Glazer: Chiefs Super Bowl Dreams Die In Dallas!

A slightly above average Dallas Cowboys team set the Kansas City Chiefs straight on what’s what in the NFL…

The Chiefs ain’t no Super Bowl anything, the Cowboys said while shoving KC’s overmatched team all over the field. Dallas handed the Chiefs its 3rd loss in four games to end any pretend hopes of being a big time post season anything.

Chiefs fans learned the hard way that not only does our defense stink, but our once high scoring offense has run out of gas as well.

The reality is we just don’t have many talented players on either side of the ball.

Not only that, we have very few young guys on the rise where it counts.

Our running game is back to being nothing as Kareem Hunt‘s numbers prove. Its over, he’s over. Hunt had just over 40 yards against the lowly Broncos last week and this week less than 40 on the ground. He’s looking more like a bust than MVP or Rookie of the Year.


Kareem is at best an average NFL running back.

Travis Kelce did his disappearing act again.

Kelce did have one huge (kidding) 2 yard TD reception and 70 yards in that mattered little.

When needed Kelce was on vacation as usual.

Our only superstar is TYREEK HILL

And he proved his value with a last second run to the end zone on a short throw from Alex Smith to end the first half and keep us in the game…barely.

From there KC stunk it up and got waxed in the second half.

I know I have little good to say, but…


In a horrible division, no less. So they get a playoff spot they won’t deserve. They are an 8-8 team pretending to be something they aren’t….which is very good.

Where do we go from here?

It’s time to be honest: this year is toast, again.

Alex Smith will not be back next year…let me say it again…Alex is done as a Chief.


Lets get it started. Start building around a young star who can elevate average players to be better, Alex can’t. Would I have started Pat in the second half, YES! He can run and he can throw on the run, Alex isn’t as talented, sorry.

It’s time to say goodbye to Alex.

I ask you this, look at our upcoming games who can we beat? I’d say 10-6 would be a great finish for this average team. Which might be tough now.

Time to move on. To find some good young players, new running backs, wide outs and lineman. We have almost none.

It’s a sad, familiar story for the Chiefs, all show, no go.

Dallas will be lucky to be in the playoffs as a wild card and they buried us.

Look what the Eagles did to the Broncos – put up over 50 on them took them out of the game in 10 minutes. We struggled to beat the Broncs.

P.S. if we replayed the first five games of this season today today…guess what we’d lose to the Pats, Eagles, Texans and likely Washington. Yep. Sorry its all true.

So be fans and be upset – but not with me – with our franchise.

It’s just not moving forward yet, is it?
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16 Responses to Glazer: Chiefs Super Bowl Dreams Die In Dallas!

  1. Kerouac says:

    @COWBOYS 28
    swiss 17

    ‘Yesterday, swiss chiefs troubles seemed so far away’… with apologies Lou Christie’s 2 Faces: ‘three losses in fi-i-ive, yayayayaya, yayayayayay’ (actually 3 losses in 4 now, no end in sight their freefall; then again, who’s counting, right?)

    * Where have you gone swiss perfection’?
    * Where have you gone ‘this is our year’, Superbowl?
    * Where have you gone, k unt? (the H is silent, aka ‘Silent H’)
    * kelce the klown (grand mal spaz): bunny hop some more NOW, sad sack loser…
    * pu**y peters (man with NO sack): take a knee/you make an ideal hurdle for Elliott…

    * Where’s the dupe?
    * Where’s lance the apprentice?
    * Where’s that pantful, boom boom?
    * Where’s that bandwagon? (wheels fell off again)

    So many questions, no answers ‘atall – only know ‘wait till next year, part 2018, verse 49’ be certainty

    > : (

  2. Kerouac says:


  3. Kerouac says:

    Game notes:

    * Alex ‘This is MY team not HIS, G** D*** It!’ Smith threw an interception from the backfield…

    * Andy Reid got tackled his backfield and knocked down on the sideline (while on the phone with Domino’s)…

    * Kelce the Klown blocked no one and dropped another pass (actually 2; but he won ‘the fix was in’ sack race)…

    * ‘Toast’ Peters successfully defended 0 passes in the game (but made up for it by not tackling anyone, either)…

    * Hali played,if not well; however, compared Dee Ford (he of the ‘seized’ pass rush motor), Tamba appeared Derrick Thomas…

