Glazer: Living Large in Loserville

The good news; for a third straight game the worst team in the NFL is a 4 point favorite…

As in the Chiefs over the Jets. Of course that’s insane. The Chiefs with Alex Smith and crew have almost no chance on the road at New York. So if you’re a big bettor, get to Las Vegas soon. Man, KC was a 11 point fav over the Giants and 10 over the Bills.


The Chiefs were never really in the Bills game yesterday. At home, no offense, NONE.

Not with Alex the Journeyman Smith or is it Alex Gordon?

Smith has lost all confidence and can’t even throw the ball short with any consistency or success. The one time MVP candidate is now a joke. It’s time to for him to go.


Everybody knows now… except Clark Hunt and Andy Reid.

With Smith, the Chiefs likely won’t win another game except maybe Denver. Which is perhaps the only other team as bad as KC. But uh oh, it’s at Denver nevermind..look for a .6-9 finish with Alex and Andy…the offensive genius, right?

Chiefs fans know why Alex is still starting…remember this is a business…Clark and Andy don’t seem to mind how bad you guys feel or what you want. Anyone who has seen Pat Mahomes believes he is the real deal and super talented…NOW. He proved that to me in the preseason.

If Mahomes starts we might still win a few games and take the division.

If not, it’s the Chargers, barring an injury to Phillip Rivers. If not then Oakland could still win…as long as Alex is starting. Our division is a joke division, save the Chargers.

Again, Kareem Hunt was great on all those first down runs that the world saw coming…but yesterday he got zero yards and stunk. He had 17 yards on 11 carries. Oh, I forgot ROOKIE OF THE YEAR, right?

Maybe next year with Mahomes he will do much better.

Again as I have written all season, Travis Kelce goes on vacation in the third and fourth quarter. We can’t find Tyreek Hill much and Alex can’t find anyone else except Albert Wilson, who scored once.

It’s silly to stay on this path.

I hope fans just stop going to the games if Andy doesn’t bench Smith now.

What is there to watch?

Hey, the team has other issues we know but an electric quarterback might raise all ships. My guess is the team is ready to move on from Smith as well.He had his days, his years and made over $100 million here plus the SF money – nice career. Nobody is going to pay big bucks for him now – that game is over. Hey pretend he’s hurt and use that excuse. Ha.

A lost season.
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14 Responses to Glazer: Living Large in Loserville

  1. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    To me, it all starts with the offensive line. Those guys aren’t blocking for shit. Hunt can’t get any yards when he’s getting smacked in the mouth one step after getting the ball. And if there is no threat to run the ball, then NFL teams will kill you on the passing plays. Exacerbating the problems on offense is the utter lack of a true #1 or #2 wide receiver. Hill is a nice gimmick player, but you can’t build an offense around him. Kelce is a loudmouth, whining, arrogant jerkoff. While talented, there isn’t a TE in the league that carries his team’s offense. Not even Gronkowski in NE. Tony G. was one of the best TE around, and still didn’t win a Super Bowl. To me, Kelce is trade bait. Plenty of teams make the Super Bowl with serviceable tight ends. You don’t need this guy. Use him to trade up for some better draft pick(s) and get a true #1 wide out. And no, the Steelers aren’t going to trade you Martavis Bryant for Travis Kelce. They don’t need a TE. They’ve got one that works for them in Jesse James. And finally, Alex Smith is what he’s always been. A game manager with a noodle for an arm who can’t throw the deep ball….which adds to the problem of teams stuffing the run, as they can afford to plant another man in the box because the Queefs don’t have the QB or WR for a deep threat passing game. Bottom line? Forget it Chiefs fans. This team isn’t going anywhere this year or probably next, barring massive changes.

    • nice comment and true except i still hold out hope the chiefs turn it arround this sunday and win west. They have the tools if they play fundamentally sound football. but hey…ny just benched manning!

  2. Kerouac says:

    An omen of things to come? Filed under ‘we can dream, can’t we?’, KC Chiefs website currently has no listing its official; roster for a player named Kelce, while a reportedly released Ross Travis name remains. Perhaps the former decided to give up football in order to pursue his true calling… being a Radio City Rockette. As Kerouac expects the klown to end up in either NY or LA anyway once his contract expires, he might as well leave now.


  3. Phaedrus says:

    QB and RB struggling? Sounds like there’s a problem with the offensive line. If that’s the case, it’s probably not a good idea to throw the rookie qb out there. Try to improve the line this offseason and then let mahomes play.

