Glazer: Scribe Saddles Back Up…Sums Up the Sad Toll

I’ll say one thing for the Chiefs

They have sure gotten more national attention than ever of late. The NFL and sports media just can’t get over their infamous fall from grace. To be honest, other teams have started out 5-0 and not made the playoffs.

In fact, the Chiefs with Andy Reid started 9-0 a few seasons back and were terrible at season’s end – losing game one at home in the playoffs.

This year we got tons more attention because KC was the nationally featured team on more games than any other NFL club. They shocked the NFL world with their one and only huge win over the Patriots on Thursday Night Football.

They followed with four more wins, but nothing topped that monster upset at New England. The trick plays, the bombs to Tyreek Hill, the record pacing running of rookie Kareem Hunt and the strong play of Travis Kelce.

Then came the Pittsburgh Steelers and it all came crashing down.

Not because the Chiefs lost, but how they lost. They turned back into the mediocr team they really are.

Alex Smith looked like the journeyman quarterback he always has been, Kareem Hunt was stopped and would be for the rest of the season. Our defense stunk, as it really has all year but is worse now.

Cinderella saw the clock strike midnight.

It was a bit shocking to see the media darling fall every week and become the worst team in the NFL – a team that possibly won’t win one game the rest of the season. 

Now the first place Raiders, come to town tied with KC.

The Raiders too have been a big dud.

Most picked them to win the division and challenge the Pats for the AFC title. Then quarterback Derek Carr got hurt and hasn’t been on his game. The Raiders have locker room issues like Kansas City. Carr is now doing better and the Raiders are playing decent, nut not great ball while Kansas City looks to be a team that has quit on their coach, their fans and themselves.

Blaming the loss of Eric Berry in game one is silly.

We won the next four games without him, why? Because of the offense, which is now gone.

The Chiefs never had a defense.

There isn’t a leader or star on the defensive side of the ball.

Yes, Marcus Peters can be outstanding, but he’s not a one man band, never was.

Peters is benched for the Raiders game for bad behavior. Boy, that will sure help, huh.

The only other name star, Justin Houston, has been near worthless as of late.

In fact, the Chiefs will look to deal him after the season if possible. He only makes $20 million a year…good luck with that trade. Justin hurt his knee and it’s never been back to normal, so he can give you a game or two early on and that’s it. Houston had more than 20 sacks a couple seasons ago and got the team’s highest payday, plus a $90 million contract. Now he is a big bust.

We have no other player of note on the defense.

We all know about the offense, no running back, quarterback that’s not capable of overcoming the problems, a poor offensive line, one great receiver in Hill, and Kelce who seems to play more for the camera early in games, then go on vacation when needed the second half and can’t get open.

All bad.

We’ve all heard this before.

So can we beat the Raiders? NO!

It’s highly unlikely and we are favored by 4 points. Guess it’s time to fly to Vegas, huh?

As we saw, KC was favored in all 6 games and they lost – several by double digits.

Carr should rip our defenseless secondary to shreds. We have no pass rush so it should be easy. KC can’t stop the run.

The list of problems is endless.

A win would be a miracle for KC.

The Chargers will have a tough game with the Redskins, so if they lose Oakland may end up with the division and who knows from there.

I’d have to say Oakland 31, KC 20.







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28 Responses to Glazer: Scribe Saddles Back Up…Sums Up the Sad Toll

  1. CG says:

    SHOCKER CHIEFS WIN…Defense showed up for once. Even Hunt had a hundred yards rushing. So next week with Chargers decides it…I was wrong the Chiefs had a game left in them.

    • hahahahaha…please hearne…stop it….I can’t stop laughing!
      hahaahha! please this guy is the funniest guy i saw since roy moore denied
      molesting those young girls.
      please hearne….hahahahahaha! My sides are hurting from this guys stories…
      they are actually making me think this guy has a serious problem with trying
      to understand the game of football.
      hearne….can you get glazo to write more often…there’s nothing funnier than
      his stories….please i can’t take it anymore~!!!!!!!He’s funnier than hart/rock
      and williams all put together…..he should do standup about the chiefs and

      • admin says:

        He will be doing standup about the Chiefs and Royals when the new Stanford’s opens this coming week!

