons/3 straight during the uneven era 1920’s of no post season/only best regular season results (one season, played few as 9 games, another as many 20 games – included therein two unbeaten seasons with accompanying ties.)

    It figures the best teams ever had the best Coach ever – “We can not attain perfection, but in the pursuit of it we will attain excellence” – Lombardi – his unmatched success epitomized his philosophy.

    Winner 105 of 146 games – never a losing season – only 34 losses in his 10 year career. 98 wins in 132 games regular and post. Lombardi’s best ever post winning 90% – also best regular and post combined winning 72%. For perspective, a Belichick ranks 10th all-time winning 68% regular, 74% post… combined Belichick wins just 69% of all his games, and has had 5 losing seasons to Lombardi’s zer0.

    ‘Greatest’ pro football QB? Determining factors ‘the best’ based on accomplishment in consideration degree of difficulty (to include era played in & under rules then in effect, ‘level of competition’ teams, opportunities due ‘harder’ & ‘easier’ access to post season, as well QB stats.)

    Kerouac’s TOP 20 QB’s ALL TIME Pro Football

    #1 Bart Starr – as winning is the name of the game, Starr is the ultimate winner… he is the standard all other QB’s seek but fail to equal. A Champion among Champions, and remains unmatched the annals pro football

    2 Otto Graham
    3 Johnny Unitas
    4 Len Dawson
    5 Sammy Baugh

    6 YA Tittle
    7 Fran Tarkenton
    8 Joe Montana
    9 John Elway
    10 Terry Bradshaw

    11 Roger Staubach
    12 Peyton Manning
    13 Aaron Rodgers
    14 Troy Aikman
    15 Brett Favre

    16 Dan Marino
    17 Tom Brady
    18 Bob Griese
    19 Sonny Jurgensen
    20 Norm Van Brocklin

    21 Ben Roethlisberger
    22 Kurt Warner
    23 Joe Namath
    24 Steve Young
    25 Jim Kelly / Warren Moon

    ‘Hallowed be thy name’? According a KCC headline a couple days ago nod Brady… more so compared to his betters: ‘How great thou areN’T, how great thou areN’T’


    • The Guy Who Knew Too Much says:

      “as winning is the name of the game, Starr is the ultimate winner… he is the standard all other QB’s seek but fail to equal.”

      By this standard, Brady should be tied for first since they’ve both won 5 NFL titles. But don’t let logic stand in the way of your usual “back in my day we wore leather helmets and ate shattered glass for breakfast” narrative.

      • Kerouac says:

        Not sure if your ignorant or mulish – regardless, reiterating for the hard of head, hearing and otherwise halt and lame of mind:

        Starr won 5 Championships in 6 tries – unmatched – 5 in 7 years – unmatched – and 3 in a row – unmatched; Brady needed all of 16 years and 7 tries to win 5… capiche?

        Starr an .833 winning %, Brady .714 – post season rating: Starr 104.8 – unmatched – Brady 90.1 – Starr an better td pass to int ratio, lower % of interceptions thrown… the superiority of one Bart Starr, legion. Facts, not subject to opinion, preference or era – results in lieu postulate.

        ‘Yeah but, yeah but, Brady has played in more games!’ So what.

        And Barry Bonds hit more home runs than Babe Ruth! So what.

        Bonds had many more at bats/opportunities; ditto Brady/Starr.

        Ruth 714 hrs in 8399 at bats, Bonds 619 in 8399 at bats… who’s more productive/better/greater? Nothing to do era, or steroids or any collection of ‘yeah but’s anyone… results, mano y mano.

        That one has more opportunities yet can’t tie other’s success let alone exceed it shy more chances doesn’t make some ‘eventual’ more better… one player wasn’t good as the other, they needed more chances even catch up to the ‘greater’ player before him.

        Upshot: Brady as Bonds merely ran past the finish line of a race Starr/Ruth had already won and set precedent for, years before.

        As the NFL changed rules to the extent giving modern offenses / players advantages utterly unavailable guys previously

        *(lineman, pass blocking use of hands 1973), *(receivers, 5-yard bump 1978),* QB’s (many to date/ongoing equating ‘hands off’)

        perhaps you & others can also change the rules – math, time and common sense to allow subjectivity replace hard stat facts in the record book… failing, you’re SOL.


