Glazer: Hallowed Be His Name…

Okay, so you’re not a big Tom Brady or New England fan…

The Super Bowl needs them both.

Why? Ratings.

Without the marquee super star and his seven Super Bowls, leaving fans the Jags and Who Cares? in the big game advertisers will not be happy. Viewership will fall dramatically. Brady is not only the GOAT – as in  GREATEST OF ALL TIME – he’s the superstar of the show.

Sure we’ll still watch, even if its two nobody cares teams, but we might concentrate on the bean dip more than watching the game…if we watch at all. Ratings could dip 15-25% without BRADY.

Oh, his hand is hurt; Tom and Bill aren’t getting along; we’re tired of seeing the Patriots in the Super Bowl. Yeah, and I have a sandlot to sell you in Arizona. Brady is the Super Bowl. Period.

The network wanted to see a Tom Brady vs. Drew Brees game but the Vikings messed that up. So now it’s all about Tom.

What do I think?

Tom Brady and his Pats will defeat the upstart Jags.

And in the NFC playoff game, it’s a toss up.

I like the Vikes to win it, but it may be too close to call for any big bet.

I believe the Patriots will give Brady his 6th Super Bowl win – a record for a quarterback that will stand for decades if not forever. He has to be mentioned with Ali, Jordan and a couple more as the greatest pro athletes of all time.

Oh, and I forgot to mention Alex Smith. Kidding.

The Patriots are the old New York Yankees of the football…the team we love to hate…but deep down have total respect for. So I admire Brady, sue me.




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15 Responses to Glazer: Hallowed Be His Name…

  1. Kerouac says:

    “Brady is not only the GOAT – as in GREATEST OF ALL TIME”

    – with one liners such as yours CG, you’ve no need to book comedians at Stanford & Sons. Brady isn’t even the greatest of ‘his’ time, the stats affirming… give me Peyton Manning & Aaron Rodgers every Sunday, Monday & Thursday of the season each & every.

    Rodgers still has the career NFL record for QB rating at 103.8; comparison, Brady is only 97.6 and also trails his peer Russell Wilson who sits at 98.8 currently. Rodgers also still owns the NFL career record lowest interception % at 1.6… Brady’s is worse (Brady in fact is tied with that legendary former 49er QB, Colin Kaepernick.)

    Yet more stats affirm Brady – contrary the modern day tv ‘shills’ who $ell BS to naive viewers in order placate ratings pursuit the almighty buck – is massively overhyped a modern day pro football world grown disingenuous.

    Td passes per pass attempt career Rodgers is 5th all-time, tied with KC’s Len Dawson at 6.4; Brady comes in 23rd. Manning holds the NFL’s record for td passes with 539; comparison, Brady has 488 which merely ties him with his current peer, Drew Brees (Brett Favre also had more td passes than Brady, career.)

    About the only area Brady tops his peers & former’s at QB: fewer passes intercepted (why he is often denigrated as ‘2 yard Tommy’; he’s not a risk taker.) That he places 4th all-time both pass attempts & completions is a nod his (now) 18 years of service time – 1 more year than Manning had, and 1 more year than Brees has had, both the latter QB’s yet superior to Brady as demonstrated by the stats previously noted.

    Any of this getting through/making an impression on the ‘football blind’ out there, the nascent to antediluvian?


  2. Kerouac says:

    What defines ‘greatest’? Is it ‘most’ (as in hrs: Barry Bonds hit 762 to Babe Ruth’s 714), or ‘best’ (Babe Ruth hit one every 11.8 at bats to Bonds 12.9); does the fact Bonds had many more chances (1,448 more at bats) than Ruth, but when each had the same # of at bats Bonds had only 619 hrs to Ruth’s 714, distinguish ‘best’ from ‘most’?

    * QB’s, most Championships won (for those who believe Championships be measure)

    Otto Graham won 7 Championships, while losing 3. Graham also still holds the NFL career record for winning percentage by a QB in regular season at 81.4%, as well the record of 8.98 yards per pass attempt for added perspective.

    Bart Starr won 5 Championships, while losing just once. Starr also still holds the NFL record for Championship games winning % at .900 and is the only QB that has won 3 straight World Championships (fwiw, Joe Montana & Terry Bradshaw are perfect 4-0 in Championship Games, while Brady has won 5 but lost 2 games in 7 tries.)

    Try again and again, reality shows that by most every measure Brady is found guilty of being an over-hype; Perry Mason himself could not convince an impartial jury that his New England client is innocent (and we’ve yet to even address Shady Brady’s dubious integrity.)

    And so, the epitaph: ‘Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, have you reached a verdict?’ “We have your Honor: we find the QB, Tom Brady, guilty of being the biggest over-hype in the history of football.’


  3. Kerouac says:


    NFC: Eagles over Vikings
    AFC: Jaguars over Patriots


    Jaguars over Eagles… in overtime


  4. David Nelson says:

    I’m impressed you didn’t tease both favorites. Good luck!

  5. Boom Boom says:

    agree withya glazo …..super bowl needs brady for ratings. But it’s still the most
    expensive commercial ever….over 5 million dollars for a spot.
    Don’t underestimate these jags… experience in big games but they have
    one hell of a d.
    And both coordinators of team are leaving so their minds might be on other
    but ya gotta go with new england and the cheaters.

