Harley: Dear Scribe, We Are Bruthas

Many of you have grown to either love or hate harley/boom boom over the years….but here are some facts that can’t be denied…

1. Harley deposited cash and credit card deposits from glaze’s place in his bank account@

2. Harley has (despite his running down of glazo/bozo’s football picks) always admired glazo/bozo for his balls to pick games ahead of kickoff. But no matter what glazo does versus booom boooom I hope he keeps his sports stories.

3. Harley/booom boom has always enjoyed reading glazo’s stories becaause kc is really a boring town and glazo pointed out the few instance that this town was something other than some cowtown in the middle of the nation.

4. Despite all my critiques about glazo/bozo’s crazy adventures ….booom boom has had more and crazier adventures than glazo could ever imagine.

5. Boom boom has traveled more…been in crazier situations and experienced far crazier situations than glazo…but there were so many I couldn’t fit them in a 500 page book.

6. booom boom has done more partying/dancing/traveling/than glazo but it makes no difference. As we both grow older…it’s just a memory we don’t want to forget because we know life is really pretty short and we only have so many years to create the memories we’ll be talking about for our entire lives.

7. boom boom looks 40…but regardless of nature….we slow down and realize that life is not endless and time marches on.

8. Boom boom apologizes for any personal attacks. You don’t know football but that’s not personal…..it’s just a difference of opinion. And we have had many.

9. Booom booom loves the royals and chiefs. I grew up close to many of the chiefs and love them all. From Lenny on down they were our heroes when there were no heroes.

I am 60 an love the chiefs. Anyone who takes them on takes me on….so please take it easy on them because I grew up next door to many of my heroes.

10. I have alwaysv been a big believer in you and your family. Despite tough times. Over the years you’ve persevered and being a self employed risk taker and gambler I knew that the odds were against you.

11. You’ve got guts..which many poeple lack. Going to a job 9-5 wasn’t our fate. We’re gamblers, risk takers and the people who grew this country. Without us..this nation would be stagnate and lack the ability to grow.

12. We are actually related. So to all the people who risked it all,,,,,,,,put our moooooooney where our money was…took the odds of success, I will say congrats…we have built the greatest nation in the history of civilization and the path is forward still.

Thanks for taking all my critiques and the ups and downs we have all endured….we are all the greatest civilization ever created in the world.

Good luck on your new venture.

God Bless America!

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12 Responses to Harley: Dear Scribe, We Are Bruthas

  1. boom boom says:

    thanks hearne….but the deposits were in glaze’s account…not mine. I was protecting his money.
    Glaze is cool for kc…but he doesn’t know football or baseball and he should have
    married a jewish girl and he would not have to work and live off the money. (lol)
    I do like glaze….but most of our disagreements are about sports. Never get into
    arguments about family….maybe girlfriends but they come and go.
    Thanks for finally giving me a real story on your site. I finally made it. Must be slow day for neews. Maybe something about the pedophile from alabama…or
    Harvey Weinstein…..or glazes pal stallone….I can write some good stories….again
    thanks and good luck to glazes place downtown. It will be a winner with all those
    young people and new arrivals all over there.
    And I will again be able to eat that flowerpot bread. Went to the new monarch on the plaza and it was packed. Nice place but drink prices are ourageos. Went to the new
    odowds…packed also so couldn’t see the new look….kc is trying to make a comeback
    but they’re spending money like hogs. Crime/sewers/streets/etc. will one day
    come back to haunt thembut when they finally build an arena in joco….downtown
    will deflate like a big balloon.
    thanks again.