    * K unt (the H is silent, aka ‘Silent H’) got knocked down at the line of scrimmage, hard and often (but he made up for it by coming out on passing plays)…

    Filed the category ‘you can take the H out of unt/that dog won’t hunt’ big plays no mo: already not the best RB NFL, now not its leading rusher, objectively: just 37 yards and 0 tds again rushing, compared Zeke Elliott’s 93 yards and 1 td, Sunday. The swiss now on their bye week, all of the NFL’s top RB’s set to play this coming week, ‘Silent H’ will fall to at least 3rd & perhaps 5th or 6th NFL RB’s rushing yards conclusion next weeks games:

    1 L Fournette 99.3 yards per game rushing in 6 games / 596 yards
    2 Z Elliott 97.9 yards per game rushing in 8 games / 783 yards
    3 L Bell 95.0 yards per game rushing in 8 games / 760 yards
    4 Silent H 88.9 yards per game rushing in 9 games / 800 yards
    5 T Gurley 85.8 yards per game rushing in 8 games / 686 yards
    6 J Howard 82.8 yards per game rushing in 8 games / 662 yards

    No game to pick: swiss catch a break/will not lose this weekend, bye… MIC (see you real soon) KEY (why? Because Kerouac LIKES you!) MOUS… EEEEEEEEEEEEEE


  4. Kerouac says:

    Agree, CG: 9-7 or 10-6 tops as things stand. Injuries happen to other teams, perhaps more W’s ours – injuries happen to us, and sub .500 depending ‘who it is’ goes down. Attrition as Kerouac has said for a good while now, the X factor every team NFL.

    Still wouldn’t bet the farm Smith won’t return 2018 – finding another team wants pay a then 34 year old ‘system QB’ Reid’s tailor-made for Capt. Checkdown offense – and – pay him double-digit million$ – AND – give the swiss anything more an pittance (a #3 draft choice if lucky), and the odds are better than 50/50 he returns KC.

    Smoke ’em if you got ’em, trade Captain to CLEV if they’ll have him, or maybe BUFF. Really want to take a chance: trade him to DEN. Alas, swiss ain’t got the cojones that. Otherwise, it’s ‘The Alex Smith Goodbye Tour 2018’: Captain Checkdown’s last stand.


  5. CG says:

    Well lots of K talk here, the guy knows his stuff huh, what a wonderful writer he is and has been, wish I had those skills,perhaps I’d be doing my 25th movie by now.

    As for Alex being back next year, sure is possible, but not in the salary cap game with all the other big paydays we have and now enter Pat Mahomes. Denver is a good place for Smith as is Arizona, both sides happy. The guy deserves a nice landing he works his butt off for this team, just never got the crew needed for his style in a match that would bring him that one big day in the super bowl. He is a tough guy and as dedicated a player as there ever has been. He did his part. I’ll give Alex Smith that credit, he was ready and more than willing to get it done.

    Hey miracles happen, maybe he will get his this season. Again nobody deserves it more than Alex Smith. The front office let him down. In four years no new linebackers to help, no big time defender found save Marcus Peters, nothing really. A first round project pick of Dee Ford a total bust, still out there doing zip. No big time running back after a wounded Charles. No star offensive lineman at all to protect the guy, not in his entire run in KC. Recently Travis Kelce and the great Tyreek Hill, too little too late.

    I’m sorry Alex you deserved better. I can only imagine the private work outs you put yourself through and your own rigid lifestyle to be the best. I hope where ever you go you will find peace and happiness with your new team and family. You did all you could here. Thank you Alex Smith. Hey maybe a miracle will still take place for you in KC. You had a great run. Again thank you sir.

  6. CG says:

    Who are these Chiefs? What defines this team today? Is Kansas City a great offense today? A great defense, uh never mind. Do they win with big turnovers? What are they great or even good at? Answer: we got lucky and found perhaps the leagues best placekicker in the Butt man…I think he might kick the first 70 yarder.

