Glazer: Scribe Serves Up a Toast to the One That Got Away

I’ve pretty hard on the Chiefs lately…

The team’s fall from grace has been hard to watch or deal with if you are a Kansas City fan. In fairness to the Chiefs, it was just a few weeks back when they were atop the NFL. That’s what we still have to take with us from this lost season, those first five weeks.

Nobody expected much of this wounded team from what was left of last season’s two-seed playoff team that was taken down at home by the Steelers. And the fact that we were playing the first game of the season on a Thursday night against the world champion New England Patriots with Tom Brady. The Chiefs were on national tv against the Babe Ruth of pro football.

KC was a huge underdog, as they should have been. Outside of future quarterback Pat Mahomes, the Chiefs had added little to its squad to make it better – save a couple of so-so draft picks, including rookie Kareem Hunt at running back.

You know the rest…

The Pats rolled on us early, until Eric Berry made a 4th down stop against them deep in Chiefs territory. Then the new kid, Hunt, after starting with a fumble, went nuts and ran all over New England.

Alex Smith outplayed “Babe Ruth” the rest of the game.

Smith hit a bomb to Tyreek Hill for a big touchdown. Travis Kelce was on fire as well, Chris Conley made some nice grabs. Everything worked, trick plays, shovel passes, the whole works. Kansas City upset the world champs in their home.

Wow, what a start.

It continued with the Chiefs not only going 5 and 0, but being ranked No. 1 in the NFL by just about everyone. The Chiefs were talked about on every sports show as the best team in the NFL. We even defeated the looking-Super Eagles. That would be their only loss this season thus far in what looks like a year they may not lose another game in the regular season.

Those were the days and we had them…

We had it all-pride, hope, joy and dreams of a Super Bowl.

Alex Smith was considered a possible MVP, Kareem Hunt rookie of the year and surely Tyreek Hll and Travis Kelce would be AllPpros. We had NFL smiles on our faces. Then came that Pittsburgh game.

Things changed.

We all know the rest of the story, it was not pretty and very sad for all of us fans.

Yet the Chiefs gave us some smiles and pride for those first five weeks.

More than any other team or NFL city had at the time we were on top of the world with dreams of that special season.

Alright it didn’t happen.

We are upset, pissed and let down.

Yet if we are truly honest with ourselves, it wasn’t meant to be from the start.

We all knew that wasn’t a championship defense with so many holes and injured, aging linebackers. We lost Eric Berry in game one and had no replacement. Alex Smith is a solid journeyman quarterback, but he’s no Tom Brady or anything close – and he never will be, folks.

Alex is like Kansas City, with a will to be better, to be the best, but in too many ways the odds are just stacked against him and us.

Still he battles, he tries, he works hard, just like we all do trying to be great.

Maybe thats what makes us tick, the effort to be better to be the best, when few think we can ever do that.

The Kansas City Chiefs gave us those five weeks, thats what we will be left with this season. Those brief, shining moments. To be honest it was far more than we expected.

So Chiefs, thanks for that and perhaps playing over your heads for those five weeks.

Now we turn our attention to the future and dreams of greatness another day.
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6 Responses to Glazer: Scribe Serves Up a Toast to the One That Got Away

  1. CG says:


  2. Kerouac says:


    So young, so much heartbreak to come…



  3. E.H. says:

    If you’ve got the QB, you’ve got at least a playoff birth with a good chance at least of one playoff win. If you don’t have the QB, the best you’re going to get is a playoff birth with almost zero chance of advancing.
    All I can say is thank you Alex for being a placeholder until Andy Reid starts Mahomes, Mahomes, Mahomes.

  4. Orphan of the Road says:

    I’m thankful Junior used my real name rather than my nom de plume when he took my article. Not even a down payment on a cheeseburger by the way. Will be awaiting beatification before being published, of course.

    I regret Jerry Jones and the Teamsters didn’t get the Chargers in 66.

    I’m thankful Andy Reid took John Chaney’s advise about never listening to the fans.

    Thankful that Al Capone gave Bidwell $500 to fund the NFL for a safe place for gamblers after the Black Sox.

    Thankful that professional gambling aka fantasy football will be the instrument of doom.

    Thankful I got to see Bill Maas play hs football on Thanksgiving. Two teams that were dog meat but eventually became state champs. Unthankful that state playoffs ended hs Thanksgiving Day games.

    Thankful I experienced the politically incorrect atmosphere of the Wolf Pack and the 700-level of the Vet. Who can forget Lamar Hunt stealing Charlie Finley’s scoreboard and the Chiefs spreading the WolfPpack around Arrowhead?

  5. Kerouac says:

    Earthen hovel, a dusty, decaying Dandy Don croons on: “turn out the swiss the party’s over, all overhype must end they say, turn out the swiss their season’s OVER, ‘wait till next year, part 49, verse 2018.’

    So much to say, so little internet paper.

    Two weeks ago Kerouac stated the swiss final 7 games should garner 3 wins… now 0-2 since my proclamation with 5 games left, not sure that they’ll manage 3 wins, let alone 1; nod Raggedy Andy – “it’s on to New York”, followed the Raiders, Chargers, Dolphins and @Broncos; if you’re certain there are 3 wins within that 5, you’re Norman Vincent Peale.

    Of more concern, here come the Chargers. Said preseason LA was my dark horse, but, aft they lost their two top picks WR & OG, 2018 looked more promising. Now, they’re one game behind the sinking swiss, and the two play in just 3 weeks – OAK wins today vs DEN, OAK & LA will be just one game back the hapless swiss.

    Sunday lo-ites, usual suspects roll call:

    * P*ssy Peters: another full day’s work – disrespect National Anthem, give up td pass (margin of victory – TOAST), whiff on gimme interception/doesn’t break up the pass

    * Ty’weak’ Hill: 11 for 54 yards, 4.9 per touch average… I’ve read he’s a ‘SUPERSTAR’ (nod Lombardi, “you coulda fooled me”)

    * ‘Silent H’… comatose, 17 yards 11 carries; 609 yards first 5 games, 281 his last 5 ‘the NFL’s best RB’ according the dupe, lance the apprentice & the pantload boom boom

    * kelce the klown: another dropped pass, showed the crowd a biceps flex aft a routine pass play, helped official signal a first down; zero tds, no impacting plays in the game

    * steven ‘I’m small but make up for it by being useless’ nelson: swiss getting their rear kicked, yet stevie does his furious incomplete pass signal (at least 3 times) aft routine pass attempts

    * captain checkdown: another his ‘Flying Walenda’ leaps came up just short of a first down; otherwise, another int and 0 td passes, happy feet… vintage captain.

    Sad truth, he is the best the swiss have… anyone who imagines patrick ‘pine’ mahomes ‘winning a game’ due his talent let alone saving anything/this season, they as Dorothy and Toto, are dreaming… ‘I think he can, I think he can, I think he can’.

    Tetelestai… ‘it is finished’, may the swiss R.I.P.


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