Glazer: Jayhawk Upset Should Make Things Interesting

The Big 12 may have its best conference group in decades…

With more than four teams in the Top 10 right now…yes including Kansas. KU won a mega big game on the road at West Virginia last night on ESPN’s game of the week.

KU had lost four in a row at W.Virginia the last several seasons, but won the Big 12 title anyway. Kansas was a decided underdog and trailing by 17 at one point. It was their biggest comeback since they did it to West Virginia last year at home.They did it again but this was much bigger on the road to a team that was just ranked No. 2 in the nation to KU’s No. 10.

And yes, it was probable All-American Devonte Graham that who led Kansas back late with his defense. The entire KU squad gave it their all down the stretch to do what looked nearly impossible. Kansas looked like dead ducks in the first half with little chance to even lose a close one let alone win the game. It was by far their most impressive win this season after losing three home games – two at KU and one at Sprint.

A loss to Bob Huggins and his outstanding team would have surely brought in the cry “not this season.”

 That in regard to a possible 14th record conference title. Kansas and UCLA are tied with the longest run at 13, a 14th for Kansas could last a lifetime or more in the record books for Bill Self and KU.

So why the alarm?

Kansas is much smaller than usual, but have at least one big coming back now.

Their defense has been a big question until last night’s second half and the team’s shooting has also been up and down. KU has also had trouble getting to the foul line. So lots of questions…I hope last night we saw some answers that stick.

While a final four in the “Big Dance” is unlikely for KU this year, a conference title still looms huge. If KU improves as they did last night anything is possible.

Even though Bill Self is already a Hall of Fame coach, he surely wants that one more title.

He’s earned it….

It will be an exciting second half of the season for Kansas and the Big Twelve.
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One Response to Glazer: Jayhawk Upset Should Make Things Interesting

  1. Rainbow Man says:

    Do you think Coach K would ever wear the Huggins outfit in a game? Not a chance in hell. Roy wouldn’t do it either. They think they are icons. Bill Self is still a guy from Oklahoma. But Bill Self will scratch, claw, fight, and think his way to winning. Bill kicks jerks off his team with little fanfare. He will work his way back to a 1-2 seed in the tournament and then have another shot at the title. There is no such thing as KU upsetting a team as long as Bill Self is the head coach.

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