Glazer: The Topsy Turvey World of Chiefs Football

Those darn Chiefs


Yes, it was a defensive gem for three quarters as our Chiefs shutdown the Oakland Raiders offense with a strong effort from their defensive line. The Kansas City pass defense was very good for the first time all season. And considering their only true star on defense Marcus Peters was benched that was even more surprising.

You could see the energy coming from the Chiefs players. They wanted this one badly and wanted to prove they weren’t done. They did that with a 26-15 victory, their first in over a month that snapped a four game losing streak.

At 7-6 our Chiefs remain in a first place tie with the LA Chargers who crushed a good Washington Redskins team Sunday.

The Chiefs offense was also better overall.

Alex Smith threw for 268 yards, but was still cold in the red zone and had no TD throws. Still a good effort. Kareem Hunt came back to life with 116 yards on the ground, his first 100 yard game since September. Nice. No big runs to speak of but steady and got some needed short gains for first downs finally. Tyreek Hill proved he is the man with more big plays and 75 yards on 4 receptions. Travis Kelce had a good game with 7 catches for 74 yards. Even Albert Wilson was a factor with 5 receptions for 72 yards and a big, closing first down catch.

It was a team WIN!

I felt the Chiefs couldn’t beat a decent Raider team the way they had been playing with a no name defense that had been lousy. I was wrong, they all showed up and did their jobs.

As I have stated many times, I’d love to see our team win the division, make the playoffs and go deep. Clearly it sure didn’t look possible anymore. Now they have a real shot at the post season. If KC can defeat the dangerous Chargers at Arrowhead this coming Sunday it would be their second straight division title.

Can they do it?

Maybe if players like Justin Houston show up – he had 3 big tackles and 1 sack – and defenders like Terrance Mitchell lead the way with 4 tackles and 1 INT, anything could be possible. Chris Jones had several pressures and a sack. Reggie Ragland stood tall and guys who had just been going through the motions played hard to get the needed win.

Andy Reid was beaming and so was Don Sutton, they finally got it done when it counted.

Now comes the final game that will decide the division title.


Kansas City defeated the 0-4 Chargers in LA early in the year. However the Chargers have come roaring back with big wins and now have a 7-6 record as well. Many observers feel the Chargers are a dangerous post season team if they get in the picture.

The Chargers may be the third best team in the AFC behind the Pats and Steelers. Beating the Chargers will be much harder than defeating the Raiders at home.

But hey, that Arrowhead crowd and magic were a sight to see.

Can they do it again this week?

‘That’s why they play the games.’ You never know, maybe the Chiefs have found themselves. We shall see.

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13 Responses to Glazer: The Topsy Turvey World of Chiefs Football

  1. CG says:

    The Chiefs/Chargers game is on Saturday evening at 8pm, so once again a full national audience to see our Chiefs and KC on the tube. After last nights big win over the Pats, the Miami Dolphins are a factor as well. KC will play them after the Chargers. Soooo even a win with the LA team won’t end it, Chiefs would likely need at least one more over LA or Denver and the way everyone is playing ‘who knows’….but first things first. The LA Chargers will be the best team the Chiefs face since likely before the Cowboys who beat us….it will not be easy. Chiefs will need some magic.

  2. Jim a.k.a. BWH says:

    Bob Sutton.

    CG, Smith had 2 sure red-zone TD’s dropped by Kelce and Harris. That’s not on him.

    The Bolts are playing really good football right now. Scary game Saturday night. But, Chiefs have owned the AFC West for the last couple of years, so I expect that to continue.

    I didn’t see a prediction. Just a question. Who ya got?

    • CG says:

      Jim of course we all want to see KC win it,,but if I have to pick hard to go against the surging Chargers…they are just playing way better than the Chiefs who lets fact it pulled off a near miracle Sunday…can they do it again at home on national tv Sat. nite, perhaps…but my bet pick would be the Chargers…hey I’ve been wrong many times so you never know…I think most experts will pick the Chargers…for good reason…hope the Chiefs play as last week against the Raiders…

      • Jim a.k.a. BWH says:

        “Chiefs pulled off a near miracle….”

        That’s the kind of hyperbole that limits your credibility, CG.

        Chiefs are at home, favored to win against a team that hasn’t beat the Chiefs at home in 5 years. Additionally, Chiefs have OWNED the AFC West for a couple of years.

        How on Earth could this be considered a miracle?

