New Jack City: Sex & Accounting Hollywood Style

Those were the days my friend and I truly thought they’d never end…

They did tough.

I am talking about the lax days of the 1960’s, 70’s and early 80’s when sexism was still the norm. Especially in the entertainment industry.

Social networks ad the 24-hour news cycle would eventually change all that—REALLY?

Let me tell you about my experiences.

I was a department head at what was then one of the largest movie theater circuits in the United States. In other wards, a pretty big fish for the Hollywood studios.

On top of that my boss was also president of the National Association of Theatre Owners (NATO).

So basically we were being courted by both the major as well as independent film distributors. And there were many trips to Tinsel Town. Parties. Dinners. Entertainment. You-name it.

Here are just two memories that opened my eyes of as to the workings of the industry.

The first was some sort of a celebration that the (studio name withheld) had facilitated on one of their largest sound stages.

The place was decorated to the hilt and the studio’s A-list stars were being squired around.

An orchestra was playing—and then came the dirty little secret.

Young nubile actresses under contract to this particular studio were being introduced to certain individuals in the crowd that night.

Some of these hotties may have—or would have—minor roles in that studio’s upcoming slate of films. Or they may have had small parts in the various TV series’ being cranked out on their back lot.

Was I ever introduced to such contract players/starlets?

I was. And I loved it.

Go jack!

Come to think of it one of these young ladies ended up as quite the star in years to come.

Who was she? My lips are sealed.

It was just a different era.

And then there was the eye opener of how budgets get inflated—better known as “Hollywood Accounting.”

I was the guest of the V.P. of Marketing and his assistant of the now defunct studio (again name withheld).

They took me to one of Hollywood’s then most upscale and trendy restaurants and watering holes. It was a grand place with prices to match.

When the check finally arrived the studio big wig briefly glanced at it. He then turned to his assistant and ask to which movie currently in production—or in release— they should charge it all against.

The assistant pulled out his trusty planner, looked over the release schedule and suggested for the approximate $300 tab to go against ( name of movie withheld.)

As far as I was concerned, I felt like I had arrived.

 I had come face-to-face with actual Hollywood accounting and uh, you know….
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6 Responses to New Jack City: Sex & Accounting Hollywood Style

  1. CG says:

    Jack you got it why do movies need to do 2 and 1/2 times gross to break even..that’s why…

    Hey thank you Europe for keeping us in biz over here in America…we just don’t go to the movies anymore like the NFL its dying…sadly…THOR 250 MILLION US AND 500 MILLION EUROPE…typical of todays mega hits all the dough is overseas, they still go to movies.

  2. Charles Anderson says:

    This is an odd way for someone to admit to taking sex, or being open to it, for favors.

    I’m sure that young girl and her family would love to share this trip down memory lane with you and your readers.

  3. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    And people wonder why folks of a more conservative point of view simply laugh out loud when preached to by the Hollywood “elite”, and entertainment industry in general.

  4. Harwood Benjamin says:

    This reminds me of the time that guy who everyone knows did that thing the we all remember and had to be rescued by some pretty well established people before all the sordid details were swept under the rug. But I’ve said too much.

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