Jack Goes Confidential: Quirky ‘Suburbicon’ Unleashes Strong Underbelly

There are but a handful of filmmakers who ignite powerful, instant responses from fans…

Mention Joel and Ethan Coen and the words quirky and twisted come to mind.

Now keep these two words in mind if you’re planning on seeing SUBURBICON, opening in area theaters this weekend.

Here the writing Coen brothers serve up a dark American crime comedy—or is it a satire?

With lines like: “Mr. Lodge (Matt Damon)—haven’t you fuxxxd the insurance companies enough?” – you’re in for quite a ride.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

The movie opens with a brief promotional video for the planned milquetoast community of Suburbicon, circa 1959 – the perfect place to raise a family.

That is until the burg’s tranquility morphs into a disturbing reality when—God forbid—a black family moves into the neighborhood.

Warmth turns to suspicion, hate and vigilante-like racism as the locals now turn Suburbicon into a racial war zone.

Against that backdrop a couple of thugs turn up at Damon’s house where he lives with his young son, his wheelchair bound wive (Julianne Moore) and sister-in-law, also played by Moore.

What goes down from there would take away from the shocking, thriller aspects of the film.

Suffice it to say things get VERY tense—and bloody!

(Hint: Possible mob involvement and insurance fraud?)

It’s a somewhat confusing sub-plot to put it mildly.

But don’t give up.

After all, it’s from the fertile minds (and pens) of the Coen siblings who very seldom lead us astray.

Take note that the movie is directed by George Clooney who competently stirs us through the violent underbelly of Suburbicon by also haven co-written the script.

What would I compare SUBURBICON to when it comes to the Coen catalogue?

Hard to say. But there are definite traces of BLOOD SIMPLE and FARGO to be had in the film.

So welcome to the neighborhood.

Welcome to SUBURBICON where what you see isn’t necessarily what it IS!

My grade: B-

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9 Responses to Jack Goes Confidential: Quirky ‘Suburbicon’ Unleashes Strong Underbelly

  1. CG says:

    I hear the new Josh Brolin picture is very good. Boy I was right on Blade Runner Jack, it hit the wall after week one…I thought it was slow and just boring. Oh well all the theater money is over seas now, unless its a franchise picture or “It” ha.

  2. jack p. says:

    To date BR2049 in three weeks of release has had about $200 million in worldwide ticket sales.
    That compares to a worldwide total of just $33 million for the original.

    So will the new one ever be deemed a success? Who knows what the film’s afterlife will be. But it should break even at about the $300 million level since it had a very hefty production budget—like around $150 million.
    Did I like it? How do you define ‘Like?’ I was never bored even though this isn’t really my cup of tea. And no, I DIDN’T fall asleep during the screening either 🙂

  3. chuck says:

    “Suburbicon is on course to gross roughly $1.2 million on Friday from 2,045 theaters for a $3 million-$4 million weekend, the worst nationwide launch of Clooney’s directing career and the worst showing in decades for Matt Damon, who stars opposite Julianne Moore and Oscar Isaac.”

    Another in a long line of “White Guilt” cinematic jeremiads, designed to cover their creators in self congratulatory sanctimony, while asserting anyone whose beliefs are not in lock step with Hollywood Progressives are, of course, RAYCISSSSSSSSS!!!!!

    It’s a shit movie with shit stars and a shit, unoriginal story line.

  4. chuck says:

    This from J. Nolte-

    “This is primarily what so undoes Suburbicon. Clooney’s muse is his sanctimonious hatred for normal Americans, those he sees only as cancerous racists, marginally intelligent hypocrites, and vessels of quiet desperation — you know, because deep down inside, we really all want to be like George.”

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