  4. Kerouac says:


    – Chiefs sign new ‘sticky-fingered’ WR


    – felis catus, common variety (not to be confused ‘special cats’ Felix his magic bag, nor Andy his latest trick intended confuse an defense as well his own offense – ‘the prevent screen pass’ – two wr’s/same spot, each prevents the other from making the catch…


    • CG says:

      Start Pat win the division and maybe even a playoff game or two..start Alex bye bye.

      • Kerouac says:

        Just 4 games remaining regular season, we know ‘Pine’ doesn’t start Sunday vs NY; aft, an record of 6-6 or 7-5 and on the cusp making/missing post season either case.

        So KC enters their final trio of games, all vs their divisional foes OAK, LA and @DEN, who are all still in the AFC West race the time of this post. At this most vital point of the season, any loss holding serious ramifications post season eligibility, propose a rookie QB yet to even play one minute, or throw even one pass in his NFL career?

        “Yeah but yeah but, Mahomes is a ‘Gunslinger’, ‘a future Hall of Famer’, ‘the new Brett Favre’ ” according frantic fandom as well cheerleaders masquerading as print & broadcast media, many.

        Even the greats do not succeed as a rule, game one or for a god while aft. Rookie QB’s renowned for their big-arms, debuts the six decades 1950’s-2000’s.

        * Aaron Rodgers: 8 of 15, 0 td, 1 int (o of 1 earlier)… 2005

        * Brett Favre: 0 for 4, 0 td, 2 int (1 ret’d for a td)… 1992

        * John Elway: 1 of 8, 0 td, 1 int… 1983

        * Terry Bradshaw 4 of 16, 0 td, 1 int… 1970

        * Joe Namath 11 of 23, 1 td, 0 int… 1965

        * Sonny Jurgensen 4 of 10, 0 td, 1 int… 1957

        20 of 61, 1 td, 5 ints the six QB’s combined, odds slim to none Mahomes would be any more successful the QB debuts listed; that he could become Ryan Leaf or Jamarcus Russell, or, Jeff George or Jay Cutler terms production, remains to be seen.

        Awaiting a QB as Vladimir and Estragon wait for Godot, half an century makes even the most patient of men desperate; wait till next year for Mahomes… wait longer still that Superbowl.

      • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

        No. Replacing Smith with Mahomes is just rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. You’ve got O-line problems and no wide receivers. Until those problems are fixed, it matters little who is at qb. Don’t get distracted by shiny things.

  5. Glacier is s Sports Genius says:

    look for a .6-9 finish with Alex and Andy…the offensive genius, right?

    I’ve got $10K to bet against this genius prediction.

  6. E.H. says:

    Did losing Eric Berry the very first game of the season cause this eventual collapse?

  7. CG says:

    E.H. yes losing Eric Berry was a blow, however we won the next 4 games without him and our offense was on fire. It was that offense that was hot not our defense and he would have helped for sure. Remember our defense was weak in our wins as well and right off we were a low ranked D even when winning.

    I believe as I have written for many weeks that its time to change the quarterback and though Pat is a rookie I saw Watson come in and do well quickly. I think Pat has those skills and will fire up the entire team and get them moving in the right direction. Again why not Alex is still with us if Pat doesn’t get it done to come back in and play…its simple lets find out and at least win the division. Our schedule is against average teams at best so that also helps Pat. If we keep going the way we are, Chargers win the division. Right now they are a really solid team and scoring at will. We aren’t. Our problems will still be there but if Pat is special he can utilize Hill, Kelce, Hunt and other weapons to score. I know our offensive line is poor but a fast and strong armed qb can still get things done. Lets see.

    • E.H. says:

      Looks like KC peaked early and after a few key injuries, a tough early schedule, and a bad cold weather QB surely did us in. Plus I bet the other teams saw some glaring weaknesses on film and they are certainly capitalizing on this big time.

      I’m thinking Andy is going to let this season go down in flames and start fresh with Mahomes next year. I really don’t mind because the Chiefs have so many weaknesses I’d hate to be another one and done in the playoffs again.

      It’s funny, I’m not really as upset as I normally would be about the Chiefs blowing such a huge lead in their division. I knew they couldn’t do it without Eric Berry, he’s that magnetic.

    • how do you know he has skills. he played against second and third
      string teams…the first string are all the best of the best.
      How did he do at texasteech as a gunslinger. You are full of bull.
      Where else besides tony’s mess site are you published……
      come on glazo bozo….stop jinxing the chiefs.

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