      • Kerouac says:

        (PS) Otto Graham won the most, 7 in 10 tries 70%… more but not better % wise than Starr’s 5 in 6 at .83% or Brady’s 5 in 7 at 71%…

        • The Guy Who Knew Too Much says:

          You can cherry pick numbers all day but by your own logic your list is flawed. It’s okay to admit it.

          • Boom Boom says:

            right on guy….this kerowacky spends 24 hours looking up bull sh*t stats and trying to baffle the
            crowd at kcc with it.
            He knows nothing. He’s a good friend of
            glazo bozo…the worst football guy in america!

          • Kerouac says:

            And when Kerouac has them, he really has them…


  3. Boom Boom says:

    if you examine the numbers…you’ll see that the better teams do better on first
    downs than the lesser teams.
    While the chiefs might try two runs then faced with a long 8-10 yards and a lower
    percentage chance of success the eagles and pats don’t simply waste those first
    two downs then have to come up with a long yardage third down to keep the ball.
    Also….not a lot of dinks by the eagles and pats …they go for 14 yards or more much
    more often than we saw the chiefs.
    I’d be interested to know from our resident stat expert Kerowacky the stats on those
    Just seems like the chiefs are always throwing short routes. Is it because smith
    can’t go thru his progression…our receivers are slow outside hill….our line can’t
    hold the defense from getting in smith’s face…..come on kerowacky…there’s got to
    be some stats in those books you memorize!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. E.H. says:

    I remember a few years ago one of the KC Star sports staff telling me that Nick Foles wasn’t very good..of course now he’s in the Super Bowl.

  5. Goose13 says:

    Just going by figures? The game back in the 1960’s is not the same game today. Players today are HUGE compared to the players back then, plus a lot faster. Players have to be in shape today. Sonny Jurgensen’s idea of getting in shape is cutting down to only a case a beer a day.

    • admin says:

      Good point, Goose…

      That said, it’s all relative.

    • Kerouac says:

      “Players today are HUGE compared to the players back then, plus a lot faster.”

      – same tired ‘new’ argument has been around since hard-shell helmet replaced leather, and face first gave way face mask; and the nascent also believe today’s players are ‘the toughest ever’… hilarious.

      Quick hits:

      For perspective, the Chiefs of 1966-1971 were generally considered the bigger, stronger, faster team compared their opponents; they won 1 Championship in those 6 years, and that one required a special one-year only wild card format… as in they finished in 2nd place behind OAK – KC backed into post season.

      The bigger, stronger, faster teams LOST the first three Superbowl’s: Green Bay Packers disposing of KC & OAK, while NY embarrassed ‘best team ever’ BALT.
      That is until the next year’s media-anointed Vikings became ‘best team ever’… they lost to the Chiefs who were bigger, stronger and faster but not even good as the smaller, weaker, slower Raiders who beat KC twice, only injury to MVP QB Daryle Lamonica & Otis Taylor’s out of bounds catch ruled ‘in’ allowed the Chiefs to prevail.

      Ernie Ladd; DT 6’9 350 lbs.- several times an All Star in the 1960’s, there has yet to be a stronger defensive lineman combined as much or more height and weight in the NFL. Was one taller, tallest ever – 7’0 DT Richard Sligh – played back in the 1960’s too.

      Players are ‘fatter’ today – Aaron Gibson, a #1 draft choice who topped out at 410 lbs. DET 2002 course his four… er, two… er, zer0 time All Star career; so much for today’s “HUGE” LATER eras/players equating ‘greater’/’greatest’.

      Faster today than then: in a pig’s a*s. Bob Hayes – World’s Fastest Human – 1964. WR NFL Cowboys. 54 years later, has not been a player faster… not Darrell Green, not Bo Jackson, not Tyweak Hill, no one/none.

      Upshot: there are definitely MORE players and teams today… beyond media modern-player flagellation, personal opinion and subjective bias, there is no indisputable evidence that today’s players are any better than those from 50 years ago – none.