  2. boom boom says:

    i hate harleys. Don’t like the vest. So “old style” and i read where harley is having
    problems because the millenials aare nt buying them and sales are down. Bad for kc.
    They look cool…but they’re not my style. But the biggest ealerships are here in kc
    and beth is great. So again thanks…I can add KCC to my portfolio.
    And I look forward to more great comments both positive and negative about
    boom boom.
    There’s noting better than getting peoples dander up over such simple things like sports and politics. And as glaze goe 9-19 and headed for another horrible weekend I sit
    here laughing that all the seniors on kcc take me so seriously. Just having some

  3. CG says:

    Harley I guess this is your way of being nice and some kind of I’m sorry. I don’t know what you are talking about regarding deposit money in our account? What is that all about? However thanks for the compliments. Yes life is tough on moat people so folks all seem to have issues. As for the Chiefs, I observe them, not being a fan but watching them work. It’s clear the team tries and means well but as we saw today they just ain’t good enough. Its another wasted season. Unless just getting into the playoffs is your goal. The team has no identity and no longer an offense or really much defense. Alex clearly is a hard worker and busts his butt to get it done. He has gone as far as he can go to win the big ones. For Alex, at least in KC, its come to an abrupt end, so it seems, 1-4 over the last month and then some says so. His numbers have fallen and so has the offense. I hope Pat Mahomes is the answer at some point but that will be next year and years to come. The Chiefs need to find a long list of new players this group is just not good enough to go far, started nice, now a bottom feeder. I know its hard to take but the proof was sure out there today wasn’t it.

    • CG says:

      P.S. looks like I called every pick correctly this weekend. Finally, again great weekend for MU and K State…nice comeback seasons. Wish the Chiefs could do that, they can’t.

  4. I can vouch for everything that Harley says. I was there with him for most of it.

    His hero Obama wasn’t talking about Harley when he said, “You didn’t build that…”. He was talking about the middle class and Republicans. Harley IS responsible for everything that is great in this country. If you don’t believe it, just read what he said, right here, on kcconfidential.

    “. Going to a job 9-5 wasn’t our fate. We’re gamblers, risk takers and the people who grew this country. Without us..this nation would be stagnate and lack the ability to grow.”

    Harley, like many of his fellow elites, is pecuniarilty insouciant by way of birth and blood, as opposed to sweat and effort. This ability to pursue a path that mere proles must take in order to survive, that nasty 9 to 5 job, has resulted in HUGE dividends.

    The lion’s whelp came of age at MU, rubbing elbows with and standing on the shoulders of giants in that famous “skool of jurnalism” as he sharpened his composition skills into the finely honed talents we see on display here today.

    Then, with daddy’s money, his access to watering holes on the Plaza, where he is known for tipping .09% to keep the wait staff sharp, he made his name as the most prolific name dropper in Kansas City history.

    He and I remain good friends.

    • CG says:

      WTF! Again Harley/Boomer/ I appreciate your saying sorry and giving me some credits. Though you took time for yours and then some, ha. I guess we know each other according to you, and are distant blood, who knows. I don’t hate anyone…and wish you well.

    • nope you idiot…started everything from scratch. And I’m sure you seniors will
      be patronizing my new businesses. Wrong again dude. Boom boom is
      on the move again?
      No I tip real well…and know the new owners of the plaza out in l.a.
      so boys keep trying to bring boom boom down…i’m at the top and while you
      guys dig ditches…i’m rolling and laughing.
      have a great thanksgiving. Remember not to drop that turkey in that wal mart fryer on the deck outside. You’ll burn your shanty house down!

  5. Phaedrus says:

    Boomie, you really need to lose the mullet.

  6. Harley, great to see that you are finally getting the respect you deserve. I was talking to Elizabeth Warren in my B1 bomber, flying a secret mission over Syria the other day and she told me that were it not for your example, she would never have enrolled in college. Thanks to you, we all know the story, Chief Elizabeth Warren, decided, that she was a Native American Indian (Which is ok, if you are a Progressive. She tells me, that at some point, she will transform into Blake Lively and win an Oscar. Isn’t it wonderful!!) and was admitted to the front of the line, bypassing all those Cisgender White Males whose sins of cultural appropriation no, no bounds.

    At any rate, a grateful nation acknowledges you as the tip of the spear in the efforts at achieving borrowed glory by way of “climbing” into celebrity status, at least, in your own mind. Poseurs everywhere speak in reverent tones when your name is dropped.

    Can’t wait for the authorized biography. You’re no spring chicken at the age of 60 (Snicker, we are all computing, how old you REALLY are. I am guessing, around 85, but your secret is safe with me.).

    See you soon in combat!

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