      • hearne II says:

        dunce…fool…whatever you want to call yourself glazo you
        can because after picking those horrible chargers against
        the chiefs in a full out drunk filled arrowheard you are now
        officially out of it.
        The cheifs won seven straight against the chargers and it
        was evident from the start that the chargers were not
        good enough to be 7-6 and the cheifs much better than their
        Here’s the chargers problems:
        1. rivers is old. At least 7 times he threw long to receivers with
        double and triple coverage. His receivers had no idea what to do. Worst performance i’ve ever seen. Antonio Gates looked about 60 pounds overweight but he’s still going to hall of fame.
        Rivers is horrible and his receivers are even worse. He made the chiefs secondary look like all pros…..even marcus peters…who can’t tackle anyone in open field but can catch a pass thrown right into his hands. And he did a pretty job of running with those IT’s.
        2. The western division is the worst in football. Whoever is
        lucky to win thedivision will have a tough time getting by
        the wild card team they play. Hopefully it’s not a hot team.
        Chiefs should have had this division wrapped up in week 9 or 10….because when smith understands his role he’s got some offensiveweapons that stand out.

        As far as glazo:
        1. This pick was horrible. Chiefs beat their division rivals seven
        straight. Chargers are a sad team. An to pick them in arrowhead is pure stupidity. Yes…as you said you’ve been wrong many times…the worst this year. You can fabricate and
        hide from the facts but your record is now well under 30% and
        in my next column I’ll show you how bad that really is. Had
        you taken your dog junior…put 2 bowls of food on the ground each representing a team and took the team junior ate from and
        picked that team you woul have been better off. Had you picked teams by throwing darts you wold have been bettter off.
        So please stop. We’ve seen enough. Don’t dig yourself a bigger
        Had it not been for your partner hearnes not allowing us to
        pick teams and the loser no longer being able to post on kcc
        you would have been long gone and writing only on tony’s
        blog of crime and racism.
        Please…please stop. We have seen enough
        But there is good news. Your new downtown location is opening and that should go well with all those millenials down there who have taken over the area. Good luck there.
        Wish you the best.
        your longtime friend and longtime critic…Boom Boom.

        • CG says:

          Harley again you are all over it…me picking Chargers was so stupid right, nobody in America did but me, right? The way the league is now its a tough call on any game these days. My pix are for fun, you didn’t pick much and have never really broken down a game before it happens as I do. My saying KC was a bad team was dead on for weeks, they were, now they improved, hope they win it all.

    • Shawnster says:

      Don’t forget they also had a TD throw to Kelcee called back for a bogus ineligible receiver man downfield call away from the play.

  3. glaze’s prediction….he’ll pick the end loser to win. It’s his pattern. Can;t you see
    it. He’s a jinx…..just look at the incredible 30% win percentage.
    but hey its glazo bozo and without his stories hearne would have to write something
    besides banging on kids at the plaza lighting or the star or the paper that never was…
    the pitch. I mean it was a free paper given out of old metal boxes and most
    people like glaze read it for the personals and porn phone number.
    Hardly a major player in the media in kc except in hearne’s head. And from what
    we’ve read lately….
    by the way boom boom has seen coach self get very hostile towards his players
    this year….says there’s no dogs on the team. compares them with last years
    stars. But I’ve never seen him insult players like he is this year. And he looks
    tired and overweight and his piece is looking bad too (maybe glazo can help him
    out in that area)…..just not the same self we’ve seen (and even this mizzzou fan
    thinks he’s the best coach in college) buut it just seems he’s either bored or
    tired of the same routine. Will be interesting if he wants a chnage of scenery
    because the nba has about 5 or 6 major openings he could walk into. Jusst my
    opinion but he’s just not sounding the same in news conferences. He seems tired
    and looks down. Could he move east to the only job he would probably take in
    college? Just something for glaze to talk about.

  4. E.H. says:

    It looks like the Chiefs have righted the ship, they’ve had two weeks in a row where their offense has been humming. These Chargers are pretty much an ultimate test..either we win and keep our AFC West title or we lose and become the vanquished.

    • CG says:

      Agreed E.H.. not sure we have righted the ship….this Charger team is right now a super bowl contender we are not….so its uphill for sure.

      • E.H. says:

        We’re looking good right now. We’re almost certainly in the playoffs, maybe we can win one but then either the Steelers or Patriots loom after that. Wow, just think for us to get to the big dance we have to prob beat BOTH the Pats and the Steelers in their house.. In other words, we almost have to do the impossible!

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