Glazer: Scribe’s Game Day Analysis & Look Ahead

Once again Marcus Peters is the star of the Chiefs defense…

With two strip fumbles and a recovery Peters stopped two likely scoring drives with his outstanding ability to take the ball away. Yes, Peters should be on the Pro bowl squad of course. He isn’t but might be added with an injury or someone who can’t play.

The Chiefs won their 1st back-to-back division titles in KC history.

Head coach Andy Reid takes his Chiefs to the fourth playoff  trip in four years, missing only once. They talk will soon begin as to if he is our second best all-time coach behind Hank Stram, passing Marty for the two spot soon. Reid could be THE MAN with a Super Bowl win of course. Or maybe we just get there.

The Chiefs beat an average Miami Dolphins team 29-16 today behind an offensive line giving Alex Smith time to throw. Kareem Hunt got a few short yard pick ups and a couple good runs, for  just under 100 yards rushing, Travis Kelce had a rare red zone 3rd down TD catch and of course the insane great play of All Pro, superstar, Tyreek Hill with one TD and a couple other athletic catches for over 100 yards.

The Chiefs defense was giving up large runs and pass plays and bent and didn’t break.

They made Dolphin’s QB Jay Cutler look great save his fumbles from snap.

Lots of missed tackles and no pass rush as well as poor coverage at times. Not a great effort, but we won. That kind of play in the post season will make sure we don’t advance.

Smith played well overall with a plus 300 yard passing game and a 4,000 yard passing season, his first ever and 5th all time for KC.

This was only the second time in NFL history a team had a 4,000 yard quarterback, and 1,000 yard rusher, receiver and tight end. The only other time was in 1981 with the San Diego Chargers.

There were issues on offense; the usual we couldn’t score much in the red zone. Hunt had one TD near the goal line on a rush but otherwise not effective on short yardage in the red zone. We had a couple drops from Kelce and one TD drop from Albert Wilson.

Two remaining questions:

Will rookie QB Pat Mahomes play New Year’s Eve against Denver now that the game has no meaning to KC other than practice for playoffs. And who will KC face at Arrowhead in a couple weeks in the first round of the playoffs.

Oh and one more thing, how far can KC go in the playoffs?

I give the Chiefs lots of credit for coming back and winning the division when they were so awful for almost two months and looked dead. Now they look pretty good. How far can they go? I have no idea,. I hope all the way!

Merry Christmas.
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6 Responses to Glazer: Scribe’s Game Day Analysis & Look Ahead

  1. Richard Cranium says:

    Why is there no editing done to this buffoon’s ramblings? It’s as though he was gifted a 7th grade education, but then wasted it on…….whatever he’s been doing for the last 58 years since.

  2. E.H. says:

    Question CG. Now that Nagy has shown he has a knack for play calling is he now going to leave the Chiefs in the off season for more money/greener pastures?

  3. Boom Boom says:

    richard cranium? and i thought i had to most fun names on kcc.
    Well glaze you were wrong again. But who didn’t expect your picks to be the
    worst of the worst ever. Even a female soccer player from texas tech beat you
    (Ms. Mcnamara from kctv 5) an she creamed you.
    So someone asked about nagy and yes, he’ll be considered for some head
    coach jobs since so many are open.
    But glaze, I think the chiefs have something different. An experienced quarterback
    (who’s #2 in the league and who you hate), travis who will double teamed again
    by opponents but can still catch the ball, a home field game, deep offensive threats,
    some experienced defensive players, and the ability to beat the steelers.
    There’s some really unique about this team….they play with an attitude. Even marcus
    peters (who is hated by kc fans) has that attitude like deon sanders did with cowboys.
    You’re an idiot like all those other fans who turned on marcus this season. Obviously
    you never watched deon sanders. These outside db’s are paid to cover receivers and
    get turnovers!!!!!!!!!!! They are not paid to tackle! Watch old tape of deon and see
    how many tackles he missed but switzer didn’t really care because he could cover
    any receiver one on one and leave the rest of the defensive players to play agressively
    on any part of the field.
    But we expect that from you glaze. You know nothing about sports.
    So please move on in 2018 and stfu about sports. You are the jinx.
    This team…if they get the right playcalling can beat both the steelers and pats.
    They could be the astros of the nfl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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