Glazer: A Look Ahead to the Chiefs, Royals 2018

As Kansas City sports fans, we all know that our Royals are toast for the years to come…

They are in rebuild mode, meaning they will finish near last for the nest several years. Even if they do get Eric Hosmer back.

Therefore our only hope of any post season action in the pros are the Kansas City Chiefs. So let’s look at where we’ve been and where we’re going.

It’s no secret that our franchise has been an embarrassment when we get to the playoffs. The Chiefs have overall the worst postseason record in the history of the NFL. Going back to the days of Marty and beyond.


It all starts with the head coach and quarterback.

In this case with Andy Reid, a 19 year veteran and a man with one Super Bowl appearance with the Eagle that he lost.

Now he’s comfortable just getting to the post season and that’s it. Yes, we have four playoffs in five seasons but all with miserable results with Andy and starting quarterback, Alex Smith.

Even in games where the Chiefs have solid leads by the third quarter, Andy tends to step off the gas peddle and play not to lose.

The play calling is less aggressive and calls for runs and short throws for the most part. Play it safe, don’t turn the ball over and let’s get a field goal maybe.

Well, as we’ve seen that doesn’t work in the post season. Or even in regular season much with good teams or on the road. 

A bigger indictment of Reid is his being a “players coach.”

Let’s face it our defense is just soft. They don’t hit hard enough to stop the running game as you saw against the Titans. We couldn’t even tackle their quarterback. He ran over six and seven defenders who tried to arm tackle him and just bounced off of them!

Yes, a couple players do hit hard – Derrick Johnson and Justin Houston as well as Chris Jones. 

The rest not so much.

It’s time to release defenseve coach Bob Sutton and move on.

Our offensive line doesn’t often blow opposing defenders backwards, making our rushing game poor or a non factor. So we need a new O line group of coaches.

In the end, Reid is responsible for his coaching staff. While we have had a couple offensive coordinators chosen to be head coaches elsewhere, many of the rest are just not getting it done.

So do the Chiefs need to fire Andy?

His style is not working beyond the regular season.

Alex Smith is part of the problem.

While his stats are wonderful, he just can’t get it done late in the big games. He never has in the post season.

At age 34 and making $20 million next season, with Smith’s current trade value the Chiefs need to make the switch to Patrick Mahomes

Mahomes is not going to play it safe like Smith did. Sure, there will be growing pains, but he seems to have that killer instinct and the ability to make the big plays happen when needed.

We will see.

Trust me, the Chiefs are not going to let Reid go now. However, needing draft picks and cap room Smith totally needs to go.

There is a slight chance to redo Smith’s contract and maybe he stays and backs up Mahomes to give him more guidance.

However Smith could bring a bundle in a trade to Miami, Arizona, the Jags, even Denver – heaven forbid. He’s a steady Eddie and of value to teams who are close to moving to the next level.

As WHB’s Kevin Kietzman says, “Insanity is doing the same things over and over again and expecting a different result.”

Like the Chiefs.

He also says that the Chiefs will never win another Super Bowl.


It’s failed organization as far as being a big time winner is concerned. No Super Bowl since 1970 for the 1969 season.

That’s nearly half a century. Damn.

I think with Mahomes next year it will at least be exciting. So let the good times roll, see you next year Chiefs fans.

Oh yeah, Kietzman mentioned offering Bill Cowher a ten year $100 million dollar deal. He’d make us tough and quick and makes half or less that behind the mic. Or Nick Saban?

Dream with m baby!
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5 Responses to Glazer: A Look Ahead to the Chiefs, Royals 2018

  1. Jack Springer says:

    Looks like the Royals will end up in first place this year.

  2. Kerouac says:

    “our only hope of any post season action in the pros are the Kansas City Chiefs. ”

    – will you be having the cyanide or the usual phenol, swiss fandom?

    Nod a recipe for disaster, swiss prefer to scrub their roster and get younger, ‘Pine’-Sol; winning the goal 2018, Smith. KC waited a long time to obtain an decent QB: consider the parade of dreck between their last above average QB Trent Green after his exit end 2006 and Smith’s arrival in 2013 – Huard, Croyle, Thigpen, Gray, Cassel, Palko, Orton & Quinn. ‘Pine’ will have less experience than any of them; yeah, good times ahead.

    Stats Todd Blackledge vs Patrick Mahomes:

    Year one/rookies:

    Blackledge: 20 of 34, 58.8%, 259 yards, 3 tds, 0 ints, 112.3 QB rating
    Mahomes: 22 of 35, 62.9%, 284 yards, 0 tds, 1 ints, 58.2 QB rating

    Year two:

    Blackledge: 147 of 294, 50.0%, 1707 yards, 6 tds, 11 ints, 59.2 rating
    Mahomes: ? ? ? ? ?

    Upshot: the swiss don’t make post season if Alex Smith leaves; wait till next year, part 2019, verse 50


  3. E.H. says:

    Captain Checkdown is GONE..Welcome to KC Patrick Mahomes!

  4. J Fish says:

    Last time I checked Alex Smith doesn’t play defense and niether do the Chiefs. Smith didn’t blow the lead against the Titans.I don’t care who’s the quarterback next year the Chiefs will not make the playoffs.

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