Glazer: Scribe Throwing in the Towel on This Year’s Chiefs

The Chiefs offense and Alex Smith tried hard to win today’s game against the bottom feeder New York Jets.

So what do they have to show for it?

Another loss to a non playoff, bad team. This was the Chiefs fourth loss in a row. Though they had a 14-0 lead early in the first quarter, they were soon out of the game. Why? No defense, it’s a joke. Darrelle Revis was a huge joke, he couldn’t play at all. When he tried to tackle a receiver or runner they just pushed him away and ran over him. To say he stunk, is an understatement, as did the entire defense.

KC lost the game 38-31 giving up a game ending touchdown to the Jets who they could not stop at day.

The Chiefs held the Jets to what would have been a field goal at game’s end, but after giving them 3 penalties to keep the drive going inside their 5 yard line, that was a bit much. Then of course they gave up a 2 point conversion. 

Alex Smith looked good at times with four touchdown throws,- including two bombs to super star Tyreek Hill. However Travis Kelce who had two TD’s early, as always went on vacation at the half never to be heard from again. Kareem Hunt still can’t run and even though Alex hit Hill late in the game at the Jets 25, you knew it was over.

A bad team is just that. BAD!

Of course, Alex needs to go.

He just can’t lead the team to a win anymore. However this team is so bad everywhere that  rookie quarterback Pat Mahomes couldn’t help. Nobody can.

It’s a very bad, poorly coached NFL team & some players have already checked out.

Next year as the rebuild begins, you have to replace most of the defense find at least two new O lineman, a running back – WE NEED HELP.

It’s safe to say this current team is one of the three worst teams in the NFL.

Next year we say goodbye to Alex Smith, Derrick Johnson (who tried hard today to end his career), Tamba Hali, hopefully Eric Fisher, Dee Ford  & PLEASE, many more.

I’m sorry folks it’s just a very, very untalented ball club, less Tyreek Hill.

The Chiefs should lose all the rest of their games and maybe win one against a horrid Denver team which matters not. Chargers win the division, Raiders second, Chiefs 3rd.

The coaching is poor and its time to look for newer younger leaders at head coach and defensive coach. Both have failed badly. BADLY. That includes Andy who says he can fix it.


He has no answers, does he?

There is no use covering the rest of these terrible games. It’s over so I think barring some huge development this is my final game cover on the Chiefs.

Happy Harley?

Oh I forgot, I jinxed them right?


Bye – Bye, Chiefs for this season…good luck next year with Pat….

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14 Responses to Glazer: Scribe Throwing in the Towel on This Year’s Chiefs

  1. Kerouac says:


    ‘Not toe confused ‘here comes the cavalry’: tackling swiss style: the ‘Captain’ (Darelle Revis) and ‘Tennille (P*ssy Peters) demonstrate their technique whenever opposition players approach them football in hand…


    ‘One child imitates another: little swiss miss spot-on impersonation kelce the klown… after any pass that isn’t thrown to him’

    Game recap and Kerouac comments to follow…


  2. Kerouac says:

    What made the dynastic Green Bay Packers the greatest football team in pro football history? Hall of Fame QB and arguably the greatest in NFL history Bart Starr: “I was honored to be part of a great ‘team.’ A lot of people don’t realize that when you spell that word then you begin to have a different feeling of Together, Everyone, Achieves, More. When you do it and live it, you will.”

    The Packers did – 5 World Championships won in 7 years – unprecedented/unmatched NFL history – ditto their 3 straight World Championships; that Green Bay came within 4 points of winning 6 Championships in 8 years just falling short on the 10 yard line as time ran out on their first Championship attempt, served to demonstrate not only how small the difference is between victory and defeat, but how it takes a ‘t-e-a-m’. Nod the popular 60’s football adage ‘40 (men) for 60 (minutes)’, no one ever did it better than those Green Bay Packers, as the results prove.

    This is clearly a foreign concept KC’s collection ‘I’s. On display Sunday Meadowlands, MetLife Stadium, their routine 2017 ‘how not to do it right’ demonstrated once again: blowing kisses to (taunting) the Jets crowd aft a score by one klown named Kelce aka ‘the frontrunner’. Then per the usual, pouting when a pass (or 10) weren’t thrown his way. When things go his way, hooray – when not, overgrown adolescent emerges once more via gestures and histrionics directed teammates, opposition & crowd, variously. This ‘act’ grew old long ago… free agency his can’t come soon enough for this lifelong Chiefs fan.