      When in doubt, check the record book and stats – oh snap – Kerouac already proved that via facts presented earlier posts. Well, that takes care the bigger, stronger, faster argument.

      ‘Happy trails to you, until we meet again’…


      • Goose13 says:

        Faster today than then: in a pig’s a*s. Bob Hayes – World’s Fastest Human – 1964. WR NFL Cowboys. 54 years later, has not been a player faster… not Darrell Green, not Bo Jackson, not Tyweak Hill, no one/none.


        Proof? Not words. Facts.

        • Kerouac says:

          ‘Seek, and ye shall find’… K is not his (‘bigger, stronger, faster’, and according modernity ‘sharper, ‘unbiased’ & ‘more fragrantly perfumed’ better) brother’s keeper.

          Some timeless advice from Mark Lindsay:
          ‘(Arizona), take off your rainbow shades’


      • Goose13 says:

        Bigger faster teams? You are giving examples from the sixties. They were bigger and faster than the team they were playing, not compared todays teams. They were much smaller.

        If you are taking into account record books. Which QB has the most Super Bowl Wins… Tom Brady. WINNING SUPERBOWLS IS ALL THAT MATTERS IN THE NFL.

        Those records were made playing against smaller slower players that you like to quote. So your argument does not ring true. It proves nothing. The game was different, the players were different. That is a fact. You think George Blanda could play today till he was 50? I think not. Today, football is a year round sport when you include training. I think the only player who could play then and play today is the Great Jim Brown and still get the same stats. Others could play today, but I don’t think they would get the same stats.

        • Kerouac says:

          With apologies Al Einstein, HC has already corrected you afore – everything relative (‘cept for Boom Boom aka The Pantload’… not sure his species.)

          Other than your “I think” plea, where’s the refutation? What you ‘think’, insufficient; your “I think not” quote however, finds consensus.

          You offer posit in lieu facts – Kerouac has done just the opposite, presented stat facts readily verifiable… avail yourself.

          Just because you jump up & down on the blog stomping your narrative feet in dissent, does not rebut nor suffice; Opie tried that tack with Andy – dad just waited until the youngin accepted it wasn’t gonna help him get his way… neither will you/others via tantrums… 😛

          Upshot – today’s ‘super-dooper pooper-scooper’ bigger and stronger and faster and tougher and smarter (btw, how’s that modern ‘smart car’ technology working out?) players still have not sniffed records various sports that Kerouac has previously noted… do make a note of it for future reference.


        • Kerouac says:

          And now, because you’re just so darn cute when you get angry there beside yourself, Kerouac shall address your passionate if errant petition, denied:

          “Bigger faster teams? You are giving examples from the sixties. They were bigger and faster than the team they were playing, not compared todays teams. They were much smaller.”

          – having already established earlier that bigger, stronger & faster makes no difference yesteryear results as today – the biggest, strongest, fastest teams of today are ‘NOT’ in the Superbowl btw – one misnomer yours down, and one or more to go…

          “If you are taking into account record books. Which QB has the most Super Bowl Wins… Tom Brady. WINNING SUPERBOWLS IS ALL THAT MATTERS IN THE NFL.”

          – rather, is all that matters to YOU. Pro football did not begin with Superbowl 1… Championship Games by any name have been around since 1933, a rose by any other name still as sweet.

          “Those records were made playing against smaller slower players that you like to quote.”

          – your hearing aid needs a new battery… that and your needle is stuck though LP record(s) remains unbroken, yesteryear…


          – (fingers wiggling in ears, tongue stuck out at you)

          “your argument does not ring true. It proves nothing.”

          – and now, Garrett Morris, President of the New York School for the Hard of Hearing… “OUR TOP STORY TONIGHT! [It’s not an argument, is stat/fact based.]

          “The game was different, the players were different.”

          – and better… as was music, television and things that number a hundred thousand more…

          “That is a fact.”

          – good, we’ve consensus…

          “You think George Blanda could play today till he was 50?”