    Offense well, we are kinda a passing team with two receivers we know their names: problem as of late we can’t find either one of them at the end of games to win. Turn overs: last year the Chiefs were a positive turnover machine with a bend don’t break D, this year not so much…here and there…as we all know we have the leagues worst D, not only can’t stop the run..guess what we can’t stop the pass. Running game was strong the first month, now its gone, we have no running game anymore…gone. Quarterback, Alex Smith is second in the league in passing yards and has already passed last years TD totals, he is playing well but lately can’t close games with drives late in 3rd quarter and nothing in 4th quarter, not good. Kelce is a good tight end, its Tyreek Hill that is a game breaker weapon and the best thing on our team can’t find a way to get him the ball more, need too. Soooooo… 1-3 in last 4 games, the last month, the Chiefs are not a good team anymore, at best with such a bad D and no running game, average is being kind. Those are facts not opinions….if things don’t change fast we are clearly and one and done playoff team, unless Oakland gets hot now and takes the division from us in a possible tie with 9-7 or 10-6 records…if they get hot they beat us here and win division. Do I think they will? No their D is poor as well and likely they finish 8-8.

    In month one 5-0 one of the NFL’s best since then we just aren’t the same team. Fans hate on me with stats that of course include those 5 games…surrounding Kareem Hunt who right now will be a project if he is kept for next year to get him going again…but fans tell you he is the leading rusher in the game…PLEASE STOP IT… its a poor line and its also him, great backs find a way to gain yards somewhere in the game, he can’t.
    GOOD NEWS: we have two weeks off and face the NFL’s worst team well one of them in the Giants who may have quit now…so Chiefs can shore up those numbers a week from Sunday, get some confidence back for part TWO…Hunt can run wild and pretend all is well, the defense will get turnovers and so on…or will it be Denver part TWO, a struggle to beat a very bad team which means oh boy! I think somewhere in the middle.
    Again its clearly time to make a change and fire these guys up with Pat…why not I say? He’s a winner and we will still win our 10ish games and be a playoff shmo..with him we might win a playoff game, maybe. He has I believe the ‘it’ factor its just in him. I’d love to see if he can go outside the pocket, hit Hill for big throws or Kelce or maybe just maybe find yet a third receiver on our team that can make plays every week. What do we have to lose? Nothing.

    • E.H. says:

      You know what CG? You’re right about Alex Smith. He’s been a very good QB but ultimately he’s limited. Nobody would fault Reid for pulling a Harbaugh by sitting Alex Smith and giving Patrick Mahomes a chance to take this team to the playoffs and beyond.


      • CG says:

        Thank you E.H. agreed…why not go with Pat now lets see what we got, he might be great NOW…you can always bring smith back if need be.

  7. Fake Name Guy says:

    Glaze, why are you always so up and down with this team? We ALL know exactly how this is going to play out because it will be the same thing that’s happened every year since KC hired Marty. Useless regular season wins followed by a quick exit in the wild card round. The only thing that separates us from the Browns are the meaningless regular season victories.

  8. Kerouac says:

    “Hunt can run wild and pretend all is well, the defense will get turnovers and so on…”

    – you’ve seen this movie before too, huh (remakes are never good as originals)

    “Again its clearly time to make a change and fire these guys up with Pat…”

    – won’t… still believe they’ve a chance success (refer Lloyd Christmas for %); throwing away a season (what else is new) vs ‘this could be the start of something big’ an future begin today. Desperation the fuel, fandom grasps anything atall might change a script our perpetual Groundhog Days, KC.

    Kerouac woke up smell the coffee a long, Long, LONG time ago – Chiefs are Sisyphus his boulder: attempt ascend hill (their case appears more so Mt. Everest) top, always always out of reach, ne’er to get closer. Chiefs need an resurrection (maybe when ‘He’ returns as said He would 2,000+ years ago; prayer – waited for/tried everything else but, Chiefdom.)

    Mahomes might make a play(or ten) – but will be no savior, rather, will look what he is :mrgreen: as in wet behind the ears – not ripe for success so much being picked off ints & thrown down upon his by way their sacks, first due his natural inclinations & second we are talking about the swiss chiefs o-line. His training wheels period/growing pains time will offer excitement & hope. Injury? That too happens, even the best of ’em (‘The Watson Throwing Machine’ & A. Rodgers; go down gamblin, trumpets blaring BS&T.)

    “What do we have to lose? Nothing.”

    – truer words ne’er spoken… other ‘wait till next year! part 2018 verse 49’


  9. E.H. says:

    Look at the last 16 Super Bowls. How many appearances by Brady, Big Ben, Brees, Peyton and/or Eli Manning along with other top notch QB’s like Russell Wilson and Aaron Rogers? Yes, occasionally we get a Flaco or Kaep but not very often.