    Not to be outdone by such offensive outbursts, another klown defensive counterpart Peters challenges Kelce ‘top pout’ honors. Heretofore content to argue with officials when not otherwise preoccupied being beaten pass plays, a new tack the 24 year old man child’s repertoire: throwing objects into the stands. Were he to devote as much effort tackling as he does kicking (footballs) and throwing (officials flags/tantrums) things into the stands as well fisting, kneeing and screaming at teammates, coaches and fans, might be something special. As he is just another prima donna, one whose roots Oakland make him an ideal future Raider – ‘tap heels thrice to find ‘there is no place like home’ realized, all Kerouac wants for Christmas is to help find #22 a new home.

    ‘Racist!’ The cry some re: old school preference deportment. It’s a ‘cultural’ thing!

    Nod 60’s rainbow cast tv’s ‘Mod Squad’ color Kerouac unimpressed in black & white, blonde & blond, etc. as century 21’s ‘odd squad’ Peters and Kelce. Asian, Semite, full-blooded American Indian or any other descript, no different. It’s the times? Only the nascent, the nescient could convince themselves that the players of yesteryear didn’t embrace passion same.

    Difference: ‘showboats’ were the rare exception then, not common rule as today, and discipline was not considered affront. 2017, lack of discipline is (among other things) what ails the swiss. Note how improved the Jacksonville Jaguars are this season with the arrival of old school’ Tom Coughlin’s hand. Coincidence? Not. 💡

    Never saw Bart Starr (“t-e-a-m”) or Len Dawson (“WE” in lieu ‘I’ got the ball to him” td pass) make things ‘all about them’. Never saw Barry Sanders do so more recently, nor Priest Holmes same, latter still a Chief less a decade ago. A ‘modern’ sign affixed inside Arrowhead reads ‘do your job’; it refers being a football player, not a thespian. Until the swiss (formerly known Kansas City Chiefs) understand the difference, will not be successful in terms winning/being a Championship ‘t-e-a-m’.

    What separates a winner from a loser is not solely based blocks and tackles unmade, nor dropped passes & interceptions; those constants merely describe the manner of victory or defeat. What is not an constant on great ‘teams’ (Green Bay Packers yore, New England Patriots more recently): ‘all about me’ attitudes.

    In Kansas City those flaws are, comparison, epidemic – actions & words that suggest no aversion specter figurative sphincters theirs on display afield, while wearing and denigrating the colors red & gold, while representing the name Kansas City’s Chiefs. Perhaps if these ‘entertainers’ spent more time planning, practicing & trying perfect football ‘techniques’ instead their celebratory ‘acts’, would be more proficient on the gridiron than appearing as rejects from America’s Got Talent.

    Beckons ‘wait till next year, part 2018, verse 49’… same modus operandi follows next season as this one, so too another season same result to follow, no change – no change at all.


  3. Kerouac says:

    A few final stats:

    * K unt (‘Silent H’): more silence 40 silly yards, out-rushed by Alex Smith on his one carry, a 70 yard dash (second straight game Smith has out-rushed Silent H)…

    * Twinkle Toes Alex: the longest run by a KC QB since Steve Bono stumbled 76 yards vs ARZ a couple decades ago, almost 400 yards passing & 4 td passes too for Captain Checkdown; course, ‘real’ Chiefs fans know had ‘Pine’ Mahomes played, he would’ve thrown for 700 yards and 14 td passes cause, yeah… he’s that good.

    * kelce the klown: 3 catches and 2 tds in KC’s first five pass attempts for the klown, then managed only 1 more catch for the entire remainder of the game…

    * stevie nelson: did his best ‘Huggy Bear’ double-arm wrap impersonation on NY Jets receivers he could not defend. Unlike last Sunday, no emphatic ‘incomplete!’ gestures today’s game because, well… he did not break up a single silly pass all game.

    * hairyson buttker: beginning of his descent – Cinderfella missed a fg attempt, has now missed twice as many fg’s this season as former swiss k cairo santos…

    * houston: ‘justin’ case you missed it, he had a problem again: 0 sacks (but made up for it by registering not a single tackle or assist in the game)

    Could go on, but why bother – “Jimmy Crack Corn, swiss fans don’t care, post season’s gone away”…


  4. fun game to watch…just chiefs are struggling. But you’re still a jinx. You’ve been a
    jinx for 5 years and continue to be a jinx. Nothing will chnage that including your
    34% of prognosticating correct bets on games.
    When is the downtown club opening?

