Hearne: Trigger Happy Highchair Hustler Courtroom Bound

Things seem to be spiraling out of control for Raytown baby furniture maker David Jungerman

You may recall it was Jungerman’s white van seen speeding away from murder scene of Brookside lawyer Tom Pickert‘s after he was shot late last month on his front porch. KC Police interviewed Jungerman afterwards but did not charge or name him as a suspect as they continue their investigation.

Pickert had won a $5.75 million judgement last summer against Jungerman on behalf of a homeless man who lost a leg after being shot by Jungerman with an AK47 in 2012 while breaking into one of the his buildings.

The latest:

In the wake of all that, Jungerman is now facing a series of lawsuits and a criminal complaint related to his trigger happy ways.

On October 20th, Justin Baker, another homeless man Jungerman allegedly took out via a shotgun blast in a separate break in incident on October 21st, 2012 has filed a six count lawsuit against him and his company Baby Tenda.

Then on October 25th, Robert Wallace, the homeless man who has accompanied the homeless dude Pickert won the huge judgement for filed a two count lawsuit against Jungerman alleging that on September 25, 2012 Jungerman shot him two times in the back.

And in the tradition of bad things coming in threes, the State of Missouri has a trial set for Jungerman on November 28th and 29th on a Class A misdemeanor charge of harassment and attempted burglary in the first degree at the residence of a Jerry Boyle.

In that incident Jungerman was arrested  and charged on June 28, 2016, at which time police seized his .40 Caliber semi-automatic Glock handgun.

FYI, Jungerman had a permit for the gun and was not charged with use of a firearm.

The November trial date was set on March 20, 2017 and three days later Jungerman fired his attorney. He was later warned by the judge not to use the lack of an attorney as an excuse to push the trial date back and that he needed to get new council by November 6, because if he didn’t, it might be deemed by the court as an attempt by Jungerman to manipulate the trial date.

The bottom line: Jungerman’s misadventures with firearms seem to be coming to a head

“You can see everything accelerating, ramping up – he has all these incidents and they’re getting closer together,” says one observer. “Things are snowballing and the intensity is building…You can see the fury and the self destruction. And that he’s doggedly determined that he knows best, that he’s right. But he picked the wrong time in history to be a vigilante because that doesn’t work in the 21st Century.”

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  1. Paul... just Paul says:

    Great Headline!

  2. Rainbow Man says:

    I am still unclear on whether J-Man’s van was actually seen on Pickert’s block and the license plate actually noted… or did someone just jump to that conclusion.

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