        • good luck glaze with the new spot. Hope things work out. Downtown has boomed and businesses have picked up downtown so it might be your one good move you’ve made. Will Bobby Slayton be there. Haven’t seen him ina long time. But you’ll have to figure out how to attract all the millenials down there and not feature the old talent
          you did in op and at the legends.
          good luck again!

  2. Always Been Here says:

    Honest question – how does the recent backlash to Hollywood’s mysogonistic movie makers affect the chances of a guy like Glazier getting his book made into a movie?

    • CG says:

      Been Here, why in God’s name would that have anything to do with me? My movie is a true life, action picture like Butch and Sundance…has little to do with sex other than my girlfriend in the script…the story takes place when I was 18 and ends when I am in my 20’s…any other strange questions?

      • Dan says:

        Ive got one…
        Why In the hell do you think you know what you’re talking about when it comes the picks?

        • CG says:

          Dan just saw this, why do I think I know the games? Well I did pretty well in years past..this year not so much, happens..tough year to call it…if you look at other analysts picks on tv or radio most miss badly this year…like Chiefs being favored in all but one game they lost in their six loses, yet they lost…even against bad teams, so tough calls.

          Why do I think I’m good at it, my past and my knowledge of pro football which is better than my college knowledge…having done so many sports movies, working with the Chiefs in the 90’s on events and knowing the players and their habits, etc…still you never know and its just for fun….thanks for asking.

  3. David Nelson says:

    1-2 for the week. 15-23 for the year

    • CG says:

      Yes David I trust your numbers, I haven’t checked…poor year for my calls, but its been a very tough year to call as we all know…there is not getting even this season, perhaps we can have a good post season record…thanks for keeping track.

      • David Nelson says:

        CG – teams are bipolar, it’s as simple as that. And not just this year. I gave up a long time ago trying to figure out who was going to show up. But I enjoy watching you try.

  4. hahahahahahaha…..a real loser that glazo bozo. He wrote another “fine” column for
    his buddy hearne and made himself the biggest fool in thecity. 80K at the stadium
    were cheering for the team an you had the worst article ever. Why does hearne
    let you write these stories and make these picks? And your teaser….now that
    went well…your the ultimate loser in sports.
    Hearne…friends don’t let friends make complete idiots of themselves…before we laughed only at wislon. Now its a regular laugh
    at glazo bozo.
    The chiefs lost their way but hunt/rush/kelce/smith all showed up today.
    Wipe the egg off your face before you go to the stripper bars. They might think
    it’s strange!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hahahahahahahahahahah

  5. glazo bozo fails to understand the game of football.

    He just can’t figure out anything about sports besides being wrong ALL THE TIME.
    Please hearne….have him write more stories. The 10 people who read his stuff
    need a good laugh every week.
    what a goofball he is!

  6. Glaze is at 30% correct for the season.
    He’d be bankrupt if he was in vegas making these bets.
    And he swears he’s an expert!!!!!!!!!!!

    • CG says:

      Harley will you please find something to do…you call nothing, explain nothing you’ve had no picks for weeks, so WTF are you talking about, my call that the Raiders would defeat KC….boy was I dumb, nobody else was calling that huh? Even channel 5 and Rich Baldinger a Homer and ex Chief said no way for KC, the team is too far gone. BUT they pulled it up and put it out there and won…I hope they win the division. I have to call the team as I see it and I saw the fall early and often…I’m glad they won and hope they beat the Chargers but I WILL HAVE TO PICK THE CHARGERS WHO ARE MAYBE A REAL PLAYOFF CONTENDER…we are not barring the miracle of miracles, I’d like to see that. By contender I mean to win the AFC, which looks Pats to me.