          – without question… he was a placekicker the majority of his career (remember when he hit that 48 yard field goal in 1970 at age 43 to snatch victory from KC (the game in which DE Ben Davidson speared QB Len Dawson? Yeah, George’s smaller, weaker, slower old leg prevailed!)

          “I think not.”

          – we already covered this earlier; maybe study harder, and do more football research…


          – today’s as good a day as any get started… best of luck

          “football is a year round sport when you include training. I think the only player who could play then and play today is the Great Jim Brown and still get the same stats.”

          – nod former President Reagan, Kerouac will not hold your relative youth and inexperience against you…

          “Others could play today, but I don’t think they would get the same stats.”

          – more Reagan, “well, there you go again”, thinking out loud…

          Nod another golden oldie from a distant yet better past, Bill Shakespeare: “a tale told by an idiot- er Goose, full of sound & fury, signifying nothing.”


  6. CG says:

    K and haters…your numbers and old stories don’t change the fact that Tom Brady has a name in the game like Ali, Jordon, Jack and maybe a baseball pitcher or two of all times at least in the modern era…since the late 60’s….there is no question or argument….I do think the Eagles will give the Pats all they want….

    • admin says:

      In fairness to K, I think we tend to give the benefit of the doubt to people of our era…Ali versus Dempsey, Mantle versus Ruth, Jordan versus Wilt…and on and on.

      Same for music and actors, because none of us were really much around when Sinatra mattered at his peak.Many more of us were for the Beatles, for instance.

      I never saw Y.A. Tittle play football, but it’s hard to argue with those stats. That doesn’t diminish Brady so much as put his feats in an interesting perspective

      • CG says:

        Agree with admin…its all about timing and who’s hot today…yesterdays pass faster than ever…the fame game is shorter these days even with legends…so K makes good points they all are names for the ages but that includes Tom Brady.

        • Kerouac says:

          “they are all names for the ages but that includes Tom Brady”

          – Kerouac can agree with this statement yours CG, even re: 2-yard Tom (unlike the half-wits number some 99% KCC, renders them twice as dense a San Francisco fog, the converse yesteryear greats.)

          Luggers of a collective sports ‘faculty’ nigh on invisible sans endoscope, offer illiberal opinion under the guise acumen, indoctrinated an modern media which passes off lies as unvarnished truth, sports/politics same – the audience their ‘Mikey’s as twere:

          “They like it! Hey Mikey’s – have some more of our great tasting/less filling, guaranteed give you a low football IQ b*lls**t!”


      • Boom Boom says:

        truth is admini it’s not the players…its the systems.
        Put brady in a chiefs uniform with reid and nagy and he fails
        The guy has something special when it comes to going thru
        progressions and throwing the ball just right to receivers so
        they can get yacs.
        but you wouldn’t understand it.
        Also…we have spectrum and were watching your buddy
        self’s conversations after the oklahoma game and someone
        AFTER A GAME”. Self was flustered after his fling with the
        young un in lawrence and getting some strange stuff and
        answered with a wry smile “LASAGNA”. But those of us who
        knew fully understand he was wanting to eat at the ‘Y’!!!!!!!

  7. Kerouac says:

    Lots of deflection, plenty o’ ad hominem attack, nary one ‘fact’ in lieu ‘posit’ by anyone refutes Kerouac’s fact-based evidence.

    No surprise 😀

    Contrary the media-driven ninnyhammer’s & uninitiated mumpsimus embrace them, the prosecution having tried & convicted the indicted fallacy modern day players and their results are superior yesteryear’s football, add an bit of salt to the gaping wound: further yesteryear corroboration another venue – basketball

    ‘Records are made to be broken’ assures the modernist.

    Kerouac objects in the name of truth, justice and yesterday!

    Per the usual, He as retroversion prevails – wins by knockout.

    The late Wilt Chamberlain holds 68 individual NBA records – the most in NBA history; he retired from the NBA 45 years ago. At the time he held 128 records – at this rate the ‘super-duper pooper-scooper’ types (you know… the bigger, stronger, faster ‘greatest’s ever’s, according the callow – ‘might’ manage catch the reverberations ‘Big Dipper’ his wake about 2101, about the time century 22 begins… my sage advice: don’t bet on it.

