Glazer: Scribes Waxes Poetic & Positive

What was once a given is now finally about to happen…

The Kansas City Chiefs will win their second straight division title for the first time in their entire history. Yes, KC likely will defeat the Miami Dolphins at Arrowhead Sunday and secure the playoff spot with that win or a Chargers loss.

Maybe all that’s left in this regular season will be to wonder if will Pat Mahomes will play next week against Denver, should the Chiefs wrap it up this week.

It would be easy to think the Chiefs might let down a bit after two big wins over the Raiders and Chargers, but they all know this is a must win game. If KC plays anything close the game they did last week, they win. Miami has nothing to play for but pride and it’s COLD  here so that should help as well.

I have to take KC over Miami but I don’t like the 10 points you have to give up.

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Isn’t it a big strange that perhaps the Chiefs biggest star, Tyreek Hill, is almost never interviewed by the media?

We all know the issue his domestic violence case a few years back before he was a Chief. Still with Hill being an All Pro, a fan fave and one of most exciting players in the league, isn’t it okay now for him to talk to press? Why not?

What are the Chiefs trying to hide?

We all can only imagine how many  touchdown throws he may get from Pat Mahomes coming up next season if Pat turns out to be what we all hope.  Come on Chiefs, let the guy speak.

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One big question: will Alex Smith be back next year?

I think if Andy Reid had his way the answer is yes.

Then again, Smith’s $17 million salary, our low number of draft picks combined with the need to get Mahomes going and Smith’s age and the fact after next year we get nothing for him seem to say no, he won’t be back.

And what if we go to the AFC title game or Super Bowl with Alex? Never say never.

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Bowl Action, anyone?

I like MU over Texas in a battle and K-State over UCLA. 

Those are both fun match-ups.

Have a nice holiday weekend. All of us are looking forward to the playoffs now.

A win would likely send KC to Pittsburgh or New England.

Oh joy!
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