      • glaze you chickened out on our bet. I’ll pick games…no teasers..
        straight up and the one of us who loses goes off kc confidential forever.
        Hearne can control my comments so it would be easy to do.
        But you chickened out. Sqwak…sqwak!~
        I did pick 2-3 weeks of games and beat you bad but why
        waste time going over stats/players/games etc. if theres nothing to win. You chickened out and now with 30% right you are probably glad you didn’t bet boom boom cause you’d be writing to yourself every week.
        I would have taken you off kcc forever!
        But you didn’t want to do the bet and now you look the part of a
        fool. I would have annihilated you. And no…it’s been a good
        year for betting. My friend is at 68% and rolling! You…30% and gasping for money.
        So please don’t insult the people on here. I offered the bet. You turned it down because you were a “CHICKENHAWK”….HAHAHAHAH.
        Pretty simple explanation of why you backed out! And i can understand having read the ridiculous articles you write on cheifs and royals every week.

      • you wanna bet on chargers game glazo?

  7. E.H. says:

    Hey Glaze, I understand the doom and gloom for the Chiefs but I like the fact that we’re barely hanging on week to week. Most of us fans know how much the odds are stacked against us but come Sunday we get super excited watching the drama unfold! Today was huge, I knew we’d beat the Raiders since they beat us in Oct. The playcalling is back in line and the defense stepped up too. Yes, it was in front of a rabid home crowd but that’s what Arrowhead is all about.
    Yes, I’m in Florida and I can do things outside this time of year but I remember how it was when I went through Decembers in Blue Springs. Brutally cold, windy, dark early, no leaves on trees, etc. Staying warm inside with our X-Mas tree lights on and watching late night TV with Uncle Ed(freaky ped), those memories are still crystal clear after so many years!
    I don’t know exactly how Blue Springs turned into such a ghetto, it’s heartbreaking..I guess if I was back there I’d have to move to Lee’s Summit or Overland Park. Okay, back to golf, sun, and beach. Go Chiefs!

  8. Jim a.k.a. BWH says:

    2,942 yds, 18 TD’s, 10 INT’s, 5 fumbles, QB Rating 88.8

    3,507 yds, 23 TD’s, 5 INT’s, 2 fumbles, QB Rating 104.4

    Pick Carr’s & Smith’s 2017 stats.

    Yesterday’s game was a fun one to watch. The final score didn’t come close to reflecting how dominate the Chiefs were. I think they already stepped on the weenies and blew their chance to walk away with the AFC West with their poor play in the previous month. But, sure was fun to kick the snot out of those dreaded Raiders. Sets up a critical showdown with the Bolts on Saturday.

    Hope you didn’t make that trip to Vegas, CG! Ouch.

    • CG says:

      NOPE too busy getting our downtown club ready…so thank goodness no.

      • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

        Glaze, what acts do you have lined up? The wife and I love going to comedy shows and the Improv’s rotation of the same shit comics got old a long time ago.

        • CG says:

          With short notice to open and not being sure when we’d get our license scheduling the shows is going on now…we open with KC comic of the year Richard Montano, Pat Ryan, female kc comic of the year Maeret Lemons and April Biggerstaff, fun line up this week, shows at 7pm nightly through Saturday and Sunday a city wide event with area comics and comedy, poets and more at 7PM. 813 Walnut.

          • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

            Any chance of getting comics like Joey Diaz, Kate Quigley (total smokeshow), Doug Stanhope?

          • hearne II says:

            when is dynomite coming back.
            Or tj?
            go big or go home. why so much emphasis
            on local talent that few people know.
            Bring on the big names. You got a captured
            audience downtown and people are hungry
            for some live stuff.
            good luc.

  9. CG says:

    Yes David Nelson, saw your comment about how hard it is to predict the games and outcome, always has been or we’d all be rich, ha. Example 3 games I would have in the past likely flown out to bet big on in Vegas, but did not …were KC at New England, Raiders over Chiefs here and last nights Patriots over Miami that wouldn’t have been as big with the large spread and Pats history of losing at Miami, still I’d have lost them all.

    Years back the Chiefs were my go to team to bet against whenever they played strong teams on the road and I won all of them…some were tough, no easy wins…usually…I lost two big ones on the Pats, they usually won but didn’t cover..its a tough call always. In todays games even harder, I don’t see myself going out there again to go big on a bet in football, smaller fun bets perhaps its just too tough. You see the ‘experts’ picks and they usually don’t fare well either…they just pick the winners and lose most of those without the spread…not a great way to make a living huh. Agreed.

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