  5. CG says:

    K as usual you have been dead on with the KC Chiefs this season. I have to admit early on I had some hope as most KC folks did after the 5-0 start. I quickly saw that fade with the loss to the Steelers and the Cowboys. It was clear then that we weren’t a strong playoff squad. Then came the end of the road and fast. One of the greatest failures in modern NFL history to see a team that had a huge lead in its division with ‘roookie of the year Hunt’ and ‘MVP’ Alex Smith and ‘All Pro’ Travis Kelce fall to the bottom of the NFL, now helpless. Hard to watch. So sure we are all upset. Its just so embarrassing to hear all the now harsh words from the national sports press on the joke Chiefs.

    Luckily its over now and in a week or so the Chiefs will be at best a footnote in this seasons NFL talks. Yes I think a switch to Pat weeks ago would have put KC in the postseason. No way to prove that anymore.

    I think Smith may be a solid journeyman quarterback when he lands somewhere else. He has few ties to KC, never got involved much with the city and its people. He has been pretty invisible outside the post game interviews so his leaving will be silent as well. I don’t expect to see him in KC much down the road for visits, ha. He gave us an o.k. low level playoff team for a couple year and thats that. As did Andy.

  6. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    I moved to the western half of the state of Missouri back in the fall of 1987, and have spent the last 30 years pointing and laughing at the Chiefs (and their white trash, goat-roping, rube fans) as they habitually melt down, decade after decade. Perhaps the most spectacular was the Lin Elliot playoff gag job against the Colts. I thought the whole city was going to need depression therapy. So here we are, 30 years later with Chiefs once again proving that they are nothing more than an NFL also-ran. And everyone seems suprised. The local rubes really conviced themselves after the first month of the season that they were contenders, but those of us without the red colored glasses saw the glaring flaws. No game breakers at WR. Unproven rookie in the backfield. A defense with aging stars (Hali, Johnson, etc) and ones prone to injury (Eric Berry). Mercurial fans like Craig, whose view of the Chiefs just depends on however they are playing at that moment, seem stunned when the law of averages kick in, and the Chiefs go back to what they’ve been for a majority of their existence in the NFL. An also ran. A non story. A mediocre team with a few regional stars. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    • CG says:

      Guy wasn’t surprised they stunk, I didn’t think they would be one of the NFL’s worst and now unlikely to win more than one game no..but I called that stink weeks ago…before anyone else did…the stink of Kareem Hunt….the continued poor play of Alex who will be better off somewhere else…on and on…I call the team as they are move forward…the best observation is this one…HOW MANY OF THE THOSE FIVE WINS WOULD THEY HAVE WITH THIS TEAM ….uh ZERO.

  7. dweeb says:

    Anyone one of you ever watch the “film” to break down these chiefs??? Yeah, i didn’t think so.

    • CG says:

      Dweeb, one I don’t get the film sent to me. Two we hear those breakdowns on local and national sports shows with tape as well. I don’t think we miss much. Defensive lineman rising up on the line for a running play when you have to go low and get your pads and body down to stop the run…a sign of poor coaching and some players not putting it out there when it matters. Corners playing 5-10 yards off the receivers giving up constant easy short throws. Receivers not being able to get clear of coverage or confused on where they should be on the play..its all there to see during the games and replays. As well as the good plays.

      • for once…for the first time i agree with glazo. All these fundamentals are gone from the chiefs. Pad height….loose coverage….6 dbs…….receivers (outside of kelce andsmith) who
        know nothing of their routes….oline without proper feet position
        when blocking. Watch the spectrum show with baldinger…he’s very smart an tells us what the chiefs are doing wrong.
        congrat to glaze…you write about the specific problems…not just the same old wishy washy negative qoutes about the team. Do your reasearch and write about whats fundamentally wrong with the chiefs and how to improve week to week.

      • E.H. says:

        Yes, the Chiefs secret has been revealed by watching the tape/film. We peaked early, got a few injuries, Alex got cold, other playmakers got exposed, defense old, secondary historically bad, 4 games in 2 weeks, Reid overwhelmed, and on and on.

        Wasn’t signing Revis proof of the Chiefs desperation? What’s next? resign Bam Morris?

  8. Being a good offensive lineman boils down to angles. If you don’t know this you’re
    going to get beat every time.

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