Glazer: There is After All Life After Football, Chiefs Fans

Some of you are old enough to remember those early Chiefs days in Kansas City…

My dad took me to games when the Chiefs got here in 1963, I was a little kid and didn’t understand the game at all, but I learned fast and became a huge fan by the time KC was in that first Super Bowl in 1966.

Nobody much in my school cared about the Chiefs back then. They were not a big deal at all.

It was even hard to read much on them in the newspaper and just here and there in Sports Illustrated. By the time the Chiefs reached Super Bowl some people in KC were pretty into it, but nothing like today.

A couple years later I went to a party after the game outdoors near the Plaza and maybe 5,000 fans were there…AFTER WE WON THE CHAMPIONSHIP.

Boy how things have changed, huh?

Our Red Fridays in Westport had bigger crowds than the Super Bowl bash of 1970.

The Chiefs and the Raiders ruled the AFL and the early AFC.

The teams hated each other and those games were THE Sunday afternoon delight of the late 60’s and early 70’s.

The Chiefs were of course led by Len Dawson, Otis Taylor and defenders like Bobby Bell and Johnny Robinson. We were always one player away from winning it all until we found cornerback James Marcellus in 1969. He was the one guy needed to give us a championship, put us over the top. He’s now forgotten by most fans sadly.

Who can save our Chiefs today?

I know many of you readers don’t like it when I put down the Chiefs.

But hey, I’m a fan just like you. I want us to do well. However, I have to write what’s going on good and bad.

Right now we all see our Chiefs at 6-2 and way better than expected before the season. In fact, that might be a big issue today.

Our front office didn’t plan for a Super Bowl run this year, did they?

Andy Reid, Clark Hunt and crew decided to wait til next year as K would say. We put all our draft eggs in one basket with QB Pat Mahomes. We didn’t have many draft picks left after trading up for Pat. The Chiefs dumped Dontari Poe, over money, and  likely wanted a future upgrade there in the middle of the D line.

Now we have nobody and he was better than average in plugging the middle.

In other words, it was about sacrificing this year for next.

Next we traded for nobody really and bought nobody to improve a poor, aging, wounded defense. Now we are amongst the leagues worst defenses. The Chiefs are ranked 30th and are horrid. Anyone can run on us.

In fact, passing on us is pretty open as well – just ask Oakland.

With Dallas this Sunday, oh brother.

Now they got Ezekiel Elliot back, so that’s not good.

He could bust 200 yards on the ground against our absent D line and no linebacker corp.

The other mystery is simple, the trade deadline ended this past week and the Chiefs did zero while in contention and desperate for defensive and offensive line help.

I’d hire KU left tackle over Eric Winston right now – ha.

Maybe all this has something to do with John Dorsey leaving?

I’d love to see our team in real post season contention for the Super Bowl, I truly would. I used to live and die with the Chiefs through the Marty era, then reality set in,

It’s not the end of the world.

It’s not that important in our real lives folks, it’s just not.

We don’t play pro football; we don’t get paid to be fans or go to games. We pay them and boy do we.

Our city isn’t really measured by our sports teams is it?

No, I mean it’s nice to have them, but win or lose our city economy isn’t affected much by the team’s ups and downs.

Most NFL history has a short life span in the real world.

America sees the Chiefs as a generally good franchise that just can’t get to a Super Bowl, but does make the playoffs. We have never had a real super star NFL player here, some great ones like Dawson and Otis Taylor but no Joe Montana‘s..

Damn, we had Joe , but…

So lets enjoy the games, be glad the Chiefs are in the mix, hope for the best and maybe someone will step up and save our season. It could be Alex Smith or Tyreek Hill, maybe Marcus Peters or perhaps a lesser known player.

Hey, it’s just a game, we don’t play we just watch.
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4 Responses to Glazer: There is After All Life After Football, Chiefs Fans

  1. Jim a.k.a. BWH says:

    Save our season? Wow.

    • CG says:

      JIM I just hope one of our stars really steps up and takes over so the Chiefs can compete for the big prize in the winter. I don’t see that today, but maybe, just maybe a player or two will just say “Hey its on me” and take total charge. Likely that falls on Alex Smith, he’s been very good, needs to do even more. I’m hopeful.

  2. boom boom says:

    same old crap hearne. this story has to be a rinse/wash/repeat of every story this guy writes.
    even the star has some variety in their stories.
    but not this guy….and where’s his picks…mine will be in sooner this week.
    But fret not fellow kcc readers….just 9 more weeks of repeat stories til boom boom gets glazo to hang it up.
    It shouldnt affect him though. His new place downtown will be a hit if he follows boom booms guide. There’s so many young people down there that if done right glazo hitsa home run.

  3. Kerouac says:

    “Hey, it’s just a game, we don’t play we just watch.”

    – for some, Linus his security blanket… others, masochism. CG, your ‘no pom pom’ comments reflect reality instead phantasm, how things ‘are’ in lieu how ‘wish’ they were, or someday will be. Negative? Accustomed. Time this comment 2,495 weeks ‘playing’ at it since ‘Super Chiefs’ became trendy; 47 + years, 17,464 days, 419,136 hours… they shoot horses, don’t they?

    How long has it been since Chiefs were ‘in the groove?’ They ‘greatest hits’ LP, would contain a single song 1970 – a one hit wonder unable enjoy any longer due the loss hi- fidelity o’er time… needle stuck groove, scratched beyond listening overplay, auricles expectantly waiting encore become tone deaf result advanced age, then demise.

    No need to be theologian grasp 1 Corinthians 9:24 analogy football: ‘Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but, only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize.’ Who knew the Chiefs post Superbowl IV would be tantamount ‘Chester’, Gunsmoke? ‘Also-rans’ season aft season, decade aft decade, quarter century nigh on half, Chiefs fandom victim the psychological condition known ‘codependency.’

    When your peers general have lapped you severally on the football race track , closest rivals OAK, DEN and LA/SD specifically have won 6 Superbowl’s your 1, gone 8 more compared your 1, to believe is to be a dupe. Why fans venerable & not nascent ‘do not’ believe in the Chiefs – why too when local media as fandom continues to get drunk on red koolaid annually, one-sided love affair, reward is equivalent Lucy pulling football out from under Charlie Brown’s foot, one more time… ‘wait till next year’; case swiss, maybe ‘it is’ rocket science.



    @COWBOYS ~ can’t count that high
    swiss chiefs ~ ‘wait… till… next year’

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