Boom Boom: And to all, a Goodnight!

Merry Christmas to all my gentile friends and Happy Hanukahh to my Jewish friends…

Now here’s what I wish for my friends on KC Confidential:

1. Paul Wilson (aka “Wislon”):  A new personality. Where did you go?

2. Dwight Sutherland (aka “Suthy”): A book on english lit to read by the firelite of your fireplace because no one else wants to read it and it bores the hell out of 95% of the world.

3. Chuck: A new hardhat to protect you at work.

4. David Nelson: Just keep on keeping on in showing the Glaze he doesn’t know anything about sports.

5. Kerowacky: Another year of life. New medicines are on the way. And we all would
miss your long gibberish outdated, outmoded form of journalism that once caught
the fancy of the reading public and the hope that you don’t pick against the
Chiefs every week because you look like an old fool in your 80’s!

6. Hearne: more exciting nights counting lights on holiday homes. What a wonderful
read it would be to have you count the lights strung downtown or to guess the
attendance at Jazzoo or any of the city’s social events. Hey hey, how about guessing
the attendance at the Chiefs game which the idiots on KCC believe is decreasing.
And of course holy matrimony with your new girl friend and significant other.


In 2018 we all wish you’d stop guessing game scores. You’ve been shown to be
a complete disgrace to bookies and bettors everywhere. Maybe get with your
dog Junior and have him lick you every time you win a game. That should keep
Junior very inactive.

Secondly we wish you luck in 2018 in your new venture.

May the downtown Millenials finally understand comedy because right now they’re not laughing at anything except the TVs they watch in their parents basement and the uber taxis they take everywhere they go.

We do hope your downtown location is a success….after the Legends and Joco
it has the be!!!!

The third time is the charm.

But most importantly we’re going to send you a certificate for hair removal and
a fitness membership. You only need to see the picks on this site to see it’s sorely
needed. Or get a Harry’s razor and shave your body.

May you have a Happy Hanukkah, although we know you are agnostic but what the hell….being a Jew gets you 8 presents…and who can’t use 8 cool presents in 8 days.

Love to all and thanks for contnuing to be fans/readers/disciples and now followers
of the one an only HARLEY/BOOM BOOM.

See ya in 2018 unless the chiefs win the western division….then it’s fireworks!

Remember I love you all. thanks for the memories.

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11 Responses to Boom Boom: And to all, a Goodnight!

  1. Jim a.k.a. BWH says:

    Warmest Season’s Greetings, CG. Keep deflecting all those slings and arrows and keep putting yourself out there. I can always count on monumental swings in your opinion based upon the weekly results of your beloved Chiefs/Royals. That’s called being a fan!


    • CG says:

      Thanks Jim, glad to see the Chiefs turn around…floored me and I’m glad now I have games to watch over the holidays that I care about.

  2. CG says:

    Thanks for the photo display Hearne on about 4 stories…hey I don’t even remember taking some of those…Merry Xmas Happy holidays and I guess people now more easily know what I look like besides my radio voice.

  3. David Nelson says:

    Honestly not sure if I’m frightened or honored to be in a Harley/boom boom post. For the record I don’t think anyone can consistently beat the spread. Teams are bipolar and you never know which one is going to show up. I enjoy watching CG try to figure out – mostly by teasing favorites. I’m sure at some point he will get on a roll and put together a string of wins.

    • CG says:

      Well David agreed, this year is bout over so thats gonna be a short list, but I’ve had some good ones before, crazy year in the NFL they always are…Happy holidays to you and yours.

    • Boom Boom says:

      ask anyone who knows naything about football betting. They will tell you
      teasers are sucker bets. The houses love them. The odds are bad and
      this year and as most (although we never kept track) glaze ran below30%
      for the year. That’s bankruptcy territory. That’s big losses. No there
      were not that many surprises, but when you push the numbers like he
      does….when his mind changes eery 5 mintues you can’t playteasers.
      They’re just too hard to win. I offered to bet him and he backed out.
      Loser leaves kcc. And since hearnecan control my comments he could have
      just eerased my comments. BUT NOOOOOOOO…..glaze backed out like
      he has in other areas…should we say JOCO? Anyway…despite his
      despicable insults the chiefs are inthe playoffs again. What happens now
      is anyone’s guess…but Boom Boom thinks they could be asleeper like
      the ravens.
      But it is funny….boom boom owns this site…more ink than even hearne.
      Thanks to all my readers/disciples and followers and probably many of
      my customers in 2018 for another great year.
      Truth is…i love to gt under these guys skin. It breaks up my day and me
      and my people get a laugh from the comments.
      See ya in 2018. Come on down to power and ligght on new years. I’ll be the
      guy wearing the 2018 happy new year hat.

  4. chuck says:

    Merry Christmas Harley.

  5. Boom Boom says:

    To my good buddy glaze.
    Football is a game. I realize it’s not that important in our daily lives but i get a kick
    out of your responses to my giving you the “biz”.
    I truly wish you a great new year….a successful new business…along with more
    pics come spring and the royals.
    Without you…kcc would be just another blog.
    And you hearne….wish we could meet….your mouth would go OMG!!!!!!
    sO happy new year….you’re already wealthy so I’ll just wish that you healthy
    and GET WISE! (LOL)

    • CG says:

      That you are Boom Boom.

      • CG says:

        P.S. Harley speaking of the Royals Jeff Flannigan, who was once one of my closest pals, has said on radio and his Fox blogs the Royals are looking to keep Eric Hosmer, dump the other stars including Duffey, Moose and Cain. Why? The team is in rebuild, they need money for young guys and the Royals will not be a contender for several years to come, so Eric has to agree to lead the way with the new guys and perhaps lead the team to the playoffs a few years from now…will he? The talk is a 120 million dollar deal for him. Eric wanted New York or Boston, but they are loaded with new guys for big bucks. The Padres want him but are also a bad team, but a nice city to live in…my guess is he won’t stay and perhaps go to another big city market..if our G.M. does Atlanta perhaps there.

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