  6. Jack Springer says:

    Another example why some people don’t like pushy Jewish people.

    • CG says:

      Ah so the truth comes out you anti-semite S.O.B. pushy how? Jack Ass do us a favor, don’t read me or comment how’s that.

      • Boom Boom says:

        you are a pushy jew glazo bozon.
        and most jews have a bad impression of you.
        few jews go to prison…you did.
        you make our religion seem as if we;re nothing but
        obnoxious sex predators looking for a piece of a$$.
        and lets not get into other details!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        you are not an upstanding example of our religious heritage!

  7. Jim a.k.a. BWH says:

    Tom Brady. Has there every been anyone more “dipped in it” than that guy? I can appreciate the fact that he is the greatest of all time and still root against him with all my being. Dude is simply the best. Period.

    Well, at least I have a rooting interest in the Super Bowl now. Go Eagles.

  8. Kerouac says:

    Kerouac nails another! Now batting .333 in post season with 2 hits in 6 at bats, which is all-star caliber MLB; as this is the NFL, it’s anyone’s guess (and that’s all it is today who the guys in stripes will allow to win & lose, Superbowl 52.)

    NFC: One team of destiny eliminates another: PHIL 38 MIN 7 ~ Fly Eagles Fly! The Cinderella team and their QB one game from writing their names in the record book.

    AFC: The superior team yet eliminated due the straw that stirs the drink circa century 21 – horrendous officiating: Officials over JACK 24-20 ~ congrats on the win zebras.

    NFC headline: Kansas City got rid of the wrong coach – the student has already lapped the teacher. Pederson has won more post season games in just 2 weeks than Andy has in his entire five years leading the chiefs to nowhere. That the Eagles tyro Head Coach has done so with a backup QB/former Chief as recently 2016, added salt in the wound. KC sees yet another its former coaches leave/take another team the Superbowl: Marv Levy, Bill Cowher, Tony Dungy – are we missing any? Probably, yeah… all of them.

    AFC, outcome was due less JACK’s conservative tack 2nd half (still good enough until it became too late overcome a brilliant strip-fumble recovery LB Myles Jack – denied.) Clearly the Jags wuz robbed; only thing missing was the gun officials used yesteryear, replaced today by a whistle, set of rules & accompanying library novel interpretations that numbers as many pages War & Peace. The game has gone to the dogs, which is to say what a video review does not get wrong, a quick whistle will be sure to ‘fix’.

    Summary: Eagles were unstoppable, deserved everything they earned… Jaguars were fleeced, football fans excluded seeing the best Superbowl pairing PHIL vs JACK. PIT and NO both gave their games away, MIN was proven a paper tiger, and NE benefits once more from shady doings officials (when not their own, the usual method.) Such the sorry state of pro football today… no Green Bay Packers clear superiority of yore in this post season mix, a lot made up variously flotsam & jetsam, with only a hint of legit apparent.

    Upshot: Eagles have proved Kerouac right for two straight weeks, so will continue to ride their wings to a Superbowl victory, two weeks hence… they’ll just have to defeat the officials and the Cheatriots – and they will, G*d**m**t:

    Official’s + NE 27


  9. CG says:

    K I love you but you to stop hating on Uncle Tom ,hah, I mean Brady…he’s the best and there is no question there, huh.

    • Kerouac says:

      [ Rimshot / cymbal crash! ] CG will be here all week folks… tip your waiter.

      Can you/anyone refute anything presented re: the QB’s? Read/reread the legit ‘facts’ are a) personal to a QB and b) accomplishment team – then explain how Brady is the best ever at anything noted.

      Too, without dwelling on the fact today’s QB’s (meaning those of the last some 45 years) have had it ‘easier than ever’ pile up stats & win a Championship due rules having been tilted variously toward offense, QB’s, receivers and offensive lineman, are also more games played each season this the poorest level talent/ competition in history, resulting in the inflated, bogus stats, a fact beyond any subjective plea. Today is also the easiest era pro football history to make post season due qualification criteria ‘no team (almost) left behind’ in comparison yesteryear’s creme de la only limited field post season terms # of teams.

      People are entitled to ‘the’ facts but not ‘their own’, nod the adage. Not in QB rating, td passes, td passes per attempt or Championship/s won if winning is name the game, is Brady best. Tom Bodet will “leave the lights on”, for those would endeavor prove via evidence in lieu opinion aforementioned facts are wrong.

      Who would Kerouac pick lead his team down the field the two-minute drive to win a game? Johnny Unitas or Bart Starr. Joe Montana, Tom Brady & the rest the ‘good but not best’ QB line forms to the right. Hey if I say it’s so it must be, right CG (in the same way your proclamation nod Brady.)

      This latter aspect is precisely what fans/tv talking heads today do: start from the biased vessel their own subjectivity/misguided premise that ‘now’ is tops – and every QB, his stats & accomplishment eras afore does not count/measure up.

      Reiterating, beyond ‘style points’ given a QB based personal preference, Brady is ‘not’ best at most anything, rather than most everything as you/some claim.
      QB rating, td passes, td passes per attempt, Championship/s won, winning % regular & post season… he doesn’t ranks tops in any those categories.

      So how is Brady best? He isn’t.

      Refute away.


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