Glazer: Pigskin Playoffs Ponderings

We have four games this weekend before the AFC and NFC title games and Super Bowl…

It’s no secret that NFL observers for the most part like New England and Tom Brady.

How could they not?

Brady is the best quarterback in NFL history with 7 Super Bowl games and 5 wins. He played well enough to win all seven. So it’s hard to pick against the Pats.

Today we have Atlanta at the Eagles with the Falcons a 3 point favorite.

Why? Simple, the quarterbacks.

The Eagles Nick Foles vs.Matt Ryan. We all watched Foles in Kansas City two seasons back. He was not impressive. The Chiefs had hoped he would be here a few years, perhaps replace Alex Smith at some point but nope.

The Eagles have a solid defense and a great new coach, former KC guy Doug Peterson.ย Foles has played well but I like Atlanta with their super bowl experience from last season.

New England plays the Chiefs victor Tennessee today as well.

The Pats are a 13 point favorite. I don’t like the spread and would have to tease these two games. All the talk about dissension between Brady and his coach over Tom’s ‘trainer’ issues and more, but I don’t buy it. Bill Belichick is the man in the NFL.

I see the Pats winning a closer game.

The most interesting contest may be New Orleans at Minnesota.

The Vikes are the No. 1 seed, but everyone questions their quarterback Case Keenum.

The guy was 4th string now a couple games away from a home gamein the Super Bowl.

Vikes have the defense but the Saints have Drew Brees who like Brady, is a sure hall of famer down the road and has Super Bowl experience with a win.

I like the Saints in a close one.

Lastly we have the Steelers at home vs. the Jags. Pittsburgh is favored and should be, but they are a little off their big years with their defense being not as strong and Big Ben up and down. I didn’t like the fact that the Jags got slammed and scored on at will by the Niners a couple weeks back either.

So I like the Steelers in another close one.

I was on target last week, only missing the call on KC over the Titans and a push but a win with Alabama in the national title game.

So lets see what happens this weekend.




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21 Responses to Glazer: Pigskin Playoffs Ponderings

  1. E.H. says:

    Pats, Steelers, Saints, Falcons

  2. Kerouac says:

    Now that the pretenders (chiefs, et al) have been evacuated from the bowels of football mediocrity: Eagles, Titans, Steelers & Saints advance; Falcons, Cheatriots, Jaguars and Vikings do the swiss shuffle: ‘wait till next year’…


    • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

      Correct – Eagles
      Faceplant – Titans, Steelers, Saints.

      A very Glazer-like performance.

      • CG says:

        Yep I’m stupid nobody in the NFL picked those teams right? Most picked the same as I did but I didn’t see your picks

      • Kerouac says:

        The only sure things in life – death, taxes & the NFL swiss chiefs not making the Superbowl (rimshot/cymbal crash; or is it WAH WAH WAH WAHHHHHHHHHHHHH?)


        Elsewhere, weekend’s results ‘proof positive’ NFL is mediocrity personified, precisely as Kerouac indicated since the beginning 2017 season. As such, chose not who was the better – is no such thing the morass pro football be circa century 21 – rather, chose who He ‘wanted’ to win, raisons His own.

        Teams of destiny? All 32 of them, each & every season, reality… this past weekend’s survivors yet moreso; somethin’s gotta give.

        One team, PHIL, hasn’t won a Championship in 58 years, since 1960… another, MINN, has never won anything in 57 years/lost 4 Superbowl’s… another, JACK, will be playing in their 3rd AFC Championship Game – having never advanced beyond said… the last, NE, with an history of cheating variously, yet has lost 4 of 9 Championship Games/Superbowl’s they’ve played in. According to latter day rubes (including some this very blog), renders them ‘the greatest of all time’… oww, my sides.

        So, three never was’es, and another once dreamed being on par the greatest pro football team of all time the Green Bay Packers, but lost that race/chance theirs years ago (Cheatriots with but 5 Championships in 32 years and in 9 chances compared Packers 5 Championships in 5 and in but 7 years – including 3 straight – makes then peerless (that, and their 13 World Championships all-time, also unmatched the annals pro football.)

        So much for the fallacy that today’s athletes, teams, coaches and QB’s are better than yesteryear’s; they’ve already changed all the rules to benefit the modern game/players – guess all that’s left is for present day folks to change the record system so yesteryear’s cast doesn’t continue to embarrass the modern era, ad nauseam, by way their still reigning superiority.

        The modern NFL as Bilker Belicheck, Shady Brady & Cheatriots same are but poor man’s Packers, Lombardi & Starr, history and the record book affirming.


        • Kerouac says:

          As an whole, modern team’s terms ‘greatness’ possess faces only a mother (or an “we’ll cheat, steal or pay off whoever it takes, long as we are the last team standing, deserving or not”) or a fandom could embrace.

          AFC, JACK didn’t win the game so much PITT mistakes gave the game away. Q: What does it say the supposedly ‘great’? Jaguars defense gives up 42 points yet advances to the Championship Game? A: F-R-A-U-D (not unlike the swiss chiefs who locals called ‘great’ despite getting spanked by Indy 45-44 post season a few seasons back.)

          NFC, a fluke play at the end turns a winner into a loser – not exciting, embarrassing… this what the NFL century 21 claims as ‘quality’ football, ditto that referenced AFC game.

          MLB juices baseballs in order to alter ‘game’ to get more ‘bogus’ home runs, NFL waters down talent league-wide so parity reigns & mediocrity can be labeled ‘greatness.’

          Pathetic. Reason why ther has been no legit Champion in the NFL or MLB since the 1968 season’s ended each sport.

  3. poi dogg says:

    lost the first one

  4. Nick says:

    Wow – so wrong…

    • CG says:

      Crazy playoffs, only one super qb left, Brady…

      • Nick says:

        Call me crazy; put a c-note on the Bikes when the odds were 15/4.

        It’s the sorta story the NFL loves: likable underdogs; never won a SB in 4 tries; would be 1st team to win SB in own stadium; only SB team to have a 2 – 0 half time score; the last time Minnesota hosted the SB it put on the oddest half time show ever… How can the NFL pass that up?

        Gotta be a sure thing…

  5. Jack Springer says:

    Please stop.

    • CG says:

      Jack we can count on you like boomer for bright hate comments with no real input but never predicted anything I’ve ever seen or had any input…so you stop..hows that.

      • Jack Springer says:

        I have no hate …. and you have no expertise in football.

        • CG says:

          Sir I have more than most. So I am in media due to that, picking games is not an exact science as we all know. Its not the measure of what you do or don’t know in a sport, my five produced sports films are some proof of my sports background. What is yours? Oh and my being on hundreds of sports programs in KC and nationally. You may have seen two sports front page stories on me and Ali and Joe when they passed away, my interviews about them and no one else. Just saying…hate on somebody else.

  6. Boom Boom says:

    we have nothing personal against the glaze…just his football picks.
    otherwise he’s a cool dude. That’s the key.
    Keep rolling glaze…but stop picking football. nothing personal…just razing ya.

  7. E.H. says:

    Last week was a tough week..Sure the Pats won..should’ve realized the Jags were really hungry but still, Pit has more talent. Atl blew it. NO blew it.

    • CG says:

      Yes E.H. got ya, most observers went the way I did, but as usual when that happens and there are upsets, I’m a dumb ass. Glad you get that.

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