    Looking into my crystal ball I don’t forsee Alex Smith ever making it to the Super Bowl. The only real way is if Andy Reid can patch up what’s broken and we get lucky with a 1st round bye and we somehow win that first home playoff game and we Tyreek Hill our way through the AFC Title game and then we Tyreek Hill our way to Super Bowl Victory!

    We all may not know a lot but one thing we ALL can agree on. Tyreek Hill is a super phenom and we’ve got a pretty short window to win the SB with him. His crazy TD last week was absolute proof he is the fastest player in the NFL, ever. I’ve never seen somebody turn on the speed like that!

    • CG says:

      E.H. I am in total agreement with you, except I truly believe we have a better chance to do damage with Pat Mahomes now. You saw him in preseason, the talent is there, the football I.Q. is there, players stepped up around him. Now is he going to take us to the super bowl? Thats unlikely but we’d have a chance. Now we just don’t. Alex can’t operate at a high level unless everyone around him does, and they can’t. Losing our running game put the breaks on Alex. Also losing our number 2 wide out early on hurt, we just don’t have any true number 2’s at wide out or tight end. Not yet. Of course our defense is sorry and i just don’t think we have players on the team to fix it.

      Alex will get a nice deal for 3 years in Denver, perhaps New York Giants, Arizona all good spots for him Alex showed he could be a very good early this year when everything was clicking but he has turned back into the play it safe game manager as of late.

      As one commenter wrote “the Chiefs under Marty and Andy have good regular seasons and can’t win the post season…that’s who they are 1-9 in playoff since 1993” this year will be the same. We need a star to change that culture hope its Pat.

  10. Kerouac says:

    From the mouths of babes not wearing torpedo bras and garter belts, opinions point upward, spread far and wide – left unchallenged become uncorrected fact. Kerouac’s preference contact sports ‘boudoir’ babes in lieu gridiron, nonetheless, unable resist nailing yet another KCC.

    “We all may not know a lot”

    – but some know nothing at all…


    – yes, that’s what I said…

    “one thing we ALL can agree on.”

    – ‘wait till next year, part 2018, verse 48’, but ALL digress as such…

    “Tyreek Hill is a super phenom and we’ve got a pretty short window”

    – red pen check mark striketh again: Hill’s pretty short as his receiving radius same, squirrelly enough make up for it via gadgetry, plays once every few games…

    “to win the SB with him”

    – or without, a mountain too high the swiss…

    “His crazy”

    – no, he just nervous…

    “TD last week was absolute proof he is the fastest player in the NFL, ever. I’ve never seen somebody turn on the speed like that!”

    – And… they (you)’re off! Would fracture your neck tilting turbine windmills, Norcal; the cervical vertebrae fortunate, this neck the woods KC, has none… Chiefs have had ‘more one player’ their history faster than Hill – documented.

    The stopwatch/electronic timing/wind-aided debate starting blocks, all due respect benefit readers/author’s variously opinions theirs ‘clothed’ truth, ‘Hill gushing’/any other same sans validity how rumors start, misinformation espoused as ‘with merit’, lacking.

    Push Kerouac’s ‘BS detector’ button, and Katy bar the door… fastest player in the NFL is one, and that one be John Ross, WR CIN Bengals. Haven’t heard of him? Injured to date, no current player NFL picks ’em up & puts ’em down rapidly as JR. Translated football production? TBD, but that’s not the debate.

    Ross turned in a record-setting performance the NFL Combine a 40-yard dash of 4.22 seconds that broke Chris Johnson’s longtime mark, documented. End of story? Never.

    Bo Jackson ran a ‘hand-timed’ 4.12 – faster still so ‘they’ say (a case so many they’s too little corroboration.) Hill never ran at the combine, so, no one will ever know officially or otherwise, how fast he might be shy ‘opinion’… which everyone has.

    Reality: gadget player/gimmick Hill isn’t the fastest Chiefs player ever, let alone the NFL’s fastest… past or present. Fastest Chiefs played regular season or were in their training camp: Jimmy Hines Wr ’70, Clyde Glossen Wr ’70 & Grundy Harris Rb ’68.
    Fast as others were (Noland ‘Supergnat’ Smith, Emmitt Thomas, Goldie Sellers, Frank Pitts and present day Hill), ‘none’ in the conversation fastest Chief or NFL player ever.