    Well certainly ‘the true greatest ever’ latter day Michael Jordan holds more individual records than Wilt Chamberlain – Mike was ‘the greatest ever!’ After all, modern is ohh so much better. Cue Alex Trabek: “No sorry, Jordan holds just 12 records.” Uh, surely Kobe Bryant or Lebron James – must be SOMEBODY has topped that over-hype Wilt The Stilt the half a century since?!? No one thence, no one since, no one ever aft shall, perhaps.

    Next week, baseball (Cy Young, Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio, Ted Williams) – week after that – the world! Keep trying whippersnappers…


  8. Fake Name Guy says:

    Like the Halls of Fame, Best of All Time is merely a starting point for a discussion.

    I guess being a Chargers fan has some bad tastes left in K’s mouth.

    Saying the Patriots are the premier organization of this century is more apt.

    The linemen will determine the winner of this game.

    Defense wins Super Bowls. Just ask Atlanta.

    • Kerouac says:

      “Fake Name Guy”

      – aka ‘The Pantload’ (and other nom de fumes- er, plumes)…

      “I guess”

      – step one is admitting your problem… step two, eradicating it: locate a good industrial strength degreaser (methylene chloride.) Too, beyond the proper hygiene, practice effective discourse:

      “I guess” epitomizes the ‘posit’ – you are already familiar with what a mess assuming makes of you (and your knickers). When you are unable to rebut, remember, can always change your mind… and trousers.

      “being a Chargers fan has some bad tastes left in K’s mouth.”

      – your being a Chargers fan isn’t the issue… is your rank waft$_1.JPG


  9. Kerouac says:

    In other non ‘greatest ever’ teams and players breaking news – the latest, swiss chiefs:

    * For those equipped to follow the bouncing red rubber ball, Andy ‘Boomerang’ Reid will continue (or go back to, depending on the ability suspend your disbelief) call the offensive plays for KC ‘wait till next year!, part 2018, verse 49’… other teams call this being the Offensive Coordinator… here in KC, we spell it ‘bring me coffee, Bieniemy’; assume the position, Rochester- er, Eric.

    * A nice #67th birthday present: Bob ‘Don’t Call Me Frank – I’m Not Gomer Pyle’s CO’ Sutton (my defense just looks like a sitcom) returns to lead KC on yet another ‘voyage to the bottom of the NFL sea’. The swiss chiefs D-CO, who celebrates blowing out the candles (and hopefully his defensive schemes) Sunday, enters his 6th year here. 2018 motto: make no promise that can’t be kept.

    The more things don’t change in KC, the more things stay the same…

    Or something



  10. Boom Boom says:

    who really care what k says. His correct predictions are right there with glazo
    bozo…about 30% at best. so if this guy knows so much how come he’s always wrong.
    I mean anyone can get on wickipedia and throw around a bunch of stats and numbers.
    But when brady is done he’ll be considered the greatest ever….even if a few of his
    numbers aren’t the #1 in the category.
    As they say kerowacky you old goat…..stats are for losers and you are a loser.
    You sit in your chair….go thru your wickipedia and dusty old books looking to
    make people think you know stats.
    Well you know nothing and now you’re right there at the bottom of the sh*t heap
    with glaze.
    I challenged glaze one on one to see who knew the end result. When the game is
    over who really cares how many yards a guy Got….ITS ALL ABOUT WINS AND LOSSES.
    So put your money where your mouth is old goat…..lets see if you can even get out
    of your lazy boy and lets put some money on some games.
    You’re so negative about anything that the wife is probably so worn out when she
    needs some lovin that she uses the doorknob.
    Oh well….at least with glaze we get the bottom of the barrel…with kerowacky
    we get below the barrel.
    Hearne…is this the best you can do. No wonder the star eventually fired you.

  11. Boom Boom says:


    • CG says:

      Downtown is fine so far last three weekends sold out..nice, weather has been crappy as we all know so that is no help but it will warm up soon…as for K he is a sharp guy…don’t always agree but he does his homework.

  12. E.H. says:

    KC/Washington have agreed to trade Alex Smith to the Redskins, details are not available.

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