Glazer: Brace Yourselves, Chiefs Fans / Plus Picks

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid says it’s his fault…

Not quarterback Alex Smith’s. The Chiefs have fallen apart, losing five of the last six games. Reid simply says, “I have things to fix and work on. We have to play better.”

That’s his lame story folks.

The Chiefs are on the road to face the New York Jets Sunday.

Here’s the shocker; Kansas City is favored by 3 1/2 points to win!

This is the same Chiefs team that has no offense and a terrible defense…favored…on the road, no less. Yikes!

While the Jets are not a threat to even win their division, they’re better than the last three teams that defeated the Chiefs – and KC was favored huge in those losses to the Giants and Bills.

Reid states the obvious: That the offensive line has been off its game, thus no running game or the ability to protect Smith. His wide receivers have bnot played well.  Oh, and our defense needs to improve.


Plus the usual, that we had a great week of practice.

Reid is under fire to replace Smith with rookie sensation Patrick Mahomes.

The Chiefs are now just one game in front of the much better Los Angeles Chargers who are looking like a solid playoff team. Meanwhile the Chiefs look like a lost squad in every area of the game.

Meaning KC badly needs a win to stay in the hunt for a playoff spot. 

Neither team faces another opponent with a winning record the rest of the season. The Chiefs beat the Chargers early in the season at LA when they were on an 0-4 skid and the Chiefs were on a 5-0 run.

Seems like eons ago now.

Since then the Chargers look like the third best team in the AFC behind the Pats and Steelers. Kansas City on the there hand looks like a non factor.

KC will face the Chargers in Kansas City in a couple weeks.

The way things look that will likely be a Chargers win and take KC out of the playoff picture.

So, Alex Smith is still the starter Sunday.

What happens if he looks like he has the last month?

I feel its time to make the switch now before the season is lost, if it isn’t already.

Look, nobody can promise Mahomes will come in and save the day, but I believe it’s worth a try at this point. I believe Smith has lost his confidence and the team just isn’t responding to him anymore. Yes, there are many problems besides Smith, but it starts at quarterback.

Mahomes may just be able to work around the issues and fire up the entire team. Do you see Alex Smith doing that now?

Again my theory is what have do we have to lose?

Alex is on the bench and can come back in if Mahomes can’t get it done.

So, sorry but I’d have to pick the Jets over KC even if it were at Arrowhead.

Hope I’m wrong and the Chiefs make a comeback, but I just don’t see that happening the way things have been going. Maybe Andy Reid, the offensive genius, will go to a hurry up offense, not run Karem Hunt into the middle of the line on every first down play and things will change. Again I don’t see that happening.

This is a must win game for the Chiefs.



Auburn -2 over Georgia

Clemson -6 over Miami


New York Jets + 3 1/2 over Kansas City

Eagles -5 over Seahawks

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9 Responses to Glazer: Brace Yourselves, Chiefs Fans / Plus Picks

  1. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Again, replacing Smith with Mahomes is rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. The real problem is the offensive line not blocking. Mahomes isn’t going to overcome shit laying flat on his back, bleeding from the mouth.

  2. Kerouac says:

    “Chiefs are now just one game in front of the much better Los Angeles Chargers who are looking like a solid playoff team.”

    – Chargers are right behind the Chiefs, but reality is so too Raiders. If OAK & LA win & KC loses, it’s a three-way tie between 6-6 mediocre teams – no waiting. Though it’s still early, never too soon consider tie breakers:

    Head-to-head: Chargers advantage over the Raiders by virtue head-to-head win, OAK advantage over KC by virtue head-to-head win, KC advantage over LA – but not OAK – by virtue an head-to-head win over the Chargers and a loss to OAK.

    Conference record: our earlier scenario this weekend’s results, OAK would be 5-5, KC 4-4 and LA 4-5, so OAK & KC jump ahead of LA.