    That conversation then as now starts & stops Bob Hayes – ‘World’s Fastest Human’ at the time (Kerouac chose do what too many people do – state subjective opinion as fact, would argue Hayes would have been faster than Bolt, sans the modern tack medicinal assist the latter, or the former Hayes having partaken same. Many track guys are fast, but very few ever played football whose hands were fast as their legs – Bob Hayes is in the NFL Hall of Fame.

    Behind ‘Bullet Bob Hayes’, all the rest: Green, Darrell to Jackson, Bo, and present day Ross, Hill & Billy Bob Joe’s all those between, line consolation prize forms to the right.

    Nod ‘my Pop’s better than your Pop Pop’: “yeah but yeah but ‘this’ guy (?) or ‘that’ one (?) has run even faster, hit the ball farther, jumped higher, lifted more, was taller, was heavier”, or, was more intelligent, handsome & witty anyone KCC… but enough about Kerouac.

    Sandy Koufax threw faster than Bob Feller… yet Nolan Ryan threw faster than both of them… but Steve Dalkowski threw faster than Ryan or anyone else history of baseball, major league, Japanese, pee wee or sandlot guy, stick-ball player or street ball legend whom no one beyond a select group friends, ever heard of or saw play – undiscovered, untapped others quicksilver flash fast deep in the the heart of Texas, and Africa same.

    Upshot: on any given day any pair of legs same any team NFL can win a game or race.


  11. Kerouac says:

    Omission: the late Stone Johnson, an Olympian as Hill, also among the fastest Chiefs ever, but like Hill, still not fast as others. Others the discussion ‘look at him go’ come to mind: Cliff Branch, Deion Sanders, Donte Stallworth, Ted Ginn and Rocket Ismail – really there are so many more, almost become no big deal any more.

    All those guys ran 4.2 range, 40 yard dash (low as 4.18 according to ‘someone said’); comparison Tyreek Hill reportedly ran an 4.25 40.) Darrell Green said his fastest 40 was 4.15; ‘unknown’ source had Green 4.09 (translation: over-hype.) Again, official times not the same as ‘so & so’ says/believes; would take more time/internet paper than feasible list them all, names, times, etc.

    Bob Hayes was the first human ever ran a 9.1 100 yard dash – ‘official’ – and non-wind aided (just ahead an young Kerouac’s 9.8 high school, 1960’s same, fwiw.) Among his documented marks (Bob’s, not mine) running 4 x 100 relay the 1964 Olympics, Hayes made up ‘9’ meters his leg, an ‘it can’t be true but it was’ 8.6; category ‘reportedly’, he clocked 5.28 60 yards… Usain Bolt fast/under 9/in the 8’s 100 if he held that pace.

    Anyone has seen any the online mock-up running examples Bolt vs the world (human and animal), here’s one showing where Hill finishes vs Bolt and other fastest the fast:

    Very fast… no cigar. Too, note Bob Hayes marks are sans modern medicinal ‘assists’ variously, accomplished 50+ years ago. Yeah, so much for all today’s ‘super-duper, pooper-scooper’ medicinally assisted greats… all soo much better than yesteryear’s, huh.

    Want to see speed on display football field: watch the 1970 Chiefs vs Cowboys game at Municipal Stadium, highlight Hayes 89 yard td catch & run vs KC. The blistering fast CB ours Emmitt Thomas (reportedly 4.3 or better) is beaten, and despite being right behind Bullet Bob at the catch gives up/is left in Hayes wake.

    Too, some players ‘look’ faster than others due their stride. Otis Taylor (listed a 4.5 40 at 215 lbs. but actually 227 according what Otis told me), beat Redskins CB Pat Fischer the famous one-handed td catch in 1971. Otis took longer strides compared some other players, so didn’t necessarily ‘look’ that fast. Afterword ’71, Fischer said “he didn’t look that fast on film, but he is.”

    In closing: Hayes ran an wind-assisted 9.91 100 meter… Hill reportedly ran a wind-assisted 9.98 100 m… splitting hairs really, but one is faster than the other. Upshot: don’t hate Kerouac ‘because he’s beautiful’ and Hayes is the fastest NFL player, ever.


    • CG says:

      K nobody can explain position better than you my friend. However I believe Tyreek Hill has a unique ‘game speed’ on the field, maybe he isn’t the all time fastest runner on the track. He uses not only his speed but his vision and technique to score.

      I think when Pat takes over he will be very much on it with Hill and things will be even more explosive…we’ll see.

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