    Common games comparison: KC 4-3 and OAK 3-5, so KC would still technically be in the lead AFC West, but with four more games remaining, anything is still possible for LA, OAK and KC. Raiders ‘supposedly’ have the hardest remaining schedule, followed by the Chargers and then Chiefs; we know how well ‘supposed’ has worked out for KC in terms an advantage theirs any the last several games, so, all ‘sure things’ are off.

    In addition to playing OAK, LA & DEN, KC will also play MIA (who already lost to OAK but whom beat LA, nod common games), while LA plays WASH, NY Jets and OAK again, while OAK has DAL, PHIL and LA again remaining their schedule; it is really anyone’s guess how things will stand come end the regular season.

    As recent history affirms, calling other NFL teams ‘mediocre’, while failing to look in the mirror ‘what have we done lately’ distinguish ourselves from them, disingenuous: nothing has been settled

    Moral – don’t count your W’s or another’s L’s till they’re fait accompli… reason they play the games.

    (PS) Kerouac’s opine: if winning is the goal – it is – Smith will remain KC’s starting QB all year. If winning were not the goal and getting ‘pine’ Mahomes some non-pine time, the latter would have likely already entered a game, previously.

    With but four games remaining after Sunday, no time to start experimenting in order garner experience for a rookie backup QB who hasn’t played any games let alone ones with post season implications, and who will still be but a rookie in essence come 2018. For every Deshaun Watson, many many more Heath Shuler’s, nod the #3 overall pick 1994/Heisman runner-up whose college resume far exceeded Mahomes (Shuler force-fed 8 games his rookie season, ended a 1-7 and was out the NFL after just 4 seasons.)

    Another close game in the Meadowlands MetLife this Sunday, it could go either way… and probably will. What have we not yet had 2017 which would help convolute things a bit more? A tie:

    @NYJ 20
    swiss 20


  3. Dan says:

    For the love of Christ! What happened to this website? I use to come here quite regularly for a mixed bag of content. Apparently the keys have been given to Glaser and we have to hear his retread story about the Chiefs and some pouty picks. Nobody in the front office of that organization gives a damn about your thoughts. Money talks. When the asses are no longer in the seats they’ll do something. Shut the F up and quit hijacking this website with the same crap over and over. Admin, i’m taking my IP address Somewhere else and will avoid clicking on your ads until you can figure this out. Christ almighty!

    • CG says:

      Bye Dan won’t miss ya…I have been covering sports here for years…if you don’t like it leave it….and p.s. they do read my stuff part of their jobs…and many of my thoughts have been talked about on radio and more…way it is Dan.

  4. David Nelson says:

    4 picks. 3 favorites (shocker). 0-1 so far.

    Line actually moved and Georgia was favored by 1.5. Should have been higher.

  5. what don’t you see happening…..your still below 35% glazo bozo…..youd be broke in
    and you picked auburn over georgia? hahahahahahahaha!

    • CG says:

      yeah morons. I was 3 of 4…remember nobody but me called the truth on this crap team when it was happening. Now they are an official joke…they finish 3rd at 6-10 or maybe 7-9 and stink…they have almost nothing left…no running back, none, one great wide out in Hill, an ok tight end in Kelce but not a winner and never ever there when needed late…in a game…he is not a gamer, he is Tony G light, on defense nobody…Peters has thrown in the towel literally ha…DJ made a gallant effort today in the loss but he is in his last month of pro football…Smith needs to go as fast as possible….he was better today but he is not a winner as you saw when it matters he fails…just true…again what a joke 5–0 then 1-6 and climboing….Andy can you just forfeit the season? Try that….P.S. consider leaving with Alex….He’s your guy…

      boomer as far as Mahomes nobody can help these clowns now…most of the team has quit or couldn’t you see that on the defense…some just standing around…didn’t care and got run over….sad joke.

  6. E.H. says:

    At least the Chiefs should be up for next weeks rivalry game vs. Oakland.

    • CG says:

      I doubt it E.H. stink is stink and they stink…again we are favored…nice bet in Vegas on a tease you get Raiders and 9 1/2 a lock…ha..

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